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401 - Coating implements with material supply

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401121000 With means for removing surplus material from tool 61
401126000 Applicator includes container closure or overlies material 57
401123000 Tool supported out of communication with supply 6
401119000 Applicator provided with material receiver 4
20080286029Container and applicator - A small slender container and an applicator that may be used to store small quantity of substance, such as creams, lotions, and make-ups in a sealed environment and easily and sanitarily dispenses its content for application as desired is disclosed. The content of the slender container may be permanently sealed with an opening means or may be sealed with a high viscosity substance such as silicone. The container and applicator comprises of a small slender container with a sealed first end and a second end with a high viscosity substance sealed within the container and an applicator that is inserted into the container to simultaneously extract and inject the content into the applicator. The applicator may then be used to apply the contents to the desired location. After application, the sealed compartment and the applicator are disposed of.11-20-2008
20090022542APPLICATOR DEVICE FOR APPLICATION OF A LIQUID MEDIUM - An applicator device serves for application of a liquid medium. The applicator device has a reservoir for the medium and an applicator. The applicator is surrounded by a protective sleeve in the reservoir. The protective sleeve is rigidly connected with the reservoir. The inner diameter of the protective sleeve is constant in the vicinity of an applicator tip of the applicator and exceeds the outer diameter of the applicator penetrating into the reservoir. The protective sleeve extends down to a bottom of the reservoir and bears against the bottom via a resilient sleeve portion. As a result, an applicator device is obtained which provides for protection of the applicator tip and is easy to fabricate.01-22-2009
20090169286DEVICE FOR APPLYING A SPREADABLE COMPOSITION TO A PART OF THE HUMAN OR ANIMAL BODY - A device for applying a spreadable composition to a part of the human or animal body, wherein the device comprises a container containing the spreadable composition, an applicator for the spreadable composition and means for urging the spreadable composition out of the container and into contact with the applicator, provided with positioning means connected to the container for positioning the applicator in a position in which composition urged out of the container can be brought into contact with the applicator.07-02-2009
20110222954TELESCOPIC CONTAINER FOR A PASTY OR LIQUID COSMETIC PRODUCT - The invention relates to a vial for a liquid or pasty cosmetic product, comprising: an elongate body (09-15-2011
401120000 Barometric reservoir 1
20090304432PACKAGING AND APPLICATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a device for packaging and applying a product, comprising: 12-10-2009
20110200381HEATING AND DISPENSER SYSTEM - A heating and dispenser system including base unit and an applicator assembly. The applicator assembly may include an applicator tip, a dispensing module, and an applicator housing. The applicator assembly may be integral or separable, and may also house a heating module. Alternatively, the heating module may be separate from the applicator assembly. The system also includes a control system for heating and dispensing various products. The applicator assembly may be replaceable, interchangeable, or single-type for applying product to a surface. The applicator may also be constructed of materials that impact heat transfer or storage.08-18-2011
20130028650MASCARA COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING AT LEAST TWO ACRYLATE FILM FORMERS - Disclosed are mascara compositions containing a first acrylates copolymer having a relatively low glass transition temperature (Tg) which is less than about 0° C., a second acrylates copolymer having a relatively high glass transition temperature which is between about 0° C. and less than about 60° C., wherein a mixture of the first and second acrylates copolymers has a Tg less than about 20° C., and a solvent. Also disclosed are methods for making the mascara and applying them to keratinous tissue such as eyelashes in order to enhance their appearance.01-31-2013
20100067969Portable Toothbrush - A portable hygienic toothbrush includes: a head part having toothbrush bristles; a trunk which is integrally formed with the head part and has a tube keeping groove formed at the trunk a toothpaste storing tube which is detachably assembled with the tube keeping groove and keeps toothpaste within the toothpaste storing tube; and an outer lid detachably assembled with an outer circumferential edge of the trunk, wherein the toothpaste storing tube comprises a tube which has its own elastic force and includes a toothpaste storing groove for storing toothpaste formed at an interior of the tube; and a toothpaste dispensing cap detachably assembled with an outer circumferential edge of an toothpaste injection opening of the tube. The toothpaste storing tube filled with toothpaste and the toothpaste storing tube are detachably assembled with the interior of the trunk constituted in the toothbrush bar, and then the toothpaste storing tube and the toothpaste storing tube can be drawn out in use so as to dispense toothpaste to the toothbrush bristles. Therefore, the user can brush his/her teeth. When toothpaste is consumed, toothpaste can be again supplied to the toothbrush storing tube so that the user can use it until the bristles are deteriorated. Therefore, resources can be saved and toothpaste can be hygienically kept.03-18-2010
