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414 - Material or article handling

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414507000 Conveyor 105
414539000 Loading or unloading by other carrier or mover means, and the load movement thereof 101
414469000 With load-receiving portion, or significant section thereof, pivotable relative to horizontal 94
414495000 Having elevating load body 41
414501000 Successive handling means 14
414498000 Separable load rack 13
414468000 With load-receiving portion comprising horizontally disposed, rotatable cylinder 1
20080304946Parcel delivery truck with lift or hoist unit - A method of and system for delivering parcels or packages utilizing a parcel delivery truck. The method allows both lighter and heavier packages to be delivered by a single driver or operator. The method includes positioning a specially designed lift or hoist unit within a rear compartment of a parcel delivery truck. The left and right portions of the lift unit are mounted to left and right side walls of the rear compartment to provide maximum lifting efficiency and maximum space for heavier parcels carried in the rear compartment.12-11-2008
414506000 Winch and idler-pulley-traversing haulage cable for ejecting load from vehicle 1
20110243697Apparatus and Method for Transferring Freight - The present disclosure provides an apparatus to assist in unloading freight from a transport vessel using a movable winch drum positioned operably proximate an underside of the floor of the transport vessel, a least one roller connectable to a transom of the transport vessel, the at least one roller being dimensioned to receive a cable, the cable being connected to the winch drum at a first end, and a shaped bulkhead connected to the cable at a second, the bulkhead being positioned at a bow of the bed, behind the freight, wherein when the movable winch drum is actuated, the shaped bulkhead is configured to pull freight towards an aft of the bed for unloading. A method for the same is also provided.10-06-2011
20100104407CONTAINER UTILITY SYSTEM - A transport system for moving containers comprises a plurality of elevated supports having powered rollers and a transport having rails engaging the powered rollers. The transport has a member(s) for supporting the containers and means for moving the transport over the elevated supports.04-29-2010
20130022432ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM - The present disclosure provides an engine cooling system. The engine cooling system includes a first heat exchanger receiving a first fluid and a second heat exchanger receiving a second fluid. The second heat exchanger is located adjacent the first heat exchanger, thereby creating a stacked heat exchanger. The engine cooling system also includes a third heat exchanger receiving a third fluid. The third heat exchanger is located apart from the stacked heat exchanger. A venturi is located between the stacked heat exchanger and the third heat exchanger. An air mover is mounted to the venturi and located within the venturi. The air mover is configured to move air through the stacked heat exchanger and through the third heat exchanger. In a specific embodiment, the engine cooling system is incorporated into a vehicle, such as a skidder vehicle.01-24-2013
20110194920Jezco container inside a jezco waste collection truck - The Jezco Waste Collection Truck provides a completely new method of picking up garbage on the residential and commercial garbage route. Instead of the garbage going into a vehicle that has to be dumped at an intermediate location then reloaded, the garbage goes into a leak proof container which is not dumped till the garbage reaches it final destination. The Jezco Waste Collection Truck is a medium duty 2 axle truck that holds the patented Jezco Container. This truck is a lighter duty vehicle than the standard garbage truck which is typically a 3 axle unit and much heavier. As a result the Jezco Waste Collection Truck is a less expensive unit. The Jezco Container is 100 percent leak proof and will not spill garbage juices onto the roadways and will eliminate the transmission of rodents. The Jezco Container has the ability to access back haul trucking which will reduce the fuel consumption used in hauling garbage and reduce the number of trucks on the road for garbage hauling.08-11-2011
20100129184CART FOR TRANSPORT AND STORAGE OF ITEMS - A cart for storage of items, such as air passenger luggage, and transport thereof between, e.g., airport sorting apparatus and aircrafts, comprises a chassis and a storage section. The storage section comprises one or more shelves, each of which is inclined with respect to the chassis, to allow items to be moved under the action of gravity between a loading end and an unloading end of the cart. A releasable closure structure is provided at the lower end of the shelf. The closure structure may form a continuation of the shelf when in its non-closing position. The cart is suited for automatic or manual loading and unloading of items.05-27-2010
20080292437MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING A FORKLIFT ON A VEHICLE - Disclosed is an improved mounting system for mounting a forklift to the rear of a vehicle such as a truck or trailer. The mounting system includes in combination a forklift and a vehicle, the forklift having a frame, a pair of spaced apart front wheels and at least one rear wheel. The forklift also has a pair of forks that are movably mounted to the frame, the pair of forks movable in at least a vertical direction relative to the frame. The vehicle has a rearward end with a fork support that receives the pair of forks of the forklift. The mounting system includes a pair of mounting brackets, each of the mounting brackets being fixedly attached to the forklift frame or the rearward end of the vehicle and having an opening defined therethrough. The opening has a closed perimeter. Also included is a pair of receiving pins, the receiving pins being dimensioned such that they can slide through the opening in each of the mounting brackets. The receiving pins have a supporting position and a release position. The supporting position of the pins results in a horizontal disposition thereof and rigid attachment to the forklift frame or rearward end of the vehicle which does not have the mounting brackets attached thereto. The release position results from the receiving pins being removed from the supporting position. Mounting of the forklift to the rearward end of the vehicle is afforded when the openings of the mounting brackets are in alignment with the supporting position of the pins and the pins are in the supporting position while being located through the openings of the mounting brackets.11-27-2008
20120141239SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING WELL CONSTRUCTION - A technique is provided to limit the number of vehicles required during a well project involving a plurality of well construction related procedures. The technique utilizes a modular unit, e.g. a vehicle, and a plurality of modules that may be interchanged on the modular unit according to the scheduled well procedure. A separate crane unit can be used to move the modules to and from the vehicle as required for specific phases of well construction.06-07-2012
