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396452000 Shutter 126
396529000 Lens mount 111
396535000 Body structure or housing 59
396448000 Lens cover 50
396505000 Diaphragm 38
396449000 Diaphragm shutter unit 6
396542000 Having printed circuit detail 5
20110188848ELECTRONIC FLASH DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS PROVIDED WITH ELECTRONIC FLASH DEVICE - An electronic flash device that is capable of preventing an electric leak from a secondary electrode section or a circuit board pattern that is electrically connected with the secondary electrode section to conductive materials such as a surrounding metal exterior and a metallic frame in a downsized electronic flash device. An electronic component has a high voltage section for emitting an emission section. A circuit board contains the electronic component. An insulating member covers the high voltage section of the electronic component. The insulating member is extended to a side of the circuit board that is opposite to the side on which the electronic component is contained at an outer edge section of the circuit board close to the high voltage section.08-04-2011
20080285968Compact camera module package structure - The present invention discloses a compact camera module (CCM) package structure that allows a lens module to adjoin directly on the CCM module to prevent height error that occurs when CCM module is soldered to the substrate from affecting the imaging performance of chip module. The CCM package structure comprises a substrate, a sensor chip module and a lens module. The lens module can encase and cover the sensor chip module, and adjoin the periphery of a light transmitting plane of the sensor chip module through a concave step disposed in the lens module so that the lens module can synchronously maintain the same horizontal angle and height as the light-transmitting plane of sensor chip module, thereby reducing error occurred in the manufacturing process and allowing the lens module and the sensor chip module to produce better focusing and image quality.11-20-2008
20110150462LENS MODULE AND ASSEMBLY METHOD THEREOF - A lens module includes a flexible printed circuit board, a first sensor, a second sensor, an adjustment device, a lens, a protective frame, an outer housing, a drive mechanism and a resilient member. The flexible printed circuit board includes a first mounting portion and a second mounting portion. The first sensor and the second sensor are fixed on the flexible printed circuit board. The outer housing is connected to the flexible printed circuit board and covers on the outside of the adjustment device and the protective frame. The resilient member and the flexible printed circuit board are arranged on opposite sides of the outer housing. The flexible printed circuit board can be folded along a connecting line between the first mounting portion and the second mounting portion.06-23-2011
20080247751Printed circuit board assembly - A printed circuit board comprises at least one printed circuit board with at least one electrical contact and one circuit board connector. The circuit board connector includes a printed circuit board provided with one or several open tracks on at least one side for connection with electrical contact(s) of the printed circuit board.10-09-2008
20120315029CAMERA INCLUDING MOUNT FOR FLASH - A camera includes a circuit board that includes a plurality of terminals disposed on a top surface of the circuit board to correspond to connection terminals of an external flash, and a support unit that supports the circuit board.12-13-2012
396543000 With mechanical switch detail 5
20100104275INPUT DEVICE - An input device for zooming and shutter releasing includes a shutter release button; a pressing protrusion; a tact switch located on a substrate and configured to be pressed when the shutter release button is pressed downward; a rotary member rotatably supported at the periphery of the shutter release button; a magnet configured to be rotated in association with rotation of the rotary member, the magnet having a through hole at the center thereof, the pressing protrusion supported to extend through the through hole; and a magnetic sensor located at a position to face the through hole in the height direction and configured to detect a rotational magnetic field that is generated by the magnet because of the rotation of the rotary member, the tact switch and the magnetic sensor arranged side by side on the substrate.04-29-2010
20120308223ZOOM BUTTON STRUCTURE - A zoom button structure including a zoom button, a first middle band and a second middle band is provided. The first middle band has a first lock portion and a first body portion. The first lock portion extends from the first body portion and is located at a side of the zoom button. The second middle band has a second lock portion and a second body portion. The second lock portion extends from the second body portion and is located at the other side of the zoom button. Herein, the first lock portion and the second lock portion lock together and form an annular accommodating space. And the annular accommodating space surrounds and accommodates the zoom button.12-06-2012
