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20080279671PAPER PICK WITH MECHANICAL REFERENCE - A picking mechanism may include a mechanical reference system for establishing the approximate number of sheets that will be “picked” from a larger stack each time the picking process occurs. A pick moves toward the stack of paper to insert itself between two sheets of paper at a level in the stack that is determined by the place the pick resides relative to the stack. In the preferred embodiment, the pick resides at said position because it is positioned at a adjustably fixed relationship to a reference member and the reference member rests on the top of the stack of paper when the pick is in a retracted position. Thus, the vertical distance between the reference member (and the top of the stack) and the point (edge) of the pick determines how many sheets will be picked at a time. Once the picking occurs, the user may easily grasp and remove the picked stack for further handling, and, with preferably with a “flick” of the handle or a quick holding of the handle in a position that retracts the pick from the vicinity of the stack, the picking unit is free to move/slide down toward the new, shorter stack so that the reference member again rests on top of the stack, and the process may start all over again.11-13-2008
20120163951BAG TURNING MACHINE AND METHOD - A bag turning machine comprises a frame, a shaft rotatably carried by the frame, a plurality of bag turning members carried by the shaft for receiving and turning a filled and sealed bag, and a brake. The brake resists rotation of the shaft upon receipt by the bag turning members of a filled and sealed bag and, following release by the bag turning members of the bag, arrests rotation of the shaft in a predetermined position for the bag turning members to receive another filled and sealed bag. Each bag is received in an upright position and moving substantially parallel to its width, which is less than its height and greater than its depth, and tipped over onto the bag turning members so that the bag lands on a side edge thereof. Rotating the bag turning members turns the bag to rest on its face while lowering the bag.06-28-2012
20120237329Thin Wafer Gripper Using High Pressure Air - The invention concerns thin wafer handling for solar silicone wafers or other semiconductor thin wafer handling applications, especially after back grind process. The invention performs high speed, mass wafer transfer between varying pitch carriers. Transfers are between various types of wafer carriers as required (plastic, Teflon, PEEK, SiC, etc.).09-20-2012
20110262258Small Chip Packaging Fixture And Method Of Using Magnetic Field Assisted Self-alignment and Its Application for RFID Chip To Antenna Assembly - A method and fixture using magnetic field assisted self-alignment for chip packaging. Typical embodiments include a magnetic device having one or more pole groups, each pole group including two or three poles. Some embodiments provide multiple pole groups arranged in a one or two dimensional pole group array. The poles can build up a self-alignment magnetic field. The structure of fixture is simple and easy to implement. Typical embodiments can greatly reduce chip packaging cost and make packaging more efficient. In accordance with typical embodiments, a chip and a substrate can be self-aligned magnetically regardless of their shapes.10-27-2011
20090311088APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR HANDLING WORKPIECES IN A PROCESSING SYSTEM - Apparatus and methods for handling workpieces in a processing system. The workpiece vertical lift mechanism (12-17-2009
20100143089System For Autonomously Dispensing Media On Large Scale Surfaces - The present disclosure relates to a system, method and article which may be configured to autonomously dispense a medium onto a relatively large surface relatively accurately.06-10-2010
20090162180APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REORIENTING A TIRE AND CORE ASSEMBLY IN A TIRE MANUFACTURING LINE - Apparatus and method for reorienting a toroidally shaped core configured to carry a green tire. The core includes a central axis defined through first and second oppositely facing tapered recesses respectively including first and second locking mechanisms. The apparatus includes a core support structure including a base and a reorientation member connected for movement relative to said base and a core coupling member. The core coupling member connects for movement with the reorientation member and includes a core locking mechanism that couples with the core coupling member and locks the core coupling member to the core. A drive system couples with the reorientation member and operatively moves the reorientation member so as to change the orientation of the central axis from a first orientation to a second, different orientation transverse to the first orientation.06-25-2009
20090129911DEVICE FOR TURNING FLAT ARTICLES INCLUDING FOLDED BOX BLANKS - A device for the turning of flat articles, particularly blanks of folded boxes, includes conveying elements which define at least two conveying sections that are permeable to air and on which the articles are conveyed lying substantially flat, the conveying elements being mounted in a frame, a suction device arranged below the conveying element and to extend through the conveying section to increase the friction between the conveying elements and the articles, and a separate drive for each of the conveying elements of the respective conveying sections. The frame is mounted such that it can swivel about a pivot in the exit region of the frame relative to a machine frame.05-21-2009
20080260509Apparatus and Method for Moving a Mine Conveyor Segment - The invention provides an apparatus for moving a mine conveyor segment (10-23-2008
20090116948Method and Device for Orienting a Material Roll Prior to Axial Alignment In a Roll Changer - A material roll is transported to a roll changer by being arranged on a transport carriage. The material roll and transport carriage are placed on a transfer table which is moved into position between journal bearings of the roll changer. The transfer table is adapted to move the material roll transversely and along a longitudinal axis of the material roll and can pivot in a horizontal plane. An inclined position of the material roll, arranged on the transfer table, is determined by sensors. In this determined, axially aligned position, the material roll is axially aligned on the bearing journals. The roll size of the material is determined. An axially aligned position for roller support arms of a roll carrier of the roll changer is determined as a function of the determined roll size. An axially aligned position of the transfer table is determined as a function of the determined roll size and the determined inclined position of the material roll. The position of both ends of the sleeve of the material roll, upon insertion of the transfer table into the roll changer, is detected. The material roll is then inclined by a rotary drive which is arranged on the transfer table.05-07-2009
