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396176000 Having flash built into camera 25
396157000 Having preexposure illumination 21
396164000 Variable intensity control 20
396205000 With power supply detail 11
396180000 Having exposure synchronizer 8
396175000 Variable illumination angle 7
396200000 Reflector detail 7
396159000 Having artificial illumination termination control 5
20100254693IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, LIGHT EMISSION DEVICE, AND IMAGE PICKUP SYSTEM - An image pickup apparatus capable of obtaining a satisfactory picked up image, even if a light emission device cannot emit the requested light amount. When notified that at least one of slave flash devices is unable to emit a set amount of light, a master flash device recalculates amounts of light emission of the flash devices based on a possible light emission amount of a flash device having a maximum deficiency of light amount relative to a set light emission amount, thereby maintaining light amount ratios at the time of multiple flash photographing.10-07-2010
20120076483IMAGING APPARATUS, CAMERA SYSTEM, AND ILLUMINATION APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus capable of imaging using an illumination apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire object luminance information, a calculation unit configured to calculate an exposure control value based on the object luminance information acquired by the acquisition unit, an exposure control unit configured to control exposure using the exposure control value calculated by the calculation unit, and an exposure fixing unit configured to set an exposure fixed state in which the exposure control value calculated by the calculation unit is fixed as the exposure control value to be used for exposure control, wherein the exposure fixing unit is configured to cancel the exposure fixed state when a state of the illumination apparatus is changed in the exposure fixed state.03-29-2012
20100150540Control of Artificial Lighting of a Scene to Reduce Effects of Motion in the Scene on an Image Being Acquired - Motion of an image of a scene being captured by a digital image acquisition device is detected and used to control parameters of illumination of the scene by a flash lamp that is typically built into the device. Parameters that may be controlled include the intensity, duration and timing of light emitted by the flash lamp. Such control of the flash illumination is preferably performed in conjunction with adjusting one or more exposure parameters used to capture an image. Such exposure parameters include duration, aperture and sensor gain. Motion blur caused by movement of the camera or by movement of an object within the scene being photographed is reduced by selecting appropriate exposure parameters and flash light characteristics.06-17-2010
20090016710Electronic Device - An electronic device includes: a projection unit that projects an optical image; a photometric unit that measures brightness of an environment in which the projection unit projects the optical image; and a projection control unit that stops projection by the projection unit, if the brightness measured by the photometric unit exceeds a predetermined value.01-15-2009
20110150451IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREFOR - An image pickup apparatus that is capable of reducing variation in the color temperature of a subject in a taken image and capable of shooting a more suitable image. The image pickup apparatus can shoot with emitting a light emitting unit. A color temperature acquisition unit acquires information about a color temperature of a light illuminating a subject. An emission control unit controls emission of the light emitting unit. The emission control unit determines emission light amount of the light emitting unit based on a color temperature difference between a color temperature of an illumination light of the light emitting unit and a color temperature based on the information acquired by the color temperature information acquisition unit.06-23-2011
396198000 Having adapter unit 5
20120189292ADAPTER FOR CAMERA FLASH - An adapter for a camera flash including: a first terminal portion corresponding to a flash terminal of a camera; a mounting portion supporting the first terminal portion and installed on the camera; an operating portion coupled to the mounting portion in a manner that allows an orientation of the operating portion to be adjusted; a second terminal portion disposed on the operating portion for an external flash to be installed thereon and electrically connected to the first terminal portion; and a connection unit disposed between the operating portion and the mounting portion and supporting the operating portion with respect to the mounting portion in a manner that allows the orientation of the operating portion to be adjusted.07-26-2012