20100278525SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR CAMERA DEVICE - A switching mechanism for a camera device includes a driving device, a first screw bar connecting to the driving device, a second screw bar connecting to the first screw bar, and a lead screw having an end coupled with the second screw bar. The first screw bar is driven by the driving device via a screw thread thereof, and the second screw bar is driven by the first screw bar via a screw thread thereof, thereby driving the lead screw for rotation. The screw nut is disposed on the lead screw and moved back and forth via the rotation of the lead screw. Two stop blocks disposed at two ends of the lead screw respectively are to limit two positions of the moved screw nut while the screw nut is moved beyond a threaded area of the lead screw, upon which time the screw nut is slightly engaged with the lead screw.11-04-2010
20090016711OPERATING DEVICE - An operating device is provided having a first button, a second button, and a regulating member. The first button has a tubular hole having a bottom, and is able to be pressed in the direction from the opening edge of said tubular hole to the bottom. The second button freely fits the inside surface of said tubular hole on the outside surface of the second button. The regulating member engages the edge of the first button and regulates the movement of the first button in the pressing direction. The first button is swingable on its edge.01-15-2009
396447000 Reflex mirror 3
20130136441SHOCK-ABSORBING MECHANISM FOR MOVABLE MIRROR OF CAMERA - A movable mirror shock-absorbing mechanism of a camera includes a movable mirror which is rotatable between a viewfinder light-guiding position and a retracted position, a pressing portion which moves with the rotation of the movable mirror, a first shock-absorbing member which is pressed and moved by the pressing portion to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates from the retracted position to the viewfinder light-guiding position, and a second shock-absorbing member which is pressed and moved by the pressing portion to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates from the viewfinder light-guiding position to the retracted position. The first and second shock-absorbing members are mutually identical in specifications.05-30-2013
20120063763SHOCK-ABSORBING MECHANISM FOR MOVABLE MIRROR OF CAMERA - A movable mirror shock-absorbing mechanism of a camera, includes a movable mirror rotatable between a viewfinder light-guiding position and a retracted position, a mirror-advancing shock-absorbing member which comes into contact with, and is pressed and moved by, the movable mirror to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates from the retracted position to the viewfinder light-guiding position, and a mirror-retracting shock-absorbing member which comes into contact with, and is pressed and moved by, the movable mirror to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates from the viewfinder light-guiding position to the retracted position. The mirror-advancing shock-absorbing member is held in a position so as not to contact with the movable mirror by the mirror-retracting shock-absorbing member when the movable mirror is in the viewfinder light-guiding position.03-15-2012
20120163793IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS HAVING MECHANISM TO SUPPRESS MIRROR BOUNCE - An image pickup apparatus capable of reducing variations in the time it takes for mirror bounce to end caused by adjustments made to the angle of a mirror, making assembly of the image pickup apparatus more efficient, and making the image pickup apparatus more compact. A mirror unit comes into contact with a positioning pin so as to be positioned in the shooting optical path. Rotating an adjustment member, on which a lock lever is rotatably fitted and to which the positioning pin is fixed, causes the mirror unit to move following the adjustment member. The lock lever and the positioning pin eccentrically move according to the rotation of the adjustment member and move in the same direction by the same amount. A gap between the mirror unit and a lock pin of the lock lever is constant.06-28-2012
396511000 Detachable or removable film holder unit 3
20080267616Solid-state image sensing device and electronic apparatus comprising same - A camera module 10-30-2008
20090028547CARTRIDGE TYPE ATTACHMENT LENS FOR A DIGITAL CAMERA - A cartridge type attachment lens arranged in front of a digital camera for receiving card lenses is disclosed. A cuboid shell is removably fixed on a camera lens. There is a battery and a lighting unit as a light source for the close-up photography in the shell. A plurality of parallel slots are disposed on one lateral side of the shell, and each slot extends inwards to form a sliding groove in the shell for accommodating the card lens. Multiple card lenses can be inserted the shell to form arbitrary permutation and combination.01-29-2009
