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414806000 Of charging load-holding or -supporting element from source and transporting element to working, treating, or inspecting station 58
414801000 Of moving intersupporting articles into, within, or from freestanding, orderly layered, or mutually stabilizing orderly group 46
414809000 Of loading or unloading load-transporting type vehicle and external means cooperating in loading or unloading thereof 32
414812000 Of charging or discharging self-loading or unloading vehicle 27
414805000 Of moving material between zones having different pressures and inhibiting change in pressure gradient therebetween 19
414816000 Of reorienting article 15
414803000 Of loading or unloading marine system 14
414808000 Of charging or discharging, or facilitating charging or discharging of static receptacle 11
414814000 Of loading or unloading elevator or hoist and including loading or unloading means therefor 10
414810000 Of emptying portable receptacle 10
414815000 Including vertically swinging load support 9
414807000 Of charging or discharging plural static structures for supporting discrete loads and utilizing charging or discharging means therefor 8
414804000 Of material charging or discharging of a chamber of a type utilized for a heating function 7
20110176902Crane Cable Roller Assembly - A crane cable roller assembly is disclosed. The assembly may be attached to an anchoring structure above an existing lower floor. When objects are located interiorly on the existing lower floor, a cable of a crane can be lowered and laid against a roller of the assembly and attached to the object. Lifting of the cable vertically also pulls the object toward the outer peripheral area and toward the edge of the floor so that the cable of the crane can be attached to the object and be vertically lifted to reposition the object as desired.07-21-2011
20120171007Transport structure and methods for transporting and/or lifting a large scale generator - A transport structure for transporting and/or lifting a large scale generator, in particular a generator of a wind turbine is disclosed. A handling base is included with an upper side and a lower side and a first longitudinal end and second longitudinal end, and an interface arrangement at the handling base realized such that a generator can be releasably attached to the handling base in the direction of the upper side. A method for transporting and for lifting a large scale generator is disclosed.07-05-2012
20100086391Hose Handling Apparatus - A hose handling apparatus for gripping, advancing, and maneuvering a high pressure hose is provided. The hose handling apparatus comprises a support member comprising a first end, a middle section, and a second end, a generally cylindrical handle detachably connected to and substantially perpendicular to the first end of the support member forming a rigid connection with the support member to provide grip to a user's hand, a first generally cylindrical curvilinear gripping element detachably connected to and substantially perpendicular to the middle section of the support member, and a second generally cylindrical curvilinear gripping element detachably connected to and substantially perpendicular to the second end of the support member. The support member is angled at the middle section. The handle and the gripping elements form a parallel configuration which is perpendicular to a planar surface of the support member. The gripping elements grip the hose positioned between them firmly.04-08-2010
20090191043Wafer Carrying Apparatus - A wafer carrying apparatus or cassette is disclosed, which includes a binding or retention unit, so as to prevent wafers from being damaged by crash, inadvertent egress or exiting, and so on. The wafer carrying apparatus includes a main body provided with a plurality of wafer insertion grooves formed on inner sides and an opening formed on a front surface to take wafers in and out, a binding unit configured to move up and down on the front surface of the main body, its position relative to the insertion grooves being variable so as to close and open the insertion grooves, and a mechanism for varying the position of the binding unit relative to the insertion grooves, the mechanism being connected to the binding unit.07-30-2009
20090191042SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING APPARATUS AND WAFER LOADING/UNLOADING METHOD THEREOF - A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and a wafer loading/unloading method thereof increase productivity. The semiconductor manufacturing apparatus includes a first boat and a second boat having a plurality of first slots and a plurality of second slots, respectively, and disposed such that the first slots and the second slots alternate each other, the first boat mounting a plurality of first wafers in the first slots to direct front faces of the first wafers in a predetermined direction, the second boat mounting a plurality of second wafers in the second slots to direct back faces of the second wafers in the predetermined direction; a reaction tube having an opening and containing the first and second boats mounting the first and second wafers; a plate sealing up the opening of the reaction tube containing the first boat and the second boat; a reaction gas supplier supplying reaction gas into the sealed reaction tube for a predetermined process; and a reaction gas exhauster exhausting the reaction gas from the reaction tube to the external of the reaction tube after the predetermined process.07-30-2009
20080317577Robot positioned welding tip dresser - A robot positioned welding tip dresser assembly includes a pivot arm pivotally mountable on a welding gun apparatus. The pivot arm is pivotal about a pivot point. A welding tip dresser is mounted on a distal end of the pivot arm. A first retaining tab extends from the pivot arm. The first retaining tab includes an opening extending therethrough. At least one positioning mechanism is disposed relative to the pivot point and is cooperable with the first retaining tab to retain the pivot arm in one of a home position and a working position. The first retaining tab is engagable by end-of-arm tooling of a robot. The end-of-arm tooling is operable to release the positioning mechanism, and movement of the robot moves the pivot arm between the home and working positions.12-25-2008
20100119350CLAMPING APPARATUS INCLUDING MOVABLE GRIPPER AND A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE FABRICATION PROCESS USING THE SAME - A clamping apparatus capable of clamping various semiconductor substrates is provided. The clamping apparatus includes includes a main body, and a support plate partially coupled to the main body. The support plate is movable vertically. In addition, the clamping apparatus further includes a fixed gripper coupled and fixed onto the main body and a movable gripper disposed on the main body. The movable gripper is movable horizontally.05-13-2010
20100119349SUBSTRATE ALIGNMENT SYSTEM - A system for aligning an end effector with a substrate in a substrate transport apparatus. The system comprises a first sensor connected to the end effector and a controller for moving the substrate transport apparatus. The sensor has a sensing path pointed in an outward direction. The sensing path does not intersect the substrate when the substrate is located on the end effector. The controller for moving the substrate transport apparatus moves the substrate transport apparatus, based at least partially upon input from the sensor, to position the end effector at a predetermined position relative to the substrate to pick up the substrate onto the end effector.05-13-2010
20100074724METHOD OF SUPPORTING AN UNLOADING CONVEYOR BRIDGE - The invention relates to method of supporting a unloading conveyor bridge extending substantially horizontally at the bottom level of a bulk material pile storage, implemented as supports in the area of the bridge ends as well as in at least one point therebetween. At least one of the supports is positionally adjusted in the vertical direction. The support force is thereby kept substantially constant at the actual support point. For the adjustment can be used spring loading, fluid pressure loading or gravity loading, for example.03-25-2010
20100074723Cargo Container - Embodiments described herein comprise a system and method for collapsing a cargo container. The system may include a top container portion and a bottom container portion. One container portion is configured to fit into the other container portion thereby allowing the container to move between an expanded and a collapsed position. The container moves from an expanded position capable of being loaded with freight for shipping to a collapsed position for shipping when empty or when less freight is needed to ship.03-25-2010
20130078076METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING SUBSTRATE MODULES, AND MAGNETIC SHEET APPLIED IN THE METHOD - A method transfers substrate modules that are formed by cutting a substrate sheet in a cutting machine. The method rapidly and efficiently transfers the substrate modules from the cutting machine to facilitate the transfer of the substrate modules for subsequent processes, thereby reducing operational time and complexity, reducing machine idle time, and increasing operational efficiency, to avoid requiring additional equipment for operation and thus increasing yield as a result.03-28-2013
20130078075System and Method of Ventilated Transport - A system for the transport of goods includes a ceiling, a floor, opposed side walls, and a front wall, defining a container with an open interior. At least one fan is at most coplanar with the front wall and extends away from the front wall exterior the container. The at least one fan is oriented to direct a flow of air out of the container through the front wall. A plurality of vents are spaced along each of the opposed side walls. Operation of the at least one fan draws air into the container through the plurality of vents. A method of transporting green pallets includes providing an enclosed container. Stacks of green pallets are provided within the enclosed container. At least one fan is operated to draw a flow of air out of the interior of the enclosed container to dry the stacks of green pallets.03-28-2013
20090324379METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR A CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION REACTOR - Embodiments of the invention generally relate to a levitating substrate carrier or support. In one embodiment, a substrate carrier for supporting and carrying at least one substrate or wafer is provided which includes a substrate carrier body containing an upper surface and a lower surface, and at least one indentation pocket disposed within the lower surface. In another embodiment, the substrate carrier includes at least open indentation area within the upper surface, and at least two indentation pockets disposed within the lower surface. Each indentation pocket may be rectangular and have four side walls extending substantially perpendicular to the lower surface. In another embodiment, a method for levitating substrates disposed on a substrate carrier is provided which includes exposing the lower surface of a substrate carrier to a gas stream, forming a gas cushion under the substrate carrier, levitating the substrate carrier within a processing chamber, and moving the substrate carrier along a path within the processing chamber.12-31-2009
20100104414Workpiece Transport Assembly And Method Of Using Same - A workpiece transport assembly includes an automatic guided vehicle having a guide wheel that drives the automatic guided vehicle along the production floor surface. A frame is releaseably attached to the automatic guided vehicle and defines a work area for assembling a workpiece. The automatic guided vehicle transports the frame to a reaction rail where the frame engages the reaction rail. A drive wheel assembly is mounted to the frame and includes a drive wheel that is movable between a drive wheel engaging position where the drive wheel engages the reaction rail to move the workpiece transport assembly along the reaction rail and a drive wheel disengaging position where the drive wheel disengages the reaction rail. The workpiece transport assembly is driven by at least one of the guide wheel and the drive wheel for movement through the assembly operation.04-29-2010
20130045075FITTING, CRANE HOOK, AND CRANE HOOK ASSEMBLY - A method of lifting an aircraft at a lifting location, the method comprising: securing a fitting to the aircraft when the aircraft is at the lifting location; engaging the fitting with a crane hook; transmitting lifting load from the crane hook to the aircraft via the fitting; and removing the fitting from the aircraft.02-21-2013
20130045074Loading Devices and Methods Of Loading Pipe Fusion Machines - A loading device for lifting an elongated object having an elongate axis includes a frame having a first fulcrum surface and a second fulcrum surface, a first effector arm that pivots about the first fulcrum surface, a second effector arm that pivots about the second fulcrum surface, and an actuator moving the first effector arm and the second effector arm between a retracted position and a deployed position.02-21-2013
20130084158LIFTING SYSTEM - A lifting system suitable for garages for storing objects above a vehicle comprises a frame having a central opening. The frame is formed of two side bars and two end bars, each side bar being adjustably attached to the end bar for adjusting the size of the central opening. A first pair of swing arms is pivotably attached to the first side bar and a second pair of swing arms is pivotably attached to the second side bar. There is a pivot connection for each swing arm for pivotably connecting each swing arm to a supporting structure above the frame. A hoist system activated by a switch is used for raising and lowering the frame.04-04-2013
20130028700ROBOT DRIVE WITH MAGNETIC SPINDLE BEARINGS - A drive section for a substrate transport arm including a frame, at least one stator mounted within the frame, the stator including a first motor section and at least one stator bearing section and a coaxial spindle magnetically supported substantially without contact by the at least one stator bearing section, where each drive shaft of the coaxial spindle includes a rotor, the rotor including a second motor section and at least one rotor bearing section configured to interface with the at least one stator bearing section, wherein the first motor section is configured to interface with the second motor section to effect rotation of the spindle about a predetermined axis and the at least one stator bearing section is configured to effect at least leveling of a substrate transport arm end effector connected to the coaxial spindle through an interaction with the at least one rotor bearing section.01-31-2013
20130028699SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SUPPORTING A SHAFT INSIDE A TURBINE - A system for supporting a shaft inside a turbine includes a support member having load and counterweight portions. A fulcrum is between the load and counterweight portions, and the load portion is configured to fit inside the turbine. Nests are connected to the support member between the load and counterweight portions, and the nests are configured to rigidly connect the shaft to the support member. A counterweight is connected to move along the support member only on the counterweight portion of the support member. A method for supporting a shaft inside a turbine includes inserting a support member inside the turbine and connecting the shaft to the support member. The method further includes connecting a crane to a fulcrum on the support member, lifting the support member and shaft with the crane, and moving a counterweight on the support member to change a horizontal angle of the support member.01-31-2013
20130089404SCALABLE INTEGRATED HIGH DENSITY OPTICAL DATA/MEDIA STORAGE DELIVERY SYSTEM - An apparatus and system for recording, playing, handling, and storing a plurality of media disks in a plurality of configurations and a device for moving any disk into and out of a media disk storage mechanism and into or out of a selected media player/recorder on demand, and a controller for directing operation of the device for moving the disks and controlling selection of operation of the media disk storage mechanism.04-11-2013
20130089403METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HOLDING A PLURALITY OF SUBSTRATES FOR PROCESSING - A substrate carrier includes a carrier plate, a cover plate and a plurality of substrate support slots. The carrier plate has recesses for receiving substrates. A sidewall of each recess includes protrusions for engaging the OD of a substrate. The cover plate is rotatable-and has a cam on an undersurface. The cam is enagageable with a lateral slot in each of a plurality of substrate supports of the carrier plate. Rotating the cover plate causes the cam to move the substrate supports, one by one, so a substrate engaging end of the substrate support moves away from an associated substrate recess. A substrate is loaded into the recess, whereupon the cover plate is rotated further so the cam disengages from the lateral slot. The substrate supports are biased to engage the OD of the substrate to lock the substrate within the recess. Other embodiments are described and claimed.04-11-2013
20130051969TOOL FOR TRANSFERRING MEMBRANOUS TISSUE, KIT AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING MEMBRANOUS TISSUE - Disclosed herein is a tool, a kit, and associated method for transferring a membranous tissue composed of cells derived from a living body. The tool can include a first sheet-like supporting member disposed on one side of the membranous tissue in a wet state, and a second sheet-like supporting member disposed on the other side of the membranous tissue in a wet state. The first supporting member and the second supporting member can be configured to entirely hold the membranous tissue, such that a frictional force between the first supporting member and the membranous tissue is larger than a frictional force between the second supporting member and the membranous tissue.02-28-2013
