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404 - Road structure, process, or apparatus

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404075000 In situ treatment of earth or roadway 106
404082000 Sequential construction of diverse layers 13
404079000 Heating 9
404073000 Handling or treating preformed modular unit 6
404074000 Providing expansion joint 3
20100080653Pavement Seal, Installation Machine And Method Of Installation - The present invention provides a compressible seal for installation in joints in concrete pavement, the machine for installing the seal and the method of installation. The seal is a preformed, closed cell, elastomeric cylinder or rope. The seal defines a round cross section in its relaxed, i.e., uncompressed, state somewhat larger than the joint into which it will be installed. The installation machine is a wheeled, hand powered device having a first guide wheel which is received within the joint, an aligned installation wheel which installs the seal in the joint, a second guide wheel which ensures that the seal is at the proper depth in the joint and a pair of contra-circulating belts which feed the seal to the installation wheel.04-01-2010
20100303547APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF INSTALLING ELONGATE SEAL STRIPS - A machine or apparatus for installing resilient or elastomeric strip seals of indefinite length in expansion joints in, for example, highways and bridges. The machine includes an open, upper frame connected to a lower frame supported at its four corners by four freely rotating wheels. A pair of clamping pistons on the lower frame includes rollers which are adjusted to engage one face of the expansion joint. A toothed wheel or blade rotates about an inclined axis and is powered by a motor through a speed reducing gearbox. The toothed wheel engages the seal and forces it into a channel on the side of the expansion joint opposite to the side engaged by the rollers.12-02-2010
20080247822Method for Renovation of a Traffic-Carrying Structure - In order to repair a bridge in the zone of an expansion joint initially at least the near-surface components of the bridging device that is to be replaced are dismounted and the existing lane structure in the zones bordering the bridging device that is to be replaced is removed in the areas facing the abutment and the superstructure so as to form recesses placed at a lower level than the lane surface, whereupon a temporary bridging element located at the ground level is removably mounted. In order to entirely dismount one section of the bridging device that is to be replaced after another and perform preparatory work for assembling a new permanent bridging device, at least the bridging plate is repeatedly removed and re-assembled as required.10-09-2008
404081000 Separate handling of different sized aggregate 3
20090136295Apparatus and method for fragmenting and re-mixing agglomerated pieces of rubberized asphalt material - An apparatus and method for fragmenting and re-mixing agglomerated pieces of rubberized asphalt prior to applying same to a road surface. Agglomerated pieces and rubberized asphalt material are delivered to the upper portion of a housing. In a first embodiment, an auger and tine assembly having a common drive shaft, is mounted for rotation within the housing. The assembly includes first and second auger sections, mounted along the shaft in spaced relation and having converging, opposite handedness. A rotating tine section is positioned between the auger sections. A fixed tine section is mounted in the housing in interdigitized relation with the rotating tine section. In a second embodiment, the entire drive shaft includes a rotating tine section, and a corresponding interdigitized fixed tine section is provided within the housing. Passing through apertures defined by the fixed and rotating tine sections, agglomerated pieces are fragmented and re-mixed with the other material.05-28-2009
20110070025METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPAIRING POTHOLES AND THE LIKE - A vehicle mounted patching system for patching potholes and the like and incorporating method and apparatus for removing and flushing asphalt emulsion from the feed lines of the patcher which completely recycles the cleaning agent used to flush the feed lines, as well as eliminating any external discharge of potentially toxic materials. A cleaning agent is used to flush the feed lines. The emulsion is collected in a recovery tank and combined with fresh emulsion delivered from a storage tank when the collected emulsion reaches a given concentration. Electrical controls for operating both motors from a single power source employ arrays of cam-operated switches and a diode array polarized to prevent feedback of power from the power source to assure precision positioning of the multi-position valves to perform a given operation.03-24-2011
20110211909Method and apparatus for aggregate-dispensing hopper conveyance and tracking - A dual-hopper aggregate spreader for spreading a layer of loose aggregate onto a road surface usually consists of a receiving hopper for the loose aggregate, and two (dual) second dispensing hoppers. In the preferred embodiment the conveyance of the dispensing hoppers is facilitated, in conjunction with other mechanical apparatuses, by a minimum of two conveyance glides, instead of rollers, gears, sprockets, etc., attached to a stationary frame that carries and aids in the conveyance of the dual dispensing hoppers, a minimum of two conveyance glides attached to the dual dispensing hoppers that then come into direct contact with the aforementioned frame glides, and, lastly, a minimum of two —one per side—tracking glides attached to the dual dispensing hopper's sides immediately adjacent and perpendicular to the conveyance glides.09-01-2011
