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398 - Optical communications

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398107000 Bidirectional (i.e., monitoring or acknowledge) 13
398112000 Plural 11
398113000 Through optical fiber or waveguide 3
20090142063Remote controlling system using optical fiber - The present invention provides a remote controlling system using an optical fiber. The remote controlling system is for controlling N electronic equipments located in a situation. The remote controlling system according to the invention includes a receiving unit and a transmitting unit. A radiation signal receiver of the receiving unit is for receiving a first radiation signal. According to the first radiation signal, a first controlling module of the receiving unit is for driving a light-emitting device to emit a control light signal to the optical fiber. The control light signal is transmitted over the optical fiber and then received by a photo-detector of the transmitting unit. According to the received control light signal, a second controlling module of the transmitting unit is for driving M radiation signal transmitters to emit M second radiation signals, so as to control one of the N electronic equipments.06-04-2009
20120207481METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONNECTING AC POWERED SWITCHES, CURRENT SENSORS AND CONTROL DEVICES VIA TWO WAY IR, FIBER OPTIC AND LIGHT GUIDE CABLES - A method for connecting an AC powered device, which has an optical receiver, with a control circuit, which has an optical transmitter, using at least on optical medium cable includes the steps of terminating the cable at both of its ends, introducing the processed cable between the receiver and transmitter, attaching and securing one end of the processed cable to the transmitter and the other end of the processed cable to the receiver, and propagating a one way optical signal including control commands from the control circuit to the powered device.08-16-2012
20120213524PROCESS AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING ELECTRICAL ENERGY TO A SHIELDED MEDICAL IMAGING SUITE - A process and system are disclosed for supplying electrical energy to a device located in a room housing an imaging system (such as an MRI system, for example), wherein the room is shielded from external electromagnetic fields. Certain embodiments of the present invention provide systems and processes for emitting electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range of the light spectrum from at least one light emission device. Embodiments of the present invention further provide a process and system for transforming the electromagnetic radiation into electrical energy using at least one transducer device located in the room, and supplying the electrical energy to the device so as to minimize interfering electromagnetic fields within the room.08-23-2012
398109000 In industrial environment or hazardous environmrnt 2
20120128364Fiber Optic Distributed Input/Output System for Wind Turbine - An industrial control system for use in power generating plants, manufacturing plants, oil and gas processing plants, utility sub-stations, utility grid switching yards, and wind or fluid-flow turbine generating systems. A master controller such as a master control unit or turbine control unit (MCU or TCU) printed circuit board (PCB) is located in an enclosure. A plurality of input/output I/O subsystems is located at a remote points-of-control for the remote I/O subsystems. A plurality of serial analog, digital, or frequency input/output fiber optic communication ports is located at the master controller printed circuit board, one port for each of the I/O subsystems. Fiber-optic cables connect the fiber optic communication ports on the master controller printed circuit board to fiber optic communication ports on the I/O subsystems. Means are provided at the master controller to distribute serialized I/O signals to the remote I/O subsystems over the fiber-optic cables.05-24-2012
20130022357MOTOR CONTROL CENTER NETWORK CONNECTIVITY METHOD AND SYSTEM - A motor control center comprises a plurality of bays in which switchgear components, circuit protective components, automation components and power electronic components are disposed for driving motors and other loads. Network optical conductors are routed through one or more wireways adjacent to the bays. Distribution nodes are coupled to the conductors and are interconnected with respective network terminals within the bays. Components within individual bays for which EtherNet and/or Internet connectivity is desired are coupled to the network terminals. The conductors may comprise plastic optical fibers and may be designed to operate in the relatively high voltage environment of the motor control center bays.01-24-2013
398111000 Switching 2
20100014867Enegy Converter Device and use Thereof in Remote Powering and/or Remote Control of Remotely-Sited Active Optical Components in an Optica Telecommunication Network - A module for converting light energy into electric energy (MC01-21-2010
20090052900MULTI-FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROLLER AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A multi-function remote controller includes a transmitter to transmit a wireless control signal corresponding to one selected from among a first mode via an infrared diode, in which a user manipulates the remote controller with one hand to manipulate a television, and a second mode, in which the user manipulates a video game unit with two hands. The transmitter turns a rotatable lever equipped with the infrared diode to set the first mode or the second mode according to a characteristic of an appliance to be controlled. The transmitter sets the remote controller in the first mode if a protrusion of the rotatable lever does not make contact with a mode selecting switch, and sets the remote controller in the second mode if the protrusion of the rotatable lever makes contact with the mode selecting switch due to the rotation of the rotatable lever, thereby simplifying components to set each mode using one hand or two hands.02-26-2009
