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414 - Material or article handling

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414685000 Shovel or fork type 187
414729000 Grab 79
414728000 With rectilinear translation 13
414684000 Coil handler 2
20100047050ROBOT FOR HANDLING ROLLS - A robot for handling rolls of web material, is disclosed. The robot includes an articulated arm (02-25-2010
414681000 Track-supported rocker 1
20090155039MULTI-AXIS ROBOT FOR HIGH-SPEED APPLICATIONS - A multi-axis robot for high-speed applications comprises a first and a second guide rail arranged substantially parallel to each other for defining a first axis of motion. A crossbar having a first end and a second end is moveably supported on the guide rails. A carriage is moveably coupled to the crossbar for moving along a second axis of motion. A first drive system having first and second drives and a first belt running along a first H-shaped belt path provides for a movement of the carriage along the first and second axis of motion. Second and third belts extend at least partially along the crossbar and the guide rails. The second and third belts run along different second and third belt paths, with one of the second and third belts entering the crossbar with a right-hand turn and leaving the crossbar with a left-hand turn, and the other one of the second and third belts entering the crossbar with a left-hand turn and leaving the crossbar with a right-hand turn.06-18-2009
20130034419CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - In a construction machine, a boom assist cylinder (02-07-2013
20090067971PACKAGE MANIPULATOR - A yarn package manipulator permits an operator to mechanically grasp and manipulate packages or spools of stranded materials, such as yarn for loading and replenishing such materials in a manufacturing process. The package manipulator is suspended from a lifting device such as a cable hoist and has a control handle coupled to its frame for the operator to maneuver the device and carried materials. Selectively extensible fingers are pivotally attached to a pivot arm extending from the manipulator frame. The fingers are operable to grip the package by its core and pivots about a horizontal axis so that the spool of stranded material may be oriented for loading onto a creel or other station in a manufacturing process.03-12-2009
20090269179TELESCOPIC SUPPORT - The present invention is a telescopic drive device of a device for holding a surgical instrument. The telescopic drive device includes a support; a first telescopic stage carried by the support; a first telescopic stage carried by the support, the first telescopic stage being able to perform a first motion with respect to the support; a second telescopic stage, which is able to perform a second motion with respect to the first telescopic stage; and a drive system, which is operable to drive the first and second motions. The first telescopic element performs the first motion and the second telescopic element simultaneously performs the second motion. The telescopic drive is operable to support a further device and to move the further device such that the movement is centered around a point or wherein each of the telescopic elements is arcuate.10-29-2009
20110299965Lift Arm Assembly - A lift arm assembly includes a first arm casting including a first end, a second arm casting including a first end, and a tubular cross member attached to the first arm casting and the second arm casting. The lift arm assembly also includes a first arm tubular member including a first end attached to the first end of the first arm casting. The lift arm assembly further includes a second arm tubular member including a first end attached to the first end of the second arm casting such that the second arm tubular member is generally parallel to the first arm tubular member. At least one of the tubular cross member, the first arm tubular member, or the second arm tubular member has a continuous periphery, a maximum of one seam, and a substantially constant cross-section along substantially an entire length of the respective member.12-08-2011
20110262255FRONT LIFTING DEVICE FOR A TRACTOR - A front lifting device for a tractor, for hitching a tool thereto and controlling the same, includes: a chassis to be attached to the bodywork of the tractor; two lower arms hinged to the chassis and including, at the end thereof furthest from the chassis, a hitching element for the tool; at least one working jack in which one of the elements, a cylinder or rod, is connected to the chassis and in which the other element, a rod or cylinder, is connected to one of the coupling arms, the working jack providing the movements of the arm or arms in a working stroke between a bottom position and a raised position; the device includes a length-adjustable linking member between one of the elements, a cylinder or rod, of the working jack and one of the parts made up of the chassis or an arm, the linking member being held in an extended state during normal working mode, and in a retracted state to enable the arm or arms to enter a retracted position.10-27-2011
20110020101Vegetation cutter support assembly - A support assembly for a vegetation-cutting unit is mountable on an all-terrain vehicle or other suitable vehicle. The propelling vehicle has an undercarriage frame, on which the support assembly is suspended. An undercarriage support bar is configured for detachable mounting on the undercarriage frame and an elongated lift arm is pivotally secured to the undercarriage support bar. A free end of the lift arm has a U-shaped yoke, which is secured to the vegetation-cutting unit. The bent aspect of the lift arm allows vegetation cutting along a steep slope.01-27-2011
