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415 - Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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415173100 Between blade edge and static part 184
415173700 Between axial flow runner and vane or vane diaphragm structure 30
415174200 Resilient, flexible, or resiliently biased 28
415174500 Labyrinth seal 17
415174400 Erodable or permanently deformable 17
415173600 Between blade supported radial tip ring and static part 9
415171100 Dynamically created seal 9
415174100 Selectively adjustable 5
20130058767CENTRIFUGAL PUMP, A SHAFT SLEEVE AND A STATIONARY SEAL MEMBER - The present invention relates to a centrifugal pump, a shaft sleeve and a stationary seal member for a static seal used in connection with a dynamic sealing of a centrifugal pump. The invention relates to a static seal the clearance of which may be adjusted while the pump is running. Especially the invention discusses the novel structure of such a static seal. A characterizing feature of a centrifugal pump comprising a pump housing (03-07-2013
20120237342TURBINE STAGE IN A TURBINE ENGINE - A turbine stage for a turbine engine includes a bladed wheel rotatable inside a sectorized ring of composite material carried by a casing. Each ring sector has a downstream circumferential rim held to bear radially against an annular tab that is engaged radially in an annular groove of the downstream circumferential rim of the ring with axial clearance, when cold, that is designed to be reduced to zero in operation when hot, and to enable the annular tab of the casing to be clamped axially in leaktight manner in the annular groove of the ring sector.09-20-2012
20080317588MANAGING SPOOL BEARING LOAD USING VARIABLE AREA FLOW NOZZLE - A turbine engine provides a spool supporting a turbine. The spool is arranged in a core nacelle and includes a thrust bearing. A fan is arranged upstream from the core nacelle and is coupled to the spool. A fan nacelle surrounds the fan and core nacelle and provides a bypass flow path that includes a fan nozzle exit area. A flow control device is adapted to effectively change the fan nozzle exit area. A controller is programmed to monitor the thrust bearing and command the flow control device in response to an undesired load on the thrust bearing. Effectively changing the fan nozzle exit area with the flow control device actively manages the bearing thrust load to desired levels.12-25-2008
20120224951COMPACT FAN ASSEMBLY WITH THRUST BEARING - A fan assembly for a computing device is disclosed. The device can include an impeller having a number of blades and a motor for turning the blades. The motor can turn the blades via a magnetic interaction between the impeller and the motor. A thrust bearing can be used to control a position of the impeller relative to the motor. In particular, the impeller can be configured to rotate around an axis and the thrust bearing can be used to control movement of the impeller in a direction aligned with the axis. In one embodiment, the impeller can be configured to generate aerodynamic forces, such as lift, and the parameters associated with the thrust bearing can be selected to counteract the aerodynamic forces so that the impeller remains within a desired positional range relative to the motor.09-06-2012
20130149117STEAM TURBINE CASING POSITION ADJUSTING APPARATUS - A steam turbine casing position adjusting apparatus capable of employing a compact low-resolution actuator is provided. A steam turbine casing position adjusting apparatus 06-13-2013
20090202343TURBOCHARGER SHAFT BEARING SYSTEM - An improved bearing system is provided for use in high speed rotating machinery such as a turbocharger, wherein a turbocharger shaft is rotatably supported at opposite ends by a pair of angular contact bearings subjected to a predetermined and substantially constant thrust pre-load. The angular contact bearings are carried respectively within a pair of generally cylindrical bearing sleeves which cooperatively define an axially split bearing carrier mounted within a turbocharger housing. A spring reacts between these bearing sleeves for applying a substantially constant axial thrust pre-load transmitted by the bearing sleeves to the angular contact bearings. The mechanical spring thrust pre-load may be supplemented or substituted by an hydraulic axial thrust load attributable to oil circulated through the split bearing carrier.08-13-2009
20110293407SEAL AND AIRFOIL TIP CLEARANCE CONTROL - A turbine section includes a housing and a blade outer air seal to be mounted on the housing. A flex beam mounts the blade outer air seal onto the housing, with the flex beam being supported on the housing, but free to move relative to the housing. A pressure air chamber is formed on an opposed side of the flex beam from the blade outer air seal. A source of pressurized air is delivered into the chamber to cause the flex beam to move the blade outer air seal toward and away from a central axis of the housing.12-01-2011
20120183390PIVOT ARRANGEMENT FOR A MOTORIZED DEVICE - In the exemplary embodiment, an electric rotary fan has a fan head including a rotary motor and a fan blade, the fan blade rotated by the motor for producing an air stream. A pair of rubber bushings are each disposed between the fan head and a stand and each have a hole though the bushing and a key displaced from the hole, the holes of both bushings being coaxially aligned on a horizontal pivot axis. A pair of fasteners each pass through the associated bushing's hole to affix the fan head to the stand such that each fastener and its associated bushing cooperate to allow forced pivoting of the fan head relative to the stand the pivot about the pivot axis. The keys prevent relative pivoting between the bushings and the fan head by each engaging a mating tab hole in the fan head.07-19-2012
20090155059CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER - A centrifugal blower includes a casing, a motor fixed in the casing, a fan structure, and an anti-leakage element. The casing has a top portion having an inlet, a bottom portion, and a side wall respectively connecting the top and bottom portions and having an outlet. The fan structure disposed in the casing and driven by the motor has a body connected to the motor and blades surrounding the body and being connected to the body, and rotates about an axis in a first rotation direction. The anti-leakage element extends from at least part of an edge of the inlet to an interior of the casing, partially covers parts of the blades, and extends from neighborhood of the outlet in a second rotation direction against the first rotation direction. A range of the anti-leakage element extending to the interior of the casing is gradually reduced along the second rotation direction.06-18-2009
20090304497GUIDE BLADE SEGMENT OF A GAS TURBINE AND METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - A guide blade segment of a gas turbine, having at least one guide blade and having an inner cover band assigned to the radially inner end of the or each guide blade, is disclosed. An integral constituent part of the inner cover band of the guide blade segment is a sealing element, which serves to seal a radially inner gap between the guide blade segment and a gas turbine rotor.12-10-2009
20120114466Seal Assembly Segment Joints - The present application provides a sealing assembly for use between a first component and a second component of a rotary machine. The sealing assembly may include a first sealing segment having a first end with a first angled surface and a second sealing segment having a second end with a second angled surface. The first angled surface of the first end of the first sealing segment meets the second angled surface of the second end of the second sealing segment at a joint.05-10-2012
20090010753Radiator-fan with Integral Plastic Molding Magnetic Loop for Energy Saving - The present invention pertains to a radiator-fan with integral plastic molding magnetic loop for energy saving comprising a pedestal and a blades assembly. Wherein, the pedestal has a newel for permitting an oiliness bearing and a bearing to mount therein and a PCB and a coil stator to surround it. Additionally, the blade assembly comprises a fan blade module, a plastic molding magnetic loop and an axle center disposed inside the blade module. Accordingly, the plastic molding magnetic loop substantially substitutes for the conventional rubber magnetic ring and magnetic frame unit and integrates the axle center into the fan blade module via the balance-free technique, thereby generating the integral blade assembly, which thus directly assembles with the pedestal. Therefore, the integral formation of the present invention enhances the quality and productivity, provides a higher stability of the product, and decreases the costs by streamlining components.01-08-2009