20120251096Photographic Stitching Device - A photographic stitching device that has a generally planar structure having an offset aperture, a capture device mount proximate to the offset aperture, and a mounting structure to accommodate a camera frame. The photographic stitching device allows a photographer to capture a matrix of precisely overlapping photographs that can later be electronically stitched together to create a higher resolution composite image, a panoramic image, a vista, a stereoscopic image, a 3-D image, an artistic rendering, or similar custom and unique photographic products.10-04-2012
396534000 Hood 1
20100111518Camera viewfinder accessory mounting device - A camera viewfinder accessory mounting device is disclosed for a camera viewfinder including an outwardly projecting frame surrounding a viewing window and having opposed mounting members on opposite sides of the window. The device includes a body portion having a viewing opening and cooperative mounting members for slideably engaging the opposed mounting members of the frame. The body portion includes a stop adjacent one end of the cooperative mounting members, and a catch disposed between the cooperative mounting members at another end of the cooperative mounting members and extending perpendicular thereto. The device is slideable over the camera viewfinder frame along the mounting members and the catch latches the frame to secure the device on the viewfinder.05-06-2010
20130028587BLACK CURABLE COMPOSITION, LIGHT-SHIELDING COLOR FILTER FOR A SOLID-STATE IMAGING DEVICE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME, SOLID-STATE IMAGING DEVICE, WAFER LEVEL LENS, AND CAMERA MODULE - A black curable composition for forming a light-shielding color filter of solid-state imaging device is provided, which is capable of forming a pattern at low exposure dose even when containing a high concentration of an inorganic pigment, and preventing pattern defects. Also, a black curable composition for a wafer level lens is provided, which is capable of forming a cured film having excellent light shieldability and excellent in co-formability of both a large pattern and a fine pattern. The composition includes: an inorganic pigment; a copolymer containing a monomer having at least one of an amino group and a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic group, a monomer having at least one group of a carboxyl group, a phosphate group and a sulfonate group, and a macromonomer having a weight average molecular weight from 1,000 to 50,000; a polymerization initiator; a polymerizable compound; and an alkali-soluble resin having an unsaturated double bond.01-31-2013
20120207465DUSTPROOF STRUCTURE AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A dustproof structure includes: at least one fixed member disposed in an immobile manner; and a rotating member rotatable relative to the fixed member, wherein a clearance is formed between the fixed member and the rotating member, the clearance communicating with an external space positioned outside the fixed member and the rotating member and with an internal space positioned between the fixed member and the rotating member and extending in the direction in which the rotating member is rotated, and a plurality of recesses are formed in the fixed member, the recesses positioned in the internal space, extending in the rotating direction, and arranged in a direction other than the rotating direction.08-16-2012
20110268434Lens barrel retention systems of a camera module - Systems and methods to achieve an auto-focus camera module having a retention system with low friction have been disclosed. A magnetic retention system holds the carrier of the camera module, the ball bearings, and the movable lens barrel together. In case of a major mechanical shock the force of the magnetic retention system may not be sufficient to hold the parts together. Therefore a hook, which is deployed on a fixed part of the carrier of the camera module, is introduced in order to hold the parts together when a mechanical shock occurs. The hook does only engage in the movable lens barrel in a shock condition, the hook does not touch the lens barrel under normal operation conditions, hence not causing any friction if no shock occurs.11-03-2011
20120070145METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SHIELDING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES FROM LIGHT - The present disclosure is directed to a camera module that includes at least a semiconducting die, an image-sensing circuit, a lens, a lens aperture, and a coating that adheres to an exterior surface of the camera module. The coating is opaque to light and prevents light from accessing the camera other than through the lens aperture. The opaque coating is applied as a fluid and is cured. In one embodiment, a mask material is selectively applied to exterior surfaces of the semiconducting die, electrical interconnect layers, glass layers, the lens body, or the lens aperture. After applying the opaque coating, the selectively applied mask material is removed. Methods of selectively applying a mask material include applying a conformable and peelably releasable dope-like material, placing an array of joined, selectively shaped rigid masks over an array of assemblies, and applying a conformable mask material that is heat-expandable.03-22-2012
