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398 - Optical communications

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398183000 Having particular modulation 187
398192000 Including compensation 74
398200000 Including optical waveguide 34
398201000 Including specific optical elements 24
398199000 Chirping 1
20090022501Method and apparatus for controlling tunable transmitter chirp - A fiber-optic transmission system includes a transmitter having a designed chirp value. The transmitter has first and second inputs for receiving first and second input signals, respectively, used to produce a modulated output signal. An optical fiber is responsive to the transmitter for receiving the output signal. A circuit asymmetrically drives the first and second input signals so as to change the designed chirp value of the transmitter to another value. Methods of controlling the chirp of a commercially available transmitters are also disclosed. Because of the rules governing abstracts, this abstract should not be used to construe the claims.01-22-2009
20130028613TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, RECEPTION APPARATUS, TRANSMISSION METHOD, AND RECEPTION METHOD - A transmission apparatus includes a generation unit configured to generate a first data unit including a second data unit, and an addition unit configured to add fault data indicating a fault state of the second data unit to a data portion different from a data portion in which the second data unit is positioned within the first data unit.01-31-2013
20090196628OPTICAL TRANSMITTING MODULE AND OPTICAL TRANSMITTING DEVICE - An optical transmitting module of a coaxial type is provided in which a disturbance in a waveform of light which is output from a semiconductor laser element due to a signal which is output from an optical modulator unit can be suppressed. The optical transmitting module comprises an optical transmitting package of a coaxial type and a line board (08-06-2009
20090196627DISTRIBUTED DRIVER AND CAN BUS COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL - A system and a method for internal communication in a lighting system, which lighting system comprises a computer for controlling the lighting system, in which system a number of motors or actuators are controlled by the computer system, which motors or actuators control the operation of light effect components in relation to the lighting system, where the computer further controls a number of functions in the lighting system, which computer is controlled by input means. The computer system can be centrally placed where control information generated in the computer system is distributed to a number of distributed drivers over a data bus, where distributed drivers are in operation physically close to the motors or actuators, where distributed drivers based on data received from the data bus, perform control of actuators or motors.08-06-2009
20100158538PROGRAMMABLE SIGNAL EMPHASIS FOR OPTICAL TRANSMITTERS - A method includes delivering an electrical signal over an electrical conductor to a transmitter module, which includes a memory holding compensation values corresponding respectively to different conductor lengths. One or more of the compensation values is retrieved from the memory of the transmitter module, and a waveform of the electrical signal is modified responsively to the retrieved compensation values. The electrical signal having the modified waveform is transmitted using the transmitter module over a communication link.06-24-2010
20100074629OPTICAL COMMUNICATION APPARATUS, CONTROL APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OPTICAL OUTPUT - An optical communication apparatus includes an optical signal transmitter for outputting an optical signal, an optical switch device for switching a route of the optical signal, a drive controller for supplying a drive current for controlling a route switching to the optical switch device, a cooling device for cooling the optical switch device on the basis of a control signal, a temperature controller for transmitting the control signal to the cooling device in order to keep a measured temperature at a specific temperature, where the measured temperature is related to a temperature of the optical switch device.03-25-2010
20100074628OPTICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, STATION-SIDE APPARATUS, AND SUBSCRIBER-SIDE APPARATUS - An optical communication system connects one to a plurality subscriber-side apparatuses having one to a plurality of subscriber terminals and a station-side apparatus that covers the subscriber-side apparatuses with an optical transmission medium, sets one to a plurality of logical links between the station-side apparatus and each subscriber-side apparatus, and performs a data transfer with an MAC frame using a set logical link. The station-side apparatus and the subscriber-side apparatus transmit control information of a plurality of set logical links by storing the control information in a single MAC frame.03-25-2010
20090016742Optical Transmission Module, Optical Transmission Apparatus, and Structure for Fixing Member - An optical transmission module mounted pluggably to a cage having an opening. The optical transmission module comprises a gasket on at least a part of an outer periphery of the module. The gasket is deformed depending on temperature change. The gasket is deformed according to temperature rise in a direction toward an inner wall of the cage to push the inner wall and deformed according to temperature drop in an opposite direction to the direction.01-15-2009
20100040381Transmission apparatus and optical Transmission apparatus - In a transmission apparatus, a monitor unit monitors a signal level and generates a monitored value; a level control unit controls the level of the input signal in accordance with the monitored value; an output amplification unit amplifies and outputs the level-controlled signal; and a control unit controls unit operation statuses in accordance with setting information. The control unit recognizes the period of duration of a single level in the input signal, from the signal format given by the setting information, and performs variable control of at least one of a monitor time constant, a response time from the signal input to the monitor unit until the generation of the monitored value, and a level setting time constant, a response time from the input of the monitored value to the level control unit until the execution of level control, in accordance with the period of duration of the single level.02-18-2010
20090087195METHOD AND DEVICE FOR STARTING UP AN OPTICAL TRANSMISSION LINK - The invention relates to a method for starting up an optical transmission link, in which, after the detection of an interruption, the system is switched into a startup mode in which initially in a original detection state, a query-transmit pulse (P04-02-2009
20100142975HYBRID BALANCED CODING SCHEME - A hybrid balanced code is formed from a low rate (narrow bandwidth) balanced code and a high rate (wide bandwidth) low density code. Data encoded using the hybrid balanced code is transmitted between a first communication network entity and a second communication network entity. The hybrid code enables a system having a hybrid transmitter to transmit either a low rate stream detectable by a low rate receiver or a hybrid stream, from which the low rate data may be detected by a low rate receiver while both the high rate data and the low rate data may be detected by a high rate receiver.06-10-2010
