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20120171015SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING COOLING AND PURGING AIR FLOW TO A ROTARY MACHINE ONLINE MONITORING SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a system includes a sight tube configured to optically communicate with an interior of a rotary machine via insertion within an inspection port. The sight tube includes a window and multiple openings configured to direct purge air across the window. The system also includes a curtain tube disposed about the sight tube and configured to direct purge air from a first air source to the openings via a first passage formed between an inner surface of the curtain tube and an outer surface of the sight tube. The curtain tube includes multiple outlets configured to direct curtain air around the window, and the curtain tube is configured to direct the curtain air from a second air source to the outlets via a second passage formed between an outer surface of the curtain tube and an inner surface of the inspection port.07-05-2012
20080260519SURGE DETECTION IN A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A method for detecting a surge condition during operation of a gas turbine engine includes detecting a change of pressure differential between fuel flows in a fuel system of the engine during engine operation.10-23-2008
20100047058SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TEMPERATURE SENSING IN TURBINES - A method for measuring temperature of a rotating body such as a steam turbine is provided. The method includes striking a light beam onto the rotating body onto the rotating body and measuring a reflectance of the light beam from the rotating body. The method further includes obtaining a temperature of the rotating body based upon the measured reflectance.02-25-2010
20090123269DEVICE FOR DETECTING BREAKAGE OF A TURBOMACHINE SHAFT - The present invention relates to detecting breakage of a shaft of a turbomachine, in particular of the aviation type. The invention relates in particular to a device designed to perform such detection. According to the invention, the device for detecting breakage of a turbomachine shaft comprises: 05-14-2009
20130039743METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING TURBINE SHELL CLEARANCE - An apparatus for measuring turbine rotor-to-stator clearances and a method for assembling a turbomachine based on the measured clearances are disclosed. In an embodiment, at least one clearance sensor is inserted into a stator of a turbomachine. Using the sensor, tops-on clearance between a rotor blade tip and an inner surface of a stator is measured while an upper stator shell, a rotor, a lower stator shell are assembled together; and a tops-off clearance is measured while the lower stator shell and a rotor are assembled together. A tops-on/tops-off shift, i.e., a difference between the tops-on clearance and the tops-off clearance, is determined. The turbine can be assembled by adjusting a relative position of the rotor and stator to account for the tops-on/tops-off shift.02-14-2013
20090169362Instability Mitigation System - An instability mitigation system is disclosed, comprising a detection system for detecting an onset of an instability in a rotor during the operation of the rotor, a mitigation system that facilitates the improvement of the stability of the rotor when the onset of instability is detected by the detection system, a control system for controlling the detection system and the mitigation system.07-02-2009
20120263577DEVICE FOR DETECTING THE AXIAL POSITION OF A ROTARY SHAFT AND ITS APPLICATION TO A TURBO-MOLECULAR PUMP - A device for detecting the axial position of a rotary shaft of a rotary machine comprises a target of ferromagnetic material placed at the end of the rotary shaft, an induction coil associated with a stationary magnetic circuit and placed facing the target while leaving an airgap, and a power supply circuit. The power supply circuit comprises an AC voltage source connected between a first end of the induction coil and a zone situated at a reference voltage, at least one capacitor connected between the ends of the induction coil, and a detector device interposed between a second end of the induction coil and the zone situated at the reference voltage, in order to deliver on a line information about the magnitude of the current flowing between the second end and the zone situated at the reference voltage.10-18-2012
20100104420METHOD FOR FITTING AND PROTECTING A SENSOR ON A SUBSTRATE - The method consists in depositing, by alumina spraying, an electrically insulating sublayer on the substrate, then in placing the sensor on the electrically insulating sublayer and finally in depositing, by alumina spraying, a cover layer on the sensor and the electrically insulating sublayer. It further includes, before the cover layer is deposited, a step in which an impermeable and thermally insulating cement is applied locally on wires of the sensor.04-29-2010
20130084163WEAR INDICATION SYSTEM FOR COMPRESSOR DIAPHRAGMS OF GAS TURBINE ENGINES - A wear indication system for use in turbine engines to measure gap closure that indicates the amount of wear found on a compressor diaphragm outer hook to prevent contact between a compressor vane attached to the compressor diaphragm outer hook and an upstream compressor blade. The wear indication system enables the wear to be serviced before failure occurs. The wear indication system may be formed from a base mounting plate having one or more wearable material layers attached thereto. In one embodiment, the wear indication system may have multiple wearable material layers. The outermost wearable layer may have a cross-sectional area less than a wearable layer to which it is attached to enable visual determination of the amount of wear that has occurred. The wearable layers may be formed from a honeycomb shaped material enabling wear to occur without threatening downstream components with damage.04-04-2013
20130071230SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING ABNORMAL MOVEMENT IN A GAS TURBINE SHAFT - A sensor element for use in a backing sensor to monitor a gas turbine shaft. The sensor includes an oscillator circuit 03-21-2013
20090067990Method and sensor setup for determination of deflection and/or strain for failure detection - A method for determining the deflection and/or strain of an elongated member of a component is provided, in which a first point (03-12-2009
20090238679STEAM TURBINE AND A METHOD OF DETERMINING LEAKAGE WITHIN A STEAM TURBINE - A steam turbine includes a shaft operatively connecting a first turbine section and a second turbine section. A packing assembly is positioned about the shaft. A first conduit is fluidly connected to the packing assembly. The first conduit is configured to introduce a flow of low temperature, low pressure steam to the packing assembly. A second conduit is also fluidly connected to the packing assembly downstream from the first turbine section and upstream from the first conduit. The second conduit receives a portion of the high temperature, high pressure steam passing into the packing assembly from the first turbine section. A valve is fluidly connected to the second conduit. The valve is configured to be selectively operated so as to allow the high temperature, high pressure steam to mix with the low pressure, low temperature steam in the second conduit.09-24-2009
