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409 - Gear cutting, milling, or planing

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409131000 Process 116
409231000 Cutter spindle or spindle support 41
409079000 With regulation of operation by templet, card, or other replaceable information supply 38
409183000 Including means to infeed rotary cutter toward work 26
409234000 With cutter holder 25
409135000 With means to control temperature or lubricate 24
409219000 Work support 20
409175000 Randomly manipulated, work supported, or work following device 17
409137000 With means to remove chip 16
409204000 Including means to adustably position cutter 14
409145000 Including means to infeed work to cutter 13
409134000 With means to protect operative or machine (e.g., guard, safety device, etc.) 9
409141000 With means to dampen vibration 8
409065000 Thread or helix generating 7
409235000 Machine frame 6
409138000 Means to trim edge 3
20120039682ONE-TOUCH CHAMFERING-AMOUNT ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR A CHAMFERING MACHINE - The present invention relates to a one-touch chamfering-amount adjustment device for a chamfering machine which specifically carries out a chamfering process on the welding bead surfaces of objects to be processed (such as metal sheet materials and pipes). In the present invention, the moment after a chamfering-amount-adjustment piece has been manipulated so as to rotate, a position-setting pin is inserted into a securing recess in the chamfering-amount-adjustment piece and as this happens the chamfering amount is precisely adjusted in units and at the same time locking to the predetermined chamfering amount is automatically maintained, yet nevertheless the adjustment of the chamfering amount is achieved in a straightforward fashion with one touch, and, when the chamfering-amount-adjustment piece is manipulated, a cutter shaft moves vertically and as it does so the chamfering amount is adjusted in such a way that the chamfering amount can be immediately and rapidly adjusted even during working regardless of any cutter rotating action.02-16-2012
20100290853MULTI-PURPOSE BEVELLER - There is provided a beveller for processing an edge of a member to be processed into a slanted surface (a bevel), and, more particularly, to a multi-purpose beveller which improves a level of completion of bevel process through thoroughly processes an edge positioned at a corner by using a beveling tool for a corner mounted onto the beveller and which expands the application fields of the beveller through processing a curved section by simply replacing a rotary cutter for a corner coupled to an adapter with a cutter for a curved section. The present invention is realized by providing the technique of thoroughly processing an edge deeply positioned at a corner by selectively mounting a beveling tool for a right angled corner or a beveling tool for an acute angled corner onto the beveller, the technique of smoothly processing an edge in a corner section by sequentially separating the beveling tool for a corner and a rotary cutter for a corner coupled to an adapter and thereafter coupling a new rotary cutter for a curved section to the adapter, and the technique of applying the beveling tool for a right angled corner and the beveling tool for an acute angled corner to processing an edge in a straight-line section.11-18-2010
20120057945CHAMFER DEVICE FOR MACHINING WELD BEAD SURFACE WHICH ALLOWS ONE-TOUCH CHAMFERING-AMOUNT ADJUSTMENT - The present invention relates to a chamfer device for machining a weld bead surface, which specifically carries out a chamfering process on the welding bead surfaces of objects to be processed (such as metal sheet materials and pipes). In the present invention, immediately after a chamfering-amount-adjustment unit has been rotated and released, a position-setting pin is inserted into a securing recess in the chamfering-amount-adjustment unit, while the chamfering amount is adjusted in precise units and simultaneously locked at a predetermined chamfering amount which is automatically maintained, and the adjustment of the chamfering amount is achieved in a straightforward fashion with just one touch. When the chamfering-amount-adjustment unit is operated, a mobile cutter shaft moves vertically and as it does so the chamfering amount is adjusted in such a way that the chamfering amount can be immediately and rapidly adjusted while continuously operating without regard to any cutter rotation action.03-08-2012
409139000 Means to remove scale or raised surface imperfection 3
20090116922Device and Method for Deburring Grooves and Edges - A device for deburring at least one of a groove and an edge of a workpiece includes a shaft, a receptacle connected to the shaft, a tool held in the receptacle, and a swivel drive configured to pneumatically and/or hydraulically press the receptacle with the tool against a burr of the groove or against the edge of the workpiece. The tool is configured to be actively lifted from the groove or edge of the workpiece.05-07-2009
20090279974Tip Dresser - A tip dresser 11-12-2009
20100196115MILLING CUTTER FOR DRESSING RESISTANCE WELDING ELECTRODES - The milling cutter includes three blades each having a cutting edge and a rear face. The cutting edges extend radially outwards from a longitudinal axis so as to create, during the rotation of the milling cutter, one or two concave surfaces for receiving the ends of one or two electrodes. The rear face has a concave profile in a section plane perpendicular to the cutting edge.08-05-2010