20100067921METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING DRIVING CURRENT OF WDM-PON OPTICAL TRANSMITTER - The present disclosure relates to a WDM-PON (wavelength division multiplexed-passive optical network) optical transmitter; and, more particularly, to a system for controlling driving current of the WDM-PON optical transmitter. The present disclosure provides a driving current control method of the optical transmitter for in use in the WDM-PON, including: setting an attenuation value of a variable optical attenuator to X; detecting an optical power Px received by a monitoring photo diode of the optical transmitter; setting an attenuation value of the variable optical attenuator to Y; detecting an optical power Py received by the monitoring photo diode of the optical transmitter; calculating an optical power Pout of an optical signal outputted from a common terminal of a 1×N optical multiplexer/demultiplexer based on the detected optical power Px and Py; and controlling a driving current based on the calculated optical power Pout.03-18-2010
20130064556INTEGRATED ILLUMINATOR - An optical device comprising a sealed/closed housing; a light source and/or a detector within the housing; a window through the housing that is transparent to light transmitted from the light source or to the detector and a fixing for fixing an optical fiber or bundle of such fibers into a coupling position adjacent to the window to allow light to pass between the housing and the fiber or fiber bundle, wherein the fixing is adapted to allow connection and/or disconnection of the fiber or fiber bundle without opening or breaking a seal of the sealed housing.03-14-2013
20090232516OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, APPARATUS CONTROL METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH PROGRAM FOR THE APPARATUS IS RECORDED - A removable optical interface module is used to allow an optical transmission apparatus to flexibly respond to a change from a type of service to another that uses a different light wavelength. To this end, the optical transmission apparatus is removably provided with an optical interface module storing attribute information and includes a plurality of service implementation units implementing services using signals transmitted and received through the optical interface module. An operation selecting unit is provided which selects and causes a service implementation unit among the plurality of service implementation units that implement a service corresponding to the attribute information to operate.09-17-2009
20090232515METHOD AND AN APPARATUS TO CONVERT A LIGHT SIGNAL EMITTED BY A DISPLAY INTO DIGITAL SIGNALS - The present invention provides a method and a device to convert a time varying optical pattern emitted by a display into a digital data signal. More specifically the invention allows a handheld security token to convert a time-varying light intensity pattern emitted by a source such as a computer screen into a digital signal including a sequence of coded data symbols. The invention is based on the insight that the intensity of light emitted by regions of said source can be easily sampled by a simple low-cost processor if appropriate A/D conversion hardware converts the incident light into an electrical signal which is time varying, whereby the base frequency of this electrical signal is a function of the light intensity. Intensity levels used for channel coding and symbol clock can be recovered from the signal by the receiver. The invention comprises measuring this electrical signal, transforming sets of measurements into intensity samples for a plurality of sampling windows, adaptively calculating discrete intensity levels from these intensity samples, assigning intensity levels to the sampling windows, detecting symbol period boundaries, and decoding the symbols.09-17-2009
20120114339DATA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM USING OPTICAL FIBER - A data transmission system using an optical fiber includes an optical fiber, a first light-emitting device, a second light-emitting device, a first photo-detecting device and a second photo-detecting device. Each of the first light-emitting device and the second light-emitting device is optically coupled to the input facet of the optical fiber, respectively. Each of the first photo-detecting device and the second photo-detecting device is optically coupled to the output facet of the optical fiber, respectively. In particular, the first light-emitting device and the second light-emitting device are packaged into a first optical subassembly, and the first photo-detecting device and the second photo-detecting device are packaged into a second optical subassembly.05-10-2012
20110170875SIGNAL OUTPUT DEVICE, AND OUTPUT APPARATUS OF SIGNAL SOURCE OF SIGNALS AND OF LASER BEAM PULSES - A frequency converter includes a first direct digital synthesizer that receives a signal having a predetermined frequency f_master as a clock signal and further an internal frequency setting signal, and outputs an internal signal having a frequency based on the internal frequency setting signal, and a second direct digital synthesizer that receives the internal signal as a clock signal, and further an output frequency setting signal, and outputs an output signal having a frequency f_slave (=f_master−Δ) based on the output frequency setting signal. A difference between the predetermined frequency f_master and the frequency of the internal signal is larger than a difference between the predetermined frequency f_master and the frequency f_slave of the output signal.07-14-2011
20090245810Dynamic Signal Equalization in Optical Transmission Systems - In an optical transmission system, data is transmitted via an optical beam modulated with an arbitrary waveform. The optical beam is transmitted through at least one optical element. Transmission through at least one optical element degrades the signal quality of the initial optical beam. The signal characteristics of at least one optical beam at the output of least one optical element are used as feedback to shape the arbitrary waveform to improve signal characteristics. An arbitrary waveform may be used to compensate signal degradation caused by a multiplexer/demultiplexer in a wavelength division multiplex system.10-01-2009
20110268458SENDING AND RECEIVING INFORMATION - The present invention relates to a method in a sending device for sending information to a receiving device. The sending device is adapted to emit electromagnetic radiation with different wavelengths. The method comprises sending electromagnetic radiation of a norm wavelength to the receiving device and sending electromagnetic radiation of a second wavelength to the receiving device. The difference between the first wavelength and the second wavelength per time unit represents information to be sent to the receiving device.11-03-2011
20100129087METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING BROADCASTING SERVICE IN VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A method and system for providing a broadcast service in a visible light communication system are provided. When a visible light communication terminal receives broadcast mode announcement information from a communication control apparatus, a broadcast mode is set, and uplink data transmission is prohibited during the broadcast mode.05-27-2010