20120141243SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REPOSITIONING ROW BARS USED FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC HEADS - A system for repositioning row bars includes a base support including a top surface, and a support arm positioned on the top surface and configured to rotate from a first position to a second position, a tray assembly coupled to the support arm, the tray assembly including a first tray including a plurality of first channels, each configured to retain one of the row bars in an initial position, a transfer substrate including a plurality of transfer channels, each configured to receive one of the row bars from the first tray as the support arm moves from the first position to the second position, and a second tray including a plurality of second channels, each configured to retain the one of the row bars in a final position, where the row bars in the final position are rotated by a preselected number of degrees from the initial position.06-07-2012
20090041572Device and Method for the Contactless Personalization of Chips That Are Integrated into Passports - The invention relates to a device and a method for the contactless personalisation of chips integrated into passports within a system for processing, sorting and packaging a large number of passports comprising a straight main transport path with a first transport direction for transporting the passports one behind the other through the system comprising a plurality of system modules for processing, sorting and/or packaging, with a respective straight first auxiliary transport path connected to the main transport path and arranged on either side thereof for leading the passports away from the main transport path in a second transport direction running perpendicular to the first transport direction, a plurality of coding stations arranged along the two first auxiliary transport paths and next to one another with respect to the first transport direction for coding the chips of the passports, and an equal plurality of transport elements which are respectively assigned to the coding stations and can be displaced in the first transport direction for picking up the passports from the auxiliary transport paths, positioning them above the associated coding stations and then depositing them on second auxiliary transport paths running back towards the main transport path with a third transport direction running parallel to the second transport direction.02-12-2009
20090035118Device for aligning disordered sheet-type products - The invention relates to an apparatus for aligning disordered sheet material. The apparatus according to the invention in particular has the advantage, that disordered sheet material is fast and reliably aligned, so that the sheet material can be formed into bundles. Since the alignment of the sheet material can be carried out automatically by the apparatus, i.e. in particular has not to be carried out by an operator, moreover, a cost-effective alignment of the disordered sheet material is permitted.02-05-2009
20110176901SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING EGGS - An apparatus for processing packages of eggs on a conveyor is disclosed which comprises an egg orienter configured and arranged with respect to the conveyor so as to adjust a position of one or more of the eggs in each of the packages so that each of the eggs in a given package assumes a particular orientation within that package. In some embodiments, the egg orienter may be located between an egg loading section and a package closing section of an egg packer. In addition, in some embodiments, the apparatus may further comprise a laser source and one or more optical steering elements configured and arranged to direct laser energy from the laser source so as to laser mark information on a surface of one or more of the eggs while the eggs are in a package disposed on the conveyor and in said particular orientation. Further, in some embodiments, the egg orienter may be further configured and arranged to adjust the position of the one or more eggs in each of the packages so that a long axis of each egg in a given package is tilted toward the back of the package so as to be at least slightly offset from vertical and/or so that so that long axes of all of the eggs in each row of eggs in the package form approximate right angles with respect to a line intercepting bottoms of receptacles holding the eggs in such a row.07-21-2011
20090028684DEVICES FOR CAPPING VIALS USEFUL IN SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING PRESCRIPTIONS - A method for securing a closure on a cylindrical container (such as a pharmaceutical vial) includes: positioning a closure in a first position, the closure being substantially centered via a centering assembly along an axis that is generally normal to the closure; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a second position; positioning a cylindrical container, the container being substantially centered via the centering assembly along the axis; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a third position in which it is adjacent the substantially centered container; and relatively rotating the closure and the container to secure the closure to the container. With such a method, both the closure and the cylinder can be centered along the axis, thereby registering them with each other for reliable securing.01-29-2009
20090028683SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Substrate processing methods and apparatus are disclosed. In some embodiments a substrate processing apparatus may comprise a support structure and a moveable stage including first and second stages. The moveable stage has one or more maglev units attached to the first stage and/or second stage proximate an edge of the first stage. The first stage retains one or more substrates and moves with respect to a first axis that is substantially fixed with respect to the second stage. The second stage translates along a second axis with respect to the support structure. In other embodiments, a primary motor may maintain a rotary stage at an angular speed and/or accelerate or decelerate the stage from a first angular speed to a second angular speed. A secondary motor may accelerate the stage from rest to the first angular speed and/or decelerate the stage from a non-zero angular speed.01-29-2009
