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405 - Hydraulic and earth engineering

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405158000 Submerging, raising, or manipulating line of pipe or cable in or from marine environment 179
405184100 Repair, replacement, or improvement 58
405174000 By means advancing along terrain and guiding pipe or cable into subterranean position 23
405184400 Supporting, anchoring, or positioning of pipe or cable 20
405184000 Advancing subterranean length of pipe or cable 19
405157000 With protection or indication of pipe or trench 9
405156000 With forming or cutting of pipe or cable 7
405155000 Cast in situ 3
20080279635SIDE LOADING CONDUIT SPACER - Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for mounting conduits within spacers for underground installation. Spacers for side loading of conduit, as opposed to older methods of end loading, allow construction workers to easily assemble conduits to a plurality of spacers above-ground. The side loading technique uses spacers having bores that communicate with each other, preferably in a radial manner. Thus, a first plurality of conduits may be assembled or mounted to an inner portion of the spacers and then at least a second plurality of conduits may be assembled and mounted to an outer portion of the spacers. Cables later pulled through the conduits are typically those used for the transmission of electricity or communication signals. Other embodiments use bores that do not communicate with each other but are secured to the spacers with an outer banding saddle.11-13-2008
20130129424Method of constructing concrete pipelines of large diameter in an area of laying, a device for the method - A method of producing a concrete pipeline in an area where the pipeline is to be laid has the steps of making a trench, installing in the trench a cylindrical elastic element with a diameter equal to an inner diameter of the pipeline to be laid' placing armature on the cylindrical elastic element, pouring a liquid concrete solution on the element with the armature and hardening the concrete solution, after the hardening of the concrete solution turning a part of the element inside out, placing a reinforcing on a thusly obtained portion of the element with turned part, pouring a concrete solution again onto the portion of the element with the armature.05-23-2013
20090148239Resilient protection of through-foundation pipes - A resiliently-mounted through-foundation pipe coupling is provided that is suited for building plumbing applications. The resiliently-mounted coupling assembly is a length of straight plastic pipe preferably with pipe couplings on each end. The combined length of the pipe and associated couplings is selected to roughly match the thickness of the foundation. The combined pipe and associated couplings are covered with and bonded to a relatively thick layer of foam rubber elastomeric material. The combination of pipe and elastomeric layer is placed in the desired position in a foundation form before the foundation is poured. The elastomeric layer cushions the plastic pipe from the forces of being cast in place as the foundation is poured, and also provides resilience to the eventually installed piping system (connected to the through-foundation pipe fitting) against the motion of back-filled soil, and against alignment forces and mechanical loading of attached plumbing.06-11-2009
405183500 Moving cable within pipe 3
20110274500TRENCHLESS DUCTING APPARATUS FRAME - An apparatus for moving an elongate component within or through one of a plurality of sidewalls of a pit, including a gripping arrangement for releasably gripping the elongate component, a lever arm comprising a handle at a first end and the gripping arrangement at the second end, and a frame to which the lever arm is attached, wherein during use the frame is positioned substantially above the pit, and the gripping arrangement hangs downwardly from the frame into the pit.11-10-2011
20110274499TRENCHLESS DUCTING APPARATUS FRAME - An apparatus for moving an elongate component within or through a sidewall of a pit, including a lever arm having a handle at a first end and a gripping arrangement for gripping the elongate component at a second end, the lever arm being pivotably attached to a frame via a sleeve and arranged in use to be pivoted about a pivot point by moving the first, handle, end through an arc, and movement translation means for translating the pivoting movement of the lever arm at the first end into a substantially linear movement at the second, gripping, end.11-10-2011
20130156505FRAME FOR TRENCHLESS PIPE REPLACEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A pipe replacement system and cable guide frame are shown. Configurations are shown that include plurality of guide pulleys attached to the cable guide frame to define a curved path between a pipe to be replaced and a cable pulling system. Configurations are shown where a pipe breaking tool is pulled over the plurality of guide pulleys for ease of removal after a replacement operation. Configurations are also shown that include a stationary splitter adjacent to the cable pulling system to prevent jamming of the cable pulling system.06-20-2013
405184500 Plural pipe sections 2
20100034593NOVEL DEPLOYMENT TECHNIQUE FOR OPTICAL FIBRES WITHIN PIPELINE COATINGS - An improved method and system of deploying a pipeline for fiber optic sensing applications. A plurality of pipe sections (02-11-2010
20090003935System and Method for Tightening String Sections to Form a String - The invention relates to a tensioning device in particular for tensioning pipe sections upon an abutment, including a traction element, an adapter, and a tensioning device for applying the tension force, and a sliding brake.01-01-2009
20100074689PIPE DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM - A system for distributing large pipe or conduit at a job site includes a containment mounted on a vehicle and configured to contain a quantity of pipe. The containment defines an opening sized for passage of a pipe lengthwise. A pipe dispensing apparatus is disposed within the opening and includes a pair of grabber plates each defining a slot to receive a pipe therein. The grabber plates are simultaneously rotated to acquire a pipe from within the containment and convey the pipe through the opening. The grabber plates continue to rotate until the slots are oriented so that the pipe drops from the grabber plates by gravity. The vehicle is then moved to another location to drop another pipe.03-25-2010
20090304451LOAD BEARING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a tubular member configured to be supported by a pipe support device on board a pipelay vessel, the tubular member comprising at least one load bearing surface which is formed along the outer side of the tubular member, the at least one load bearing surface being constructed and arranged in order to allow a substantial axial load to be imparted onto said tubular member by the pipe support device, wherein the at least one load bearing surface tapers outwardly with respect to a main longitudinal axis of said tubular member. The present invention also relates to a tubular member comprising a plurality of load bearing surfaces. The present invention also relates to a method of laying a pipeline, to a pipe support device, to a pipelay vessel, to a method of processing a tubular member, to a method of assembling a pipe assembly and to a pipe assembly.12-10-2009