20100119238LIGHT TRANSMISSION PATH PACKAGE, LIGHT TRANSMISSION MODULE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIGHT TRANSMISSION MODULE - A light transmission path package includes first and sealing surface adjustment members, which are arranged with facing each other by way of a light emitting/receiving element on a lead frame substrate, having a length in a normal direction of the substrate surface from the substrate surface of H05-13-2010
20100124422OPTICAL TRANSMISSION MODULE - A light transmission module includes an optical converter for converting an electrical signal to an optical signal; a light transmission path for transmitting the optical signal converted by the optical converter; an electrical transmission path for transmitting an input electrical signal; and a control instructing unit for instructing stop of drive to the optical converter based on a detection of an input electrical signal. When an input electrical signal having a predetermined frequency is detected, the input electrical signal having the predetermined frequency is converted to an optical signal and transmitted in the light transmission path. When input of an electrical signal other than the predetermined frequency is detected, the electrical signal other than the predetermined frequency is transmitted by the electrical transmission path without being converted to an optical signal due to the stop of the drive of the optical converter.05-20-2010
20100124423PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION DEVICE - To reduce emission of an unintentional electromagnetic wave even if a frequency of a clock signal being output is high, a printed circuit board (05-20-2010
20090202256LASER PACKAGE INCLUDING SEMICONDUCTOR LASER AND MEMORY DEVICE FOR STORING LASER PARAMETERS - A laser package may include a semiconductor laser and a memory device integrated into the laser package for storing parameters associated with the laser. The parameters may include laser manufacturing, operational and/or user parameters. For example, the semiconductor laser may be tunable and the memory device may store tuning parameter data. One example of the laser package is a tunable transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA) package.08-13-2009
20090052906Optical Transmission Between a First Unit and a Plurality of Second Units Interconnected by Means of a Passive Optical Access Network - System and method of transmitting downlink and uplink data traffic between a central office terminal (02-26-2009
20090324250Wireless transmitters - A wireless transmitter includes an optical modulator, an optical power splitter, a plurality of electrical drivers, and a plurality of antennas. The optical power splitter has a plurality of optical outputs and has an optical input connected to receive a modulated optical carrier from the optical modulator. Each driver is configured to detect a portion of the modulated optical carrier output by one of the optical outputs of the optical power splitter. Each antenna is connected to be driven by one of the electrical drivers.12-31-2009
20110008056Connection device and optical device - A connection device includes a ground electrode layer that is provided in a substrate, a first transmission path that is provided on the ground electrode layer via a dielectric layer, and a plurality of leads that are connected to the first transmission path and the ground electrode layer or the first transmission path and a plane that is electrically connected to the ground electrode layer. The plurality of leads are fitted into through-holes that are provided in a second transmission path and a ground electrode on a flexible substrate to be electrically connected.01-13-2011
20090034986Optical communication device - The present invention provides an optical communication device, which includes a base, an optical fiber module, a first submount, a second submount, a first light emitter, and a second light emitter. The base thereon defines a first reference axis and has a receptacle portion formed at the first reference axis. The optical fiber module is mounted in the receptacle portion and includes an optical fiber. The first submount and the second submount are mounted on the base at the first reference axis. The first light emitter is mounted on the first submount and optically coupled to the optical fiber. The second light emitter is mounted on the second submount and optically coupled to the optical fiber.02-05-2009
20090034987WIDEBAND ELECTRIC SIGNAL MIXER AND OPTICAL TRANSMITTER USING THE SAME - There are provided a wideband electric signal mixer capable of mixing two inputted electric signals having a wideband frequency spectrum. The wideband electric signal mixer includes an input terminal controlling an input interface and a phase of a differential signal of a first electric signal and a second electric signal, having a wideband spectrum; a signal mixing terminal comprising a transmission gate switch receiving and outputting the second electric signal and mixing the first electric signal with the second electric signal by turning the transmission gate switch on and off using the differential signal of the first electric signal passing through the input terminal; and an output terminal providing an output interface between a mixing signal outputted from the signal mixing terminal and an external circuit unit and amplification function of the mixing signal.02-05-2009
20090297167Illuminative light communication device and lighting device - In the case of performing communication by using illumination light when the illumination is on, switches are turned on, a signal modulated in an optical modulation part in accordance with information is superposed to a power waveform for the illumination with a power distributor and the illumination 12-03-2009
20090162075Transmission system and transmission method - A transmission system includes a transmission device that performs data communication with adjacent transmission devices. The transmission device calculates the error rates of data communication, and set line cost based on the error rate. The transmission device synchronizes obtained line costs, and learn the line cost of each line between the transmission devices. The transmission device selects a path with the lowest line cost and perform data transmission through the path.06-25-2009
20120070158FLEXIBLE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS - Embodiments of flexible identification systems are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.03-22-2012
20120070157OMNI-DIRECTIONAL RADIATION-BASED SIGNAL TRANSMITTING APPARATUS - The invention provides an omni-directional radiation-based signal transmitting apparatus which includes a circuit board and a plurality of radiation-based signal transmitting components. In particular, the radiation-base signal transmitting components are soldered and arranged on the circuit board such that the signal coverage zone of each radiation-based signal transmitting component overlaps the signal coverage zones of the neighboring radiation-based signal transmitting components.03-22-2012
20090052907WAVELENGTH TRANSMISSION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING 3-DIMENSIONAL LDPC-CODED MODULATION - A transmitter and method include a LDPC encoder configured to encode source data, and a mapper configured to generate three coordinates in accordance with a 02-26-2009
