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404 - Road structure, process, or apparatus

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404118000 Screed or drag 39
404101000 Material distribution means 36
404090000 With in situ means for both comminuting and treating, e.g., grading, oiling, stabilizing 29
404133050 Tamper 26
404840050 Automatic control 21
404113000 Means to agitate material 19
404112000 Tool rotating in horizontal plane 16
404122000 Rotating drum, roller or tire 13
404093000 With surface marking (or grooving) 12
404095000 With means for heating a road base, surface, or material 7
404087000 Means to install or form joint 7
404121000 Sheep foot roller 6
404096000 With means for profile shaping, e.g., crown 6
404085000 With means for alternative ground support by tool or transport means 4
20090232598ADJUSTABLE PLANER SYSTEM - Certain embodiments of the disclosure include planers with side plates which may be adjusted independently or simultaneously. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a planer with adjustable side plates is comprised of a planer housing enclosing a grinding drum with grinding tools to be moved over a surface to be ground in a direction of travel and a pair of side plates are arranged substantially parallel to the direction of travel and mounted substantially adjacent the housing. The side plates are mechanically linked to the housing and are hydraulically controlled to be adjustably raised and lowered relative to the housing.09-17-2009
20120121330ROAD SURFACE PLANAR - A road surface planner having a coupling mechanism coupled between a working tool attachment and a transporter to permit independent movement (i.e., rotation and/or pivoting) between the transporter and the attachment is provided. The attachment can have a rotary driven element such as a grinding element for modifying an irregular surface of existing pavement. The rotary element can be supported by a rear frame with a rear wheel assembly, a boom at the front of the grinding element, and a front wheel assembly coupled to the boom. The coupling mechanism can include a first member pivotably coupled to the transporter, and a second member fixed to the rear frame. The first member has a central opening defined by an inner edge for slidably contacting along a hub that extends from the second member for rotation there along.05-17-2012
20110311309Blade attachment for motor grader - A wing blade attachment for a motor grader used to maintain unimproved rural roads. The wing blade attachment mounts to a trailing end of a main motor grader blade and swings up and down into ground scraping contact in order to create water drainage passages through the gravel windrows along the road edges or to smooth roadways at intersections, bridges and driveways. The windrows are placed by road maintenance crews to stockpile materials for roadway use. A linear actuator such as a hydraulic ram allows the grader operator to remotely and selectively swing the wing blade up and down and cut passages.12-22-2011
20120163912CONCRETE TROWEL TRANSPORT SYSTEM - A self-propelled concrete finishing trowel has an integrated transport system that allows the towel to be moved from location to location. The transport system includes a pair of spaced wheel assemblies, each including a pair of wheels that are connected to a frame of the trowel. The wheels of each respective wheel assembly are connected to one another via a powered actuator such as a double acting hydraulic cylinder. The powered actuator is actuatable to raise and lower the first and second wheels from a stowed position in which the wheels are located above the ground and the blades are supported on the ground to a deployed position in which the wheel are supported on the ground and the blades are raised from the ground.06-28-2012
404099000 Block laying 4
20120183349Paving Apparatus - A paving apparatus is arranged to pave a supporting surface by casting individual paving stones on site on a mobile frame and placing the cast paving stones directly onto the supporting surface in an uncured state adjacent previously placed paving stones as the apparatus is displaced along the supporting surface. Molds are supported by a conveying mechanism of the paving apparatus for movement between a casting position in alignment with a hopper dispensing castable material into the molds and a placing position in which the uncured paving stones are dispensed from the mold directly onto the supporting surface to be paved.07-19-2012
20090136296Method for assembling cobblestones into mats and device for carrying out thereof - A cobblestone mat usable for covering roads, sidewalks, patios, outside/inside walls, etc., is disclosed, comprising a plurality of predeterminedly shaped cobblestones disposed at a certain distance to each other and a binding net internally imparted into and joining the cobblestones. A method is provided for assembling concrete cobblestones and the net, comprising the steps of providing a mold for forming the mat, predeterminedly placing the net into the mold, pouring liquid concrete into therein, hardening the concrete, forming the mat, and extracting the mat from the mold. An automated device for making the mat is proposed. There are also described preferable shapes and sizes of the cobblestones and cobblestone mats. The invention permits achieving high quality covering even by low-experienced workers, expediting the covering, minimizing dust and noise at work site since it avoids cutting the cobblestones, decorating surfaces with imitation of natural stone appearance and various colors and designs.05-28-2009
20100260545PAVING SYSTEM FOR MECHANICALLY PAVING WITH IRREGULAR PAVING STONES - Paving system for mechanically paving with irregular paving stones, the paving system comprising a pre-ordering part (10-14-2010