20120027395External Photographic Wireless Communication Device and Method - An external photographic wireless communication device for connection to a camera body having a hot shoe connector for connecting to the camera body and a hot shoe connector for connecting to one or more accessory devices. Each of the hot shoe connectors includes a plurality of contacts. The device includes a tapping connection from a synchronization connector between the two hot shoe connectors and a processing element.02-02-2012
20110255851COLLAPSIBLE SOFTBOX FOR PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING - A collapsible softbox for use with a photographic flash. The softbox includes a collapsible body made of connected, moveable first and second side panels. The body includes a distal opening and a proximal opening. The softbox also includes a front panel which is detachably engageable to the distal end of the body.10-20-2011
20110085787 FLASH UNIT HOLDER WITH ADJUSTABLE POSITION - A flash unit holder with an adjustable position is disclosed. In one example, the flash unit holder includes a supporting bracket mounted in the direction of the optical axis of the camera lens in front of the camera, and a shaped circular guide arranged at the end of the supporting bracket concentrically around the optical axis. A rotating cylinder shaped segment is arranged in a rotating fashion in respect to the shaped circular guide, the inner side of which is provided with at least one conductive bus. The bus is interconnected with the shoe of the flash unit on the outer side of the rotating cylinder shaped segment and with the camera. The flash unit holder also includes a locking element for locking the rotating cylinder shaped segment to the shoe in a chosen position.04-14-2011
20110123185External Photographic Wireless TTL Communication Device and Method - An external photographic wireless communication device for connection to a camera body having a hot shoe connector for connecting to the camera body and a hot shoe connector for connecting to one or more accessory devices. Each of the hot shoe connectors includes a plurality of contacts. The device includes a switching element for selectively disconnecting one or more of the plurality of contacts in one hot shoe connector from a corresponding respective one of the other hot shoe connector.05-26-2011
396165000 Activated under low light condition 3
20130028585FLASH MODULE AND IMAGE CAPTURING SYSTEM - A flash module including a main body, a fixing base, a rotating structure, a switch and a linking structure is disclosed. The rotating structure is movably connected between the main body and the fixing base. The switch has a moving part. The linking structure is connected between the rotating structure and the moving part. The linking structure moves the moving part to an open position from a close position and rotates the rotating structure, so that the main body is moved relative to the fixing base.01-31-2013
20100080550PHOTOGRAPHY APPARATUS AND PHOTOGRAPHY METHOD - Two photography operations are performed without emitting flash during a second photography operation, to obtain image signals P04-01-2010
20110097067IMAGING APPARATUS AND IMAGING APPARATUS CONTROL METHOD - When the depth information indicating a difference among a plurality of subjects in the size of subject distance is large, an imaging apparatus lowers a threshold value of the subject luminance to be referred to when determining whether to perform a shooting operation with light emission by an illumination device.04-28-2011
396166000 Exposure control circuit with illumination mode 3
20100329657Method and Apparatus for Imaging a Moving Object - A relatively rapidly moving object is imaged with a sensor incorporating a rolling electronic shutter, while using flash illumination which is comparable to or dimmer than ambient light. This is achieved by utilizing a physical shutter between the object and sensor which is synchronized to the flash. Preferably, the physical shutter is also operated so as to be open for a time interval which is coextensive with the presence of the flash. Preferably, an optical mechanism is provided between the object and sensor which causes the image to be focused when the light is flashed and blurred otherwise. Preferably, an optical filter is positioned between the object and sensor, and this filter is constructed to transmit to the CMOS sensor light at the wavelength of the flashing light source but to attenuate ambient light.12-30-2010
20100272425IMAGING DEVICE, IMAGING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An imaging device equipped with an imaging system includes an imaging lens optical system which images an object, a flash emitting unit which synchronizes imaging in the imaging system to emit a flash having not less than a prescribed luminance in a charged state not less than a prescribed charged state by power to be charged, and a control unit which determines a charging amount of the charged state of the flash emitting unit and which controls imaging to be performed by using the flash emitting unit with an imaging sensitivity of the imaging lens optical system set in accordance with the charging amount of the charged state in imaging by the imaging lens optical system.10-28-2010