20090080903Optical transmitter with precisely controlled laser diode and a method to control a temperature of a laser diode - The present invention discloses an optical transmitter that enables to precisely control the temperature of the LD and to keep the emission wavelength constant. The controller installed within the transmitter includes a control signal generator, a differential amplifier and a current driver. The signal generator generates a control signal based on the current provided to the TEC and the outside temperature of the optical module. The differential amplifier differentiates the control signal from the inside temperature with in the module to generate a differential signal. The current driver, based on the differential signal, provides the current to the TEC.03-26-2009
20090052908SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTICAL TRANSMISSION - In an example embodiment, an optical system includes an analog laser transmitter having a burst operative mode. The system may include enable logic configured to provide a digital enable signal in response to receiving a trigger signal other than a reverse electrical signal. The system may further include a power controller circuit coupled to the transmitter and enable logic and configured to turn on the analog transmitter when the enable signal is asserted and turn off the analog transmitter when the enable signal is de-asserted. An example method embodiment may include providing an analog signal to the analog laser transmitter and providing a trigger signal to the enable logic to provide a digital enable signal in response to receiving the trigger signal and turning on the analog laser transmitter when the enable signal is asserted, and turning off the analog laser transmitter when the enable signal is de-asserted.02-26-2009
20090245811HIGH BANDWIDTH COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A communication system (10-01-2009
20120141141METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SYNTHESIZING ULTRA-WIDE BANDWIDTH WAVEFORMS - In accordance with various aspects of the disclosure, a method and apparatus is disclosed for increasing waveform bandwidth of an optical frequency waveform during optical double sideband suppressed carrier modulation. An optical modulator is configured to operate in double sideband, suppressed carrier modulation (DSB-SC) mode producing multiple optical sidebands and optical sideband harmonics. Proper selection of the appropriate optical harmonic via optical filter enables the synthesis of ultra-wideband single-sideband, suppressed carrier (SSB-SC) optical waveforms while simultaneously simplifying the radio frequency (RF) circuitry that generates the modulating radio frequency waveform.06-07-2012
20100226660INFRARED TRANSMITTER - An infrared transmitter is obtained that transmits a signal by changing a luminance of an infrared emitting LED, the infrared transmitter including: a transmission signal generating unit; a biasing voltage generating unit that generates a biasing voltage according to a magnitude of a transmission signal; a signal/voltage mixing unit that mixes the transmission signal and the biasing voltage; and a voltage-current conversion unit that converts a voltage into a current, in which the LED is driven by the current obtained by the conversion in the voltage-current conversion unit, so that power consumption efficiency can be improved.09-09-2010
20100254713LD DRIVER WITH AN IMPROVED FALLING EDGE OF DRIVING SIGNAL AND OPTICAL TRANSMITTER PROVIDING THE SAME - An LD driver to generate an asymmetrical driving current with a relatively faster falling edge and an optical transmitter having the LD driver are disclosed. The LD driver includes a primary driver and the sub-driver connected in parallel to the primary driver. The primary driver converts the input signal or the delayed signal delayed from the input signal into the primary current. The sub-driver generates a symmetrical current tracing the input or the delayed signal, and an asymmetrical current formed by the OR operation between the input and delayed signals. The driving current is formed by adding the primary current, the symmetrical current and the asymmetrical current.10-07-2010
20100209118APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING A SIGNAL IN A VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is a visible light communication system, in which the visible light emitted from the light-emitting element is superposed with a signal in order to accomplish communication. The system has a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has a modulation circuit whose the demodulating mode can be changed during the communication in accordance with the state of the visible light. The receiver receives the visible light emitted from the transmitter and has a demodulation circuit that demodulates the modulated signal received from the transmitter.08-19-2010
20110176814PLASTIC OPTICAL FIBER CABLE AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING SIGNAL - A plastic optical fiber cable includes: a bare plastic optical fiber including a core formed of a polymer containing a methyl methacrylate unit, and a clad layer including a layer formed of a specific fluorine-containing olefin resin at least in the outermost layer; and a coating layer around the bare plastic optical fiber, the coating layer including a light-shielding coating layer formed of a specific nylon resin composition, a functional coating layer (C) and a functional coating layer (D) in this order, where one of the functional coating layer (C) and the functional coating layer (D) is formed of a resin composition (I) containing a polybutylene terephthalate resin as a major component or an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer as a major component; the other is formed of a specific nylon resin composition (II); and a ratio of the thickness of the functional coating layer (C) to the thickness of the functional coating layer (D) is set to fall within a specific range.07-21-2011
20110044699METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSMITTING UPSTREAM BURST DATA IN PON SYSTEM - A method, an apparatus and a system for transmitting upstream burst data in a passive optical network system. Delimitation of end of upstream burst data is realized in the method. The method includes: transmitting a sync pattern sequence and a burst delimiter after turning on a laser; transmitting data to be sent; and transmitting an end-of-burst delimiter after the transmitting of data to be sent is finished. A method for receiving upstream burst data and a related apparatus and system are also provided in the embodiments of the invention.02-24-2011
20100135672OPTICAL RECEPTION DEVICE, OPTICAL RECEIVING METHOD, AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - An optical reception device is provided. The optical reception device includes a filtering unit that receives input light of predetermined power, filters the input light by use of filter characteristics where the degree of attenuation of the power of an optical signal of predetermined frequency is lower than the degree of attenuation of the power of an optical signal of another frequency, and supplies an output light; and a determining unit that compares a value relevant to the power of the output light supplied by the filtering unit, with a threshold, and determines whether the input light contains signal light.06-03-2010