20090324380Method for moving a wind turbine component, such as a wind turbine hub, from a transportation position to a wind turbine assembly position in or on the nacelle, the main shaft or the hub, a Handling unit, a Wind turbine hub and Use hereof - The invention relates to a method for moving a wind turbine component, such as a wind turbine hub, from a transportation position to a wind turbine assembly position. The method comprises the steps of: attaching a handling unit to a structural part of the wind turbine component, operatively connecting the handling unit to a wire of a crane system, lifting the wind turbine component with the crane system to an assembly position of the wind turbine, the handling unit and the wind turbine component being suspended from a wire of the crane system, and rotating the wind turbine component with the handling unit during the lifting of the wind turbine component in order to orientate the wind turbine component for assembly. The invention also relates to a handling unit and a wind turbine hub and use hereof.12-31-2009
20090304490METHOD FOR HOLDING SILICON WAFER - The present invention is directed to provide a method for holding a silicon wafer, which can reduce contact scratches in contact with support members when holding a back surface of the silicon wafer, as well as prevent the wafer from bending when holding the back surface of the silicon wafer. The back surface of a silicon wafer of 300 millimeters or more in diameter and 700 micrometers to 1000 micrometers in thickness is held in contact with a support member or a suction member, specifically held within a region where a radius of the silicon wafer×0.50 to 0.80 from a center thereof. The silicon wafer is held in a state where the maximum amount of displacement within a wafer plane is 300 micrometers or less. The silicon wafer back surface is held in contact within the holding region in all the processes of holding the back surface of the silicon wafer in contact with the support member or the suction member.12-10-2009
20130071223METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DEPOSITING A METAL COIL - The invention relates to a method and a device for depositing a metal coil (03-21-2013
20130058754LIFTING UNIT FOR LIFTING A ROTOR OF A WIND ENERGY INSTALLATION - There is provided a lifting unit for lifting a rotor of a wind power installation. The lifting unit has at least one first sling for looping around a region of a rotor blade on a rotor of the wind power installation, which region is near the rotor blade root, at least one transverse strut, at least one first and second strut or sling portion, and at least one first and second hinge unit. The at least one first and second struts or sling portions extend between the at least one first and second hinge units and the transverse strut. The lifting unit further has at least one second sling having first and second sling portions and a strut. The first ends of the first and second sling portions are fixed to the first and second hinge units. The second sling is adapted to be arranged around a rotor blade stub.03-07-2013
20110014026MOBILE SUPPORT APPARATUS - A mobile support apparatus that includes one or more extension and retraction devices and a unit that is releasably attachable to vertical members of the apparatus such that the apparatus can be extended in one or more stages to a vertical height that is substantially greater than the height of the fully retracted apparatus. The mobile support apparatus is useful for a multitude of new and existing construction-related applications.01-20-2011
20090269182CONTAINER FOR STORING PLATES FOR ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS AND RELATIVE METHOD - A container for storing plates for electronic circuits, able to be used in an automatic store, comprises a supporting base provided with a first face defining a supporting plane and a second face defining a storage plane. The container has at least a portion of wall, disposed in correspondence with one side of the supporting base, converging in a first corner of the supporting base and cooperating with holding elements present in an adjacent side and defining respectively a first abutment plane and a second abutment plane substantially orthogonal with each other and with the supporting plane.10-29-2009
20130064637METHOD FOR TRANSPORTING A SUBSTRATE WITH A SUBSTRATE SUPPORT - A method of transporting a substrate with a substrate support, the method includes defining a frictional breakaway force between the substrate and the substrate support in a horizontal plane, moving the substrate in the horizontal plane along a horizontal trajectory, moving the substrate in a vertical direction along a vertical trajectory simultaneously while moving the substrate in the horizontal plane, and wherein the horizontal trajectory is determined based on the acceleration profile of the vertical trajectory and wherein the horizontal trajectory prevents the moving of the substrate from overcoming the coefficient of friction in the horizontal plane.03-14-2013
20090245996STAND COMPENSATOR - Methods and apparatus for connecting a tubular to a tubular string are provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus suitable for engaging, compensating, and connecting a tubular includes one or more compensating pistons, an engaging assembly for engaging a tubular, and a connector for connecting the engaging assembly to the one or more compensating pistons while allowing for rotation of the tubular relative to the compensation pistons.10-01-2009
20090245995GAME SKID - A method and apparatus for transporting a game animal a hunter has killed or other large animal body is provided. The apparatus has a hitch bar attachable to a hitch receiver on a vehicle. A platform is connected to the hitch bar so that when the hitch bar is connected to a vehicle, the hitch bar alone supports the platform above the ground. For transporting an animal a hunter has killed, the head of the animal is secured onto the platform with the body of the animal extended behind the platform and lying on the ground. The animal can then be pulled by the vehicle, with the head supported above the ground by the platform and the body being pulled behind the platform along the ground.10-01-2009
20120237331Portable Unloading Dock - A portable unloading dock including a lower frame, a first post member, a second post member, a support linkage, a curved ramp, one or more power generators, one or more first wheel apparatus, and one or more second wheel apparatus each independently mechanically coupled to the second ramp frame member. The portable unloading dock is used to transfer one or more wheeled objects from a first elevation to a second elevation. A method of using the portable unloading dock is also provided.09-20-2012
20120237330SHELF ALIGNING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a shelf organizing apparatus is provided. According to this embodiment, the shelf aligning apparatus comprises a flat elongated arm unit having a handle at one end and a hinge at the other end. A trigger is attached to the handle and a flat paddle is attached to the hinge. A cable connects the trigger to the paddle such that in a first position of the trigger, the paddle is aligned in the plane of the arm unit and in a second position of the trigger, the paddle is disposed at an angle with respect to the plane of the arm unit. The shelf organizing apparatus may be used by inserting in between rows of goods when in the first position. Then, with the shelf organizing apparatus in the second position, it may be used to line up the goods in an even row and to pull the row of goods towards the front of the shelf.09-20-2012
20090148267Method for repositioning warehouse shelving units - A warehouse palette rack repositioning assembly which can move a palette rack in its fully loaded state from one area of the warehouse to the other area of the warehouse. The warehouse pallet rack repositioning assembly can be installed onto a pallet rack by one workman. The assembly has a lifting unit and four wheeled skate units which provide the transportation means. The lifting unit is attached to the palette rack upright legs in the transverse direction, and a jack is used to actuate the lifting unit and lift the palette rack. The wheeled skate units are then installed underneath the palette rack uprights, with the pallet rack then being loaded onto the wheeled skate units for transportation.06-11-2009
20130022439HOISTING AND LOWERING DEVICE - The present disclosure provides a device, system and method for hoisting and lowering a load, comprising a device having a front plate that may be displaced to reveal a sheave, and a friction accessory. The friction accessory is arranged to create friction between a rope and the device when a load is suspended from the device using the rope and where the device is secured to a support structure. The system may be prepared by an operator, having ascended to an elevated location, and further allows the operator to lower the load from the elevated location prior to descending.01-24-2013
20110142589TURBINE COMPONENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A transportation system and a method for transporting a rotor blade under a height-restricting obstacle defining a clearance height are disclosed. The method includes transporting a first end of the rotor blade under the height-restricting obstacle. A transportation vehicle is configured to transport the rotor blade, the transportation vehicle including a bed on which the rotor blade is disposed. The method further includes moving a second end of the rotor blade from a raised position to a lowered position relative to the bed, the second end in the lowered position having a height less than or equal to the clearance height, and transporting the second end of the rotor blade under the height-restricting obstacle.06-16-2011
20110038704Sub-field enhanced global alignment - Sub-field enhanced global alignment (SEGA) methods for aligning reconstituted wafers in a lithography process are disclosed. The SEGA methods provide the ability to accommodate chip placement errors for chips supported by a reconstituted wafer when performing a lithographic process having an overlay requirement. The SEGA methods include measuring chip locations to determine sub-fields of the reconstituted wafer over which enhanced global alignment (EGA) can be performed on the chips therein to within the overlay requirement. The SEGA methods further included individually performing EGA over the respective sub-fields. The SEGA methods take advantage of the benefits of both EGA and site-by-site alignment and are particularly applicable to wafer-level packing lithographic processes such as fan-out wafer-level packaging.02-17-2011
20090074556Method and Device for the Transport of Goods by Rail - In one embodiment of the present invention, a method and device are disclosed for the transport of goods by rail, wherein goods wagons are used with independent propulsion means. The propulsion means for the goods wagons are used only for short journeys from a station to a customer and back. For long journeys the goods wagons are assembled into a train and pulled by a tractor vehicle.03-19-2009
20110293398CORNERBOARD APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR POSITIONING THE SAME ON A CONTAINER - An improved cornerboard that is usable to protect a corner of a shipping container is provided. The cornerboard reduces workforce required to secure the cornerboard to a plurality of shipping containers, such as a pallet of shipping containers. For example, the cornerboard permits a single individual to position cornerboards about the pallet of shipping containers and shrink wrap or otherwise secure the shipping containers with the cornerboards. In an embodiment, the cornerboard has a tab portion that is partially separable form the cornerboard and positionable between two shipping containers to prevent movement of the cornerboard and eliminate the need for an individual to hold the cornerboard.12-01-2011
20110293397End Effector for Picking, Forming, and Inserting U-Shaped Packing Insert - End of arm tool (12-01-2011
20110299969DEVICE FOR GRASPING AND ACTIVE RELEASE OF MICRO AND NANO OBJECTS - The present invention relates to design and microfabrication methods for forming devices that are capable of grasping and actively releasing micro or nanometer-sized objects in ambient and vacuum environments. Grasping motion is produced by one or more microactuators, and rapid, accurate, highly reproducible active release is achieved through impacting an adhered object with a high-speed plunging structure. Two fabrication processes for constructing these new types of micro and nano gripping devices are also described.12-08-2011
20110299968System and method for handling a nacelle of a wind turbine - It is described a system (12-08-2011
20120189420Coupling System for Coupling Loudspeaker Housings, Loudspeaker Housing and Method for Hoisting Loudspeaker Housings - A coupling system (07-26-2012
20110262260TOOL WITH ATTACHMENT FOR COLLECTING DEBRIS AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - An attachment to a shovel having a shovel head and a handle is provided, converting the shovel into a tool for collecting debris. The attachment has a clamping head and a pivot arm shorter than the shovel handle, and a pivot for attaching the attachment to the shovel handle. The attachment is movable between a closed position when the shovel head and the clamping head are juxtaposed face to face forming a tunnel therebetween, and an open position when the shovel head and the clamping head are spaced apart. In operation, the clamping head is moved into an open position to collect debris, and then moved into a closed position towards the shovel head to secure the debris, followed by rotating the tool by 90° plus an offset angle, thereby causing the clamping head to open under its weight and the debris to fall through the tunnel.10-27-2011
20080317576METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FEEDING A NUMBER OF FLAT SUBPRODUCTS TO A SERIAL SUBSEQUENT PROCESSING - For supplying individual quantities of flat and in particular diverse part products to a serial further processing, the part products are arranged in a row of part product groups (12-25-2008
20100215473GRIPPING DEVICE, FOR EXAMPLE FOR A ROBOT - A gripping device arranged for gripping an article 08-26-2010
20110262259Portable retriever and method for collecting and dispensing tennis balls - An increased capacity portable retriever for collecting and dispensing tennis balls utilized on a flat surface comprising a horizontally elongated container having a front retrieving section with a top handle, a rear collecting section pivotably supported by two wheels coaxially mounted at a bottom wall and a front wall dispensing opening with a cover. The front retrieving section contains bottom parallel rods spaced from each other a distance smaller than the tennis ball diameter. The container has horizontal retrieving and vertical dispensing positions. The container includes a compartment capacity regulating element for dispensing balls individually. First method of retrieving, collecting and dispensing tennis balls includes repetitive transferring a substantial group of balls from the retrieving section towards the collecting section. Second method includes cyclical reducing the container compartment capacity correspondingly to a volume of balls group resided in the compartment after dispensing a comfortably reachable balls portion from the container.10-27-2011
20100278626Collecting Apparatus with Seat - A collecting apparatus having a seat, and method of use thereof, wherein the collecting apparatus comprises a plurality of selectively positionable elastic members secured to a plurality of securing points on a lower portion of a frame or a removable base section connected to the frame. The elastic members are secured to user-selected securing points so that the distance between the elastic members can accommodate objects of different sizes. The collecting apparatus is pressed on top of a ball or similar object, causing the elastic members to separate and allow the ball or similar object to enter and be retained within the frame. Upon entering of the object within the frame, the elastic members retract to their original position, therein preventing the object from falling back out. Objects can be retrieved by lifting the seat or reaching through an aperture formed by a seat opening and a frame front opening.11-04-2010
20120141246SUBSTRATE HOLDING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE HOLDING METHOD, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate holding apparatus can meet the request for a smaller-sized compact apparatus while ensuring a sufficient immersion depth of a substrate in a processing liquid. The substrate holding apparatus includes: a substrate holder for supporting a substrate (W) by bringing a peripheral portion of a surface of the substrate (W) into contact with a first sealing member; and a substrate pressing section for lowering relative to the substrate holder so as to press the substrate (W) held by the substrate holder downward, thereby bringing a first sealing member into pressure contact with the substrate (W). The substrate pressing section is provided with a second ring-shaped sealing member which makes pressure contact with an upper surface of a ring-shaped holding section of the substrate holder, thereby sealing the peripheral region of the substrate pressing section.06-07-2012
20120034061METHOD AND DEVICE FOR HOISTING AN ITEM BY MEANS OF A CRANE - A method and a device for hoisting an item at sea with a hoisting device comprises moving the item between a plurality of different height levels. In addition, the method comprises alternately supporting the load of the item with a first hoisting rope and a second hoisting rope while moving the item between the plurality of different height levels. Further, the method comprises arranging the first hoisting rope and the second hoisting rope to extend in parallel along at least part of the distance between the item and the hoisting device. Still further, the method comprises releasably connecting the first hoisting rope to the second hoisting rope. Moreover, the method comprises suspending the second hoisting rope from a hanger when the second hoisting rope is supporting the load of the item. The method also comprises connecting the hanger to an arm of the hoisting device.02-09-2012
