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412 - Bookbinding: process and apparatus

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412006000 Of edge fastening 27
412004000 Of applying a cover to a book 26
412008000 Of adhesive binding 12
412003000 Of making a case 5
20100111643METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE SOFTWARE-CONTROLLED PRODUCTION OF BOOK COVERS FOR INDIVIDUAL BOOKS AND SHORT RUNS OF DIFFERENT FORMAT SIZES - For the automatic production of book covers for individual books with different format sizes, the data of the book to be bound are acquired and cataloged using software, the book covers are cut to the desired format, covering materials adapted to the format are applied to the book cover, the corners are folded, the endpapers are applied to the book covers and the text block and book cover are joined together, precisely positioned.05-06-2010
20110014011DEVICE FOR DEFORMING A BOOK COVER ALIGNED APPROXIMATELY ON A BOOK BLOCK BACK - A device for deforming a book back cover aligned approximately uniformly distributed on a book back, possibly a book cover back having a back insert of a horizontally stretched out positionable book cover, composed of a deforming saddle which can be pushed forward onto the downwardly directed inner side of the book cover, wherein the book cover back is producing a rounded portion of the round cover back located opposite the folding rails between two laterally opposing fold shaping rails which produce a rounded portion of the book cover back, wherein the deforming saddle is formed by two laterally downwardly directed saddle blades formed by the saddle blades which lift the book cover back during the deformation, wherein for adjusting the rounding of the book cover back the saddle blades are together pivotably constructed about an axis extending parallel to the book cover back.01-20-2011
20090116935SINGLE AXIS APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING HARD BOOK COVER - An apparatus for producing hard book cases (covers) can make cases including tucked and folded corners. The apparatus can track the progress of the book case throughout the assembly process and can accurately align the unfinished assembly with the tucking and folding devices of the apparatus. Short runs of different sized book cases may be quickly and efficiently manufactured on a single apparatus.05-07-2009
20090317210ELECTRONIC BOOK COVER - The electronic book cover is of a thick board adapted to support an electronic device, such as a calculator or MP3 player. A cutout in the board receives the electronic device, and it is securely bolstered to the main block of book pages. The board is completely covered by an elastic skin, except in an opening where the device displays visual information. The cover also includes a keypad, labeled with various characters and symbols, which can be pressed to initiate the processing of preprogrammed functions by the electronic device. A layered switch circuit lies underneath the soft keypad and is comprised of two distinct layers: the first dielectric film layer has rows and columns of checkered conductive sections facing inward towards the book cover, and the second dielectric film layer has a pattern of disconnected electric contacts at locations facing the conductive sections and is superimposed in the keypad.12-24-2009
20110311336Method and device for manufacturing book cases - In a case maker (12-22-2011
20110194915ULTRASONIC BOOK TRIMMING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Apparatus for trimming a perfect bound book is disclosed having a platen for supporting a portion of the book as it is trimmed. A clamp holds the book against the platen, and a blade is provided having a cutting edge with the blade being movable toward and away from the book platen between a retracted position and an operable position in which the cutting edge is in operative engagement with the book. An ultrasonic (or other vibratory) member carries the blade, and the ultrasonic member is rendered resonant so that the cutting edge trims the book along the side of the book. A method of trimming a book using a vibratory blade is also disclosed.08-11-2011
20100119332SHEET FINISHING DEVICE - A sheet finishing device winds a paper tape at a stapling position on a sheet bundle and thus binds the sheet bundle. The sheet finishing device cuts a used sheet that is un-reusable for image formation to produce a paper tape for binding the sheet bundle.05-13-2010
20100119331AUTOMATIC SPINE CREATION FROM BOOK COVERS WITHOUT SPINES - A method for automatically creating spine image areas for book covers that were originally created for books without spines includes adding image areas between the front and back cover images to make a single image with the spine being a user-specified solid color or bitmap image. Alternatively, depending on user selection and cover design, the existing image is stretched anamorphically to accommodate a correctly sized spine. The user can optionally specify text to be added.05-13-2010
20130136563PRINTING CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A printing control apparatus according to one aspect of this invention controls to print images on sheets based on image data of a plurality of pages, generate a bookbinding product by executing folding processing for the image-printed sheets, and output the bookbinding product. The printing control apparatus further accepts the position of an insertion sheet to be inserted into the sheets for which the folding processing is executed, and controls to output a plurality of bookbinding products by using, as a reference, the accepted position of the insertion sheet.05-30-2013
