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396079000 Having focus operation 33
396077000 Automatic change of focal length 14
396085000 Power zoom 14
396073000 Lens moves in or out of light path 12
396076000 Manually selected preset zoom position or range 3
20130064533CAMERA SYSTEM AND INTERCHANGEABLE LENS - The present invention provides an interchangeable lens mounted on a camera body in an exchangeable manner, and the interchangeable lens includes: an optical system in which a state of a subject light flux incident to the mounted camera body is adjustable by changing an optical state; a contact position detecting unit with a detection plane, which detects a contact state including a contact and a contact position of a finger of a photographer, to detect a change in a contact position on the detection plane in an approximately same direction as an optical axis direction of the optical system; and a lens controller to control an optical state of the optical system according to a contact state of the finger including the contact position detected by the contact position detecting unit.03-14-2013
20120243856INTERCHANGEABLE LENS, AND CAMERA BODY WHICH HAS THE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS ATTACHED THERETO AND CAN CONTROL THE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS - An interchangeable lens attachable to a camera body includes a first operable member, a second operable member, an operation member for receiving user's operation for the first operable member or the second operable member, an obtaining unit configured to obtain, from the camera body, selection information for selecting the operable member to be assigned to the operation member, and a controller configured to make the operation member function as a member for operating either one of the first operable member and the second operable member based on the selection information.09-27-2012
20130188942IMAGE TAKING SYSTEM AND OPERATING APPARATUS - An image taking system including: a lens apparatus; a first and a second operating apparatus, the first and the second operating apparatus configured to output a command information for an optical member movable in the lens apparatus, and the lens apparatus includes: a driving unit for the optical member; and a lens controller for driving the optical member based on a command from the first and the second operating apparatus, wherein the first operating apparatus includes: an operating unit; and a demand controller for outputting, to the lens controller, an information for driving the optical member, and wherein the demand controller outputs a position command information for the optical member to the lens controller when the operating unit being operated, and outputs other information for the optical member to the lens controller when the operating unit not being operated.07-25-2013
20090324210Method for Arranging Flexible Printed Wiring Board in Lens Barrel of an Imaging Device, and Imaging Device Using Flexible Printed Wiring Board Arranged by the Same Method - An object of the present invention is to provide a method for arranging an FPC in a lens barrel of an imaging device which allows installation of new function to an imaging device without eliminating function installed and size up. To solve the problem, the FPC electrically connect plurality of a optical elements movable which constitute an optical unit arranged movably along the optical axis, to the control unit that controls the operation of the optical elements movable, is made to comprise an extension section extending from a connector of the control unit in a state able to be fixed to a lens barrel, a fixed section fixed to the lens barrel, and a bent turn back section extending from the fixed section and then turn back in a loop shape with a terminal provided on the edge, and the terminal is connected to the optical element movable constituting the optical unit.12-31-2009
20090232484LENS BARREL AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - A lens barrel having an increased strength against external impact. The lens barrel is configured to move in an optical axis direction. A photographic lens unit moves in the optical axis direction. A cylindrical unit is engaged with the photographic lens unit, and has an outer periphery formed thereon with a first cam groove followed by the photographic lens unit. The cylindrical unit performs rotation to thereby move the photographic lens unit in the optical axis direction. A rectilinear motion-causing restriction member is engaged with the cylindrical unit to restrict motion of the photographic lens unit to rectilinear motion. A second cylindrical unit is disposed around the photographic lens unit and the cylindrical unit to guide the photographic lens unit for rectilinear motion. A second rectilinear motion-causing restriction member restricts motion of the rectilinear motion-causing restriction member and the second cylindrical unit in a direction of rotation.09-17-2009
20130121675Pop Up Prism Lens Assembly - A pop up prism camera (05-16-2013