20090285665SUBSTRATE PROCESSING MODULE EXCHANGE UNIT, VACUUM COATING INSTALLATION, METHOD OF EXCHANGING A SUBSTRATE PROCESSING MODULE FOR A VACUUM COATING INSTALLATION, AND USE OF A SUBSTRATE PROCESSING MODULE EXCHANGE UNIT - It is provided a substrate processing module exchange unit for a vacuum coating installation having at least one compartment with one or more substrate processing modules mounted and with a module port, the module exchange unit comprising a vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber comprising a module exchange aperture and a vacuum-tight unit connection means adapted for establishing a vacuum-tight connection between the module exchange aperture and the compartment around the module port, wherein the vacuum chamber is sized for including at least two substrate processing modules.11-19-2009
20100080682BACK SAVER LIFT - A lift that is configured to securely lift, carry and deposit a control unit using three degrees of movement. The lift comprises a chassis having a support frame and a power source connected to the support frame. A pivot member rotatably connects to the support frame, wherein the pivot member has a pivot plate and a rod rotatably connected to the pivot plate. A lift frame connects to the rod of the pivot plate, wherein a lift arm rotatably connects to the lift frame. The lift further comprises a pressurized fluid drive operatively connected to the power source and operatively connected to the pivot plate, the lift frame and the lift arm. The fluid drive is configured to reciprocally move the pivot plate, the lift frame and the lift arm such that the lift arm moves in three degrees of movement with respect to the chassis.04-01-2010
20100080681METHOD OF ALIGNMENT AND TARGET INDICATOR - A target indicator for visual guidance of a container into secured engagement with a support surface by mating of at least one coupling. The coupling includes a support coupling fitting located on the support surface and a container coupling fitting located on the container. The target indicator includes an attachment at least partially formed with a high visibility exterior and configured to at least partially encircle a coupling fitting in use.04-01-2010
20120107084LIFTING FITTING - A lifting fitting for lifting a series of elements of different sizes in a wind turbine is proposed. The lifting fitting has a base plate having at least one central slotted hole shaped to accommodate a fastener for fastening the lifting fitting to an element to be lifted, at least two outer slotted holes each shaped to accommodate a further fastener for fastening the lifting fitting to an element to be lifted. The outer slotted holes are arranged transverse to the central slotted hole. The lifting fitting is connected to a lifting apparatus for lifting the element. A method of assembling the series of elements is proposed. The elements are successively lifted into place. The lifting fitting can be used in the assembly of a wind turbine tower having individually liftable tower sections for lifting the tower sections into place.05-03-2012
20120107083SINGLE JOINT ELEVATOR HAVING DEPLOYABLE JAWS - The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for lifting a single joint of pipe. The single joint elevator of the present invention comprises, in one embodiment, a pair of deployable jaws cooperating with a pair of static jaws to secure a pipe within the slot of a generally horseshoe-shaped body. The deployable jaws of the single joint elevator of the present invention may be rotatably deployable or translatably deployable, or both. In one embodiment, each jaw, including the static jaws and the deployable jaws, comprises a pipe slip movably disposed within the jaw to secure a pipe segment within the slot and to self-tighten as the weight of the pipe segment secured within the single joint elevator is transferred to the slips and the jaws.05-03-2012
20100124480SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GREEN AND RAPID PAPER PACKAGING - A package of sheet media and method of loading the package are presented in which a stack of sheet media is wrapped in a multi-layer strap, the multi-layer strap is operative to allow a user to load the package of sheet media into a media supply tray of an associated print engine, the multi-layer strap includes a third layer disposed between a first layer and a second layer, and the third layer is operative to allow the user to remove the multi-layer strap from the stack of sheet media while the stack of sheet media is positioned within the media supply tray.05-20-2010
20090202334METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSPORTING AND STORING MULTIPLE REAGENT PACKS AND REAGENT PACKS USED THEREIN - A new method and system for transporting and sorting multiple reagent packs used in conjunction with an immunodiagnostic instrument is provided. The new system includes a multiplicity of reagent packs; a gantry movably mounted on a rack structure for carrying a gripper mechanism, wherein the gripper mechanism has gripping jaws for engagement with the reagent pack; a power assembly for actuating the respective movement of the gantry, the gripper mechanism and the gripping jaws; a storage nest having a multiplicity of compartments, each adapted for storing a one of the respective reagent packs; and a pipetting nest having a multiplicity of compartment, each adapted for retaining a respective one of the reagent packs for simultaneous pipetting. Methods of using the system and a novel reagent pack used in connection with the new system are also provided.08-13-2009
20090279998Vibration isolator for container and the like, and method of using the same - A vibration isolator for container, and the like, and a method of using the same which are applicable to general containers, and allow the loaded articles to be protected against vibration at the time of transportation, and the like, with the cost being held to a minimum. It is a vibration isolator (11-12-2009
20090274545Tubular Handling Apparatus - In one embodiment, a tubular gripping assembly for use with a top drive to handle a tubular includes a tubular gripping tool having a mandrel and gripping elements operatively coupled to the mandrel; and a link assembly attached to the mandrel, wherein a load of the link assembly is transferred to the mandrel. In another embodiment, the tubular gripping assembly includes a swivel having selectively actuatable seals. In yet another embodiment, the tubular gripping assembly includes a thread compensator to facilitate tubular make-up. In yet another embodiment, the tubular gripping assembly includes a wedge lock release apparatus to facilitate the release of gripping elements from the tubular.11-05-2009
20090280000High tonnage trailer combination, trailer components, and method of use - A trailer combination and trailer components are designed to provide dual functionality in terms of hauling a very high tonnage piece of heavy equipment and the ability to continue to haul more typical pieces of heavy equipment. To accomplish this task, a trailer auxiliary is provided that is adapted to connect to a typical low boy trailer. The trailer auxiliary is equipped with mechanisms to provide a bed assembly that is designed to link to the low boy trailer so that the bed assembly and bed of the trailer auxiliary receive the high tonnage piece of equipment. The trailer auxiliary can be equipped with ramps to interface with the trailer and auxiliary to facilitate the loading of the heavy equipment. The trailer combination also includes a hauling vehicle for each of the low boy trailer and auxiliary, with a spacing bar assembly mounted to one of the vehicles to link the vehicles together when hauling the trailer and the auxiliary.11-12-2009
20090297325GRAPPLE APPARATUS FOR HANDLING COTTON MODULES - A grapple apparatus for handling cotton modules includes a frame comprising first and second portions. The second portion is selectively movable relative to the first portion between an opened position and a closed position. The frame defines a module-holding space when the second portion of the frame is in its closed position. At least one powered roller device is connected to the frame and is selectively active to rotate an associated cotton module located in the module-holding space relative to said frame about a module axis of rotation. A method for handling cotton modules includes positioning a frame adjacent a cotton module and moving a second portion of the frame relative to a first portion of the frame from an opened position to a closed position to define a module-holding space in which the cotton module is received and retained. The method further includes activating at least one powered roller device that is connected to the frame to rotate the cotton module in the module-holding space relative to the frame about an axis of rotation.12-03-2009
20110206493Catalyst Foils and Methods and Apparatus for the Insertion of Foils into Catalytic Reactors - An insertion apparatus is provided for inserting at least one catalytic insert into each of a multiplicity of reactor channels. The apparatus includes a magazine configured to locate a multiplicity of catalytic inserts, a guide element for guiding the movement of a catalytic insert as it is inserted into the reaction channel, and a pushing member to push a catalytic insert out of the magazine, through the guide element, and into a reactor channel. An automated method for inserting catalytic inserts into reactor channels is also provided. The method includes the steps of: aligning the insert with a reaction channel, and pushing the insert through a guide element into the channel.08-25-2011
20110206491Pipeline Pig Storage Rack Apparatus - A pipeline pig support rack apparatus includes a frame having a plurality of supports mounted thereon, each extending upwardly from the frame. Each pipeline pig support includes clamps that are comprised of first and second u-shaped members that are attached with a hinge. A bolted connection opposite the hinge is provided for holding the u-shaped members together in a closed position when securing a pipeline pig. Lifting eyes on the frame are provided for enabling the frame, its pig supports and any contained pipeline pigs to be lifted as a unit. A basket receptacle optionally is provided that receives the frame. The frame and basket receptacle are each independently liftable. The basket receptacle prevents spillage of hazardous materials that might be residing upon the pigs after they have been used to clean a particular pipeline.08-25-2011
20120294701AUTO HOOK-UP DEVICE FOR DISABLED VEHICLES - An auto-latch mechanism enabling a towing vehicle to hook-up and tow-away a disabled vehicle without the need for either operator of the vehicles to exit their interior. In a preferred embodiment, the auto-latch mechanism includes opposing guide plates and a plunger pin with a distal portion movable to a location between the plates. When a connecting portion of the disabled vehicle is positioned between the opposing plates, the plunger pin may be engaged to the connecting portion, to thereby accomplish hook-up of the disabled vehicle to the towing vehicle. A method for using the auto-latch mechanism is also disclosed and claimed.11-22-2012
20100290886Robot having end effector and method of operating the same - The present invention relates to an end effector including: blade members for holding substrates, each configured to hold the substrate, and configured such that each interval between the blade members can be changed; a blade support unit configured to support the blade members, the blade support unit being configured to be driven integrally with the blade members by the robot; and blade drive means configured to change the interval between the blade members by moving at least one of the blade members relative to another blade member.11-18-2010
20110206492DOWNHOLE TOOL PROTECTOR APPARATUS AND METHOD - An oil, gas or water borehole drill bit protector apparatus (08-25-2011
20130121801System for repositioning a coiled tubing tensioner - A system for positioning a trailer mounted coiled tubing tensioner either in a first stowed position on the deck of a transport trailer or in a second position resting on an elevated rig floor of a drilling rig is described. The system for selectably elevating a coiled tubing tensioner from its first stowed position to its second position on the rig floor of a drilling rig includes the cooperative operation of the coiled tubing tensioner and its frame, multiple pivotable swing arms attached to the trailer at one end and the tensioner frame at the other end, an elevatable mast, a crown block, a drawworks winch, a top drive, a pair of tensioner lifting winches and multiple lifting lines deployed from the mast and reeved through sheaves mounted on the tensioner frame and the top drive.05-16-2013
20110008147METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HANDLING AEROGENERATOR BLADES - Method and apparatus for handling aerogenerator blades that provide a versatile means for handling aerogenerator blades without an unbalanced distribution of the loads in the blade. The method comprises positioning an upper mounting part (01-13-2011
20120195733CABLE, GOODS LIFT SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MAKING THE CABLE - A cable contains filaments containing carbon, surrounded by a sizing. The filaments surrounded by the sizing are covered by a matrix which is composed of a material containing at least one elastomer and/or at least one thermoplastic elastomer. The cable can be used, in particular for pulling a load, for example in a goods lift.08-02-2012
20090297326SPRING-LOADED ROD HANDLING DEVICE - A rod handling device includes a pivot rod, first clamp assembly pivotingly coupled to the pivot rod, a second clamp assembly pivotingly coupled to the pivot rod, and at least one locking assembly configured to move between a locked position and an unlocked position. While in the locked position the locking assembly prevents rotation between the first clamp assembly and the second clamp assembly. The rod handling device also includes a biasing member coupled to the pivot rod, the biasing member being configured to urge the locking assembly toward the locked position.12-03-2009
20120141245APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RESORTING PIECE GOODS ASSORTMENTS - A method for resorting piece goods assortments and in particular packaging unit assortments, includes the steps of supplying a first type of piece goods to a redistribution unit; supplying a second type of piece goods, which is different from the first type, to the redistribution unit; and picking up individual piece goods or groups of piece goods using a pick-up element of the redistribution unit, wherein the pick-up element picks up both piece goods of the first type and also piece goods of the second type and deposits these piece goods in such a way that a piece goods assortment consisting of piece goods of the first type and piece goods of the second type is formed.06-07-2012
20090162184Reducing transaction time in a self-service terminal - Methods of reducing transaction time in a self-service terminal are described. The methods involve pre-stacking a defined amount of media, such as a commonly withdrawn amount of money, before the user has performed any service selection. During service selection, the user is given an option to withdraw the defined amount of money and if the user selects this option, the pre-stacked amount is dispensed. If the user selects an option to withdraw a different amount of money, a second dispenser in the self-service terminal may be used to stack and dispense this different amount.06-25-2009
20120070265MULTIPURPOSE TRANSPORT SYSTEM HAVING A ROOF ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR TRANSPORTING FOREST BIOMASS AND WOOD RESIDUALS - The present disclosure generally relates to a multipurpose transport system, a roof assembly, and methods for transporting forest biomass and wood residuals. Roof assemblies according to the disclosure are mountable on a top portion of a transport system. In some embodiments, roof assemblies include two or more panels, one or more panel movements assemblies operably connected each of the two or more panels, and one or more actuation assemblies. The two or more panels extend from a first side of the roof assembly to and second side of the roof assembly in a louvered configuration. Each of the two or more panels are moveable between a first position and a second position. Further aspects of the disclosure are directed towards multipurpose transport systems and methods for transporting forest biomass and wood residuals using systems according to the disclosure.03-22-2012
20090053032CARRIER STRIP SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DIFFERENT DIAMETER FASTENERS - A carrier strip system includes a plurality of discrete carrier strips respectively receptive of fasteners of substantially different dimensions the strips having internal features configured to engage the fasteners, the strips further having substantially identical external dimensions said external dimensions being substantially symmetrical with respect to a virtual surface defined by inclusion of axes of the plurality of discrete fasteners, and the external dimensions being engagable with a single setting tool magazine such that fasteners with different dimensions have consistent alignment within a single setting tool magazine and method.02-26-2009
20130216350MAGNETIC RETRIEVAL SYSTEM FOR A GOLF CLUB - A magnetic retrieval device includes a magnet and a helical thread fixed relative to the magnet. The helical thread is screwed onto a proximal end of a grip of a golf club. The golf club can be used by a golfer to retrieve a laying golf club already on a playing surface without the need for the golfer to bend over or bend down. The helical thread may include a pointed distal end and a cutting slot or a drill distal end. A body may surround the magnet, where the body includes a base and a top. The top may include an elastomeric material such as rubber. A metallic ball marker may be magnetically attached to the body.08-22-2013
