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414 - Material or article handling

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414225010 Load holding or supporting element including gripping means 93
414222020 Condition responsive control of transporting means 63
414222130 Transporting means carries load to at least one of a plurality of fixed stations 36
414222070 Means to convey load back and forth between initial location and station 34
414222090 With simultaneous charging and discharging of plural load holding or supporting elements 23
414222040 Device engages load handling or supporting element or load on element to align load at station 20
414226050 Transporting means is a horizontally rotated arm 12
414223010 Supply source capable of 360 degrees revolution 9
414226040 Device engaging transporting means or source to align element relative to source 6
414222080 Charging transporting means with load at station 5
20110200414TRANSFER APPARATUS FOR CELL MADE ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY DEVICE - An organic light-emitting (OLED) display panel cell transfer apparatus that includes: a base; a scribing table to cut OLED display panel sticks into cells; a cell transfer unit disposed above the base, to transfer the cells from the scribing table to a loading location; a first shuttle to receive the cells from the cell transfer unit, at the loading location, and to transfer the cells from the loading location to a testing location; and a second shuttle to receive the cells from the cell transfer unit, at the loading location, and to transfer the cells from the loading location to the testing location.08-18-2011
20090081009SUBSTRATE TREATMENT APPARATUS - A substrate treatment apparatus is disclosed. The substrate treatment apparatus includes: a cassette loading portion on which a cassette for containing a substrate is loaded when the cassette is carried to/from outside of the substrate treatment apparatus; a substrate treatment portion for performing a treatment on the substrate; a substrate carrying portion for carrying the substrate in the cassette loaded on the cassette loading portion to the substrate treatment portion, and carrying the substrate that has been subjected to the treatment by the substrate treatment portion to the cassette on the cassette loading portion; a vacant cassette loading portion on which the cassette caused to be vacant by carrying the substrate to the substrate treatment portion is temporarily loaded; and a vacant cassette transfer mechanism for transferring the vacant cassette between the vacant cassette loading portion and the cassette loading portion.03-26-2009
20090003980METHOD FOR REGULATING A CONVEYING STREAM COMPOSED OF ARTICLES OF THE TOBACCO-PROCESSING INDUSTRY BETWEEN A TRAY DISCHARGER AND A FEED DEVICE WITH MULTIPLE FEED UNITS - A method is provided to regulate a conveying stream composed of articles of the tobacco-processing industry between at least one tray discharger and connected to at least one feed device by a conveying element that conveys a mass flow of the articles. The feed device has at least one chamber designed to receive the articles, and each chamber has at least two feed units running independently of each other to feed the articles to subsequent apparatuses. Each feed unit has an individual feed rate (P01-01-2009
20100178138APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOADING CARTRIDGE HOLDING REACTANT INTO REACTANT CHAMBER OF REACTOR - An apparatus for loading cartridges holding reactants into reactant chambers of a reactor is provided. The apparatus includes: at least one guide rail which transfers a cartridge; an extraction unit comprising at least one storage portion and a blocking portion, the extraction unit moving between a first position in which the blocking portion blocks an outlet of the guide rail and a second position in which the cartridge is output through the outlet of the guide rail and stored by the storage portion; a transfer unit which moves the reactor so that a chamber of the reactor is aligned with the storage portion; and an insertion unit which moves the cartridge from the storage portion into the chamber of the reactor.07-15-2010
20120275886TRANSPORT SYSTEM AND TRANSPORT METHOD - A transport system includes a first track that passes above loading ports of the processing devices, and an overhead travelling vehicle that travels along the first track and includes a hoist. A second track is below the first track, passes above the loading ports, and is disposed in parallel or substantially in parallel with the first track. A buffer is provided below the second track at a position higher than the loading ports, and is arranged such that the articles can pass in a vertical direction over the loading ports. The buffer is disposed such that the articles can pass through the height position of the buffer in a vertical direction over the loading ports. A local vehicle travels along the second track and includes a hoist to perform delivery and receipt of the articles between the buffer and the loading ports.11-01-2012
414226030 Including plurality of supply sources for single element 2
20090257851PLATE MATERIAL STOCKER FACILITY - The present invention provides a plate material stocker facility with a simplified pallet loading and unloading mechanism. The plate material stocker facility includes a plate material stocker 10-15-2009
20120063870SYSTEM FOR INJECTING FASTENERS IN THE MANUFACTURE OF AIRCRAFT OR OTHER ASSEMBLIES - The injector assembly receives fasteners such as bolts used in the manufacture of composite aircraft wing structures, at a high speed from a supply thereof, such as a cartridge. The injector assembly includes a post assembly which includes a hollow post housing having a post mass and a mass stop pin positioned within the housing. The bolt moves through a feed tube assembly, a muzzle member and into a chamber portion of the injector assembly. A urethane contact member is positioned at a forward end of the mass. A source of compressed air moves the mass and the contact member into a position slightly past the rear end of the housing and into a chamber portion of the injector assembly. When the bolt contacts the contact member at high speed, the mass is moved back toward a base portion of the post assembly. The mass is sufficient to dissipate the kinetic energy of the moving bolt without damage thereto.03-15-2012
414222030 Portion of transporting means is retarded or stopped with load at station without being disconnected from remainder of transporting means 2
20090317217WORKPIECE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM COMPRISING AUTOMATED TRANSPORT VEHICLES AND WORKPIECE CARRIERS - A conveyance facility system for transporting an appropriate amount of work at a time at an appropriate time to the consumption side area by automatically controlling through a computer control system an automated guided vehicle for allowing a truck that has mounted the work in the supply side area to travel accompanying the vehicle from the supply side area to the consumption side area along the guidance course of the automated guided vehicle, and allowing the empty truck that has unloaded the work in the consumption side area to return to the supply side area. The work conveyance facility system comprises a plurality of work mounting trucks (12-24-2009
20080253869INSERT FOR CARRIER BOARD OF TEST HANDLER - An insert for a carrier board of a test handler is disclosed. In a first aspect, the latch block applying to the insert is detachably coupled to the insert body. The latch block can be reused, and thus this reduces wastage of resources and eliminates the insert replacement fee. In a second aspect, the insert pocket having hooks is detachably coupled to the insert body. The insert body can be reused. The latch unit is installed to the insert pocket, so that the damaged latch unit can be easily replaced. The insert forms a plurality of holes in the bottom of the loading part thereof, to expose the leads of the semiconductor devices through the holes downwardly. Thus, the insert can load semiconductor devices regardless of the dimensions of the semiconductor devices.10-16-2008
414224010 Supply source includes chute 1
20110217149Embossing System - A marker plate embossing system is provided having an improved loading device, and improved chute and hopper systems. The loading device reduces the likelihood of marker plate misfeed. The chute and hopper systems allow the embossing of varying sized embossing plates, while reducing the likelihood of embossed marker plates being delivered in an incorrect stacked-order. A marker plate removal system is also provided for removing embossed marker plates from the hopper system without the marker plates falling out of the stacked-order.09-08-2011
414223020 Supply source capable of reversible 180 degrees revolution 1
20080199284SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate processing apparatus is composed of an indexer block, a first processing block and a second processing block that are provided in parallel with one another. The indexer block is provided with an indexer robot. The first processing block is provided with a plurality of back surface cleaning units and a first main robot. The second processing block is provided with a plurality of end surface cleaning units, a plurality of top surface cleaning units and a second main robot.08-21-2008
20090196716Scalable stocker with automatic handling buffer - Scalable storage can be achieved with linear array storage of wafers, comprising two linear arrays of storage compartments on opposite walls, with a middle transfer mechanism. Together with a buffer station for automatic material handling system, a scalable bare wafer stocker can provide flexible and uninterrupted services to a fabrication facility.08-06-2009
20090196715Automatic handling buffer for bare stocker - A buffer station for automatic material handling system can provide throughput improvement. Further, by storing to-be-accessed workpieces in the buffer stations of an equipment, the operation of the facility is not interrupted when the equipment is down. The buffer station can be incorporated in a stocker, such as bare wafer stocker.08-06-2009
20090110519Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for loading/unloading wafer via variable setting of slot - A loading/unloading method of a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus for randomly designating a slot of a wafer in loading/unloading the wafer is provided. The method of loading and unloading a wafer through a random designation of wafer slot instead of sequential designation in a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus includes pre-setting a wafer slot selection mode; loading wafers into a piece of process equipment in the pre-set slot selection sequence when the wafer slot selection mode is set as a random mode; performing a process on the wafers; and unloading the wafers having been processed in a pre-set slot selection sequence, thereby preventing defects in the wafer.04-30-2009
20100080673TRANSPORTING DEVICE FOR A VACUUM PROCESSING APPARATUS, DRIVE DEVICE FOR A COMPONENT OF A VACUUM PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND A VACUUM PROCESSING APPARATUS - A transport device for a vacuum processing system, a drive unit for high temperature processes in vacuum processing systems, and a vacuum processing system employ a drive unit which operates without the polygonal effect, can be connected endlessly, is suitable for high temperatures, is insensitive to radiation heat, does not generate degassing and does not need a lubricant. The drive unit includes a traction element, guided around at least two deflecting rollers. The traction element is a continuous metal strip.04-01-2010
20100158643ELEVATOR-BASED TOOL LOADING AND BUFFERING SYSTEM - A substrate processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus has a casing, a low port interface and a carrier holding station. The casing has processing devices within for processing substrates. The load port interface is connected to the casing for loading substrates into the processing device. The carrier holding station is connected to the casing. The carrier holding station is adapted for holding at least one substrate transport carrier at the load port interface. The carrier holding station is arranged to provide a fast swap section for replacement of the substrate transport carrier from the carrier holding station.06-24-2010
20130078058METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MANAGEMENT OF FORMING DRUMS IN BUILDING TYRES FOR VEHICLE WHEELS AND PLANT FOR PRODUCTION OF TYRES FOR VEHICLE WHEELS - A method of controlling the management of forming drums in building tyres for vehicle wheels and a plant for production of tyres for vehicle wheels, wherein the plant includes at least one building line including at least one assembly of “m” work stations, each adapted to form at least one portion of a component of the tyre; devices for feeding and picking up “n” forming drums, one at a time, to and from the building line at each time interval equal to a cycle time; transfer devices for respectively bringing and moving apart “m” distinct forming drums to and from “m” distinct work stations of the assembly, wherein each of the “m” work stations respectively receives and releases a forming drum at each time interval equal to a multiple of “m” of said cycle time, wherein “m” is greater than or equal to 2 and “n” is greater than or equal to “m”.03-28-2013
20130028691Transfer mechanism with multiple wafer handling capability - An integrated robotic mechanism is disclosed for improving transport equipment, integrating an object movement with other functionalities such as alignment or identification. The disclosed integrated robot assembly can comprise a multiple end effector for moving a plurality of workpieces, a single end effector for moving a single workpiece, a rotation chuck incorporated on the robot body to provide alignment capability, and an optional identification subsystem for identify the object during transport. The present invention robot assembly can be used in a sorter or stocker equipment, in processing equipment, and a transfer system.01-31-2013
20090290961PRODUCT PACKAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Converting systems including stacking and casing modules are provided. Stacking modules permits rapid and reliable stacking of boxes having a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as straight-line and auto-bottom boxes. Stacks may be formed with layers arranged in varying orientations, having varying numbers of boxes. Casing modules operate to load one or more stacks of product, which again may have varying shapes and sizes, into cases.11-26-2009