20100215356ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, IMAGING APPARATUS, AND GRIP STRUCTURE - An electronic apparatus includes: a window member containing a material that attenuates visible light but transmits specific light that does not lie in the wavelength band of visible light, the window member having a front wall portion having a thickness extending along the direction from the front side to the rear side; a light emitter provided behind the front wall portion, the light emitter emitting the visible light through a first area of the front wall portion; and a light receiver provided behind the front wall portion, the light receiver receiving the specific light passing through a second area of the front wall portion that differs from the first area, wherein the front wall portion in the first area is thinner than the front wall portion in the second area.08-26-2010
20110058804Image Pickup Apparatus With Back Focus Adjustment Mechanism - An image pickup apparatus according to the present invention includes an apparatus body including an image sensor built therein, and a lens unit, the apparatus body is provided with a back focus adjustment mechanism and a sliding member which is slidable in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis of the image sensor, the sliding member is provided with an infrared blocking filter and a dummy glass plate arranged next to each other, the apparatus is capable of switching modes between a day photographing mode in which the infrared blocking filter is positioned on the optical axis of the image sensor and a night photographing mode in which the dummy glass plate is positioned on the optical axis of the image sensor, and the dummy glass plate has a thickness greater than a thickness with which optical path length extension equivalent to that with the infrared blocking filter is obtained.03-10-2011
20120243862OPTICAL MODULE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL MODULE - In order to attain an optical module which can prevent a foreign object from intruding into the optical module, a camera module includes a top surface section having an opening for allowing light to pass through the opening into the optical module; and a glass substrate for sealing the opening, the glass substrate being adhered to the top surface section, the top surface section including a projection section which projects to abut on the glass substrate, the projection section being formed to surround the opening.09-27-2012
20110129211IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device to which a support can be attached includes a support attachment unit and a support body unit. The support attachment unit includes a first threaded hole configured to be attached to the support, and an exposure face formed around the entrance of the first threaded hole. The support body unit includes a housing having an opening configured to expose the exposure face and an outer surface formed around the opening, and movably supports the support attachment unit. The support attachment unit is disposed at a first position when the support is not attached, and is disposed at a second position when the support is attached. The exposure face is disposed more to the inside of the housing than the outer surface when the support attachment unit is disposed at the first position.06-02-2011
20100061713LENS BARREL AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A lens barrel is configured so as to rotatably support lens barriers by a barrier drive member that rotates around an optical axis and the lens barriers rotate and revolve on an axis when the lens barriers are opened and closed. The lens barrel includes wall units provided on an inner circumference portion facing to a space where the lens barriers of the lens barrel member operates, and convexes provided on surfaces of the lens barriers adjacent to the inner circumference portion of the lens barrel member. When the lens barriers are held at a barrier opening position and the barrier drive member is moved to a driving member closing position, the wall units are brought into contact with the convexes and the lens barriers are forcibly closed.03-11-2010
20110150455OPTICAL DEVICE AND METHOD OF MOVING LENS THEREOF - An optical device includes a lens, a horizontal transmission module, a vertical transmission module, a horizontal driving unit, a vertical driving unit, a horizontal orientation detector, a vertical orientation detector, a user interface, and a control unit. The horizontal driving unit moves the lens horizontally via the horizontal transmission module. The horizontal orientation detector can detect horizontal movement of the lens and emit a horizontal sensing signal. The vertical driving unit can move the lens vertically via the vertical transmission module. The vertical orientation detector can detect vertical movement of the lens and emit a vertical sensing signal. The user interface can generate an operation signal. The control unit can control movement of the lens according to the operation signal, the horizontal sensing signal, and the vertical sensing signal.06-23-2011