20090081027SEAL IN GAS TURBINE - A seal assembly for a gas turbine is arranged in grooves of a rotor heat shield having several bends. The assembly comprises four seal portions overlapping one another and extending in the axial, radial, and circumferential direction with respect to the turbine rotor. A holding means retains the radial sections of one seal portion allowing a limited movement of said seal portion independent of another seal portion. The independent movement assures contact of the individual seal portions with all mating surfaces of the rotor heat shield and improved sealing function regardless of displacements of the rotor heat shield and tolerances of turbine parts.03-26-2009
20110280714Two-Piece Bearing Housing For A Centrifugal Pump - A two-piece bearing housing is provided for use in centrifugal pumps having or requiring multiple chambers for enclosing or confining bearings or seals, and/or providing lubricant or coolant to the bearings and seals of the pump, the two-piece housing providing several improvements including the ability to make the two pieces from different materials, the reduction in scrap castings due to imprecision achieved in the casting process and improved structures in the housing for monitoring the lubricant chambers in the housing.11-17-2011
20110293409METHOD OF REPAIRING A FLANGE OF A CASING - The invention relates to a method of repairing a flange of a casing for an airplane turboprop or turbojet, the flange including at least one through hole for passing a bolt for fastening equipment, the hole opening out in a face of the flange that is worn by friction against the equipment. The method consists in mounting a bearing member on the flange, the bearing member comprising a radial wall covering the worn face of the flange, said wall including a hole that comes into register with the hole in the flange and having thickness for compensating the wear of the face of the flange, said member further including an abutment for bearing against the periphery of the flange, and being fastened to the flange by adhesive.12-01-2011
20110280713High Volume Pump having low hydrostatic head - A pump for providing high volume flows with a low hydrostatic head. The pump is particularly suited for heated fluids such as those from a solar collector and the like.11-17-2011
20110286837EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - An exhaust-gas turbocharger includes an outer housing, a bearing flange connected to the outer housing by a material joint, and a turbine wheel rotatable about a rotation axis. Formfittingly connected to the bearing flange is an inner housing which is formed with a collar having at least one section in contact with an inner edge of the bearing flange in a direction of the rotation axis of the turbine wheel.11-24-2011
20110286838TURBOCHARGER HAVING FASTENING ELEMENTS FOR FASTENING VANE BEARING RINGS OF A VARIABLE TURBINE GEOMETRY VTG - A turbocharger with a variable turbine geometry device has one or two blade bearing rings. At least one or more fastening elements are provided for fastening the one or two blade bearing rings. The respective fastening element has at least one section formed with a knurl and/or at least one section formed with at least one or several notches.11-24-2011
20110286836GEARED TURBOFAN ENGINE WITH INTEGRAL GEAR AND BEARING SUPPORTS - A gas turbine engine includes a bearing and a bearing support having a second wall extending between first and second ends and operatively supported by the bearing at a first end. An engine case is secured to the second end radially outward of the first end. A second wall integral with and extending transversely from the first wall provides a flexible support. The second wall has a flange, and a gear train component is secured to the flange. A gas turbine engine includes a support structure which supports the main rotatable structure via bearings and gear train components. The support provides both the necessary structural support for the rotor structure as well as desired flexibility for a fan drive gear system.11-24-2011
20110110769WIND TURBINE COMPRISING A MAIN BEARING AND METHOD FOR REPLACEMENT OF THE MAIN BEARING - A wind turbine is provided comprising a rotatable main shaft having a centre axis and being at least indirectly connected to a wind turbine rotor of the turbine and a main bearing supporting the rotatable main shaft at least indirectly against a first stationary part of the turbine, wherein fastening unit are provided for fastening the rotor to the first or a second stationary part of the turbine during replacement of the main bearing and tappet unit are provided which are able to act on the main bearing and permit a movement of the main bearing relatively to the first stationary part in the direction of the centre axis. A method for replacement of a main bearing is also provided.05-12-2011
20110293408SEALING APPARATUS AT THE BLADE SHAFT OF A ROTOR STAGE OF AN AXIAL TURBOMACHINE - A turbomachine is disclosed. The turbomachine includes a rotor, a plurality of blades arranged side by side on the rotor in a circumferential direction, and a plurality of sealing apparatuses each disposed on a respective blade shaft of the plurality of blades. Each of the plurality of sealing apparatuses includes first and second bottom plates protruding in a respective axial direction on the respective blade shaft and first and second bulkheads which extend in a radial direction along the respective blade shaft and form a double-walled seal in the axial direction. A respective rounded or parabolic transitional cross-section from the bottom plates to the bulkheads is provided and at least one of the bulkheads is offset with respect to a blade root edge of the respective blade shaft in a direction toward a radial longitudinal axis of the respective blade shaft.12-01-2011
20120034072SEAL ASSEMBLY - A seal assembly arranged adjacent to a primary flow region, the seal assembly including: first and second components; a seal arranged between the first and second components to seal a secondary flow region from the primary flow region; and a first recess portion provided in the first component and arranged adjacent to the seal and the primary flow region, the first recess portion further being arranged to receive flow from at least one of the primary flow region and the secondary flow region and shed flow to the primary flow region, wherein the first recess portion is configured to promote a first flow feature within the first recess portion, the first flow feature flowing with a portion of the first flow feature adjacent to the primary flow region and the portion of the first flow feature being shed to the primary flow region in substantially the same direction as the flow in the primary flow region.02-09-2012
20090285674METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTING ROTOR ASSEMBLIES DURING UNBALANCES - A method and apparatus for reducing dynamic loading of a gas turbine engine is provided. The gas turbine engine includes a rotor shaft assembly including a rotor shaft, a bearing assembly, a mounting race, and a support frame, the mounting race including a spherical surface. The method includes supporting the rotor shaft on the gas turbine engine support frame with the bearing assembly, the rotor shaft including a yield portion configured to permit bending of the rotor shaft during an imbalance operation.11-19-2009
20090148275Laminate air seal for a gas turbine engine - A laminate air seal for a gas turbine engine includes at least one fabric layer made of fiberglass, ceramic fiber, basalt and/or carbon, and a polymeric resin that is stable at an operating temperature of the gas turbine engine. The resin may be preimpregnated into the fabric layers, or introduced into the fabric during assembly and formation of the laminate. The resin may be polyimide, bismaelimide (BMI) or cyanate ester. A particular resin selected may depend, in part, on the operating temperatures in that region of the gas turbine engine. In some embodiments, the laminate seal may include a coating to increase lubricity of the seal. In one embodiment, the laminate air seal is used to seal a gap between a pylon fairing and an exhaust nozzle of the turbine engine.06-11-2009
20110200427WINDTURBINE COMPRISING A BEARING SEAL - Wind turbine provided with a bearing supporting a hub carrying rotor blades, the bearing comprising a rotational bearing race connected to the hub and a stationary bearing race, a lubrication area between the bearing races which area is confined at both ends by first seal rings sealing the gap between the rotational bearing race and stationary parts to form a lubrication barrier. At one or both ends of the lubrication area a redundant seal ring is arranged at a distance from the first seal ring in or near the gap to be sealed.08-18-2011