409133000 With means to weigh or test work or product 3
20120294688SPINDLE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A MILLING MACHINE - A spindle control system for a milling machine is provided. The milling machine includes a column, an overarm, a spindle for mounting a cutter, a first motor mounted on the column for driving movement of the overarm, and a second motor mounted on the overarm for driving rotation of the spindle. The spindle control system includes a distance sensor and a temperature sensor, each to be mounted on the overarm and to be disposed proximate to the end portion of the spindle. The spindle control system further includes a central control unit for determining a compensation parameter based on the displacement sensed by the distance sensor and the temperature sensed by the temperature sensor, and for controlling movement of the overarm by the first motor through a compensation distance based on the compensation parameter to compensate for at least one of the cutter deformation and the spindle deformation.11-22-2012
20080260482Method and Device for Controlling a Tool with Ultrasonic Waves - In a method for controlling a tool during machining a work piece using the tool, a first measuring arrangement which has a first ultrasonic probe for emitting ultrasonic waves is used, the first measuring arrangement being arranged ahead of the tool with respect to the relative tool movement direction and being moved relative to the work piece in the relative tool movement direction. The ultrasonic waves emitted by the first ultrasonic probe are transmitted to the work piece, and are transmitted back to the first ultrasonic probe, by a first column of liquid which is created by the first measuring arrangement and situated between the first ultrasonic probe and the work piece for measurement. The measurements are used for automatically adjusting the position of the tool relative to the work piece during machining the work piece.10-23-2008
20130195573MACHINE TOOL COMPRISING AN ULTRASONIC SENSOR - The invention relates to a machine tool having a cutting tool in order to monitor and if necessary to correct the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece during machining. To this end, a sensor (08-01-2013
409230000 Detachable or repositionable tool head 2
20120257941RETRACTABLE SHANK FOR MACHINE TOOLS AND USE OF SAID RETRACTABLE SHANK IN MACHINE TOOLS - The present invention relates to a retractable shank for machine tools and use of said retractable shank in machine tools made up of a shank core, on which there is arranged at least one front unit formed by a rotating bush which is associated, by means of bearings, with respect to a fixed portion of the machine structure, this front unit being removable by means of outwards extraction or inwards movement, leaving a space in which the rear rotating shaft of the headstock can be housed.10-11-2012
20110222981ROUTER TABLE CLAMP SYSTEM AND ROUTER TABLE INCLUDING THE CLAMP SYSTEM - A router table clamp system for attaching a router to a router table, wherein the system includes a first plate that is fixed with respect to the router table, a second plate that is configured to cooperate with the first plate to enable the router to be removably attached to the router table, and a clamping mechanism configured and arranged to move the second plate with respect to the first plate between a locked position and an unlocked position, wherein when the clamping mechanism is in the locked position, the router is securely attached to the router table. The clamping mechanism also includes a lever assembly configured and arranged to move the second plate in a locking direction and an unlocking direction, which directions are both generally coincident with a plane defined by the second plate, wherein the locking direction is opposite of the unlocking direction.09-15-2011
409125000 Templet, tracer, or cutter 2
20100158628Method And Apparatus For Machining Work Pieces - A method and apparatus are provided to machine a curved surface such as an inner or outer peripheral surface of a pipe. The pipe is held stationary during machining and a rotatable spindle of a machine head moves along multiple orthogonal axes to align the rotational axis of the spindle with the longitudinal pipe axis. Preferably, the pipe axis is located by using a touch probe to engage the curved surface at multiple spots and the calculating the location of the pipe axis. The cutting tool, which is preferably a cutting tool insert, is rotated by the spindle to machine the curved surface.06-24-2010
20130177362MILL AND METHOD OF USE - A method for plunge milling a workpiece. The method includes rotating a cutting head while advancing the cutting head along a direction towards the workpiece; removing material from the workpiece with frontal teeth disposed on a frontal face of the cutting head; bending a tool holder configured to lead the cutting head inside the workpiece; stopping the advancing of the cutting head along the direction towards the workpiece when the cutting head has reached a predetermined depth inside the workpiece; and retrieving while rotating the cutting head from the inside of the workpiece such that side teeth of the cutting head remove material from the inside of the workpiece due to the bending of the tool holder.07-11-2013
409144000 With detachable or auxiliary cutter support to convert cutting action 2
