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414 - Material or article handling

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414662000 Comprising means enabling additional movement of carrier or portion thereof relative to its support 22
414618000 Grab 21
414659000 Comprising device on carrier to move or carry load laterally thereto or therefrom 10
414630000 Elevator wherein means comprises guide mounted for relative movement 7
414607000 Convertible attachment 7
414639000 Tilting carrier 6
414595000 Inclined track 4
20100104410SAFETY MECHANISM FOR A PAPER STACK CART SYSTEM - A safety feature prevents a two wheeled electric paper lift from raising a paper tray on uneven ground that includes a tilt switch positioned in parallel with an upper limit switch that controls the height in a vertical direction of the paper tray. When a tilt angle of the paper lift is greater than 50 the tilt switch will prevent the paper tray from being raised and thereby prevent the load on the paper tray from shifting or tipping over and causing injury to an operator.04-29-2010
20090074550CARRIAGE POSITIONING MECHANISM AND CARRIAGE FOR COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - Cam followers are rotatably provided in the periphery of a horizontal shaft of a feeder base corresponding to a positioning object portion of a carriage. Cam members are provided on the side of a component mounting apparatus and respectively include ascending slope surfaces coming into contact with the cam followers at a position close to the carriage and horizontal positioning surfaces continuously formed with the ascending slope surfaces. After the cam followers are brought into contact with the ascending slope surfaces of the cam members, the feeder base is pressed upward toward the component mounting apparatus by an air-pressure cylinder provided in the component mounting apparatus so that the cam followers roll from the ascending slope surfaces to the positioning surfaces of the cam members and the feeder base is placed on the positioning surfaces.03-19-2009
20100239403METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING BY PALLET TRUCK - An apparatus for transferring a load between a pallet truck and a load wrapping surface may include an angled ramp surface configured to support at least a portion of the pallet truck. The apparatus may also include an angled conveyor surface extending alongside at least a portion of the angled ramp surface. The angled conveyor surface may be configured to convey the load between the load wrapping surface and the angled ramp surface.09-23-2010
20080253873Article elevator - The present invention relates to an article elevator for moving lightweight open ended containers from a first level to a second level vertically spaced from the first level. The article elevator includes an input section at the first level for receiving container bodies. An elevator section is positioned for receiving container bodies from the input section. A discharge section is located at the second level for receiving container bodies from the elevator section. A plurality of arms is movably mounted above the input section, the elevator section, and the discharge section. Each of the arms moves a group of container bodies from the input section over the elevator section to the discharge section so that successive groups of container bodies are moved to the discharge section from the input section.10-16-2008
414628000 Elevator wherein means comprises guide mounted for relative movement, and tiltable carrier thereon 4
20100021278PORTABLE CRANE SYSTEM FOR WIND TURBINE COMPONENTS - A portable crane assembly for servicing a wind turbine. The crane assembly includes a first primary support member and a second primary support member being rotatably attached to one another. The first primary support member is configured to attach to a wind turbine component. The second primary support is coaxially rotatable with respect to the first primary support member. The crane assembly further includes a boom member pivotably attached to an end of the second primary support member. The portable crane assembly is disassemblable into components that can be manually carried. A wind turbine servicing system and a method for servicing a wind turbine are also disclosed.01-28-2010
20130084153FORKLIFT TRUCK - A forklift truck includes a truck body, a fork, a mast, tilting and lifting mechanisms, tilt and lift levers, tilting and lifting operation detectors, an auxiliary switch, a tilt angle detector and a controller. The tilt and lift levers are adapted to operate the tilting and lifting mechanisms, respectively. The auxiliary switch is disposed on the lift lever at a position where the auxiliary switch and the lift lever are operable by the same operator's hand. The controller is adapted to control the tilting and lifting mechanisms based on signals from the tilting and lifting operation detectors and the auxiliary switch. When the auxiliary switch is in operative position and the lifting operation detector detects that the lift lever is in operative position, the controller controls the tilting mechanism so as to tilt the fork to have a predetermined tilt angle based on a signal from the tilt angle detector.04-04-2013
20090169350PAPER ROLL TRANSPORT CART - A three wheeled cart for transporting heavy rolls of paper to and from unwinders and reminders. The operator stands at the rear end where he can start and stop the cart, steer it, and control the carriage at the front end for lifting the paper roll from the floor and/or into a processing machine. The steerable rear wheel is driven electrically from a twist type throttle on a steering handle that can be moved from an active position to a stowed position. In the stowed position the cart is secured by the same motor-brake that drives the single rear wheel.07-02-2009