20080317575COMPONENT TRANSFERRING APPARATUS AND IC HANDLER - A component transferring apparatus includes a shuttle; an inspection socket; a retaining device that moves between the shuttle and the inspection socket; a pressing device included in the retaining device to hold and transfer an electronic component; a position adjusting device that moves the pressing device to correct a position of the electronic component based on an image processing of image data obtained by photographing of the electronic component; a socket mark provided near the inspection socket; a hand mark provided on the retaining device such that the hand mark is positioned near the socket mark when the retaining device is moved to a mounting position where the electronic component hold by the pressing device is mounted in the inspection socket; a first camera provided on the shuttle to photograph a single image including the electronic component hold by the pressing device and the hand mark provided on the retaining device; a second camera that photographs a single image including the socket mark and the inspection socket and a single image including the socket mark and the hand mark of the retaining device moved to the mounting position; a first relative-position calculating unit that performs an image processing of data obtained by photographing of the single image including the socket mark and the inspection socket to obtain a first relative position between the socket mark and the inspection socket; a second relative-position calculating unit that performs an image processing of data obtained by photographing of the single image including the socket mark and the hand mark located at the mounting position to obtain a second relative position between the socket mark and the hand mark; and a third relative-position calculating unit that performs an image processing of data obtained by photographing of the single image including the electronic component and the hand mark to obtain a third relative position between the hand mark and the electronic component, wherein based on the first, the second, and the third relative positions, the position adjusting device corrects the position of the electronic component to mount the electronic component in the inspection socket.12-25-2008
20080279670Method For Depositing a Freely Moving, Flat Object - In a method for depositing a flat object dropping freely into a lower compartment, a wall of the compartment at an angle in relation to a vertical is used as a flat deposit point for a flat side of the flat object. During passage of the flat object into the lower compartment an angular momentum is imparted to the flat object such that an angle of incidence between the wall and the flat side of the flat object is minimized.11-13-2008
20090202330Guide System for Loading Trailers with Cargo - A guide system for loading trailers with cargo is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the system includes first and second tubular sleeves adapted to removably slide over cylindrical bollards, wherein the tubular sleeves are configured to rotate about a vertical axis of the cylindrical bollards. The system also includes first and second arms secured to the respective tubular sleeves, wherein the arms are adapted to sweep over a horizontal surface of a loading dock when the tubular sleeves are rotated. In addition, the system includes first and second pistons, wherein a first end of each piston is secured to a rear portion of the respective arm and the arm swings to a desired position in response to the respective piston. A slidable pin of each arm is configured to engage receptacles mounted in a horizontal surface of a loading dock when the arms are in a closed position.08-13-2009
20120148380APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TURNING RACKS - The invention relates to apparatuses for turning racks (06-14-2012
20100047052Wafer positioning system - The invention provides for a wafer positioning assembly for an assembler for assembling printhead integrated circuits on a carrier. The assembler includes an enclosure with a support assembly for operatively supporting a wafer with dies thereon, a die picking assembly for picking dice from said wafer, a die placement assembly for placing the dies onto the carrier, a die conveyance mechanism operatively conveying the dies from the die picking and placement assemblies, and a control system controlling the assembler. The wafer positioning assembly, in turn, includes a displacement assembly having a base plate with first and second stages mounted thereon, and a wafer support plate assembly rotatably mounted on the second stage. The support plate assembly is configured to receive the wafer and has a motor under control of the control system to rotate the support plate assembly underneath the die picking assembly.02-25-2010
20120177474CARD SUBSTRATE ROTATOR - A card substrate rotator comprises a substrate support, a rotator mechanism and a lift mechanism. The substrate support is configured to receive a card substrate and comprises a feed roller. The rotator mechanism is configured to rotate the substrate support about an axis. The lift mechanism is configured to move the substrate support and the axis in a vertical plane.07-12-2012
20120224944AIRCRAFT ENGINE MODULE HANDLING ASSEMBLY - An aircraft engine module handling assembly including a carriage, a pivoting portion at a top of the carriage, a module support tooling, and an additional mechanism for assembly of the tooling on the pivoting portion, such that the module can be rotated from an original vertical position, observed when it reaches an assembly shop in a crate, to a horizontal position suitable for its assembly with another module of an engine.09-06-2012
20120263567METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORIENTATING BOTTLES - A method and apparatus are provided for configuring equipment (10-18-2012
20080298948Heavy Object Turning Apparatus - A technique of a heavy object turning apparatus that is compact, is enabled to reduce the distance between the center of gravity of a heavy object and a pivot positioned on an axis, and is configured so that a turning arm and a drive unit has a length in the direction of an axis passing through the pivot around which the heavy object is turned. A control unit fixes a support base onto a stand. An orthogonal axis reduction gear serves as an anterior reduction gear and has a configuration in which an output shaft is on an axis of a planetary gear type reduction gear serving as the posterior reduction gear. An input shaft is perpendicular to the axis. The orthogonal reduction gear is constituted by a hypoid reduction gear or a worm-geared reduction gear. A motor is disposed on the bottom surface of the orthogonal reduction gear.12-04-2008
20100232922Reel handling device - The inspiration to the “Device” conception was to ease strenuous conditions associated with physical requirements for moving extremely heavy reeled, spooled, or rolled units.09-16-2010
20130115039METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ORIENTING CONTAINERS - The containers (B) comprised in an incoming flow of containers advancing in a given direction along an axis (XB), wherein the containers (B) may present with a first orientation or else a second orientation with respect to the direction of advance and with a first posture or else a second posture, are oriented so as to generate an outgoing flow of containers (B), in which, for example, the containers all present in a vertical position with an identical orientation.05-09-2013
20130129463PITCH CHANGE DEVICE AND PITCH CHANGE METHOD - A pitch conversion device and pitch conversion method is directed to convert the pitch of a plurality of partition members arranged parallel to each other along an X-direction and include a plurality of entry members arranged parallel to each other in the X-direction and configured to enter between neighboring partition members, and a pushing member to push the plurality of entry members in turn and allow them to enter neighboring partition members while moving in the X direction. The entry members are biased in an exiting direction from between the neighboring partition members.05-23-2013