20100119319PROCESSING MACHINE - A processing machine includes a machine bed, a spindle seat, a sliding rail unit, and a driving unit. The sliding rail unit is disposed between the machine bed and the spindle seat. The driving unit is used for driving the spindle seat to move within a slot in the machine bed, and includes a threaded rod journalled on a junction between a bottom wall surface and a lateral wall surface of the machine bed, and a nut member disposed fixedly on a junction between a bottom surface and a lateral side surface of the spindle seat and engaging the threaded rod.05-13-2010
20110182686ATTACHMENT UNIT FOR FIVE-FACE MACHINING - The present invention provides an attachment to be attached to a spindle head of a vertical machining center for gripping an angle tool holder and performing five-face machining. An attachment unit 07-28-2011
409143000 Means for internal milling 2
20100129170Long Reach Spindle Drive Systems and Method05-27-2010
20120321405TUBE SHEET GROOVING INDEXIBLE END MILL BODY - A grooving tool body for holding a number of inserts for use in forming one or more grooves in a wall of a bore when the tool body is rotated about a first axis and simultaneously circularly interpolated about a second axis. The tool body includes a generally cylindrical portion disposed generally about the first axis and having a first end and an opposite second end, the first end being structured to be mounted to a machine tool for simultaneously rotating the tool body about the first axis and circularly interpolating the second end about the second axis. The tool body further includes a number of pockets disposed at or about the opposite second end of the generally cylindrical portion. Each pocket of the number of pockets is structured to receive and couple therein a cutting insert for forming one or more grooves in wall of the bore.12-20-2012
409174000 With means to precisely reposition work 1
20110200406MACHINING INSTALLATION FOR WORKPIECES - A machining installation comprises a workpiece positioning device with a workpiece holder pivot unit which is designed in such a way that a workpiece holder, together with a workpiece to be machined, is pivotable about at least five pivot axes. In order to rotatably drive a tool about an axis of rotation, a work spindle unit is arranged at a stand, with the axis of rotation being inclined relative to a horizontal x-direction through an angle α, with 20°≦α≦70°, particularly 30°≦α≦60°, and particularly 40°≦α≦50°. The machining installation has a simple design and allows a flexible five-sided machining of workpieces.08-18-2011
409218000 With limit means to aid in positioning of cutter bit or work (e.g., gauge, stop, etc.) 1
20080260484Milling headstock for rivet stems - A milling headstock for rivet stems includes a mouth for the introduction of the stem. A milling machine can be displaced towards the mouth by a previously established length, in order to trim the stem of the different rivets made in a piece. The mouth has a dimension equal to or less than the head of the rivet so that, after introducing the stem via the mouth, the latter at all times rests on the surface of the head of that rivet in such manner that the milling machine is then displaced through the previously established length.10-23-2008
409172000 With means to advance work or product 1
20120093606AUTOMATED LOADING OF WORK PIECES VIA STAGING REGIONS INTO ADVERSE ENVIRONMENTS ASSOCIATED WITH MILLING MACHINES AND CONTROLLERS AND METHODS FOR SAME - Embodiments relate generally to milling machines and milling techniques, and more particularly, to apparatuses, milling machines and methods to control automatic loading and/or unloading of work pieces in relation to the adverse milling machine environments. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a subset of guide members constituting a staging region, a loader member configured to impart a loading force unto the work piece to transition the work piece from the staging region, and an effector coupled to the loader member. The effector is configured to apply a cleaning force to a path in a first interval of time and is configured further to transfer the loading force from the loader member to the work piece in a second interval of time, and an alignment device configured to align the subset of guide members and the effector to form a portion of the path in a first mode.04-19-2012
20100221081SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATION OF FLUCTUATION AND LEVELING OF TOP ROLLERS OF SUGARCANE MILLS - A system for automation of fluctuation and leveling of top rollers of sugarcane mills for use in the automation of the systems of regulation of the pressing elements contained in the milling, preferably but not only, the top rollers of the mills used in distilleries and sugar mills and alcohol, from the implementation of electro-electronic devices that allow monitor and manage the pressure exercised on such rollers.09-02-2010
20110243677METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MILLING THERMAL BARRIER COATED METALS - A method is provided for milling a thermal barrier coated metal part. This method includes selectively removing a portion of a ceramic coating using a mechanical cutting tool, thereby forming a counterbore, and machining the metal part through the counterbore. A drilling head for drilling thermal barrier coated metal parts is also provided. The drilling head comprises a mechanical cutting tool, which is operable to mill through ceramic, and an electrode for electrical discharge machining. The electrode may be used to mill the metal part, and may be interchangeable with the mechanical cutting tool.10-06-2011

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