20090269171SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE TRANSFER METHOD ADOPTED THEREIN - As an interrupt start button is depressed while control, under which product wafers Wp and dummy wafers Wd are transferred in an order defined in a normal transfer pattern, is repeatedly executed, a decision is made based upon wafer transfer history as to whether or not the most recent transfer pattern cycle has ended. If the cycle is determined to have ended, the operation immediately proceeds to the subsequent cycle to transfer interrupt wafers Wf and Wd in an order defined in the interrupt transfer pattern achieved by replacing Wp in the normal transfer pattern with Wf, whereas if the cycle is determined to be incomplete, the wafer transfer based upon the normal transfer pattern is carried on until the cycle ends and then the operation proceeds to the next cycle to transfer Wf and Wd in the order defined in the interrupt transfer pattern.10-29-2009
20130039725OBJECT FEEDER SYSTEM - Disclosed is an object feeder system configured for arrangement in a three dimensional scanner, the system comprising: an object feeder scanning plate assembly comprising a number of tracks, wherein each track adapted to hold at least one object holder, wherein said tracks are configured to extend within the plate assembly from a parking area towards a scanning area, and where each object holder is configured for retaining an object to be scanned in the scanner for obtaining a three dimensional representation of the object, and wherein the object feeder system further comprises means for moving the at least one object holder in the at least one track.02-14-2013
20090155025LIFT PIN FOR SUBSTRATE PROCESSING - A lift pin is provided for manipulating a substrate above a support surface of a substrate support and uniformly transferring heat from the substrate support to the substrate. The lift pin includes a pin shaft. The pin shaft includes a cross-section having at least three equal edges and round corners configured alternatively. A pin head is an end portion of the pin shaft, wherein the pin head has a convex support surface larger than the cross-section of the pin shaft. A flat portion is disposed on a central area of the convex support surface for directly contacting the substrate.06-18-2009
20100040439SLIDE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - The present invention is concerned with a basket processing apparatus that includes a basket storage portion in a form of a horizontal load rail (02-18-2010
20100040441FOUP OPENING/CLOSING DEVICE AND PROBE APPARATUS - A FOUP opening/closing device includes a housing containing a mounting table for mounting the FOUP thereon, an FOUP loading opening, and a delivery opening. The device further includes a rotator for rotating the mounting table, a door opening/closing unit to open or close the door of the FOUP and keep the door open, a mover for moving the FOUP and the door opening/closing unit in a reciprocating manner, to allow the FOUP and the door opening/closing unit to be connected to or separated from each other, and a controller to output control signals for moving the FOUP and the door opening/closing unit via operation of the mover to mount the door of the FOUP to the door opening/closing unit, separating the door from the FOUP, moving the FOUP and the door opening/closing unit away from each other, and rotating the mounting table to make the FOUP face the delivery opening.02-18-2010
20130028690APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TREATING SUBSTRATE - Provided are an apparatus and method for treating a substrate. More particularly, an apparatus and method for treating a substrate through a supercritical process are provided. The apparatus includes a housing having an entrance in a side thereof and providing a space for performing a process, a door for opening and closing the entrance, and a support member disposed on the door to receive a substrate thereon.01-31-2013
20130089396REDUCED CAPACITY CARRIER, TRANSPORT, LOAD PORT, BUFFER SYSTEM - In accordance with an exemplary embodiment a semiconductor workpiece processing system having at least one processing tool for processing semiconductor workpieces, a container for holding at least one semiconductor workpiece therein for transport to and from the at least one processing tool and a first transport section elongated and defining a travel direction. The first transport section has parts, that interface the container, supporting and transporting the container along the travel direction to and from the at least one processing tool. The container is in substantially continuous transport at a substantially constant rate in the travel direction, when supported by the first transport section. A second transport section is connected to the at least one process tool for transporting the container to and from the at least one processing tool.04-11-2013
20130089395METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOVING A VERTICALLY-ORIENTED SUBSTRATE FROM A CASSETTE - A system and method are disclosed for removing vertically oriented substrates from a cassette. A lifter includes a lifter notch and a stabilizer notch for holding a substrate. The lifter notch engages and lifts the substrate along the substrate ID, while the stabilizer notch captures the substrate OD to prevent lateral movement of the substrate during lifting. In use, the cassette is tilted to bias all substrates to one side and ensure consistent spacing. The lifter moves up into the cassette until the notches are adjacent, but beneath, the ID and OD of a substrate. The lifter is moved laterally to position the notches directly below the ID and OD. Upward movement of the lifter causes the lifter notch to lift the substrate along the ID. The lifter continues upward with the substrate until the substrate clears the top of the cassette. Other embodiments are described and claimed.04-11-2013
20110170990MAIL SORTER SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOVING TRAYS OF MAIL TO DISPATCH IN DELIVERY ORDER - A sorter, method, and software product are provided for sorting mail pieces. The mail pieces are fed into a sorter, sorted, and then deposited into mail trays. The mail trays are then moved from the deposit area to a dispatch area, in the order they will be loaded into a truck. That order is preferably the same as the order in which the containers received the mail pieces.07-14-2011
20120219389Cargo Inspection System - According to one embodiment, a cargo inspection method includes transporting a first guideway vehicle over a guideway from a first inspection station to a second inspection station. A first non-intrusive scanning mechanism associated with the first inspection station is used to acquire a first set of data associated with cargo stored in the first guideway vehicle. The first set of data acquired by the first non-intrusive scanning mechanism associated with the first inspection station is analyzed to determine the identity of the cargo stored on the first guideway vehicle. The first set of data acquired by the first non-intrusive scanning mechanism is compared with a first manifest that describes the cargo that is declared to be stored on the first guideway vehicle. It is determined that the first guideway vehicle contains contraband cargo if the identity of the cargo does not match the first manifest.08-30-2012
20130071209METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FEEDING JOINING ELEMENTS - A method and apparatus for feeding joining elements to a joining tool is presented. The joining tool may be movable by a programmable handling unit, and a magazine for receiving at least one joining element may be mounted on the joining tool. The magazine may be moved to a filling station that has a tubular section with an outlet opening. An inlet opening of the magazine may be oriented in relation to the outlet opening. At least one joining element may be conveyed to the tubular section so that it passes through the tubular section, the outlet opening, the inlet opening, and into the magazine. During the orienting, the magazine may be oriented in relation to the outlet opening such that the magazine is spaced apart from the filling station during the conveying of the at least one joining element.03-21-2013
20090092468Inlet port mechanism for introducing object and treatment system - An inlet port mechanism for an object to be treated is provided to quickly and smoothly replace an atmosphere in a storage container body with an inert gas without shifting of the position of the object to be treated. The inlet port mechanism has a partition wall, a stage, an opening/closing door mechanism, a lid opening/closing mechanism, a gas injection unit, and an exhaust unit. The partition wall partitions a space into a container transfer area and an object transfer area and has an opening gate. The storage container body storing the object is placed on the stage. The opening/closing door mechanism has an opening/closing door that serves to open and close the opening gate. The lid opening/closing mechanism is provided with the opening gate and serves to open and close an opening/closing lid of the storage container body. The gas injection unit extends along an inner periphery of the opening gate to inject an inert gas into the storage container body and has a porous gas injection tube made of a porous material and having a cylindrical shape. The exhaust unit has an exhaust port for exhausting an atmosphere that is present in the storage container body and purged by the inert gas.04-09-2009
20090092467Stage apparatus - To enable division for transportation and secure proper treatment on a substrate to be treated, the present invention provides a stage apparatus (04-09-2009
20090252578SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD FOR SUCCESSIVELY PROCESSING A PLURALITY OF SUBSTRATES - One of reverse passing parts provided in a substrate passing part comprises a first holding mechanism and a second holding mechanism. The first holding mechanism and the second holding mechanism are arranged in vertically symmetry with respect to a rotary central axis and rotate 180 degrees about the rotary central axis, to replace each other in position. A transport robot on the loading side passes a substrate to a third holding mechanism or a fourth holding mechanism at a first vertical position. The substrate reversed in the reverse passing part is passed to a transport robot on the unloading side from the third holding mechanism or the fourth holding mechanism at a second vertical position. Before a reverse process on the preceding substrate is finished, the transport robot on the loading side can start the transfer of the following substrate.10-08-2009
20100086384HANDLING DEVICE FOR DRIVING, DIPPING AND TURNING MOTORVEHICLE AND VAN BODYWORKS, TRUCK CABINS AND METAL ARTICLE VESSELS INTO PROCESSING BASINS - A device for driving, dipping and turning bodyworks of motor vehicles, vans, truck cabs and metal article vessels, into processing basin, and for withdrawing the above elements from the processing basins, comprises a slidable framework, which can slide on sliding rails, supporting a pair of arms bearing, at free end portions thereof, a swinging shaft adapted to bear a supporting skid for supporting a bodywork, the sliding framework comprising at least a winch driving a drum, for winding a rope coupled to a respective arm at the swinging shaft, the slidable framework further comprises at least a rack, therealong an end portion of the respective arms coupled to framework slides.04-08-2010
20100329829FEED AND REMOVAL SYSTEM FOR MACHINE TOOLS - A feed and removal system for a machine tool has a supply device and a removal device for workpieces. Arranged at the front side of the machine tool are loading arms and unloading arms, which are pivotable about vertical pivot axes and, at their free ends, carry workpiece carrying devices.12-30-2010
20110280691WORK CONVEYING SYSTEM - Provided is a work conveying system for sequentially conveying a workpiece to multiple working apparatuses constituting a production line, including: a rail track disposed along the multiple working apparatuses; and conveyor robots, which are disposed adjacent to each other on the rail track and move on the rail track independently, in which delivery of the workpiece is performed between the adjacent conveyor robots on the rail track between adjacent working apparatuses. This enables formation of a work conveying system having a simple structure and a high productivity.11-17-2011
20120189408METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WAFER SUPPORT - An end effector having a first arm and a second arm extending from an end effector support body is provided. The first arm and the second arm each have support extensions for supporting a peripheral region of a substrate on opposing sides of a diameter of the substrate. The height of support contacts on opposing sides of the diameter is different relative to a horizontal datum plane. In one embodiment, the end effector includes additional arms extending from the end effector support body. A system for supporting a substrate is provided also.07-26-2012
20110142575ELEVATOR-BASED TOOL LOADING AND BUFFERING SYSTEM - A substrate processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus has a casing, a low port interface and a carrier holding station. The casing has processing devices within for processing substrates. The load port interface is connected to the casing for loading substrates into the processing device. The carrier holding station is connected to the casing. The carrier holding station is adapted for holding at least one substrate transport carrier so the at least one substrate transport carrier is capable of being coupled to the load port interface without lifting the at least one substrate transport carrier off the carrier holding station. The carrier holding station is arranged to provide a substantially simultaneous swap section for substantially simultaneous replacement of the substrate transport carrier from the carrier holding station.06-16-2011
20110286818SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to an example embodiment a substrate processing apparatus includes a supporting unit, a lifting unit on at least a side of the supporting unit, a tray supported by the lifting unit, and a transfer unit configured to transfer a substrate to the tray such that the substrate is positioned on the tray. The lifting unit moves the tray up and down to load or unload the substrate located on the tray on or from the supporting unit.11-24-2011