20100129086SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING UPSTREAM OPTICAL CODING GAIN IN A GIGABIT PASSIVE OPTICAL NETWORK (GPON) - A system, method, and computer readable medium for increasing an upstream optical coding gain in a passive optical network (PON). In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, the system may include a memory structured to store Optical Network Terminator (ONT) burst timing values, and provide a previous burst timing value of the burst timing values to a translator. Further, an upstream burst grant timing scheduler may provide a scheduled timing value to the translator, wherein the translator may be structured to translate the previous burst timing value to a new expected timing value per an ONT upstream burst in association with the scheduled timing value. Also, a delimiter match and search block may be structured to use the new expected timing value to check a bit stream for a delimiter pattern match. An alarm counter may be provided in the system that is structured to provide an alarm when the delimiter pattern match is not found.05-27-2010
20110150501SPATIAL LIGHT MODULATOR WITH MASKING-COMPARATORS - Described is a device comprising a spatial light modulator comprising a plurality of comparators for computing a respective drive for each pixel of a plurality of pixels.06-23-2011
20110150500VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER, VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER DEVICE, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION DEVICE, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A vertical cavity surface emitting laser that includes: a substrate; a first semiconductor multilayer reflector; an active region; a second semiconductor multilayer reflector; a columnar structure formed on the substrate; a current narrowing layer that is formed inside of the columnar structure, and has a conductive region surrounded by an oxidization region selectively oxidized; a first electrode that is formed at a top of the columnar structure, and defines a beam window; a first insulating film that covers the beam window; and a second insulating film of which a second refractive index is larger than the first refractive index. A reflection ratio in a second region where the second insulating film is formed is lower than a reflection ratio in a first region where only the first insulating film is formed.06-23-2011
20100322638OPTICAL RECEIVER - An on-chip receiver for flows of information conveyed to a target via optical signals with different wavelengths includes a plurality of photo-detector modules, each sensitive to a different wavelength, for converting a respective optical signal at input into an electrical signal, a plurality of de-serialization circuits acting on the electrical signals for converting into packet traffic the flows of information received via the photo-detector modules, and an arbitration node acting on the packet traffic to enable a single packet at a time to achieve the target.12-23-2010
20110135318VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER, VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER DEVICE, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION DEVICE, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A vertical cavity surface emitting laser that includes: a substrate; a first semiconductor multilayer reflector; an active region; a second semiconductor multilayer reflector; a columnar structure formed from the second semiconductor multilayer reflector to the first semiconductor multilayer reflector; a current narrowing layer formed inside of the columnar structure and having a conductive region surrounded by an oxidization region; a first electrode formed at a top of the columnar structure, electrically connected to the second semiconductor multilayer reflector and defining a beam window; a first insulating film comprised of a material with a first refractive index and formed on the first electrode to cover the beam window; and a second insulating film comprised of a material with a second refractive index and formed on the first insulating film, of which a radius is smaller than a radius of the conductive region.06-09-2011
20110052208OPTOELECTRONIC WIRING FILM AND OPTOELECTRONIC WIRING MODULE - In one aspect of the invention, the optoelectronic wiring film may include an optical waveguide; a ground wiring; and a source wiring supplying power and being provided in the same wiring layer as the ground wiring, wherein the source wiring has a comb-shaped portion and the ground wiring has a comb-shaped portion, a gap between the source wiring and the ground wiring is substantially constant, and the comb-shaped portion of the source wiring and the comb-shaped portion of the ground wiring face each other so that the gap between the source wiring and the ground wiring meanders.03-03-2011
20110052207Wavelength control method and optical transmission device - An optical transmission device in which: a first cyclic filter with a fixed transmission wavelength characteristic and a second cyclic filter with a variable transmission wavelength characteristic are combined, and the transmission wavelength characteristic of the second cyclic filter is changed according to a target wavelength, to thereby control the relative phase relationship of the transmission wavelength characteristics of the first and second cyclic filters. Moreover a light source is controlled according to a monitored value of the transmittance of the second cyclic filter with respect to the control target light, to thereby match the wavelength of the control target light with the target wavelength. Consequently, it is possible, with a simple configuration using a combination of two cyclic filters, to variably control wavelength at arbitrary wavelength intervals at a high level of precision.03-03-2011
20100166436OPTICAL TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT - A peaking current generating section (07-01-2010
20100158539AMPLIFICATION CIRCUIT, DIFFERENTIAL AMPLIFICATION CIRCUIT, AND OPTICAL TRANSMITTER - A plurality of inductors are connected in series between a load resistor and a first transistor, and a plurality of second transistors provided in parallel are connected to the plurality of inductors.06-24-2010
20100067922Variable Spectral Phase Encoder/Decoder Based on Decomposition of Hadamard Codes - The invention is directed toward a variable spectral phase encoder. The variable spectral phase encoder includes a plurality of switches and at least one encoder. The encoder is coupled between a first switch and second switch among the plurality of switches. The first switch selectively routes an optical signal to some combination of fixed encoders such that their collective product applies one of the Hadamard sequences to the optical signal.03-18-2010
20100067920Systems configured to transmit optical power signals transdermally out of a living subject, and devices and methods - In an embodiment, a system includes an internal optical power transmitter configured to be disposed within a living subject. The internal optical power transmitter includes a power source configured to provide electrical energy and an electrical-optical converter operably coupled to the power source. The electrical-optical converter may be configured to convert at least a portion of the electrical energy into one or more optical power signals transdermally transmittable out of the living subject. The system further includes an external optical-electrical converter configured to convert the one or more optical power signals into one or more electrical power signals and at least one external device configured to be operably coupled to the external optical-electrical converter and powered by the one or more electrical power signals. Embodiments of methods, biocompatible electrical-optical converters, and internal optical power transmitters are also disclosed.03-18-2010