20110158634OPTICAL DEVICE FOR HIGH QUALITY AND COMPACT CAMERA MODULE - An optical device for a lens assembly of a camera module is disclosed. The optical device includes a liquid lens having at least one fixed lens and a transparent window, facing each other and delimiting, at least in part, an internal volume containing two immiscible liquids having different optical indices, and a first and a second electrode. The liquids form an interface moveable by application of a voltage between said electrodes. The optical device also includes a liquid lens holder, wherein the liquid lens holder has at least one electrical contact for contacting one electrode of the liquid lens, and at least one Z reference datum for aligning the fixed lens of the liquid lens with other optical elements of the lens assembly.06-30-2011
20100284684IMAGING BODY AND IMAGING DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An imaging body (11-11-2010
20110052181LENS SYSTEM, INTERCHANGEABLE LENS APPARATUS, AND CAMERA SYSTEM - It has conventionally been difficult to reduce the size of a fast lens system having an F number of about 1.4 to 2.4. In a lens system of the present invention, a positive lens element is disposed closest to an object side. A diaphragm is disposed in a widest air space in the lens system. The lens system of the present invention satisfies the following conditions:03-03-2011
20110052180LIGHT BLOCKING PLATE, CAMERA MODULE HAVING SAME, AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - An exemplary light blocking plate includes a light pervious substrate, a filter film formed on the light pervious substrate, and a metal film layer formed on the light pervious substrate and the optical filter film. The metal film layer defines a through hole to expose a central portion of the optical filter film.03-03-2011
20100166413IMAGING LENS, IMAGING DEVICE, PORTABLE TERMINAL, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING IMAGING LENS - An imaging lens (LN) includes at least one lens block (BK), and an aperture stop (ape). The lens block (BK) includes parallel flat lens substrates (LS) formed of different materials, and a lens (L). In the imaging lens (LN), a first lens block (BK07-01-2010
20100158500CAMERA MODULE AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A camera module and a portable electronic device using same are provided. The camera module can be rotated to align with an aperture in the front of the device or an aperture in the rear of the device.06-24-2010
20120230669METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CAMERA MODULE AND CAMERA MODULE - Certain embodiments provide methods for manufacturing camera module including arranging a camera module body in a first shield and forming a resin having a light shielding effect. The camera module body has: a sensor board which has a sensor unit; and an optical element which has a lens unit and a spacer. The process of arranging this camera module body in the first shield is a process of arranging the camera module body in the first shield such that a gap is formed between the camera module body and the first shield. The process of forming the resin having the light shielding effect is a process of forming the resin having the light shielding effect in the gap between the first shield and camera module body.09-13-2012
20100061712LENS DRIVE DEVICE - A lens drive device may include a thrust direction stopper mechanism which includes a thrust movement preventing abutting part of the movable body and a thrust movement preventing abutted part of the fixed body for restricting a moving range toward an object side of the movable body, and a radial direction stopper mechanism which includes a radial movement preventing abutting part of the movable body and a radial movement preventing abutted part of the fixed body for restricting a moving range in a radial direction of the movable body. The moving range in the radial direction under an inclined posture of the movable body with respect to an optic axis is restricted over all directions by the radial direction stopper mechanism and the thrust direction stopper mechanism.03-11-2010
20120087645VISIBLE AND INFRARED DUAL MODE IMAGING SYSTEM - An imaging system includes an image sensor and an optical filter. The image sensor captures image data in response to incident light. The optical filter filters the light and includes a dual window transmission spectrum. The dual window transmission spectrum includes a first transmission window having a first pass band aligned to pass visible light and a second transmission window having a second pass band overlapping with an absorption band of infrared light in Earth's atmosphere.04-12-2012