20110293257IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An image pickup apparatus capable of generating a strobe emission signal in a proper timing even when an electronic front curtain shutter is used in strobe photographing. The image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup device having pixels arranged in matrix and configured to store charges generated according to a received amount of light. A vertical scanning circuit controls travel of the electronic front curtain shutter such that the image pickup device sequentially receives light on a per line basis, starting from a first scan line. When it is detected that the electronic front curtain shutter reaches a predetermined scan line, a NOR gate outputs a light emission timing signal, whereby light is emitted from a light emission unit such as a strobe.12-01-2011
396199000 Lens mounted illumination unit 3
20090034958Gaze Attracting System for Image Capturing - An apparatus for attracting the gaze of a subject to be photographed is disclosed. The subject may, for example, be an infant, young child or pet. The apparatus may include a plurality of light sources disposed about a lens of the image-capturing device. Once activated, the device may cause one or more of the plurality of light sources to flash, thereby attracting the gaze of the subject. Once the gaze is attracted, an image of the subject may be captured where the subject is looking into the camera lens. The plurality of light sources may be light emitting diodes (LEDs). The apparatus may be operable to be mounted to an existing lens. The apparatus may be a lens or camera with the plurality of light sources attached.02-05-2009
20120243860SHORT-RANGE PHOTOGRAPHIC LIGHT SOURCE MODULE FOR USE IN IMAGE CAPTURE DEVICE AND IMAGE CAPTURE DEVICE PROVIDED WITH SAME - The invention provides a short-range photographic light source module for use in an image capture device and the image capture device provided with the same. The image capture device comprises an imaging lens having a light axis. The short-range photographic light source module is mounted in correspondence at the imaging lens to serve as a light source when the image capture device is capturing an image of a target object at a short range. The module further includes a sleeve tube having a rear end portion, a front end portion, an interior side connecting the front end portion to the rear end portion, a light shield portion, and a first illuminating unit and a second illuminating unit.09-27-2012
20120121245COMBINATION DARK FIELD AND BRIGHT FIELD ILLUMINATOR - Embodiments are disclosed of an apparatus including a curved reflector having an interior and an open end; a light module positioned around a perimeter of the open end of the reflector, the light module including a first side having one or more interior light sources thereon to direct light toward the interior of the reflector and a second side having one or more exterior light sources thereon to direct light away from the reflector; and a light pipe coupled to the light module and aligned so that light from the one or more exterior light sources is launched into the light pipe. Other embodiments are also disclosed and claimed.05-17-2012
396174000 Bounce type 2
20090103911CAMERA WITH BUILT-IN STROBE - A camera with a built-in strobe is provided, which includes a non-contact-type unit as means for detecting that a strobe device is at a light emittable position and in which a degree of design freedom can be enhanced. The camera with a built-in strobe includes a camera body, a movable strobe device provided at the camera body, and a detecting unit that includes a Hall element provided at the camera body and a magnet provided at the strobe device and detects that the strobe device is at a light emittable position.04-23-2009
20090208198Camera integrated with direct and indirect flash units - A compact camera with a compact camera body integrated with a lens, a direct flash module and an indirect flash module. The direct flash unit includes a flash light emission window arranged to project direct illumination in a first direction toward an object to be photographed. The indirect flash unit includes an indirect flash light emission window arranged to project indirect bounce illumination in a second direction off of an indirect reflecting surface to the object. The camera also has a controller that receives a first signal containing information from a first light sensor connected to the direct flash unit, and a second signal containing information from a second light sensor connected to the indirect flash unit. In response to the received first and second signals, the controller selectively adjusts the amount of flash illumination projected from the direct and indirect flash units.08-20-2009
396173000 Multiple flashing from a single unit for a single exposure 1