20120107072SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT APPARATUS, ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A substrate transport apparatus comprises a substrate holder capable of holding a substrate, a link unit which extends/retracts the substrate holder, a driving unit which generates a driving force to operate the link unit, a guide bar provided to one of the substrate holder and the link unit; and a support unit which is provided to the other of the substrate holder and the link unit, and slidably supports the guide bar when the substrate holder moves by the operation of the link unit.05-03-2012
20090279990TOOLS AND METHODS FOR MOUNTING TRANSPORT RAILS IN A SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM - Devices and methods for mounting and aligning transport rails to a processing chamber of a substrate processing system are described. An alignment feature is built-in to the transport rail and a corresponding alignment feature is added to the valves separating processing chambers. The alignment feature may be a pin-groove arrangement.11-12-2009
20090297302WAFER CONVEYANCE METHOD AND WAFER CONVEYANCE DEVICE - In order to make it possible to reduce the occurrence of physical damage to wafers during conveyance, a state is established in which wafers W are contained in a wafer cassette 12-03-2009
20120189407AUTOMATIC PART FEEDER - An automatic part feeder includes a base, a rotatable disk covering the base, a part delivering devices, and a rotatable disk driving device received in the base. Each of the part delivering devices includes a ring-shaped receiving room opening toward a first end surface of the base, a first driving motor having a first rotatable shaft, and an ejector pole having one end extending through the ring-shaped receiving room and another end threadedly engaged with the first rotatable shaft. The rotatable disk driving device has a second driving motor having a second rotatable shaft. The rotatable disk includes receiving holes, and the second rotatable shaft engages with the rotatable disk and is configured for driving the rotatable disk to rotate to align the receiving holes with the respective ring-shaped receiving rooms to receive the parts ejected from the ring-shaped receiving rooms.07-26-2012
20090053019LOAD PORT AND LOAD PORT CONTROL METHOD - A load port which has no limitation in a placing direction of a substrate storing container, is flexibly applicable in accordance with a mode of a device to which the load port is connected, and is compact, is provided. Furthermore, the load port having high operation efficiency is provided. The load port is provided with a stage (02-26-2009
20100080672Direct loading to and from a conveyor system - A direct load system and conveyor is disclosed. The direct load system includes a load port for moving containers in a vertical orientation between a lower position near the conveyor and up to an upper position proximate to a load port door. The load port includes a single arm that moves a support in a vertical configuration, such that moving the single arm allows for the support to be lowered to the conveyor in a nested location between beams of the conveyor. The conveyor includes a single slot in a beam that allows the single arm to pass, and allows the support to be placed in the nested location, which is below a conveyor path defined by the belts of the conveyor. If a container is to be lifted off of the belts, the single arm raises up from the nested location, to then raise the container up and off of the conveyor and to the load port door. The single arm and interface with the conveyor slot can be used by other tools, such as stockers or tools that need to directly access a conveyor used to transport containers (e.g., wafers, etc.) to locations/tools of a fabrication facility. In alternate embodiments, it is possible to replace the belt with conveying wheels.04-01-2010
20120107073FAST TRANSFER TIRE WORK STATION - A tire work station and system for selectively holding a tire having work performed thereon in a side orientation or a front orientation. The tire work station comprises a work platform mounted to a vertically adjustable pedestal having a first support system and a second support system. The first support system comprising a pair of tread rollers inclined at a first inclined angle A05-03-2012
20090047103STAGE APPARATUS AND APPLICATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A stage apparatus in which a rectangular substrate which is levitated over a stage is transferred such that a pair of sides of the rectangular substrate are substantially parallel to a transfer direction and the other pair of sides of the rectangular substrate are substantially perpendicular to the transfer direction. The stage includes a plurality of gas spray ports to spray a gas and a plurality of suction ports to attract the rectangular substrate by suction. The rectangular substrate is levitated at a predetermined height from the surface of the stage in a substantially horizontal posture by means of suction of a suction mechanism through the plurality of suction ports and gas spray of a gas spray mechanism through the plurality of gas spray ports. The plurality of suction ports are arranged on the stage such that, when the rectangular substrate is being transferred over the stage, the leading end of the rectangular substrate in the transfer direction does not simultaneously cover not less than a predetermined number of suction ports and the trailing end of the rectangular substrate in the transfer direction does not simultaneously open not less than a predetermined number of suction ports to the atmosphere, so as for variations in suction pressure in the suction ports to fall within an allowable range.02-19-2009
20090148256Support Pin with Dome Shaped Upper Surface - A chuck, which may hold a substrate during stress measurements, includes a number of pins that support the substrate. Each support pin has a dome shaped upper surface that contacts a bottom surface of a substrate when supporting the substrate. The dome shaped upper surface minimizes contact with the substrate as well as assists in maintaining the same contact location with the substrate regardless of substrate shape. The dome shaped upper surface may be formed of a layer of soft material having a high coefficient of static friction to hold the substrate stationary with respect to the pins when the chuck is accelerated moved during or between stress measurements. Additionally, the layer of soft material may be a thin layer that covers a hard internal dome to reduce creep.06-11-2009
20100290867Tray flip unloader - A mailpiece transfer system uses a transfer box to unload a plurality of mailpieces from an open tray, while maintaining an orientation alignment of the flat items. The tray is placed in the transfer box, after which the transfer box, holding the tray, is rotated to cause the mailpieces to rest against a cover of the transfer box. The tray is then removed, and the transfer box rotated again, allowing the substantially flat items to rest against a bottom of the transfer box, but without the tray. The mailpieces are then guided to a next workstation. The mailpieces may be edged for delivery to the next workstation.11-18-2010
20080240890Method and device for transporting a molded object - A method for transporting a molded object, in particular an ophthalmic lens, specifically a contact lens (CL), in which a molded object is lifted up from a supporting surface (10-02-2008
20080279659TRANSFERRING DEVICE AND TRANSFERRING METHOD - A transferring device 11-13-2008
20080279657HANDLING APPARATUS FOR INFORMATION STORAGE DISKS AND CONVEYING APPARATUS FOR THE SAME - A handling apparatus for information storage disks includes a conveying apparatus and a mounting base. The conveying apparatus includes a body, a conveying arm, a transmission device and a driving device. The body includes an arm holder. The arm holder has a guide channel. The guide channel includes a transverse passage and a longitudinal passage. The conveying arm is movably mounted in the arm holder and moves along the guide channel. The transmission device connects the driving device to the conveying arm so that the driving device moves the conveying arm in the guide channel. When the conveying arm moves in the transverse passage, the conveying arm has at least one linear self-alignment for positioning.11-13-2008
20080286076METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR REPOSITIONING SUPPORT FOR A SUBSTRATE CARRIER - In a first aspect, a first method is provided repositioning support provided by an end effector. The first method includes the steps of (1) employing the end effector to support a substrate carrier by a bottom of the substrate carrier; (2) transferring the substrate carrier from the end effector to an intermediate support location, wherein the intermediate support location supports the substrate carrier by a bottom of the substrate carrier; (3) repositioning the end effector proximate an overhead transfer flange of the substrate carrier; (4) employing the end effector to support the substrate carrier by the overhead transfer flange of the substrate carrier; and (5) transferring the substrate carrier from the intermediate support location. Numerous other aspects are provided.11-20-2008
20080213069APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES AND METHODS OF FABRICATING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES USING THE SAME - An apparatus for fabricating semiconductor devices is provided. The apparatus includes a process equipment in which a process is performed and a transfer system attached to the process equipment to supply a substrate to the process equipment. The transfer system includes a transfer robot for moving the substrate and a light supplier for supplying ultraviolet rays to the substrate. Methods of fabricating the semiconductor devices using the apparatus are also provided.09-04-2008
20080279658BATCH EQUIPMENT ROBOTS AND METHODS WITHIN EQUIPMENT WORK-PIECE TRANSFER FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC FACTORY - The present invention generally comprises equipment for an automated high volume batch work-piece manufacturing factory comprising work-piece handling and work-piece processing in a high productivity factory architecture capable of producing 1,000 or more work-piece an hour. The work-pieces may be presented to the equipment from a stacked supply to a parallel array. Additionally, the work-pieces may be transferred between manufacturing architectures by an array to array batch transfer. The work-pieces may be transferred within the manufacturing architecture in a parallel to parallel batch transfer operation. The robotic operations may be between robotic devices, between robotic devices and processing equipment, and within processing equipment.11-13-2008
20120195719ADVERTISING TRAYS FOR SECURITY SCREENING - A system and device for use in a security area, and more particularly, a rack system and holding device for placing various objects that are processed through a security area are taught.08-02-2012
20090053020SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An indexer robot includes first and second substrate holding mechanisms, first and second lifting/lowering mechanisms, a rotation mechanism and a moving mechanism. The first and second substrate holding mechanisms have arms and hands and provided on the first and second lifting/lowering mechanisms, respectively. The first and second lifting/lowering mechanisms can lift the first and second substrate holding mechanisms independently from each other. The first and second lifting/lowering mechanisms are provided on the rotation mechanism. The rotation mechanism is provided on the moving mechanism.02-26-2009
20090129898WORKPIECE PRESENTMENT TO A PROCESSING DEVICE - A workpiece presentment system and associated method for workpiece presentment with a pick and place device is provided. The system includes a pair of parallel stationary rails, and first and second shuttle rails respectively disposed adjacent first and second ends ofthe stationary rails. Each shuttle rail is independently moveable laterally to a longitudinal alignment with a selected one of the pair of stationary rails. A control circuit is configured to circulate only two pallets simultaneously in the same rectangular path of travel to load trays to the pallets on one of the stationary rails while presenting the trays to the pick and place device on the other stationary rail.05-21-2009
20090252577Automatic load transfer device and method for automated material handling systems - An automatic load transfer device is provided for automated material handling systems of the type having a tow AGV pulling a train of trailers along a predetermined path between stations. The device has a base positioned adjacent to the path with spaced apart rails that support a movable carriage which shifts between retracted and extended positions. A conveyor having a plurality of side-by-side fingers with moving conveyor elements is supported on the carriage by a lift which shifts the conveyor between lowered and raised positions. The carriage, conveyor elements, and lift have separate drives that are operably connected with a controller which sequentially activates the same to load and/or unload loads onto and/or from the trailers.10-08-2009
20090053018METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES IN TEST HANDLER - In a method and an apparatus for transferring semiconductor devices between trays used for testing the semiconductor devices using a buffer tray for receiving the semiconductor devices, an x-pitch in a row direction of the buffer tray is adjusted by first and second driving sections to equalize with an x-pitch in a row direction of a test tray or a customer tray. The semiconductor devices are transferred among the test tray, the buffer tray and the customer tray by first and second picker systems. Thus, the time required to transfer the semiconductor devices may be shortened.02-26-2009
20110142578SAMPLE CONVEYING MECHANISM - A sample conveying mechanism minimizes a risk of damage to a sample typified particularly by a photomask, and the sample conveying mechanism provides the sample retention mechanism for holding the sample so as to be suspended and is configured such that a portion close to a pattern surface of the sample is separated from a projection section of a flange for suspending the sample, thereby inhibiting a contact between the pattern surface and members configuring the conveying mechanism.06-16-2011