20090324389Method, System and Controller for Establishing a Wheel Space Temperature Alarm in a Turbomachine - A method of establishing a wheel space temperature alarm in a turbomachine includes calculating an expected wheel space temperature based on operating conditions, measuring an actual wheel space temperature, and signaling an over temperature condition if the actual wheel space temperature exceeds the expected wheel space temperature.12-31-2009
20080298952FAN WITH MEANS OF DETECTING DEGRADATION OF THE BEARINGS - The fan has a support structure (12-04-2008
20130216357FEED WATER PUMP CONTROL DEVICE - The presence or absence of boost pressure is determined from an error between F-P characteristics showing the relationship between the output frequency of an inverter and the power consumption and an actual operating point. When there is boost pressure, an amount of correction of linearized characteristics showing the relationship between quantity and discharge side pressure is automatically calculated based on the error, and the linearized characteristics are corrected. Subsequently, by carrying out a PID control in accordance with a target pressure obtained from post-correction linearized characteristics, the output frequency of an inverter unit is controlled, and an estimated constant end pressure control is carried out. Because of this, a pressure sensor or quantity sensor on a pump intake side is rendered unnecessary, and a simplification and reduction in cost of a feed water pump control device are possible.08-22-2013
20110293403BLADE MONITORING SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a blade monitoring system includes: at least one computing device configured to monitor a compressor during a load change by performing actions comprising: extracting a dynamic component of a blade time-of-arrival (TOA) deviation signal in response to the load change on the compressor; calculating, using the dynamic component, at least one of: a natural frequency of the GT compressor blade during the load change, an overshoot of the GT compressor blade during the load change, a rise time of the compressor blade during the load change, a damping factor of the compressor blade during the load change, or a settling time of the GT compressor blade after the load change; and determining whether the GT compressor blade is damaged based upon the at least one of: the natural frequency, the overshoot, the rise time, the damping factor, or the settling time.12-01-2011
20090232638SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING RADIAL MOTION OF A ROTATING SHAFT OF A TURBOCHARGER - A system is provided for monitoring radial motion of a rotating shaft of a turbocharger. The turbocharger includes a compressor and a turbine coupled to opposing ends of the shaft. The system includes a thrust collar including a cylindrical portion and a flange configured to radially extend from one end of the cylindrical portion. The thrust collar is configured to rotate with the shaft. A sensor is positioned within a separation of an outer surface of the thrust collar flange, and the sensor is configured to monitor the separation as indicative of the radial motion of the shaft. Additionally, a method is provided for monitoring radial motion of a rotating shaft of a turbocharger.09-17-2009
20110293404Submerged Hydroelectric Turbine Having Self-Powered Bearing Lubricant Circulation, Filtering, and Cooling System and Auto-Adaptive Pressure-Compensation System - An underwater hydroelectric turbine comprises a turbine housing having an inlet and an outlet, a central shaft extending axially inside the turbine housing, a self-contained, sealed front bearing unit for rotationally supporting a front end of the central shaft, and a self-contained, sealed rear bearing unit for rotationally supporting a rear end of the central shaft. The front bearing unit and the rear bearing unit each comprises a self-powered lubricant circulation system that draws a fraction of the mechanical power from rotation of the central shaft to circulate lubricant through each respective bearing unit. The turbine may have an equilibrium chamber for automatically balancing lubricant pressure inside a lubricant-containing chamber of the bearing chambers with ambient water pressure outside the bearing housing.12-01-2011
20090297336ONLINE SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THERMAL INSPECTION OF PARTS - A thermal inspection method is provided. The method includes measuring a transient thermal response of a cooled part installed in a turbine engine, wherein the transient thermal response results from operation of the turbine engine. The method also includes using the transient thermal response to determine one or more of a flow rate of a fluid flowing through one or more film cooling holes in the cooled part during operation of the turbine engine, at least one heat transfer coefficient for one or more internal passages in the cooled part, and a combined thermal response for the cooled part. The method further includes comparing at least one of the flow rate, the at least one heat transfer coefficient, and the combined thermal response of at least a portion of the cooled part to at least one baseline value to determine whether a thermal performance of the cooled part is satisfactory.12-03-2009
20090162191REAL-TIME TURBOMACHINERY BLADE BREAKAGE MONITORING UNIT AND TURBO-APPARATUS - Disclosed herein are a turbo-machinery blade breakage monitoring unit and a turbo-apparatus having the same. The blade breakage monitoring unit includes a pressure sensor disposed near a rotor having a plurality of blades to be rotated at a predetermined speed, the pressure sensor functioning to measure total pressures of the respective blades. The blade breakage monitoring unit further includes a controller electrically connected to the pressure sensor and functioning to judge whether or not each measured total pressure value, transmitted from the pressure sensor, is within a preset criterion total pressure range. With the use of the blade breakage monitoring unit, total pressures of the respective blades are monitored in real time at a position downstream of the blades when the blades are rotated at a high speed within the turbo-apparatus, such as a turbine, compressor and fan, enabling real-time monitoring of breakage of the blades.06-25-2009
20090060716Compressor Casing for an Exhaust Gas Turbocharger - A compressor casing for an exhaust gas turbocharger is disclosed. The exhaust gas turbocharger has a rotatable turboshaft, a compressor wheel mounted on the turboshaft, and a turbine wheel mounted on the turboshaft. The compressor casing includes a sensor for measuring a rotational speed of the turboshaft. The sensor is embedded in the compressor casing and forms an integral component of the compressor casing.03-05-2009