20130142610Alignment Device of Cutting Machine - The present invention provides an alignment device of cutting machine, which includes: a stand and a ball transfer unit mounted on the stand. The ball transfer unit includes a main body, a first rotating body, and a plurality of second rotating bodies arranged between the main body and the first rotating body. The main body has an end forming a receiving chamber and thus forming a receiving chamber sidewall. The second rotating bodies are rotatably arranged on the receiving chamber sidewall. The main body forms an air entrance passage in communication with the receiving chamber. The receiving chamber sidewall extends out to form a bearing section corresponding to the air entrance passage. The bearing section has a side surface in which air outlet ports are formed. The main body has an opposite end forming a connection section that is mateable and coupleable to the stand. The present invention uses a ball transfer unit to replace the float pad made of porous carbon fiber material for aligning a glass substrate in order to achieve the purposes of lowering down cost.06-06-2013
20130142611APPARATUS FOR TURNING STEEL PRODUCTS - The present invention relates to an apparatus for turning steel products. The apparatus comprises a rotating shaft, a first turning plate, and a second turning plate. The first turning plate is fixedly mounted to the rotating shaft with a longitudinal axis of the first turning plate perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the rotating shaft. The second turning plate is movably mounted to the rotating shaft with a longitudinal axis of the second turning plate perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the rotating shaft.06-06-2013
414755000 Article reoriented by contact with fluid means 3
20100119346FEED MECHANISM AND METHOD FOR FEEDING MINUTE ITEMS - A feeding mechanism and method for feeding minute items, such as capacitors, resistors, or solder preforms. The mechanism is adapted to receive a plurality of the randomly-positioned and randomly-oriented extremely small or minute items, and to isolate, orient, and position the items in a specific repeatable pickup location wherefrom they may be removed for use by, for example, a computer-controlled automated assembly machine. The mechanism comprises a sliding shelf adapted to receive and support the items; a wiper arm adapted to achieve a single even layer of the items; and a pushing arm adapted to push the items into the pickup location. The mechanism can be adapted for providing the items with a more exact orientation, and can also be adapted for use in a liquid environment.05-13-2010
20120315123CONVEYING AND ALIGNMENT NOZZLE - A nozzle system that includes an improved air nozzle is provided. In one embodiment, the nozzle has an inlet and an outlet. An air source is connected with the nozzle through a conduit and generates an air flow using a high flow centrifugal blower. The nozzle is connected with and part of an air-driven orientation device.12-13-2012
20120128458DEVICE FOR ARRANGING PLASTIC CONTAINERS WITH ONE OR MORE DEVICES FOR BLOWING DOWN CONTAINERS OVERLYING ERECTING MEANS - The present invention refers to the field of devices for arranging containers enabling the correct positioning of containers or bottles made of plastic on the bottling feeding line. The device (05-24-2012
414757000 Article frictionally engaged and rotated by relatively movable means (e.g., disc, endless belt, etc.) 6
20080304950Apparatus and Method For Turning Containers - The disclosure relates to an apparatus (12-11-2008
20090116949Wafer Bonding Apparatus and Method - A wafer bonding apparatus and method are provided. The wafer bonding apparatus can include an aligning unit, and the aligning unit can include a rotating roller for rotating at least two wafers, an aligning bar for aligning the at least two wafers, and a notch alignment sensor for sensing at least two notches of each of the at least two wafers.05-07-2009
20090110532METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING WAFER CENTERING ON A TRACK LITHOGRAPHY TOOL - An apparatus for centering a substrate in a track lithography tool includes a processing chamber having an opening large enough to admit the substrate. The processing chamber includes a substrate support member. The substrate is characterized by a diameter and comprises a mounting surface, a process surface, and an edge. The apparatus also includes a clamped robot blade including a substrate support surface adapted to support the mounting surface of the substrate, two edge contact regions, and a base contact region. The clamped robot blade also includes a clamping system adapted to move at least one of the two edge contact regions or the base contact region from an unclamped position to a clamped position, thereby making contact between the edge of the substrate and the two edge contact regions and the base contact region in the clamped position. The apparatus further includes a robot arm coupled to the clamped robot blade.04-30-2009
20090067976Alignment Assembly - Alignment assembly is used to center a sample on a moving stage system. The alignment assembly includes a pair of slides stacked on a stage with linear perpendicular movement relative to each other, and at least one actuator that is preferably physically separate from the linear slides and stage. The actuator(s) repeatedly extend an actuator arm to move the linear slides, and retract the arm for subsequent movement of the stage during and after the process of centering the sample in two dimensions on the stage. Either the stage system rotates, or multiple actuators are placed to move the alignment system in perpendicular directions relative to the stage, by repeatedly contacting only the top linear slide.03-12-2009
20110250044DEVICE FOR TREATING DISC-LIKE ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR OPERATING SAME - A device for supporting and rotating a disc-like article includes: 10-13-2011
20100003118Cotton Module Plastic Wrapping Material And Module Hangler For Optimizing Module Rotation For Wrapping Removal - A supply of plastic wrapping material for wrapping cylindrical modules includes a plurality of end-to-end segments, with each segment being of a length sufficient for enveloping a cylindrical cotton module of a given size with a predetermined number of layers of wrapping. All except an inner tail of an inner layer of wrapping adheres to the following layer. The location within each segment which becomes a loose inner tail when wrapped about a module is provided with a first RFID tag while other RFID tags are provided at equally spaced locations along the inner layer. Each RFID tag is provided with a unique identifier for which may be read by a RFID tag reader carried by a module handling implement having forks rotatable by reversible motors operable for rotating the module for placing the loose inner tail at a desired location relative to a cutting device for slitting the wrapping during wrapping removal. A control arrangement is coupled to the RFID tag reader and uses the information from the tag identifiers to cause the module to be rotated in a direction most suitable for optimizing placement the loose inner tail in the desired location for wrapping removal.01-07-2010
414758000 Article inverting means (i.e., 180 degree turnover) 20