20090097948DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MOVING LIQUID CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a device (04-16-2009
20110222993Apparatus For Handling Capsules And Capsule Processing Equipment Including Such An Apparatus - The invention relates to an apparatus for handling capsules in a capsule processing equipment. The invention also relates to capsule processing equipment, such as an inspection equipment or a capsule printing equipment that includes such an apparatus.09-15-2011
20090220323Process and apparatus for loading and unloading an unwinding machine - This core plugging station relates generally to preparing rolls of previously wound material for an unwinding machine. The core plugging station improves the automation of moving rolls of sheet form material and the like to be loaded in preparation for unwinding. When a previously loaded roll has been unwound a spent core station disposes of the remaining core. The process sequentially moves rolls of material having cores from a core plugging station to an unwinding station and sequentially moves spent rolls of material from the unwinding station back to a spent core station.09-03-2009
20090245979Carrier Supporting Apparatus - A carrier supporting apparatus (10-01-2009
20100150686HANDLER FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, IN PARTICULAR IC'S, COMPRISING A PNEUMATIC CYLINDER DISPLACEMENT UNIT FOR MOVING PLUNGERS - A handler for electronic components, in particular IC's, comprising a feed unit for plungers with a pneumatic cylinder unit that can be displaced and that is coupled to a pneumatic cylinder displacement unit, which moves said cylinder unit back and forth in the axial direction of the plungers.06-17-2010
20090263215END EFFECTOR FOR A CLUSTER TOOL - Embodiments of the present invention generally provide an apparatus and method for transferring substrates in a processing system (e.g., a cluster tool) that has an increased system throughput, increased system reliability, improved device yield performance, a more repeatable wafer processing history (or wafer history), and a reduced footprint when compared to conventional techniques.10-22-2009
20120141236METHOD AND STORAGE SYSTEM FOR STORING AND ORDER-PICKING ARTICLES - A method and storage system (06-07-2012
20120195718FEED AND LOAD UNIT - The invention refers to a feed and load unit serving for feeding or removing one or more work pieces in the machining chamber of a machine tool for machining purposes. For this the feed and load unit comprises at least two work piece carriers movably on a guide path. The work piece carrier serves for picking up at least one work piece. In the guide path a guide path section, angularly or diagonally to the direction of conveying of the work pieces on the guide path, movably by a drive is, provided. The guide path section is able to pick up at least one work piece carrier. The guide path section is shifted for loading and unloading purposes in the direction of the machining chamber.08-02-2012
20100183408LOW-TEMPERATURE AUTOMATED STORAGE FOR LABORATORY SAMPLES WITH AUTOMATED ACCESS - The storage comprises, from the bottom to the top, a low temperature storage zone, for storing the samples, a handling zone, housing at least part of an automatic transport device, and an access zone, where the user can enter for maintenance. A separating wall consisting of removable panels insulates the access zone, for the rooms below it. A peripheral housing, contains a peripheral chamber for temporarily storing the samples at slightly higher temperatures. A liquid nitrogen container, is used to feed dry gas to the storage zone and to maintain it under slight overpressure for preventing the entry of moisture.07-22-2010
20090297300APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING A PLURALITY OF CHIPS FROM A WAFER TO A SUB STRATE - An apparatus and a method for transferring a plurality of chips from a wafer onto a substrate, in particular a web, wherein at least one first disc or at least on first roll is disposed for successively picking up the chips on the outer perimeter thereof by means of a rotational movement of the first disc or the first roll.12-03-2009
20100260583MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A measurement apparatus includes a support frame to support a feed mechanism, an orientation mechanism, a measurement mechanism, a transfer mechanism, and an unloading mechanism. The feed mechanism includes a first holding assembly, a first elevation assembly, a second elevation assembly, and a first clipping assembly. The first elevation assembly and the second elevation assembly are positioned under the holding assembly, and the first clipping assembly is positioned over the holding assembly. The measurement mechanism includes a support stage and at least one calibration head. The transfer mechanism includes at least one pickup head. The orientation mechanism includes a driving member and a securing assembly driven by the driving member. The unloading mechanism has the same structure as the feed mechanism. The disclosure further provides a measuring method using the measurement apparatus.10-14-2010
20100189533METHOD OF TRANSPORTING WORK AND APPARATUS WITH WORK HANDOVER MECHANISM - When both surfaces of a wafer are sequentially subjected to processing, the wafer is made to be surely supported so that a predetermined processing and transporting can be performed. On one surface of the wafer a first fixing jig (07-29-2010
20090097949Device for receiving and for transporting an article - A device for receiving and for transporting an article having a receiving plate which is slid under the article is provided in which the improvement involves a more effective way for an article to rest on the receiving plates during transportation. A more effective way for an article to rest on a receiving plate that is slid under the article is the addition of a hold down element.04-16-2009
20100178137SYSTEMS, APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MOVING SUBSTRATES - Systems, methods and apparatus are provided for moving substrates in electronic device manufacturing. In some aspects, end effectors having a base portion and at least three pads are provided. Each of the pads has a contact surface, and at least one of the contact surfaces has a curved shape. A substrate supported by the end effector may be moved at a relatively high lateral g-force without significant slipping relative to the pads. Additional aspects are provided.07-15-2010
20110058919MECHANICAL MODULARITY CHAMBERS - The present invention relates to a seal carrier plate and a system of interchangeable chambers. A seal carrier plate is provided, wherein the seal carrier plate is adapted for being located between a first chamber and a second chamber and adapted for sealing the first chamber with respect to the second chamber from the environment, and wherein the seal carrier plate comprises an opening for transferring of substrates from the first chamber to the second chamber. Further, a system of interchangeable chambers is provided, wherein the chambers are adapted for accommodating a seal carrier plate on at least one side of the chamber with an opening.03-10-2011
20100209218Rotating Illuminated Accumulation Unit for Transparent Containers or Other Objects - The inventor lays claims to a “continuously rotating and illuminated accumulation table onto which a stream of manufactured objects, such as transparent bottles, are directed from a conveyor.” The rotating accumulation unit is comprised of (three) principle components; a driven disc, a lamp or illumination device, and a flat, smooth translucent accumulation surface. Vertical orientation of objects, such as bottles, is maintained while the illuminated accumulation surface provides backlighting for visual inspection of the objects.08-19-2010
20090252579METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING GROUPS OF FILLED BEVERAGE BOTTLES TO A BEVERAGE BOTTLE PACKAGING MACHINE IN A BEVERAGE BOTTLING PLANT, AND A METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING GROUPS OF CONTAINERS TO A CONTAINER HANDLING MACHINE IN A CONTAINER PROCESSING PLANT - A method and apparatus for transporting groups of filled beverage bottles to a beverage bottle packaging machine in a beverage bottling plant, and a method and apparatus for transporting groups of containers to a container handling machine in a container processing plant. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.10-08-2009
20100034622SUBSTRATE TRANSFER APPARATUS - A substrate transfer apparatus comprising: a plurality of floating-transfer guide plates adjacent to each other with a space therebetween, each of the guide plates having a substrate-placing surface on which a substrate is to be placed, and a plurality of floating-gas ejecting holes for floating the substrate with use of a gas; a gas supplying source for supplying the floating gas to the respective guide plates; and an arm for transferring the floated substrate from the guide plate, from which the substrate is to be transferred, to the adjacent guide plate to which the substrate is to be transferred, wherein the substrate-placing surface of the guide plate to which the substrate is to be transferred is situated lower than the substrate-placing surface of the guide plate from which the substrate is to be transferred.02-11-2010
20110236163BULK TRANSFER OF STORAGE DEVICES USING MANUAL LOADING - A storage device transfer station includes a first slot, a second slot, and a conveyor assembly. The conveyor assembly is configured to receive and support a plurality of storage devices such that the storage devices are vertically stacked and in spaced relation to each other. The conveyor assembly is operable to convey the storage devices between the first slot and the second slot.09-29-2011
20090035101 TWO-DIMENSIONAL TRANSFER STATION USED AS INTERFACE BETWEEN A PROCESS TOOL AND A TRANSPORT SYSTEM AND A METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - By providing a space-efficient transfer buffer system in a manufacturing environment, which may act as a local interface between an automated transport system and the load port assembly of a process tool under consideration, the I/O capability of the process tool may be significantly enhanced, while not unduly contributing to the overall width of the process tools. In particular embodiments, an array-like arrangement of respective buffer places is used, wherein each buffer place is accessible by the transport system and may also interact with each of the load ports of the process tool.02-05-2009
20110243690SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT HAND AND SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT ROBOT - This substrate transport hand includes a first receiving portion and a second receiving portion capable of receiving a first substrate and a second substrate thereon respectively, a third receiving portion supporting the first substrate received on the first receiving portion along with the first receiving portion, and a fourth receiving portion movably provided on a hand body portion for supporting the second substrate received on the second receiving portion along with the second receiving portion when moved to a first position of the hand body portion.10-06-2011
20110243691METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE RAPID TRANSPORT OF GLASS SHEETS - The invention relates to a method and to an apparatus for the rapid transport of glass sheets between different manufacturing stations in a spacious manufacturing plant for producing photovoltaic elements, wherein said manufacturing plant is subject to clean room conditions, comprising the following features: a) a freely movable mounting for conveying a lifting portal, b) at least one vertical lifting carriage for vertically transporting a glass sheet by means of a telescoping jack plate, wherein said plate can be extended in two opposite directions, has a local lowering and raising function and can transport a glass sheet continuously from one side of the vertical lifting carriage to the other side, c) for operation, the mechanically moved parts are encapsulated free of emissions in a clean room and made of abrasion-proof material, d) a cordless energy supply unit for operating the mounting.10-06-2011
20110150608APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING A SUBSTRATE - In one embodiment, a transfer robot for transferring a substrate includes a supporting means, a transfer robot arm including a first sub-robot arm and a second sub-robot arm arranged over the supporting means, an inner rail and an outer rail adjacent to the inner rail overlying the supporting means. The first sub-robot arm is adapted to move in a straight line motion along the inner rail and the second sub-robot arm is adapted to move in a straight line motion along the outer rail. The second sub-robot arm surrounds the first sub-robot arm.06-23-2011
20110250039MODULAR CARRIER - The invention relates to a modular carrier for receiving, storing and transporting thin planar workpieces/semi-finished products, such as wafers for photovoltaic elements, in vertical positions that are parallel to each other and uniformly spaced. This problem is solved by a modular design of the carrier. The required components are combined into three modules. The first module is the groove plate having the horizontal support arranged beneath in an angled shape. The second module is formed by the two U-shaped end plates. The third module comprises the spacer rods, which are arranged between said two U-shaped end plates and of which two in each case receive a groove plate at the top and the bottom. The groove plates and the spacer rods are used at the length L, wherein the length L is uniformly graduated. In this way, the carrier can be produced in the length L or n×L, with n always being an integer. Two groove plates are always arranged parallel to each other, with opposing grooves being located on a straight line. The distance of said grooves among each other is so large that a thin planar workpiece/semi-finished product can be easily inserted. The workpiece/semi-finished product rests against the support surface.10-13-2011