20110081142PULSED CONTROL OF CAMERA FLASH - Input from a user is received, to take a picture. A camera flash is signaled to produce multiple flash pulses during a single shutter cycle of the picture. The amplitudes of at least two of the flash pulses are different relative to each other. The picture is stored, including in its metadata information that describes the variable amplitude of the flash pulses that illuminated the scene when taking the picture. The information describing the variable amplitude of the flash pulses is used to deblur the picture. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.04-07-2011
396201000 Having indicator 1
20090052882FLASH LAMP DEVICE - A flash lamp device including at least a main control circuit having a microprocessor and an operation control circuit connected to the main control circuit. The main control circuit is coupled to an LCD control and display circuit and a software module controlling said LCD control and display circuit.02-26-2009
20090196594Split Mechanism for a Coaxial Photographing Device - A split mechanism for a coaxial photographing device, especially a split mechanism between a photographing unit and a light projection unit of a photographing device used for a full-time surveillance to facilitate an image adjustment or maintenance, uses primarily the photographing unit as a base of support, with the removable light projection unit being assembled coaxially at an image taking end. After the light projection unit is disassembled and changes a position, it can be linked at a constant direction temporarily and can keep operating by using a linking device which is split linearly, such that a calibration light wave needed for adjusting the images can be provided, and the light projection unit can be easily aligned with an axis to be assembled at position upon assembling.08-06-2009
20090196593ADJUSTABLE SURVEILLANCE CAMERA - A surveillance camera comprises a base, a back plate, a holding bracket, a pivoting bracket, a lens frame, a camera lens assembly and multiple positioning devices. The back plate is attached rotatably to the base along a first rotating axis. A first positioning device is mounted between the base and the back plate and has multiple lumps and cavities engaging respectively with the lumps. The pivoting bracket is pivotally connected to the holding bracket along a pivoting axis, and a second positioning device is mounted between the pivoting bracket and the holding bracket. The lens frame is rotatably attached to the pivoting bracket along a second rotating axis, and a third positioning device is mounted between the pivoting bracket and the lens frame. The camera lens assembly is securely attached to the lens frame. Accordingly, the angle of the camera lens assembly is easily and conveniently adjusted.08-06-2009
20100098399High intensity, strobed led micro-strip for microfilm imaging system and methods - A light source, suitable for use in a high-speed, continuous transport microfilm imaging system, includes an LED emitter element thermally coupled to a heat sink and is mounted within a light source housing. A light output opening in the light source housing, further defined by a narrow width light transfer channel, defines a narrow width active illumination area on the microfilm media. An optical diffusion plate, providing for a randomized directional distribution of light emitted by the LED emitter element, is mounted within the light source housing in an optical path extending between the light output opening and the LED emitter element. A switched current source is coupled to the LED emitter element to enable strobed operation synchronous with the periodic operation of a line imaging camera. The LED emitter element can be construed as a linear micro-strip array of LED elements. A cylindrical lens can be place in the optical path between the LED emitter element and diffusion plate to narrow and increase the intensity of light incident on and transmitted through the diffusion plate.04-22-2010
20100111515ILLUMINATION APPARATUS AND APPEARANCE INSPECTION APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - An illumination apparatus which illuminates a surface of an object having a three-dimensional shape includes a light source, a guide configured to guide light from the light source to a surface of the object, and a diffuser which has a diffusion-reflection surface that faces a light exit surface of the guide via the object, wherein the diffuser is arranged at such a position that the light which is emitted from the guide and is not directly incident on the object is incident on the diffusion-reflection surface while a part of the light reflected and diffused by the diffusion-reflection surface is incident on a surface of the object.05-06-2010
20100040358PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS - A photographic apparatus comprises a flash that flashes and a controller. The controller obtains information regarding state of charge of the flash when an operation for preparing a photographic operation is conducted before the photographic operation corresponding to fully depressing a release button, calculates a first time until the flash reaches a charged state where the flash can flash on the basis of the information, calculates a second time after fully depressing said release button, and determines whether the photographic apparatus performs the photographic operation using the flash after the second time has elapsed or the photographic apparatus aborts the photographic operation on the basis of a comparison between the second time and a threshold. The second time is a difference between the first time and an elapsed time from a time point when the first time is calculated.02-18-2010