20110176868FRAME RAISING MULTI-USE PAVING TRACTOR WITH BLIND MATEABLE QUICK CONNECTING TOOL ATTACHMENTS - A multi-use asphalt paving tractor with frame raise capability and a blind-mateable connector to facilitate quick connection with interchangeable attachments for performing the functions of a paver, a mix transfer conveyor and road widener.07-21-2011
20090196689Collapsible traffic barricade - An easily collapsible guardrail to separate opposing streams of traffic that includes specialized buffer blocks having chambers with two hollow interiors and with the interiors having a particular shape that promotes the movement of energy in a collapsing motion that allows the colliding vehicles to remain closer to the point of impact, minimizing any bouncing back into the moving stream of traffic. The specialized blocks are mounted to a post at two positions using staggered positioning of bolts, thereby removing the prior art single bolt that has been the cause of a lot of property damage and personal injury upon collision. The unique, staggered positioning of the bolts allows for directional movement of the vehicle away from the flow of traffic. Optionally, a specialized post can also be used that also minimizes the effects of a crash. The post is made of a rubber material that acts as a shock absorber and/or insulator. Additionally, the post can include slight relief areas that are incorporated therein that allow more flexible movement upon impact to absorb the harmful impact of a collision and help direct the forces, and thereby the vehicle, downward.08-06-2009
20130136538SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING ROADWAY WIDTH INCORPORATING A REVERSE ORIENTED RETAINING WALL AND SOIL NAIL SUPPPORTS - A system and method are provided for increasing the width of an existing roadway. The system incorporates a reverse-oriented retaining wall and soil nail supports. The retaining wall is formed by a first set of soil nails, wire mesh material, and one or more geotextile material layers. An alternate embodiment forms the retaining wall with a plurality of concrete blocks stacked and spaced to form a block wall. The blocks are mounted over the first set of nails and can be filled with mortar. Backfill material fills a gap between the existing sloping surface and the retaining wall. A second set of soil nails can be provided for additional subsurface support. An upper surface of the backfill material can be paved to form the extended roadway width. The cantilevered configuration of the reverse-oriented retaining wall provides a solution for a less costly retaining wall structure. This reverse-oriented retaining wall is also easier to install than traditional vertical retaining walls that may have to be installed at greater vertical and lateral distances from the existing roadway.05-30-2013
20130089374Asphalt paving seam sealer system - A new method of sealing the seam between two adjacent sections of asphalt pavement deploys an adhesive elastomeric gasket which completely envelopes the vertical faces of the adjacent lanes on three sides—i.e., above, below and along each face. Since the gasket extends partly underneath each section of paving, it is laid down before each lane is paved, thereby taking advantage of the heat of the fresh asphalt to effectively and rapidly cure the adhesive component of the gasket to insure a strong bond on both sides of the seam.04-11-2013
20120219359ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SURFACE PRINTING - An apparatus and method for applying an informational patter to a surface is provided. The apparatus includes a system configured to apply fluid on a surface to form the informational pattern, a surface preparation unit for preparing the surface, and a spray head system for applying the informational pattern.08-30-2012
20110013982Compaction Apparatus and Method of Use - The invention provides an apparatus for compacting soils at an excavation site. The apparatus generally attaches to the bucket attachment linkage and allows an operator to compact soils using the boom and arm of the excavator. Included is a method for compaction wherein the apparatus does not interfere with the bucket for soil removal, but is easily rotated into place when needed for compaction.01-20-2011
20110013981Animal crossing warning zone and method of applying it to a roadway - This invention pertains to an animal crossing warning zone wherein a motorist is alerted that he or she is entering, passing through, and then exiting a section of roadway where wild animals, such as whitetail deer, have a tendency to cross the road. A method of applying the animal crossing warning zone onto, into or out of an upper surface of a roadway is also disclosed.01-20-2011
20080219764Measurement of Pavement Unevenness - Measuring the unevenness of a pavement surface. A frame carrying an array of sensors is transported above the pavement surface. At a first position, the distance of each sensor is measured from respective first points on the pavement surface. The measurements are repeated for subsequent positions. Calculations from the measurements determine any change in tilt. The measurements and calculations are used to derive a measure of the unevenness of the pavement surface.09-11-2008