20120294706SEALING ARRANGEMENT AND GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH THE SEALING ARRANGEMENT - At least one sealing arrangement is provided for a connecting mechanism between an inner annular member or an outer annular member and an associated segment to connect between the annular members and the segments. The sealing arrangement includes an elastic sealing member provided between the sealing surfaces, disposed linearly along a side of polygon defined around a central axis.11-22-2012
20080273966COOLANT PUMP - A coolant pump includes a housing having an internal axis; a bearing disposed on an outside surface of the housing; a shaft disposed along the internal axis of the housing, wherein the shaft is journaled by the bearing so as to be rotatable; an impeller disposed on the shaft so as to rotate with the shaft; and a seal disposed on the shaft at least partially inside of the bearing so that the bearing overlaps the seal along the internal axis of the housing, wherein the bearing has an inner diameter, the seal has an outer diameter, and the inner diameter of the bearing is greater than the outer diameter of the seal. An internal combustion engine incorporating a cooling system connected to a coolant pump in accordance with the invention is also disclosed.11-06-2008
20110008154Sealing Arrangement for Turbine Engine Having Ceramic Components - A sealing arrangement for use in a turbine engine having ceramic components. The sealing arrangement is retained in a seal gap formed between adjacent segments and is compliant to accommodate variations in the size of the seal gap as the adjacent segments move relative to one another.01-13-2011
20110223009PUMP ASSEMBLY - A pump assembly with a rotatable rotor shaft (09-15-2011
20110223011TURBOCHARGER WITH A BEARING ARRANGEMENT FOR MOUNTING A ROTOR SHAFT - A turbocharger, which is particularly suitable for a motor vehicle, includes: a rotor shaft with a turbine impeller and a compressor impeller disposed thereon. The rotor shaft has a roller bearing assembly for mounting in the housing of the turbocharger.09-15-2011
20110223010DEVICE FOR SEALING A BEARING HOUSING OF AN EXHAUST GAS TURBOCHARGER - A device for sealing a bearing housing, which holds lubricating oil, from which a rotor supported inside the housing of an exhaust gas turbocharger is guided into a compressor housing, loadable by a mass flow of a charger. The device includes a fixed partition with a wall extension, a sealing disk fastened on a shaft of the rotor, a separating gap arranged between the sealing disk and the wall extension, and a drip device connected to an oil-collecting channel and directs lubricating oil collected in the oil-collecting channel into an oil drain by gravity. The drip device includes a drain-off surface for lubricating oil, which has a large axial distance from a rotating sealing disk which delimits the separating gap. Lubricating oil which can penetrate into the separating gap is guided into an oil drain of the bearing housing without interacting with the sealing disk.09-15-2011
20110142604EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to an exhaust-gas turbocharger (06-16-2011
20110229311SEAL ASSEMBLY - A seal assembly comprising a first movable stator member movable between a sealing position and a non-sealing position, a second fixed stator member, the first stator member being movable relative to the second stator member, the seal assembly further comprising at least one flexure member coupled to the second stator member, and at least one biasing member coupled between the at least one flexure and the movable stator for biasing the movable stator to a non-sealing position.09-22-2011
20080260521Sealing arrangement - A sealing assembly comprises a bore in a housing, a plurality of seal rings and a shaft. The bore comprises a plurality of seats disposed at different seat radius for the seal rings. The bore comprises for each pair of adjacent seats axially inward of an inner end of the outward seat and proximate to the inward seat a chamfer extending radially inwardly over an inward axial distance. The chamfer between each pair of seats allows for the radial contraction of the seal rings upon assembly.10-23-2008
20090246005EXHAUST GAS TURBOCHARGER FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - The present invention relates to an exhaust gas turbocharger for a motor vehicle, comprising a turbine housing having a first area in which exhaust is carried to a turbine wheel and in which the turbine wheel is essentially situated and having a second area connected axially to the first area, such that the first area and the second area are essentially separated from one another by a separating element. It is provided that for thermal insulation, the separating element (10-01-2009
20100150702FLEXIBLE SHAFT FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A shaft for a gas turbine engine is provided that includes a first shaft section, a second shaft section, a first flexible linkage, and a second flexible linkage. The first shaft section extends between a forward axial end and an aft axial end along a first axial centerline. The second shaft section extends between a forward axial end and an aft axial end along a second axial centerline. The first flexible linkage includes a bridge section connected between a first diaphragm and a second diaphragm. The first diaphragm is connected to the aft axial end of the first shaft section. The second diaphragm is connected to the forward axial end of the second shaft section. The second flexible linkage includes a diaphragm and a hub. The second flexible linkage diaphragm cantilevers radially outwardly from an inner radial end to an outer radial end, and is connected to the aft axial end of the second shaft section. The hub is connected to the outer radial end of the second flexible linkage diaphragm, and includes an engine shaft coupling connected to the hub.06-17-2010
20110229312ROLLING BEARING ASSEMBLY AND WIND TURBINE EQUIPPED THEREWITH - A rolling bearing arrangement comprising two rings arranged concentrically and at least regionally one inside the other, and a gap between the rings, such that the rings are rotatable in opposite directions about an axis at the center of the rings and perpendicular to a ring plane, wherein at least one raceway is closed on itself in a circular shape in a plane and is provided with at least one row of symmetrical rolling bodies between the rings, wherein the rolling bodies of one row are guided at generally equidistant spacings by a cage having at least one disk-shaped region is placed in continuously circumferential, groove-shaped depression in the region of the raceway of one bearing ring, and wherein the cage is shaped like a comb, comprising a plurality of spacers that are joined together along a spine region, and, between every two neighboring spacers, a respective pocket for receiving a respective rolling body.09-22-2011
20120195741AXIAL BRUSH SEAL - A brush seal assembly for turbomachinery having a rotor can include a stationary seal component, a floating seal component coupled to the stationary seal component and circumferentially angled bristles arranged in a bristle pack, disposed in the floating seal component and extended axially with respect to the rotor.08-02-2012
20100226759BEARING APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS INCLUDING SAME, AND RELATED METHODS - A bearing apparatus is disclosed. Such a bearing apparatus may comprise a rotor including at least one bearing element mounted to the rotor and a stator including at least one bearing element mounted to the stator. At least one compliant member may be positioned between at least one selected bearing element of the at least one bearing element mounted to the rotor and the at least one bearing element mounted to the stator. Mechanical systems including such a bearing apparatus are disclosed, such as, for example, a motor for use in subterranean drilling. A method of assembling a bearing apparatus is disclosed. More specifically, a rotor and a stator each including at least one bearing element may be provided and a compressive force may be applied to the rotor and the stator to compress the bearing surfaces of the rotor and the stator against one another. Rotors and stators are disclosed.09-09-2010
20090148274COMPACT BEARING SUPPORT - The compact squirrel-cage bearing support comprises a first end portion, a second end portion axially spaced from the first end portion, and a plurality of beams interconnecting the first end portion to the second end portion. The beams have a length that is greater than an axial spacing between the first end portion and the second end portion.06-11-2009
20110176914Turbocharger and blade bearing ring therefor - A blade bearing ring for turbocharger application in diesel engines is described, which consists of an iron-based alloy with an austenitic basic structure having dendritic carbide precipitations.07-21-2011