20090123263Apparatus For Inverting Heavy Loads and Method Of Using Same - An apparatus is provided for inverting heavy objects, the apparatus including: a retaining assembly, including two opposing retaining members each having rotational pins extending from the ends thereof, the rotational pins all reside together in a cross plane extending parallel with a longitudinal axis of the retaining assembly, and the retaining members are spaced apart a consistent distance, a base member, including two open double bearing components positioned at opposite ends of the base member, each open double bearing component including two side-by-side troughs, and a securing member, operable to lock the retaining assembly into a secure position with respect to the base member05-14-2009
20110280702INTEGRATED CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY FOR A ROTARY APPARATUS - A rotary apparatus comprises a rotary bobbin, a processing component fixedly attached to the bobbin and connectors fixedly connected to the processing component. At least one helical groove is located along the bobbin wherein the connectors are housed. A motor coupled to the processing component is operative to rotate the processing component together with the bobbin in two opposite rotary directions.11-17-2011
20090290968HEAVY ARTICLE INVERSION DEVICE - A heavy article inversion device is provided, in which the inverting operations may be performed in a short time by reducing the size of the heavy article inversion device comprising a pair of inversion boards that may be revolved about a common rotary shaft supported in the center of a base between the horizontal state and the angles of revolution of less than 180 degrees from the horizontal state, and a pair of cam plates each fixed to the corresponding one of the pair of inversion boards and having its proximal end side rotatably fixed to the common rotary shaft, in which each one of the pair of cam plates has a curved lower outer circumferential surface extending from the proximal end side toward the radial outside end and which may be engaged by the rod of each respective one of the pair of linear drive mechanisms when the rod is being moved out of and moved back into the corresponding cylinder of the respective liner drive mechanism, thereby causing the respective cam plate to be rotated about the common rotary shaft. In accordance with the present invention, the direction in which the rod of each one of pair of the linear drive mechanisms may be moved out of or moved back into the cylinder occurs from the obliquely downward direction toward the direction of the common rotary shaft.11-26-2009
20110070059AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR THE IN-LINE INVERTING, TRANSFERRING AND FILLING OF LAB ANIMAL CONTAINMENT DEVICES IN AREAS WHERE THEY ARE WASHED - The present invention concerns an automated system for handling trays for containing animals in a lab animal room, and particularly for inverting the trays when they emerge from the tunnel washer.03-24-2011
20100296907OVERTURNING APPARATUS - An overturning apparatus includes a seat, a first gear; a second gear; an overturning board; and a motor. The second gear, the motor, and the overturning board are mounted on the seat. The first gear is coupled to the motor and engages with the second gear. The number of teeth of the second gear is more than the number of teeth of the first gear. The overturning board is fixed to the second gear.11-25-2010
20090074555PICK AND PLACE WORK PIECE FLIPPER - An apparatus and associated method is provided for individually positioning first and second input links of a four-bar linkage to move first and second follower links pivotally joined therebetween in order to move a chuck supported by one of the follower links between a retracted position and an extended position.03-19-2009
20110091309180 Degree inverting mechanism - A mechanism for inverting containers or other objects. The mechanism inverts the container or object a full 180 degrees while providing motion control without the use of hydraulic actuators; thereby eliminating the costs, maintenance, environmental issues, and contamination concerns associated with hydraulic systems. The primary application for the inverting mechanism is inverting containers for the purpose of emptying the contents. The mechanism may also be employed to rotate a variety of other objects in other applications.04-21-2011
20110182710DEVICE FOR SWIVELING A BOTTLE WHICH IS CONVEYED IN A GRIPPER - The invention relates to a device (07-28-2011
20120224945SUBSTRATE HOLDER POSITIONING METHOD AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM - A substrate holder positioning method, capable of positioning a substrate holder without using any positioning jig, includes: measuring a first position of a substrate held on a substrate holder included in a substrate carrying mechanism; carrying the substrate held on the substrate holder to a substrate rotating unit for holding and rotating the substrate; turning the substrate held by the substrate rotating unit through a predetermined angle by the substrate rotating unit; transferring the substrate turned by the substrate rotating unit from the substrate rotating unit to the substrate holder; measuring a second position of the substrate transferred from the substrate rotating unit to the substrate holder; determining the position of the center of rotation of the substrate rotating unit on the basis of the first and the second position; and positioning the substrate holder on the basis of the position of the center of rotation.09-06-2012
20120328406DIE ROTATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for partially or completely inverting (rotating) a die and subsequently returning the die to its normal operating position. Systems of the invention include a roll-over unit that engages a roll frame or similar structure to which a die of interest is temporarily secured. The roll-over unit includes a drive motor that is used to rotate the roll frame and the die that is releasably coupled thereto. A deceleration assembly is provided to bring rotation of the die to a slow and controlled stop in one or both rotational directions. When the drive motor is a hydraulic motor, the deceleration assembly may include deceleration valves that are actuated by a rack gear that is caused to move linearly during rotation of the drive motor.12-27-2012
20110311344TURNOVER APPARATUS - A turnover apparatus includes a tower configured to travel on abase, a lifter configured to rise and fall along the tower, a target holding portion configured to hold a turnover target, a wheel traveling base, a wheel axle rotatably attached to the target holding portion, and a wheel axle lock. The wheel axle includes a wheel configured to roll on the wheel traveling base. The target holding portion is attached to the lifter via a rotation shaft parallel to the wheel axle. The wheel axle lock is configured to lock the wheel axle such that the wheel does not roll on the wheel traveling base and the wheel axle can rotate with respect to the target holding portion.12-22-2011
414759000 Plural, driven turning means coact sequentially to invert single article 3