20110158633LENS, LENS MODULE, AND CAMERA MODULE HAVING SAME - A lens includes a light incident surface, a light emitting surface opposite to the light incident surface, and a side surface connected between the light incident surface and the light emitting surface. The side surface includes arc-shaped convex surfaces. Each arc-shaped convex surface protrudes in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis of the lens.06-30-2011
20130022345ANAMORPHIC OBJECTIVE - An anamorphic objective is provided for imaging an object onto an image acquisition unit. The anamorphic objective has at least one first plane of symmetry and at least one second plane of symmetry. The first plane of symmetry and the second plane of symmetry are oriented perpendicular to one another. The first plane of symmetry and the second plane of symmetry intersect and have a straight line of intersection (intersection line). A first objective section followed by a second objective section are arranged. A diaphragm is arranged between the first objective section and the second objective section. A first anamorphic optical element is arranged in the first objective section. A second anamorphic optical element is arranged in the second objective section. The anamorphic objective fulfills specified conditions and is suitable for generating a stigmatic imaging of the object on the image acquisition unit.01-24-2013
20080226285IMAGING DEVICE AND OPTICAL DEVICE - An imaging device comprising a light transmissive member 09-18-2008
20110274422PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH CAMERA MODULE - An exemplary portable electronic device includes a main body defining a shaft receiving hole an inner surface in the shaft receiving hole, a camera unit mounted on the main body, and a fastening member. The camera unit includes a camera module, and a shaft connected with the camera module. The shaft is rotatably received in the hole, and axially movable relative to the main body. The inner surface and the shaft cooperatively define a wedge-shaped space. The fastening member includes an elastic portion. The elastic portion is slidable between a first position where the elastic portion is engaged in a narrow end of the space, and the shaft is securely fastened to the main body by the elastic portion, and a second position where the elastic portion is disengaged from the narrower end of the space, and the shaft is unfastened from the main body.11-10-2011
20110255856WAFER LEVEL OPTICS - Providing for a wafer level optical system employing composite lenses is disclosed herein. Conventional focus lens assemblies require three or more lenses. By way of example, two composite lenses can be used to reduce the cost of a wafer-level camera. In some aspects, the composite lenses can be aspheric and can employ a broader variety of wafer materials than earlier designs that only operated in narrow ranges of refractive indices and Abbe numbers.10-20-2011
20100316371VIBRATING DEVICE AND IMAGE EQUIPMENT HAVING THE SAME - A drive unit inputs an electrical signal to the first and second vibrating members to generate, in a light-transmitting region of a dust-screening member, vibration forming peak ridges defining a closed curve around a first virtual intersection of an virtual symmetry axis at the same distance from the first and second vibrating members and a vibrational axis for both first and second vibrating members, the vibration gradually increasing as the amplitude of each vibrational peak approaches the first virtual intersection, and having a maximum amplitude at the vibrational peak including the first virtual intersection. The drive unit controls the electrical signal to move the vibrational axes of the first and second vibrating members on the virtual symmetry axis and to change the first virtual intersection to a second virtual intersection and moving a vibrational peak of maximum vibrational amplitude to a position including the second virtual intersection.12-16-2010
20120057858CAMERA MODULE - Certain embodiments provide a camera module comprising a sensor substrate, a lens holder, a lens, and an infrared light cut filter unit. The sensor substrate has a solid-state imaging device and a light receiving unit receiving infrared light. The lens holder is mounted on the sensor substrate so as to cover the solid-state imaging device and the light receiving unit. The lens is arranged in the lens holder. The infrared light cut filter unit is arranged in the lens holder.03-08-2012
20120093496CAMERA DRIVING DEVICE - A camera driving device, including: a base frame, a magnetic rotating member, a yoke, and a coil. The magnetic rotating member is structured in one piece and includes a first and second magnetic pole that are opposite in polarity; the magnetic rotating member is formed with a base plate and a swing shaft extending from the base plate. The magnetic rotating member is coupled to the base frame, and the swing shaft is positioned at a side of base plate away from the base frame. The yoke is installed at the base frame, and the two terminus of the yoke is positioned to one side of the magnetic rotating member. The coil is wrapped on the yoke. Therein, the magnetic rotating member can rotate between a first and second position.04-19-2012

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