20120207458CAMERA BEHIND A PHOTOLUMINESCENT LIGHT SOURCE - An apparatus for providing a photoluminescent light source is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a light source that emanates light of a particular spectrum, a camera, and a selective mirror placed between the light source and camera. The selective mirror transmits light of a spectrum detected by the camera and reflects light of a spectrum generated by the light source. The light source is transparent to light incident on its face.08-16-2012
20080260371Patent application for an apparatus and method of positioning a flash on a camera - This invention allow a photographer to quickly and easily flip their on camera flash to a vertical position when taking a vertical photograph using a hinge that allows it to tilt to the left and right with wiring to transfer information between the flash and camera. The invention can be built into a flash or a separate device. This eliminates the need for a bracket and off camera flash cord cost, storage space in camera bag, and bulkiness when taking photos.10-23-2008
20090290861FLASH DEVICE AND IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE HAVING SAME - A flash device includes a flash module and a color wheel. The flash module includes a flash lamp and a trigger circuit for triggering the flash lamp. The color wheel includes a color filter disk. The color filter disk includes a number of filter segments, wherein each of the filter segments is capable of being inserted into the light-emitting path of the flash lamp by rotation the color filter disk.11-26-2009
20100278521Fourier telescopic imaging system and method - A system and method for imaging far away fast moving objects such as satellites in low earth orbit. The object to be imaged is illuminated simultaneously with a composite beam comprised of a large number of separate laser beams from a large number of laser sources each from a separate position with each of the separate laser beams shifted in frequency with respect to each other beam so as to produce a large number of beat frequencies in the composite beam. The positions of the laser sources are changed rapidly during an illumination period of a few seconds. Light reflected from the object is collected in a large number of light buckets and information defining the intensity of the collected reflected light as a function of time is stored. The positions and frequencies of each of the laser sources are also recorded and stored as a function of time. The stored information defining the intensity of the collected reflected light is analyzed by one or more computer processors utilizing special algorithms to produce a image of the object.11-04-2010
20080260370Optical System - Optical system (10-23-2008
20090263117CAMERA MODULE, CAMERA-ENABLED DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING A FRAME OF IMAGE DATA USING A FAUX FLASH OF LIGHT - A camera module, camera-enabled device and method for capturing a frame of image data of a targeted scene uses a faux flash of light to indicate that the frame of image data has been captured.10-22-2009
20100189429MATCHING LED FLASH TO CAMERA'S AMBIENT LIGHT COMPENSATION ALGORITHM - A white light LED flash for a digital camera is described that uses a blue light LED die in conjunction with red and green phosphor or quantum dot material over the LED die. The phosphor or quantum dot characteristics are selected so that the white light substantially matches an ambient light setting in the camera, such as the incandescent ambient light setting. Therefore, when a flash picture is taken under incandescent ambient light, and the flash emits the same type of light as the incandescent light, the flash will effectively brighten the incandescent light. The camera's color compensation algorithm associated with incandescent light illumination is then applied to the photograph and works optimally since the image is only illuminated by incandescent light. This concept is expanded to LED flashes that emulate other types of ambient light having associated color compensation algorithms programmed into the camera.07-29-2010
20100178046CAMERA FLASH LENS AND PORTABLE DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A camera flash lens for a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) mounted on a board and serving as a light source of a camera flash, includes a plurality of annular lenses corresponding to the plurality of LEDs, respectively. The plurality of annular lenses each include an edge portion extending toward the board to reflect and collect light emitted from the edge of a corresponding LED of the plurality of LEDs, and a central portion having an inner surface with a Fresnel shape or a curved shape to collect light emitted from the top of the corresponding LED.07-15-2010