20110142433Drop detection using lens position sensing of camera module - Systems and methods to achieve an auto-focus camera with a movable lens barrel having a mechanic shock detection capability combined with a re-initialization of the camera module have been disclosed. This re-initialization may comprise moving the lens barrel displaced by the shock to a home position. In a preferred embodiment of the invention a motor with integrated position detection has been used. In a normal operation the position detection feature senses the actual position of the lens, e.g. during auto-focusing of the lens barrel, and provides this position information to a control unit which is controlling the movement of the lens barrel to a target position. In case of a mechanic shock, e.g. if the camera module drops to ground, the control unit detects an extreme rapid displacement of the lens barrel and initiates a re-initialization of the camera module.06-16-2011
20100166402LENS BARREL ASSEMBLY AND CAMERA INCLUDING THE SAME - A lens barrel assembly and a camera including the lens barrel assembly are provided. The lens barrel assembly includes a barrel case accommodating at least one optical lens, and a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) configured to transmit signals between an area inside of the barrel case and an area outside of the barrel case. The barrel case comprises an outlet slit formed in the barrel case. The outlet slip being configured for extending the flexible printed circuit board to the area outside of the barrel case. Accordingly, the lens barrel assembly has an improved extension structure for extending the flexible printed circuit board which is configured to transmit signals between the inside and the outside of the lens barrel assembly.07-01-2010
20110019988LENS BARREL AND IMAGING DEVICE - The lens barrel includes a flexible wire, a first supporting frame and a second supporting frame. The flexible wire has a first end with at least one terminal, a second end with at least one terminal and a bent portion disposed between the first and second ends. The bent portion includes a plurality of part overlapping each other. The first supporting frame supports the first end. The second supporting frame is movably disposed in a first direction with respect to the first supporting frame and supports the bent portion.01-27-2011
20110019987LENS BARREL AND IMAGING DEVICE - The lens barrel includes a first supporting frame, an optical element, a second supporting frame, and a guide shaft. The first supporting frame has a first base portion and a first seat portion that projects in a first direction from the first base portion. The second supporting frame supports the optical element and has a first bearing portion. The guide shaft is coupled to the first seat portion and inserted into the first bearing portion. The first seat portion is disposed within the circumference of the guide shaft when viewed in the first direction.01-27-2011
20110188842IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus is provided with a lens barrel that includes a flexible substrate that is electrically connected to a magnetically driven apparatus and drive ring that drives the lens barrel by rotating. The drive rings include through grooves that pass through the drive ring and a flexible substrate passes therethrough from the inside to the outside of the lens barrel and a strobe cam that is provided on the outer circumferential side of the drive ring. In addition, the through groove and the strobe cam are disposed so as to coincide in the rotation direction of the drive ring.08-04-2011
20110317989IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS IMPROVED IN SPACE EFFICIENCY FOR OPTICAL SYSTEM ELEMENT - An image pickup apparatus which is improved in space efficiency for an optical system element, thereby reducing the apparatus size when a lens barrel is retracted. An image pickup apparatus includes a zoom lens barrel that moves between a retracted position and a shooting position in an optical axis direction to thereby change a photographing magnification. A prism bends an optical beam incident from a lens group of the lens barrel. A diaphragm-shutter element is capable of moving along the direction of the second optical axis together with a stepping motor for actuating the diaphragm-shutter element. The stepping motor is disposed, at least when the lens group is in the retracted position, at a position where the stepping motor overlaps the prism in parallel with the second optical axis.12-29-2011
20120020655LENS MODULE AND TEMPERATURE-COMPENSATING METHOD THEREOF - Embodiments of the present invention disclose a lens module and its temperature-compensating method. The lens module primarily includes several lenses and a compensating lens. The several lenses comprise two plastic lenses and the ratio of the focal length of one plastic lens to the other is predetermined. The temperature-compensating method employs the compensating lens to shift alone an optical axis for compensation of the focal length departure. In one embodiment, the ratio of the two focal lengths is more than or equal to 0.5 and less than or equal to 2.01-26-2012