20110217047METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING CLIENT SIGNAL IN OPTICAL TRANSPORT NETWORK - A method for transporting a client signal in an optical transport network (OTN) includes steps as follows. A byte number Cn of a client signal transported in a OTN frame period is generated according to a client signal clock and a system clock. If the Cn of the OTN frame falls in a certain range, a predetermined area in an optical channel payload unit-k (OPUk) overhead field is identified as normal, and the Cn is filled in the OPUk overhead field of the OTN frame. Therefore, the reliability for transporting the client byte number can be improved and an OPUk overhead byte space needed for transporting the client signal byte number can be saved.09-08-2011
20110305463Stable Millimeter Wave Source for Broadband Wireless Signal Transmission Using Optical Fibre - An apparatus and method for generating a millimetre-wave carrier signal for optical data transmission is disclosed. The apparatus includes stimulated Brillouin scattering source (12-15-2011
20110318020VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER, VERTICAL-CAVITY-SURFACE-EMITTING-LASER DEVICE, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A vertical cavity surface emitting laser includes a substrate, a first semiconductor multilayer film reflector formed on the substrate, an active region formed on the first semiconductor multilayer film reflector, a second semiconductor multilayer film reflector formed on the active region, an electrode which is formed on the second semiconductor multilayer film reflector and in which a light emitting aperture is formed, a first substance that is composed of a material and that is formed in the light emitting aperture, and a second substance that is composed of a dielectric and that is formed on the first substance to cover one portion of the first substance. Light having an emission wavelength can pass through the material and dielectric. A reflectivity of a portion covered with the second substance is higher than a reflectivity of a portion that is not covered with the second substance.12-29-2011
20120045219Method and Apparatus for Optically Transmitting Data - In a method and an apparatus for the optical transmission of data by a pulse-width modulated light source (LED), in which a set dimming factor (N) is replaced with a cycle-dependent dimming factor (NI), the cycle-dependent dimming factor is modulated for encoding the data to be transmitted and corresponds to the set dimming factor over a time interval which is resolvable for the human eye.02-23-2012
20120045218DRIVER AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - A driver for shaping a drive signal includes a pre-emphasis circuit, an offset adjustment circuit, and an amplifier. The pre-emphasis circuit symmetrically emphasizes a rising edge portion and a falling edge portion of the drive signal. The offset adjustment circuit applies a direct-current offset to the drive signal. The amplifier amplifies the drive signal with the direct-current offset adjusted by the adjustment circuit. The amplifier has an input-output characteristic with a nonlinear portion. The offset adjustment circuit adjusts the direct-current offset so that the drive signal is amplified in the nonlinear portion.02-23-2012
20120045217DRIVE CIRCUIT, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, DRIVING METHOD, AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION METHOD - A drive circuit includes a duty cycle adjusting circuit that changes the duty cycle of a first signal; and a calculating circuit that with respect to signals that include the first signal for which the duty cycle has been adjusted and a second signal having a phase and amplitude that differ from that of the first signal, performs any one of subtracting one of the signals from the other signal and adding the signals.02-23-2012
20120057881DISPERSION TOLERANT OPTICAL SYSTEM AND METHOD - An optical communication system and method of use are described. The system comprisesan optical source adapted to receive a digitally encoded data signal comprising sequences of data at a data rate (B) and comprising two signal levels representing a first state and a second state of the data signal, the optical source being adapted to produce an optical signal substantially frequency modulated with frequency excursion Δν comprising a first instantaneous frequency (ν03-08-2012
20120155888OPTICAL MODULATOR WITH REDUCED SIZE AND OPTICAL TRANSMITTER INCLUDING THE SAME - An optical modulator includes a light input/output unit receiving an incident optical signal which has not been modulated, splitting the incident optical signal into a first optical signal and a second optical signal, and transmitting the first and second optical signals to a first path and a second path, respectively, of an optical waveguide. A phase shifter is positioned in at least one of the first and second paths and modulates a phase of at least one of the first and second optical signals, which have been received through the first and second paths, respectively, in response to an electrical signal. A phase-modulated signal is output. A reflective grating coupler reflects signals respectively received through the first and second paths back along the first and second paths respectively.06-21-2012
20120301155Optical Transmitting Apparatus and Optical Communication System - A light source control section 11-29-2012
20120155887METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING COHERENT OPTICAL OFDM - Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for transmitting and receiving coherent optical OFDM. The apparatus includes: a transmitted OFDM digital signal processing unit outputting an in-phase (I) component digital signal and a quadrature phase (Q) component digital signal; a digital-analog converter converting the in-phase (I)-component digital signal and the quadrature-phase (Q)-component digital signal into an in-phase (I)-component analog signal and a quadrature-phase (Q)-component analog signal, respectively; an adder adding an additional pilot tone signal to each of the in-phase (I)-component analog signal and the quadrature-phase (Q)-component analog signal outputted from the digital-analog converter; and an optical I/Q modulator up-converting the in-phase (I)-component analog signal added with the additional pilot tone signal and the quadrature-phase (Q)-component analog signal added with the additional pilot tone signal to an optical domain to output a coherent optical OFDM signal including the additional pilot tone signal.06-21-2012