20100254787POSITIONING DEVICE TO POSITION ONE OR MORE ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARDS, IN PARTICULAR FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS, IN A METAL-DEPOSITION UNIT - Positioning device to position electronic circuit boards with respect to an operating unit. The device comprises a rotary member which rotates selectively between a first operating position and a second operating position, and a positioning member mounted on the rotary member. The positioning member comprises a frame which is mounted removably on the rotary member, and a strip made of transpirant material on which each board is rested, wherein the strip is wound between a pair of winding/unwinding rollers pivoted on the frame.10-07-2010
20090324369SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT - Introduction of substrates into vacuum environment is accomplish by gradually reducing the number of substrates being transferred simultaneously as the clean and evacuated environment is progressed. Cassettes are maintained in clean atmospheric environment and do not enter the vacuum environment. Several vacuum locks are linearly staggered so as to introduce progressively higher level of vacuum environment. The number of substrates transported through this arrangement is a portion of the number of substrates present in each cassette. The staggered vacuum locks lead to a series of processing chambers, wherein a yet smaller number of substrates, e.g., one or two, are transported.12-31-2009
20090324368PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATING A PROCESSING SYSTEM - A coating system comprises a swing station including a swing module and an arrangement of chambers. The arrangement of chambers comprises a lock chamber and a first coating chamber. The lock chamber is configured as a combined lock-in/lock-out chamber. The arrangement of chambers has a first substantially linear transport path indicated by dashed lines, and a second substantially linear transport path indicated by dashed lines. The arrangement of the paths establishes a dual track. The system includes a transport system for moving a substrate through the arrangement of chambers, along the first transport path and/or along the second transport path as indicated by arrows. One or particularly both chambers comprise transfer means for transferring the substrate/carrier from the first path to the second path by a lateral movement and/or from the second path to the first path.12-31-2009
20110164951APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PREDETERMINED COMPONENT PLACEMENT TO A TARGET PLATFORM - The present invention relates generally to assembly techniques. According to the present invention, the alignment and probing techniques to improve the accuracy of component placement in assembly are described. More particularly, the invention includes methods and structures to detect and improve the component placement accuracy on a target platform by incorporating alignment marks on component and reference marks on target platform under various probing techniques. A set of sensors grouped in any array to form a multiple-sensor probe can detect the deviation of displaced components in assembly.07-07-2011
20110020096Batch processing system in an in-line facility - Methods and apparatuses for a batch processing system with in-line interfaces are provided to batch processing substrates in an in-line processing facility. In an embodiment, the batch processing system comprises carrier assembling and carrier disassembling stations interfacing the in-line path and the batch processing stations.01-27-2011
20100284769FEEDER DEVICE FOR INSERTION MACHINES OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS - A feeder device is disclosed for insertion machines for printed circuit boards, including a housing, a drive motor, a gear unit and a pin wheel engaging with a transport tape. The drive motor and the gear unit are arranged on a common side wall of the housing such that the axles thereof are perpendicular to the side wall. A narrow structural design of the feeder device can be provided, which also allows easy mounting. To this end, the rotor of the drive motor is rotatably mounted on only one axle which is fixedly connected to the side wall of the housing.11-11-2010
20100310342METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING SUBSTRATE - A method and an apparatus for transferring a substrate are described. In the method, a substrate is provided on the surface of a first plate at a first position, the first plate is moved from the first position to a second position in an upper space of a second plate, the substrate is lifted away from the surface of the first plate, the first plate is moved away from the second position, and the substrate is put on the surface of the second plate from the upper space. The apparatus includes a first plate and a second plate each having a surface for carrying the substrate, wherein the first plate can be moved between the first position and the second position.12-09-2010
20110085878Glass sheet feed system - A system for feeding glass sheets to a processing line for processing the sheets has a sheet pickup station; a number of movable carriages which are moved into the pickup station and each support one or more packs of sheets positioned substantially on edge; a movable loading machine for removing the sheets off the carriages and transferring them to the processing line; a store for housing the carriages with respective packs of sheets; and a supply station for restocking the store and which is separate from the pickup station.04-14-2011
20110142577SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING PLANT - A wafer manufacturing factory manufacturing semiconductor wafers and a device manufacturing factory manufacturing semiconductor devices are provided abutting each other via a conveying zone including a clean room, and the wafers are held by a conveying apparatus to be conveyed from the wafer manufacturing factory to the device manufacturing factory without being stored in a carrying case.06-16-2011
20110150607METHOD OF ADJUSTING VELOCITY OF TRANSFER MEMBER, METHOD OF TRANSFERRING SUBSTRATE USING THE METHOD, AND SUBSTRATE-PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a method of adjusting a velocity of a transfer arm in a transfer member. The method includes, accelerating the transfer arm from a start point to a first point where a movement velocity reaches a preset reference velocity, dividing a division from the first point to a second point into movement divisions to move the transfer arm in any one of a deceleration motion, an acceleration motion, and a uniform motion according to the respective movement divisions, and decelerating the transfer arm from the second point to a target point. The motion of the transfer arm in the current movement division is different from that in the movement division just before the current movement division. Thus, a different impulse from that in the precedent movement division is applied to a substrate loaded on the transfer arm. Accordingly, the impulse response superposition cancels residual vibration of the substrate, so as to improve transfer efficiency of the transfer member.06-23-2011
20100196125PLUNGER FOR HOLDING AND MOVING ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A plunger for holding and moving electronic components in particular for introduction and removal of IC's to and from a contacting device connected to a test bed comprises a plunger head with at least one suction head for sectional contact with a component. A heat-conducting body, temperature-controlled by means of a fluid, is arranged such that the suction-contacted component is in contact with the heat-conducting body. The suction head passes through the heat-conducting body.08-05-2010
20100068010MINI CLEAN ROOM FOR PREVENTING WAFER POLLUTION AND USING METHOD THEREOF - A mini clean room for preventing wafer pollution includes a robot arm, a clean room body slidably disposed on the robot arm and at least one lock unit which is rotatably connected with the clean room body. During operation, the robot arm extends out of the clean room body to carry a wafer waiting to be processed, and then moves back into the clean room body which can provide an isolated and protected space for the wafer to avoid that the wafer is polluted. The present invention also discloses a method of using a mini clean room for preventing wafer pollution.03-18-2010
20110262250AUTOMATED ROBOTIC SYSTEM FOR HANDLING SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS - Systems and methods that process a plurality of surgical instruments for cleaning and/or packaging. A device identifies a robot-ready insert having a predetermined configuration for accepting at least one type of surgical instrument. The surgical instruments are identified and oriented according to type using an automated apparatus. Specialized tools are also provided for automatically opening and closing surgical instruments, flipping instruments and assisting in the processing and maintenance of surgical instruments. The automated apparatus then places each of the surgical instrument types in one or more predetermined areas of the insert, configured to accept a predetermined set of surgical instrument types.10-27-2011
20090175707Controlled deflection of large area semiconductor substrates for shipping and manufacturing containers - A substrate container for storing at least one substrate is provided. The substrate container includes a housing assembly encompassing the at least one substrate, the housing assembly having a container door for access into an inner region of the housing assembly. The housing assembly includes a support structure defined along sidewalls of the housing assembly. The support structure has a plurality of edge support constraints protruding into the inner region of the housing assembly. The plurality of edge support constraints support opposing edge regions of the at least one substrate so as to cause the at least one substrate to deflect around an axis.07-09-2009
20120308343Assembly Device - An assembly unit with an industrial robot for handling a vehicle body is provided. The industrial robot can be moved by coupling to the vehicle body in the conveying direction, in which a conveyor belt conveys the vehicle body. The industrial robot retains in any conveying situation its exact position relative to the workpiece in all directions. A transport platform serves to transport the industrial robot. The transport platform can be moved independently of the conveyor belt and without use of rails if the industrial robot is decoupled from the vehicle body. A component storage unit can be coupled to the transport platform. The component storage unit then can also be moved by the transport platform. The industrial robot can be designed for a small load to achieve a cost-effective assembly unit.12-06-2012
20120308342Substrate Transferring System and Substrate Transferring Method - A substrate transferring system and a substrate transferring method are disclosed. The substrate transferring system comprises a substrate processing stage comprising a first substrate processing stage and a second substrate processing stage; a substrate outlet stage being adapted to output a substrate; a substrate transferring stage being disposed between the first substrate processing stage and the second substrate processing stage to receive the substrate from the substrate processing stage; a substrate supporting stage being disposed adjacent to the substrate transferring stage to receive the substrate from the substrate transferring stage; and a substrate conveying and transshipping stage being disposed in parallel with the substrate outlet stage to receive the substrate from the substrate supporting stage and to transfer the substrate to the substrate outlet stage. With this arrangement of the present disclosure, substrates can be transferred rapidly to shorten the substrate transferring period, thus improving the production efficiency.12-06-2012
20100310341METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MOVING WAFER DURING SCANNING THE WAFER - A system and a method for moving a wafer during scanning the wafer by an ion beam. The proposed system includes an extendable/retractable arm, a holding apparatus and a driving apparatus. At least a length of the extendable/retractable arm is adjustable. The holding apparatus is capable of holding a wafer and is fixed on a specific portion of the extendable/retractable arm. Furthermore, the driving apparatus is capable of extending and/or retracting the extendable/retractable arm, such that the holding apparatus is moved together with the specific portion. In addition, the proposed method includes the following steps. First, hold the wafer by a holding apparatus fixed on a specific portion of an extendable/retractable arm. After that, adjust a length of the extendable/retractable. Therefore, the holding apparatus, i.e. the wafer, can be moved by the extension/retraction of the extendable/retractable arm.12-09-2010
20110305544METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING SEMICONDUCTOR WORK PIECES - A processing apparatus for semiconductor work pieces and related methodology is disclosed and which includes a processing chamber having an internal cavity, and which has a plurality of rotatable processing stations positioned therein and wherein the rotatable processing stations each process a semiconductor work piece.12-15-2011
20120148378SUBSTRATE TRANSFER APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE PROCESS SYSTEM, AND SUBSTRATE TRANSFER METHOD - A substrate transfer apparatus includes forks that are vertically spaced apart from each other with a predetermined distance. When the forks take out the substrates from the first substrate containing part, each of the forks lifts the substrate and supports the same by moving upward from a pre-loading position located below the substrate to be taken out by a predetermined unloading stroke amount. A value of the predetermined distance is set to be equal to the sum of the distance between the substrates contained in the first substrate containing part and the unloading stroke amount.06-14-2012
20120148377WORKPIECE POSITIONING DEVICE AND PRODUCTION SYSTEM USING IT - A workpiece positioning device according to an embodiment includes a first moving unit that is movable in a horizontal direction, a second moving unit that is movable in a vertical direction, and a rotating unit that is placed on either an upper end or a lower end of the second moving unit. The second moving unit and the rotating unit are kept within the width of the first moving unit that is perpendicular to the moving direction of the first moving unit on a horizontal plane.06-14-2012