20120003028CLEANING OR APPLICATING APPARATUS AND DISPENSING SYSTEM - A first apparatus includes a base, a plurality of stems, each stem having a first end retained by the base and a second end opposite the first end. Each stem is movable between a withdrawn position and an extended position with respect to the base, such that the second end projects from the base when the stem is in the extended position. Flexible tips are attached respectively to the second ends of the stems. A second apparatus includes a storage vessel, a cup dimensioned to receive the flexible tips of the first apparatus, and a dispensing mechanism linking the storage vessel to the cup.01-05-2012
20090304431Cosmetic-Containing Applicator and Replacement Brush - A cosmetic-containing applicator. The applicator is mounted, at its tip end, with an applicator body in which a flange-shaped engagement part is formed at an outer periphery at a rear end of a fiber bundle, comprising an accommodating part accommodating liquid cosmetics, a tip casing mounted on a tip end side of the accommodating part and formed with an insertion hole in which the applicator body (12-10-2009
20100202820cGMP COMPLIANT INDELIBLE INK PENS, AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME - The present invention conveniently and practically addresses a significant need. The invention provides pens that are clearly labeled with a phrase to indicate that the pens contain GMP-compliant indelible ink. In one aspect, the invention provides an apparatus for writing, comprising: (i) indelible ink; (ii) a construction suitable for containing the indelible ink; and (iii) a text-based label on an outer surface of the construction, wherein the label comprises a word or phrase intended to validate the apparatus for GMP compliance, FDA compliance, and/or EMEA compliance. In another aspect, a method is disclosed for providing a writing procedure that is GMP-compliant, FDA-compliant, and/or EMEA-compliant. In yet another aspect, the invention describes a method for labeling a pen containing indelible ink.08-12-2010
20110170934COSMETIC CONTAINER WITH IONTOPHORESIS DEVICE - The present invention relates to a cosmetic container with an ion introduction unit, and in particular to a cosmetic container with an ion introduction unit in which a cosmetic casing and an ion introduction unit are formed in a singular structure and cosmetics can be applied on a skin together with ions. A lower casing is made in a streamline shape, which results in an easier holding of the cosmetic container.07-14-2011
20120294664DEVICE FOR APPLYING A COMPOSITION TO THE EYELASHES OR THE EYEBROWS - The present invention relates to a device (11-22-2012
20080279612FLOOR FINISH APPLICATOR - A walk-behind floor finish applicator wherein a mop with a handle is connected to the applicator, yet is readily removable therefrom. This allows the mop to be used as a component of the walk-behind applicator for applying floor finish to easily accessible areas in one instance, yet allows the mop to be used independently for application of floor finish to not so easily accessible areas. The applicator is adaptable to receiving bag in the box floor finish, thus reducing cleaning time. The applicator employs a minimum number of disposable parts thus making it economical to produce.11-13-2008
20080273913DISPOSABLE PRE-MOISTENED SCENT MATERIAL - The present invention relates to a scent material including a single-use, disposable, pre-moistened, scented substrate hermetically sealed in a substantially vapor-impermeable package for easy and convenient use by persons pursuing outdoor activities involving potential interaction with wildlife, such as hunters, fishermen, or other outdoor activity enthusiasts, to either imitate natural or animal scents or mask human and other scents. The present invention further relates to a method of using a scent material for pursuing outdoor activities involving potential interaction with wildlife, which includes: (a) providing a substrate pre-moistened with at least one scent composition and hermetically sealed within a package with at least one substantially vapor-impermeable layer; (b) opening said package to access said substrate; and (c) wiping said substrate on a surface to impart said at least one scent composition to said surface, or alternatively, attaching said substrate to an object via attaching means.11-06-2008
20100003063Liquid Applicator - There is provided a liquid applicator allowing a liquid to be easily replenished and replaced, as well as capable of containing a large amount of liquid. The liquid applicator includes a main body provided with a tank inside thereof, a tip shaft that is coupled to the tip end side of the main body, and a brush that is fixed in the tip shaft and projecting from the tip end of the tip shaft. A liquid may be sucked into a tank by releasing the coupling of the main body and the tip shaft, sinking a tip end opening of the main body in the liquid, and sliding a sliding cylinder attached to the rear portion of the main body.01-07-2010