20100098521Skid Steer Loaders with Variable Isolation on Vibratory Roller - Disclosed are skids steer loaders and vibratory roller attachments embodiments in which an improved variable isolator is provided to isolate the skid steer loader, and thus the operator of the loader, from the severity of the vibrations in the vibratory roller. The vibratory roller attachment includes a frame configured to be mounted to the skid steer loader. A drum is supported by the frame, and an eccentric weight is positioned within the drum. A plurality of variable isolators couple the drum to the frame to provide isolation of the skid steer loader from vibrations of the vibratory roller. The plurality of variable isolators each have a non-cylindrical exterior shape. The non-cylindrical shape can include an exterior surface having curved end portions separated by a substantially linear middle portion to allow for improved deflection of the variable isolators, and thus improved vibration isolation between the attachment and the skid steer loader.04-22-2010
20130216343CRANE - A device includes at least one telescopic crane jib having a boom and a boom extension. A working implement is fixed to the telescopic crane jib by a rotary joint arranged at the boom extension and which has two mutually spaced rotary bearings. Hydraulic lines lead from the boom between the spaced rotary bearings of the rotary joint to the working implement. In the region of that end of the boom extension, at which the rotary joint is arranged, is a guide or the hydraulic lines, which guides the hydraulic lines from the boom extension to the region between the spaced rotary bearings of the rotary joint.08-22-2013
20090003983Articulated Robot - An articulated robot having a low lowest posture, a long up-down stroke, and such rigidity that the predetermined positional accuracy can be secured is provided.01-01-2009
20120195726SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LIFTING LARGE OFF-HIGHWAY TRUCK-TRUCK BODIES - This invention provides an apparatus and method for safely lifting large off-highway truck bodies and also allows for lifting these truck bodies inside off-highway truck service bays with limited overhead lifting clearances. The invention minimizes the stresses on the truck body and on the lifting cables/slings. This lifting apparatus and method incorporates temporary lifting eyes installed through lifting hole receivers in the truck body floor. The temporary lifting eyes can be designed such that their strength is gained thru interlocking steel members versus simply welding.08-02-2012
20100003117Skid Steer Loader - A skid steer loader comprises: a main frame assembly (01-07-2010
20100183416DOUBLE-ARM WORKING MACHINE - A double-arm working machine has an upper swing structure, an operator cabin, left swing post and right swing post provided in front of the upper swing structure, and a left work front A and right work front B provided on the left swing post and the right swing post, respectively, such that the work fronts A, B each sway vertically. An interference prevention controller generates an output signal to swing the swing posts 07-22-2010
20100239404STORAGE AND DEPLOYMENT SYSTEM - The present invention generally relates to an apparatus and method for handling wellbore tools. In one aspect, a method of placing wellbore tools at a wellsite is provided. The method includes the step of providing a storage and deployment system at the wellsite. The method further includes the step of loading the wellbore tools in a basket. The method also includes the step of placing the basket loaded with the wellbore tools on the storage and deployment system. Further, the method includes the step of moving the basket with the wellbore tools from a loading position to a deployment position. Additionally, the method includes the step of removing one of the wellbore tools from the basket and positioning the wellbore tool for deployment into a wellbore. In another aspect, a storage and deployment system for loading or unloading wellbore tools at a wellsite is provided. In yet a further aspect, a method of removing wellbore tools at a wellsite is provided.09-23-2010
20110027056VERTICAL LIFT ARM DEVICE - A skid steer loader having an operator compartment attached to a frame. Lift assemblies are movably mounted to the frame and are movable between a retracted position and an extended position. As the lift assemblies are moved between the retracted position and the extended position, joining plates, first links and second links are positioned behind the operator compartment to provide a better field of vision for the operator.02-03-2011
20110243700WORKING MACHINE WITH EQUIPMENT ROOM - A working machine comprising a frame, a working implement supported at a front end of the frame, a cover member, a latch member, a selector valve and a support bracket. The cover member has a cover-member body covering a side equipment room and having an opening, a lid member to open and close the opening, a lockable member attached to an inner side of the cover-member body near the opening, and a hinge portion interconnecting the frame and a rear end of the cover-member body and supporting the cover-member body. The latch member is disposed near the opening and inside the side equipment room to hold the cover member closed in cooperation with the lockable member. The support bracket extends from the side equipment room toward the opening and supports the latch member and the selector valve at the side of the frame. The support bracket has a selector valve-retaining portion supporting the selector valve and a latch member-retaining portion retaining the latch member at a position closer to the opening and higher than the selector valve.10-06-2011
20080247857End effector and robot for transporting substrate - An end effector of a substrate transport robot includes an upper plate made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP); a lower plate made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP); and an intermediate member arranged between the upper plate and the lower plate and selected from the group consisting of aluminum, stainless steel and honeycomb-shaped fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). Further, a substrate transport robot is equipped with the above end effector.10-09-2008
20110217151Working Machine - A working machine (09-08-2011