20120288328Integrated Paving Process Control For A Paving Operation - Process control for a paving operation is facilitated by obtaining paving material conveyance information for a time period during which paving material is delivered to a screed of a paver by a material conveyance system and distributed over a surface to be paved. The paving material conveyance information includes data indicating incremental advance of the paving material to the screed of the paver during the period of time and data indicating incremental quantity of the paving material at one or more points of the material conveyance system, both of which are correlated to points in time during the time period at which the data is acquired. Incremental quantity of paving material delivered to the screed is determined to facilitate process control in the paving operation.11-15-2012
20110286795SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING ROADWAY WIDTH INCORPORATING A REVERSE ORIENTED RETAINING WALL AND SOIL NAIL SUPPORTS - A system and method are provided for increasing the width of an existing roadway. The system incorporates a reverse-oriented retaining wall and soil nail supports. The retaining wall is formed by a first set of soil nails, wire mesh material, and one or more geotextile material layers. An alternate embodiment forms the retaining wall with a plurality of concrete blocks stacked and spaced to form a block wall. The blocks are mounted over the first set of nails and can be filled with mortar. Backfill material fills a gap between the existing sloping surface and the retaining wall. A second set of soil nails can be provided for additional subsurface support. An upper surface of the backfill material can be paved to form the extended roadway width. The cantilevered configuration of the reverse-oriented retaining wall provides a solution for a less costly retaining wall structure. This reverse-oriented retaining wall is also easier to install than traditional vertical retaining walls that may have to be installed at greater vertical and lateral distances from the existing roadway.11-24-2011
20080267705Civil Engineering Compartmented Roller - A roller for compacting a subsurface, in particular for road building, comprising a roller body with a central axis. The roller body is made up of a plurality of compartments (10-30-2008
20090154993Method of Controllably Venting Gases Generated by Explosions in a Manhole Space - A method for controllably releasing venting gases from a manhole space around the perimeter of a manhole cover by allowing the manhole cover to rise up in stages upon development of upward forces in an explosion to vent gases developed by the explosion while being restrained from being completely blown free except under extreme conditions. A lock body mounts a latch slide which has an outer end and which can be extended to prevent removal of the manhole cover. When a shear pin fails the lock body pivots down, to a limited extent, and a secondary shear pin can also be included allowing the cover to be blown completely free upon development of pressures of a great magnitude. A slotted skirt is used to direct venting gas flow so as to retard the inflow of free air and attenuate the explosion.06-18-2009
20090103978METHOD AND APPARATUS TO PERFORM PROFILE MEASUREMENTS ON WET CEMENT AND TO REPORT DISCREPANCIES - An apparatus, method, and system are disclosed, which provide a means of real time surface profile evaluation in wet cement. The sliding profiler can be pulled behind various stages in a paving train. The user is alerted to profile discrepancies while the cement is still pliable and afforded the opportunity to make adjustments to the paving process, to include additional finishing. The system is made of affordable components and thus is appropriate for construction projects of different scale. In addition, multiple sliding profilers can measure the profile of multiple wheel paths simultaneously. The system can measure profile changes of less than 150 mils. Use of the system described herein will contribute to better roadways at lower costs.04-23-2009
20090154992Systems and methods for haul road management based on greenhouse gas emissions - A method for haul road design based on greenhouse gas emissions comprises receiving a first set of performance data associated with a plurality of machines and establishing a greenhouse gas emission limit for the plurality of machines based on the first set of performance data. A target greenhouse gas emission level for each of the plurality of machines is determined based on the greenhouse gas emission limit, and total effective grade is determined based on the target greenhouse gas emission level for the respective machine. The method also includes generating a haul road design based on the total effective grade.06-18-2009
20090052984DESIGN TECHNIQUE FOR SELECTING A BITUMINOUS MIXTURE FOR USE IN A HOT IN-PLACE RECYCLING PROCESS - A method of reconstructing a road by selecting a bituminous mixture for repairing a paved surface and re-paving the surface using a hot in-place recycling process. Selection includes adding and mixing various types and amounts of bitumens with a reclaimed sample of the paved surface to form mixtures, compacting the mixtures to form test specimens with air voids within about 1-3% of the air voids of the paved surface or density within 10-20% of the density of the paved surface, and measuring the rheology of the specimens, preferably by a tensile strength procedure. Selecting bitumen content based on the rheology of the tested specimens. Re-paving the surface by milling the surface to a depth of about 1.5-8 inches, mixing the selected bitumen with the milled surface, and paving the surface with the paving mixture thus formed.02-26-2009
