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403 - Joints and connections

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403270000 Fusion bond, e.g., weld, etc. 67
403267000 Including mechanical interlock 16
403266000 And independent connection 14
403268000 Socket or open cup for bonding material 8
403269000 Member cast in situ 1
20120308298TRANSMISSION DRIVE UNIT - The invention relates to a transmission drive unit (12-06-2012
20120183346JOINING ARRANGEMENT WITH ADJUSTMENT OPTION - The present invention relates to a joining arrangement for joining joining partners of a vehicle, including a first joining partner and at least one second joining partner wherein a holding device is provided that serves for connecting the joining partners in order to form the joining arrangement, where the holding device has a receiving structure at which at least one adhesive element is arranged that can be brought into at least two states, where in a first state the adhesive element allows for adjusting the second joining partner to the first joining partner and where a transition from the first state to a second state can be effected by a transformation means, where in the second state the adhesive element is cured, whereby the joining partners can be fixed to each other.07-19-2012
20130039691Sucker rod apparatus and method - The present disclosure relates to a fiberglass rod with connectors on each end. Each connector has a rod-receiving receptacle having an open end, a closed end, and axially spaced annular wedge shaped surfaces such that the compressive forces between the rod and the respective connector are defined by the shape of the wedged surfaces.02-14-2013
20120163905Apparatus Comprising an End Fitting Connected to a Body - An apparatus includes a fitting connected to a body. The fitting has an engagement portion including a channel formed into a peripheral surface of it and an axis. The body includes an axial layer provided around at least some of the peripheral surface of the engagement portion of the end fitting and a hoop layer provided around the axial layer at a location corresponding to at least some of the channel so as to urge at least some of the axial layer into a portion of the channel. The channel is arranged such that at least some of it defines a pathway that is non-orthogonal with respect to the axis of the fitting, such that at least some of the surface area of the channel defines a load bearing surface for the transfer of torque between the fitting and body when a rotational force is applied to one of them.06-28-2012
20120219355STRUCTURE FOR INSTALLING INSERT NUT IN A PANEL - An insert nut is provided in a panel member made from a core member with a honeycomb structure, and a first and second surface plate and made from fiber reinforced plastic. A reinforcing member is provided at the location where the insert nut is provided in the core member. The insert nut is housed in a hole in the first surface plate, a hole in the first metal plate, and a hole in the reinforcing member, and fixedly attached with an adhesive. An inner circumferential surface of the hole in the first metal plate and an outer circumferential surface of the insert nut are in contact.08-30-2012
20120163906STRUCTURE FOR ATTACHING MOUNTING MEMBER TO DOOR IMPACT BEAM - An attachment member has a first holding member and a second holding member that are oppositely positioned on a door impact beam while holding the door impact beam therebetween. The first holding member has a claw portion formed therein. The claw portion is capable of being elastically deformed by contacting the door impact beam when the attachment member is attached to the door impact beam. At least one of the first holding member and the second holding member is adhered to the door impact beam. The first holding member and the second holding member are bonded while being electrically connected to each other. The attachment member is attached to the door impact beam while the claw portion contacts the door impact beam.06-28-2012
20110299918Device for locating a first aerospace component relative to a second aerospace component - A device for locating a first aerospace component relative to a second aerospace component, comprising a bladder with a flexible membrane which defines a fluid receiving space such that, when a hardenable hydraulic fluid is injected into the bladder, said membrane is urged to deform into abutment with said first and second aerospace components to locate said components relative to each other when the hydraulic fluid hardens.12-08-2011
20120039665METHOD AND DEVICE FOR APPLICATION OF STRUCTURAL MATERIALS - There is disclosed a method of applying activatable material to a member of an article of manufacture such as an automotive vehicle. According to the method, the activatable material is provided to an applicator followed by applying the activatable material to the member wherein the activatable material is attached by way of a mechanical interlock via one or more through-holes.02-16-2012