20120148376ADJUSTABLE PART LOADER - An example adjustable part loader system includes a first loader adjacent a base and adjustable along the base having a first motor and a second loader adjacent the base and adjustable along the base having a second motor. The second loader is aligned with the first loader along the base in a position relative to a dimension of a first part to be loaded. The first loader and the second loader each carry a distinct portion of the same part. The first loader is adjustable relative to the second loader. A controller system in communication with the first loader and the second loader and controls both simultaneously.06-14-2012
20120039692PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR CONTAINER TREATMENT MACHINES - A protection system (02-16-2012
20120039691SYSTEMS FOR TREATING A SUBSTRATE - The present inventive concept provides a substrate treating system. The substrate treating system has a plurality of process facilities and at least one buffer station. Each of the process facilities respectively includes a transfer module in which a transfer robot is provided and a treating module connected to the transfer module. A buffer station is located between each of adjacent transfer modules. The buffer stations are provided to transfer substrates between the transfer modules. The plurality of process facilities includes a first facility in which the treating module is located on a first side of an imaginary connection line provided along a direction in which the transfer modules and the buffer stations are arranged and a second facility in which the treating module is located on a second side of the imaginary connection line. The transfer module of the first facility further protrudes toward the first side of the imaginary connection line farther than the transfer module of the second facility.02-16-2012
20120039690DEVICES AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING AND HANDLING PROCESS GOODS - A device for processing a process good with a process medium has a provider for providing the process medium, and a transporter. The transporter has a transport element configured to move the process good along a process path between being accepted by a delivery device and being delivered to an accepting device and move with the process good from being accepted to being delivered. The process good enters the process medium laterally and is moved through same or is passed by same while floating on the process medium.02-16-2012
20120099950SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGEMENT OF TRANSPORTATION DEVICE - Disclosed herein are a system for management of a transportation device, including: a plurality of work tables disposed to be spaced from each other; charging terminals provided around the work tables; and transportation devices transporting objects between the work tables and including a supercapacitor as a power supply, and a method therefor.04-26-2012
20110318144SUBSTRATE TRANSFER SYSTEM AND METHOD, AND COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A substrate transfer device has an arm, and a support shaft fixed to one end of the arm so as to pivotably support the arm in a horizontal plane. The support shaft is placed between a first working device and a second working device. A holding unit that is supported by the other end of the arm and sucks and holds an upper surface of a substrate, a rotational driving device makes the holding unit pivot on the support shaft as a center of rotation, and a posture holding mechanism keeps the pivoting holding unit in a fixed posture in horizontal directions. The substrate is transferred while the fixed posture in the horizontal directions is maintained by pivotal movement of the holding unit, between the first working device and the second working device.12-29-2011
20120045299COMPONENT PLACEMENT MACHINE - Provided is a component placement machine including a rail (02-23-2012
20120057953ADVERTISING TRAYS FOR SECURITY SCREENING - A system and device for use in a security area, and more particularly, a rack system and holding device for placing various objects that are processed through a security area are taught.03-08-2012
20120301252CARTRIDGE TRANSPORTING DEVICE - A cartridge transporting device includes: a cartridge holder in which a cartridge receiving a recording medium is inserted and which holds the inserted cartridge; a supporting frame that supports the cartridge holder to be freely move between an insertion position and a drawn-in position; a locking member that moves between a locking position and a non-locking position, moves to the locking position, and locks the cartridge holder at the insertion position; a holder driving member that is movable in a predetermined direction and moves the cartridge holder between the insertion position and the drawn-in position; and a moving mechanism that moves the holder driving member in the predetermined direction, wherein when the cartridge holder starts to move from the insertion position to the drawn-in position, the holder driving member moves such that the cartridge holder locked by the locking member is unlocked.11-29-2012
20110103923SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Manufacturing cost or energy consumption of a substrate processing apparatus can be reduced. The substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate loading/unloading unit (a substrate transit chamber 05-05-2011
20100290869CHIP SUPPLY PALLET AND CHIP SUPPLY APPARATUS - To provide a chip supply pallet preventing destruction of a chip and preventing a reduction in a productivity from being brought about in exchanging a wafer sheet, the chip supply pallet includes a first member 11-18-2010
20100290868SYSTEM FOR HANDLING SLIDES - The invention relates to a system for handling slides comprising a tray moving on a carriage provided with seats for the slides and with a tray moving mechanism; a slide loading arm; and a slide holding frame provided with a slide loading arm driving motor, wherein the slide holder (11-18-2010
20090060690QUICK CHANGEOVER APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR WAFER HANDLING - Quick changeover apparatus for wafer handlers capable of handling at least two sizes of wafer frames and methods of using such apparatus are disclosed.03-05-2009
20110182701METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING DIE FROM A WAFER - Disclosed herein is a method for transferring die from a wafer that includes picking two or more die from a wafer using a multi-spindle picking head, wherein the multi-spindle picking head is rotatable. The method includes moving the multi-spindle picking head from the wafer feeder to a placement machine, and presenting the two or more picked die to the placement machine for subsequent placement. Further disclosed herein is an apparatus for transferring die from a wafer that includes a picking head with a plurality of spindles. Each spindle is configured to pick a die from a wafer of die. The multi-spindle picking head is rotatable and moveable in at least one direction.07-28-2011
20120315114SUBSTRATE CONVEYING CONTAINER OPENING/CLOSING DEVICE, LID OPENING/CLOSING DEVICE AND SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A substrate conveying container opening/closing device includes an elevator carriage provided in a substrate transfer area and configured to be moved up and down by an elevator mechanism, a cover member for opening and closing an opening of a wall, a seal member for sealing a gap between the cover member and the periphery of the opening, a lid detaching/attaching mechanism provided in the cover member and configured to detach and attach the lid, a guide unit provided in the elevator carriage and configured to guide the cover member upward so that the cover member can advance from a retracting position toward the wall, a guideway provided in the wall to extend in a direction perpendicular to a seal surface of the opening, and a rotating body provided in the cover member and configured to roll downward along the guideway as the elevator carriage is moved downward.12-13-2012
20100172722Bulk Feeding Disk Drives to Disk Drive Testing Systems - A method of supplying disk drives to a disk drive testing system includes placing a disk drive tote, carrying multiple disk drives, in a presentation position accessible to an automated transporter of the disk drive testing system. The method includes actuating the automated transporter to retrieve one of the disk drives from the disk drive tote, and actuating the automated transporter to deliver the retrieved disk drive to a test slot of the disk drive testing system and insert the disk drive in the test slot.07-08-2010
20120171000METHOD OF ALIGNING HANDLES IN ROWS FOR A ROTATING BLOW-MOLDING MACHINE FOR HANDLED-BOTTLES - A method of aligning handles in rows for a rotating blow-molding machine for handled-bottles includes steps of: providing at least one handle conveying device to provide a plurality of unaligned handles, and providing a plurality of pairs of row aligning modules and bottle blowing modules to form a plurality of common modules. The row aligning modules receive the handles from the handle conveying device and arrange the handles in rows and send the aligned handles to the corresponding bottle blowing modules. Thus the row aligning modules are rotated synchronously with the corresponding bottle blowing modules without the problem of handle transport synchronization during high speed, and sufficient time is provided to align all the handles in rows.07-05-2012
20120171002APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING A SUBSTRATE - A substrate transfer apparatus includes upper and lower substrate support systems configured to support a substrate at upper and lower support levels, respectively, within a process chamber. A substrate elevator system is configured to move the substrate between the upper and lower support levels. A transfer robot for transferring substrates into and out of the process chamber, a loadlock chamber and methods of transferring substrates are also disclosed.07-05-2012
20120171001ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MANUFACTURING APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MANUFACTURING METHOD - An electronic component manufacturing method includes the steps of preparing at least one electronic component chip having a first surface and a second surface opposite each other; holding the electronic component chip between a first plate and a second plate such that the first surface is in contact with a first elastic layer of the first plate and the second surface is in contact with a second elastic layer of the second plate; and turning the electronic component chip by relatively moving the first and second plates in a planar direction thereof using a planar movement mechanism and moving the first and second plates in accordance with a turning path of the electronic component chip using the planar movement mechanism and a vertical movement mechanism.07-05-2012
20120076620AUXILIARY FEED-IN MECHANISM - An auxiliary feed-in mechanism comprises a base having two rails on two sides of the base respectively and a crossrod across two rails on another side of the base; a driving mechanism having a dynamic retractable rod and a chassis, one end of the dynamic retractable rod hinging with one side of the crossrod, another end of the dynamic retractable rod connecting to one side of the chassis, the chassis setting on two rails; a power mechanism setting under the chassis, a driving shaft of the power mechanism penetrating the chassis to expose above the chassis; a delivering mechanism having a frame and a plurality of rollers, the rollers setting side by side in the frame, the delivering mechanism setting above the chassis, a bottom of the frame connecting to the driving shaft, the auxiliary feed-in mechanism can increase the working efficiency of the examining mechanism.03-29-2012
20100047044PLACEMENT HEAD FOR A DIE PLACING ASSEMBLY - The invention provides for a placement head for a die placing assembly of an assembler for assembling dice on a carrier. The assembler has an enclosure with a support assembly for operatively supporting a wafer with dies thereon, a die picking assembly for picking dice from said wafer, a die placement assembly for placing the dies onto the carrier, a die conveyance mechanism operatively conveying the dies from the die picking and placement assemblies, and a control system controlling the assembler. The placement head includes a first translation stage mounted on the die placement assembly, said first stage operatively displaceable along a first axis relative to the die placement assembly. The placement head also includes a second translation stage mounted on the first stage, the second stage displaceable perpendicular to the first stage. The placement head further includes a third translation stage mounted on the second stage, the third stage displaceable orthogonally to the first and second stages, as well as a die placer head mounted to the third stage, the placer head shaped and dimensioned to operatively receive a die from the dice conveyance mechanism and to place the dice onto the carrier.02-25-2010
20100272544SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HANDLING WAFERS - A system for handling wafers comprising: at least one unload station; at least one intermediate station designed to hold the wafers at an angle; a processing station; and a transfer device configured to move the wafers between the stations. The intermediate station may be configured to receive the wafers in a back-to-back arrangement. An apparatus for handling wafers comprising: on one side, a vacuum gripper configured to grip individual wafers; and, on the other side, a gravity gripper configured to support one or more wafers when positioned beneath the wafers and lifted. A method for handling wafers, comprising: unloading wafers; transferring the wafers to an intermediate station; transferring the wafers from the intermediate station to a processing station; treating the wafers; unloading the wafers from the processing station; and reloading the wafers in a carrier, wherein the wafers are unloaded, transferred and reloaded by a transfer device.10-28-2010