20110229263METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE PROCESS WHEN PRODUCING A PAVING MAT AND ROAD FINISHER - A method for controlling the process laying a layer in a selectable paving thickness with a road finisher in which the laying process is automatically controlled in that a target value for the paving thickness is entered into an automatic closed-loop control system and communicates the actuating signals to such members and the signals. A road finisher has a computerized, either fully automatic or operator aided closed-loop control system for the direct control of the laying process with control of the paving thickness to a predetermined target value and for the optimization of the operating point of the pre-compaction system, which is connected to sensors at least for the acquisition of the setting angle of the screed, of the paving thickness and of the laying rate.09-22-2011
20110229264SYSTEM AND METHOD OF APPLYING A ROAD SURFACE - A system for applying a road surface includes a plurality of operational components each with one or a plurality of adjustment parameters and an open loop control unit from which the adjustment parameters are communicated to the operational components. The system has a closed-loop control unit for determining the optimum adjustment parameters for obtaining at least one specified target value taking into account measurement quantities, for producing a command data set representing a plurality of optimum adjustment parameters and for communicating this command data set to the open loop control unit. The invention also relates to a method for controlling a system for the application of a road surface, in particular a road finisher.09-22-2011
20100189498Systems And Method For Monitoring And Controlling A Vehicle Travel Surface - Methods for determining need for treating a vehicle travel surface include sensing, at a first time, a characteristic of a vehicle travel surface from a mobile sensor. Sensed characteristics include temperature, friction coefficient, material volumetric buildup, e.g., composition, such as an amount or percentage of ice or snow, density, depth, freeze point and chemical concentrations. The sensed characteristic is recorded as a first measurement in a database, and GIS information correlating a location with the first measurement is attached. The characteristic of the vehicle travel surface is sensed at a second time, at the location, and recorded in the database, for example as a second measurement. GIS information correlating the location with the second measurement may be attached, and the first and second measurements compared.07-29-2010
20110129295Deployable Collapsible Engineered Material Systems For Runway Safety - A method for slowing a vehicle. The method including: disposing a predetermined thickness of collapsible material over a base; disposing a plurality of panels over a top surface of the collapsible material over which the vehicle travels; and selectively either supporting one or more of the plurality of panels or allowing the collapsible material to be compressed under the weight of the vehicle.06-02-2011
20130189031Self-Propelled Civil Engineering Machine And Method Of Controlling A Civil Engineering Machine - A civil engineering machine and a method of controlling the machine are based on the position of at least one reference point which is relevant to the control of the civil engineering machine being changed, as the civil engineering machine moves, as a function of a relative position of the at least one reference point relative to a desired path of travel.07-25-2013
20110123267METHOD FOR LAYING DOWN A PAVEMENT, A SCREED AND A ROAD PAVER - In a method for laying down a pavement consisting of paving material with a screed of a road paver, in which a compaction unit, particularly a tamper, pre-compacts the paving material at cyclical work cycles with selectable stroke and selectable frequency while the pavement having a selectable pavement thickness) is in the process of being laid down at a selectable paving speed, at least the stroke is automatically adjustable in response to paving parameters, such as at least the paving speed and/or the pavement thickness, along a characteristic curve or in a characteristic map. In the screed the compaction unit comprises an adjusting mechanism which is operable during the ongoing paving work for adjusting the stroke of the compaction unit.05-26-2011
20110116865SIDEWALK GRADER APPARATUS AND METHOD - A sidewalk grader provided for grading a sidewalk base disposed along a curb of an existing road structure. The sidewalk grader comprises a tracking assembly fixable to a vertically adjustable backfill blade of a compact excavator positioned to move forward over an existing road structure to advance the sidewalk grader. The tracking assembly comprises a vertically adjustable tracking means disposed for engagement with the top surface of the curb, to provide a reference point. A grading assembly is mounted to the tracking assembly. The grading assembly comprises a frame, and a grading blade rotatingly mounted to the frame to permit adjustment of slope of the blade. An adjustable link connects the grading blade to the frame to adjustable fix their relative position. The tracking means is vertically adjustable to enable the same to engage with the surface of a curb for reference to enable precise adjustment, control, and positioning of the grading assembly, and for maintaining the desired position of the sidewalk grader in relation to the curb as the sidewalk grader advances along the existing road structure.05-19-2011