20100303598UNLOADING VEHICLE AND COMBINATION OF AN UNLOADING VEHICLE WITH A CONTAINER - An unloading vehicle for the rotary unloading of a container, able to be covered by a fixed cover, which has a container base with two fork pockets, with a frame on which a carrier, provided with a pair of fork prongs, is mounted so as to be rotatable about an axis running horizontally and parallel to the fork prongs. In order to be able to handle not only the container but also its cover by an unloading vehicle, a further carrier is provided above the rotatably arranged carrier, which is provided with a receiving arrangement for taking hold of the cover of the container, and is vertically adjustable and/or able to be swiveled up and down with respect to the framed.12-02-2010
414609000 With external cooperating movable feeding or discharging means 2
20100129187Conveyance Device Using Carriage - A conveyance device suitable for an automobile final assembly facility has an elevating table for supporting an object to be conveyed in a conveyance carriage which travels along a conveyance path. The elevating table has a table bearing base removably mounted on a table main body for supporting a bottom portion of the object to be conveyed. The table main body has a top surface flush with a flat work floor on the conveyance carriage when the table main body is at a lowering limit position. On the conveyance carriage, a strut bearing base formed of a pair of left and right strut members located on left and right sides of the object to be conveyed, when viewed in plan, and a bearing portion, provided for the strut member, for supporting left and right edges of the object to be conveyed is mounted removably in a state in which the pair of left and right strut members are positioned at both left and right sides of the elevating table.05-27-2010
20090110528LIFT MECHANISM - A lifting mechanism having a first frame and a second frame. The second frame is movable relative to the first frame. A pulley is rotatably attached to one of the frames and a means for rotating the pulley is provided. A cordage is attached at one end to the pulley and another end of the cordage is attached to one of the frames. As the pulley is rotated the second frame is moved relative to the first frame.04-30-2009
414673000 Return, buffer, or counterweight feature 2
20090129907Weight Ballast for a Counterweight Device and Method of Making thereof - A weight ballast having a reduced cost of manufacture includes a housing filled with a filling. The housing includes a bottom side, two lateral sides, with the two lateral sides, two terminal sides and bottom side defining a compartment as well as an opening to allow the filling being poured into the housing. The housing further including two lugs extending longitudinally with respect to a longitudinal axis of the housing from the two terminal sides respectively, and with each of the two lugs including a cavity connected to and in communication with the compartment. The filling is a mixture of cement and scum with a predetermined specific weight.05-21-2009
20100278622Automated Materials Handling System Having Multiple Categories of Overhead Buffers - An automated materials handling system comprises a plurality of overhead hoist buffers (OHBs) for receiving a plurality of semiconductor wafer carriers. Each OHB is assigned to a respective one of a plurality of categories. Each wafer carrier is associated with one or more of the plurality of categories. Each respective category is associated with at least one of a plurality of event trigger types. An overhead transport (OHT) if provided for transporting each of the plurality of wafer carriers to a respective one of the OHBs in response to a respective trigger event. Each trigger event has one of the plurality of event trigger types. Each wafer carrier is stored in a respective one of the plurality of OHBs assigned to a respective one of the categories associated with the respective event trigger type of the trigger event causing that wafer carrier to be transported and stored.11-04-2010
20090047110Hoist system for flat screen televisions and heavy objects - A hoist system hoists a flat screen television or a heavy object in a room for attachment to a wall mounted attachment fixture. The hoist system has a wheel-supported base, and a central pillar with a raising and lowering element. The central pillar has a counter weight projection arm with a plurality of notches for carrying a counterbalance weight. A projection arm extends from the movable element in the direction opposite to the counterbalance weight arm with a downward pointing extension that carries a plurality of adjustable L-shaped brackets. The hoist system is brought close to a television or heavy weight at ground level and the L-shaped brackets are inserted therebelow. Weight balance is checked and a counterweight is placed on an appropriate notch in the counterbalance weight arm. The flat screen television or heavy object is then lifted to the correct height for wall attachment. Even though the load produced by the flat screen television or heavy weight being carried overhangs, delivery thereof to a point closely proximate a wall of a room can be reliably and safely accomplished by a single person.02-19-2009
20090279993MAGNETIC COVER REMOVER - A cover removal apparatus includes a frame, an electromagnet and a power source, which is electrically coupled to the electromagnet for selectively energizing the electromagnet. The removal apparatus may further include means for positioning the electromagnet relative to a cover and/or means for loosening the cover.11-12-2009
20090067969Rider Lift Truck - A rider lift truck with a drive portion, in which is arranged a travelling drive featuring at least one electric travelling motor for at least one steered driving wheel, with a steering device for the driving wheel, a load portion featuring a mast, an electric control unit for the travelling drive and operational controls for the travelling drive and the steering device and with a standing platform, wherein a horizontally arranged travelling motor is provided below the flatly built standing platform as a wheel hub drive for the driving wheel, and a steering motor is arranged below the standing platform alongside to the travelling motor, which is coupled with a fifth wheel for the driving wheel via a steering gear.03-12-2009