20090142171MOVABLE LOAD CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING LATERAL FORCES - The present invention relates to a load. The load can include a perimeter with a first side and a second side, the second side extending substantially parallel to the first side and a plurality of supports extending from the first side to the second side, the supports allowing the load to withstand a lateral compression force suitable to lift the load.06-04-2009
20090214324Adaptable container handling system - An adaptable handling system featuring a boundary subsystem and one or more robots. Each robot typically includes a chassis, a container lift mechanism moveable with respect to the robot chassis for transporting at least one container, a drive subsystem for maneuvering the chassis, a boundary sensing subsystem, a container detection subsystem, and a controller. The controller is responsive to the boundary sensing subsystem and the container detection subsystem and is configured to control the drive subsystem to follow a boundary once intercepted until a container is detected and turn until another container is detected. The controller then controls the container lift mechanism to place a transported container proximate the second detected container.08-27-2009
20100196129Mobile vacuum excavation process - A compact mobile vacuum boring, and excavation method comprising a device which will create a vacuum condition within a vacuum container and having a vacuum conduit to air convey a liquid and or solid particles into the vacuum container. The vacuum container air inlet & outlet conduit arrangement may also facilitate the separation of solids from the vacuumed air flow by producing a cyclone effect within the vacuum container. A circular cyclone effect is created within the vacuum container by the arrangement relationship between the inlet and outlet vacuum air conduits and baffles. As the air velocity slows, the solids precipitate out of the air and settle in the vacuum container. A housing with filters disposed within it is also adjacently mounted near the vacuum container in order to reduce the quantity of connecting conduits and facilitate a compact, efficient and clean interaction between the vacuum container and the filter housing. The vacuum container access door and the filter housing access door may be adjacently placed in near proximity to each other for user friendly access to empty and clean the vacuum container and filter house or a common door may access both. A compressible seal and conduit arrangement may be used as a quick disconnect between the vacuum producing means and the filter housing. A reversing valve arrangement may be used to back flow air through the filter. Sensors, data gathering, data logging and documentation of a service event may be included. The above systems may be mounted on a variety of mobile platforms.08-05-2010
20100247278APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EJECTING A PAYLOAD FROM A MOBILE UNIT - An apparatus and method for deploying a payload at a location are provided. The apparatus includes a mount adapted to be attached to a mobile unit while allowing normal operation of the mobile unit, and a deployment mechanism. The deployment mechanism supports a payload securing mode in which the deployment mechanism secures the payload to the mount and a payload deployment mode in which the deployment mechanism causes the payload to be ejected from the mount. The deployment mechanism is adapted to transition from the payload securing mode to the payload deployment mode in response to a control signal. The deployment mechanism includes a securing means adapted for securing the payload to the mount, an ejecting means adapted for ejecting the payload from the mount, and a breaking means adapted for breaking the securing means in response to a control signal, thereby causing the ejecting means to eject the payload from the mount.09-30-2010
20120315115COMBINATION LADDER RACK AND LOADING DEVICE FOR USE WITH A PICKUP TRUCK AND A METHOD FOR ITS USE - The present combination ladder rack and loader device is designed for use with pickup trucks. This device can function as a typical ladder rack, but also has the ability to lift large and heavy objects both into and out of the truck's bed. In one embodiment, the combination ladder rack and loader device can connect to the pick-up truck primarily through a receiver hitch allowing it to be easily disconnected from the truck when desired. This device can also comprise either a mechanical or an electrical winch to assist in the loading and unloading of large or heavy objects.12-13-2012
20120087768GO-BETWEEN CONTAINER TRANSFER AND SYSTEM - This loader is for transferring cargo containers between vehicles having an exposed center sill and end platforms to receive the loader between them. The loader has top and bottom frames for respectively extending over and under the center sill of the vehicle. The bottom frame is supported on wheels that fit under the sill. The top frame extends over the vehicle's sill and over the bottom frame of the loader and fits between platforms on the vehicle which supports the ends of the container to align. Air-lift bags on the top frame lift the container off or set it in place on the vehicle. The top and bottom frames are connected along one side to support the loader on its wheels to straddle the sill of the vehicle. The wheels are lifted to carry the loader on the vehicle for transport under the container.04-12-2012
20130022433MATERIAL TRANSFER SYSTEM - A material transfer system including a first vehicle and a second vehicle. The first vehicle has a pressurized compartment maintaining a first air pressure therein. The ambient air outside of the pressurized compartment is at a second air pressure, with the first air pressure being different than the second air pressure thereby defining a pressure differential. The second vehicle has a material discharge device. The material discharge device is capable of delivering material to the first vehicle. The second vehicle having a reservoir for receiving the material. The material passing from the reservoir into the pressurized compartment without substantial loss of the pressure differential.01-24-2013
20110222997COMBINATION TRAILER - A combination trailer is provided that includes a rear self-discharge trailer having a bottom surface, a front portion, a back portion, and two opposing side panels. The side panels of the combination trailer have a height that is less than the height of the front portion. An enclosure system is also included in the combination trailer and selectively covers an open top of the rear self-discharge trailer. One or more one locking pin assemblies are also included in the combination trailer and are attached to at least one of the side panels of the rear self-discharge trailer such that the locking pin assemblies can be used to secure the enclosure system in a desired position.09-15-2011
20120082534RECYCLE CONTAINER TRANSFER VEHICLE - A wheeled vehicle such as a truck or trailer is disclosed including an apparatus thereon which may be connected to a recycle container so that the recycle container may be lifted from the ground onto the vehicle and then transported to a processing site. Once at the processing site, the apparatus causes the refuse container to be pivotally moved with respect to the vehicle so that the contents of the container are dumped from the container without the removal of the container from the vehicle.04-05-2012

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