20110243661STABLE EMULSIONS FOR PRODUCING POLYMER MODIFIED ASPHALT - An acid modified asphalt binder is combined with an emulsifier solution to produce an emulsified asphalt binder. The acid modified asphalt binder may be formed by combining an asphalt binder, a phosphorous-based acid, and, optionally, a polymer modifier. The emulsifier solution may be produced by forming an aqueous solution of an amine and a phosphorous-based acid, which forms an aqueous solution comprising an amine phosphate. The emulsified asphalt binder may be combined with an aggregate to form a paving material. In other examples, the emulsified asphalt binder may be used alone, for example in a chip seal application, or in a diluted form, for example in a fog seal application.10-06-2011
20090028641METHOD OF ESTABLISHING A DESIRED GRADE OF AN UNCURED CONCRETE SURFACE - A method of establishing a desired grade of an uncured concrete surface or subgrade surface includes providing a wheeled apparatus having a wheeled support and a plow assembly, which may include a plow member for establishing the desired grade and/or a vibrating member for vibrating and smoothing the concrete. The down pressure of the plow assembly may be adjusted when the wheeled support is moved in a rearward direction. The elevation of the plow member may be controlled when a direction signal is indicative of the wheeled support stopping and/or moving in the forward direction. The rearward speed of the wheeled support may be reduced in response to a detection of a surface irregularity of the subgrade, and the frame portion and/or the plow assembly may be controlled to substantially maintain the plow assembly at a desired orientation when the wheel engages the detected surface irregularity.01-29-2009
20110070023Surface Compactor and Method of Operating a Surface Compactor - A method of operating a surface compactor is provided. The method may include supporting a base of the surface compactor on a surface. The method may also include generating a fluctuating vertical force on the base with a vibratory mechanism, which may include moving one or more weights of the vibratory mechanism with a drive system of the vibratory mechanism. Additionally, the method may include sensing a parameter of the operation of the vibratory mechanism that fluctuates in reaction to moving the one or more weights to generate the fluctuating vertical force. The method may also include automatically adjusting the operation of the vibratory mechanism to adjust the fluctuating vertical force based at least in part on the sensed parameter.03-24-2011
20110150572Self-Propelled Civil Engineering Machine And Method Of Controlling A Self-Propelled Civil Engineering Machine - The invention relates to a self-propelled civil engineering machine, and in particular to a slipform paver, road paver or road milling machine, and to a method of controlling a self-propelled civil engineering machine. The civil engineering machine according to the invention has a control unit 06-23-2011
20090080973Estimation of Actual Conditions of a Roadway Segment by Weighting Roadway Condition Data with the Quality of the Roadway Condition Data - Actual conditions of a roadway segment are estimated by providing roadway condition data to a processor for the roadway segment from a plurality of different types of sources of the roadway condition data, assigning a quality to each of the plurality of different types of sources of the roadway condition data, and estimating in the processor the actual conditions of the roadway segment by using the roadway condition data and the quality of each of the plurality of different types of sources of the roadway data. The quality determines weightings given to each of the plurality of different types of sources.03-26-2009
20110135388CONCRETE FINISHING APPARATUS - A concrete finishing apparatus for smoothing and leveling partially set-up concrete at a support surface includes a frame portion, a first concrete working member and a second concrete working member disposed at the frame portion. The first concrete working member is rotatable about a first axis of rotation that is generally vertical when the first concrete working member is supported at a generally horizontal support surface. The second concrete working member is rotatable about a second axis of rotation that is generally vertical when the second concrete working member is supported at a generally horizontal support surface. The first and second concrete working members engage the partially set-up concrete surface at the support surface and rotate about the first and second axes of rotation to process the concrete surface.06-09-2011
