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411 - Expanded, threaded, driven, headed, tool-deformed, or locked-threaded fastener

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411386000 Pilot end having means enhancing fastening or installation 78
411411000 Thread or shank structure 72
411402000 Head driving structure 45
411393000 Set screw 14
411395000 Having bore therethrough 10
411383000 Multipart 9
411399000 Head having counter-sinking means 8
411394000 Drive screw 6
411396000 Separate head element 6
411392000 Resiliently flexible 5
20110164943INTEGRATED FASTENER & SEALING SYSTEM FOR PLUMBING FIXTURES - A metallic bolt fastener assembly that includes a threaded shank, a head and an end, the head and a portion of the shank encapsulated with a polymer composition. The polymer composition includes a polymer material such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber or thermal plastic materials. The polymer composition provides improved corrosion resistance and superior fluid sealing properties when used as a water tank-to-toilet bowl or other similar plumbing fixture connection system.07-07-2011
20100143069FRICTION MECHANISM - A fastening mechanism including: a head a shaft fixed to one end of the head wherein at least part of the shaft is effectively threaded, and at least part of the shaft has no anchoring base for the thread, wherein at least part of the shaft and at least part of the thread are together formed from at least one unbroken wound spiral.06-10-2010
20120308332SPIRAL FASTENER - A spiral fastener is provided. In another aspect, a spiral fastener, is made of layers of material and/or a light curable material. Another aspect uses a three-dimensional printing machine to emit material from an ink jet printing head to build up a fastener having a spiral formation.12-06-2012
20120269598ANCHOR STUD AND METHOD OF FORMING AN ANCHOR STUD - An anchor stud includes a stud portion including a body portion having a first end that extends to a second end though an intermediate portion. A wedge member is operatively coupled to the second end of the stud portion. The wedge member includes a body having a generally frustoconical profile and is formed from a material having a Vickers hardness greater than about 220 HV. A sleeve element is positioned on the stud portion at the second end adjacent the wedge member. The sleeve element is formed from a material having a Vickers hardness greater than about 220 HV.10-25-2012
20080253861Method and unit for shipping a torque limiting assembly - A method for shipping a torque limiting assembly comprises the steps of preparing a male member fitted with an internal thread of the torque limiting assembly, coating the male member with grease, fitting the male member into the internal thread of the torque limiting assembly, and shipping the torque limiting assembly. A unit for shipping a torque limiting assembly comprises the torque limiting assembly and the male member which is fitted with the internal thread of the torque limiting assembly, coating the male member with grease.10-16-2008
411388000 Double-ended 3
20100329817TWO-WAY FASTENER - A two-way fastener includes a first member configured to be attached to a first workpiece via a tool selected from the group consisting of: a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a nutdriver and a hammer; and a second member configured to be attached to a second workpiece such that the second workpiece comes together with the first workpiece and at least substantially hides the entire two-way fastener, the second member extending in an opposite direction as the first member.12-30-2010
20120282062Nail screw, twin spikes, twin nails - The invention provides an alternative improved use of using screws, spikes and nails in joining pieces of wood. The intent of making use of the above named devices is to use a simple procedure to join separate pieces of wood using the Nail Screw or Twin Spike or Twin Nail. This is easily accomplished by using a Drill and Bit as the primary method by drilling the Nail Screw end into the wood. The secondary method would be to hammer the Twin Spike or Twin Nail using a simple tool fitting over the shank. For either method, in most cases, pre drilling would be appropriate. When using the Nail Screw, pre drilling would simplify the wood joinery. The end result would be that in most cases no metal part is visible after completion of the task.11-08-2012
20100061825TWO-WAY NAILS, TWO-WAY SCREWS AND THEIR MOUNTING TOOLS - The present invention provides mounting members useable for fastening two objects together and their mounting tools. In one embodiment, the mounting member includes a first tapered tip and an opposite, second tapered tip defining a shank therebetween, where the shank has an exterior surface and a structure formed on the exterior surface.03-11-2010
411401000 Elongated head, e.g., hanger bolt, etc. 1