20100254692CAMERA ILLUMINATION DEVICE - The present invention relates to a method for illuminating a scene having an average lighting setting, the method comprising the steps of receive scene information from an image sensor (10-07-2010
20090142047Imaging apparatus - An imaging apparatus includes a flash light emitting portion moving between a housed position and a light emitting position, a biasing means for biasing the flash light emitting portion toward the light emitting position, a member to be locked moving with a movement of the flash light emitting portion, a locking means for locking the member to be locked in a state in which the flash light emitting portion exists at the housed position and suppressing change of the position of the flash light emitting portion, opposing a biasing force by the biasing means and a lock releasing means having an electromagnet and a moving portion, for releasing a locked state of the member to be locked by moving the moving portion in a direction apart from the electromagnet by applying electric current to the electromagnet and by allowing the locking means to pivot about an axis.06-04-2009
20090317070Digital Image Copier For Photos, Films, And Slides - A digital image copier for photos, films and slides is provided. The digital image copier includes: a housing being a hollow body; a feeding slot disposed in the housing and bridged between a front side and a rear side of the housing, for feeding the photos, films and slides therein; a digital camera disposed inside the housing and facing to the feeding slot for shooting a picture of the photos, films and slides; and at least one light source disposed inside the housing for irradiating the photos, films and slides to provide the digital camera with a better shooting. The picture captured by the digital camera is converted into a digital image file that can be stored on an external storage device.12-24-2009
20090175612Surveillance camera - A surveillance camera has a positioning base, a mounting base, a globe and a camera assembly. The positioning base is attached to a ceiling or a wall or the like. The mounting base may latch to or detach from the positioning base and has a tapered sidewall, a panel recess formed in the sidewall and an illuminator mounted in the panel recess. The illuminator illuminates an area of interest and has multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mounted on a substrate. The LEDs provide a wider field of illumination and more intense light. The camera assembly is attached pivotally to the mounting base. Therefore, the surveillance camera can get clearer and more complete images.07-09-2009
20110188845IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, FLASH APPARATUS, AND CAMERA SYSTEM - An image pickup apparatus configured to execute wireless communication with a flash apparatus by radio waves via a communication unit includes a signal output unit configured to output a flash start signal to the flash apparatus, a flash detection unit configured to detect a flash emitted by the flash apparatus according to the flash start signal, an acquisition unit configured to acquire a time difference between a predetermined reference timing and a timing at which the flash is regarded to have been emitted by the flash apparatus according to a result of detection by the flash detection unit, and a control unit configured to control at least one of a timing of output of the flash start signal to the flash apparatus by the signal output unit and a timing of start of an operation executed corresponding to the flash by the flash apparatus according to the time difference acquired by the acquisition unit.08-04-2011
20110142435APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING REFLECTANCE AND DIFFUSE ELEMENTS FOR REALISTIC HUMAN MODEL RENDERING - Provided are an apparatus and method for estimating reflectance and diffuse elements as optical properties of skin to perform exact rendering on human skin. The apparatus includes a light source device equipping a plurality of light sources that control directions toward an object, a control unit controlling sequential switching of the light sources, and a photographing unit photographing images of the object. The photographing unit is a DSLR camera providing a video photographing function. The entire light sources are controlled to be sequentially switched for a second correspondingly to the number of frames of the photographing unit per second. The control unit and the photographing unit are controlled by a computer. The computer repeats operations of requesting to the control unit to perform a lighting operation, transmitting an image acquisition command to the photographing unit, and requesting the control unit to perform a lighting operation again.06-16-2011
20120002957METHODS FOR PROVIDING DIFFUSE LIGHT - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method comprising: from an angled first end region of a substantially cylindrical beam splitter, reflecting incident light striking from any of a first set of predefined directions and to substantially transparently convey through said beam splitter and to a camera lens incident light traveling in any of a second set of predefined directions, the beam splitter defining a longitudinal central axis.01-05-2012