20080205985Fascines - Inflatable members for forming fascines for filling ditches or smoothing other discontinuities in or on the ground to facilitate the passage of vehicles across the discontinuity are normally carried uninflated in a package at one side of a vehicle such as a tank. The package can be moved from that stowed position to an operational position at the front of the vehicle, for example by swinging around a pivot located at the front corner of the vehicle, from which position the fascine members can be released and inflated. In this way there is no need for the vehicle to turn side on to the discontinuity in order to deploy the fascine.08-28-2008
404092000 With means for in situ material preparation, e.g., mixing 3
20130058719Mobile Asphalt Concrete Production Machine - A mobile asphalt production machine which includes support for different asphalt concrete recipes including a plurality of aggregate storage bins which work on combination with a fines or sands storage bin. The individual bins have separated feeding chutes to the mixing trough. The machinery also includes a removable pan at the elevator transfer station to accommodate changeover from one grade aggregate material to another. Further, a controller is provided which delivers appropriate ingredients while also measuring process parameters to adjust various input requirements. Further, a dust and particulate recapturing system is provided which recycles particulate matter back into the ribbon of mixed material with a binding agent.03-07-2013
20090052988Asphalt recycling apparatus - An apparatus for recycling asphalt pieces obtained from the repairing work site, to repair rapidly potholes and cracks in roadway and at a minimum cost, and of which it is possible to produce a usable hot asphalt at a temperature about −12 to −15 degrees Celsius.02-26-2009
20120288329CONFIGURABLE DESEGREGATION APPARATUS - A desegregation apparatus that desegregates a stream of HMA that includes particles of varying size includes a desegregation hopper, which houses an auger assembly. A series of counter-handed augers is mounted on a shaft disposed within the hopper. Open sections are disposed between adjacent auger sections and above openings in the bottom surface of the hopper.11-15-2012
404100000 Reinforcement material placing, laying or positioning 1
20100086352DOWEL BAR LOADER - A dowel bar loader comprising an inlet for receiving dowel bars, an outlet for delivering dowel bars, and a serpentine path connecting the inlet to the outlet. The path includes at least three changes in direction between the inlet and the outlet. In preferred embodiments, the path can include seven changes in direction or more. In one embodiment, the changes in direction comprises an angle change of at least about twenty-five degrees. The dowel bar loader further includes a control mechanism positioned to control movement of dowel bars in the path, and a spacer mechanism for spacing the dowel bars from each other in preparation for delivery to the dowel bar inserter. Preferably, the control mechanism is upstream of the spacer mechanism and spaced from the outlet. In one embodiment, the control mechanism comprises a control wheel that rotates completely around during normal operation.04-08-2010
20090041542Metal Detector for a Milling Machine - A milling machine for milling a paved surface having milling tools connected to an underside of a body of the machine and at least one metal detector attached to a front end of the machine. The metal detector has at least one electrically conductive coil disposed within a magnetically conductive, electrically insulating trough. Electronic equipment is in communication with the metal detector, the equipment being adapted to interpret feedback from the detector.02-12-2009
20080292398Transfer machine, system and paving material transfer method - A machine system for use in paving a surface includes a supply unit configured to load a transfer machine with paving material from a hopper, and a transfer machine for supplying paving material to a paving machine. The transfer machine includes a receptacle having a recirculation system configured to recirculate paving material and a live floor having a conveyor for discharging paving material to a paving machine. The transfer machine may be compatible for road transport, and may be towed by the supply unit which may be configured for transport within the transfer machine.11-27-2008
20080317550RAILING INSTALLATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A railing installation apparatus comprises a support platform adapted to be displaced alongside a road. An installation unit is connected to the support platform. The installation unit comprises a feed conveyor unit feeding rails to a carriage unit. The carriage unit is actuated to orient rails to an installation position against posts, and to twist a series of rails connected at one end to the posts to an overlapping position with rails in the feed conveyor unit for end-to-end attachment of the rails.12-25-2008
20110236130 Operator Workplace Of A Construction Machine - The invention relates to an operator workplace of a construction machine, especially a milling machine for processing a road surface, comprising a seat with a seating surface, an armrest arranged to the side of the seating surface and comprising an arm supporting surface, and at least one control element arranged on the armrest for controlling at least one machine function. The invention further relates to a construction machine with such an operator workplace.09-29-2011
20110236131ROAD CONSTRUCTION MACHINE PARTICULARLY A ROAD FINISHER OR ROAD FINISHER FEEDER - A road construction machine, particularly a road finisher or a feeder for a road finisher, with a primary drive unit including at least one combustion engine driving a three-phase generator, and further including at least one connection means for at least one conventional alternating current standard consumer, at least one stabilized voltage supply unit is connected between the connection means and the three-phase generator, wherein the voltage supply unit provides standard mains voltage with a permanently stable frequency at the connection means independent of the speed of the combustion engine driving the three-phase generator.09-29-2011

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