20080260387OUTPUT CURRENT PUMPING CIRCUIT AND REMOTE CONTROLLER USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a remote control IC having a circuit for pumping up current of an output port and a remote controller implemented to be capable of operating with one battery of about 1.5V using the IC. In the remote controller, an infrared LED emits light through the remote control IC, so that signals are transmitted to devices to be controlled such as a television set. In order to perform all functions normally even at low voltage and particularly to secure a sufficient transmission distance by driving the infrared LED, the present invention implements a remote controller comprising a remote control IC having a circuit for pumping up output current of an output port, which needs high output current, even at low voltage, and a battery of about 1.5V for driving the remote controller, wherein the infrared LED is driven by the pumped up output current of the output port of the remote control IC, whereby the remote controller can maintain a sufficient transmission distance with only one battery of about 1.5V.10-23-2008
20110194856CONTROL FOR A DEVICE - A control for an electrical device, where in the control can include a receiver for receiving modulated electromagnetic radiation. The received radiation can be integrated by an analyzer, and an aspect of the electrical device can be controlled when radiation is detected. The integration period used by the analyzer can be greater than the period of a pulse in the modulated electromagnetic radiation such that the aspect of the device can be controlled independently of modulation in the received electromagnetic radiation.08-11-2011
20100119233INFRARED COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER - An objective of one embodiment of the present invention is to perform infrared communications without error by reducing abrupt noise included in a data signal when a light source of a display device is driven by PWM drive. When a control portion is provided with a drive setting signal for determining whether to drive lamps of a liquid crystal television by pulse width modulation drive or by continuous drive, the control portion sets a threshold in a register for a frequency filter portion based on the provided drive setting signal. Furthermore, upon reception of infrared light from the lamps, the threshold being set is reviewed based on an occurrence frequency for abrupt noise provided by a waveform analysis portion. Thereafter, abrupt noise included in a data signal transmitted from a cell phone is reduced by the frequency filter portion, and then the data signal is transmitted to the liquid crystal television.05-13-2010
20100104291Rotary laser with remote control - A rotary laser (04-29-2010
20100329688UNIVERSAL REMOTE-CONTROL SIGNAL TRANSMITTING DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING IR EQUIPMENT AND A SETTING METHOD THEREOF - A universal remote-control signal transmitting device for controlling IR equipment and a setting method thereof. The universal remote-control device uses code identification to perform simple setting. The device includes an IR transmitting circuit and a key control device. The universal remote-control signal transmitting device is also fitted with a single chip processor, an IR receiving circuit and a memory for storing an IR signal code database and programs for analyzing and processing. The setting method includes the steps: 1) receiving codes; 2) calculating; 3) comparing; 4) setting; 5) completing. Compared with existing universal remote-control devices, this device adds an IR receiving circuit and a memory for storing programs for analyzing and processing, and by receiving IR signals of the IR remote-control devices of the existing equipment and solving the IR signals, and comparing the solved results with data in the database, there is a rapid match with existing equipment, so as to command the existing equipment.12-30-2010
20130089335IR protocol for 3D active eyewear - A method is provided for receiving information in the form of a command sequence. The command sequence may include shutter timing information and at least one command from a set of four commands. The commands within the command sequence may indicate different functions and may depend on at least the relative timing location to one another, the quantity of each command in the command sequence and the order of the commands relative to one another. Additionally, at least one command of the set of four commands may be received after the function should occur. A receiver may receive a signal which may include at least the command sequence. Once the receiver has received the same command sequence a couple of times, an operating mode may be determined which may allow additional commands to be implied, even though the additional commands may not actually be received by the receiver.04-11-2013
20130089334OPTICAL REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND LIGHT SOURCE CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - The present invention discloses an optical remote control system, and a method for controlling a light source of the system. The system includes: a light source including a plurality of lighting units, the light source generating at least one light beam; an image sensor receiving an image including the light beam; and a processor determining a number or positions of the lighting units which are activated according to an area of the light beam in the image.04-11-2013
20100272442MEDICAL INSTRUMENT COMPRISING A SEPARATE TRANSMITTER UNIT WHICH CAN BE EXTERIORLY FASTENED - The invention relates to a medical instrument, comprising a signal transmitter and at least one activating device for activating the transmitter which is provided on a transmitter unit which is separate from the instrument, wherein the transmitter unit is a unit which can be fastened to the exterior of the instrument. It also relates to a method for controlling a treatment-assisting medical software by means of a signal transmitter which is arranged on a medical instrument, wherein the instrument is positionally detected by means of a medical tracking system, and wherein the software assigns a different significance to the signal output by the transmitter depending on the position of the instrument.10-28-2010