20110236187BLOOD PUMP BEARINGS WITH SEPARATED CONTACT SURFACES - Rotary hydrodynamic blood pumps have been used to treat over a thousand patients. The Jarvik 2000 has supported a patient for seven years and uses blood immersed bearings washed by high flow to avoid excessive thrombus formation. This permits the pump to be very simple and small. Nonetheless, the present Jarvik 2000 bearings and all other mechanical blood immersed bearings of the prior art have a supporting structure that predisposes to thrombus adjacent to the bearings. The present invention provides a bearing structure that eliminates this predilection site for thrombus formation, and may provide indefinite thrombus free operation. The rotor of the preferred embodiment includes a tapered hub fabricated of wear resistant material supported by three posts at each end of the rotor, upon which the rotor rotates. Blood washes the unobstructed spaces between the posts to prevent the accumulation of a torus of thrombus that could enlarge excessively.09-29-2011
20110250056CIRCUMFERENTIAL SEALING ARRANGEMENT - A circumferential sealing arrangement is disclosed herein. The circumferential sealing arrangement includes a seal runner operable to be fixed to a structure for concurrent rotation with the structure about an axis. The circumferential sealing arrangement also includes a housing that encircles the seal runner or is encircled by the seal runner. The circumferential sealing arrangement also includes a primary seal element at least partially disposed in the housing. The primary seal element includes a first surface cooperating with a second surface of the seal runner to form a circumferential seal between the primary seal element and the seal runner. The circumferential sealing arrangement also includes a secondary seal element positioned between the housing and the primary seal element on a first side of the primary seal element along the axis of rotation. A second side of the primary seal element along the axis of rotation opposite the first side seals against the housing. The secondary seal element generates a biasing force along the axis of rotation urging the second side against the housing.10-13-2011
20110081235TURBINE ENGINE ALLOYS AND CRYSTALLINE ORIENTATIONS - A method is provided for engineering a single crystal cast gas turbine engine first component for cooperating with a second component. An at least local first operational stress on the first component is determined. The first operational stress has a first direction. A crystal orientation within the component or a physical configuration of the component is selected so that the first operational stress produces a desired engagement of the first component with the second component associated with either a negative Poisson's effect or high Poisson's effect in a second direction. Single crystal or highly textured iron- and nickel-base alloys enable one to use such effect in high temperature and/or corrosive environments.04-07-2011
20110255958SEAL MEMBER FOR HOT GAS PATH COMPONENT - A seal member for a hot gas path component in a gas turbine system is provided. The seal member includes a first seal pin, a second seal pin spaced from the first seal pin, and at least one cross-member. The at least one cross-member has a first end and a second end, and may be joined at the first end to the first seal pin and at the second end to the second seal pin. The at least one cross-member is configured to force the first and second seal pins apart when the seal member is subjected to a centrifugal force.10-20-2011
20120034073ANTI-ROTATION METHOD FOR A ROLLING ELEMENT BEARING CARTRIDGE - To solve heat soak and reduced heat rejection capability problems in turbochargers with rolling element bearings (REBs), the REB cartridge is mounted to the bearing housing in a way that is not rigid, thus allows for an oil damping film, but, at the same time, the REB cartridge is held both axially, to transfer thrust loads to the bearing housing, and rotationally, so that the REB cartridge does not rotate relative to the bearing housing, using male or female features in the REB and corresponding female or male features associated with the bearing bore or the turbine face of the bearing housing closure.02-09-2012
20090022582 PUMP FOR PUMPING CONTAMINATED LIQUID INCLUDING SOLID MATTER - The invention relates to a pump for pumping contaminated liquid including solid matter, comprising an impeller (01-22-2009
20090324393Ceramic matrix composite turbine engine component - Aspects of the invention are directed to a gas turbine component such as a ring seal segment or combustor heat shield having a base and a plurality of walls defining a volume. The base and the walls are independently formed and are formed from ceramic matrix composite plates. The base and walls can have interconnection structures that allow for assembly. The base and walls can be coated or otherwise wrapped for connection. Locking mechanisms, such as self locking lugs, can be used for assembly.12-31-2009
20110150635SEAL AND SEAL ARRANGEMENT FOR CONFINING LEAKAGE FLOWS BETWEEN ADJACENT COMPONENTS OF TURBO-MACHINES AND GAS TURBINES - A seal for stemming leakage flows between adjacent components (06-23-2011
20100284794Low pressure turbine rotor disk - A low pressure turbine rotor disk for a small twin spool gas turbine engine in which the rotor disk includes a forward side cavity large enough to allow for the bearing assembly that rotatably supports the rotor disk to fit within the cavity in order to shorten the axial distance between the bearings that support the inner rotor shaft on which the turbine rotor disk is secured. Minimizing the bearings spacing allows for a high critical speed for the inner rotor shaft and therefore allows for the small twin spool gas turbine engine to operate at this small scale. The turbine rotor disk also includes a plurality of axial aligned cooling air holes to allow for cooling air from the bearings to flow out from the aft end of the rotor disk. The inner surface of the cavity is an annular surface that forms a seal with knife edges extending outward from the bearing support plate also located within the cavity. The rotor disk includes an annular groove facing outward and on the rear side of the disk to allow for a tool to be inserted for removing the rotor disk from the shaft. An axial central opening in the rotor disk allows for insertion of the shaft and is formed with a bearing race abutment surface on the forward side and a nut abutment surface of the aft side used to compress the rotor disk assembly on the inner rotor shaft.11-11-2010
20100329854SUPERCHARGER - A centrifugal supercharger is provided. One embodiment of the supercharger comprises a two-piece housing wherein a parting area is substantially aligned with a rotational axis of a drive or impeller shaft. Another embodiment comprises a sleeve, or intermediate member disposed substantially between the housing and a bearing assembly(s) located within the supercharger housing. Another embodiment comprises a disengagement device located between the supercharger impeller and the engine. The disengagement device allows selective disengagement of the impeller from the engine. This Abstract is provided for the sole purpose of complying with the Abstract requirement rules that allow a reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the disclosure contained therein. This Abstract is submitted with the explicit understanding that it will not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or the meaning of the claims.12-30-2010
20110135452Pod Drive - A propeller pod drive for a vessel has at least one driveshaft for driving a propeller, at least one radial bearing arrangement for receiving radial forces, at least one axial bearing arrangement for receiving axial forces of the driveshaft. A thrust collar is supported in axial direction on at least one side in axial direction at a guide device, and a supporting structure for arranging the at least one radial bearing arrangement and the axial bearing arrangement. The guide device has at least three, axial sliding segments arranged in a segment guide and each of which has a sliding surface in contact with the thrust collar.06-09-2011
20110135451GAS TURBINE - A gas turbine includes a turbine section; an annular combustor disposed upstream of the turbine section and configured to discharge a hot gas flow on an outlet side to the turbine section; an outer shell delimiting the combustor and splittable at a parting plane; a plenum enclosing the outer shell; a rotor; a turbine vane carrier encompassing the rotor; a plurality of stator vanes disposed on the vane carrier, and at least two sealing segments forming a ring, each of the at least two sealing segments having an inner edge and a head and a foot section and being movably mounted on the inner edge by the foot section to the outer shell and by the head section to the turbine vane carrier so as to mechanically connect the combustor to the turbine vane carrier.06-09-2011