20120063788METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING OPTICAL SIGNALS - The present invention addresses the problem of transmitting optical signals with high extinction ratios using low-power drive signals. At present, low-power optical transmitters typically operate with modulation extinction ratios of, at best, about 10 dB. Embodiments of the present invention may achieve extinction ratios exceeding 20 dB using low-power drive signals of under 20 mW at data rates on the order of Gbits/sec. In addition, the modulation may be achieved with both low-power and low-fidelity drive waveforms, enabling conventional and often noisy high-speed, low-power electronics to generate high-extinction, high-fidelity optical waveforms.03-15-2012
20120106978METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR HIGH BANDWIDTH OPTICAL COMMUNICATION - Methods and systems are provided for extending the range that a laser can transmit data, particularly in environments with high attenuation or turbidity. Particularly, an energy storing laser that is capable of continuously converting electrical energy to optical energy and storing the optical energy or the electrical energy in the energy storing laser until the energy storing laser is instructed to transmit a laser transmission. In some embodiments, the energy storing laser uses a pulse train with a low duty cycle to increase the peak power of each laser pulse. Also, a pointing and tracking system is used to provide a communication link between stationary platforms or moving vehicles.05-03-2012
20120121272Opto-electronic assembly for high speed transmission - The optoelectronic assembly for high speed signal transmission based on surface-emitting/receiving components is disclosed. The assembly contains a mounting plate with a top side used for the mounting of the components; single or multiple electrooptical or optoelectronic transducer components with the optical ports of the transducer on the top side and a bottom side used for assembly; a micro-mirror component; an optical transmission path wherein the transmission axis is oriented substantially parallel to the surface of the transducer components and to the top side of the mounting plate; and a transducer component mounted with the bottom side on the mounting plate near a micro-mirror component mounted above the transducer component in such a configuration that the optical transmission path to or from the transducer is reflected at the mirror surface such that the transducer is optically coupled to this same transmission path.05-17-2012
20080205902OPTICAL TRANSMISSION CONTROL CIRCUIT - An optical transmission control circuit includes: an analog input section which receives optical transmissions states as analog values; an A/D conversion section which converts the analog values into digital values; a value storage section which stores maximum value of the digital values provided by the A/D conversion section; an output register which outputs a value to a host apparatus; and a control section which controls the maximum value storage section to store the maximum value of the digital values therein and controls the output register to output the maximum value to the host apparatus.08-28-2008
20100247112System and Method for Visible Light Communications - In this invention, methods on how light of a color can be generated by mixing light signals from multiple light sources, how a constellation is formed in a light color space for a modulation scheme, how the point of a received light signal in a light color space is determined by manipulating received signals from multiple photo detecting devices, how the point of a received light signal in a light color space is matched with a point of constellation to determine a recovered symbol at receiver, and how each pixel or a part of LCD displays and signboards can deliver data information to the receiver, are described. These methods can be applied to devise more efficient visible light signal processing and modulation schemes. By using the above methods, a modulation scheme is invented to realize more flexible and efficient visible light communications.09-30-2010
20120257903OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION METHOD - An optical transmission apparatus includes an extractor that extracts information indicating port allocation to each slot of a reception signal; a comparator that based on the extracted information and for a given slot among the slots, obtains a count of the slots allocated the same port as the given slot and compares the obtained count of slots and an expected value for the given slot; and a memory that stores therein for each slot, an expected value for the count of slots allocated the same port as the slot. The comparator detects a mismatch concerning the given slot, when the obtained count of slots and the expected value for the given slot differ.10-11-2012
20120230704ELECTRICALLY CONTROLLABLE COLLIMATOR IN A LASER RESONATOR - A collimator for a laser assembly includes a first electrostatically controllable liquid lense having a first optical axis and a second electrostatically controllable liquid lense having a second optical axis aligned with the first optical axis. A laser is provided and has such a collimator. Finally, a transmitter uses the laser for optical data transmission.09-13-2012
20110123201PARALLEL-SERIAL CONVERTER FOR OPTICAL TRANSMISSION, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A serializer is equipped with a plurality of input terminals into which a plurality of binary signals are input in parallel, and converts the plurality of input binary signals into serial binary signals and transmits the serial binary signals to an optical transmission module. One input terminal out of the plurality of input terminals is assigned as an input terminal for preventing bit continuation by inserting “1” signals or “0” signals into the serial binary signals so that a predetermined number of bits of the same value may not be inserted continuously. Due to this structure, bit continuation can be prevented even for a signal generating source with no coding function by a simple configuration without increasing cost and size.05-26-2011
20120269521LIGHT SOURCE, OPTICAL SIGNAL GENERATOR, AND ELECTRICAL SIGNAL GENERATOR - To efficiently apply jitter to an optical signal using a simple configuration, provided is an optical signal generating apparatus that outputs an optical pulse pattern signal including jitter, the optical signal generating apparatus comprising a light source section that outputs laser light having an optical frequency corresponding to a frequency control signal, an optical modulation section that modulates an optical signal output by the light source section, according to a designated pulse pattern, and an optical jitter generating section that delays an optical signal passed by the optical modulation section according to the optical frequency, to apply jitter to the optical signal.10-25-2012
20120087676DATA TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATION - An apparatus for transmitting data for visible light communication sets up the pulse width control step of pulse width modulation (PWM) in a unit time interval, modulates each symbol of VLC source data input into a PWM signal in accordance with the pulse width control step, generates a visible light modulation signal by controlling the turn-on time or turn-off time of a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) in response to the PWM signal, and transmits the visible light modulation signal.04-12-2012
20080253775Electrically Programmable Pulse Generator, in Particular a Pulse Generator of Very High Resolution Phase and Intensity Profiles - The invention concerns a pulse generator of very high resolution phase and/or intensity profiles. An active mode-locking laser source (10-16-2008