20090110465Device for storing a fluid or gel-like product, in particular a cosmetic product - A device for storing a fluid or gel-like cosmetic product, comprising a storage compartment for the product and an elongated mixing device which is freely movable in the storage compartment.04-30-2009
20100221059Cosmetic Container with Mirrored Element - A cosmetic container for retaining and dispensing a cosmetic material is provided. The cosmetic container includes a first portion including an applicator, a second portion releasably coupled to the first portion and configured to move between a first position in which the applicator is exposed and a second position in which the applicator is concealed and a mirrored element coupled to the first portion. The mirrored element is positionable behind the applicator when the second portion is moved to the first position to assist a user in applying the cosmetic material.09-02-2010
20130136522LIQUID CARTRIDGE AND LIQUID-EJECTING DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - A liquid cartridge includes a liquid accommodating unit, a delivery channel, a valve, and a locking mechanism. The liquid accommodating unit is configured to accommodate liquid. The delivery channel is configured to discharge the liquid outside. The delivery channel is in fluid communication with the liquid accommodating unit. The valve includes a valve body provided in the delivery channel. The valve body is configured to selectively move between a closed position where the delivery channel is closed and an open position where the delivery channel is open. The locking mechanism includes a locking member configured to selectively move between a locking position to prevent the valve body positioned at the closed position from moving to the open position and a disengaged position to allow the valve body positioned at the closed position to move to the open position.05-30-2013
20110176854CASE FOR COSMETICS OR OTHER PRODUCTS - A container or case for cosmetics or other products that are applied by an applicator tool, the container or case comprising a housing adapted to receive an exchangeable cartridge and a handle adapted to receive an exchangeable applicator tool. In some embodiments, the housing comprises a window for viewing the substance contained in the exchangeable cartridge.07-21-2011
20100290828UNIVERSAL BARBEQUE BRUSH CAP - A universal barbeque brush cap has an irregular shape. The lower main body of the cap is hollow and has two sets of threads, one large and one small. The two different sized thread patterns are capable of receiving nearly all the common male threads found on barbeque sauce bottles. The brush cap also has bristles on top of the cap. The lower main body is fluidly connected to the lower part of the threads by a small orifice. A barbeque sauce bottle can be attached to the brush cap using the appropriate set of threads. Barbeque sauce can then be applied through the small orifice to the lower part of the bristles. The invention provides a single device for both dispending barbeque sauce and applying it to the meat on the grill. Two faceplates, one on each side of the brush cap, allow for attachment of decorative designs or logos to the brush cap. The brush cap may be disassembled for quick and easy cleaning.11-18-2010
20120224909MECHANISM FOR EFICIENTLY SUPPLYING PAINT TO A ROLLER OR BRUSH - The invention relates to a mechanism for efficiently supplying paint to a roller or brush, formed by a suction/discharge pump including a deep cavity (09-06-2012
20120257920ORAL CARE SYSTEM, KIT AND METHOD - An oral care dispenser and oral care system incorporating the system that includes a resilient applicator that optimizes application of the subject fluid to the desired oral surfaces. In one embodiment, the invention is a dispenser comprising a housing having an internal reservoir containing the fluid. The resilient applicator is coupled to the housing and comprises a dispensing orifice. The resilient applicator comprises a working surface that is oriented at an oblique angle to a longitudinal axis of the housing and is defined by a polygonal perimeter edge, the polygonal perimeter edge comprising a plurality of apex portions and a plurality of side portions, wherein one of the plurality of side portions forms a distal most-portion of the resilient applicator.10-11-2012
20120321368Airless Pumping Type Cosmetic Container Having an Applicator - An airless pump includes a storage unit having inner and outer shells. A head is fastened to the storage unit, wherein the head has a fastening groove and a nozzle. An application unit has the form of a brush and is fastened into the fastening groove so as to allow the content to be applied onto the skin. An airless pump is provided inside the head and connects the storage unit and the nozzle. The airless pump converts the direction of power that has been produced when an operation button is pushed, from the horizontal direction to the vertical direction in order to pump the content from the inner shell. A nozzle opening/closing unit is disposed between the airless pump and the nozzle in order to open/close the nozzle in the same stroke as an operation of the airless pump.12-20-2012


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