20080273958Mattress overturning device in hemming machines - A device for overturning mattresses in a hemming machine, comprising a worktable which has an inner side and an outer side, a sewing machine to perform the perimetric hemming of the mattress and an assembly for orienting the mattress on the worktable being arranged on the inner side, and further comprising an articulated arm, which is arranged on the outer side of the worktable and is provided with grippers for gripping a mattress, the arm being able to oscillate between a position for gripping the mattress and a position for releasing the mattress after a rotation sufficient to overturn the mattress.11-06-2008
20090175713BOARD INVERTER - The present invention relates to a board inverter and a boarding inverting system. The board inverter includes a support, a first board picking device, an second board picking device and a controller. Each of the first board picking device and the second board picking device includes a driving mechanism and a first board picking device. The driving mechanism comprises a first linear driving means mounted on the support, a second linear driving means mechanically coupled to the first linear driving means, and a rotary driving means attached to the second linear driving means. The controller is connected to all the power supply members. The controller controls the motion of the first board picking device and the second board picking device such that the first board picking device and the second board picking device cooperatively inverting workpieces transmitted on a production line. The board inverter can be installed on a production line without altering the arrangement of existing production line.07-09-2009
414764000 Encircling means inverts article 1
20100008752CONTAINER INVERTING DEVICE - A container inverting device is capable of inverting containers that have a neck oriented in a first direction at the entrance of the device and then in a second direction at the exit of the device. The inverting device includes at least one clamp (01-14-2010
414768000 Article turned about one end supported by a fixed or rotatable abutment or by a surface frictionally retarding movement of the supported end 2
20100172735Method and Apparatus for Orientating a Solid Growth Culture Medium Plate - An apparatus for orientating a solid growth culture medium plate from an original orientation to a worked orientation, the plate having a lid and a bottom, the apparatus including an orientation mechanism that includes opposed jaws able to receive and hold a plate therebetween in a held position that defines a notional tube above and below the plate, the orientation mechanism being mounted on a jaw support member such that the jaw support member is rotatable such that at least the plate bottom rotates about a generally horizontal axis that intersects the notional tube to orientate at least the plate bottom from the original orientation to the worked orientation.07-08-2010
414769000 Article turned about a rotatable abutment 1
20110038700Method and Apparatus for Changing Orientation of a Container - A method and apparatus for changing orientation of a container to facilitate subsequent processing of the container is disclosed. The apparatus includes a ramp having a first end and a second end. The ramp is disposed to receive the container from the feed path in a first orientation and to cause the container to slide down the ramp toward the second end of the ramp. The apparatus also includes an obstruction located at the second end of the ramp. The obstruction is configured to contact a leading edge of the container to arrest a sliding motion of the container down the ramp. The ramp is configured to pivot to impart an angular acceleration to the container to provide sufficient angular momentum to cause a center of gravity of the container to move past the leading edge causing the container to change orientation such that the container is received on the discharge path in a second orientation.02-17-2011
414771000 Including coacting opposed movable arms 2
20090196726Device for Overturning Containers - The invention relates to a device (08-06-2009
20130209211WAFER INVERSION MECHANISM - A BOLTS compatible module includes a support mechanism for gripping a wafer. The support mechanism is coupled to a rotary mechanism for rotating the support mechanism with a wafer grip therein. The rotary mechanism is coupled to the module and capable of at least 180° of rotation.08-15-2013
414772000 Article moved about perpendicular axes 1
20090196727FLIPPING APPARATUS - An exemplary flipping apparatus includes a slider, a flipping member and a holding table. The slider is slanted relative to the horizon. A first end of the flipping member is connected to the slider. The flipping member includes a first flipping plate and a second flipping plate facing the first flipping plate. The first flipping plate and the second flipping plate are contoured to define a workplace groove to receive a workpiece to be flipped. An angle defined by the slider and an end section of the first flipping plate opposite to the slider is less than an angle between the slider and the horizon. The holding table is connected to a second end of the flipping member, and the second end is opposite to that of the first end of the flipping member.08-06-2009
414774000 Plural article turning members coact sequentially to reorient single article 1
20090245994MEMBER TILTING METHOD AND APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to removing and/or replacing elongate generally vertical members, such as utility poles, trees, etc., and, include a tilting apparatus having a lower support member pivotally coupled to a lower support member, two or more elongate member couplers positioned to secure the elongate member to the upper and lower support members, and an actuator coupled to the upper and lower support members to control pivotal movement of the upper support member relative to the lower support member and tilt the upper portion of the elongate member.10-01-2009
414776000 Arm for orienting article is swingable about its transverse axis and is rotatable about its longitudinal axis 1
20100232923DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ALIGNING THE POSITION OF PLATE-SHAPED PARTS - A device is proposed for the positional orientation of plate-shaped parts (09-16-2010
414777000 Roller means circumferentially engages and supports orienter for rotation thereon 3
20110182711COIL DOWNENDER - An apparatus is disclosed for downending a vertically disposed cylindrical coil supported on an underlying pallet, with a stem projecting from the pallet through the coil. The apparatus comprises a cradle rotatable about a horizontal axis. A table on the cradle is configured and arranged to receive and retain the pallet with the coil in a vertical first position at which the coil extends across the horizontal axis. An electrically powered drive serves to rotate the cradle about the horizontal axis to translate the coil from its vertical first position to a horizontal second position.07-28-2011