20130216312Method, System And Rock Drilling Apparatus For Installing A Pipe In Drilled Holes In Rock Drilling - The present invention relates to a method for installing a pipe (08-22-2013
20090087266Conversion kit for adjusting pipelayer frame width - A conversion kit for converting a pipelayer frame of a first width to a different width is disclosed. The conversion kit has a spacer, removably attachable to a first side of the pipelayer frame, and a first plurality of replacement brackets for removably attaching the first side to a first track frame. The first plurality of replacement brackets have a different length than a first plurality of existing brackets that the first plurality of replacement brackets replace. The kit also has a second plurality of replacement brackets for removably attaching a second side of the pipelayer frame to a second track frame. The second plurality of replacement brackets have a different length than a second plurality of existing brackets that the second plurality of replacement brackets replace.04-02-2009
20100202837PIPE GRIPPER DEVICE FOR PULLING PIPE AND METHODS OF USE - A pipe gripper device including first and second gripper bodies and a clevis assembly. The gripper bodies each have a head and an arm. The head forms a slot. The arm defines a grip segment proximate a leading end and forms a textured exterior surface. The arms are pivotably coupled and slidably contact one another along corresponding interiors. The clevis assembly includes a clevis mounted to the heads by a pin passing through the respective slots. The gripper device is transitionable between a contracted state and an expanded state by pivoting of the gripper bodies at the corresponding pivot points, with the pin sliding within the slots to define a limit of the expanded state. In the contracted state, the grip segments are readily inserted into a pipe; upon transitioning toward the expanded state, the grip segments engage the pipe interior for application of a pulling force.08-12-2010
20100014921SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING UNDERGROUND COMMUNICATION CABLE INSTALLATION UTILIZING SOIL EROSION TECHNIQUES - A technique for aiding an underground communications cable installer in the installation such cable in underground utilities neighborhoods. The technique manages the problem presented by a surface-visible, underground-pathway obstruction such as a sidewalk, which lies across the path of installation. The technique, or method, is useful with any kind of cable, such as fiberoptic cable or copper wire cable. Hydraulic water pressure is applied through a biased, flexible conduit to erode a pathway under the obstruction from ground surface on one side to ground surface on the opposite side of the obstruction, thereby forming a tunnel under the obstruction through which the cable can be easily pulled. In alternative embodiments, the cable can be inserted directly into and through the conduit while it is underground, the conduit then acting as a sleeve for the cable which is subsequently removed prior to burying the cable in a trench dug from street-located handhole to house. Special apparatus connects a water hose to the flexible conduit (PVC plastic) to provide watertight operation while allowing manual flow control.01-21-2010
20090035067Gas Eduction Tube for Seabed Caisson Pump Assembly - A seafloor pump assembly is installed within a caisson that has an upper end for receiving a flow of fluid containing gas and liquid. The pump assembly is enclosed within a shroud that has an upper end that seals around the pump assembly and a lower end that is below the motor and is open. An eduction tube has an upper end above the shroud within the upper portion of the caisson and a lower end in fluid communication with an interior portion of the shroud. The eduction tube causes gas that separates from the liquid and collects in the upper portion of the caisson to be drawn into the pump and mixed with the liquid as the liquid is being pumped.02-05-2009
20120114418FORMATE SALT GELS AND METHODS FOR DEWATERING OF PIPELINES OR FLOWLINES - A gelled composition for pipeline, flowline, pipeline jumper or flowline jumper dewatering or preventing ingress of seawater into open pipeline systems or components during tie-in operations of jumpers or additional pipe, valving, manifolds, subsea pipeline architecture or flow conduits operations is disclosed, where the composition includes a concentrated metal formate solution and a hydratable polymer. The gelled formate compositions have improved dewatering properties with 100% or 360 pipe coverage. The gelled formate compositions have can also be reused by breaking and reformulation.05-10-2012
20100143041PIPE-JOINING METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING UNDERWATER PIPELINES AND UNDERWATER-PIPELINE-LAYING VESEL COMPRISING SUCH A SYSTEM - A method of joining pipes to produce an underwater pipeline on a firing line includes supplying the firing line with pipes having previously roughened end portions; welding the end portions of adjacent pipes to form cutbacks, each of which is defined by two end portions, and by an annular weld bead between the two end portions; cleaning, by cryogenic blasting, the outer surface of each cutback; and forming a protective joint coating about each cutback.06-10-2010
20130142574METHOD FOR PLANARIZING UNEVENNESS OF THE SEABED - At a location where unevenness 06-06-2013
20130115005AGRICULTURAL TUBING EXTRACTOR AND RELATED METHODS - An extractor for removing agricultural tubing from soil of a field and related methods are provided. The extractor includes a frame and a pivot frame disposed on the frame. The pivot frame can have a pivot axis around which at least a portion of the pivot frame is pivotal. The extractor can include a first roller secured to the frame and a second roller secured to the pivot frame that is moveable by the pivot frame with the first roller being positioned closer to the soil than the second roller so that a tubing to be extracted is threadable under the first roller and over the second roller.05-09-2013
20120275864Self contained underwater rapid freeze system for oil and fuel piping - A means of containing or stopping flow through a pipe underwater by a self contained system with a thermal clamshell that will freeze the oil or fuel piping closed by means of refrigeration and a self propelled machine.11-01-2012
20130209174APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECOVERING THE CORE OF A SHEATHED ELECTRICAL CABLE - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for recovering the core (08-15-2013