20120219298REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD HAVING REDUCED VULNERABILITY TO NOISE - A remote control system and method having reduced vulnerability to noise. In an environment having noise at a frequency of infrared signals transmitted by a remote controller, errors and malfunctions in a remote control receiving device such as a set top box are controlled by selectively transmitting an entire code including header pulses and data pulses, or a repeat code including header pulses, data pulses and repeater pulses from the remote controller, and receiving and using the entire code or repeat code at the remote receiving device.08-30-2012
20120219297APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING INFRARED SIGNALS AT A MEDIA DEVICE CONFIGURED TO BE POSITIONED IN DIFFERENT ORIENTATIONS - Systems and methods are operable to detect infrared (IR) signals at a media device. Exemplary embodiments include a media device configured to receive media content; at least one IR detector residing in the media device, and configured to receive a portion of IR signals emitted from a remote control; and a cover lens disposed in a portion of an enclosure of the media device. The cover lens has a first cover lens portion configured to receive the IR signals emitted from the remote control and is configured to transmit a first portion of the received IR signal to the IR detector when the media device is horizontally oriented, and has a second cover lens portion configured to receive the IR signal emitted from the remote control and is configured to transmit a second portion of the received IR signal to the IR detector when the media device is vertically oriented.08-30-2012
20090092397WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE, BRIDGE DEVICE AND WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - A wireless remote control device of the present invention includes not only an infrared-transmitting section that transmits operational information to the outside so as to remotely control a predetermined electronic device but also a radio-wave-transmitting section that transmits information to the outside through the use of radio waves as a medium. Thus, it is easily possible to remotely control an electronic device such as audio-visual equipment and to transmit operational information in the form of radio waves with a higher degree of accuracy.04-09-2009
20090238572REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - A remote control device controls a medical device or a medical control device for controlling the medical device by infrared light communication, and includes: an infrared light emission unit for emitting infrared light for performing infrared light communication; a control unit for allowing the infrared light emission unit to emit first infrared light for conveying control information for control of the medical device, and second infrared light conveying predetermined information and having a frequency different from that of the first infrared light; and an infrared light reception unit for receiving the infrared light emitted from the infrared light emission unit. The control unit determines whether or not the infrared light received by the infrared light reception unit is the second infrared light.09-24-2009
20090232506Method and Device for Controlling a Remote Vehicle - A system and method for controlling a remote vehicle comprises a hand-held controller including a laser generator for generating a laser beam. The hand-held controller is manipulable to aim and actuate the laser beam to designate a destination for the remote vehicle. The remote vehicle senses a reflection of the laser beam and moves toward the designated destination. The hand-held controller allows single-handed control of the remote vehicle and one or more of its payloads. A method for controlling a remote vehicle via a laser beam comprises encoding control signals for a remote vehicle into a laser beam that is aimed and sent to a designated destination for the remote vehicle, and sensing a reflection of the laser beam, decoding the control signals for the remote vehicle, and moving toward the designated destination.09-17-2009
20090047022Remote Control Device - A remote control device for wirelessly controlling a second device is disclosed that allows the user to remotely control the second device using spoken commands. The remote control device is preferably dimensioned to be useful as a handheld device. The remote control device includes one or more microphones into which the user can speak a command. The remote control device also includes a transmitter, for example a radio frequency transmitter and/or an optical transmitter, for transmitting a signal to the second device based on the user's spoken command.02-19-2009
20090060514INFRA-RED REPEATER IN POWER CENTERS - A combined electrical power conditioner and IR controller that provides a single point for communications with a Remote and connects with the various components of a video or audio system which is configured to respond to IR signals. The apparatus receives and routes IR signals either serially or in parallel to the system components through IR capable cables. The apparatus may be equipped with an RF to IR converter for an RF capable remote controller.03-05-2009
20110299854Light Bulb with IR Transmitter - A lighting module is disclosed that integrates a controller capable of receiving data from a source outside of the module, and then sending out an IR command to control a consumer electronics component based on the data received. The lighting module could be light bulb, a lighting fixture, a subcomponent of a lighting apparatus, or any other apparatus that incorporates both an illumination source and the controller for receiving data and sending out the IR command for controlling consumer electronics.12-08-2011
20120008960REMOTE CONTROL RECEIVER AND PROJECTION DISPLAY DEVICE - A remote control receiver which receives light for exercising remote control as a transmission signal, includes: a light detector which receives the transmission signal; and a guide portion which has an incidence plane to which the transmission signal is entered, and refracts the incident transmission signal from the incidence plane and directs the incident transmission signal toward the light detector. In this arrangement, the guide portion has an interface which is tapered down from the incidence plane toward the light detector.01-12-2012