20110299957MODULE CLAMP AND FASTENER APPARATUS - An apparatus and method of employing modified twist-to-engage bolts that attach a photovoltaic (PV) module to an extrusion rail or channel within a rail are disclosed. In addition to a modified twist-to-engage bolt (e.g., “t-bolt”), a complementary bracket portion having alignment tabs locks in place and clamps the modules to the rail. The anti-rotation locking system prevents twist-to-engage bolts from disengaging without the removal of the complementary bracket.12-08-2011
411379000 Stay bolt 1
20100124473Fastening Device, Module Mounting Mechanism and Information Processing Apparatus - According to one embodiment, a fastening device comprises an object having a through hole, and a fastener which fixes the object to a support by being screwed into a screw hole. The fastener includes a gripper and a stopper. The gripper is capable of protruding outside of the object from the through hole and getting into the through hole, and has an end surface on a side opposite to a male screw portion. The stopper is positioned between the male screw portion and the gripper. In a state in which the male screw portion is screwed into the screw hole, the end surface is positioned inside the through hole. In a state in which the male screw portion is removed from the screw hole, the gripper protrudes outside of the object from the through hole, and the stopper is caught in the object and holds the fastener to the object.05-20-2010
20090191022LOCKING REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER BOX - A storage system allows secured attachment in a device, such as a refrigerator, a freezer, a medical cart or the like, having a shelf comprising spaced-apart wire rack ribs. The storage system has a body with top and bottom walls, side walls, a rear wall, and an open front face opposite the rear wall, the top wall having a pair of spaced-apart apertures. A front door, hingedly attached to the body, is sized to fully close the front face when attached thereto. The body is attached to the shelf using a screw and a screw-retaining member, with the screw-retaining member operating to secure the ribs of the shelf between itself and the body. A screw, with its head located inside the body, passes through one of the apertures and is threadingly secured to the screw-retaining member.07-30-2009
20130034404Fastener - A press-fit component is proposed, which can be both press-fitted into an existing hole in a sheet metal component and also punched into sheet metal where there is no hole. The press-fit component exhibits a head with a bearing surface and a shaft which emanates from the bearing surface. The shaft has a trilobular cross-section and may be provided with knurling over at least part of its length. The shaft may be provided with a threaded through-hole. As a result of the trilobular form, the shaft and with it the press-fit element is secured against turning, without deformation of the sheet metal from a plane taking place during press-fitting.02-07-2013
20130051954THREAD FORMING DIE AND METHOD - A die for roll forming threads on a cylindrical blank includes a planar die body having a longitudinally elongate working face of sufficient length for the blank to make multiple revolutions across the face. A plurality of thread forming elements on the face. The thread forming elements are spaced apart longitudinally of the die working face an ever increasing distance, based on the actual rolling diameter of the blank with the spacing between the thread forming elements at the start end equal to the diameter of the blank and the spacing between the thread forming elements at the finish end equal to eighty-five percent of the final diameter of the thread formed on the blank. The thread forming elements on the working face of the die are equally spaced apart in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal extent of the working face.02-28-2013
20120107070SELF-DRILLING FASTENING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a self-drilling fastening element (05-03-2012
20100111640Threaded bolt - A threaded bolt includes a head (05-06-2010
20100135745MICROALLOYED STEEL WITH GOOD RESISTANCE TO HYDROGEN FOR THE COLD-FORMING OF MACHINE PARTS HAVING HIGH PROPERTIES - The steel according to the invention is characterized in that, in order to keep its weight content of molybdenum below 0.45%, its chemical composition, besides the iron and the inevitable residual impurities that result from the smelting of the steel, corresponds to the following analysis, given as percentages by weight: 06-03-2010
20110268532FASTENING APPARATUS - A fastening apparatus for securing a first component to a second component, includes a fastening anchor and a securing member. The fastening anchor has a mounting hole, and a first inner screw thread is defined in the mounting hole. The fastening anchor is attached to the first component, and the mounting hole is corresponding to a first securing hole of the first component. The securing member includes a shaft, and a protrusion is disposed on the shaft. An outer screw thread is defined on a proximal end of the protrusion, and the outer screw thread corresponds to the first inner screw thread, wherein the shaft of the securing member can pass through the mounting hole and the first securing hole, allowing the protrusion to be engaged with a second securing hole of the second component.11-03-2011