20110262266Linear Actuator for a Variable-Geometry Member of a Turbocharger, and a Turbocharger Incorporating Same - A linear actuator for a variable-geometry member of a turbocharger comprises a fixed portion and a movable portion that can undergo primary translational movement along a longitudinal axis and secondary rotational movement about one or more other axes. A sensor assembly is included, comprising a permanent magnet fixedly mounted on the movable portion and a sensor fixedly mounted relative to the fixed portion and adjacent to the magnet. The sensor is operable to sense magnetic flux density components of the magnet along each of three mutually orthogonal axes. A position of the magnet along the longitudinal axis is determinable from these magnetic flux density components.10-27-2011
20090087303EMBEDDED FIBER OPTIC SENSING DEVICE AND METHOD - A device operating in an environment includes a fiber optic sensing system having one or more fiber optic sensors disposed in the device and configured to detect one or more parameters related to the device. The parameters may include temperature, strain, pressure, vibration, or combinations thereof.04-02-2009
20100098528TORQUE MONITORING APPARATUS - A torque monitoring apparatus is disclosed herein. The torque monitoring apparatus includes a hub extending along an axis of rotation between first and second opposite ends. The torque monitoring apparatus also includes a plurality of spokes positioned on the hub and extending radially outward from the hub to respective distal ends. The torque monitoring apparatus also includes a plurality of projections spaced from the plurality of spokes along the axis of rotation. Each of the plurality of projections extends radially outward from the hub to respective distal ends. The plurality of projections are thinner along the axis than the plurality of spokes.04-22-2010
20120107094SHAFT SPEED AND VIBRATION SENSOR APPARATUS - A rotary apparatus comprises a shaft having a rotational axis, a rotation indicator formed on the shaft, a target feature proximate the rotation indicator, and a sensor proximate the target feature. The target feature extends circumferentially about the shaft, with a radial face transverse to the rotational axis and a circumferential face along the rotational axis. The sensor is oriented toward the rotation indicator to sense a rotational speed of the shaft, and oriented toward the target feature to sense transverse vibrations based on a radial distance to the target feature and longitudinal vibrations based on an axial distance to the target feature.05-03-2012
20100135773TURBOCHARGER HAVING A DEVICE FOR DETECTING A MALFUNCTION OF THE TURBOCHARGER AND A METHOD FOR DETECTING SUCH A MALFUNCTION - The turbocharger having a device for detecting a malfunction of the turbocharger, particularly a malfunction of at least one bearing of the turbocharger has the following features: The device for detecting a malfunction of the turbocharger has a memory device, in which the target operating states of an intact turbocharger are stored. The device for detecting a malfunction of the turbocharger further has a comparing device, in which the determined actual operating state of the turbocharger is compared to a corresponding target operating state of an intact turbocharger. The turbocharger further has a measuring device for determining an actual operating state of the turbocharger, wherein the device for detecting a malfunction of the turbocharger emits an error message if the comparing device detects that the actual operating stage deviates from the target operating state by a predefined measure.06-03-2010
20100129202Gas turbine engine - A gas turbine engine has a signal transmission system comprising a waveguide 05-27-2010
20090169363Plasma Enhanced Stator - A compression system is disclosed, the compression system comprising a stator stage having a row of a plurality of stator vanes arranged around a centerline axis, each stator vane having a vane airfoil and at least one plasma actuator located on the stator stage. Exemplary embodiments of a detection system for detecting an instability in a compression system rotor and a mitigation system that facilitates the improvement of the stability of the rotor are disclosed.07-02-2009
20080286091FAN DETECTING APPARATUS - A fan detecting apparatus for detecting operation of at least two fans includes at least two airflow detecting units with two signal transmitting terminals, a judging unit with at least one judging terminal, and at least two identity indicating units electrically coupled to the corresponding at least two airflow detecting units respectively. The airflow detecting units detect airflow of the fans, and output control signals to corresponding identity indicating units when airflow from corresponding fans is no longer detected. Each of the identity indicating units has an identity code corresponding to a fan which is electrically coupled to the airflow detecting unit, and transmits the identity code to the judging terminal of the judging unit when it receives the control signal. The judging unit indicates which of the fans is no longer producing detectable airflow according to the identity codes received at its judging terminal.11-20-2008
20080199304Instruments Including Tools - A tool has a flange attached to an engine housing. A primary cam is rotated to advance segments into the housing and a second rotational cam causes the segments to turn relative to each other as they are being inserted into the housing. This causes the segments to follow a predetermined path as they extend into the housing to bring a sensor at the end of the segments into a sensing position.08-21-2008
20110223006SYSTEM, DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR NOISE-BASED OPERATION OF WIND TURBINES - A method for use in operating a plurality of wind turbines is provided. An aggregate noise level at one or more geographic positions is calculated. The aggregate noise level is compared to a target noise level associated with the geographic position. When the aggregate noise level differs substantially from the target noise level, an operational adjustment is transmitted to at least one wind turbine controller. When the aggregate noise level is greater than the target noise level, such an operational adjustment may lead to a decrease in the aggregate noise level. Conversely, when the aggregate noise level is less than the target noise level, such an operational adjustment may lead to an increase in the aggregate noise level, facilitating an increase in the overall power output of the wind turbines.09-15-2011
20090081026METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MONITORING FLUID LEVELS IN WIND TURBINE COMPONENT SYSTEMS - The invention relates to a wind turbine comprising a system for monitoring at least one wind turbine component including a closed fluid circulating system with a fluid reservoir. The monitoring system comprises, means for establishing a level value of the fluid systems reservoir, and means for establishing at least one environmental value of the fluid systems reservoir or the surroundings of the system. The level value and the at least one environmental value contributing to defining the fluid systems functionality, and the monitoring system further comprises means for establishing a monitoring value on the basis of the level value and the at least one environmental value.03-26-2009