20090028568Multi-protocol infrared receiver - A receiver includes a single infrared (IR) sensor, which is coupled to sense an IR signal carrying data and to produce an electrical signal responsively to the IR signal. The receiver further includes multiple receiver channels arranged to accept the electrical signal from the single IR sensor, each receiver channel configured to process the electrical signal in accordance with a different, respective IR remote control protocol so as to extract the data, and to output the extracted data to a host system.01-29-2009
20120033975APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MOTOR ROTATION CONTROL WITH AN IR RECEIVER - A method of controlling a television (TV) mount with a general-purpose remote controller. A signal of the remote controller is intercepted by an infrared ray (IR) receiver, and stored in an internal memory of the IR receiver so as to be used as a control signal of the TV mount. In addition, after a signal is stored the IR receiver in an initial setting mode, the signal may be used as the control signal of the TV mount when a corresponding key of the general-purpose remote controller is pressed.02-09-2012
20120082461VERSATILE REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A radio-frequency (RF) remote control (04-05-2012
20090162069Apparatus and Method of Optical Communication - An optical communication apparatus includes an optical source and electronic control circuitry configured to generate a burst of heterogeneous pulses. The burst of heterogeneous pulses includes pulses within a band of characteristic pulse frequencies. The electronic control circuitry is further configured to transmit a plurality of the burst from the optical source in a pattern corresponding to data to be transmitted.06-25-2009
20120294620VERSATILE REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A radio-frequency (RF) remote control (11-22-2012
20110268448METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IMPLEMENTING A UNIVERSAL SET TOP BOX - A system is disclosed. The system has a first receiver, a second receiver, and an input device configured to transmit a command signal in response to user input. The system also has an input waveguide having a first end in communication with the input device and terminating at the first receiver, and a second end in communication with the second receiver. The input waveguide is arranged to receive and route the command signal to the second receiver. The system also has an output waveguide having a first end in communication with the first receiver, and a second end in communication with the second receive. The second receiver is configured to determine whether the command signal is directed to the first receiver and/or the second receiver based a code contained in the command signal. The second receiver is further configured to execute the command signal when it is determined that the command signal is directed to the second receiver, and relay the command signal through the output waveguide to the first receiver for execution when it is determined that the command signal is directed to the first receiver.11-03-2011
20080317471APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CONTROL - An exemplary remote control apparatus includes a light source, a control module, an image sensing module, an image processing module and a communication module. The control module is separated from the light source, moveable by a user, and configured for receiving light beams from the light source in an incident direction and reflecting the light beams in a direction anti-parallel to the incident direction. The image sensing module senses images formed by light beams reflected by the control module. The image processing module processes images sensed by the image sensing module and generates a control signal associated with a movement of the control module imparted by the user. The communication module outputs the control signal to control the information technology system. A remote control system using the remote control apparatus is also provided.12-25-2008
20090052899METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLED DEVICE SELECTION BY A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The present application discloses a method and apparatus for controlled device selection by a portable electronic device (02-26-2009
20090245804SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMPROVED INFRARED COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CONSUMER APPLIANCES - Optical or electrical attenuation is provided at the infrared (IR) receiver of a first device, such as a remote control, together with a commensurate increase in output of the IR transmitter of an appliance, such as a set top box, to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of IR communications with respect to any background infrared radiation, such as radiation from a plasma display screen.10-01-2009
20090220243REMOTE CONTROL RELAY FOR WIRELESSLY-CONTROLLED DEVICES - Methods and systems for relaying an optical signal from a remote control to a remote-controlled device such as a home entertainment device or a security device. Embodiments include at least one optical receiver and a plurality of optical transmitters. The optical transmitter positioned with an unobstructed line-of-sight to the home entertainment device is identified and the data encoded in the optical signal from the remote control is sent to that transmitter. A second optical signal that is substantially identical to the first is then generated at the optical transmitter and communicated to the home entertainment device.09-03-2009
20130188960One-Handed Remote Unit That Can Control Multiple Devices - A universal console using infra-red (IR) technology allows users to consolidate their remote control devices to a single universal device that can control a PC, DVD, games, TV, and other IR coupled devices. It further has the benefit of being highly power efficient and thus allowing the use of batteries without needed to be recharged or replaced for many months. Through the use of different dongles (and different configurations) different models can be offered for use on game consoles, smart TVs, and other connected devices.07-25-2013
20090245803SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCTION OF INFRARED NOISE DURING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CONSUMER APPLIANCES - A system and method for facilitating infrared (IR) communications from a first device, such as a set top box, to a second device, such as a remote control, in the presence of an IR noise generating device, such as a plasma television, by using at least one of the first device and the second device to actively reduce a level of IR noise being generated by the IR noise generating device during an IR transmission from the first device to the second device.10-01-2009