20120251272APPARATUS FOR MOVING AND SECURING A SUBSTRATE - An apparatus for transferring and securing a substrate is shown. A pressure source is provided that is adapted to provide positive and negative pressure. A vacuum chuck is provided having a top side with a plurality of vacuum chuck portals formed therein. Each vacuum chuck portal is in fluid communication with the pressure source. The substrate is secured to the top side of the vacuum chuck when the pressure source provides negative pressure to the vacuum chuck portals. An intermediate member that selectively cooperates with the vacuum chuck to support and transfer the substrate between the vacuum chuck and the intermediate member is provided. The intermediate member has a plurality of receiving spaces and a plurality of transfer members. The receiving spaces and transfer members are adjacent to one another in an alternating pattern, and each transfer member has a top side with a plurality of transfer member portals formed therein. Each transfer member portal is in fluid communication with the pressure source. A carriage extending along at least a portion of the periphery of the vacuum chuck and along at least a portion of the periphery of the intermediate member is provided. The carriage engages at least a portion of the substrate when the pressure source provides positive pressure to the vacuum chuck portals and transfer member portals to transfer the substrate between the intermediate member and the vacuum chuck.10-04-2012
20120237320SUBSTRATE TREATING APPARATUS - A substrate treating apparatus includes a pod storage unit 09-20-2012
20120269605METHOD FOR EXECUTION UPON PROCESSING OF AT LEAST ONE HISTOLOGICAL SAMPLE - The invention relates to a method for execution upon processing of at least one histological sample that is arranged, in particular after an infiltration process, in a closed cassette (10-25-2012
20120082532PALLET CHANGER OF MACHINE TOOL - A pallet changer includes: a machining-side linear guide rail 04-05-2012
20090016857SUBSTRATE-REPLACING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE-PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND SUBSTRATE-INSPECTING APPARATUS - A substrate-replacing apparatus that passes a first substrate received from a first carrying part to a second carrying part, and passes a second substrate received from said second carrying part to said first carrying part, including said second carrying part that can move forward and backward along a direction orthogonal to a lamination direction of said first substrate and said second substrate, a supporting member that can move relatively in the lamination direction of said substrates with respect to said second carrying part, a first holding part that is attached to said supporting member, and can hold one of said first substrate and said second substrate, and a second holding part that is attached to said supporting member at a predetermined distance from the first holding member in the lamination direction of said substrates, and can hold another one of said first substrate and the second substrate; said supporting member and said second carrying part being moved relatively such that, when one of said first holding part and said second holding part is used in receiving said first substrate from said first carrying part, another one of the first substrate and said second substrate is used in receiving said second substrate from said first carrying part.01-15-2009
20090016856Tool-less Rotary Vacuum Wicketter Assembly - A rotary vacuum wicketting arrangement has a rotary hub body positioned on a shaft or spindle and supporting a number of pickup arms, and a non-rotating vacuum spinning head that provides vacuum to the rotating hub body and pickup arms over a portion of their arcuate travel. The rotary hub body is provided with a lock ring formed or a pair of half rings with hand levers so that the position of the hub body on the shaft can be adjusted toollessly. The pickup arms are held in place in their sockets by ball and spring detents, so that they can be pulled out for cleaning and reinserted without tools. A friction fitted plug closes off the end of each arm.01-15-2009
20110038694SEMICONDUCTOR DIE SORTER FOR WAFER LEVEL PACKAGING - A die sorter for sorting a semiconductor dice is provided. The die sorter comprising of a rotary turret module (02-17-2011
20120269604Supply unit for continuous loading - The present invention relates to a system and method for continuous loading of consumables into an analyzer comprising a stacker unit which can be uncoupled from the transport system for transporting the consumables from the stacker to the analytical modules and within and/or between the analytical modules.10-25-2012
20110236164LIFT DEVICE FOR PERSONALIZATION MACHINE AND PERSONALIZATION MACHINE EQUIPPED WITH A LIFT DEVICE - A lift device for personalization machine(s) for cards, in particular chip cards, placed at the output of a first transfer device and at the input of a second transfer device, the first transfer device being located at a height greater than the height of the second transfer device. At least one pair of shafts are spaced apart by a distance greater than the dimensions of the cards transversally to their direction of movement, each of the shafts being parallel to the direction of movement and equipped with a plurality of flaps oriented parallel to the shafts and having dimensions arranged to support at least a part of the cards and radially distributed around the shaft. The shafts of a pair being driven synchronously inward in rotation by at least one driving mechanism, so that two flaps guide a card during its descent in the lift device.09-29-2011
20100232913Equipment and Method for Tansporting Red-Hot Coke - Equipment and a method for transporting red-hot coke are provided, which do not need increase in size of a hoist, reinforcement of a CDQ system, and the like, even when the amount capacity of a coke bucket does not correspond to an amount equivalent to the coke amount from one oven chamber. In particular, transporting equipment for red-hot coke, includes: a non-rotary coke receiving car for receiving coke out of a coke oven; a coke bucket for receiving the coke discharged from the coke receiving car; a transporting device for transporting the coke bucket to a hoist position; and a hoist for transporting the coke bucket to a coke dry quenching system.09-16-2010
20130011223LOAD PORT APPARATUS - To prevent an inert gas from stagnating in an internal space of a mount base of a load port apparatus, the load port apparatus includes: an outside air supply device for introducing an air from an external space, in which an operator works, into the internal space of the mount base; a casing surrounding a space in which a drive mechanism for a door is arranged; and a duct through which a gas inside the internal space of the casing is dischargeable.01-10-2013
20130011224POSITIONING UNIT FOR A FUNCTIONAL UNIT - An apparatus for positioning a functional device, wherein the apparatus has a main body, a carrier element that can be disposed on the main body to receive the functional device, positioning stops, which are mounted displaceably to clamp the functional device, an actuating device which is adapted such that, by actuating the actuating device, the positioning stops can be transferred between an operating state engaging the functional device and an operating state releasing the functional device, and a force transmitting element which is adapted to transmit an actuating force from the actuating device to the positioning stops, wherein the actuating device and the force transmitting element are coupled in such a manner that, in the operating state engaging the functional device, the force transmitting element transmits a functional device force of the functional device to the actuating device in such a manner that the actuating device remains in a rest position with respect to the carrier element, in spite of the action of the transmitted functional device force.01-10-2013
20130011222SUBSTRATE LOADER AND UNLOADER - A substrate loader adapted to load and unload a substrate to and from a moveable holder having a seal. The substrate loader has a base and a holder support frame coupled to the base, the holder support frame adapted to repeatably position the moveable holder relative to a predetermined datum. The substrate transport is coupled to the base and having a substrate chuck and adapted to move and transport the substrate relative to the holder. The substrate transport is deterministically positioned relative to the predetermined datum and is adapted to move the substrate from a first position, with the substrate captured by the moveable holder, to a second position with the substrate disengaged from the holder and the seal, the substrate transport movement of the substrate from the first to the second position effecting disengagement from the holder and the seal substantially without contacting the substrate.01-10-2013
20130017039MULTI STREAM MATERIAL PROCESSING APPARATUSAANM Weisselberg; EdwardAACI KinnelonAAST NJAACO USAAGP Weisselberg; Edward Kinnelon NJ US - A method and apparatus for processing material cascading through a treatment chamber uses a plurality of vertically stacked shelves divided into trays by spaced apart openings. As the shelves rotate, material contained with each tray is discharged through one of the openings to one or more trays of an underlying shelf. The material to be processed is supplied to the uppermost shelf through one or more material inlets, and discharged from the lowermost shelf through one or more material outlets. The material that enters each feed opening stays substantially together as it spirals down through the chamber. The multiple trays provide for shorter retention time of material within each tray which is adaptable for processing heat sensitive materials along separate material flow paths within the treatment chamber.01-17-2013
20080247847Unit and Method for Conveying Workpieces Along a Processing - A unit and method are provided for conveying workpieces along a processing run, having at least one transport car (10-09-2008
20080232935Apparatus for removing a semiconductor workpiece from within a fixture - The present invention provides a chucking station apparatus for removing a semiconductor workpiece positioned within a chuck, which includes a retainer member and a support member. The chucking station includes an upper assembly and a lower assembly operably connected to the upper assembly by an actuator assembly. The lower assembly has a receiver that receives the chuck and the workpiece residing between the retainer and support members. When the upper and lower assemblies are in the closed position, a separator element of the lower assembly exerts a force upon an outer periphery of the support member to disengage it from the retainer member. In an open position where the upper and lower assemblies are spaced a distance apart, the support member is disconnected from the retainer member to expose the workpiece. A release assembly of the lower assembly elevates the workpiece to present it for removal from the chucking station. The chucking station can include a vacuum system that provides suction in order to secure the retainer member or the support member to the upper and lower assemblies, respectively.09-25-2008
20080226431Rotating Machines for Treating Containers - The invention concerns a rotating machines for treating containers. When a workstation Pi enters (&thetas;09-18-2008
20130170927SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING IRRADIATION TARGETS THROUGH A NUCLEAR REACTOR - Apparatuses and methods produce radioisotopes in instrumentation tubes of operating commercial nuclear reactors. Irradiation targets may be inserted and removed from instrumentation tubes during operation and converted to radioisotopes otherwise unavailable during operation of commercial nuclear reactors. Example apparatuses may continuously insert, remove, and store irradiation targets to be converted to useable radioisotopes or other desired materials at several different origin and termination points accessible outside an access barrier such as a containment building, drywell wall, or other access restriction preventing access to instrumentation tubes during operation of the nuclear plant.07-04-2013
20130170928MEDIA TRANSPORT ASSEMBLY - A media transport assembly includes a plurality of pallets arranged to circulate on an endless track through a print zone and a handling zone. In the print zone, the pallets are temporarily grouped together to support and move a print media during printing at a substantially constant velocity. In the handling zone, the pallets are spaced apart from each other as they circulate back to the print zone without supporting any print media.07-04-2013
20130170929METHOD AND DEVICE FOR HANDLING, IN PARTICULAR FOR REPAIRING OR REPLACING, BUSBARS ON WIND POWER PLANTS - A method for handling busbars on wind power plants in which a power connection between a generator device disposed in an upper region of the wind power plant and a substation located at a base area of the wind power plant consists of a plurality of busbar subregions each comprising a certain number of mutually interconnected busbars.07-04-2013
20110274520LOADING DEVICES FOR LOADING BARS FOR MACHINING IN MACHINE TOOLS - Disclosed examples relate to loading devices for loading bars for machining in machine tools. A disclosed example loading device is adapted to move a bar from a starting position to an end position and to feed the bar from the end position to the machine tool, comprising a rest portion for supplying the loading device with at least one bar lying on the rest portion in the starting position, and a movable transport for transporting the bar from the starting position to the end position. The transport is adapted to transport the bar downward in a downward movement due to its gravity along a downwardly inclined guiding portion, the bar being supported by a first support portion of the transport.11-10-2011
20080219813HINGED AND BIFURCATED CART DOCUMENT HANDLING APPARATUS UTILIZED WITH A LAZY-PORTRAIT DOCUMENT PRINTING SYSTEM - For use with lazy-portrait narrow-end to narrow-end (LPEE) formatted document pages printed on a continuous web of material, an apparatus and method of use for assembling correctly page-sequenced document sets that utilizes a slitter for separating the LPEE formatted document pages into two separate streams of continuous sheets that are loaded onto a document transfer cart that has two side-by-side and hinged-together document receiving trays, for each tray a removable bottom support plate assembly having casters on the lower portion of one of the bottom support plates, a top document delivery roller for each tray, a central hinge connecting the two trays to each another, support rack pivot rods, a handle secured to each tray, and cart transfer wheels.09-11-2008