20120070248LINEAR OBJECT, BOLT, NUT AND WASHER EACH COMPRISING MAGNESIUM ALLOY - There is provided a linear object comprising magnesium-alloy having not only excellent heat resistance but also excellent plastic formability. The linear object comprising magnesium-alloy contains, on a mass percent basis, 0.1% to 6% Y, one or more elements selected from the group consisting of 0.1% to 6% Al, 0.01% to 2% Zn, 0.01% to 2% Mn, 0.1% to 6% Sn, 0.01% to 2% Ca, 0.01% to 2% Si, 0.01% to 2% Zr, and 0.01% to 2% Nd, and the balance being Mg and incidental impurities, in which the linear object comprising magnesium-alloy has a creep strain of 1.0% or less, the creep strain being determined by a creep test at a temperature of 150° C. and a stress of 75 MPa for 100 hours.03-22-2012
20120070247Method for manufacturing fastening screw and fastening screw - An object of the present invention is to reduce the fastening time and to obtain a predetermined fastening force and to suppress the loosening of a screw. The solution of the present invention is to provide a method for manufacturing a fastening screw, which comprises: a preliminary upsetting step B for forging a front end of a blank wire 03-22-2012
20080260493Bolt and thread rolling die and the manufacture of the bolt - The object of the present invention is to provide a bolt that effectively prevents gouging, seizure and racing between the bolt and nut without the aid of a guide boss and is effective when combined with the case nut. The object can be attained by providing a bolt having a threaded shank portion wherein a plural number of notched faces slanting toward the end of the threaded shank portion at an angle ranging from ±15° to ±80° toward the axis of the threaded shank portion, are formed at the beginning of the thread part of the threaded shank portion.10-23-2008
20100196120FASTENER RELIEF PATH - A fastener may include a shaft and a head. The shaft may have first and second opposing ends and a first surface having a first diameter. The head may be attached to the first opposing end of the shaft. The head may have a second surface comprising a second diameter which is larger than the first diameter. The head may have a third surface extending between the second surface and the first surface. The third surface may be defined by a relief slot extending from the second surface to at least one of near and to the first surface. The relief slot may be for providing a relief path to reduce pressure during installation, using a viscous compound, of the fastener to a member.08-05-2010
20110116893CONNECTION STRUCTURE FOR SHEET-METAL PARTS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An object of the present invention is to provide a connection structure for sheet-metal parts that permits two sheet-metal parts to be screwed to each other with good conductivity by a simple process in a simple structure, and an image forming apparatus provided with the connection structure.05-19-2011
20100061823DRY-TO-THE-TOUCH ANAEROBICALLY CURABLE COMPOSITIONS AND PRODUCTS MADE THEREFROM - Dry-to-the-touch compositions containing a polymeric matrix and a anaerobically curable component present within the polymeric matrix are disclosed. In a particularly desirable form, the compositions are moisture curable. The compositions are non-flowable, at high temperatures, and have an improved solvent resistance once cured.03-11-2010
20110070050SCREW AND A METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a screw used for connecting a hard disk drive cover to a steel plate and a method for manufacturing the same. In conventional joints, the tightening force gets weaker when the threaded portion is shorter then the length of the screw because there is an un-threaded portion below the full length of the screw. To solve such problems, a screw is provided which has a head formed on one end and a threaded portion formed on the outer circumferential surface of the other side, wherein the threaded portion has a uniform outer diameter, and an edge intersecting the axial direction is formed on the front end of the threaded portion. The manufacturing method comprises: forming a head by forging and cutting a wire-shape material; roll-forming a threaded portion with stationary and movable dies on the outer circumferential surface of a body with the head formed thereon; and cutting the threaded portion to a predetermined length with a cutting edge formed on the roll-formed, stationary and movable dies. Accordingly, when the screw is fastened to a low-height female threaded portion of a target object, the fastening action is facilitated and the defect rate is reduced to a minimum, and this provides improved productivity, lower costs and increased joint force.03-24-2011
