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405 - Hydraulic and earth engineering

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405021000 Wave or flow dissipation 54
405016000 Revetment 27
20130071185Bank Protection Structure with Shape of Hollow Circular Truncated Cone - The present invention discloses a concrete structure used for bank protection and scour prevention of river bank and coast. Its construct is a hollow circular truncated cone and concrete flat plates are plugged on the hollow circular truncated cone. By tearing, dispersing and stirring up water flow, the energy of local water flow is dissipated, and the scouring strength of the water flow is weakened, achieving the aim of scour prevention and bank protection. It has good mechanical property, not easy to be destroyed, has good stability in water and big overhead rate, and can save materials. Compared to previous various structures for scour prevention, the present invention has better effects of energy dissipation and scour prevention. It not only can be used in bank protection and scour prevention, but also can be used for supplementary energy dissipation when plugging and closure.03-21-2013
20120009015Beach preservation system - Triple dewatering pipe recovery lines with dual pumping stations are installed underneath and along 1,000 feet of beach face on a predetermined centerline. The recovery lines are positioned at different depths with an overall length of approximately 1,400 linear feet each. This length will include a needed length to connect with the pumping stations located away from the beach. The triple lines will be spaced vertically over a height of approximately 6 feet and extend to a maximum depth of 8-12 feet and will be an 8-inch diameter HDPE well screen covered with a two ply filter fabric. The lines are also spaced laterally in a pattern of the adjacent receding coast line. Each progressively lower line will be approximately two feet closer to the ocean. The trench width will be approximately 18 inches and will be backfilled with the natural beach sands below ground surface.01-12-2012
20090169301EROSION-CONTROL STRUCTURES MADE WITH ATTACHED SANDBAGS - An erosion-control element for making erosion-control structures comprises a plurality of sandbags attached together by closed-loop attachment members which extend through holes positioned near the bag edges and not connected to the fill-holding chamber in the bag. The erosion-control elements can be used to form structures for protecting underwater shorelines or other ground subject to water erosion.07-02-2009
20090080975APPARATUS FOR THE CREATION OF OUTER SURFACES FOR STRUCTURES - The present invention provides an apparatus for creating an outer surface effect of a structure wherein at least one wall of the structure defines a support surface, the apparatus comprising means defining a covering surface which overlies the support surface but is movable therefrom, so that a quantity of material to create the outer surface effect can be positioned between the support surface and the covering surface, and wherein the covering surface is in the form of a panel.03-26-2009
20120195685METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COASTLINE REMEDIATION, ENERGY GENERATION, AND VEGETATION SUPPORT - A biomechanical structure for coastline remediation includes one or more structural assemblies. The structural assemblies include a distribution of one or more members; one or more anchors connected to each of one or more members; and one or more connection members. The anchors employed by the biomechanical structure may be fixed, floating, or a combination of fixed and floating anchors. The structural assemblies may be staggered, inline, or semi-random in configuration. The biomechanical structure may include metals, composites, polymers, biodegradable materials, or combinations thereof in its components. The biomechanical structures may incorporate one or more components for mechanical or material power generation. The biomechanical structures may include one or more seed capture devices, such as baskets or mesh. A biomechanical system for coastline remediation includes one or more biomechanical structures. A method for coastline remediation includes the step of incorporating a biomechanical system into the existing coastline morphology.08-02-2012
20090252555Protective wall, dyke and method of producing a dyke - The protective wall (10-08-2009
20110033236GABIONS - The invention provides a gabion which may be used to protect military or civilian installations from weapons assault or from elemental forces, such as flood waters, lava flows, avalanches, soil instability, slope erosion and the like, the gabion comprising side walls connected together at spaced intervals by partition walls, the side walls comprising at least one substantially closed side wall element panel, which acts in use of the gabion to prevent a gabion fill material from falling through the side wall, the said action of the substantially closed side wall element panel being effective without the aid of a gabion lining material.02-10-2011
20090317190Shoreline erosion control system - An erosion control system for reducing shoreline erosion resulting from wave action, run-off and hydrostatic pressure. The system includes a flexible geotextile provided over a shoreline. A plurality of rigid erosion control mats are provided over the flexible geotextile and secured in place by a plurality of anchors secured into the shoreline. The geotextile, erosion control mat and anchors may be adjusted to accommodate shorelines of varying slopes and susceptibility to erosion.12-24-2009
20110305510ANTI-SCOUR SYSTEM - Seabed scour about a seabed-mounted foundation or renewable energy device or anchor therefore, especially a wind-turbine monopile may be prevented or reduced by installing on or in the seabed area about the foundation or device an arrangement of interconnected sedimentation elements, which by virtue of the elemental structure or interconnective arrangement themselves do not cause or worsen seabed scour by substantially displacing seabed material on which the elements are placed. Elements having a specific gravity, either in situ or inherent, of substantially similar to the seabed material or mobilized seabed material in which they are placed are capable of achieving this. An ideal arrangement of elements (or mat) is one formed of used or discarded vehicle tyres.12-15-2011
20100061804METHODS FOR COMPENSATING BEACH EROSION - In accordance with at least one methodology of the present disclosure, an excavating machine (e.g., excavator, backhoe, bulldozer, etc.) moves an excavating apparatus (e.g., a bucket, blade, etc.) such that the excavating apparatus skims the underwater surface of a beach close to the shoreline to gather sand thereby forming a shallow trench in such surface. The depth of trench is small so that the effects of the sand removal to the contour of the beach is quickly compensated by the wave action of the ocean. Although the depth of the removed layer of sand is small, a significant amount of sand can be gathered by continuing the skimming operation over a much longer horizontal distance relative to the vertical depth of the removed sand. Moreover, by repeating the skimming operation along a shoreline, large amounts of sand can be gathered from the underwater surface of a beach close to the shoreline without a significant prolonged impact to the beach's underwater surface contour.03-11-2010
20080213044Method for Stabilising and Securing Rivers, Slopes and Embankments and Contructions Which can be at Least Partially Displaced in Water, by Composite Material Made From Mineral Particles and an Epoxy Resin - The invention relates to a method for stabilizing and securing banks, hillsides and slopes, and structures present at least partly in moving waters, such as supporting and construction elements, by composite materials comprising mineral particles, preferably stones, in particular crushed rock, and an epoxy resin.09-04-2008
20120020731Mobile Environmental Berm - A Mobile Environmental Berm assembly provides an immediately deployable offshore contain and absorb area to stop primary waterborne contaminates before these contaminates spread to secondary and tertiary areas such as shorelines, wetlands or fresh water supplies. Each Mobile Environmental Berm assembly has a plurality of Berm Arms that are made of a strong rigid material where each Berm Arm has a plurality of planar surfaces provided for vertical and/or horizontal close-coupled stacking with other surfaces such as those on other Berm Arms, on relatively horizontal or vertical surfaces or for connection to other accessories. Filter nets attach to the Mobile Environmental Berm assembly to allow for water column filtering below or adjacent to a floating or submerged Mobile Environmental Berm. Filter nets vary in size according to the application for filtering macro-, micro or nanoscopic particles such as oil, chemical or biological contaminates.01-26-2012

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