20080226304OPTICAL TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - An optical transmission apparatus includes redundant line cards each installed with hardware and a CPU. The hardware obtains failure information on redundant lines including a working line and a protection line, and the CPU determines switching control of the redundant lines based on the obtained failure information. Further, the hardware switches the redundant lines based on switching control determined by the CPU, so as to transmit an SDH/SONET optical signal. In the apparatus, from or to hardware installed in each of the redundant line cards, the failure information obtained by the hardware is communicated to hardware installed in a neighboring line card.09-18-2008
20110274440OPTICAL SPECTRAL FILTERING AND DISPERSION COMPENSATION USING SEMICONDUCTOR OPTICAL AMPLIFIERS - The embodiments herein provide a device and a method for extending the bandwidth of short wavelength and long wavelength fiber optic lengths. The embodiments herein provide for an optical transmitter package device comprising: a laser diode; and a semiconductor optical amplifier connected directly after and in close proximity to the laser diode, wherein the semiconductor optical amplifier is adapted to operate in a frequency domain such that the semiconductor optical amplifier filters and reshapes optical wavelengths from the laser diode, and wherein the semiconductor optical amplifier is biased below an amplification threshold for the semiconductor optical amplifier. The device may also comprises a feedback circuit which comprises an optical splitter, wherein the feedback circuit samples reshaped optical output from the semiconductor optical amplifier and dynamically adjusts one or both of the semiconductor optical amplifier and the laser diode.11-10-2011
20130177325Method and Apparatus of Automatic Power Control for Burst Mode Laser Transmitter - An apparatus of automatic power control for burst mode laser transmitter and method are provided. In one implementation a method includes: generating an output current with a modulation pattern determined by a transmit data and a transmit enable signal, and a modulation level determined by a first control code and a second control code, wherein a light signal is generated in response to the output current; generating a first decision based on a comparison between a photodiode current and the first reference current, a second decision based on a comparison between the photodiode current and the second reference current, wherein the photodiode current is generated in accordance to the light signal; and generating the first control code and the second control code in response to the first decision and the second decision.07-11-2013
20120251127FRAME MAPPING APPARATUS AND FRAME MAPPING METHOD - An apparatus for mapping multiple lower-speed signal transmission frames to a higher-speed signal transmission frame. The apparatus includes buffers configured to buffer the lower-speed signal transmission frames, determination units configured to determine frequency justification information for the lower-speed signal transmission frames, a barrel shifter configured to receive signals output from the buffers, and a controller configured to control the barrel shifter to map the lower-speed signal transmission frames to the higher-speed signal transmission frame based on external settings for the respective lower-speed signal transmission frames and the frequency justification information determined by the determination units. When the minimum unit of the lower-speed signal transmission frames is a channel, the number of the buffers and the number of the determination units correspond to the maximum number of channels that can be multiplexed in the higher-speed signal transmission frame.10-04-2012
20110222865METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSMISSION OF TWO MODULATED SIGNALS VIA AN OPTICAL CHANNEL - The arrangement includes a transmitter (09-15-2011
20110311235BURST TRANSMISSION METHOD, AND RECEIVER RESETTING METHOD AND APPARATUS IN A PASSIVE OPTICAL NETWORK - A burst transmission method and a receiver resetting method and apparatus in a Passive Optical Network (PON) are provided. A burst receiver resetting method in a PON includes: receiving a preamble sequence and synchronizing data; after synchronizing the data, continuing to receive the data, and matching a Burst Terminator (BT); and resetting a receiver after successfully matching the BT. Meanwhile, an apparatus for implementing the method and a corresponding burst data transmission method are provided. By using the burst receiver resetting method and apparatus in the PON and the corresponding burst transmission method at an Optical Network Unit (ONU) burst transmission end, a Reach Extender (RE) does not need to unpack upstream burst bandwidth allocation information carried in downstream data. Therefore, the complexity of the implementation of the RE is reduced, and the method is simple and effective.12-22-2011
20110311234OPTICAL MODULATION UTILIZING STRUCTURES INCLUDING METAMATERIALS - An optical modulation system includes a metamaterial structure configured to receive and process an input optical signal at at least one operational wavelength, where the metamaterial structure changes between a transmissive state and a non-transmissive state with respect to the optical signal(s) at the operational wavelength(s) in response to an external stimulus applied to the metamaterial structure. An external stimulus source is coupled with the metamaterial structure and is configured to change the metamaterial structure between its transmissive and non-transmissive states by applying selected stimulus pulses to the metamaterial structure. The optical modulation system processes the input optical signal to output a modulated optical signal that modulates in correspondence with the selected pulses applied to the metamaterial structure.12-22-2011
20130188968VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATION METHOD USING DMX-512 NETWORK AND APPARATUSES FOR THE SAME - Disclosed herein are a Visual Light Communication (VLC) method and apparatus using a DMX-512 network. The VLC apparatus includes a DMX signal generation unit and a DMX signal transmission unit. The DMX signal generation unit generates VLC data packets each including a DMX header, fragmentation information, and a data fragment. The DMX signal transmission unit transmits the VLC data packets to an LED lighting apparatus coupled over a DMX-512 network in order to perform VLC.07-25-2013
20130202315OPTICAL TRANSMITTER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING BIAS FOR OPTICAL MODULATOR - An optical transmitter includes a signal generator configured to generate a drive signal from input data, an optical modulator configured to have a voltage-to-light-intensity characteristic in which intensity of output light changes in response to an applied voltage, and to generate a light signal that corresponds to the drive signal, a multiplier configured to multiply the drive signal and an electric signal that is obtained from the light signal; and a control section configured to control, based on output of the multiplier, a bias voltage for the optical modulator.08-08-2013

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