20090324363THREADED COMPONENT AND DEVICE FOR CONNECTING PIPING - A threaded component for connecting piping employed on motor vehicles includes a thread formed thereon and at least one unthreaded, contacting surface. A first coating having a first coefficient of friction is disposed on at least a portion of the thread, and a second coating having a second coefficient of friction is disposed on at least a portion of the unthreaded, contacting surface(s) of the threaded component. The first coefficient of friction is greater than the second coefficient of friction. In an embodiment an anti-corrosion coating is provided between the coatings and the component.12-31-2009
20110150602METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MOULDED PART WITH AN ANNULAR CROSS-SECTION AND MOULDED PART PRODUCED ACCORDING TO A METHOD OF THIS TYPE - A molded part and a method for producing the molded part. The molded part is rotationally symmetrical or at least partially annular in cross section and formed by a plasticized polymeric mass containing fibers being injected through an injection opening into a cavity of a molding tool. Once the polymeric mass has solidified, the molded part is removed from the tool. Injection into the cavity takes place through at least two injection openings in such a way that the fibers are aligned predominantly in the main stress directions of axial tension and torsion in the molded part.06-23-2011
20120315109Metal Members and Assemblies that have Reinforced Punched Holes and Method of Forming the Holes - A metal member defining a hole in which the hole is reinforced by forming a flange and turning the flange back upon itself so that the rolled outer surface of the flange defines the perimeter of the hole. The sheared edge is spaced from the perimeter of the hole. The shaft of the fastener inserted in the hole contacts a non-sheared surface. A reinforcement ring may be assembled around the flange.12-13-2012
20120251267PIN JOINT ASSEMBLY - A pin joint assembly is disclosed that includes a pin, a collar configured to engage the pin, and a plate defining holes through which the plate may be fastened to the collar and to a frame of a machine on which the assembly is mounted.10-04-2012
20120328393ROLLING DIE - A rolling die for forming a screw thread on a screw blank is disclosed. The rolling die has a plurality of grooves, where the grooves each have two flanks as seen in cross-section. At least a portion of each of the grooves has a forming area in which the size of a profile angle enclosed by the flanks decreases continuously along the grooves.12-27-2012
20130129446Ultra High Strength Screw Having a High Yield Ratio - A high strength screw (05-23-2013
20130115025PRODUCTION METHOD FOR A SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT AND SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT - The production method according to the invention for creating a thread in an elongated semi-finished product comprises the following steps: shaping, especially lengthwise rolling, of at least two lengthwise grooves into a blank and lengthwise rolling of a thread into the areas circumferentially delimited by the grooves. The distance from the beds of the grooves to the axis of the blank is smaller than the distance from the root of the thread to the axis.05-09-2013
20110311333BUSHING ASSEMBLY - A fastener assembly includes a bushing having a flange configured to be urged toward a work-piece, and an isolation spring configured to be positioned between the flange and the work-piece. The isolation spring includes a metal core integrally formed with a rubber coating.12-22-2011
20120027539THREADED JOINT AND METHOD OF SEALING A THREADED JOINT - A threaded joint includes a flange, a nut and a flexible seal. The flange, the nut and the flexible seal have threads respective inner surfaces, the threads having shapes complementary to threads on an outer surface of a stem. The flange is configured to allow the stem to move by rotation through the flange. The nut and the flexible seal are configured to move by rotation relative to the stem. The flange has a counter bore and the nut has a groove. The flexible seal has a first portion configured to fill the counter bore in the flange, and a second portion configured to fill the groove of the nut.02-02-2012
20130209195LINEAR OBJECT COMPOSED OF MAGNESIUM ALLOY, BOLT, NUT, AND WASHER - A linear object is composed of a magnesium alloy including, in percent by mass, 0.1% to 6% of Zn, 0.4% to 4% of Ca, and the balance being Mg and incidental impurities, in which, when a creep test is performed on the linear object under conditions of a temperature of 150° C., a stress of 75 MPa, and a holding time of 100 hours, the linear object has a creep strain of 1.0% or less. Zn and Ca interact with each other to improve heat resistance, and thus it is possible to obtain the linear object having an excellent creep property. By incorporating Zn and Ca, in amounts in specific ranges, into the magnesium alloy, it is also possible to obtain the linear object having excellent plastic workability.08-15-2013


Patent applications in all subclasses EXTERNALLY THREADED FASTENER ELEMENT, E.G., BOLT, SCREW, ETC.