20090169364PROGRESSIVE CAVITY APPARATUS WITH TRANSDUCER AND METHODS OF FORMING AND USE - The present invention relates to a stator (07-02-2009
20090220333GAS TURBINE COMPRISING A UNIT FOR DETECTING A SHAFT RUPTURE - A device for detecting a shaft rupture in a rotor of a turbine, in particular a medium-pressure turbine, of a gas turbine, in particular of an aircraft engine, at least one stator-side sensor element being positioned downstream from the turbine, in particular in the area of a stator-side blade ring of another turbine, in particular a low-pressure turbine, and, in case of a shaft rupture of the rotor of the turbine, a radially externally situated segment of a last (seen in the direction of flow) rotor-side blade ring of the turbine working together with the, or with each, sensor element to generate an electrical signal corresponding to the shaft rupture.09-03-2009
20110229307Optical Monitoring System for a Turbine Engine - The monitoring system for a gas turbine engine including a viewing tube assembly having an inner end and an outer end. The inner end is located adjacent to a hot gas flow path within the gas turbine engine and the outer end is located adjacent to an outer casing of the gas turbine engine. An aperture wall is located at the inner end of the viewing tube assembly and an optical element is located within the viewing tube assembly adjacent to the inner end and is spaced from the aperture wall to define a cooling and purge chamber therebetween. An aperture is defined in the aperture wall for passage of light from the hot gas flow path to the optical element. Swirl passages are defined in the viewing tube assembly between the aperture wall and the optical element for passage of cooling air from a location outside the viewing tube assembly into the chamber, wherein swirl passages effect a swirling movement of air in a circumferential direction within the chamber.09-22-2011
20100166537Inspection hole plug with a ball swivel - A plug for an inspection hole of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The plug may have a stem including a first shaft, wherein a first seal is located circumferentially about the first shaft. The plug may have a swivel seal including a second seal spaced from a ball by a second shaft, and the swivel seal may be rotatably connected to the stem by the ball. The ball and the second seal may be fixed to the second shaft.07-01-2010
20100226756Instrumented component for use in an operating environment - An instrumented component (09-09-2010
20100215478IMPELLER DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR ROTARY IMPELLER - An impeller device may include a magnetic detecting element and a magnetic body, which is paired with the magnetic detecting element, for detecting a rotational position of a rotary impeller. The rotary impeller is formed with a bottomed recessed part having an opening into which one of the magnetic detecting element or the magnetic body is inserted, and the opening of the recessed part is sealed with resin injected by insert molding so that the one of the magnetic detecting element and the magnetic body is buried in the rotary impeller. The magnetic detecting element and the magnetic body are capable of facing to each other through a bottom face of the bottomed recessed part.08-26-2010
20100226757Instrumented component for combustion turbine engine - An instrumented component (09-09-2010
20130129481METHOD FOR DETECTING THE CORRECT ROTATIONAL DIRECTION OF A CENTRIFUGAL APPARATUS, AND A CENTRIFUGAL APPARATUS ASSEMBLY - A method is disclosed for detecting the correct rotational direction of a centrifugal apparatus. The method can include detecting the correct rotational direction of the centrifugal apparatus based on an acceleration test and/or a deceleration test. The detecting of correct rotational direction of the centrifugal apparatus can include comparing an acceleration time (t05-23-2013
20130129482VACUUM PUMP - A vacuum pump (05-23-2013
20090067989Occlusion Sensing System for Infusion Pumps - Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may include an occlusion sensor system that communicates with control circuitry to detect the presence of an occlusion. In some embodiments, the occlusion sensor system includes first components that are located within a disposable and non-reusable pump device, and second components that are located within a reusable controller device, the second components being in operable communication with the first components to determine whether a fluid is flowing from the pump device.03-12-2009
20110116908GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH AN ARRANGEMENT FOR MEASURING THE SHAFT ROTATION SPEED - A gas turbine engine includes an arrangement for measuring shaft rotation speed, including a laser source (05-19-2011
20100054916RESISTIVE CONTACT SENSORS FOR LARGE BLADE AND AIRFOIL PRESSURE AND FLOW SEPARATION MEASUREMENTS - A wind turbine blade instrumentation structure and method is provided for fluid dynamic polymer-based contact sensors measuring ambient pressure based on the resistivity changes across the sensor. The pressure sensors may applied in predetermined patterns to airfoil structures, such as wind turbine blades, without impacting the blade structure and fluid dynamic characteristics. The pressure sensors measure blade performance with high fidelity. The pressure measurements are transmitted to processing to determine blade characteristics and environment including flow separation, stagnation point, angle of attack, lift and drag and wind speed. Further processing of the pressure distribution may identify wind shear, up-flow and yaw error.03-04-2010
20110081229METHOD FOR ATTACHING A CONNECTOR TO DEPOSITED MATERIAL - A method for attaching a connector to deposited material includes the steps of depositing material on a substrate using a thin- or thick-film deposition process and attaching at least one connector to the deposited material using a high energy beam welding process.04-07-2011
20110081230METHOD FOR FORMING A PRESSURE MEASUREMENT HOLE IN A COMPONENT - A method for forming a pressure measurement hole in a component includes the step of forming a hole in a body of the component, the hole extending from a body surface of the component. An insert having a longitudinal passage is fitted into the hole such that the insert protrudes from the body surface. The protruding end of the insert is machined to define an insert surface profile matched to the body surface profile and displaced from the body surface by a distance substantially equal to a thickness of a covering layer that is to be bonded onto the body surface. A blocking pin is inserted into the insert passage. The covering layer is then bonded to the body surface in the region of the hole and insert after which the blocking pin is removed from the insert to open the pressure measurement hole.04-07-2011
20110076134PLUG ASSEMBLY - A plug assembly is disclosed herein for a borescope inspection path defined through apertures in spaced walls. The plug assembly includes a first plug operable to at least partially close a first aperture in an inner wall. The plug assembly also includes a second plug operable to at least partially close a second aperture in an outer wall. The plug assembly also includes a member extending along an axis and connecting the first and second plugs together in spaced relation to one another along the axis. The member is operable to elastically buckle.03-31-2011