20090232632SUPPORT PLATFORM - A support platform for use in automated storage and retrieval systems is generally a planar board having an upper support surface. The board further includes opposing end edges and opposing side edges. The end edges each include first and second interlocking members formed therein. The support platform is placed on the racks in the automated storage and retrieval system with items or containers of items placed thereon. Several support platforms are placed on each rack, one behind the other. The end edges of each support platform are interlocked with each adjacent support platform, with each first interlocking member interlocked with one of the second interlocking members of an adjacent support platform.09-17-2009
20090252590APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PICKING UP, TRANSPORTING, AND DEPOSITING MICROSCOPIC SAMPLES - An apparatus and method for picking up, transporting and depositing microscopic samples. Such an apparatus includes at least one interchangeable adhesive body and a gripping tool for picking up, transporting and depositing the adhesive body, the adhesive body having at least one outwardly curved surface which is at least partially adhesive with respect to the sample. In this method, a gripping tool picks up an adhesive body having an at least partially outwardly curved surface which is at least partially adhesive with respect to the sample. The gripping tool then guides the adhesive body to above the sample. The at least partially curved surface of the adhesive body is then brought into contact with the sample, the sample adheres to the surface of the adhesive body when this is being removed from the sample location, and is finally deposited at the depositing location.10-08-2009
20100014955GRIPPING FOR LIFTING MATERIAL WEB ROLLS, PARTICULARLY PAPER- AND PAPERBOARD ROLLS - A gripper for gripping vertical material web rolls (01-21-2010
20090252589Apparatus and method for handling pipe - An apparatus for handling pipes, the apparatus, in certain aspects, having a body having a tapered surface and at least a first slip and a second slip slidable on the tapered surface, a slip actuator for setting said at least first slip and said second slip, said first slip and said second slip having interengaging elements such that upon actuation of said slip actuator, said first slip is set and said second slip is set by the interengaging elements transferring setting force from the slip actuator through said first slip to said second slip; and methods for using such an apparatus.10-08-2009
20090274544APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR WEDGE LOCK PREVENTION - In one embodiment, a tubular handling apparatus is provided with a wedge lock release mechanism that creates a clearance to allow movement by the mandrel having mating wedge surfaces relative to the tubular to release the wedge slips. In another embodiment, a tubular handling apparatus for handling a tubular includes a mandrel; a carrier coupled to the mandrel; a gripping element for engaging the tubular; an engagement member coupled to the carrier for engaging an upper portion of the tubular; and an abutment device adapted to engage the engagement member, wherein a length of the abutment device is adjustable to allow movement of the engagement member.11-05-2009
20090279999MIXED SIZE PRODUCT HANDLING END OF ARM TOOL - A mixed size product end of arm tooling is used in conjunction with a robot to pick mixed size product and place the product onto a pallet or layers resting on top of a pallet. The end of arm tooling includes two center rails/forks mounted to a base. Two outer rails/forks are mounted to linear bearings that guide the outer rails/forks when moving inwardly or outwardly from the center rails for pre-sizing to the product. Pusher arms are formed of two outer pusher arms and one center pusher arm. These pusher arms are attached to linear bushings that guide the pusher arms forward and backward. The pusher arms push off the product simultaneously as the robot is withdrawing the rails.11-12-2009
20090263228Merchandise pallet - A pallet for use in transporting merchandise includes a pallet body having a top surface for supporting merchandise. A foot-driven winch is mounted on the pallet body, and a flexible tie-down for restraining merchandise on the pallet body is connected to the winch. In a preferred method of using the pallet, a plurality of such pallets are disposed inside a vehicle with the pallets defining a surface which substantially spans the width of the floor of the vehicle and on which a delivery person can stand to access merchandise on the pallets. The delivery person can remove merchandise from the pallets while remaining inside the vehicle and then can move the merchandise to outside the vehicle without having to perform any lifting. As a result, sickness of delivery persons due to exposure to the weather during delivery and injuries due to lifting of merchandise can be decreased.10-22-2009
20100003119METHOD FOR PICKING UP DEVICE ATTACHED WITH ADHESIVE TAPE - A method for picking up a device stuck with an adhesive film includes an tape expansion step for expanding a dicing tape to increase intervals between devices and between adhesive films by pressing an area between an inner diameter of the annular frame of the dicing tape and the wafer by means of an expansion member with the annular frame held; and a picking-up step for picking up the device and the adhesive film from the dicing tape. A relative shifting rate between the expansion member and the frame holding means is set to 100 mm/second or more when the expansion member and the dicing tape are brought into abutment against each other in the tape expansion step, and the increased intervals between the devices and between the adhesive films are each set to 100 μm or more.01-07-2010
20100150694LIFTING DEVICE - A lifting device generally includes a handle portion having first and second ends and a support portion having first and second ends. The first end of the support portion is pivotably coupled to the first end of the handle portion and the second end of the support portion is releasably engageable with the second end of the handle portion, such that the lifting device may be positioned in at least a closed position and an open position.06-17-2010
20100150693Method for Moving and Aligning Heavy Device - Method for laterally replacing a heavy component of a plant assembly, the method including disconnecting the heavy component from other components of the plant assembly and from a base plate to which the heavy component is fixed; lifting the heavy component above the base plate with a lifting system provided within the base plate; connecting at least a pair of rails to the base plate, under the lifted heavy component, such that the at least a pair of rails extends at substantially a right angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the heavy component; lowering the heavy component on crawling mechanisms disposed on the at least a pair of rails; and laterally replacing the heavy component from the base plate and the other components of the plant assembly by actuating the crawling mechanisms.06-17-2010
20100183422ARRANGEMENT FOR MONITORING THE LOCATION OF A MINING VEHICLE IN A MINE - A method and a system for monitoring the location of a mining vehicle in a mine. The mine includes a first and a second work area. At least one identifier whose exact location is known is arranged in the first work area. The location of the mining vehicle is determined continuously by use of a dead reckoning. The location data, based on the dead reckoning, can be updated by use of the identifier. The location data are transmitted to a mine control system for monitoring the mining vehicle.07-22-2010
20100189540Package for Consumable Products with Separately Sealed Compartments - A package for consumable products is disclosed. The package includes a plurality of subpackages connected together by a connecting member. For instance, the package may contain two subpackages or alternatively four subpackages all connected at one end to a connecting member. The package is particularly well suited to holding relatively large quantities of the consumable product. Because the subpackages are connected at one end, the package may be draped over an adjacent structure, such as a shopping cart. In this way, the package can be placed in a shopping cart without taking up an excessive amount of space.07-29-2010
20100178150ELEVATOR BELT INSTALLATION ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF INSTALLING A BELT - A tool for hoisting a coated steel belt of an elevator system that includes a back plate to which a plurality of clamp assemblies is mounted. Each of the clamp assemblies includes a clamp plate biased by a biasing member to resiliently secure each of the belts.07-15-2010
20100178151METHOD FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING A TRANSPORT DEVICE - A transport device for transporting elongated substrates through a vacuum coating system comprises an essentially rectangular frame and two groups of holding elements, which are rotatably mounted on opposite sides of the frame in such a manner that any pair of opposite holding elements can be connected to both ends of a substrate. Furthermore, at least one retainer bar is provided that is operatively connected to a group of holding elements in such a manner that the holding elements of this group are moveable in order to increase or decrease by choice their distance from the holding elements of the other group. Also provided are a loading and unloading device for loading and unloading the transport device, and a method for loading and unloading the transport device.07-15-2010
20110110756Pickup Truck Bed Slider and Method of Operation - A slide which slides along a retainer attached to the bed of a pickup truck. The slide has a rearward end proximate the tail gate and a forward end proximate the cab of the truck. The rearward end preferably has gripping features allowing a user to easily grasp the slide and pull it rearward within the fixed retainer. The slide's forward end has an upstanding foot which engages cargo within the bed and propels it toward the tailgate. Two or more such devices can be installed in parallel and used simultaneously to unload cargo.05-12-2011
20100239408METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GRIPPING AND TRANSFERRING PIECES OF LUGGAGE - Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for automatically removing pieces of luggage that have different surface properties and dimensions and getting said piece of luggage ready for further transport by means of a gripper which is hingedly connected to a robot arm and is equipped with suction elements. Said method and apparatus have the following features: a) the gripper and the container that is to be emptied are moved close to each other; b) the first piece of luggage that is to be removed and is determined based on specific criteria, e.g. in case of horizontal unloading, is gripped by the suction element holder (09-23-2010
20100239406UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT RECOVERY - An apparatus and method for recovering equipment from within a body of water. The apparatus comprises a frame supporting a mesh and an engagement element. The engagement element is shaped to co-engage with the mesh and is attached to the equipment to be recovered prior to its deployment. Following deployment of the equipment, its recovery can be effected by lowering the mesh supported by the frame onto the equipment to cause the engagement element and the mesh to co-engage. The frame and mesh may then be lifted to the surface of the water bringing the equipment with them. Recovery may include searching for the equipment by monitoring a load associated with the frame and the mesh as it is lowered and raised at different locations, whereby an appropriate increase in load is taken to indicate that the equipment has become attached to the mesh.09-23-2010
20100254795MODULAR CEMENTED PLANAR STRUCTURE - A modular cemented planar structure is formed from a plurality of cells and a cementitious mixture. In particular, the plurality of cells can be formed by a polymeric cellular confinement system. The resulting structure is useful in many civil engineering applications. The structure allows for homogeneous curing with minimal shrinkage and cracking, as well as easy and cost effective assembly in the field.10-07-2010
20130129466SINGLE JOINT ELEVATOR HAVING DEPLOYABLE JAWS - The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for lifting a single joint of pipe. The single joint elevator of the present invention comprises, in one embodiment, a pair of deployable jaws cooperating with a pair of static jaws to secure a pipe within the slot of a generally horseshoe-shaped body. The deployable jaws of the single joint elevator of the present invention may be rotatably deployable or translatably employable, or both. In one embodiment, each jaw, including the static jaws and the deployable jaws, comprises a pipe slip movably disposed within the jaw to secure a pipe segment within the slot and to self-tighten as the weight of the pipe segment secured within the single joint elevator is transferred to the slips and the jaws.05-23-2013
20100196134STACKABLE PACKAGED GOODS PALLET - A pallet for shipping and displaying of packaged goods wherein the pallet comprises a plurality of stacking feet joined together by angled ribs to substantially prevent or inhibit spreading of the stacking feet due to high weight loads, a plurality of handles that include handle-strengthening areas and finger recesses to increase the strength and lifting ergonomics of the pallet, and an angled surface on the bottom of the stacking feet to facilitate transporting of the loaded pallet from a distribution vehicle to a retail location over certain obstacles. Accordingly, the packaged goods can comprise beverage trays filled or partially filled with beverage bottles, or any good and/or raw material for sale and/or use in manufacturing.08-05-2010
20110123309REPLACEMENT STATION FOR THE TRACTION BATTERIES OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES - A replacement station for the traction batteries of electric vehicles, preferably of passenger vehicles, which are arranged such that they can be replaced from underneath, alongside a vehicle axis in the direction of travel, in the floor area of the electric vehicle. In order to replace the traction battery, the electric vehicle is positioned, guided by tracks, above a hatch which is provided in the floor of the replacement station, and the traction battery is replaced through the hatch. In order to considerably minimize the total time required for completely automatic replacement of the traction battery without any disturbances, and to maintain a high safety standard in operation during the process, the track guidance guides at least those wheels which are arranged on one longitudinal side of the electric vehicle and in that, during track guidance, the electric vehicle is moved automatically by a controlled external drive, which acts on the electric vehicle.05-26-2011
20130136573PALLET FOR BAGS - A pallet moulded from plastics material for supporting a flexible intermediate bulk container. It has a generally planar central panel portion, a pair of parallel inverted open channels extending across the pallet to form a respective pair of open-ended tunnels each tunnel having an upper wall and two side walls, and a pair of edge panel portions generally co-planar with the central panel. An array of raised elongate hump portions bulges upwards from the upper walls of the tunnels, each hump portion extending laterally across an upper wall. The two ends of the hump portions abut respective buttresses which extend up the side walls.05-30-2013
20100310351METHOD FOR HANDLING AND TRANSFERRING A WAFER CASE, AND HOLDING PART USED THEREFOR - In a method for handling a wafer case having attachable and detachable grips, the method comprising the step of handling the wafer case e in an automatic transfer line while the attachable and detachable grips are detached from the wafer case and holding parts allowing an automatic transfer unit to hold the wafer case are attached to portions of the wafer case from which the attachable and detachable grips have been detached. The holding parts allow an automatic transfer unit to hold the wafer case.12-09-2010
20100310352ADAPTOR PALLET AND METHOD OF HANDLING CARGO - An adaptor pallet (12-09-2010
20110014027LIFT AND MOUNT APPARATUS - The present invention provides devices, apparatuses, and systems for lifting and mounting of clinical- and research-related equipment. In particular, the present invention provides a lift and mount system for mass spectrometers (e.g., for time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometers (MS)).01-20-2011
20110008146Method and Apparatus for Lifting Cumbersome Articles - Method and apparatus for gripping and lifting heavy and cumbersome objects is disclosed. A slotted safety latch lever assembly permits the pivoting action of an upper tube relative to a main tube, facilitating the gripping and releasing action of arm assemblies at either end of the main tube. The length of the main tube is adjustable, permitting the main tube to shorten or lengthen as needed for gripping the object. The upper tube has a lifting device connector selectively positioned longitudinally relative to the upper tube for achieving correct balance point for lifting.01-13-2011
20110033278Device and method for lifting sheet piles - A device enables a sheet pile to be lifted from a horizontal position on the ground to a vertical position in the air, where it can be attached to a vibratory hammer. The device comprises two members, one of which attaches to the sheet pile and the other to the vibratory hammer. The two members are rotatably connected by a spindle, and they can be alternately locked into an extended (straight vertical) or bent (perpendicular) orientation by a lever-actuated spring-loaded key in the lower member that engages one or more slots in the upper member.02-10-2011