20120099923HYBRID COMPONENT - A method of forming a hybrid component comprising at least two metallic parts, the method comprising preparing a first metallic part by forming at least one macroscopic interfacing feature on an interfacing surface of the part; positioning the first part in a mould tool; introducing a metallic powder into the mould tool and around the interfacing feature(s); and consolidating the metallic powder by a Hot-Isostatic Pressing (HIP) process to form a second metallic part which encapsulates the interfacing feature(s) to provide a mechanical connection between the first and second parts of the component. Also, a hybrid component so formed. The metallic parts may have substantially different material properties.04-26-2012
20110318096Dual Material Device, Casing and Vehicle Provided With Said Device, and Method for Making Said Device - The invention relates to a dual material device that includes an insert (12-29-2011
20120045272METHOD OF JOINING A BACKLIGHT COVER AND HEADLINER CLIP FOR A CONVERTIBLE TOP - A convertible top has a convertible top cover, a backlight, and a headliner. A connector system includes a molded ring of material affixed to the backlight and the top cover. The connector system includes a clip attached to the headliner. The molded ring may have a slot formed on an interior surface between the backlight and the cover. The clip may be inserted into the slot to secure the headliner insider the top cover. A method of securing a headliner to a convertible top is also provided.02-23-2012
20120207537METAL-PLASTIC COUPLING INTERFACE STRUCTURE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a metal-to-nonmetal coupling structure that utilizes substantially symmetrically arranged coupling grooves in a metal substrate in conjunction with plastic molding technique to achieve secure structural coupling of components of different materials. A manufacturing method for the metal-nonmetal coupling interface structure is also disclosed to provide a simplified metal shell manufacturing process capable of achieving secure joining of various non-metal components onto a metal surface.08-16-2012
20110182656SLEEVED COUPLING - A sleeved coupling for retaining a helically wound cable onto a connector or other component is described. The sleeve is positioned against a shoulder region of a connector and extends over a portion of the cable end. The sleeved coupling significantly increases the torque carrying capability of the resulting cable and connector assembly and achieves performance characteristics similar to welding the cable and connectors together.07-28-2011
20120134741ROTARY WING AIRCRAFT ROD END AND METHOD OF MAKING A HELICOPTER VEHICLE ROD END WITH A PRECOCKED ORIENTATION - The invention provides a rotary wing aircraft helicopter vehicle rod end and method of making a rod end. The rotary wing aircraft rod end includes a nonelastomeric inner member having an outer bonding surface segment and an axial bore with a center bore axis, a nonelastomeric outer member having an inner bonding surface segment and an axial bore center bore axis, and molded in place alternating elastomeric shims and nonelastomeric shims connecting the nonelastomeric inner member to the nonelastomeric outer member. The rod end includes a first inner elastomeric shim bonded to the nonelastomeric inner member outer bonding surface segment and to a first inner nonelastomeric shim and a second outer elastomeric shim bonded to the nonelastomeric outer member inner bonding surface segment and to a second outer nonelastomeric shim. The nonelastomeric inner member has a molded misalignment rotary wing aircraft rod end orientation with the outer nonelastomeric outer member.05-31-2012
20120076573FORMATION OF STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS USING CERAMIC FIBERS - Materials, apparatus and methods of forming structural components for consumer electronics devices are described. In one embodiment, ceramic fibers, such as alumina, are mixed with a thermoplastic, such as nylon, to form a composite material usable in an injection molding process. The volume percent of ceramic fibers used with the thermoplastic can be selected to improve the strength properties of the composite material. Pigments can be added to the composite material to affect its aesthetic appeal. In one embodiment, the composite material including the ceramic fibers can be used to form frame components usable in a consumer electronic device. The frame components can be load bearing structures that are externally visible or used within the interior of the device.03-29-2012
20110158741Nodal Member For A Frame Structure Nodal Assembly - A nodal assembly, such as for a frame structure, includes a nodal member which has a fastening flange for connecting to a hollow frame member. An adhesive channel runs helically around an outer surface of the fastening flange, substantially transversely to a pushing-on direction of the frame member. The frame member is pushed onto the flange, and an adhesive is injecting into the adhesive channel via an adhesive injection opening formed in the frame member.06-30-2011
20130022391Molded-In Insert and Method for Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Structure - In an embodiment of the disclosure, there is provided a molded-in insert for high strength retention in a fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite structure. The insert has a cylindrical body and at least one circumferential groove formed in the cylindrical body, the groove having a substantially concave configuration, having a groove radius of 0.025 inch or greater, and having the groove radius greater than or equal to a groove depth.01-24-2013

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