20100074727Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Blade Vibration With An Imaging Fiber Optic Ribbon Probe - A method and apparatus for monitoring blade vibrations in a turbine engine having blade tip target portions associated with blades. An illumination conduit including a plurality of optical fibers conveys light from a light source to a transmission end of the optical fibers where the light is focused to define an axially elongated projected image. The blade tip target portions pass through the projected image and reflect light to a receptor array defined by receptor ends of a plurality of optical fibers forming an imaging conduit for conveying the reflected light to a sensor array. An imaging end of the imaging conduit radiates an image onto the sensor array that is identical to the reflected light image received at the receptor array to track tangential and axial movement of a predetermined point on the target portion.03-25-2010
20100303611METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR TURBINE LINE REPLACEABLE UNIT FAULT DETECTION AND ISOLATION DURING ENGINE STARTUP - Systems and methods for isolating a performance anomaly within one or more line replaceable units (LRUs) on a gas turbine engine by monitoring the start up transient are presented. The system comprises a set of sensors, an anomaly detector and a fault isolation reasoner. Each sensor of the set monitors at least one operating parameter of at least one engine component. The anomaly detector is configured to detect an anomaly in a component by comparing a particular value of an operating parameter to a base line value of that parameter. The specific cause of the startup anomaly is isolated utilizing a set of component reasoners that is based on the nature of the detected anomaly. The key events during the engine startup are identified by the combination of monitoring physically relevant phases of a startup and monitoring the engine control schedule. The values at these key events are used for comparing at the anomaly detector12-02-2010
20100296918METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE REMAINING SERVICE LIFE OF A ROTOR OF A THERMALLY LOADED TURBOENGINE - A method is provided for determining the remaining service life of a rotor of a thermally loaded turboengine. In the method, a temperature on the rotor is determined, the thermal stress on the rotor is derived from the determined temperature, and the remaining service life of the rotor is deduced from the derived thermal stress. A simple, exact and flexible determination of the remaining service life is achieved in that the temperature is measured directly at a predetermined point of the rotor, and in that the thermal stress on the rotor is derived from the measured temperature.11-25-2010
20120201656MULTIPLEXED OPTICAL FIBER WEAR SENSOR - An optical fiber wear detector that includes one or more FBG sensors positioned within the fiber that are operable to reflect a defined wavelength of an optical input beam. The wear detector includes a light source for generating the optical input beam that propagates down the optical fiber and interacts with the FBG sensor. The wavelength of the optical beam that is reflected by the FBG sensor is detected, where loss of the reflected signal indicates that the fiber before the FBG sensor or the FBG sensor itself is damaged, which would most likely be an indication of wear on the component. The depth of wear can be determined by providing multiple FBG sensors in a single optical fiber and/or providing multiple optical fibers with one or more FBG sensors.08-09-2012
20090022578Exhaust-gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine - In an exhaust-gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine comprising an exhaust-gas turbine arranged in an exhaust strand of the internal combustion engine and a compressor arranged in an intake tract and connected to the exhaust gas turbine so as to be driven thereby, the compressor including a compressor wheel and a compressor housing surrounding the compressor wheel and having an inlet duct, a dynamic pressure probe is provided upstream of the compressor wheel in the inlet duct for measuring at least the total pressure in the air flow into the compressor.01-22-2009
20090148270DEVICE FOR DETECTING A FRACTURED SHAFT OF A GAS TURBINE AND A GAS TURBINE - The present technology relates generally to a device for the detection of a shaft fracture in a rotor of a turbine, for example a medium pressure turbine such as a gas turbine, in particular an aircraft engine, whereby at least one stator-side sensor element is positioned downstream from the turbine in the area of a stator-side guide vane ring of another turbine in particular, a low pressure turbine; and whereby a radially inner section of the last rotor-side moving blade ring (as seen in the direction of flow) of the turbine cooperates with at least one sensor element directly and/or proximally in the event of a shaft fracture in the rotor of the turbine to generate an electric signal corresponding to the shaft fracture.06-11-2009
20100284785Fan Stall Detection System - A system for detecting onset of a stall in a rotor is disclosed, the system comprising a sensor located on a static component spaced radially outwardly and apart from tips of a row of blades arranged circumferentially on the rotor wherein the sensor is capable of generating an input signal corresponding to a flow parameter at a location near the tip of a blade, a control system capable of generating a rotor speed signal, and a correlation processor capable of receiving the input signal and the rotor speed signal wherein the correlation processor generates a stability correlation signal.11-11-2010
20090202340Inspection Port Plug Devices - An inspection port plug device is provided for sealing three or more oppositely placed inspection ports in a multi-chambered gas turbine engine. An embodiment of the inspection port plug device includes a cap and at least two shafts coupled end-to-end. A first shaft includes a first end coupled to the cap and a second end having a first sealing plug, wherein the first sealing plug includes a recess. A second shaft includes a third end coupled to the first sealing plug within the recess and a fourth end having a second sealing plug. The first shaft and the second shaft also include a first biasing mechanism and a second biasing mechanism, respectively, for maintaining the seals at the first and second sealing plugs when the inspection port plug device is installed.08-13-2009
20110097192Pyrometer with Spatial Resolution - A pyrometer for gas turbines is provided. Incident thermal radiation is split between a plurality of optical wave guides by a reflection prism and a lens according to regions on the surface of a turbine blade. The pyrometer is built into the wall of the turbine without protruding and enables the simultaneous and parallel measurement of the temperature of a plurality of regions on the surface of the turbine blade when a spectrum of the heat radiation is largely maintained.04-28-2011