20110116905METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING ELONGATED, CUMBERSOME LOADS - Elongated, cumbersome goods are transported using articulated trucks and unloaded using a crane. A method and an apparatus for transporting and use as crane for elongated, cumbersome loads over wide distances even under unfavorable infrastructure is proposed comprising a cable-guided lifting member, wherein when changing the transport mode to the crane mode the transported goods remain in the transport unit and the process is remotely controllable from the ground. In the transport mode, the load (05-19-2011
20110085883ADJUSTABLE WEAR AND DIVERSION DEVICE FOR BULK MATERIAL TRANSFER SYSTEMS AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A wear device for a bulk material transfer system comprises a first wear member and an attachment mechanism. The attachment mechanism is connected to the first wear member and is lockable in a manner that fixes the first wear member in a first position relative to the flow path of the bulk material. The attachment mechanism is also selectively unlockable in a manner such that the first wear member can be moved toward the flow path to a second position. Still further, the attachment mechanism is lockable in a manner that fixes the first wear member in the second position relative to the flow path.04-14-2011
20110243705DEVICE FOR HANDLING MANUFACTURING RINGS, FORKLIFT INCLUDING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF HANDLING MANUFACTURING RING - A lifting apparatus for lifting manufacturing rings is provided. The lifting apparatus includes an attachment part having an opening extending therethrough, and a plurality of elongated legs extending from the attachment part. Each of the elongated legs has a slit disposed therein. A plurality of support rods are movably disposed in the slits. The support rods are pivotable between a lowered position in which each support rod extends from the associated slit and a raised position in which each support rod is disposed within the associated slit. The lifting apparatus further includes an actuating part operably associated with the support rods and for moving the support rods between the raised position and the lowered position.10-06-2011
20110129325MANUFACTURING METHOD OF A TRAY, A SOCKET FOR INSPECTION, AND A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - The yield of semiconductor devices is to be enhanced. A tray is provided with a plurality of pockets each capable of accommodating a wafer level CSP, and each of the pockets is provided with a base for supporting a plurality of bumps of the wafer level CSP and side walls formed around the base. In the step-to-step carriage in the post-production process of the manufacture of wafer level CSPs and on like occasions, the base supports not the organic film but the plurality of solder bumps. For this reason, it is made possible to prevent the organic film from being flawed or coming off and adhering to the product as foreign matter, and as a result the quality and yield of the wafer level CSPs (semiconductor devices) can be improved.06-02-2011
20110243706Method Of Moving The Rotating Means Of A Wind Turbine During Transportation Or Stand Still, Method Of Controlling The Moving Of The Rotating Means, Nacelle, Auxiliary Device, Control And Monitoring System And Use Hereof - Methods of moving a rotating device of a wind turbine during transportation or standstill are provided. The methods include securing at least one auxiliary device to a position and connecting the device to one or more shafts of the rotating device at transportation or standstill. The auxiliary device is able to store, generate and/or convert energy during transportation, transferring energy continuously from at least one auxiliary device to one or more shafts of the rotating device during transportation or standstill, and moving one or more shafts of the rotating device continuously or discontinuously from a position to another. Also provided is a nacelle for a wind turbine, an auxiliary device, a control system for controlling moving of a rotating device of a wind turbine nacelle during transportation of the nacelle and use thereof.10-06-2011
20100054903Method and Device for Manipulating an Object - A method for manipulating an object with a remote vehicle having an end effector attached to a manipulator arm. The end effector comprises a jamming material in a housing. The method comprises pressing the end effector housing to the object, activating the jamming material to grasp the object, and moving the manipulator arm to manipulate the object.03-04-2010
20100054904Single towing vehicle for both car and cart - The present invention relates to a towing device which utilizes a towing base, wheels, and a plurality of movable tracks, a tongue hitch attachment, and a vehicle locator swivel plate. The invention can be supplied with hydraulic surge brakes or electric brakes, as well as brake and turn lights. Tie down straps are used for securing the vehicle to the dolly. The invention features an adjustable car locator swivel plate. This allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to “fine tune” the load. The tongue weight can be adjusted to comply with the RV hitch's requirements. Using the loading ramps supplied with the invention, the automobile and the golf cart can be ready for transport quickly and easily.03-04-2010
20110176905IMPLEMENT, A SYSTEM, AND A METHOD FOR THE MANIPULATION OF ELONGATED PIECES - An implement for transfer of long pieces. At least two casings are fitted in a frame of the implement. Inside the casings ends of the long pieces bound in a bundle can be inserted. The ends of the pieces are supported to the casings when the piece is lifted, and the casings lift all the pieces with them. Mounting units are fitted in the frame for mounting to a transfer device for moving the implement and for transferring the pieces. A system includes a transfer device, on which the implement is mounted; and at least one bundle of long pieces bound to each other. Placement, shape and dimensions of the pieces substantially corresponds to placement, shape and dimensions of the casings such that the ends of the pieces can be inserted into the casings of the implement for the transfer of the bundle. A method includes transferring the implement with a transfer device such that the ends of the long pieces, separate or bound in a bundle, are transferred into the casings of the implement, but the pieces are otherwise left outside the casing.07-21-2011
20110176904Method of transportation for wind turbine tower - A method and an arrangement for transporting a wind turbine tower are provided. A longitudinal axis of a tower segment is substantially aligned horizontally during the transportation. The tower segment is deformed in a cross section during the transportation by a force which is applied to a wall of the tower segment.07-21-2011
20110176903METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING AIRCRAFT FROM COMMERCIAL TO MILITARY FREIGHT SERVICE - A method and apparatus for converting aircraft from civilian cargo to CRAF use includes a pallet guide attached to the cargo deck of the aircraft. The pallet guide includes a pair of L-shaped structural channel members that are arranged back-to-back and staggered longitudinally along the length of the aircraft cargo deck. The L-shaped guide members are staggered back-to-back to enable military 463 L pallets to be guided along both the port and starboard sides of the pallet guide with one row of pallets loaded transverse to the centerline and one row of pallets loaded parallel to the centerline. The pallet guide includes a third guide member comprising a substantially T-shaped body displaced laterally with respect to the L-shaped guide members. For loading and unloading standard commercial pallets, the L-shaped guide members are rotated into a retracted position below the deck height of the cargo deck. The T-shaped guide member are then be moved from a retracted position below the deck height to a deployed position to engage the edges of the commercial pallets.07-21-2011
20110097186EXPORT RACK FOR SHEET-LIKE ARTICLES - The present invention is directed to an export rack for shipping sheet-like articles. More specifically, the present invention is directed to an export rack that includes at least one support, a removable gate and at least one top restraint. The removable gate includes at least one wedge that is configured to secure sheet-like articles loaded in the export rack.04-28-2011
20110097185APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATING THE WIRE-ENDS OF WIRES - An apparatus and method for insertion of wire-ends into connector housings includes a wire gripper with two wire-end gripping jaws. The wire gripper has a slider apparatus with a guide element and a slider coupled to the first gripping jaw wherein the first gripping jaw and the slider are borne displaceably relative to the second gripping jaw along the guide element. A pressured actuator acts through a movement converter on the wire gripper to initiate a coarse movement of the first gripping jaw relative to the second gripping jaw and rotating movement of a motor is converted by the movement converter into a fine movement of the first gripping jaw relative to the second gripping jaw.04-28-2011
20110085884Multi-directional transport device for scaffolding - A multi-directional scaffold transport device, which may be attached to each base of a scaffold's legs, provides increased mobility in relation to movement atop corrugated floor decking with vertical anchor studs used in conventional steel I-beam superstructures. The device comprises an elongated flat plate with angled extensions. The angled extensions may form a trapezoidal shape, or more preferably a triangular shape, and may be curved or have compound curvature to enable deflection of the device to either side of any anchor stud encountered, rather than jamming thereon. The elongated flat plate may have minimal length sufficient to normally receive support from at least two peaks of the corrugated decking. The device may incorporate threaded studs protruding from the elongated flat plate, which may be received by holes in the base of the scaffold, and be removeably fastened thereto using nuts. The device may also incorporate vertical walls for increased stiffness.04-14-2011
20120201645NON-CONTACT MANIPULATING DEVICES AND METHODS - Non-contact manipulating devices and methods can include a fluid distribution member including a first fluid port configured to dispense fluid and create a Bernoulli effect to attract an article to be manipulated by the manipulating device while maintaining a gap between the article and the fluid distribution member. The fluid distribution member can further include a second fluid port configured to dispense fluid to assist in maintaining the gap. The non-contact manipulating devices and methods can further include a controller configured to control a fluid flow through at least the second fluid port to help maintain the gap.08-09-2012
20110070062TRANSPORT CONTAINER - A transport container inside an insulating shell is described.03-24-2011
20100296908Industrial Automatic Object Transportation System and Operation Method of the Same - An operation method of an industrial automatic object transportation system includes: determining current positions and orientations of a vehicle by a positioning system and a digital compass device of the industrial automatic object transportation system when the industrial automatic object transportation system is kept in an operation state; moving the vehicle toward a loading area where a plurality of objects are located based on an electronic map of a stock area; scanning the objects to identify a target object and lifting up the target object when the vehicle reaches the loading area; moving the vehicle with the target object toward an unloading area based on the electronic map of the stock area; and determining an unloading location of the target object based on RFID codes of the target object to unload the target object at the unloading location when the vehicle reaches the unloading area.11-25-2010
20110255949LOADABLE CONTAINER WITH A SHELF - There is provided a container with a pallet with a loadable upper side and a closable sidewall. The container comprises at least three sides to be placed on top of the pallet in order to define a loadable volume. The container is adapted to be collapsed in case of no loaded objects onto the upper side of the pallet. The container comprises shelves suitable to be loaded with objects and at least one side of the sidewall is suitable to be opened in order to load the pallet randomly under the shelf and on the shelf. The shelves are mounted to one of the sides of the sidewall by mounting means. The container comprises at least a first shelf mounted on a first side of the sidewall and at least a second shelf mounted on another side opposite to the first side suitable to be connected with shelf connection means.10-20-2011
20110255947Vehicle Winch Side-Mount System - A vehicle winch side-mount system including a platform and a winch mounting structure configured to engage a mount of a winching device. The vehicle winch side-mount system is configured to be retained by the weight a vehicle tire.10-20-2011
20100296909STRUCTURALLY REINFORCED SULFUR BLOCKS AND PROCESSES OF MAKING - Sulfur is conventionally stored in solid form and melted to be transported in liquid form or transformed into small pellets, called prills or small briquettes. Transportation of solid sulfur can result in dust creation, exposure to weather and moisture, and corrosion of the transport equipment. The present invention discloses a method of making structurally reinforced blocks of sulfur, sized for transport. The blocks are structurally reinforced with an internal structure, by layering during manufacturing or by an external structure frame or container. A protective coating can be applied.11-25-2010
20110150622METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING MAIL - A method for mail handling, and a mail extraction cart. The mail extraction cart has a chassis formed by a wheeled base supporting a pair of lower support members and a pair up upper support members connected to the lower support members. The cart has a column of support shelves between each of the pair of upper support members and each of the pair of lower support members, the support shelves movable between at least a first position and a second position. The cart has a lever to control the position of the support shelves. In the first position, the support shelves are configured to engage a plurality of bins of a sorting machine. In the second position, the support shelves are configured to remove the plurality of bins from the sorting machine to be carried by the mail extraction cart.06-23-2011
20100086390LIGHT WEIGHT, STRONG, FIRE RETARDANT DUNNAGE PLATFORM BAG AND SYSTEM OF LOADING, DISPENSING AND USING BAG - The present invention relates to methods of manufacturing lightweight thermoplastic dunnage platform decks or repairing and reusing damaged lightweight thermoplastic dunnage platform decks to be mounted with molded feet. In an embodiment of the present invention, a dunnage platform with damaged feet is modified such that the damaged feet are removed and replacement feet are attached. In an embodiment of the present invention, the damaged feet of a dunnage platform are removed and the resulting dunnage platform deck is shipped to a desired site whereupon molded feet are attached to the dunnage platform deck and the dunnage platform generated from the deck and molded feet is used for shipping cargo.04-08-2010
20120201644Rotating Organizer Using Jars or Other Containers for Storage - An organizer that may be mounted on either one or two surfaces, such as a wall, ceiling or floor, or two of them, using limited space, and using jars or other containers for storage. It has four wooden slats that have jars or other containers attached. In the first preferred embodiment, there are several jars, the number depending on the jar size, attached to each slat. The lids are fastened to the slats, and the jars can be opened by unscrewing them from their lids. In the second preferred embodiment, plastic containers, with lids that can snap open and shut, are attached to the slates. There are handles on one end to rotate the storage system. Because they are transparent, the jars or plastic containers allow you to visually select what you are looking for. These jars or plastic containers can hold anything from hobby Supplies to nuts and bolts.08-09-2012
20110255948Suction Device - A suction device includes a handle assembly, a tube and a suction cup. The handle assembly includes a body defining a Venturi vacuum generator. The Venturi vacuum generator includes an inlet passage, an outlet passage and a valve bore. The inlet passage includes an inlet port. The outlet passage includes an outlet port and a suction port. A valve is disposed in the valve bore of the body. The valve provides selective fluid communication between the inlet passage and the outlet passage. An actuator is engaged to the body. The actuator is adapted to actuate the valve. The tube has a first axial end and an oppositely disposed second axial end. The first axial end is engaged to the handle assembly. The suction cup is engaged to the second axial end of the tube.10-20-2011
20100284777APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOADING SAMPLES IN AN ANALYZER - What is disclosed are methods and apparatus for loading or removing samples for testing. The apparatus comprises a sample disk body for holding a sample for testing, a sample disk lid configured to cover at least a part of the sample disk body and comprising a fixed lid which is fixedly attached to the sample disk body and a movable gate which is movable relatively to the fixed lid, and a locking mechanism to lock the movable gate into a closed position. The opening and closing of the movable gate is controlled by the locking mechanism to prevent inadvertent opening of the sample lid while the sample disk is operating.11-11-2010
20110262262Tray Device - A tray device suitable for being used on a seat backrest where the tray device has a platform, a mounting member for securing the platform to the seat backrest, a lateral mounting member, a receptacle, a portable member that allows for the platform to be transported, a platform stabilization member, and a storage member.10-27-2011