20110052375BEARING SYSTEM FOR ROTOR IN ROTATING MACHINES - A bearing system for a rotor in rotating machines, such as compressors, pumps, turbines, expanders, has points of bearing and sealing for the rotor each being in the form of a combined bearing and sealing formed by a stator situated within a rotating machine house and surrounding the rotor. The stator is formed with a bore, whereby an annular clearance is created between stator and rotor, and the bore is having sectional area gradually increasing in the direction of larger pressure within the rotating machine.03-03-2011
20100322758COMPRESSOR OF A GAS TURBINE - The invention relates to a compressor, particularly a high pressure compressor, of a gas turbine, particularly of a gas turbine aircraft engine, having at least one rotating blade ring on the rotor side, and having at least one guide blade ring on the stator side, wherein the, or each, guide blade ring is formed of a plurality of guide blade segments, and wherein each guide blade segment is formed of a plurality of individual blades. According to the invention, adjacent individual blades (12-23-2010
20090175717Multistage Turbocompressor - A dynamic compressor, in particular a turbo compressor, having an exterior housing, a compressor unit featuring a tubular housing with an outer wall and a circular cross section, wherein the compressor unit is received by a circular opening which is located in the exterior housing and has an inner wall. Two compressor elements, which are at a distance from each other, are provided between the outer wall of the tubular housing and the inner wall of the opening in which the compressor unit is received, and wherein, furthermore, a fluid supply line is provided which penetrates the exterior housing and extends between the compressor elements which are at a distance from each other.07-09-2009
20110188999Axial turbine for a gas turbine with limited play between blades and housing - An axial turbine for a gas turbine including a rotor blade cascade is provided. The rotor blade cascade is formed from rotor blades each including, a front edge, a blade tip, and an annular space wall that surrounds the rotor blade cascade and includes an annular space inner side, enabling the annular space wall to be arranged directly adjacent to the blade tip forming a radial gap between the covering of the blade tip and the annual space inner side. When the turbine is in operation, the area of the blade tip with the highest pressure load is disposed in the region of the front edges, and the rotor blades in the region of their front edges include a radial projection and the annular space wall includes on the annular space inner side, a peripheral radial recess that interacts with the radial projections such that a minimum is established in the direction of the main through-flow of the turbine.08-04-2011
20120308366Bearing Assembly - A turbocharger bearing cartridge can include a bearing with an inner race, an outer race and rolling elements disposed between the inner race and the outer race; a journal bearing; and a shell that includes an interior, compressor side annular surface configured to seat the outer race of the bearing and an interior, turbine side annular surface configured to seat the journal bearing. Such a cartridge can optionally include an anti-rotation feature to limit rotation of the shell in a bore of a housing of a turbocharger and can optionally be configured to float in a bore of a housing. Various other examples of devices, assemblies, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.12-06-2012
20120308365Turbocharger bearing system - A bearing system for a turbocharger shaft comprising a rotatable elongated cylinder with axially spaced journal bearing surfaces on the inside diameter and a thrust face on each end. A sleeve on the shaft incorporates a flange on one end that transmits thrust force to one thrust face on the elongated cylinder. A flanged collar on the opposite end of the shaft transmits thrust force to the thrust face on the opposite end of the elongated cylinder. A radially extending flange on one end of the elongated cylinder transmits thrust forces to stationary housings.12-06-2012
20120148388ANNULUS FILLER - An annulus filler for mounting to a rotor disc of a gas turbine engine and for bridging the gap between two adjacent blades attached to the rotor disc. The annulus filler has a body portion including a lid which has a leading edge, a trailing edge and opposing side edges which connect respective ends of the leading and trailing edges. The lid defines an airflow surface for air being drawn through the engine. The annulus filler further has one or more attachment formations which, in use, connect the body portion to the rotor disc. The lid is configured such that the stiffness of the lid under compressive loading exerted on the opposing side edges by sideways blade movement is greater at the leading edge than at the trailing edge.06-14-2012
20110318170TURBINE STAGE - A turbine stage for a turbomachine, the stage comprising a rotor wheel mounted inside a sectorized ring carried by an outer casing, and a sectorized nozzle fastened to the casing downstream from the wheel, each ring sector having a downstream end that is held bearing radially outwards against a cylindrical rail of the casing by means of the nozzle, the casing rail including an annular row of through radial notches reducing the areas for heat exchange by conduction both between the casing and the ring sectors and between the casing and the nozzle.12-29-2011
20120014783Apparatus For Non-Clogging Pumps - Improvements in the operation and maintenance of non-clogging pumps are provided which increase pump efficiencies through improved impeller design and vacuum assembly design, and which increase seal lubrication efficiencies through improved seal lubricant reservoir system design.01-19-2012
20120057966FAN AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A fan includes a motor base, a bearing, an impeller, a stator and a magnetic element. The motor base has a bearing stand in a center portion thereof. The bearing is accommodated within the bearing stand. The impeller includes a metallic case, a hub, plural blades and a rotating shaft. The metallic case has a top surface and a sidewall. The hub is sheathed around the metallic case. The blades are disposed around an outer periphery of the hub. The rotating shaft is protruded from a center portion of the top surface and penetrated through the bearing stand, wherein no raised ring structure is formed in the top surface of the metallic case, and the rotating shaft and the metallic case are jointed together by a laser welding process. The magnetic element is disposed on an inner wall of the metallic case and aligned with the stator.03-08-2012
20120301278ENGINE ASSEMBLY INCLUDING TURBOCHARGER - A turbocharger includes a housing, a first rotor wheel, a second rotor wheel, a driveshaft, a first bearing and a second bearing. The housing defines a first region, a second region, an intake air inlet, an intake air outlet and an exhaust gas inlet. The first rotor wheel is located in the first region and the second rotor wheel is located in the second region. The first bearing is located on a first axial side of the first rotor wheel axially between the first and second rotor wheels and supports the driveshaft for rotation relative to the housing. The second bearing is located on a second axial side of the first rotor wheel and supports the first rotor wheel for rotation relative to the housing.11-29-2012
20120156009FAN SHIELD AND BEARING HOUSING FOR AIR CYCLE MACHINE - A fan shield for an air cycle machine includes a fan shield body in the general shape of a frustum of a cone having curved sides. The curved sides define a radius of curvature and a center point of curvature that corresponds to the radius of curvature. The center point of curvature is an axial distance from a large end of the fan shield body and a radial distance from the central axis such that a ratio of the radial distance to the axial distance is between 1.160 and 1.360. A bearing housing includes a body that defines a cylindrical portion and an annular flange at one end. The annular flange includes a first attachment opening, a second attachment opening and a third attachment opening that are non-uniformly circumferentially spaced around the flange.06-21-2012
20120156010BEARING STAND COVER OF AXIAL EXHAUST TURBINE, AND AXIAL EXHAUST TURBINE - According to an embodiment, an upper-side bearing cover 5006-21-2012