20100215477BORESCOPE BOSS AND PLUG COOLING - A coolable borescope boss includes cooling passages extending through the boss and oriented for spraying cooling air into a hole extending through the boss. Centerlines of the cooling passages may intersect the a hole axis of the hole. The cooling passages may be cylindrical or open slots disposed through the boss. The boss may be on an arcuate gas turbine engine shroud segment circumscribed about an axial centerline axis. The segment may be part of an annular segmented turbine shroud having cylindrical shroud first and second sections and a conical shroud midsection therebetween and the segment having cylindrical segment first and second sections and a conical segment midsection therebetween. A hole exit of the hole being flush with the conical segment midsection. A borescope plug tip having a spherical tip chamfer may be used to seal against a conical boss chamfer of the boss.08-26-2010
20110318165METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UTILIZING ROTORSPEED ACCELERATION TO DETECT ASYMMETRIC ICING - A method and system for detecting asymmetric utilizing longitudinal tower acceleration data may include: providing a rotorspeed acceleration monitoring system; determining from the rotorspeed acceleration monitoring system whether a rotorspeed acceleration is above a rotorspeed acceleration limit; determining whether a rotor-mass imbalance condition exists; and determining whether a longitudinal tower acceleration coincides with icing on a rotor.12-29-2011
20120207586TURBINE TIP CLEARANCE MEASUREMENT - A measuring assembly for use in a gas turbine engine includes an indicia portion that extends radially inwardly from an inner surface of a ring seal structure to a location radially inwardly from tips of blades mounted on a rotor. The indicia portion of the measuring assembly comprises a section that is abraded by the blades during rotational movement of the rotor to provide a visual indication of a distance between the tips of the blades and the inner surface.08-16-2012
20120301276WEAR PIN GAP CLOSURE DETECTION SYSTEM FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A wear indication system for use in turbine engines to measure the rate of gap closure between a seal holder and a rotor disk in a compressor blade assembly is disclosed. The wear indication system may include a support system capable of supporting a wear indicator formed from a relatively soft wear material without enabling the wear indicator to shift position or to fall out. One or more wear pins may be releasably attached to a compression plate with a seal holder. The seal holder may restrain the wear pin in position in an interference fit. During turbine engine operation, the wear pin is used to determine the rate of gap closing between a rotor disk and a seal holder precisely so that gas turbine engine repair can be scheduled and proper actions be taken to prevent rubbing between rotating and stationary parts of a compressor.11-29-2012
20100158670COMBUSTOR RUMBLE - Apparatus and a method of detecting combustor rumble in a gas turbine engine having combustion equipment that is susceptible to combustor rumble. The method has steps of: 06-24-2010
20110103934VACUUM PUMP - Provided is a vacuum pump which can detect precisely physical contact between a rotor portion and a stator portion, and contact between the rotor portion and the stator portion that occurs as the amount of deposited solid product reaches the clearance between the rotor portion and the stator portion.05-05-2011
20110103933 WIND TURBINE ROTOR, A WIND TURBINE AND USE THEREOF - The invention relates a wind turbine rotor. The rotor comprises at least one wind turbine blade, at least one image capturing device, and one or more markers arranged on the blade so that the at least one image capturing device may detect the position of the markers. The invention further relates to a wind turbine and use thereof.05-05-2011
20120121382LASER MAINTENANCE TOOL - In one form a maintenance device includes a flexible member with an inspection end sized to be inserted through an inspection port of a workpiece such as a gas turbine engine or a blade of a gas turbine engine. The maintenance device includes a directed energy member that in one form is configured to produce a double pulse laser with an interval time between a first one of the pulses and a second one of the pulses greater than the time of either the first one of the pulses or the second one of the pulses. The first one of the pulses is sufficiently powerful to produce a quantity of debris upon irradiation of the workpiece. The debris produced from the first one of the pulses can be evaporated by the second one of the pulses to eliminate and/or reduce a recast layer on the workpiece.05-17-2012
20120121383Turbomachine Component and Turbomachine Equipped Therewith - Turbomachine component and turbomachine outfitted therewith. The turbomachine component has a sensor unit arranged at the turbomachine component. The sensor unit has a sensor for detecting a parameter to be monitored and a transmitter for sending a measurement signal corresponding to the parameter to an evaluation unit of the turbomachine for processing. The transmitter of the sensor unit sends an encoded identification signal to the evaluation unit along with the measurement signal, this encoded identification signal contains an identification code that identifies the sensor unit. The sensor unit is configured such that the sensor unit cannot be separated from the turbomachine component without functional destruction of the sensor unit.05-17-2012
20120163958HUB UNIT FOR A HIGH TEMPERATURE ELECTRONIC MONITORING SYSTEM - A hub unit adapted for use in a monitoring system that monitors engine performance parameters of a gas turbine engine. The hub unit includes a housing, at least one signal conditioning circuit board within the housing and adapted to receive the analog sensor outputs from the sensors, and a control circuit board within the housing, connected to the signal conditioning circuit board, and adapted to produce digital data corresponding to analog sensor outputs. The control circuit board and the signal conditioning circuit board each comprise electrical circuit components that define an analog signal processing path and have accuracy and precision characteristics that drift in response to component aging and to changes in the temperature to which the hub unit is subjected. The hub unit performs a continuous calibration scheme to determine and remove errors in the analog signal processing path resulting from the drifts of the electrical circuit components.06-28-2012
20120128469Corrosive Environment Monitoring System and Corrosive Environment Monitoring Method - Provided are corrosive environment monitoring systems and methods whereby corrosive factors are measured in a steam turbine and a corrosive environment is correctly monitored. More specifically, provided is a corrosive environment monitoring system which measures corrosive factors having a part in damaging and deteriorating structural members in a steam turbine and which is configured in such a way that steam in the steam turbine is permitted to flow into the corrosive environment monitoring system. Furthermore, in the steam turbine, there are provided a condensing mechanism which condenses steam that has flowed in and a corrosive factor measuring device which is equipped with corrosive factor sensors that measure corrosive factors in condensed water generated by the condensing mechanism.05-24-2012