20100104399Booklet Maker with Spaced Crease Rollers - Embodiments described herein include as apparatus for folding printed sheets. The apparatus including first crease roller and a second crease roller longitudinally aligned with the first crease roller. A spacing device separating the first and second crease rollers to form a nip space therebetween. A crease blade is disposed adjacent the nip space and adapted to urge the sheets toward the nip space.04-29-2010
20100104400METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR PRODUCING PRINTED PRODUCTS - A method for producing printed products with an arrangement including at least one printing press to produce book blocks, at least one conveying device to convey the book blocks, at least one processing device to provide each respective book block with a respective cover, and a control unit to control the production of the book blocks. The method includes producing each respective cover in advance of each respective book block production, supplying each cover to at least one storage unit, and following the supplying of each cover to the storage unit, triggering at least one printing press by the control unit to produce the respective book block on the at least one printing press.04-29-2010
20130058738PRINTING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A print job for ring binding is received and page information contained in the print job is acquired. Based on the page information, it is determined whether a sheet used as a back cover in the ring binding is a sequential insert sheet whose insertion order is determined in advance. When it is determined that the sheet used as the back cover is a sequential insert sheet, control is performed such that the insert sheet used as the back cover is printed by discharging insert sheets up to the insert sheet just before the insert sheet used as the back cover out of a set of sequential insert sheets. Then, sheets used as inner sheets in the ring binding and a sheet used as a front cover in the ring binding are printed in order.03-07-2013
20130064626Method and Device for Gathering Loose Book Blocks - In a method and associated device for gathering loose book blocks (B, B03-14-2013
20090238661Method and apparatus for trimming and transporting printed products in a trimmer - A book trimmer is provided. The book trimmer includes an edge trimming knife movable back and forth in a book travel direction and a conveyor downstream of the edge trimming knife. The conveyor includes a reciprocating section movable back and forth in the book travel direction receiving books trimmed by the edge trimming knife. A method for trimming a book is also provided.09-24-2009
20110280687MAKING BOOKLET BY ITERATIVELY FOLDING AND CUTTING - A booklet with a cover sheet and a plurality of inner sheets is produced. The cover sheet is folded to begin the booklet. One at a time, the inner sheets are selectively printed, folded, and nested into the booklet. When each inner sheet is nested in the booklet, an edge of the inner sheet protrudes beyond an edge of the cover sheet. The protruding edge of the inner sheet is cut flush with the corresponding edge of the cover sheet.11-17-2011
20100086379METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR PRODUCING PERFECT BOUND BOOK BLOCKS - A method for producing perfect-bound book blocks for books or similar printed products, including driving successively arranged clamps to circulate along an endless path of a perfect binding apparatus, positioning loose book blocks composed of gathered printed sheets inside conveying units of a conveying device, supplying the book blocks upon or prior to reaching the transfer region below the endless path to the clamps of the perfect binding apparatus, the supplying including inserting the book blocks into the clamps pivoted by approximately 90° around a perpendicular axis from a processing position for the book blocks and clamping the book blocks in the clamps with spines facing downwards, and transporting the clamped book blocks in an upright position for further processing in the perfect binding apparatus. An arrangement for producing perfect-bound book blocks is also provided.04-08-2010
20120034050PRODUCTION DEVICE AND PRODUCTION METHOD FOR BOOK-FORM PRINTED PRODUCT - A technology of producing a required number of copies of a plurality of kinds of book-form printed products automatically and continuously while a continuous paper material is being conveyed is provided. A production device for a book-form printed product, which continuously produces a plurality of kinds of book-form printed products from a continuous paper material, is provided with sheet cutting means which cuts paper into sheets constituting the book-form printed product, identification code reading means which reads an identification code describing at least identification information of the book-form printed product printed at least on any of the sheets, collector means which collects each sheet in accordance with the identification information of the book-form printed product indicated by the identification code, and stitcher means which stitches the collected sheets. By using the identification code, a production process of a book-form printed product required for each printed product can be performed from a continuous paper material without being restricted by the number of pages or size set in advance.02-09-2012