20120156008AIR CYCLE MACHINE SEAL PLATE AND SEAL LAND - An air cycle machine includes turbine and compressor housings respectively having a turbine and a compressor. An insulator seal plate is fastened between the turbine and compressor housings. The insulator seal plate includes a bore. A seal has an outer diameter that engages the bore. The seal also includes an inner diameter provided between lateral sides defining a first width. The inner diameter provides a seal and configured to engage a rotating surface. The outer diameter to the inner diameter provides a first ratio of 1.30-1.31. The inner diameter to the first width provides a second ratio of 1.59-1.61. A rotor shaft is disposed in the seal and includes knife edges extending from the rotor shaft to the seal land. The rotor shaft supports the turbine and the compressor.06-21-2012
20120251302TURBOCHARGER WITH VARIABLE TURBINE GEOMETRY - A turbocharger (10-04-2012
20130170960TURBINE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR REDUCING FLUID FLOW BETWEEN TURBINE COMPONENTS - According to one aspect of the invention, a turbine assembly includes a stator and a rotor adjacent to the stator. The turbine assembly also includes a passage formed in a member coupled to the rotor to form a fluid curtain between the rotor and stator, wherein the fluid curtain reduces a flow between the stator and rotor.07-04-2013
20100247294METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TURBINE INTERSTAGE SEAL RING - A seal assembly for a gas turbine engine including a seal member and an interstage seal ring including an axially forward member coupled to a first radially inward surface of a first disk and an axially aft member coupled to a second radially inward surface of a second disk, wherein the seal ring is configured to move in an axial direction while the upstream and downstream arms are coupled to the first and second disk respectively.09-30-2010
20100247296TURBOCHARGER - Turbulence of exhaust gas in a turbine impeller outlet is reduced with a simple structure to improve efficiency of a turbine.09-30-2010
20100247295Tapered Roller Bearing - A two-row tapered roller bearing includes an outer ring (09-30-2010
20110182718CENTRIFUGAL PUMP ASSEMBLY - A centrifugal pump assembly with at least one impeller (07-28-2011
20120213629DEVICE FOR CENTERING AND GUIDING THE ROTATION OF A TURBOMACHINE SHAFT - A device for centering and guiding rotation of a turbine engine shaft. The device includes a roller bearing and a ball bearing mounted around the shaft and carried respectively by first and second flexible annular supports, together with an oil film compression damper having a rigid annular support arranged around the roller bearing, the supports of the ball bearing and of the damper, and the roller bearing being stacked transversely, extending one around another.08-23-2012
20120251301COMPRESSOR - A front housing configuring a scroll compressor is provided in its shaft hole with a first bearing, and the front housing rotatably supports a rotation shaft. The first bearing includes a ball bearing having a plurality of balls. First and second seal rings and are provided between an outer ring fixed to the front housing and an inner ring which abuts against an outer peripheral surface of the rotation shaft. A first seal ring disposed on the side of one side surface of the outer ring is provided such that the first seal ring is in non-contact with the inner ring, and the second seal ring disposed on the side of the other side surface of the outer ring abuts against the inner ring.10-04-2012
20120251300JOURNAL AIR BEARING FOR SMALL SHAFT DIAMETERS - A bearing foil assembly includes a top foil, an intermediate foil, and a bump foil. The bump foil is provided with corrugations at circumferentially spaced locations. The bump foil has an end that is bent radially outwardly from a center of the foil assembly. The top foil has a bent portion extending radially outwardly and adjacent to the bent end of the bump foil. A first radius of curvature is defined to a curved portion leading into the bent portion at a first end adjacent to the bent end. A second radius of curvature is defined at an end of the bent portion on an end opposed to the bent end. A ratio of the first radius of curvature to the second radius of curvature is between 0.6 and 10. A bearing assembly, a shaft sub-assembly, an air machine, and a method of assembling a bearing into an air machine are also disclosed.10-04-2012
20120219403BEARING CARRIER WITH MULTIPLE LUBRICATION SLOTS - A bearing assembly, a pump with a bearing assembly and a method of lubricating a pump bearing using a bearing assembly. The bearing assembly includes a bearing carrier and a bearing housing that are rotatably connected to one another to permit axial adjustment of the pump's impeller or other fluid-conveying apparatus, as well as variable rotational positioning of the bearing carrier relative to a pump housing. Numerous lubricant access apertures placed around the periphery of the bearing carrier facilitate lubricant passage from a connection on the bearing housing to the bearings, regardless of the rotational position of the carrier relative to the bearing housing or other pump structure.08-30-2012
20120171021Conduit for Turbomachine and Method - A turbomachine includes a compressor having a cartridge that is configured to slide in and out of an external casing. The turbomachine further includes an electrical motor having a motor shaft configured to be connected to the compressor shaft. A conduit is configured to extend through the statoric part of the compressor or the motor, from a first magnetic bearing to the second magnetic bearing. The conduit includes conduit electrical cables provided inside the conduit and extending from a first end of the conduit to a second end of the conduit; and electrical cables connecting one of the first and second magnetic bearings to an external connector via the conduit electrical cables of the conduit.07-05-2012
20100008767SPHERICAL THRUST BEARING SYSTEM FOR TURBOCHARGERS - A turbocharger thrust bearing assembly, which maintains a constant relationship between the thrust faces, for example by use of gimbal or spherical segment geometry. Spherical geometry, while more difficult to manufacture than that of a flat thrust bearing, provides a more constant relationship between the thrust pads and thrust washers than is possible with a typical flat thrust bearing. As a consequence of this more constant relationship the thrust bearing operates with less oil flow, which ultimately may reduce vehicle emissions.01-14-2010
20110123317CENTRIFUGAL PUMP - A centrifugal pump includes at least one impeller (4) and at least one sealing arrangement arranged between the impeller (4) and a housing wall. The sealing arrangement seals a suction side of the impeller (4) with respect to a pressure side of the impeller (4). The sealing arrangement including a seal (12) fastened on the impeller (4) in a rotationally fixed manner.05-26-2011
20110038717OIL-FREE TURBOCHARGER ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to an oil-free turbocharger assembly using an airfoil bearing that may be useful in high speed conditions. The assembly can be cooled easily. A heat-proof coating can also be easily applied to the turbo charger's rotating shaft. In one embodiment, an oil-free turbocharger assembly has a constant distance between a journal portion and a rotating shaft so that the mass of the rotating body can be minimized and the rotating body assembly can have a small moment of inertia. The turbocharger in some embodiments of the invention may be cooled by a refrigerant which improves cooling efficiency. Each part of the rotating body assembly in some embodiments may be individually treated with a heat-proof process so that productivity can be improved.02-17-2011
20110038716THRUST BEARING, ESPECIALLY FOR A TURBOCHARGER - The invention relates to an axial bearing (02-17-2011
20110158793VANE ASSEMBLY HAVING A VANE END SEAL - One embodiment of the present invention is a unique turbomachinery device, a non-limiting example of which is a gas turbine engine. Another embodiment is a unique vane assembly for a turbomachinery device. Another embodiment is a unique seal assembly for a vane of a turbomachinery device. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for turbomachinery devices, and for vane assemblies and seal assemblies for turbomachinery devices. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits, and advantages of the present application shall become apparent from the description and figures provided herewith.06-30-2011