20120128468SENSOR ASSEMBLY FOR USE WITH A TURBOMACHINE AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLING SAME - A method for assembling a sensor assembly for use with a turbomachine is provided. The method includes providing a cover that includes a first portion and a second portion that extends from the first portion. A cavity is defined within the first portion. Moreover, a sensing device that is configured to measure at least one variable of a component of the turbomachine is inserted into the cavity. The second portion is removably coupled to a surface of the turbomachine component such that the cover securely couples the sensing device to the turbomachine component.05-24-2012
20100272557GAS TURBINE OPTICAL IMAGING SYSTEM - A method and system for recreating a two-dimensional distribution of temperatures in an exhaust plane of a gas turbine engine. Light transmission and detection pairs may be arranged in the annulus of the exhaust of the turbine engine in such a way that the individual rays form a two-dimensional mesh of beams across a sector of the exhaust. Based on the absorption of the rays, the temperature of the sector of the exhaust thru which the ray passes may be determined. Based on these determinations, an image that corresponds to the operation of the turbine engine may be generated.10-28-2010
20090003991SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TURBINE ENGINE CLEARANCE CONTROL WITH RUB DETECTION - A method of detecting rubs during operation of a turbomachine comprising at least one rotating object having a tip and a shelf is provided. The method includes generating signals representative of a sensed parameter and processing the signals to generate height versus time data for the tip. The height of the tip corresponds to the distance between the tip and the shelf. The method further includes monitoring the height versus time data, in order to determine whether a change in the height data exceeds a threshold value, and detecting a rub of the rotating object(s) on a second object, when the change in the height data exceeds the threshold value. A rub detection system for a turbomachine and a turbine engine system with rub detection are also provided.01-01-2009
20110002774ACTIVE CLEARANCE CONTROL FOR A CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR - Apparatus and method of operating a centrifugal compressor and active control system includes a centrifugal compressor with compressor blades mounted on an impeller, an annular cavity bounded in part by a shroud adjacent to the blades, and an active control system for controlling a clearance between the shroud and the blades by controlling a cavity pressure in the cavity. An electronic controller for controlling a control pressure valve for pressurizing using a source of compressor discharge pressure air and depressurizing the cavity respectively may open and close the valves using pulse width modulation. Pressure and clearance sensors positioned for measuring the cavity pressure the blade tip clearance respectively in signal supply communication with the electronic controller may be used. The shroud may be supported by radially spaced apart annular radially outer and inner supports connected to a casing by a bolted joint bounding the cavity.01-06-2011
20110038712SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING EFFICIENCY AND LEAKAGE IN A STEAM TURBINE - In certain embodiments, a system includes a physical computing device having a tangible machine-readable medium including code. The code is adapted to determine an efficiency of a section of a steam turbine based on a relationship between enthalpy difference values and leakage flow rate values between adjacent sections of the steam turbine. The relationship includes a point of equalizing an enthalpy of the leakage and an enthalpy at a destination of the leakage.02-17-2011
20130177399SPEED SENSOR MODULE AND DIFFUSER ASSEMBLY - An environmental control system, includes an air cycle machine for conditioning an interior space with cooling air, the air cycle machine including a fan coupled to a shaft that rotates about a shaft axis, the fan being located at a distal end of the air cycle machine; a speed sensor module having a speed sensor for sensing a rotational speed of the shaft; wherein the speed sensor module includes an outer portion having a first bore aligned on the shaft axis, an intermediate portion having a second bore aligned on the shaft axis, and an inner portion aligned on the shaft axis; and a diffuser assembly including a cylindrical assembly for ducting a first portion of the cooling air to an inlet side of the fan and for communicating a second portion of the cooling air directly to a discharge side of the fan without passing the inlet side.07-11-2013
20080226443Apparatus and methods for monitoring combustion dynamics in a gas turbine engine - Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with monitoring combustion dynamics in a gas turbine engine environment are described herein. In one embodiment of a system for monitoring combustion dynamics in a gas turbine engine environment, the system includes a transducer and an optical fiber. The transducer is positioned within the gas turbine engine environment, and the transducer includes a diaphragm, a window, and a Fabry-Perot gap. The diaphragm has a reflective surface, and the window has a partially reflective surface. The Fabry-Perot gap is formed between the reflective surface of the diaphragm and the partially reflective surface of the window. The optical fiber is positioned proximate to the window and directs light into the Fabry-Perot gap and receiving light reflected from the Fabry-Perot gap.09-18-2008
20080226442FAN WITH MEANS FOR MONITORING WEAR - The fan comprises a support structure, a wheel which is carried by a shaft which is coupled to a drive motor and at least one ball-bearing which is interposed between the shaft and the support structure, the support structure comprising an outer conduit which encloses a bulb-like portion which has a chassis for supporting the drive motor and the wheel, the outer conduit and the bulb-like portion delimiting an annular channel for circulation of air which is caused to move by the wheel, the fan comprising means for monitoring the ageing of the bearings.09-18-2008
20130094940INNER-TO-OUTER SHELL DIFFERENTIAL EXPANSION MEASUREMENT - A shell differential expansion detector and turbomachine including a detector are disclosed. In an embodiment, the shell differential expansion detector device includes a housing; and a first rod including a distal part extending through a first opening in the housing. The first rod further includes a proximal part within the housing. A sleeve surrounds the distal part of the first rod on an exterior of the housing; and an actuator arm is affixed to the first rod. A second rod is disposed in physical contact at a distal end thereof with the actuator arm; and a shell expansion detector is operably connected with the second rod at a proximal end thereof.04-18-2013