20080273945AUTOMATED COVER-DRIVEN WORKFLOWS FOR MANUFACTURING BOOKS IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT - A cover-driven book production method and system are disclosed. The method of cover-driven book production includes providing a plurality of book covers. The book covers can be identified using, for example, a scanner. A book block can then be retrieved from a book repository based on the identified cover. After performing raster image processing (RIP) of the book block, copies of the book block can be printed. Finishing can be accomplished by binding the printed book blocks to the book covers using an in-line binder or off-line binder.11-06-2008
20080310935CUTTING APPARATUS AND CUTTING METHOD - A cutting apparatus for cutting a book bundle has: a book bundle rotating mechanism for rotating the book bundle and changing a cutting surface; a book bundle moving mechanism for moving the book bundle in the direction of a cutting mechanism; and the cutting mechanism for separately cutting the cutting surface of the book bundle a plurality of times and not continuously cutting the same surface excluding the cutting surface to be finally cut for the book bundle to be cut.12-18-2008
20090196710SECURING ARRANGEMENT OF LOOSE ELEMENTS OF DRAFT SCRAPBOOKING PAGE - An apparatus for securely holding and protecting a layout of elements for a page of a scrapbook includes a portfolio having first and second covers, each cover having a width and height each of which exceeds the width and height of a scrapbooking page; and a first overlay having a width and height each of which exceeds the width and height of a scrapbooking page. The first overlay and the first cover are releasably cohered together, preferably utilizing magnetic forces. A scrapbooking page and loose elements arranged thereof thereby may be secured between the overlay and the cover for safe storage and transport between scrapbooking sessions.08-06-2009
20100226733Bookbinding system, Bookbinding control method, and recording medium storing bookbinding control program - A bookbinding system includes an image forming apparatus, a plurality of post-processing apparatuses, a controller, and an operation-and-display unit. The image forming apparatus forms images on recording media and outputs the recording media. The plurality of post-processing apparatuses is connected to the image forming apparatus and includes at least a folding apparatus and a ring-binding apparatus. The folding apparatus folds the recording media according to a plurality of folding types including at least Z-shape folding and double folding. The ring-binding apparatus binds the recording media with a ring. The controller is communicatively connected to the image forming apparatus and the plurality of post-processing apparatuses and prevents simultaneous selection of ring binding and a folding type incompatible with ring binding. The operation-and-display unit displays an indication that ring binding and the folding type incompatible with ring binding are not simultaneously selectable.09-09-2010
20130136562METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PERSONALIZED STORYBOOK - A method of making a customizable storybook, including selecting a plot and a themed scene having a physical setting, selecting at least one character that relates to the plot, photographing a user at the physical setting, obtaining at least one photograph of the user at the physical setting, and combining the plot and the at least one photograph to produce a customized book.05-30-2013
20110110747APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF TRIMMING OF PERFECT BOUND BOOKS - Apparatus for and a method of determining and correcting the position and angularity of an edge of a book to be trimmed relative to a shearing plane is disclosed. The book is movable toward and away from the shearing plane and is rotatable about a rotary axis. A pair of spaced sensors generate an output signal indicative of the edge being proximate each the sensor so that upon each sensor generating its signal at substantially the same time thus indicating that the edge is substantially parallel to the shearing plane and so that if one sensors senses the edge before the other thus indicating that the edge is oriented at an angle relative to the shearing plane. A computer control system corrects the angle and vertically positions the edge so that a predetermined trim line for that edge is substantially in register with the shearing plane.05-12-2011
20110044786APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF CLAMPING AND TRIMMING A PERFECT BOUND BOOK - Apparatus for trimming perfect bound books is disclosed including a clamping assembly and a shearing assembly, preferably powered by electric motors. The clamping assembly includes a fixed anvil and a clamp member movable along a clamp track toward and away from the anvil. The shear assembly includes a shear blade movable along a shear track toward and away from the anvil. Load members are mounted on the clamp track and on the shear track. The clamp assembly and the shear assembly each has an electric motor driving a linear actuator (e.g., a drive screw) which is operatively coupled to its respective load member. A spring or a pair of springs is interposed between the clamp load member and the clamp member and another spring or a pair of springs is interposed between the shear blade and the shear load member. Thus, as the clamp member engages the book and as the shear blade shears through the book and engages the anvil, further movement of the clamp member and the shear blade is prevented. Continued operation of the motors causes these springs to compress and to thus result in differential movement (lost motion) between the clamp member and the clamp load member and between the shear blade and the shear load member. Operation of the motors is terminated upon this differential motion of a predetermined magnitude being sensed.02-24-2011