20120177475Structural Profile Rotator - An apparatus is disclosed for rotating a structural profile quickly and easily on a single spindle drill line without the use of a crane. The apparatus has two arms which can lay flat or create any angle less than 180 degrees between the two. The apparatus can move horizontally along the drill line and can lift the structural profile vertically for movement and during rotation. This will allow a drill machine operator to rotate large and heavy structural profiles on a drill line and position them with the datum blocks in order to drill the different sides without the need for an overhead crane or other lifting device and07-12-2012
20100272550SUBSTRATE HOLDING MECHANISM, SUBSTRATE DELIVERING/RECEIVING MECHANISM, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a substrate holding mechanism capable of assuredly holding a substrate and delivering/receiving it: a substrate holding mechanism including a substrate holding unit for holding a rectangular substrate, comprising: a plurality of substrate holding rollers provided at positions corresponding to two opposite sides of the substrate on the substrate holding unit and pivotally supported by the substrate holding unit; and a roller driver for rotating the substrate holding rollers, wherein: the substrate holding roller comprises a cylinder part and a holding flange provided along a portion of a circumference of each end of the cylinder part; and each of the substrate holding rollers is rotated by the roller driver so that a state of holding edges of the substrate by the holding flange and a state of releasing the edges can be switched in accordance with a rotation angle of the substrate holding rollers.10-28-2010
414779000 Article support means rotates about a shiftable pivot point 2
20110142587METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTING A POSITION OF AN OBJECT - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method for adjusting a position of an object to compensate for tilt includes providing a rotatable base supporting an object and directing the object relative to the base such that the position of the object is controlled relative to a first axis. The object is stabilized along a second axis. The object is positioned relative to the base using at least one bearing arm. The at least one bearing arm movably couples the object to the base at a first position relative to a third axis and a fourth axis. The at least one bearing arm includes a first portion and a second portion, which are coincident with the third axis and fourth axis, respectively. The object is adjusted to a second position using the at least one bearing arms to maintain the first axis when a tilt angle of the base is detected.06-16-2011
20080247858Method for Automatically and Sequentially Loading Objects and Corresponding Equipment - A method is provided for automatically and sequentially loading objects onto a feed system, each having a respective axis of rotation and respective first and second indices of rotation about the respective axes. The loading of each object onto the feed system causes an orientation in a predetermined relative position. The method consists in particular in selectively operating a relative rotation of the object and of the handling device about their axis of rotation to achieve the orientation.10-09-2008
414781000 Article reoriented while fully supported by stationary supporting surface 4
20100034632METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROTATING HEAVY WEIGHT OBJECT - Disclosed is a method and apparatus for rotating a heavy weight object by coincidence of centers of gravity. The apparatus includes a fixing frame unit to fix the weight object; a weight object rotating unit accommodating the weight object, including a rotatable semicircular frame, and connected to the fixing frame unit; a weight object/frame support unit formed under the semicircular frame to support the semicircular frame; and a motor/gear unit formed between the weight object rotating unit and the weight object/frame support unit to rotate the weight object rotating unit using bearings. The apparatus rotates the weight object even when the minimum force is applied to the weight object through the weight object rotating unit, has a minimized radius of rotation, and secures the safety, thus being applied to a production and assembly line in a narrow space to produce weight objects or a structural test building.02-11-2010
20090028685DEVICES FOR CAPPING VIALS USEFUL IN SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING PRESCRIPTIONS - A method for securing a closure on a cylindrical container (such as a pharmaceutical vial) includes: positioning a closure in a first position, the closure being substantially centered via a centering assembly along an axis that is generally normal to the closure; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a second position; positioning a cylindrical container, the container being substantially centered via the centering assembly along the axis; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a third position in which it is adjacent the substantially centered container; and relatively rotating the closure and the container to secure the closure to the container. With such a method, both the closure and the cylinder can be centered along the axis, thereby registering them with each other for reliable securing.01-29-2009
20110070061METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROTATING ARTICLES ON A PALLET - An apparatus and method for rotating articles stored on a pallet without rotating the entire pallet. The turntable of the present invention is located on the pallet or integrated into the top surface of the pallet. By rotating the pallet within the rack, the articles thereon may be loaded and unloaded from a position directly in front of the picker.03-24-2011
20110070060LIMITING PLATE SHIFTING WITHIN A PLATE PALLET - An apparatus for aligning and inserting a plate stack (03-24-2011
414782000 Article supporting carriage moved over fixed guideway to reorient article 1
20130017051Pallet Turntable, A Method For Turning A Pallet And Use Of A Pallet TurntableAANM Therkildsen; Jens BregnbjergAACI UldumAACO DKAAGP Therkildsen; Jens Bregnbjerg Uldum DK - The invention provides for a pallet turntable (01-17-2013
414783000 Orienter has article gripping means 16
20130183132METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORIENTATING A SOLID GROWTH CULTURE MEDIUM PLATE - An apparatus for orientating a solid growth culture medium plate from an original orientation to a worked orientation, the plate having a lid and a bottom, the apparatus including an orientation mechanism that includes opposed jaws able to receive and hold a plate therebetween in a held position that defines a notional tube above and below the plate, the orientation mechanism being mounted on a jaw support member such that the jaw support member is rotatable such that at least the plate bottom rotates about a generally horizontal axis that intersects the notional tube to orientate at least the plate bottom from the original orientation to the worked orientation.07-18-2013
20110171001APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING SHOCK-SENSITIVE GLASS PLATES IN ULTRA CLEAN ROOMS - Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for the contamination-free transfer of thin, shock-sensitive crystalline plates, especially glass plates (07-14-2011