20090246000Method for determining the total pressure distribution across a fan entry plane - A method for determining total pressure distribution across a fan entry plane of a fan situated within a fan casing provided with struts which are positioned upstream of the fan, with respect to the normal air flow direction through the fan. The method comprises the steps of measuring static pressure at first measurement points on the leading edges of at least some of the struts; deriving local angularity values at each measurement point from the respective static pressure measurements; deriving, from the local angularity values, the total pressure loss at first derived points in the fan entry plane which correspond to the first measurement points; measuring static pressure at second measurement points around the intersection between the fan entry plane and the fan casing; deriving, from the static pressure measurements at the second measurement points, the total pressure loss at each second measurement point, and interpolating between total pressure loss values at the first derived points and the second measurement points to determine total pressure distribution across the fan entry plane.10-01-2009
20120282081INSPECTION HOLE PLUG WITH A BALL SWIVEL - A plug for an inspection hole of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The plug may have a stem including a first shaft, wherein a first seal is located circumferentially about the first shaft. The plug may have a swivel seal including a second seal spaced from a ball by a second shaft, and the swivel seal may be rotatably connected to the stem by the ball. The ball and the second seal may be fixed to the second shaft.11-08-2012
20130243578Pipeline Pump with Thermal Protection - A pipeline pump with thermal protection includes a motor, a handle arranged on the motor, a pump body arranged on a motor shaft, a water outlet and a water inlet arranged on the pump body, and an impeller arranged inside the pump body. One side of the pump body is fixed and sealed with a pump cover. A temperature detecting device is fixed on the pump body. The temperature detecting device is connected to a circuit board. The pump body is made of a copper material, a blind hole is provided on the pump body, and the temperature detecting device is sealed on the pump body through a thermally conductive adhesive.09-19-2013
20130243577MONITORING OF CLEARANCE - The clearance between a stationary object (such as a gas turbine engine casing) and one or more moving objects (such as the blades of a rotating turbine) is measured using a pair of electrical proximity sensors mounted on the stationary object with their sensitive fields directed towards the path of the moving object(s) and at angle to each other. The clearance is calculated by deriving a time interval between interceptions of the respective moving object with the sensitive fields of the two sensors and from the geometry of the set up.09-19-2013
20120020769FLUID DETECTION IN TURBINE ENGINE COMPONENTS - A system for detecting the presence of one or more fluids in a rotating component of a gas turbine engine. A first reflector structure includes a first face that receives light from the light source. The first reflector structure reflects at least a substantial portion of the received light from the light source if a second face thereof is in the presence of a first fluid and does not reflect a substantial portion of the received light from the light source if the second face is in the presence of a second fluid. A reflection receiver structure receives light reflected by the first reflector structure. If the reflection receiver structure receives a first predetermined amount of light reflected by the first reflector structure it can be determined that the second face of the first reflector structure is not in the presence of the second fluid.01-26-2012
20130195621GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH HIGH SPEED LOW PRESSURE TURBINE SECTION AND BEARING SUPPORT FEATURES - A gas turbine engine includes a very high speed low pressure turbine such that a quantity defined by the exit area of the low pressure turbine multiplied by the square of the low pressure turbine rotational speed compared to the same parameters for the high pressure turbine is at a ratio between about 0.5 and about 1.5. The high pressure turbine is supported by a bearing positioned at a point where the first shaft connects to a hub carrying turbine rotors associated with the second turbine section.08-01-2013
20120294704SYSTEM AND TURBINE INCLUDING CREEP INDICATING MEMBER - A system includes a creep indicating member on a rotating component, and a measurement device configured to measure a change in radial position of the creep indicating member. The system allows determination of, for example, rotating component life expectancy in a turbine, without exposing the rotating component.11-22-2012
20130202410INDICATOR APPARATUS FOR A WIND TURBINE TOWER WALL - Disclosed is an indicator apparatus for indicating a displacement of two segments, in particular two wall segments of a wind turbine tower wall, relative to each other, the indicator apparatus comprising: a body; a first connection element mounted at the body and adapted to be connected to a first segment; and a second connection element mounted at the body and adapted to be connected to a second segment, wherein the body is configured to generate information indicative of a relative displacement of the first connection element and the second connection element.08-08-2013
20130202411MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSOR AND HERMETIC SEALING INSPECTION METHOD FOR THE SAME - A motor-driven compressor includes a compression mechanism compressing and discharging fluid, an electric motor driving the compression mechanism, a drive circuit controlling the electric motor, a drive circuit chamber accommodating the drive circuit and a hermetic sealing inspection port that allows the drive circuit chamber to be in communication with the outside thereof. The hermetic sealing inspection port includes a valve opening and closing the hermetic sealing inspection port. The drive circuit chamber can be pressurized or depressurized through the hermetic sealing inspection port. The hermetic sealing inspection is conducted by connecting an outside fluid machine to the hermetic sealing inspection port through a detachable tube. The fluid machine is operated so as to depressurize or pressurize the drive circuit chamber through the hermetic sealing inspection port. The pressure in the drive circuit chamber is measured by a pressure meter provided in the tube.08-08-2013
20130259646Dual-Intent Locator Pin and Removable Plug for Gas Turbines - A borescope plug configuration is disclosed. The borescope plug configuration comprises an inspection path defined through a bore in a first engine structure, a second engine structure, and an opening into the gas path of an engine. The borescope plug configuration further comprises a removable plug for sealing the inspection path. The removable plug is adapted to couple the first engine structure to the second engine structure.10-03-2013