20100284778Transport Container for Nuclear Fuel Assembly and Method of Transporting a Nuclear Fuel Assembly - A container for a non-irradiated nuclear fuel assembly including a single casing for receiving at least one nuclear fuel assembly, the casing being formed from an elongate tubular shell, the shell including a metallic internal layer delimiting at least one individual housing for receiving a nuclear fuel assembly, and a metallic external layer surrounding the internal layer, the shell being filled between its internal layer and its external layer, and from lids for closing the or each housing at the longitudinal ends of the shell.11-11-2010
20110262263Lifting Device and Method for Concrete Elements - A lifting device (10-27-2011
20110262261Device & Method for Moving a Load From a First Height to a Second Height - The embodiments of the invention are directed to a device and method for moving a load from a first height at a first location to a second height at a second location. The device includes a platform having a top surface and a bottom surface, and opposed guide members extending from the bottom surface of the platform and oriented along and parallel to the length of the platform. The device further includes a support member slidably engaged with the guide members, the support member capable of extending beyond the length of the platform or retracting beneath the platform. The device further includes a lift assembly having a frame and a controller. The frame is pivotably secured to the lower surface of the support member. The frame has a pair of parallel, opposed, leg assemblies where the height of the leg assembly is adjustable, and the controller controls the height of the leg assemblies.10-27-2011
20110052366Device And Method For Secure Control Of A Manipulator - A method according to the invention for controlling a manipulator, in particular a robot (03-03-2011
20110052365DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PICKING UP OPTICAL ELEMENTS - A device capable of picking up optical elements includes a first suction member, a second suction member, a vacuum pump unit and a liquid spraying unit. The first suction member defines a chamber. The second suction member is arranged around the first suction member to form an annular space. The vacuum pump unit pumps the air out of the chamber and the annular space to create a vacuum therein, which generates a suction force to suck the optical elements respectively. The liquid spraying unit communicates with the chamber and the annular space, and pours the liquids into the chamber and the annular space. When the liquid volatilizes in the chamber and the annular space to fill the vacuum, the optical elements disengage from the first suction member and the second suction member respectively.03-03-2011
20110052364apparatus and method for handling railway rails - An apparatus for handling railway track components has a self-propelled vehicle with ground-engaging rolling means spaced either side of a working space and a load-bearing platform adapted for spanning the working space so as to support a part of a load being transported using the self-propelled vehicle.03-03-2011
20100239407SUCTION PLATE OR BOWL HOLDER - A plate holder can include: a skirt having a top member and one or more side walls forming a cavity therebetween when the one or more side walls are resting on a substrate with the top member oriented away from the substrate; a base coupled with the skirt and located within the cavity, the base having one or more top suction device receptacles and one or more bottom suction device receptacles; one or more top suction devices coupled with the one or more top suction device receptacles such that the top suction device is oriented away from the substrate; and one or more bottom suction devices coupled with the one or more top suction device receptacles such that the bottom suction device is oriented toward the substrate.09-23-2010
20100329834Low Friction apparatus(LFA) - An apparatus and method for creating and utilizing a low friction structure is provided. The low friction apparatus (LFA) of the present embodiments allow for moving a load across a work surface with minimal effort. The LFA provides for easier movement over a transport surface area, wherein the impact of a large bearing area is minimized using minimal friction. The LFA is further adapted to greatly reduce the frictional force between a load and a work surface thereby allowing low surface stress on a work surface combined with ease of movement. In addition, the LFA provides low friction and subsequent ease of motion even while turning or moving sideways since its characteristics are non directional.12-30-2010
20110142590MODULAR HEAVY LIFT SYSTEM - A single heavy lift system is made of modular units, each of which has a pair of supporting legs carrying a transverse beam therebetween. The beam is engaged to the supporting legs through jackup units that allow the transverse beams of several modular units move in unison and thus increase lifting capacity of the system. The modular units can be formed as modular, self-propelled units, transported to the site, where the lifting task is to be performed if necessary. The system can be positioned in a dry dock or offshore.06-16-2011
20110135438SEMI TRAILER DOLLY - A dolly is disclosed for a semi-trailer that has a compromised structure due to a load shift or an accident. The semi-trailer dolly can also be used to extricate a semi-trailer stuck under a bridge without damaging the wheels or tires of the semi-trailer. In accordance with an important aspect of the present invention, the dolly is configured to provide transverse support of a semi-trailer in an area between the rear axles of the semi-trailer and the front of the semi-trailer. More particularly, the dolly is configured to provide a uniform transverse lifting force to a semi-trailer in an area between the rear axles of a semi-trailer and the front of a semi-trailer where a structural failure of the semi-trailer is likely to occur. The semi-trailer dolly includes a removable saddle and a wheeled cart that includes lifting mechanisms. The removable saddle can be removed from the wheeled cart and positioned under the trailer. Tow truck boom winches connected to opposite sides of the saddle can then be used to lift the saddle and thus the trailer to enable the wheeled cart to be put in position under the saddle. Once the wheeled cart is positioned under the saddle, adjustable lifting mechanisms on the wheeled cart enable the height of the saddle to be varied. The lifting mechanisms are then used to level the floor of the semi-trailer and provide support for the floor of the semi-trailer 06-09-2011
20090202333ELECTRONIC COMPONENT PICKUP METHOD, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING METHOD AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - This invention intends to provide an electronic component pick-up method, an electronic component loading method and an electronic component loading apparatus which are08-13-2009
20100158660Thermoelectric Device Based Mobile Freezer/Heater - A heating and cooling system is connected to a mobile food carrying cart comprising at least one shelf and one or more thermoelectric devices.06-24-2010
20100196135FLAT SURFACE AIR BEARING ASSEMBLY - An air bearing assembly includes: an upper portion having a plurality of air supply and vacuum holes therethrough; a lower portion; and a plurality of spacers disposed between and maintaining the upper and lower portions in spaced relation, wherein a density of the air supply and vacuum holes is high enough to provide an air bearing for a substrate, but low enough such that at least one of: (i) a sufficient number of the spacers are employed, and (ii) the spacers are located in close enough proximity, to maintain a substantially uniform flatness of the upper portion relative to the lower portion.08-05-2010
20110188983Rail Car And Method For Transport Of Bulk Materials - Disclosed are a method and an assembly for balk transport. An inflatable bladder is inserted into a container and disposed proximal and above a gravity-fed aperture. The container may be, for instance, a hopper rail car. A bulk material then is introduced into the container, the bulk material being, for instance, a grain-based material such as corn gluten feed. The bladder is positioned and preferably secured laterally with respect to the aperture to impede access to the aperture by the bulk material. When the container has reached the transport destination, the bladder is deflated. If the bulk material has set up during transport, access to the aperture nonetheless will have been maintained.08-04-2011
20110164955PROCESSING CHAMBER WITH TRANSLATING WEAR PLATE FOR LIFT PIN - Embodiments of a method and apparatus for processing large area substrates including a translational wear plate and/or bushing assembly are provided for reducing the stress on a lift pin used to space substrates from a substrate support in a processing or other type of chamber. In another embodiment, an apparatus for processing substrates includes processing chamber comprising a substrate support disposed in a chamber body. A bushing assembly is disposed in the substrate support. A lift pin is disposed through the bushing assembly. A wear plate is provided that is coupled to the chamber body and aligned with the lift pin. The wear plate is movable laterally relative to a centerline of the chamber body to accommodate lateral motion of the lift pin when contacting the wear plate.07-07-2011
20100021279Pick up device with telescoping tube - This invention provides hand operated portable adjustable length devices for grasping and manipulation of objects as well as methods of their use.01-28-2010
20120099959TABLE TENNIS BALL COLLECTOR AND DISPENSER - A table tennis ball collector and dispenser collects and secures table tennis balls with minimal effort. The collector may comprise a frame supporting one or more cross members arranged to allow one or more table tennis balls to enter therebetween. A tubular elastic sleeve having open receiving and dispensing ends may be attached to the frame to capture table tennis balls that advance beyond the cross members. The sleeve may taper towards its dispensing end to secure the table tennis balls within. Individual or multiple collected table tennis balls may be dispensed by applying force to push the table tennis balls out of the dispensing end of the sleeve. A handle extending from the frame allows the user to position the frame 04-26-2012
20110038703Fill-a box - The invention Fill-A-Box is a specific process that through it's execution, keeps (HHW)(HW) from reaching the landfill. The Fill-A-Box process establishes a new standard in collecting, sorting, weighing, and categorizing data from the individuals households or residences. The collecting element of Fill-A-Box provides for the pick-up of: Plastics, Glass, Paper, Unused/Unneeded Pharmaceuticals, Cardboard, Aluminum, Batteries, and Electronic waste. Fill-A-Box has a compartmentalized design, allowing for user friendly placement of products. Upon curbside pick-up of Fill-A-Box, it is scanned and weighed. Once reaching the operations center, each compartment is counted then weighed. Finally all the data that has been established is sent into a database.02-17-2011
20080219828Method for securing saddlemount to vehicle - A method for transporting vehicles is disclosed. The method uses inner or outer securing plates, or both, in cooperation with frame rails of a towing vehicle to secure a towing device to the towing vehicle. Towing vehicles typically include a frame that is made from strong robust channels on both sides of the towing vehicle. The securing plates generally have a right-angle bend in order to butt up against a web or a flange of the channels. This prevents inner or outer movement of the securing plates and allows users to secure a towing saddle and its load without using extended U-bolts around the channels.09-11-2008
20110064558Attachment for pallet jack - A pallet jack attachment that is adapted to be coupled to the back support of a standard manual or a battery operated lift that has the ability to lift objects off the floor from a lifting range of zero inches to any desirable height. The attachment supports the back of any container.03-17-2011
20110318159Arrangement for Lifting a Tower Wall Portion of a Wind Turbine and Method for Lifting a Tower Wall Portion of a Wind Turbine - An arrangement for lifting a tower wall portion of a wind turbine is provided. The arrangement includes a bar, a first holding member and a second holding member. The bar is connectable to a coupling element of a lift. The first and second holding members have respective first and second engagement portions adapted for engaging the tower wall portion at a first position and a second position respectively, the first position being different from the second position. The first and second holding members are releasably lockable at the bar such that the first engagement portion and the second engagement portion are a first distance away from each other. The first and second holding members are also releasably lockable at the bar such that the first engagement portion and the second engagement portion are a second distance away from each other, the second distance being different from the first distance.12-29-2011
20130011236Pipeline Pig Storage Rack Apparatus - A pipeline pig support rack apparatus includes a frame having a plurality of supports mounted thereon, each extending upwardly from the frame. Each pipeline pig support includes clamps that are comprised of first and second u-shaped members that are attached with a hinge. A bolted connection opposite the hinge is provided for holding the u-shaped members together in a closed position when securing a pipeline pig. Lifting eyes on the frame are provided for enabling the frame, its pig supports and any contained pipeline pigs to be lifted as a unit. A basket receptacle optionally is provided that receives the frame. The frame and basket receptacle are each independently liftable. The basket receptacle prevents spillage of hazardous materials that might be residing upon the pigs after they have been used to clean a particular pipeline.01-10-2013
20120009054Railroad Freight Car Loading Or Unloading - The present invention discloses an apparatus for transporting a container or semi-trailer including: a deck, the deck tilted at an angle; a dolly located below a rear section of the deck; a landing gear located below a mid-section of the deck; a jack located below a front section of the deck; a rail located below the dolly and the landing gear; and an external propulsion mechanism that is not a locomotive.01-12-2012
20120014775METHOD FOR HOISTING AND LOWERING DEVICE IN ROTOR HEAD OF WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - There is provided a method for hoisting and lowering a device in a rotor head of a wind turbine generator, that can easily perform a device hoisting and lowering operation in the rotor head without an external crane. The method for hoisting and lowering a device in a rotor head includes a step of mounting a temporary winch rail to a rail support portion previously provided in the rotor head, a step of installing a temporary winch on the temporary winch rail, a step of opening a maintenance hatch provided in the rotor head, and a step of hoisting and lowering a replacement device to be attached or removed in the rotor head through a hoisting and lowering opening in the maintenance hatch by the temporary winch.01-19-2012
20120301263AIRCRAFT MOVING DEVICE - A tow apparatus for moving an aircraft comprising a frame, a drive member, a contact wheel configured to engage with a nosewheel tire of an aircraft, a transmission portion, a shaft engageable with a nosewheel tire of an aircraft, and a torque arm rotatably supported by the frame. The transmission portion can be configured such that the drive wheels transfer and increase a rotational force produced by the drive member to the contact wheel. The shaft can be movable between a first position and a second position relative to the contact wheel so as to bring the contact wheel into contact with the nosewheel of the aircraft. The torque arm can substantially prevent the rotation of the tow apparatus relative to the nosewheel assembly of the aircraft when the torque arm is engaged with the nosewheel assembly of the aircraft. The drive member can have a portable power source.11-29-2012
20120156002CONSTANT-TEMPERATURE STORAGE CONTAINER AND TRANSPORTATION METHOD - Disclosed is a container that is capable of maintaining articles requiring thermal management at a prescribed temperature without being influenced by the outside air temperature, and that is capable of storing and transporting the articles. The constant-temperature storage container is equipped with a heat-insulating box, and two or more types of cold-storing materials or heat-storing materials disposed therein; has a latent-heat first cold-storing or heat-storing material (a) disposed in a solid state adjacent to an article being kept cool or warm, and a latent-heat second cold-storing or heat-storing material (b) disposed in a molten state on the exterior of the first cold-storing or heat-storing material (a); and the solidifying and melting temperature of the first cold-storing or heat-storing material (a) exceeds 0° C. The constant-temperature storage container is capable of maintaining the article being kept cool or warm in an arbitrary temperature range exceeding 0° C. for long periods of time.06-21-2012
20120027557METHOD AND ELECTROSTATIC TRANSFER STAMP FOR TRANSFERRING SEMICONDUCTOR DICE USING ELECTROSTATIC TRANSFER PRINTING TECHNIQUES - A transfer stamp that can be charged with a spatial pattern of electrostatic charge for picking up selected semiconductor dice from a host substrate and transferring them to a target substrate. The stamp may be bulk charged and then selectively discharged using irradiation through a patterned mask. The technique may also be used to electrostatically transfer selected semiconductor dice from a host substrate to a target substrate.02-02-2012
20100247281Double Offset Caster System - A double offset caster system uses two sets of rotatable offsets relative to one another so that the caster can move relative to the load. The offset changes in order to change the relative offset between the caster position and the load.09-30-2010