20100135667Recovering energy from an IRDA/remote control transmitter circuit - A portable electronic device with an IrDA transmitter LED is used to transmit both IrDA signals and remote control infrared signals. The device transmits remote control infrared signals with reduced power consumption. During a relatively longer remote control signal pulse, an inductor saturates and stores energy when a drive current flows from a power supply, through the inductor and then through the LED. An energy-transferring circuit transfers a portion of the energy stored in the inductor to the power supply. Energy is transferred when the drive current is cut and the voltage across the inductor surges, which causes an overflow current to flow through a diode in the energy-transferring circuit and to the power supply. The inductor is a planar coil of traces on a printed circuit board and therefore costs less to manufacture than does a toroidal coil of wires.06-03-2010
20130136454LIGHT EMITTING DIODE LIGHT SOURCE - An LED light source comprises a light source plate, a supporting frame, a transceiver module, a driving element and a secondary optical element. The light source plate comprises a first circuit board and a plurality of light emitting elements. The supporting frame comprises a pillar portion. The transceiver module comprises an antenna unit and a radio frequency unit. The antenna unit is disposed on the pillar portion for receiving a radio frequency signal and transmitting it to the radio frequency unit. The radio frequency unit outputs a driving signal to the driving element according to the radio frequency signal. The driving element drives each of the light emitting elements according to the driving signal. The light beams supplied by the light emitting elements are emitted from the secondary optical element. Therefore, users can remotely control the light source through wireless manners.05-30-2013
20110116804HANDS-FREE STERILE FIELD REMOTE CONTROL APPARATUS - A personal media player-recorder remote control is provided that includes an integrated circuit, an infrared transmitter electrically coupled thereto, and a power source for transmitting an infrared signal from the transmitter to a remotely located infrared receiver. A control button is provided in electrical communication with the integrated circuit and the transmitter. A housing encompasses the integrated circuit, transmitter, and power source and is formed of a material tolerant of a sterilization cycle. The remote control finds particular benefit in the setting of a surgical suite. Such a housing configured to rest on a floor need not be sterilized.05-19-2011
20110150483APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMPENSATING INFRARED NOISE IN AN ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - Remote control signal detection systems and methods are operable to compensate detected infrared energy to identify an infrared energy communication signal emitted by a remote control. An exemplary embodiment detects first infrared energy, wherein the infrared energy communication signal is absent in the first infrared energy; determines compensation based on the first infrared energy; detects second infrared energy, wherein the infrared energy communication signal is present in the second infrared energy; and compensates the second infrared energy based on the determined compensation.06-23-2011
20100054744SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING ORIENTATION OF AN OPTICAL EMITTER WITH RESPECT TO DETECTOR USING OPPOSITELY POLARIZED BEAMS FOR REFERENCE - The embodiments provided herein are directed to pitch and yaw sensitive remote control of televisions and the like using polarized light. In a preferred embodiment, the remote control unit and the infrared (IR) signal detection system of the television are sensitive to the pitch and yaw of the remote control unit relative to the television.03-04-2010
20100008673Remote controller - A remote controller includes: an operation unit including plural operation keys; a radio communication unit that performs bidirectional communication with a controlled apparatus; an infrared communication unit that performs unidirectional communication with the controlled apparatus; and a control unit that is input with an operation signal from the operation unit and controls the radio communication unit and the infrared communication unit, wherein the control unit includes a measuring unit that measures power supply voltage, and the control unit controls the radio communication unit to transmit a control signal to the controlled apparatus when the power supply voltage is equal to or higher than a predetermined value and controls the infrared communication unit to transmit the control signal to the controlled apparatus when the power supply voltage is lower than the predetermined value.01-14-2010
20080253772Remote controller, electronic apparatus, and remote control system - A remote controller sets up a pairing via two-way communications. The remote controller contains a light-emitting unit that emits a pairing-set-up request code for requesting a pairing-set-up start using infrared rays. The remote controller also contains a communication unit that receives unique information transmitted using the radio wave in response to the pairing-set-up request code emitted from the light-emitting unit and transmits unique information of the remote controller using the radio wave. The remote controller further contains a control unit that controls the light-emitting unit and the communication unit to register the unique information received by the communication unit and to set a partner of the pairing.10-16-2008
20100166428INFRARED APPARATUS TRANSMITTING THROUGH A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL INTERFACE OF A NETWORK ADDRESSED SERVER - An infrared apparatus transmitting through a wireless communication protocol interface of a network addressed server for linking a host to the Internet to control a remote electric device includes a server and an infrared learning and memory emission unit. The server allows the host to be linked to the Internet through dial-up access and has a RS485 interface unit located and linked inside. The infrared learning and memory emission unit respectively bridges the RS485 interface unit and the electric device. Through infrared signal transmission of the infrared learning and memory emission unit the RS485 interface unit and the electric device can be linked to allow users to control operation of the electric device.07-01-2010