20100129151Strike-Off Beam And Spreader Plow Assembly For Placer/Spreader - In combination with a placers/spreader having a frame including at least two side bolsters standing parallel to the subgrade path and at least two cross beams spanning the subgrade path forming a conveyor supporting structure. A rail system is attached spanning the frame, and has a roll in/roll out conveyor with a cantilevered support at one of the side bolsters and a support for attachment to and support from the rail system. The conveyor moves in traversing motion across the frame to distribute concrete. The improvement comprises a strike off beam and spreader plow assembly for trailing attachment to the frame of a placer/spreader. We thus disclose a strike off beam with spreader plow assembly which can be removably attached to either side of a placer/spreader to avoid the necessity of relocating the receiving conveyor when the location of the access road changes from one side to the other or direction of spreading changes. We additionally disclose a method of operation the strike off beam from a placer/spreader to prevent the accumulation of excess concrete the path of the following paver.05-27-2010
20110064518WHEELED CONCRETE SCREEDING DEVICE - A wheeled concrete screeding device includes a wheeled unit having wheels for movably supporting a frame portion, and a screed head supported at the frame portion and following behind the wheeled unit when the wheeled unit is moved in a screeding direction. The screed head includes a grade establishing element and a vibratable member. The grade establishing element is generally vertically adjustable responsive to a signal from a laser receiver disposed at the screed head to establish a struck-off surface of the uncured concrete at a desired grade. The vibratable member is adjustably attached at the grade establishing element and the vibratable member at least partially floats behind the grade establishing element on the struck-off surface of the uncured concrete and is at least partially supported at the struck-off surface of the uncured concrete as the wheeled unit is moved in the screeding direction.03-17-2011
20110318102PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A ROAD COVERING, FEEDER, ROAD PAVER AND PAVING TRAIN - A process for producing an asphalt layer in which material with properties that deviate from predetermined requirements is specifically homogenized, and a paving train (12-29-2011
20100303546Soil Compacting Device with Automatic or Operator-Intuitive Adjustment of the Advance Vector - A vibrating plate comprises a vibration generator device, which can be controlled in such a manner that the direction of the action of force can be set at a number of locations, particularly in more than two locations. In addition, an advance adjusting device is provided for controlling the vibration generator device whereby the direction of the action of force is set in a position in which a maximum possible advance of the vibrating plate is reached. The direction of the action of force can be changed according to a change in the surroundings of the vibrating plate, particularly to the slope and/or the hardness of a subsoil to be compacted by a soil contact plate. Alternatively, the direction of the action of force can be changed according to the wishes of the operator.12-02-2010
20120155960CURB FORMING SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a curb forming system used to construct a curb made out of concrete or similar material that has a consistent finished shape and width. The curb forming system can be used to make decorative curbs for landscaping or other building projects. The curb forming system includes a first elongated form and a second elongated form for setting a width of a curb. The curb forming system also includes a shaped trowel that has a handle, a shaping surface, a hook guide to position the trowel on the first elongated form, and a level guide structured to position the trowel on the second elongated form. The hook guide and level guides may be structured to slide along the first and second elongated forms, respectively, so that the shaping surface is used to form the building material into a consistent shape.06-21-2012
20090274515ROAD PATCHER SYSTEM - A road patching vehicle for patching damaged areas or potholes of various sizes and shapes on a roadway includes a boom assembly pivotally mounted at or on the forward end of the vehicle with a nozzle mounted at or toward the forward end of the boom. Various hoses connect the nozzle to a source of pressurized air, a source of patching emulsion (such as an asphalt emulsion), and a source of a rock aggregate with the vehicle operator controlling the flows individually or in various combinations thereof to prepare and then fill the pothole or other road defect to effect a patch. The nozzle is mounted on a pivot or journal to allow controlled pivoting or tilting of the nozzle under control of the operator in at least one degree of freedom. In a variant of the preferred form, the nozzle is mounted for control pivoting or tilting under the control of the operator in at least two degrees of freedom.11-05-2009
20120128417Slipform Paver - The invention relates to a slipform paver having a chassis 05-24-2012
20120213584PROCESSING BITUMINOUS MIXTURES FOR PAVING AT REDUCED TEMPERATURES - Bituminous paving mixtures containing lubricating agents or additives may be prepared at hot mix temperatures and cooled, paved and compacted at temperatures 10-55° C. lower than the hot mix temperatures. The increased temperature range between the hot mix temperatures and the paving and compacting temperatures is facilitated by the improved compacting properties of the paving mixture when it includes the lubricating agents or additives.08-23-2012