20080292441Apparatus for loading particulate catalytic material and loading method - Apparatus for loading particulate catalytic material into reactor tubes comprising an axial shaft capable of rotational movement around its axis in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction and having attached at its lower end perpendicular to the axis a horizontal distribution shaft, the length of which can be varied, one end of a flexible hollow catalyst supply hose being attached to the end of the horizontal distribution shaft extending into the reactor space, the other end of the flexible catalyst supply hose being available for entrance of catalyst particles external to the reactor tube.11-27-2008
20110305551Flexible Skid Steer Attachment Device - The present invention is a flexible skid steer road widening and shouldering attachment device with an adjustable spreader system which gives the operator precise control over the placement of debris.12-15-2011
20110305552WORKER SUPPORT CAGE FOR FRONT END LOADER BUCKET - An apparatus is provided for lifting a worker into an elevated work position. The apparatus includes a worker-support cage configured for engagement with a bucket of a front-end loader.12-15-2011
20100098520Vacuum Excavation System - A soil extraction system attachable to and powered by a mobile machine.04-22-2010
20120251282DEBRIS KIT FOR HYDRAULIC CYLINDER - A debris kit for a hydraulic cylinder is disclosed. The debris kit may have a base plate assembly with a slot in a length direction that is configured to accommodate sliding of the hydraulic cylinder, and an attachment feature located around at least a portion of a periphery of the slot. The debris kit may also have a flexible boot with a first end connectable to the hydraulic cylinder, and a second end connected to the attachment feature of the base plate assembly.10-04-2012
20100290882WORKING MACHINE WITH TELESCOPIC BOOM UNIT - A working machine (11-18-2010
20100290881Retrofitable ROPS Reinforcement Structure for Cab Raiser Interface - A reinforced cab riser adapter, which adapts to standard roll-over protection structure (ROPS) to a swing frame on a hydraulic excavator resulting in improved rollover load bearing capacity, is disclosed. This invention is also retrofit-able and can be universally adapted to a wide variety of swing frames without cutting or welding of the base machine. The present invention relates to safety features with respect to attaching a cab to a frame on load bearing vehicles.11-18-2010
20100232918Lift Arm of Skid Steer Loader - The lift arm of a skid steer loader according to the present invention has a simple structure. A pair of left and right lift arms each has a first arm portion and a second arm portion. The first arm portion is made as an elongated member from components made from plate metal or the like, and its base end is rotatably fitted to a support portion which projects upwards at a rear portion of the main body of the loader. In this second arm portion, a connection portion, an attachment fitting portion, a horizontal load bearing portion, and an actuator fitting portion and so on are integrally formed as one member from cast metal. Furthermore, a hollow portion is formed in the interior of this second arm portion, extending from an approximately intermediate portion thereof to its base end.09-16-2010
20120243968GARBAGE CAN LIFTER - A garbage can lifter having a pair of arms operatively connected to a handle, and a pair of pins secured to exterior surfaces of the pair of arms. The pair of arms is adapted to be operatively connected to one or more lifting arms of a tractor. The garbage can lifter also has a cross member secured to the pair of arms and the handle. The handle is positioned between the pair of arms and between interior surfaces of the pair of arms.09-27-2012
20080240898Laboratory Robot Assembly - A laboratory robot assembly for a field of life sciences includes a plurality of robot modules including at least one first robot module having an X-axis arm and at least one Y-axis arm located movably on said X-axis arm in an X direction, the robot modules are located side-by-side in the X direction, each of the robot modules has one X-axis arm and one Y-axis arm, and at least one Y-axis arm of a first robot module is movable at least incrementally along the X-axis arm of an adjacent robot module.10-02-2008
20130094932WORKPIECE TAKEOUT SYSTEM, ROBOT APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A TO-BE-PROCESSED MATERIAL - A workpiece takeout system includes a robot arm and a disposed-state detector. The robot arm is configured to perform a workpiece takeout operation to take out a workpiece disposed in an area among a plurality of areas. The disposed-state detector is configured to detect a disposed state of the workpiece and is configured to, while the robot arm is performing the workpiece takeout operation to take out the workpiece disposed in the area among the plurality of areas, detect a disposed state of another workpiece disposed in another area among the plurality of areas.04-18-2013
20120282071LIFTING ACCESSORY DEVICE - The present invention is a lifting accessory device that includes an extendable arm with a distal end and a proximal end, a hook disposed on the distal end of the extendable arm to attach to any materials or matter that are being lifted or transported and a hydraulic assembly with a top and a bottom pivotally integral to the proximal end of the extendable arm that contains a plurality of hydraulic lifting components that provide power to lift materials or matter being lifted or transported. The device also includes a stem with a top and a bottom, the top of stem is pivotally integral to the top of the hydraulic assembly, a base with a top and a side, the top of base receives the bottom of the stem and an attachment coupling integral to a truck or other vehicle that extends to the side of the base.11-08-2012
20130189066TRACTOR - The present invention provides a tractor which includes a body frame configured such that a front portion thereof adjacent to a front wheel axle is at a raised position to prevent interference with front wheels, and a medial portion thereof is depressed so that an engine can be located in the medial portion. Thereby, the front wheels can be turned to maximum angles without being impeded by the front wheel axle, and a driver cab provided with a driver seat can be located above an area where the engine is disposed.07-25-2013

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