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414 - Material or article handling

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414304000 Nongravity discharging means 40
414293000 Charging or charge-distributing means 37
414289000 With alarm, indicator, or signal 2
20100111652Apparatus for Transferring Particles - Method and apparatus are provided for transferring particles from an upper zone through an intermediate zone to a lower zone. The transfer of particles between the zones through valveless conduits is regulated by varying the pressure of the intermediate zone and the flow rate of gas passing through the valveless conduits. A container within the second zone is in particle communication with a valveless conduit and provides more consistent particle flows.05-06-2010
20110052351AUTOMATED PARCEL DELIVERY SYSTEM - This invention relates generally to tube delivery systems and, more particularly, to an automatic parcel delivery system with security measures. Tube delivery systems are known in the prior art and are widely used by banks and pharmacies to consummate transactions. Other tube delivery systems are used to convey materials within large buildings. The existing tube delivery systems are not well suited to deliver parcels securely and efficiently in a residential environ. The present invention discloses an apparatus for delivering parcels securely and efficiently in a residential environment.03-03-2011
414291000 With means to handle (e.g., recirculate, remove, etc.) dust 2
20100260584CAR DUMPER DUST COLLECTION METHOD AND APPARATUS - An apparatus for rotary dumping of rail cars, including a material receiving pit. A rotational frame is disposed at least partially in the pit, is configured to dump a load from a rail car during rotational motion. A backside airflow diverter is disposed within the pit along with a backside hood for removing contaminated air. At least one baffle contacts the upper surface of the backside airflow diverter during at least a portion of the rotational motion. The invention includes an end of hood close off panel extending substantially from a platen supporting wall to the backside air flow diverter or an end ring baffle that extends from a grizzly upwardly to approximately the perimeter of a supporting ring and from the backside airflow diverter toward a dump side of the pit whereby dust laden air is substantially prevented from escaping from the pit under the end ring baffle.10-14-2010
20100150691CAR DUMPER DUST CONTROL SYSTEM - An apparatus for rotary dumping of rail cars, including a backside airflow diverter, a backside hood for removing contaminated air from the back side of the pit and at least two baffles on a rotational frame, the baffles each presenting a leading edge that contacts the backside airflow diverter during at least a portion of rotational motion. At least one air intake is positioned to pass through the upper surface of the backside diverter into the backside hood at a location where pressure in the backside hood is maintained at a substantially neutral or negative level even when pressure in the material receiving pit is increased by a down rush of air caused by the exit of the load from the railcar.06-17-2010
20110058920SYSTEM FOR PACKING AND SHIPPING EROSION CONTROL BLANKETS - A system for packing and shipping erosion control blankets that maximizes the use of the interior space of a shipping container. More particularly, but not by way of limitation, the system relates to packing, handling, storing and shipping of erosion control blankets adapted for delivery to customers with the most efficient use of space during shipping.03-10-2011
20090269173DEVICE FOR PROCESSING MAIL ITEMS IN BUNDLES - A device for processing mail items, having: at least one stacking device for forming a bundle of superimposed mail items and moving it from a forming position to a loading position; one or more robots for removing the bundles in the loading position and moving them into a covering position; one or more covering devices for placing upside down containers over the bundles in the covering position, so the bundles of mail items are housed inside the containers; a conveying system supplied by the covering devices with bundles of mail items covered with respective upside down containers; and a turnover device for turning the containers over through 180°, so the containers are positioned with their respective openings facing upwards.10-29-2009
20120224939METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE CONTROLLED EMPTYING OF A TRANSPORT CONTAINER HOLDING PIECE GOODS - A method and a device for the automated emptying of packets and packages or similar piece goods from a collection or transport container holding the piece goods. The container is pivotable to this end by way of a tipping device at least temporarily holding the container, according to a defined motion schema, into an emptying position. In order to provide an effective, automated solution for gently emptying packets and packages or similar piece goods from collection or transport containers, allowing for simultaneous minimizing of the damage occurring at low cycle times, the collection or transport container is tipped out, wherein the motion schema and thus the tipping procedure of the collection or transport container can be accelerated or decelerated as a function of the current emptying procedure and/or considering the speed and/or amount of the tipped-out piece goods.09-06-2012
20130216338CONTAINER - A weighing hopper includes a tubular main body having an upper end opening constituting a loading port and a lower end opening constituting a dispensing port and a gate provided on the main body swingably in such a way that the gate opens/closes the dispensing port, wherein the main body and the gate are formed by bending components after joining the components by diffusion.08-22-2013
20100310345Apparatus and Method for Moving Heavy Equipment - An apparatus and method to lift a carrier housing an object onto a secondary unit. The carrier is connected to the secondary unit, configured to rotate about an axis. A tether is provided with at least two branches on one end, and a single branch on a second end. The two branches are secured to the carrier in a spaced relationship, such that a pull of the single branch rotates the carrier about the axis and places the carrier on the base unit.12-09-2010
20110255941PORTABLE SILO WITH ADJUSTABLE LEGS - A portable storage silo includes a cylindrical tank of a height of the order of 45 feet and a diameter of the order of 13 feet with a filling opening at a top of the tank. The tank is raised from the ground on legs which extend to a base holding a discharge opening above the ground. The base has a transverse dimension roughly equal to that of the tank so that it is unstable in uneven terrain and four stabilizer arms are connected to the base at spaced positions around the base. Each stabilizer arm is movable from a first retracted position raised from the base to a second extended position extending outwardly to respective side of the base for stabilizing the base against tilting and is movable about an upstanding axis at the base so as to move the arm so that its angle around the base is adjustable.10-20-2011
20120009048Apparatus for Pushing Glass Articles Onto a Belt Conveyor - An apparatus intended for pushing hollow glass articles from a depositing plate of an IS glass moulding machine onto a belt conveyor that moves rectilinearly at a uniform speed comprises a transfer pusher (01-12-2012
20080226433Method and system for extracting sorted mail items in mail processing systems - A system for extracting mail items in a mail processing system includes at least one pocket for containing at least one mail item and an extraction device. The pocket has a bottom area and two lateral walls, wherein each lateral wall has at least one opening. The pocket further includes a release mechanism at the bottom area configured to place the bottom area in an open state and a closed state. The extraction device is configured to engage the lateral walls of the pocket so that contact elements of the extraction device extend through the lateral walls and urge the at least one mail item away from inner surfaces of the lateral walls. The extraction device is further configured to cause the at least one mail item to pass through the bottom area when in the open state.09-18-2008
20130142601FRACTURE SAND SILO SYSTEM AND METHODS OF DEPLOYMENT AND RETRACTION OF SAME - The present invention is directed to novel transportable silo systems for storage of materials. The invention relates to self-erecting silo storage systems for use in the oil and natural gas mining and drilling industries. The silo storage systems of embodiments of the instant invention are uniquely designed to improve storage capabilities and mobility while at the same time reducing space requirements at well sites.06-06-2013
20130209204CARGO CONTAINER TO DELIVER SAND TO A FRAC SITE - A cargo container is constructed to carry a fracing proppant such as sand from a quarry or source to the frac site. An open frame the size of a standard cargo container has an enclosed hopper therein. Upper sliding gate at a top hatch provides for loading the hopper, and a lower sliding gate in a bottom hatch provides for unloading the hopper. The bottom of the hopper is at an angle slightly above the angle of repose of the fracing proppant carried therein.08-15-2013