20120134746Drivable Device For Compacting A Soil Layer Structure And Method For Ascertaining A Layer Modulus Of Elasticity Of An Uppermost Layer Of This Soil Layer Structure - The present invention relates to a drivable device for compacting a soil layer structure, having at least one vibration means or device, such as a vibration roller or a vibration plate, via which load pulses (P), which compact the soil layer structure, can be introduced into at least one load introduction area. At least one first and one second detection means or devices for detecting the modulus of elasticity of the soil layer structure are provided, which are situated spaced apart from one another on the drivable device in such a way that the first detection means or device allows a detection in the load introduction area and at least the second detection means or devices allows a detection outside the load introduction area. The present invention also relates to a method for ascertaining a layer modulus of elasticity.05-31-2012
20090060657Concrete dowel placement device and methods of use - Provided herein are a concrete dowel placement device and methods of use. The device 03-05-2009
20120263530METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR APPLYING A ROAD SURFACE - A method and a system for applying a road surface using a mixing plant for producing laying material, a road finishing machine processing the laying material to a road surface, and a supply chain transporting the laying material from the mixing plant to the road finishing machine. Request commands are transmitted from the road finishing machine to the mixing plant and/or to the supply chain, and, depending on these request commands, the production rate of the laying material in the mixing plant, the temperature of the laying material produced in the mixing plant, and/or the mass flow of laying material supplied to the road finishing machine per time unit by means of the supply chain are adjusted.10-18-2012
20120263531SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LAYING DOWN AND COMPACTING AN ASPHALT LAYER - In a system for laying down an asphalt layer made of asphalt material, and having a road paver having a screed with compacting tools, a compacting device and a mixer, an electronic material density module is provided in or for the road paver. The electronic material density module obtains data during the laying process regarding at least the actual degree of compaction of the asphalt layer produced in the area of at least one compacting tool and evaluates and/or documents these data at least for operational optimisation and/or operational monitoring of the road paver and/or compacting device and/or mixer. The data obtained is communicated to the compacting device that produces the final degree of compaction of the asphalt layer based on the data and on the actual degree of compaction determined at the screed.10-18-2012
20120321384ROAD PAVER WITH LAYER THICKNESS MEASURING DEVICE - A road paver with a movable screed and with a layer thickness measuring device, which includes at least two sensors. The sensors are formed to carry out a distance measurement to the paving plane at intervals to determine a distance between the sensor and a point on the surface of the plane, said point being registered by the sensor. One of the two sensors defines a coordinate system. The layer thickness measuring device is formed to add as vectors the distance to the plane measured by the sensor that defines the coordinate system and a movement, relative to the plane and resulting from the driving of the road paver, of the coordinate system that is defined by the one sensor. In this way, a first vector can be determined which, together with a second vector, is used by the measuring device for determining the layer thickness of the laying material.12-20-2012
20100215432BLOCK EQUIPPED WITH DRAINAGE AND VENTILATION FUNCTION, ITS PRODUCING METHOD, AND BLOCK MULT-LAYER FORMED FROM MATERIALIZATION OF THE BLOCKS - The invention provides blocks made of certain material, equipped with drainage and ventilation functions, and a side of the blocks formed with first interlocking part and second interlocking part in the opposite but corresponding side while other two sides without the interlocking part formed with ventilating channels penetrating the center of the block unit and other areas without first and second interlocking parts equipped with chamfered channels in certain length and width. The blocks of the invention are paved in multi-layers and equipped with numerous ventilation channels and longitudinal grooving. Thus, the multi-layer structure provides sound drainage of water and moisture while preventing subsidence of road via maximizing the maintenance period of the pavement.08-26-2010
20110158745VIBRATORY SYSTEM FOR A COMPACTOR - A vibratory system for a compactor is provided. The vibratory system has a first eccentric, a second eccentric, and a drive shaft. The second eccentric is rotatably and coaxially positioned with respect to the first eccentric. The drive shaft is rotatably coupled to the second eccentric and rotatably coupled to the first eccentric through a helical spline.06-30-2011
20080226392HOT-IN-PLACE ASPHALT RECYCLING MACHINE - A process and device for the recycling of asphalt including at least one preheater unit. The preheater having a heater, scarifying rakes, and a bin to dispense aggregate. Also include is a recycling machine having a heater, scarifying rakes, a plurality of extension mills, a main mill, as well as a pug mill having first and second downwardly rotating rotors, the pug mill mixes asphalt and liquid additives together to form a homogenous mix; and at least one screed for laying the homogeneously mixed asphalt to grade.09-18-2008