20120008930ACTION CAMERA WITH CAPABILITY OF CAPTURING IMAGES IN DAYLIGHT AND INFRARED - The action camera has a housing, a lens, and an image sensor located in a light path from the lens. A filter is operable to move between first and second positions, with the first position located in the light path and the second position located out of the light path. An actuator moves the filter between the first and second positions. The actuator includes an electromagnet and a magnet. One of the electromagnet and the magnet is fixed relative to the light path, while the other of the electromagnet and the magnet is movable relative to the light path and is coupled to the filter. The magnet has poles that interact with the poles of the electromagnet. As the electromagnet is energized, the magnet rotates. The polarity of the electromagnet is reversed in order to reverse the rotation of the magnet. The camera is also provided with a light source. When the light source is activated, then the filter is moved accordingly. The actuator is small and consumes little electrical power.01-12-2012
20100290774On-vehicle lighting apparatus - An image display system generates an image including an intended lighting area surrounding a vehicle to input it on a display. An auxiliary lighting unit can selectively light multiple divided areas into which the intended lighting area is divided. One or more divided areas to be lit out of the multiple divided areas are selected according to a lighting status of a driving lighting system and the selected one or more divided areas are lit by the auxiliary lighting unit.11-18-2010
20100226638CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR THE SYNCHRONIZED OR ALTERNATE TRIGGERING OF AT LEAST TWO FLASH DEVICES - A control circuit responsive to a flash activating signal of a camera for the synchronous or alternate activation of at least two flash devices is disclosed. Each flash device includes a flash generator including a voltage source and at least one flash unit. An input of the control circuit is adapted to couple with the camera and receive the flash activating signal. Outputs of the control circuit are adapted to electrically couple to control inputs of the flash generators. The control circuit includes a switching device adapted to drawn a supply voltage for the control circuit from the respective voltage sources in the flash generators.09-09-2010
20120328278CONDENSER LENS, LAMP AND CAMERA - A condenser lens, lamp and camera applicable to an optical area are provided. The condenser lens is a physical glass lens and has an incident surface, an exit surface and a side surface arranged around a central axis of the condenser lens. The side surface is lattice-shaped. The condenser lens of the present invention adopts a glass material, which improves a light extraction efficiency of the lens and reduces a light energy loss. The lattice-shaped side surface of the lens reflects lights in different directions by multiple small-area lattice units instead of reflecting lights by a single curved surface. The reasonably-designed lattice structure enables each lattice unit reflecting lights in a predetermined direction, which may realize a uniform illumination at a small angle and is beneficial to spot-lighting. This condenser lens may be widely applied in all sorts of illuminating lamps or an illumination system of a camera.12-27-2012
20130177302Integrated Camera Window - Apparatus, systems and methods for camera integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide a camera window for an electronic device are disclosed. A camera window can be integrated into the cover glass. The apparatus, systems and methods are especially suitable for cover glasses, or displays (e.g., LCD displays), assembled in small form factor electronic devices such as handheld electronic devices (e.g., mobile phones, media players, personal digital assistants, remote controls, etc.). The apparatus, systems and methods can also be used for cover glasses or displays for other relatively larger form factor electronic devices (e.g., portable computers, tablet computers, displays, monitors, televisions, etc.).07-11-2013
20100296805CAMERA HOUSING HEATSINK BRACKET SYSTEM - This invention provides a surveillance camera-housing system that dissipates heat from components mounted to heatsink brackets having flanges that press against inner walls of a camera housing. This ensures high thermal conductivity from the heat generating LED and electronics circuit boards and provides an easy assembly and self-locking mechanism for multiple boards on which are mounted components such as illuminators and power supplies requiring heatsinks, allows for easy optical alignment of LED and cameras, and is suitable for use in rugged and vehicle mounted environments.11-25-2010


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