20110217147Print-medium post-treatment apparatus and control method thereof - A print-medium post-treatment apparatus and a control method thereof, to increase the number of print media stacked on a bookbinding stack tray by controlling operation of a conveyor belt. The a print-medium post-treatment apparatus includes a bookbinding stack tray including a tray sensor to sense a print medium and a conveyor belt to move the print medium, and a controller to move the print medium in a given discharge direction by operating the conveyor belt in a first direction if the tray sensor senses the print medium moved onto the bookbinding stack tray and to move the print medium in an opposite direction of the discharge direction by operating the conveyor belt in a second direction so as to reduce a distance between a previously discharged print medium and a subsequently discharged print medium.09-08-2011
20100329821Booklet stacker, ring-binding device, ring-binding system, and booklet stacking method - A booklet stacker to stack multiple booklets each bound with a ring member includes a stack tray on which multiple booklets are stacked, a shifter disposed upstream from the stack tray in a booklet conveyance direction in which a booklet is conveyed, the shifter to adjust a position of the booklet in a width direction perpendicular to the booklet conveyance direction by shifting the booklet a distance shorter than a ring pitch of the ring member in the width direction, and a booklet conveyer disposed upstream from the stack tray in the booklet conveyance direction, to convey the booklet positioned by the shifter to the stack tray.12-30-2010
20120057951TRIMMER BLOCK PAD, TRIMMER, AND METHOD OF TRIMMING - The present disclosure relates to a trimmer block pad, a trimmer, and a process of trimming. The process includes inserting a book into a trimmer, positioning a trimmer block pad to abut the book, the trimmer block comprising a first non-square exterior corner and a second non-square exterior corner, and trimming a portion of the book. The positioning of the trimmer block pad applies a distributed force to the book.03-08-2012
20120155991METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRESSING A BOOK BLOCK - A method and a device for pressing a book block over the rounded back of a book block having a longitudinal axis extending in the center and along the back. The book block is clamped between two clamping jaws of a clamping device, in a region adjacent to the back of the book block, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the back. A pressing device presses a pressing member against the back, wherein the pressing member is placed approximately in the center of the back onto the book block back. At least a section of the pressing member is then moved across the back. Once the pressing member, which is oriented parallel to the longitudinal axis of the back, is placed onto the back it then moves along at least one continuously preselected movement path over the back.06-21-2012
20110103919Spine formation device, bookbinding system, and spine formation method - A spine formation device includes a sheet conveyer, a clamping unit disposed downstream from the sheet conveyer in a sheet conveyance direction, for squeezing a folded portion of a bundle of folded sheets, a contact member against which the folded portion of the bundle is pressed, disposed downstream from the clamping unit, and a controller to cause the bundle of folded sheets to bulge by stopping the sheet conveyer after the bundle of folded sheets is transported a predetermined conveyance distance from a contact position between the contact member and the folded portion of the bundle and to cause the clamping unit to squeeze a bulging portion of the bundle created between the sheet conveyer and the contact member with the folded portion pressed against the contact member. The predetermined distance is set in accordance with a predetermined sheet-related variable.05-05-2011
20120257946METHOD AND DEVICE FOR REMOVING AT LEAST ONE BOOK BLOCK FROM AND/OR SUPPLYING AT LEAST ONE BOOK TO A CONVEYING SECTION OF A BOOK PRODUCTION LINE - A method and device for the production of books, including: moving book blocks successively along a conveying section of a book production line; supplying a stack of book cases to the book production line; identifying a marking on each of the book blocks and the book cases; transmitting an identified marking on at least one book case to a machine control of the book production line; assigning a dataset stored in the machine control for a sequence of book cases to the supplied stack; determining a sequence in the machine control for book blocks positioned on the conveying section; comparing the dataset for the sequence of the book cases to the sequence of the book blocks; and removing and/or supplying at least one book block from or to the conveying section if the sequence of the book blocks deviates from the sequence of the book cases using the machine control.10-11-2012