20120171008GRIPPING HEAD AND A METHOD OF TRANSFERRING A NUMBER OF PACKAGES - The present invention concerns a gripping head for packages of a wedge-like form. The invention also concerns a method of gripping a group of packages and transferring them into a box. The gripping head has side steering plates and pressure finger plates on two opposite sides. At one end of the gripping head a stop plate is arranged between the side steering plates and the pressure finger plates, while the opposite end is open. The side steering plates each has a number of steering plates and fingers of the pressure finger plates are placed on either side of the steering plates, which fingers are received in notches of the side steering plate. The fingers have folded lower ends. The side steering plates and the pressure finger plates are arranged mutually moveable bringing the folded lower ends of the fingers into and out of a position below the side steering plates.07-05-2012
20120315124Hose Retention Apparatus and Method Thereof - A hose retention apparatus and method of retaining a hose is provided. The hose retention apparatus includes a hose holding structure having an interior portion sized to hold a cross-sectional area of a hose without contacting a fluid path within the hose. A substantially rigid connecting member has a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is connected to the hose holding portion. A handle is secured to the second end of the substantially rigid connecting member.12-13-2012
20120134771Apparatus and method for side by side couplable pallets and carts - A pallet or cart which can be coupled to a similar pallet or cart in a side by side relationship is disclosed. The pallet or cart, at its one or right side, has coupling means at the top and bottom, which cooperate with associated coupling means on the top and bottom of the opposite or left side of an adjacent pallet or cart. The coupling means and associated coupling means can be connected to connect the two pallets or carts together to make them capable of being moved together, and even be lifted together by a standard lift truck or fork lift or a standard pallet jack. The coupling means are also releasable so that, when necessary, each pallet or cart may be used as would be a single pallet or cart. The pallet or cart may have one or more foldable shelves therein.05-31-2012
20120171006MODULE SUPPLY CHAIN - A system and method of fabricating and assembling of large-sized modules remote from a heavy industrial hydrocarbon processing plant site, and overland transportation thereof to the plant site. The method may rely on a computer-based heavy-haul transportation logistics system.07-05-2012
20100021280STORAGE AND TRANSFER OF ORGANIC NANOFIBERS - The present invention relates to a method of transferring nanofibres from a template substrate (01-28-2010
20100008754A METHOD OF SYNCHRONIZING A PICKUP OF A HANDLING DEVICE, A COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM AND A CONTROL DEVICE - A method of synchronizing a pickup of a handling device, a computer readable medium and a control device are disclosed. During movement, a pickup of a multi-axis handling device is synchronized with an object to be picked up which is carried along by a conveyor device. Furthermore, the pickup is synchronized with a moving conveyor device in order to put the object down onto the conveyor device. The pickup is synchronized along a computationally-determined polynomial path of at least the 301-14-2010
20100008753Aerial grapple apparatus and method for handling loose material - A grapple, designed to grab, ferry, and dump loads of loose material such as mulch, comprising left and right frame members and finger assemblies with specially adapted curved fingers. Load arms connect the grapple to a supporting means, typically a helicopter, and also serve as anchors for finger cables and connecting arms cooperating with the finger assemblies to open and close the grapple. The method of grabbing prominently features using the shape of the fingers and the weight of the grapple and load to penetrate into and under the load. A latching mechanism cooperating with the connecting arms ensures stable ferrying until the remote operator, generally the helicopter pilot, activates an electrical control switch to release the latch and dump the load.01-14-2010
20100003120DRILLING RIG - A bolting apparatus and method for inserting a rod into a surface, the bolting apparatus including a base having a foot end and a head end, at least one stabilizing rod extendable from the base head end and having a stabilizing rod end adapted to contact a surface to be drilled, and a mechanism attached to the base between the base foot end and the stabilizing rod end and adapted to grip the rod.01-07-2010
20120263569SUBSTRATE HOLDERS AND METHODS OF SUBSTRATE MOUNTING - A substrate holder for holding a semiconductor substrate for processing in a molecular beam epitaxy system, the substrate including a front side, an opposite backside for epitaxial growth, and an outer edge extending between the front side and the backside, the substrate holder including a body comprising a central opening extending from a backside to a top side of the body, an inner ring surrounding the central opening, and a substrate support lip extending from the inner ring into the central opening, and at least one tensioning device operatively attached to the body and including a cam member and a spring in contact with a portion of the cam member, wherein the spring has a elongated portion and at least two contact portions extending from opposite ends of the elongated portion for contacting the outer edge of the substrate.10-18-2012
20120263570DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR LIFTING A MOTOR VEHICLE - A preferred embodiment of a system includes a lifting device for lifting a motor vehicle, a support structure for mounting the lifting device in a pit, and a carriage for supporting the lifting device from the support structure and being movable within the support structure. The system also includes a cover coupled to opposite sides of the carriage so that the cover extends away from the carriage and continuously between the opposite sides of the carriage.10-18-2012
20120230807AUTOMATED OBJECT MANIPULATION SYSTEM - An apparatus of an automated object manipulation system includes a support base; a finger assembly mechanically coupled to the support base; a first drive unit operable to rotate the finger assembly about a first axis; a second drive unit operable to rotate the finger assembly about a second axis; a third drive unit operable to rotate the finger assembly about a third axis, and a processor capable of conducting a profile assessment; determining a manipulation program in response to the profile assessment; and controlling the finger assembly in response to the manipulation program where the finger assembly has a support bracket with a set of parallel jaws and the support bracket is mechanically coupled to the first drive unit, a linking bracket mechanically coupled to the second drive unit and a circular frame mechanically coupled to the finger assembly and the third drive unit.09-13-2012
20120230806Hearing aid battery handler - An apparatus, kit or methods for improved handling of hearing aid batteries. The apparatus has a handle with a handle portion grasped by a user and a first end portion over which a nose piece is connected to capture at least one magnet therebetween. The nose piece which is preferably of a plastic contacts the hearing aid battery and provides a modified magnetic flux and easily slidable surface for easier handling of the hearing aid battery. The nose piece can be provided with apertures to adjust the magnetic flux applied to the hearing aid battery. The kit includes the apparatus therein and can also include extra batteries.09-13-2012
20100232925AUTO HOOK-UP DEVICE FOR DISABLED VEHICLES - An auto-latch mechanism enabling a towing vehicle to hook-up and tow-away a disabled vehicle without the need for either operator of the vehicles to exit their interior. In a preferred embodiment, the auto-latch mechanism includes opposing guide plates and a plunger pin with a distal portion movable to a location between the plates. When a connecting portion of the disabled vehicle is positioned between the opposing plates, the plunger pin may be engaged to the connecting portion, to thereby accomplish hook-up of the disabled vehicle to the towing vehicle. A method for using the auto-latch mechanism is also disclosed and claimed.09-16-2010
20120321430MAGNETICALLY COUPLED THIN-WAFER HANDLING SYSTEM - The present invention describes a method of and an apparatus for including: separating magnets and corresponding target plates; separating a lower support assembly from an upper retainer assembly of a thin-wafer handling system; and inserting or removing a thin wafer from the thin-wafer handling system.12-20-2012
20110268553ANIMAL HAULING DEVICE - This invention relates to an animal hunting device which may be adjustably secured and removed to a head of a fallen game animal to facilitate movement of the animal. The device includes a head belt which forms at least one handle and wraps around the animal head, generally between the antlers and ears, to adjustably secure the animal head. The device further includes a muzzle belt which wraps around the animal muzzle, generally around the nose or muzzle of the animal, to adjustably secure the animal muzzle. Secured on the handle is a connector which is slidable about the handle. The connector may be attached to a vehicle to facilitate mechanical transportation of the animal, while the handle facilitates manual transportation of the animal. This invention may also incorporate a strap element or a measurement component.11-03-2011
20120282076CASKET HANDLING SYSTEM - A multi-tiered casket handling system is configured to preferably be placed in a vehicle. Because the casket handling system admits to adjustability in its mounting, a wide range of vehicles can be used. Further, because the casket handling system has a system for tilting the rear upper tier and powered movement of caskets, the system is capable of handling greater numbers of caskets than is possible with conventional systems, thereby taking full advantage of larger vehicles.11-08-2012
20130017055APPARATUS CONFIGURED TO MANIPULATE A TARPAULINAANM Vieira; Michael C.AACI Fall RiverAAST MAAACO USAAGP Vieira; Michael C. Fall River MA USAANM Adamson; JamesAACI NorwellAAST MAAACO USAAGP Adamson; James Norwell MA US - Disclosed herein are embodiments of an apparatus for use in securing or transporting a tarpaulin or other sheet of material. The apparatus may include a body, a securing device configured to secure the apparatus to the ground, a connecting member mechanically coupling the securing device to the body, a handle mechanically coupled to the body, and a joining device configured to removably join the apparatus to an object.01-17-2013
20130017056Cap-Linked Test Strip Carrier for Vial Augmentation - The present disclosure provides test strip carriers for insertion into test strip vials and methods of making the same. Also provided are test strip vials including test strip carriers, and systems including test strip vials, test strip carriers and analytical test strips. The test strip carriers of the present disclosure are capable of engaging with the caps of test strip vials and thereby facilitating the retrieval of one or more test strips from the test strip vials upon opening of the test strip vials.01-17-2013
20110158783LADDER SYSTEM - A ladder system is provided for facilitating access through a confined opening. The system includes a support arrangement having a first bar. The first bar may be positioned on a surface adjacent an opening. A removable ladder support cradle, including a pair of ladder supports, is coupled to the first bar. A ladder is removably coupled to the support cradle within the opening.06-30-2011
20130022440HITCH-MOUNTABLE BICYCLE CARRIER - A bicycle rack for carrying bicycles behind a vehicle includes a tongue configured for connection to a vehicle hitch. A base portion includes wheel trays for supporting the wheels of a bicycle in cooperation with a slidable hook for contacting the top tube of a bicycle.01-24-2013
20130170939DOUBLE DRUM TRACTION WINCH - The invention relates to a double drum traction winch supporting a fist and second rotatable drum. The circumferential surface of each drum is provided with circumferential grooves perpendicular to the rotational axis of the drum. The grooves of each drum are subdivided in a first set of grooves for guiding a first wire and a second set of grooves for guiding a second wire. The grooves of the first set alternate with grooves of the second set such that the circumferential surface of each drum is provided with multiple grooves of the first group, each interpositioned between two grooves of the second group. Therefore the traction winch is capable of cooperating with a first wire in the first set of grooves or with a second wire in the second set of grooves, wherein both wires differ in type of material and/or cross section and/or maximum tensile strength.07-04-2013
20130170940TREE ROPER DEVICE AND METHOD - The present disclosure to a tree roper device for placement of a line about a designated portion of a tree. The tree roper device includes an elongated pole assembly having a first end and a second end. At least one pole bracket is configured to attach to the tree and operably connected to the elongated pole assembly such that the elongated pole assembly is movable relative to the tree. A rest bar is attached to the elongated pole assembly adjacent the second end thereof and a line having a line length with a first, proximal end and a second, distal end is operably attached to a weight. The line is selectively supported on the rest bar such that movement of the elongated pole assembly positions the line and the weight in a predetermined position relative to the tree.07-04-2013
20130170938APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ASSISTING THE RETRIEVAL OF IDENTIFICATION OR CREDIT CARDS FROM A WALLET - An apparatus and method for locating and removing a card such as an identification, membership, or banking card from a wallet, purse, or other card holding device. The apparatus includes a flat thin member with a gripping terminus at a first distal end and a coupling implement at a second distal end. The coupling implement is capable of coupling with a card. When coupled to a card that is inserted into the pocket or sleeve of a card holding device the gripping terminus is visible beyond the edge of the card and serves as both a visible indicant of the location of the particular card and an ergonomic and convenient point to grasp and pull to extract the card from the pocket or sleeve.07-04-2013
20110274532AUXILIARY DEVICE, ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD IN CARGO HANDLING - The invention relates to an auxiliary device in cargo handling. The auxiliary device is a strip, which is arranged on a base under a load. In the strip there are protrusions extending in one direction, in order both to separate the load from the base and to increase friction between the base and the load, in order to move the load by pulling on the strips. The invention also relates to an arrangement and a method in cargo handling.11-10-2011
20110274531APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LIFTING AND MOVING MERCHANDISE GONDOLAS - Apparatus and method for lifting and moving a merchandise gondola that includes a plurality of lift units, each lift unit including a substantially vertical first member, a substantially vertical second member, a substantially horizontal third member removably connected to the first member and removably connected to the second member, a gondola-coupling device centrally located on the third member and configured to couple to a top surface of a merchandise gondola, and a mechanical-lift mechanism operatively coupled to the lift unit and configured to lift the gondola-coupling device in a vertical direction relative to the third member, wherein the mechanical-lift mechanism includes a rotary assembly coupled to the lift unit and configured to provide a two-way mechanically advantaged connection to the gondola-coupling device from the first member and configured to be actuated to lift the gondola-coupling device while the first member and the second member remain substantially vertical.11-10-2011
20130183133CABLE GUIDING IN A WIND TURBINE TOWER - A cable guiding system is disclosed for a cable. The cable guiding system defines a passageway for the cable and comprises an arresting assembly which in operation provides a resistance in a first direction to a movement of the cable inside the passageway while allowing for a movement of the cable in a second (opposite) direction. It further comprises an interface for fixing the cable guiding system to a tower of a wind turbine. Disclosed is a method for lifting a cable upwards in a wind turbine tower assembly.07-18-2013
20120251289Cargo Delivery System and Method - Disclosed is an improved system and method for delivering and backhauling cargo to and from a destination. The present invention generally comprises a first and second truck that are in an outbound configuration to deliver a cargo to at least one location. The first and second truck each have at least one flatbed section. After the cargo has been delivered, the first and second truck assume a return configuration wherein the second truck and second truck flatbed is stored on and secured to the at least one flatbed section of the first truck for a backhaul destination for the second truck. It is important to note that no portion of the second truck and second truck flatbed section in the return configuration is in contact with the ground, they are only in contact with the first truck flatbed section.10-04-2012
20110268552Conforming Paper Tray Plate for Large Format Papers Having Attached ID Cards - This is a stacking tray especially useful in a paper marking system. When papers containing an ID or credit card attached are stacked, an uneven stack results where the card portion is thicker than the paper without the card. This presents a difficult situation for moving the stack onto a transport to a printer or other stations. To correct this uneven or thicker stack from hindering paper feed, two paper plate supports are provided, one a vertically movable plate and the other a fixed plate support. The ID card or credit card portion of the paper is always loaded onto the vertically movable plate thereby providing a substantially flat top stack for easy movement of the sheets from the stack.11-03-2011