20120328417Engine bearing compartment - An engine bearing compartment is provided and includes an engine casing defining a discharge pathway for a fluid to drain from the engine bearing compartment, a shaft rotatably disposed within the engine casing to define an annulus, a housing disposed within the annulus below an elevation of the discharge pathway, an impeller rotatable with the shaft and including a centrifugal element, the impeller being disposed within the annulus at least partially below the discharge pathway elevation whereby, due to impeller rotation, the centrifugal element expels the fluid through the discharge pathway from the annulus above the discharge pathway elevation and a circuit by which fluid expelled through the discharge pathway is communicated to an interior of the housing.12-27-2012
20120328418TURBOCHARGER WITH AIR BUFFER SEAL - A turbocharger includes a turbine section, a compressor section and a bearing section. A turbine wheel and a compressor wheel are mounted on a shaft and the shaft is rotatably mounted in a bore of a housing. A lubrication system circulates lubricant through the bearing section. First and second spaced apart seals are positioned along the shaft. A recess is positioned between the first seal and the second seal to define an air buffer chamber. The air buffer chamber is provided with pressurized air to discourage lubricant leakage past the first seal.12-27-2012
20100178159Turbine Bucket Angel Wing Compression Seal - The present application provides an angel wing seal for a turbine bucket. The angel wing seal may include a first wing with a sinusoidally-shaped outer edge and a number of wing teeth positioned thereon.07-15-2010
20120099968ABRASIVE ROTOR SHAFT CERAMIC COATING - An abrasive coating on a rotor shaft interacts with cantilevered vanes to form an abradable air seal in a turbine engine. The abrasive coating includes a metal bond coat, and an abrasive layer containing a plurality of abrasive grit particles in a ceramic matrix. The grit particles may be selected from cubic boron nitride (CBN), zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide, diamond and mixtures thereof.04-26-2012
20120099969DAMPER SEAL AND VANE ASSEMBLY FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - One embodiment of the present invention is a vane assembly for a gas turbine engine. Another embodiment of the present invention is a damper seal that may be employed in conjunction with a vane assembly of a gas turbine engine. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods and combinations for vane assemblies and the sealing and damping thereof. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects, benefits and advantages of the present application shall become apparent from the description and figures provided herewith.04-26-2012
20100143100Jet Engine With Active-Magnetic Bearing - Jet engine (06-10-2010
20130017068AXIAL TURBINE FOR A ROTARY ATOMIZERAANM Baumann; MichaelAACI FleinAACO DEAAGP Baumann; Michael Flein DEAANM Herre; FrankAACI OberriexingenAACO DEAAGP Herre; Frank Oberriexingen DEAANM Frey; MarcusAACI Weil Der StadtAACO DEAAGP Frey; Marcus Weil Der Stadt DEAANM Seiz; BernhardAACI LauffenAACO DEAAGP Seiz; Bernhard Lauffen DEAANM Krumma; HarryAACI BonnigheimAACO DEAAGP Krumma; Harry Bonnigheim DEAANM Beyl; TimoAACI BesigheimAACO DEAAGP Beyl; Timo Besigheim DEAANM Schiffmann; JurgAACI BernAACO CHAAGP Schiffmann; Jurg Bern CHAANM Scholl; StephanAACI HerzogenbuchseeAACO CHAAGP Scholl; Stephan Herzogenbuchsee CH - A turbine rotor, e.g., for a drive turbine of a rotary atomizer, is disclosed having a rotatably supported turbine shaft with the potential for mounting an atomizer wheel, and having at least one drive turbine wheel having a plurality of turbine blades. The turbine blades of the drive turbine wheel may be impinged on during operation by a drive fluid in order to drive the turbine rotor. The drive turbine wheel may be designed for the drive fluid to axially impinge on the turbine blades. A complete drive turbine having such a turbine rotor is also disclosed, as well as a complete rotary atomizer and individual exemplary components of the drive turbine.01-17-2013
20130017067METHOD OF BEAM WELDING OF AN IMPELLER WITH PERFORMANCE OF TWO PASSES ON A SLOT ; IMPELLER AND TURBO MACHINE HAVING SUCH WELD CONFIGURATIONAANM Cantelli; UgoAACI FlorenceAACO ITAAGP Cantelli; Ugo Florence ITAANM Miniati; EnzoAACI FirenzeAACO ITAAGP Miniati; Enzo Firenze ITAANM Innocenti; MircoAACI FirenzeAACO ITAAGP Innocenti; Mirco Firenze IT - Systems and methods according to these exemplary embodiments provide welding techniques for impeller blades associated with impellers in centrifugal compressors. According to one exemplary embodiment, a connection area of the impeller blade has a “hammer”-shaped cross-sectional area which facilitates beam welding of the connection area to a slot in the surface or body to which the blade is to be connected.01-17-2013
20130170961LOW EMISSION DRY GAS SEAL SYSTEM FOR COMPRESSORS - Systems and methods according to these exemplary embodiments provide sealing mechanisms for centrifugal compressors. A sealing mechanism includes first, second and third dry gas seals arranged in series. Each seal receives its own sealing gas and has its own venting mechanism. Sealing gas pressures remain low enough that a dedicated compressor for supplying the sealing gases is not needed. Additionally, the risk of process gas being released into the atmosphere in case of seal failure is limited.07-04-2013
20130183144BEARING HOUSING OF AN EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - A bearing housing (07-18-2013
20130115057MID-TURBINE BEARING SUPPORT - A bearing assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a bearing, an outer assembly disposed about an axis and having an angled perimeter, and an inner assembly supporting the bearing and having a surface angled to slide against and attach to the angled perimeter as the bearing is aligned with the axis.05-09-2013
20130115058Stator Seal Structure In Uniaxial Screw Pump - There is provided a stator seal structure in a uniaxial eccentric screw pump by which the abrasion resistance of sealing mechanisms is improved and the pumped fluid can be prevented from stagnating in the sealing mechanisms. The stator seal structure is provided with a pair of sealing mechanisms for sealing between a housing and an intake side end portion, and between the housing and a discharge side end portion of the stator. The pair of sealing mechanisms is provided with ring-shaped secured rings respectively secured to the housing. The secured rings are respectively attached with elastic bodies for ensuring contact pressures between the sliding seal surface of the stator and the sliding seal surface of the secured rings with the elastic forces of the elastic bodies and for sealing between the secured rings and the housing.05-09-2013
20130129488FOIL BEARING SUPPORTED MOTOR-DRIVEN BLOWER - A high-speed blower designed to move and circulate dry process gas includes an axial or mixed-flow compressor driven by a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor utilizing a remotely mounted variable frequency drive. The blower uses foil gas bearings which enable high-speed, low-power loss, and oil-free operation. The blower comprises an outer blower housing and an inner blower housing defining an annular cavity therebetween. A cooling flow of process gas may be leaked through the inner blower housing to cool the internal operational components of the blower, including the motor and the bearings, and to capture heat therefrom, which can be added to the process gas flow moving through the blower. Diffuser vanes and flow-straightening vanes are provided on the outer surface of the inner blower housing to improve the fluid dynamics of the process gas flow through the blower and heat transfer from the inner blower housing.05-23-2013
20080199309Removable bearing arrangement for a wind turbine generator - A wind generator having removable change-out bearings includes a rotor and a stator, locking bolts configured to lock the rotor and stator, a removable bearing sub-assembly having at least one shrunk-on bearing installed, and removable mounting bolts configured to engage the bearing sub-assembly and to allow the removable bearing sub-assembly to be removed when the removable mounting bolts are removed.08-21-2008
20110236185INTERSTAGE SEAL - An interstage seal is provided for installation between forward and aft stage discs of a turbine section of a gas turbine engine. The seal has a forward annular portion, which extends forward to contribute to an air seal at the outer periphery of the forward stage disc, and an aft annular portion, which extends rearward to contribute to an air seal at the outer periphery of the aft stage disc. The seal has a peripheral slot into which static vane inner rails are loadable. The seal includes a first component, which provides the forward annular portion, and a second component, which provides the aft annular portion. The second component is separably connectable to the first component such that the first and second components, when connected, cooperate to form the peripheral slot. Loading the static vane inner rails into the slot prevents the second component separating from the first component.09-29-2011