20100158533REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION - Signals from a remote control device may be received in a first viewing area and retransmitted to a second viewing area to control customer premises equipment (CPE) devices in the second viewing area. In some embodiments, signals are translated for compatibility with the CPE devices in the second viewing area. A repeater in the first viewing area may receive infrared signals encoded with a remote control command and retransmit the remote control command with an RF signal to a receiver in the second viewing area. The repeater may be incorporated into a multimedia processing resource such as a set-top box.06-24-2010
20100028010Method and system for updating a control device database via flashing light - A system for delivering codes to a remote control for controlling a number of electronic devices includes a receiver for receiving a signal from a transmitter. A display connected to the receiver has a mechanism for flashing visible-light to the remote control, the flashed visible-light being related to the signal. The remote control includes a code database and mechanisms for receiving flashed visible-light and converting it into a code storable in the database. A method for acquiring updated codes includes storing codes for controlled apparatus in a code database. Data related to additional device codes are then transmitted to a processing device connected to a visual display. The data are flashed as visible-light from the display and received by the remote control. Received visible-light is converted into at least one device code and used to update the code database in the remote control.02-04-2010
20120148251Method and Apparatus for Propagating Optical Signals along with Power Feed to Illuminators and Electrical Appliances - In a method and apparatus for propagating optical signals via optical cables such as plastic optical fiber, known as lightguide joint and mingled with the electrical wiring and home automation system for controlling LED illuminators enclosed in standard screw type bulb bases or plug-in bases, such as used for halogen lamp via optical signal propagated through such standard bases. Same optical signals are propagated through power outlets and via power cable assemblies to electrical appliances for controlling the appliances operation and on-off switching. Full range of control, distribution, signal conversion, keypads and touch screen including video interphones monitors and shopping terminals operate and controls such home automation via the optical cables.06-14-2012
20090016728Method and system for pairing a remote control with a device - Techniques for pairing a remote control to a device are disclosed. After a specific button is pressed or buttons are pressed in a specific order, a remote control is caused to enter a re-programming mode. In the mode, the transmitting power of the remote control is significantly reduced, resulting in a much smaller working range. In addition, an identifier in the remote control is changed so that all subsequent command signals from the remote carry a different identifier. For the device to respond to the change in the remote control, a user has to bring the remote control up close to the device for receiving a command signal carrying the changed identifier from the remote control. Once the remote control is back to a normal mode, the remote control is paired with the device within its own working range.01-15-2009
20120114336NETWORK DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTION - The present invention relates to a network based digital signage apparatus and a method for causing the digital signage apparatus to retrieve content from a remote server, for use in displaying content thereon. By utilizing a computer network to cause a digital signage device to remotely retrieve and store and/or display content, the instant invention potentially offers significant cost savings over the use of traditional digital signage systems that require separate media player and controller hardware.05-10-2012
20100247102UNION REMOTE CONTROLLER, UNION REMOTE CONTROLLER INFORMATION PROVIDING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - A method of a union remote controller and a union remote controller information providing system and a method for operating the same is disclosed, in which various electronic apparatuses are controlled just by downloading simple remote controller information regardless of whether an electronic apparatus is on the market, kinds, manufacture companies, and model names. The union remote controller includes a data base for storing remote controller information correspondingly to manufacture companies and models; and a server for operating an Internet site which obtains remote controller information provided from manufacture companies of each electronic apparatus, stores them in a data base, and provides remote controller information according to a user's request. Since it is possible to control multiple electronic apparatuses with one remote controller, and it is also possible to control products which will be on the market later by simply downloading data, there is no temporal and economical inconvenience for a user to maintain a number of remote controllers.09-30-2010
20120163827INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL UNIT AND LIGHTING SYSTEM HAVING SAME - An infrared remote control unit includes an infrared remote control and an infrared processing unit. The infrared remote control includes a keypad and an infrared light emitting diode. The keypad is configured to receive user's input. The infrared light emitting diode is configured to emit infrared light according to the user's input. The infrared processing unit is configured to connect between a lamp and a household power. The infrared processing unit includes an infrared receiver and a processor. The infrared receiver is configured to receive the infrared light emitted from the infrared light emitting diode. The processor is configured to read instructions contained in the infrared light to control the lamp to turn off/on according to the read instructions.06-28-2012