20080232945Work Positioning Device - A work positioning device has a base and first and second support arms pivotally supported on the base. Each support arm has a primary supporting surface, upon which the object is arranged to be supported, and which is pivotal between an upright position in which the primary supporting surface extends generally upward and a lateral position in which the primary supporting surface extends generally laterally. First and second actuators are coupled between the base and the first and second support arms respectively to displace the first and second support arms between their upright and lateral positions. The arms are located on the base relative to one another such that the primary supporting surfaces confront one another so as to be arranged to clamp the object therebetween when both the first and second support arms are in the upright position.09-25-2008
20100135761SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT METHOD - A substrate transport apparatus includes: a pair of arm units having a substrate-carrying surface on which a substrate is placed; a support member freely rotatably supporting the arm unit; and an inclination device inclining the arm unit with each of the substrate-carrying surface facing one another.06-03-2010
20090110533MANIPULATOR SYSTEM AND MANIPULATOR CONTROL METHOD - A manipulator has an operating unit including a trigger lever, a distal end working unit including an end effector and a yaw axis and a roll axis for changing the direction of the end effector, and a connector shaft interconnecting the operating unit and the distal end working unit. The operating unit includes an actuator block housing therein motors for actuating the yaw axis and the roll axis and a gripper operational quantity corrector for mechanically transmitting an operational action of the trigger lever to actuate the end effector. A controller calculates an interference amount caused on the end effector by the attitude angles of the yaw axis and the roll axis. The gripper operational quantity corrector is controlled by the controller to extend or retract a push rod, for correcting the operational quantity of the operational action of the trigger lever to compensate for the interference amount.04-30-2009
20090053029ALIGNER - It is an object to provide an aligner for centering a wafer and adjusting an angle of a notch or the like of the wafer while gripping edges of the wafer capable of attaining a shortened takt time and miniaturization of the apparatus by employing a mechanism capable of infinite rotation without being restricted by a rotational range, by eliminating cables and/or tubes at the rotating portion. The link mechanism for causing opening and closing movements of the gripping mechanism for gripping a wafer 02-26-2009
20110020103Handling device and handling method of quartz glass crucible - An object of the present invention is to provide a crucible handling device that can firmly sandwich and reliably move a quartz glass crucible under a clean environment and a method of handling a quartz glass crucible using the crucible handling device. The present invention provides a crucible handling device 01-27-2011
20120009052METHOD FOR CENTERING VENEER SHEETS IN A PILE - A method for centering the settling of veneers on top of each other in a veneer pile, the veneers being cut from a log by slicing and dried. A substantially horizontal pile is, freely supported and having in the lateral direction extreme limits with clearance, subjected to a horizontal swinging motion whereby the extreme limits are reduced during the swinging motion.01-12-2012
20120009051METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ALIGNING SUBSTRATES - The invention relates to a method and a device for aligning substrates (01-12-2012
20120163952DEVICE FOR CLAMPING AND ROTATING THE OBJECT - A device, used for clamping and rotating the object, includes two first rods, one ends of which are respectively connected to one ends of the first plate and the second plate through a linked unit; another ends of the first rods are connected to the third rod that is used for balancing the rotating angles of the first rod and two linked units, such that the heights of two ends of the first rods and the second rods can be kept in step. Two second rods are connected to the first plate and the second plate respectively, as well as, another ends of second rods are connected to the fourth rod respectively. Accordingly, the fourth rod can be rotated to drive the second rod, such that the first plate and the second plate can be rotated. Therefore, due to two plates are used for clamping and rotating synchronously, users can take the advantages while the device is used.06-28-2012
20120128459POSITIONING DEVICE FOR A SAMPLE CARRIER - The invention relates to an apparatus (05-24-2012
20120128460Apparatus and Method for Collating Products - A collating conveyor (05-24-2012
20120213624TILTING DEVICE FOR CROPPING A SHEET OF LAMINATED GLASS - A tilting device for cropping a sheet of laminated glass, comprising two side-by-side rows of suckers, each supported by a bar of a frame which is pivoted, on the opposite side with respect to the suckers, to a supporting structure, the bars both resting on the same elements for the alternating lifting and lowering of the bars, which are adapted to produce the simultaneous alternating tilting of both of the frames and of the corresponding rows of suckers.08-23-2012
20120076630Wind Turbine Component Handling Apparatus - A wind turbine component handling apparatus with a docking device, a lifting device, and a turning device is provided. A method for turning a wind turbine component is also provided. A plurality of pins is mounted to the wind turbine component. The wind turbine component is positioned at a support apparatus such that each pin rests in a cradle element of the support apparatus. The docking device is pushed in the horizontal direction such that openings in the docking device engage the pins. The docking device is lifted, wherein the wind turbine component is lifted by the pins and the docking device is rotated about a horizontal axis, wherein the wind turbine component is rotated about the horizontal axis by the pins. Then, the docking device is lowered until the pins mounted to the wind turbine component rest in the cradle elements of the support apparatus.03-29-2012
20110158780METHOD OF TRANSFERRING A PIECE OF CLOTH AND A LAUNDRY APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING THE METHOD - The invention concerns a method and corresponding apparatus of transferring a piece of cloth (06-30-2011
20130177378METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THE AUTOMATIC LOADING OF AIR TRANSPORT UNITS - A method and a system for the automatic loading of air-transport units. In the method, the piece goods and the air-transport unit, on at least one side of which is an openable loading opening, are transported to the packing location, when the piece goods are packed automatically through the loading opening into the air-transport unit. The air-transport unit is tilted in connection with the packing, in such a way that the side with the loading opening is raised relative to the side opposite to the loading opening, so that the air-transport unit is loaded in at least two different attitudes.07-11-2013

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