20110236186WIND TURBINE AND A PITCH BEARING FOR A WIND TURBINE - A wind turbine includes a rotor having at least one wind turbine blade connected to a rotor hub through at least one blade pitch bearing. The pitch bearing includes at least one outer ring, at least one centre ring and at least one inner ring. The pitch bearing has a first rolling element arrangement between the outer ring and the centre ring, and a second rolling element arrangement between the centre ring and the inner ring, wherein at least one of the first and the second rolling element arrangements includes at least two rows of rolling elements. The at least two rows are at different axial positions in relation to a rotational axis. The play in the first row of roller elements is greater than the play in the second row of roller elements. A pitch bearing for a wind turbine is also disclosed.09-29-2011
20130149116BEARING HOUSING OF AN EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - A bearing housing (06-13-2013
20130189084ARRANGEMENT, A SEALING ASSEMBLY, A CASING FLANGE AND A SPACER FOR SEALING THE PROPELLER SHAFT OF A MARINE VESSEL - A propeller shaft of a marine vessel is supported by bearing means within a stern tube or frame. The stern tube or frame has an aft end provided with a sealing assembly for sealing the propeller shaft. The sealing assembly and the stern tube or frame have at least one leakage monitor line for monitoring the condition of the sealing assembly. The at least one leakage monitor line is provided with a circumferentially extending channel section.07-25-2013
20130156552COST EFFECTIVE HIGH THRUST CAPACITY TURBOCHARGER ASSEMBLY - An assembly for a turbocharger and methods for creating the same are disclosed. Such assembly for a turbocharger includes a bearing housing having first and second bore ends, a housing cavity, and a bearing assembly disposed within the housing cavity. The bearing assembly includes an annular rotating journal positioned at the first bore end and first and second angular contact bearings positioned at the second bore end, where the first and second angular contact bearings resist axial loads in opposite directions. The bearing housing and bearing assembly are configured to receive a shaft and together dampen axial and radial loads in all directions from the shaft.06-20-2013
20130156553HONEYCOMB SEAL AND METHOD - A seal for a turbo machine is provided. The seal includes a plurality of honeycomb cells, at least one circumferential groove within the plurality of honeycomb cells, and at least one swirl brake within the at least one groove.06-20-2013
20130094943UNDUCTED FAN FOR TURBINE ENGINE - An unducted fan of variable-pitch blades including roots engaged from outside in respective radial housings of an annular rotor element and guided to turn about their respective axes by pairs of rolling bearings, one of which is carried by an annular segment of a cylindrical skirt mounted in a groove of the annular body and by a locknut screwed onto the cylindrical skit. The bearing is covered externally by a ring including outer dog-clutch teeth co-operating with inner dog-clutch teeth of the housing to hold the ring axially in the housing. A blocking mechanism is engaged between the teeth of the housing and the teeth of the ring preventing the ring from turning and preventing the ring from being withdrawn axially from the housing.04-18-2013
20110311352METHOD FOR CHECKING THE BEARING ALIGNMENT IN A GAS TURBINE - The disclosure refers to a method and apparatus for checking the bearing alignment of a rotor of a gas turbine or steam turbine having a rotor with a radial offset and a radial offset surface and in a bearing shell, which supports the rotor, with a radial, at least in sections, end surface, wherein the radial offset surface and the radial end surface face the free end of the rotor. The radial offset is arranged in the bearing shell and offset towards the free end of the rotor. The degree of offset in the axial direction with regard to the rotor is measured at least two different circumferential positions around the rotor periphery in order to determine the alignment of the rotor. Differences in the degree of offset at different circumferential positions are used as measurement for the bearing alignment.12-22-2011
20110311351SHROUD FOR ROTARY ENGINE - Disclosed herein are several embodiments for shroud arrangements to be used in rotary engines using a plurality of rotors within the shroud arrangement. At least one of the rotors is not fixed to the shroud.12-22-2011
20110311350TURBO MACHINE - A turbo machine includes an impeller that rotates to make gas flow, a driving device that rotationally drives the impeller, a rotary shaft that transmits a rotational driving force of the driving device to the impeller, a bearing that rotatably supports the rotary shaft, and a casing that houses at least the driving device and the rotary shaft. In addition, the casing is provided with a grease flow path to supply grease to the bearing for lubricating the bearing.12-22-2011
20130189083FAN - A fan includes an outer casing having an air inlet and an air outlet, and an impeller housing located within the casing. An impeller is provided within the impeller housing for generating an air flow along a path extending from the air inlet to the air outlet through the impeller housing. A motor for driving the impeller is located within a motor housing connected to the impeller housing. A foam annular seal is located between the impeller housing and a seat to inhibit the leakage of air between the impeller housing and the casing. A plurality of resilient supports is provided between the impeller housing and the seat to reduce the load on the annular seal.07-25-2013
20120014782TURBOCHARGER BEARING HOUSING ASSEMBLY - An assembly for a turbocharger that includes a bearing housing with a cylindrical portion with a bore configured for receipt of a bearing, an extension that extends radially outwardly from the cylindrical portion to a base, the base configured with one or more features for securing the bearing housing to another component, a compressor fitting, a turbine fitting, and lubricant flow paths; and a fluid jacket that includes a cylindrical wall configured for placement over at least a portion of the cylindrical portion of the bearing housing where the cylindrical wall includes a recess configured to accommodate at least a portion of the extension of the bearing housing, a fluid inlet, and a fluid outlet. Various other examples of devices, assemblies, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.01-19-2012
20120020777DURABLE PUMPS FOR ABRASIVES - Durable pumps for abrasives are provided. In one implementation, an example centrifugal pump or pump stage for subsurface operation has a thrust washer located inside the circumference of a close-fitting clearance seal between an impeller shroud and the diffuser. The relocation of the thrust washer allows the clearance seal to protect the thrust washer from abrasives while the thrust washer supports the impeller against the reaction forces of axial fluid flow. In one implementation, the radius or size of a thrust washer or other seal-like feature is reduced in order to increase exposure of the bottom impeller shroud to pressured fluid, thus balancing pressure at the top and bottom of the impeller to decrease friction between the impeller and the thrust washer. Reducing the radius of the thrust washer also reduces surface area of the washer subject to friction and reduces the moment arm of a braking torque on the rotating impeller, thereby reducing power loss in the pump.01-26-2012
20130195632WIND TURBINE WITH BEARING SUPPORT - In order to provide a wind turbine generator with a shaft and a bearing system which bearing system, e.g., using less material or using material which is relatively cheaper or which is not needed to have the same strength in comparison with some other solutions, there is disclosed a wind turbine generator with a bearing system including a lockable connection comprising a bearing surface and a support surface which surfaces are engaged when the lockable connection is locked and where forces from the shaft are transferred via the bearing and into the support through the bearing surface and wherein a support angle of the support surface, relatively to a shaft plane formed by rotating the shaft around a first axis, which first axis is perpendicular to the centre axis and which first axis is comprised in a vertical plane, is ranging from and including 5 degrees to and including 70 degrees.08-01-2013
20130195631SPIRAL-GROOVED THRUST BEARING - A thrust-bearing (08-01-2013