20120076479IMAGING UNIT - An imaging unit includes an incident-side reflecting surface provided in a casing and reflects object-emanating light, entering the casing in a thickness direction thereof, along a lengthwise direction of the casing; a movable lens group movable along the lengthwise direction of the casing; an exit-side reflecting surface reflecting the light in the thickness direction of the casing; an image sensor provided in the casing and receiving the light from the exit-side reflecting surface; a light shield frame between the movable lens group and the exit-side reflecting surface; and a light-shield-frame position adjustment mechanism provided in the casing, which maintains a constant distance between the movable lens group an the light shield frame when the movable lens group moves in a first moving range, and varies the distance between the movable lens group and the light shield frame when the movable lens group moves in a second moving range.03-29-2012
20100322609LENS BARREL THAT CHANGES FOCAL LENGTH AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH LENS BARREL - A lens barrel that is capable of decreasing a barrel length under a retracted condition by simplifying a configuration. The lens barrel changes a focal length by moving first and second lens groups in an optical axis direction. A light-amount adjusting member is located between the first and second lens groups. First, second, third holding frames hold the first lens group, the second lens group, and the light-amount adjusting member, respectively. A cam mechanism moves the first, second, and third holding frames in the optical axis direction so that a part of the second lens group is inserted into the aperture of the light-amount adjusting member and concave and convex surfaces of the first and second lens groups are overlapped in the optical axis direction under a retracted condition. The aperture diameter of the light-amount adjusting member is enlarged when shifting to the retracted condition from a shooting condition.12-23-2010
20110044673ZOOM LENS AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - Provided is a photographic lens which prevents lenses disposed in the front and the rear of a prism from physically interfering with each other and in which the optical axes of the prism and the lenses disposed in the front and the rear of the prism are precisely aligned with each other. A photographic lens is a zoom lens that deflects the optical path of a prism and performs zooming by moving a second lens group and a third lens group disposed in the rear of the prism. A notch having a circular shape is formed on the prism side of a negative lens adjacent to the prism along the outer periphery of the lens. During zooming, when the second lens group is moved to the position close to the prism, the edge of the second lens group is fitted into the notch.02-24-2011
20130016961LENS BARREL THAT PERFORMS PHOTOGRAPHIC LENS EXTENSION AND RETRACTION, IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS INCLUDING LENS BARRELAANM Fukai; YosukeAACI Kawasaki-shiAACO JPAAGP Fukai; Yosuke Kawasaki-shi JP - A lens barrel which can be extended over a larger amount without increasing the length of the lens barrel in a collapsed state. A movable barrel having a cam formed on an inner periphery thereof is movable in an optical axis direction. The movable barrel is extended toward an object in a shooting state, and is housed in a collapsed state. A lens holding frame holds a first lens group disposed closest to an object side of lens groups arranged in the optical axis direction. The lens holding frame including a fitting portion for slidably fitting to the cam is capable of moving in the optical axis direction, following a profile line of the cam. Barrier blades are disposed on the object side of the first lens group. A barrier drive ring is connected to the lens holding frame is rotatable to open and close the barrier blades.01-17-2013
20080199167Methods and Systems for Display Viewer Motion Compensation - Embodiments of the present invention comprise systems and methods for compensating for motion of a viewer relative to a display device.08-21-2008
20120093494SMART PHONE WITH LENS - The present invention discloses a smart phone with a lens comprising a main body, a circuit board, a lens module, a speaker module and a flash module. The main body includes a rear casing having a circuit board mount formed at a lower portion of an inner surface of the rear casing, a lens mount formed at a position adjacent to an upper side of the circuit board mount and attached onto a lateral edge of the rear casing, and a speaker mount formed at an upper edge of the inner surface of the rear casing corresponding to another lateral edge of the rear casing. The circuit board is mounted in the circuit board mount. The lens module is mounted in the lens mount. The speaker module is mounted in the speaker mount. The flash module is mounted between the lens module and the upper edge of the rear casing.04-19-2012


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