20110002754METHOD AND EQUIPMENT FOR PREPARING AND APPLYING FOLDED LEAFLETS - A method of preparing and applying folded leaflets or coupons to packets in a cigarette packer includes the steps of cutting single leaflets from a continuous strip material, scoring them with transverse crease lines and then causing each one to wrap around one of a set of winding members operating in conjunction with a fixed restraint; a leading portion of the leaflet is taken up by the winding member, which is then set in rotation while also revolving in close proximity to the restraint, in such a way as to bend the leaflet along the crease lines and form a succession of folds.01-06-2011
20110236157BOOK BINDING TOOL - Reversible or indexable cutting knives are mechanically attached to at least one of a leveler saw and a roughing tool for a perfect or patent binding operation. In one embodiment, each reversible or indexable knife has multiple cutting edges. The cutting edges of the reversible or indexable knife may be arranged around the knife such that the knife can be rotated to a different position to replace a worn cutting edge with a new cutting edge on the same knife. The knives may be attached in recesses in the roughing tool or leveler saw.09-29-2011
20120087765Spine formation device, sheet processing system incorporating same, and spine formation method - A spine formation device includes a sheet conveyer to transport a bundle of folded sheets with the folded portion of the bundle forming a front end portion of the bundle, a clamping unit to clamp the bundle from both sides in a direction of thickness of the bundle, a spine forming member to flatten the folded portion of the bundle, disposed in that order in a sheet conveyance direction, and a controller that causes the sheet conveyer to transport the bundle of folded sheets to a first position downstream from an upstream end of the spine forming member in the sheet conveyance direction and to reverse the bundle a predetermined distance from the first position to a second position upstream from the first position in the sheet conveyance direction before the clamping unit clamps the bundle.04-12-2012
20120243961PRINTING SYSTEM, JOB PROCESSING METHOD, STORAGE MEDIUM, PROGRAM PRODUCT, AND PRINTING APPARATUS - A printing system which is capable of performing square back processing and preventing occurrence of a new trouble of inadvertently creating a saddle-stitched brochure defective in the appearance of a trimmed edge and/or print appearance, which is unexpected by an operator. A receiving unit receives a job of a first type for creating a saddle-stitched brochure subjected to square back processing and trimming processing or a second type creating a saddle-stitched brochure not subjected to the square back processing but subjected to the trimming processing. A controller controls a trimming position at an end of the sheet bundle for the job and/or an image printing position on a sheet included in the sheet bundle based on whether a job to be processed is of the first type or of the second type.09-27-2012
20110229287Spine formation device, bookbinding system, and processing method of bundle of folded sheets using same - A spine formation device includes a sheet conveyer to convey a bundle of folded sheets with a folded portion of the bundle forming a front end of the bundle, a clamping unit disposed downstream from the sheet conveyer in a sheet conveyance direction for squeezing a folded portion of the bundle in a direction of thickness of the bundle, a contact member against which the folded portion of the bundle is pressed, disposed downstream from the clamping unit, an elevation unit to move the contact member vertically, and a controller. The clamping unit includes multiple pressure rollers arranged in a single line along the folded portion of the bundle, a planar clamping member disposed facing the multiple pressure rollers vertically, to press the bundle against the multiple pressure rollers, and a unit to move the pressure rollers and the clamping member close and away from each other.09-22-2011
20110293389METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING A PRINTED PRODUCT - A method and system for producing a printed product are provided. The method includes conveying signatures along a first conveying section, conveying inserts along a second conveying section, supplying the signatures to at least one of a first gathering location and a second gathering location, supplying the inserts to at least the second gathering location, forming a partial book block in at least one of the first gathering location and the second gathering location, wherein the partial book block comprises the supplied signatures and, optionally, at least one of the supplied inserts, and supplying the partial book block to a further gathering location to form a stacked book block.12-01-2011
20120063867Sheet Processing Apparatus and Method of Controlling the Same - A sheet processing apparatus that performs sheet processing with respect to a plurality of printed sheets and a method of controlling the apparatus are provided. A bookbinding process is performed with respect to a plurality of sheets, and pressure is applied to a spine of a bound stack of sheets to flatten the spine. At this time, the amount of pressure applied to the spine is set in advance, and a square back process is executed while controlling application of the pressure to the spine in accordance with the set pressure amount.03-15-2012

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