20130142596SORTING APPARATUS - A sorting apparatus includes: a sorting device receiving and transporting a rack carrying vessels and transferring vessels from the rack to predetermined vessel loading portions; and a delivery device delivering the rack to the sorting device. The sorting device includes: a rack receiving unit capable of moving reciprocally between a rack delivery position where the rack is delivered and a sorting position where the vessels are loaded into the predetermined vessel loading portions; a transfer machine transferring the vessels from the rack on the rack receiving unit to the predetermined vessel loading portions; and a transportation mechanism on which the rack delivering unit and the transfer machine are installed. The transportation mechanism is installed so as to be capable of moving in a transportation direction in which rack receiving unit moves reciprocally. The transfer machine is capable of moving in a direction perpendicular to the transportation direction.06-06-2013
20080199283SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - In a processing block, a plurality of back surface cleaning units and a main robot are provided. The main robot is provided between the back surface cleaning units provided on one side of the processing block and the back surface cleaning units provided on the other side of the processing block. A reversing unit used to reverse a substrate and a substrate platform used to transfer and receive substrates between an indexer robot and the main robot are provided adjacent to each other in the vertical direction between the indexer robot and the processing block. The main robot transports substrates among the plurality of back surface cleaning units, the substrate platform, and the reversing unit.08-21-2008
20110229290Process and apparatus for loading and unloading an unwinding machine - This core plugging station relates generally to preparing rolls of previously wound material for an unwinding machine. The core plugging station improves the automation of moving rolls of sheet form material and the like to be loaded in preparation for unwinding. When a previously loaded roll has been unwound a spent core station disposes of the remaining core. The process sequentially moves rolls of material having cores from a core plugging station to an unwinding station and sequentially moves spent rolls of material from the unwinding station back to a spent core station.09-22-2011
20110236162PROCESSING-OBJECT-SUPPORTING MECHANISM, SUPPORTING METHOD, AND CONVEYING SYSTEM INCLUDING THE MECHANISM - A processing-object-supporting mechanism includes at least three devices each including a lift pin, a motor, and a drive controller. The lift pin contacts a processing object to support the processing object. The processing object is transferred between a conveying arm and the processing-object-supporting mechanism. The motor lifts and lowers the lift pin. The drive controller is configured to control the motor. The drive controller of each of the at least three devices is configured to control the motor of each of the at least three devices independently.09-29-2011
20110236161APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS IN STAGES - A transfer assembly for transferring first and second groups of electronic components simultaneously comprises a holding plate containing first and second sets of suction holes. The respective first and second sets of suction holes are operative to hold the first and second groups of electronic components respectively against the holding plate during transfer of the electronic components. A first vacuum chamber located next to the holding plate is connected only to the first set of suction holes. A vacuum compartment located within the first vacuum chamber encloses a second vacuum chamber. The vacuum compartment includes a sealing sheet in contact with the holding plate which has vacuum holes connecting the second vacuum chamber to the second set of suction holes. First and second vacuum sources are provided for applying vacuum suction forces separately in the first and second vacuum chambers.09-29-2011
20110236160CORRELATOR FOR INTRODUCING VEHICLE TIRES INTO A CONVEYER OF A VEHICLE WASHING SYSTEM - Described is a correlator for introducing vehicle tires into a conveyor of a vehicle washing system. The correlator includes a frame with two laterally and freely rotatable belts. A set of angled curb rails resides over one of the belts to direct the vehicle's tires into a set of guide rails. As a roller pushes the rear tire of the vehicle onto the belts, the angled curb rails provide a lateral force to the tires. Because the belts are free-rolling, they are capable of rotating to move the tire laterally and shift the position of the vehicle to align the vehicle with the conveyor.09-29-2011
20130149078SUBSTRATE-PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE-TRANSFERRING METHOD - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a substrate-processing apparatus includes: first and second chambers parallel to each other; a plurality of first lift pins disposed in the first chamber, and supporting a first substrate transferred to the first chamber; a plurality of second lift pins disposed in the second chamber, and supporting a second substrate transferred into the second chamber; and a transfer robot transferring the first and second substrates into the first and second chambers. The transfer robot includes first and second blades that simultaneously elevate to transfer the first and second substrates to the upper sides of the first and second lift pins, respectively. The first and second blades can move to: a moving position higher than the upper ends of the first and second lift pins; a first loading position in which the first blade is lower than the upper ends of the first lift pins and the second blade is higher than the upper ends of the second lift pins; and a second loading position in which the first and second blades are lower than the upper ends of the first and second lift pins.06-13-2013
20130149077METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING FORCE BETWEEN REACTOR AND SUBSTRATE - A method for combinatorially processing a substrate is provided. The method includes providing a substrate disposed on a substrate support. The substrate and the substrate support are raised against a plurality of sealing surfaces of corresponding sleeves of a plurality of flow cells of a combinatorial processing chamber. The combinatorial processing chamber is operable to concurrently process different regions of the substrate differently. A sealing pressure between the sealing surface of the sleeves and a surface of the substrate is monitored and the raising is terminated when a desired pressure is obtained. The different regions of the substrate are then processed differently.06-13-2013
20120275884LABEL TRANSFER DEVICE FOR AN IML METHOD - A transfer device (11-01-2012
20110293391CONTAINER FILLING PLANT, SUCH AS A BEVERAGE BOTTLING PLANT, FOR FILLING CONTAINERS WITH A LIQUID BEVERAGE AND FOR CLOSING FILLED CONTAINERS - Container filling plant, such as a beverage bottling plant, for filling containers with a liquid beverage and for closing filled containers. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): “A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims.” Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.12-01-2011
20110311340SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING SUBSTRATE PROCESSING PROGRAM - A substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate transit table configured to mount thereon a plurality of substrates; a substrate processing chamber configured to process the substrate one by one; a substrate transfer device capable of loading the substrate into the substrate processing chamber from the substrate transit table and unloading the substrate from the substrate processing chamber to the substrate transit table; and N number of (N is an integer equal to or larger than 3) substrate holding devices provided at the substrate transfer device and configured to hold the substrates one by one. Here, a multiplicity of (2 to N−1 number of) substrates are concurrently held by 2 to N−1 number of substrate holding devices among the N number of substrate holding devices and one substrate is loaded into the substrate processing chamber.12-22-2011
20090297301PICK-AND-PLACE-APPRATUS - A pick-and-place apparatus is disclosed, which transfers and loads semiconductor devices between first and second loading elements. The semiconductor devices are loadable and arrangeable at a first row interval in the first loading element, and alternatively arrangeable at second and third row intervals in the second loading element. The pick-and-place apparatus includes a multiplicity of picking unit modules, each of which has at least one or more picking units; and an interval regulation apparatus for regulating intervals between the picking unit modules at the first to third modes. The first to third row interval values are different from each other. The intervals between the picking unit modules are all regulated to be identical to the first row interval at the first mode. The intervals between the picking unit modules are alternately regulated to the second row interval and the third row interval in turn at the second mode. The intervals between the picking unit modules are alternately regulated to the third row interval and the second row interval in turn at the third mode. Therefore, the pick-and-place apparatus can stably transfer semiconductor devices from an element on which semiconductor devices are loaded at the same or different intervals therebetween to another element on which semiconductor devices are loadable or arrangeable at the different or same intervals therebetween.12-03-2009
20120027544SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MONITORING AN ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETER ALONG A PREDETERMINED ROUTE - A monitoring system has a vehicle and a monitoring device. The vehicle is movable along a predetermined route, and the monitoring device is detachably mounted to the vehicle. The vehicle has a photonic device configured to read position information according to detection of a positioning tag positioned at a predetermined position along the predetermined route. The monitoring device has a sensor configured to monitor an environmental parameter and a controller communicatively coupled to the sensor and the photonic device. The controller is configured to record the monitored environmental parameter along the predetermined route and the position information.02-02-2012
20130195585APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR PREPARING EARS OF CORN FOR AUTOMATED HANDLING, POSITIONING AND ORIENTING - An apparatus and system for automated handling, positioning and orienting of an ear of corn includes apparatuses and systems for altering a portion of an ear of corn. Optionally included are one or more stations for automatically processing, testing, sampling and preparing the ear of corn for processing, testing or sampling and an automated transport means automatically moving ears of corn from station to station using alterations made to the ear of corn.08-01-2013
20130195586TRANSMISSION MECHANISM, SUBSTRATE POSITIONING DEVICE AND ROBOT - A transmission mechanism includes: a drive pulley which is provided on a drive shaft and has external teeth with a predetermined pitch width; a driven pulley which is provided on a driven shaft and has external teeth with the pitch width; and a belt having internal teeth with the pitch width which engage with the external teeth of the drive pulley and the driven pulley. Further, the belt includes sub-belts having a periodic variation characteristic in which the pitch width varies periodically, and the sub-belts are arranged in a state where phases of the periodic variation characteristic thereof are shifted from each other.08-01-2013
20120093617VACUUM PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VACUUM PROCESSING METHOD - A vacuum processing apparatus including a processing chamber for processing a sample to be processed, a cooling chamber for cooling the high-temperature sample processed in the processing chamber, and a vacuum transfer chamber for establishing a connection between the processing chamber and the cooling chamber, a vacuum transfer robot equipped inside the vacuum transfer chamber, wherein the cooling chamber includes a gas-exhausting unit for reducing pressure inside the cooling chamber, a gas-supplying unit for supplying a gas into the cooling chamber, a pressure-controlling unit for controlling the pressure inside the cooling chamber, a supporting unit for supporting the high-temperature sample, and a mounting stage for proximity-holding the sample supported by the supporting unit, the mounting stage having a temperature-adjusting unit for adjusting the temperature of surface of the mounting stage into a temperature which is capable of cooling the high-temperature sample, the supporting unit having an ascending/descending-speed varying unit.04-19-2012
20130209198TECHNIQUES FOR HANDLING MEDIA ARRAYS - Techniques for handling media arrays are disclosed. The techniques may be realized as a system for handling a plurality of substrates. The system may comprise a plurality of row elements for supporting the plurality of substrates, wherein the plurality of row elements may be operable to change configuration of the substrates from open configuration to a high-density configuration, where a distance between adjacent substrates in the open configuration may be greater than a distance between the adjacent substrates in the high-density configuration.08-15-2013
20130209199PART INSPECTION APPARATUS AND HANDLER - A handler includes a supply shuttle plate on which a device is placed and cooled, and a transfer robot configured to transfer the device placed on the supply shuttle plate from the supply shuttle plate. The transfer robot includes an adsorbing portion configured to adsorb the device placed on the supply shuttle plate thereon, a vertical movement arm configured to move the adsorbing portion away from the supply shuttle plate, an arm box configured to accommodate the adsorbing portion together with the device in a state of being kept away from the supply shuttle plate, and a dry air supply unit configured to supply dry gas into the arm box.08-15-2013