20120170939METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ASYNCHRONOUS LAMP IDENTIFICATION - The invention relates to embedding data into a luminance output generated by an illumination system comprising a light source and a controller. The controller is configured to embed data by modulating a drive signal applied to the light source with an information signal comprising a shifted base code and a synchronization code. The synchronization code serves to provide synchronization for the receiver, while the shifted base code serves to carry the embedded data. A cyclic phase shift that is applied to a base code to generate the shifted base code corresponds to particular data, such as, for example, light source identification, that needs to be embedded into the luminance output of the illumination system. In this manner, data may be embedded into the luminance output generated by a light source without requiring synchronization of this light source with other light sources.07-05-2012
20090060513REMOTE OPTICAL CONTROL OF ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS - An optical controlling circuit and an electrical controlled circuit such as a motor control circuit are interconnected by an electro-optic interface. A passive optical switch located in the optical circuit at a position remote from the electrical circuit is physically actuated to generate a change in optical transmission state of the optical circuit. At the electro-optic interface, the change in optical transmission state of the optical circuit is detected and triggers a change in the electrical transmission state of the electric circuit. Embodied as STOP and START pushbuttons, a pair of such passive optical switches at a position remote from the electric circuit reduces the risk that actuating motor control circuits and the like will cause arcing and, in hazardous environments, explosion.03-05-2009
20090060515Remote controlling system, electronic device, and controlling method - A remote controlling system is disclosed. An infrared remote controller generates a first serial signal containing a command corresponding to a user's operation and outputs the first serial signal by infrared communication. A radio remote controller generates a code signal containing a key number corresponding to a user's operation and outputs the code signal by radio communication. An electronic device includes a light receiving section, a radio receiving section, a selecting section, and a controlling section.03-05-2009
20080298808Radio Communication System, Radio Communication Apparatus and Radio Communication Method as Well as Computer Program - It is possible to realize remote control in a reflection wave transmission system, and enhance operability for a mobile apparatus having a reflector. The mobile apparatus comprises a reflector and performs reflection wave transmission by carrying data on a reflection wave for unmodulated carrier. A reflection wave reader comprises an infrared light receiving section, receives and decodes a request signal sent as an infrared remote control command, transmits it to the mobile apparatus by an ASK modulated signal and then transmits the unmodulated carrier. The mobile apparatus transmits requested data by reflection wave. The mobile apparatus can be operated from an infrared remote controller and remote control distance can be extended.12-04-2008
20120087671SYSTEMS, METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DETECTING INFRARED NOISE AT A REMOTE CONTROL - Systems, devices and methods provide feedback about the quality of communication between a device and a remote control. A wireless signal is sent between a controlled device and the remote control. The quality of the signal can be measured and reported to a user, installer, troubleshooter, customer service agent or other person in any manner. Quality may be determined based upon the strength of the received signal as well as the amount of noise that is present. The quality measurements provide feedback that allows a user, installer, customer service representative or other person to change the positions of the device or the remote control, or to take other actions based upon the quality of the wireless signal that is received.04-12-2012
20120328300METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR LEARNING REMOTE CONTROL COMMANDS - Described herein are various techniques for transferring command codes between multiple remote controls. A first controlled device receives a signal from a remote control associated with a second controlled device. The signal is associated with a command for the second controlled device. The first controlled device receives user input, assigning the command to a selected button of a second remote control. The first controlled device transmits a message to the second remote control. The message includes information utilized by the second remote control to reproduce the signal responsive to actuation of the selected button, allowing the second remote control to generate the command for the second controlled device.12-27-2012
20120328299APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR OPTICAL CONTROL OF LIGHTING DEVICES - A lighting apparatus includes at least one light emitting device configured to receive an optical signal from a source external to the lighting apparatus and a control circuit coupled to the at least one light emitting device and configured to adjust a light output of the at least one light emitting device responsive to the received optical signal. The at least one light-emitting device may include at least one light-emitting diode (LED) configured to receive the optical signal, and the control circuit may include a detector circuit coupled to the at least one LED and configured to detect the received optical signal.12-27-2012