20110274487ASPHALT BINDER COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF USE - Asphalt binder compositions are formed by combining asphalt with a reclaimed or re-refined oil. The boiling point of the oil may be greater than its flash point. The asphalt may be polymer modified or non-polymer modified. These asphalt binder compositions may be combined with aggregate and/or other matter (e.g., rubber particles) to form cold patch compositions suitable for various applications such as patching potholes, cracks or other defects in roads, driveways, roofs or other paved surfaces.11-10-2011
20080199255METHOD OF PLACING VISIBLE ADVERTISING - A preferred embodiment of the invention provides a method of placing visible advertising on the upper surface of a road (08-21-2008
20110236129Adjustable Bolster Swing Legs for Mounting and Aligning and Reorienting Crawlers for Slipform Paving Machines - A paving machine which is configured to move in a paving direction for spreading, leveling and finishing concrete into a form having a generally upwardly exposed, finished concrete surface and terminating in lateral concrete sides. The paving machine has a main frame, including a center module, bolsters laterally movably connected to respective lateral sides of the center module for changing a spacing between the bolsters, and a crawler track associated with respective aft and forward ends of the bolsters. A bolster swing leg for each crawler track supports an upright jacking column secured to the swing leg proximate a free end thereof. A worm gear drive between the jacking column and the crawler track permits rotational movements of the crawler track and the jacking column about an upright axis. A hinge bracket is interposed between each swing leg and an associated surface of the bolsters and includes a fixed, upright pivot shaft that pivotally engages the swing leg to enable pivotal movements of the swing leg about an upright axis in a substantially horizontal plane. The hinge bracket further includes a pivot pin that is laterally spaced from and fixed in relation to the pivot shaft. A length-adjustable holder capable of being held at a fixed length has a first end pivotally engaging the pivot pin on the hinge bracket and a second end that pivotally engages the swing leg. The holder permits pivotal motions of the swing leg about the hinge pin when it is in its length-adjustable configuration and prevents substantially any motion of the swing leg when the holder is in its fixed-length configuration. A feedback loop cooperates with angular position transducers and automatically keeps the crawler tracks oriented in the paving direction of the machine when the swing legs move in a horizontal plane relative to a remainder of the paving machine. The paving machine can be reconfigured between its paving orientation and a road transport orientation by activating the crawlers to move the swing legs and the crawlers into a narrowed transport configuration.09-29-2011
20130183092FEEDER FLOOR PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR PAVING MACHINE - A feeder floor protection system for a paving machine includes at least a first pair of wear plates covering a majority of a feeder floor. Each wear plate has at least two frame abutment features and at least two plate abutment features. Each plate abutment feature includes at least two non-contiguous lateral movement restriction surfaces offset from a centerline of the paving machine and at least one fore and aft movement restriction surface in a plane perpendicular to the centerline. The lateral movement restriction surfaces of a first plate of the pair of wear plates abut the lateral movement restriction surfaces of a second plate of the pair of wear plates. The fore and aft movement restriction surface of the first plate abuts the fore and aft movement restriction surface of the second plate.07-18-2013
20130195550ROAD FINISHING MACHINE WITH CONTROLLABLE CONVEYOR DEVICES - The invention relates to a road finishing machine with a controllable longitudinal conveyor device and a transverse conveyor device for mixed laying material disposed in the rear in the direction of motion. The road finishing machine furthermore comprises a control unit for adjusting a delivery rate of the longitudinal conveyor device and/or the transverse conveyor device. The control unit is connected with a sensory mechanism for determining a mixed laying material quantity or rate and adjusts the delivery rate in response to a signal from the sensory mechanism representing the mixed laying material quantity or rate. The control unit can be pilot controlled in response to laying parameters by a pilot control unit.08-01-2013
20120093582ASPHALT DISTRIBUTION DEVICE - A system for distributing asphalt includes a vehicle and a distribution compartment coupled to the vehicle. The distribution compartment includes a support member, a laterally elongated element coupled to the support member, and two or more lateral containment members operatively coupled to the support member for inhibiting the escape of asphalt from the distribution compartment when asphalt is contained therein. At least one of the lateral containment members is laterally movable towards or away from one at least one other lateral containment member.04-19-2012

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