20090035115Apparatus for removing and reinstalling the hardtop of an automobile - An apparatus for removing and reinstalling the detachable hardtop of an automobile; the hardtop comprising a pair of opposite side panels, each panel comprising a downwardly extending pin at its bottom. The apparatus comprises a bracket for engaging the pins, an overhead winch for elevating and lowering the hardtop about the bracket, and adjustable straps for balancing the hardtop such that the hardtop is maintained in the same horizontal position as on the automobile when elevated and/or lowered.02-05-2009
20110070058Magnetic Lifting Assembly - A magnetic lifting assembly for a fork lift vehicle auxiliary implement, the vehicle having a pair of laterally spaced lift tines, the magnetic lifting assembly comprising a cross beam; lateral tine receiving means fixedly attached to the cross beam's lateral end, the lateral tine receiving means being adapted for receiving one of the fork lift vehicle's lift tines; oppositely lateral tine receiving means fixedly attached to the cross beam's oppositely lateral end, the oppositely lateral tine receiving means being adapted for receiving the fork lift vehicle's other lift tine; a permanent magnet fixedly attached to the cross beam, the permanent magnet emanating a magnetic field downwardly from the cross beam; and magnetic strength varying means connected operatively to the permanent magnet, the magnetic strength varying means being adapted for alternatively increasing and decreasing the strength of the downwardly emanated magnetic field.03-24-2011
20090324376TROUGH HOIST APPARATUS AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A trough hoist apparatus that raises, dumps and lowers dough troughs includes a column assembly comprising a first column and a second column spaced laterally from the first column. A first externally threaded screw is mounted within the first column such that the first threaded screw extends vertically along a height of the first column. A second externally threaded screw is mounted within the second column such that the second threaded screw extends vertically along a height of the second column. A first drive assembly includes a first internally threaded drive nut internally receiving the first threaded screw. The first drive assembly is configured to rotate the first drive nut relative to the first threaded screw to move the first drive assembly vertically along the first threaded screw. A second drive assembly includes a second internally threaded drive nut internally receiving the second threaded screw. The second drive assembly is configured to rotate the second drive nut relative to the second threaded screw to move the second drive assembly vertically along the second threaded screw. A trough carriage assembly is located between the first column and the second column. The trough carriage assembly is mounted to the first drive assembly and the second drive assembly for vertical movement therewith. The trough carriage is configured to receive a dough trough.12-31-2009
20120201638METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR MOVING A HEAVY LOAD - Method for moving a heavy load, in which method the heavy load is lifted or lowered with an elevator including an elevator car and a hoisting machine, which hoisting machine is arranged to move the elevator car from one level to another in the normal operation of the elevator, in which method the heavy load is moved to be supported by the elevator car and the elevator car is moved until the load is at the desired height, and the load is removed from the support of the elevator car. In the method a hoist that does not belong to the hoisting machine is temporarily connected to the elevator car for the purpose of moving the load, and the elevator car, which supports the load, is moved by the hoist until the load is at the desired height, and the load is removed from the support of the elevator car.08-09-2012
20120063872Attachment for handling bales of hay - An attachment for handling hay bales comprising a fork member having a bottom portion including a plurality of tines, and a back portion attached to the bottom portion and extending perpendicularly upwards therefrom. A hydraulically operated push frame member having a shape and size that is similar to the back portion. An articulated frame attached between the back portion and the push frame that is adapted to push the push frame linearly from one end of the tines adjacent the back portion to a distal end of the tines, the articulated frame including an elongated rod member rotatably attached to the back portion, a piston adapter member attached to the rod member and adapted to be pivotally attached to a hydraulic cylinder for rotating the rod member when the hydraulic cylinder is actuated.03-15-2012
20130183127WARM UP CYCLE FOR A MATERIALS HANDLING VEHICLE - A method for operating a materials handling vehicle includes activating the materials handling vehicle and performing a warm up cycle. During the warm up cycle, energy is provided to at least one valve within the materials handling vehicle so as to energize the valve without providing a working fluid to the valve. Providing energy to the at least one valve effects a heating of oil located within the at least one valve.07-18-2013
20090060698Pile Transfer Device and Method - In a mail processing system, a support element has a flat floor with elements spaced from each other so that a comb-type or fork-type structure is produced, wherein the elements have front section extending upwards. A first transport device has a number of bands equipped with sectional separators, which are spaced from one another. To transfer piled postal items from the support element to the first transport device the floor is aligned with the transport device, and the floor and the transport device are interlocked, so that at least a part of one of the bands extends between the elements.03-05-2009