20130094935Merchandising Grapple - A merchandising grapple is disclosed for removing retail items such as beverage cans, bottles, boxes, and the like from shipping containers in groups and placing them in groups on display shelves within a retail establishment. The grapple has spaced features that receive and hold the items in groups of several items and may have a handle for gripping the grapple and a slip joint for adjusting a width of the grapple. A method includes stocking display shelves by removing items in groups from shipping containers and placing them in groups on display shelves.04-18-2013
20130101381WEIGHT RELIEF TRANSPORTATION APPARATUS FOR CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT - A transportation system for transporting construction equipment that rides on a driven element during ordinary operation. The transportation system relieves a portion or all of the operational weight of the construction equipment from the driven element during transportation of the construction equipment. The transportation system includes a frame, upwardly extending supports that support a chassis of the construction equipment, and a lifting device interface for loading and unloading the transportation system with respect to a vehicle or trailer for transporting the construction equipment.04-25-2013
20130101383PORTABLE NON-MOTORIZED AUTOMATIC LIFT AND TRANSPORT APPARATUS FOR SMALL VEHICLES - A portable, non-motorized automatic lift and transport apparatus allows users to lift and transport a small, powered vehicle with minimal physical exertion and without the need for secondary power source. The apparatus is comprised of a base and platform connected to a gear housing. The gear housing telescopically engages and moves vertically within a vehicle mount via a gear system. The drive wheels of the small, powered vehicle to be transported power the gear system attached to the gear housing to rotate the gear system and subsequently lift the to-be-transported vehicle using its own power source. A storage position is provided that can be used without disengaging a transmission. An alternate embodiment incorporates a worm gear and chain drive.04-25-2013
20130101382PROCESSING MACHINE SYSTEM AND METHOD OF POSITIONING PROCESSING MACHINES - At least three processing machines are positioned on a supporting structure including a plurality of beams spaced apart from each other. The at least three processing machines include a first processing machine, a second processing machine supported by at least one of beams which support the first processing machine, and a third processing machine supported by beams different from all the beams which support the first processing machine. A distance between the first processing machine and the second processing machine, at which an amount of vibration transferred from the first processing machine to the second processing machine becomes smaller than a predetermined amount, is determined, thereby positioning the first processing machine and the second processing machine with a distance not less than the determined distance.04-25-2013
20130129464ZONED ACTIVATION MANUFACTURING VACUUM TOOL - Aspects relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for a zoned vacuum tool comprised of independently operable vacuum sources provided a vacuum force to segregated zones. A vacuum force is generated in connection with a first zone independently of an activation or deactivation of vacuum force generation associated with a second zone. Therefore, a single vacuum tool can selectively apply a vacuum force to material portions, which allows for control as to which material portions are manipulated by the vacuum tool.05-23-2013
20130129465ELECTROCONDUCTIVE LAYER-TRANSFERRING MATERIAL AND TOUCH PANEL - An electroconductive layer-transferring material including: a base material; a cushion layer on the base material; and an electroconductive layer on the cushion layer, the electroconductive layer containing metal nanowires having an average minor axis length of 100 nm or less and an average major axis length of 2 μm or more, wherein the electroconductive layer-transferring material satisfies A/B=0.1 to 0.7, where A is a total thickness of an average thickness of the electroconductive layer and an average thickness of the cushion layer, and B is an average thickness of the base material, wherein the average thickness of the electroconductive layer is 0.01 μm to 0.2 μm, and wherein the average thickness of the cushion layer is 1 μm to 50 μm.05-23-2013
20130121800PALLET-DOLLY - A pallet-dolly device convertible between a pallet and a dolly has a deck to which a set of dolly wheels are attached at a fixed height below the deck. A set of movable pallet skids are mechanically interlinked with the deck by a bistable skid displacement mechanism which assumes a first state biasing the pallet skids upwards towards a skid raised position and a second state in which the bistable skid displacement mechanism biases the pallet skids downwards towards a skid lowered position. Also described are embodiments allowing conversion from dolly to pallet by directly pressing downwards on a skid, and provision of a braked-dolly state through downward pressure of the skid against the ground and/or a skid-actuated wheel brake.05-16-2013
20130142612WHEEL-LESS PORTABLE SECURITY SYSTEM AND DEPLOYMENT THEREOF - Methods and apparatus for easy and efficient loading, transporting, unloading, and deployment of one or more mobile security systems are provided, as well as the security systems themselves. For some embodiments, the security systems may have rails that may be engaged with the forks of a forklift, such that the systems may be easily and quickly loaded on or unloaded from a vehicle for transportation of multiple systems. The vehicle may also be fitted with one or more docking devices, such that the security systems may be inserted into the docking devices and quickly secured in place without straps or chains. In this manner, multiple systems may be easily and efficiently delivered to and/or picked up from one or more sites when compared to conventional one-system-at-a-time deployment methods.06-06-2013
20100278627CASSETTE AND EMBEDDING ASSEMBLY FOR HANDLING AND HOLDING TISSUE SAMPLES DURING PROCESSING, EMBEDDING AND MICROTOME PROCEDURES, STAGING DEVICES THEREFOR, AND METHODS THEREFOR - The disclosure relates to a cassette, frame and mold for holding a tissue sample during an embedding and mircotoming process, and related methods. The cassette is sectionable in a microtome and includes a body with a bottom wall and a plurality of side walls. First and second side walls are generally V-shaped to present an apex of the “V” to the microtome blade. A lid of the cassette is stiffer than the bottom wall of the cassette to assist with positioning the tissue sample. The side walls of the cassette are perforated so as to significantly reduce the amount of cassette material that must be cut by the microtome blade. In one embodiment, to additionally reduce blade wear the ribs on one side wall are offset lengthwise relative to the ribs on an opposite side wall. An upper flange of the cassette includes depressions configured to register with detents in the frame.11-04-2010
20130156538ROTATION DEVICE FOR LOAD TRANSPORTING APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a load transporting apparatus that is capable of being steered while transporting a load across a base surface. In particular, the load transporting apparatus includes a roller track configured to support movement of a roller assembly, and a support foot that is connected to the roller track with a pin connector. During load transport, the support foot can be maintained in a substantially similar position relative to a frame structure supporting the load even when the transport movement is not in a parallel direction to the orientation of the support foot.06-20-2013
20110223002Method for handling welding gas bottles - The method of landing a welding gas bottle in a predetermined location on a support tray on a welding machine by providing a non-supporting area between two supporting areas and a having a hand truck which provides a welding gas bottle support which will fit between the supporting areas and allows the hand truck support to pass between the support areas of the support tray and thereby transfering the support of the welding gas bottle from the hand truck to the support tray by a pivoting of the handle of the hand truck.09-15-2011
20110236173System, apparatus, and method for supporting a vehicle for underbody servicing - A system for supporting vehicles above a ground surface to provide access to an underbody, includes four vertical supports each having a vertical support member. A first elongated beam member has a central portion configured for connecting to a vehicle frame front part, the first beam member having opposed ends. A second elongated beam member has a central portion configured for connecting to a vehicle frame rear part, the second beam member having opposed end portions. The first beam central portion includes means for releasably attaching the first beam member to the towing/tie-down structure on the vehicle frame front part, and the second beam member central portion includes means for releasably attaching the second beam member to the towing/tie down structure on the vehicle frame rear part. Each of the first beam member opposed ends and the second beam member opposed ends is configured with a recess to releasably receive a respective support member to restrain relative movement among all the support members in a horizontal plane.09-29-2011
20120275896ROLL-IN PUSH CART - Embodiments of a roll-in push cot may comprise a support frame comprising a pair of lateral sides extending between a front end and a rear end, and a pair of slidable tracks disposed in the lateral sides; a pair of leading legs and a pair of trailing legs pivotally connected to the support frame; a front carriage member slidingly disposed within the pair of slidable tracks at the front end of the support frame, and a mechanical loading system coupled to the support frame and connecting the pair of leading legs with the pair of trailing legs, wherein the mechanical loading system comprises a front actuator disposed on the support frame in the motion path defined by the front carriage member, such that movement of the front carriage member triggers the front actuator and thereby initiates the release of the trailing legs.11-01-2012
20130156537CARRIER AND SUBSTRATE UNLOADING METHOD USING THE SAME - A carrier and a substrate unloading method using the same are provided. The carrier comprises a bottom board, a rim and a stop board. The bottom board is for carrying a substrate. The rim is disposed on a periphery of the bottom board. The rim has at least one opening. The stop board is disposed on the rim. One end of the stop board is pivotally connected to the rim, and the other end of the stop board is rotated to the outside or the inside of the rim.06-20-2013
20120282075STORAGE TRAY POPULATOR AND METHOD FOR POPULATING A STORAGE TRAY WITH A PLURALITY OF BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE CONTAINERS - A storage tray populator configured to populate a storage rack with a plurality of biological sample containers is provided. The storage tray populator may include a randomizer configured to receive the biological sample containers and randomly distribute the biological sample containers. Further, a transport apparatus may transport the biological sample containers from the randomizer to the storage rack. Additionally, a controller may control at least the transport apparatus. Thereby storage trays may be populated, and access to a desired biological sample may be improved. Methods for populating storage racks with a plurality of biological sample containers are also provided.11-08-2012
20130156539ALIGNMENT RESTORATION DEVICE FOR LOAD TRANSPORTING APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a load transporting apparatus that automatically aligns a support foot of the apparatus with a load-bearing frame connected to the load transporting apparatus during a recovery phase of an incremental walking movement. In particular, the load transporting apparatus includes a linking device attached to a support foot of the apparatus and a biasing device connected to the linking device that is deflected during non-linear load transporting movements, where the biasing device acts to automatically return the support foot to an aligned position relative to the load-bearing frame after a non-linear movement has been completed and the support foot is raised above a ground surface.06-20-2013
20110311345HIGH ROLL DENSITY FIBROUS STRUCTURES - A roll of fibrous structure. The fibrous structure can be embossed and have a basis weight of less than about 45 pounds per 3000 square feet. The roll can have a roll diameter greater than about 6.5 inches and a roll density of greater than about 0.09 grams per cubic centimeter. The roll can also have a dispensed to effective caliper ratio of greater than about 1.01.12-22-2011
20130189067TRANSPORTING HEAVY EQUIPMENT - An apparatus is provided and includes a support structure defining recesses for receiving lifting forks and a guide slot having first and second support sections and a platform having a deck configured to stably carry a load and a ramp configured to facilitate removal of the load from the deck. The platform includes a boss, which is movable within the guide slot such that the boss registers with the first support section whereby the platform is supportively disposable in a lowered position and the second support section whereby the platform is supportively disposable in a raised position.07-25-2013
20130189068ANCILLARY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOADING GLASS SUBSTRATES INTO A BRACKET - An ancillary apparatus for loading glass substrates into a bracket through a robotic arm includes a holding rack to hold a bracket, a guiding mechanism located above the bracket and a glass lifting mechanism located below the bracket. The robotic arm grips the glass substrate and moves the glass substrate above the bracket to be guided by the guiding mechanism and held by the glass lifting mechanism, and then the glass substrate is released from the robotic arm. The glass substrate is guided by the guiding mechanism and braced by the glass lifting mechanism, and then is lowered slowly into the bracket. Hence the robotic arm does not need to be entered the bracket to load the glass substrate, extra space to receive the robotic arm can be saved and thus more glass substrates can be loaded. The cost is reduced and productivity is improved to meet production requirements.07-25-2013
20120027561LIFT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING A WIND TURBINE - A lift system and a method for constructing a wind turbine are disclosed. The lift system includes a rotor blade having exterior surfaces defining a pressure side, a suction side, a leading edge, and a trailing edge extending in a generally span-wise direction between a tip and a root. The lift system further includes a lift device including a sling and a quick release device. The sling is coupled to the rotor blade and includes a first end and a second end spaced apart by an intermediate portion. The second end is releasably joined to the first end by the quick release device. The quick release device is operable to release the second end from the first end to uncouple the sling from the rotor blade.02-02-2012
20120027560Bicycle Carrier and Method for Serially Loading Bicycles Thereon - Bicycle carriers and corresponding methods for loading bicycles and/or other wheeled vehicles onto such carriers are provided. In one embodiment, a bicycle carrier includes a support member (e.g., vertical or generally vertical support member), a hitch member, an elongate upper member, and an elongate lower member. The elongate upper member has an elongate body and a free distal end configured for receipt, serially one after another, of a plurality of wheels of a corresponding plurality of bicycles. For each bicycle, adjacent spokes of a bicycle wheel are positioned about the free distal end of the elongate member and the bicycle is moved backward along the elongate body towards the support member. The elongate body is configured to support the weight of the bicycles via contact with the rims of the bicycle wheels. The carrier is configured such that the bicycles hang generally vertically from the elongate body.02-02-2012
20120027559TOOL AND METHOD FOR LIFTING AND DRAGGING HEAVY LOADS - The present document describes a user-operated tool and a method for lifting and dragging a heavy load on a surface. The tool comprises an elongated body having an upper end comprising a grip, a lower end for making contact with the surface in the vicinity of the heavy load, and a flex point located between the upper end and the lower end. The tool comprising a lift and drag member, having a hook member for hooking to the heavy load, connected to the elongated body and is movable about the flex point. The tool comprising a strap reel fixed on the elongated body for winding the strap thereon. In use, the user grips the tool and rotates the elongated member about the lower end and away from the heavy load. The lift and drag member thereby first lifts and then drags the heavy load toward the lower end.02-02-2012
20120027558TIRE STORAGE SYSTEM - A tire storage system includes two spaced apart arrays of tire storage locations. An array of transfer locations is disposed between the two arrays of storage locations. Tires are loaded on and removed from carriages when the carriages are at transfer locations. The carriages are movable from the transfer locations to the storage locations along a path which extends along central axes of tires disposed on the carriages. The carriages may be suspended above a floor. Upper and lower arrays of storage and transfer locations may be provided.02-02-2012

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