20100202779IrDA transceiver module that also functions as remote control IR transmitter - The infrared LED of an IrDA module transmits IR energy with a peak wavelength (for example, 875 nm) appropriate for IrDA communication. This peak wavelength is lower than is the wavelength (for example, 940 nm) used in ordinary IR remote controls (RC). The IrDA LED does, however, transmit some energy at the wavelength of the peak sensitivity of an RC receiver. When making an IrDA transmission, the IrDA LED is driven with a lower amount of current. When making an RC transmission, the IrDA LED is driven with an increased amount of current such that higher wavelength emissions received by the RC receiver are of adequate power to realize RC communication. A passive circuit is disclosed for automatically increasing IrDA LED current during RC transmissions. The circuit involves an inductor that shunts current around a current-limiting resistor used to limit LED drive current.08-12-2010
20080247757METHOD OF CONTROLLING DEVICE BY USING UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL - A method of controlling a device with a universal remote control includes obtaining and storing an image of an operation panel of a remote control that controls the device, assigning a control command received to control the device to an input key area contained in the image, storing the input key area and the assigned control command, displaying the image of the operation panel of the remote control, and outputting the assigned control command in response to a touch signal is input to the input key area.10-09-2008
20130177318FEATURES FOR USE WITH A MULTI-SIDED CONTROLLING DEVICE - A multi-sided controlling device automatically makes keys on one or more sides of the controlling device active as a function of an operating mode of the controlling device. One or more sides of such a multi-sided controlling device may also have at least one keycap behind which is positioned an IR transmitter usable when another side of the controlling device is active.07-11-2013
20130136455PROGRAMMING A UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL - A method of programming a Universal Remote Control is described. A user is requested to execute a command sequence comprising more than one command from an original Remote Control for controlling a device (05-30-2013
20130129357APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLED INFRARED ILLUMINATOR - An apparatus for a controlled infrared illuminator includes an unmanned aerial system capable of sustained flight and an infrared light source coupled to the unmanned aerial system by attachment means. The infrared light source includes a plurality of laser diodes arranged in a pattern. The apparatus also includes a remote control that controls either the movements of the unmanned aerial system, the position of the infrared light source, or both.05-23-2013
20100040376RECEIVER - A receiver for use with a remote controller is provided. The receiver includes a signal receiver and a signal enhancer. The signal receiver has a signal receiving end. The signal enhancer is disposed in front of the signal receiver corresponding to the signal receiving end. The signal enhancer is transparent to light and has a concave structure. The signal receiver receives a signal through the signal enhancer.02-18-2010
20130156433WIRELESS NON-CONTACT SWITCH FOR AUTOMATIC DOORS - The wireless non-contact switch detects movement of human body in the beam-shaped detection are which extends from the upper area on the wall toward the floor surface, and controls opening and closing of the automatic door. Regardless of the height of the location of the movement, as long as it is in the detection area, the switch detects the movement of different height location in the detection area. Therefore, regardless of the difference of regulation between each states, it can be operated at any height of the movement.06-20-2013
20130156435REMOTE CONTROL APPARATUS - A remote control apparatus for controlling a plurality of remote controllable appliances includes a housing, an infrared signal receiving window and an infrared signal transmitting window defined in the housing. The remote apparatus determines the selected appliance and the selected function based upon a wireless signal carrying an identification transmitted by the mobile terminal, determines an infrared remote control code, and emits an infrared signal carrying the infrared remote control code. A light directing element received in the housing directs the infrared signal emitting by the infrared transmitting unit and the infrared remote control signal from the attached remote control to exit the housing through the infrared signal transmitting window, thereby controlling the selected appliance to execute the selected function.06-20-2013
20130156434REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND APPARATUS - A remote control system for remotely controlling a plurality of remote controllable appliances includes a mobile terminal and a remote control apparatus. The remote control apparatus includes a plurality of infrared transmitting modules corresponding to a remote controllable appliances. The mobile terminal generates a wireless signal carrying an identification including information of a selected appliance and a selected function. The remote control apparatus determines an infrared remote control code associated with the selected function, and generates an infrared remote control signal carrying the determined infrared remote control code to be transmitted to the selected appliance by the corresponding infrared transmitting module to execute the selected function.06-20-2013
20130183042System and Method of Extending the Communication Range in a Visible Light Communication System - A system, remote control device and method are provided herein for communicating with and controlling various devices using visible light communication (VLC). According to one embodiment, a method is provided for extending a communication range of a visible light communication system comprising a remote control device and a plurality of controlled devices. Such a method may include, for example, transmitting a communication message from a remote control device to a first controlled device located within range of the remote control device, wherein the communication message is transmitted through free space using visible light, and extending the communication range of the visible light communication system to a second controlled device, which is located outside of the range of the remote control device, by using the first controlled device to retransmit the communication message through free space using visible light to the second controlled device.07-18-2013

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