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At or immediately surrounding an optical fiber end face

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385 - Optical waveguides


385076000 - Optical fiber/optical fiber cable termination structure

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385078000 Fiber end held in ferrule 281
20080292247REMOVABLE FIBER-OPTIC INSERT - A fiber-optic module attachment system. The system includes a back plane circuit card assembly (CCA), a fiber-optic module having a plurality of external pins located on a first side, and a connector housing. The connector housing includes a plurality of holes and is attached to a first side of the back plane CCA. An optical module socket is attached to the first side of the back plane CCA. The optical module socket includes a plurality of pin receptacles and electrical traces that electrically attach the pin receptacles to corresponding electrical traces on the back plane CCA. The one or more pins of the fiber-optic module are removably received by at least a portion of the plurality of receiving holes of the optical module socket.11-27-2008
20130034327OPTICAL LINK MODULE - According to one embodiment, an optical link includes a case, an optical unit, a plate spring and a shutter. The case is provided with a plug-guided portion and a hole. The optical unit is operable to optically couple to the optical fiber. The plate spring has a hook at one end, the one end internally contacting with the hole and the hook being hooked to the case. The shutter is provided in the plug-guided portion. The shutter is rotating when the plug is inserted, and is turning into an opened state so as to couple the optical unit to the optical fiber while bending the plate spring. The shutter is turning into a closed state due to elastic bending stress of the plate spring when the plug is pulled out, and is blocking an optical path between the optical unit and the optical fiber.02-07-2013
20100111479Modified Pre-Ferrulized Communication Cable Assembly and Installation Method - Disclosed is a modified pre-ferrulized cable assembly that facilitates installation of an optical fiber communication cable through narrow cable guides having sharp bends. The pre-ferrulized cable assembly includes a communication cable having a free, front end, a semi-finished communication connector, and a suction plug. The invention further relates to efficient methods for installing the modified pre-ferrulized cable assembly through a cable guide.05-06-2010
20130209040Strain Relieved Adapter for a Jacketed Cable and Boot - An adapter for a fiber optic connector has provides strain relief for a jacketed cable connected to the adapter and the connector. The adapter preferably has two portions that act together to engage the jacketed cable and a boot that applies pressure to the adapter to secure the adapter. The two portions of the adapter may also be rotatably connected to one another. The boot has has a projection that cooperates with an optical component to seal the adapter and optical component from outside particulates.08-15-2013
20130044983SUBSEA ELECTRO-OPTICAL CONNECTOR UNIT FOR ELECTRO-OPTICAL ETHERNET TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - A subsea connector unit with an integrated, bi-directional electrical to optical (EO) media converter is provided which has a first end configured for connection to standard subsea electrical cable connector unit and a second end joined to a subsea optical or electro-optical ethernet jumper cable. The EO media converter has one or more electrical input/output (I/O) junctions which communicate with electrical signal conductors in a connected electrical ethernet cable and one or more optical I/O junctions which are connected to one or more optical fibers extending from the subsea jumper cable. Electrical input signals received at the electrical I/O junctions are converted into corresponding optical signals provided at the optical I/O junctions for transmission along the subsea jumper cable, and optical input signals received from the jumper cable are converted to electrical signals at the electrical I/O junctions for output to the electrical cable.02-21-2013
20130044982OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - An optical fiber connector assembly includes a first, and second plug connectors, and a socket connector. The first plug connector includes a first main portion and a first plate with a first front surface defining alignment holes. A first distance is defined between the first front surface and the first main portion. The second plug connector includes a second main portion and a second plate with a second front surface. A second distance is defined between the second front surface and the second main portion. The socket connector includes a side surface defining a recess with a bottom surface. A third distance is defined between the side surface and the bottom surface. Alignment pins extend from the bottom surface. The length of each alignment pin is defined as a fourth distance. The third distance is equal to the first distance and greater than sum of the second and fourth distances.02-21-2013
20130089291DUAL ORIENTATION CONNECTOR WITH SIDE CONTACTS - The present disclosure relates generally to connectors such as audio connectors and in particular to a dual orientation audio connector with side audio contacts that can be used in place of standard audio connectors. The connector has an intuitive insertion orientation and a smooth, consistent feel when inserted and extracted from its corresponding receptacle connector. A corresponding connector jack may be configured to receive the dual orientation audio connector.04-11-2013
20130071069OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector includes optical fibers, a connector body, and positioning members. The optical fibers are received in the respective through holes, and pass through the respective first recesses, the respective separating portions, and the respective second recesses, and aligned with the optical lenses. The three engagement posts of the positioning member are arranged above a through hole and surround a receiving room. The three engagement posts and a separating portion cooperatively retain an optical fiber in the connector body.03-21-2013
20130058612FIBER OPTIC CABLE END FIXTURE AND FIBER OPTIC CABLE END FIXING METHOD - A fiber optic cable fixture 03-07-2013
20090269013HYBRID MULTI-CONTACT CONNECTOR - The present invention relates to a multicontact connector comprising: 10-29-2009
20130064510FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR HOLDER AND METHOD - A fiber optic connector holder is sized to fit within an opening for mounting a fiber optic adapter. The fiber optic connector holder is configured to permit a fiber optic connector with a dust cap positioned about a ferrule and a polished end face of an optical fiber held by the ferrule to be inserted within and releasably held by the connector holder. A system for holding fiber optic connectors includes a fiber optic connector holder mounted within an opening in a bulkhead for mounting a fiber optic adapter. The fiber optic connector holder is configured to receive a fiber optic connector with a dust cap mounted about a ferrule and polished end face of an optical fiber held by the ferrule. A optical fiber connector may be held to a bulkhead when the fiber optic connector includes a dust cap mounted about a ferrule and a polished end face of an optical fiber held by the ferrule.03-14-2013
20120114287OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector includes a coupling portion. The coupling portion includes a first end surface and an opposite second end surface. The first end surface includes a number of lenses arranged thereat and a number of engaging holes formed therein. The second end surface includes a number of optical fiber holes formed therein and aligned with the respective lenses, and a number of posts formed thereon. Each of the posts has a spring member arranged thereon.05-10-2012
20120237170FIBER TERMINATION IN LIGHT PEAK LENSES - Embodiments of the invention describe optical cable housings including fiber termination units to couple optical fibers components to lenses. As in prior art solutions, embodiments of the invention utilize said fiber termination units to couple and optically align the optical fiber to the lenses; however, embodiments of the invention include flat-sided structures to more securely couple the optical fiber to the lenses; furthermore, said structures are more suitable for mass manufacturing compared to prior art solutions.09-20-2012
20110142401CABLE ASSEMBLY WITH IMPROVED FIBER TERMINATING MEANS - A cable assembly includes an insulative housing (06-16-2011
20080317415Connector Cover For Pulling And Water Resistance - Embodiments of the invention include a connector system. The connector system includes a connector cover. The connector-cover has a cap to protect a connector from dust and water and an adapter attached to an optical fiber cable, which is configured to connect to the cap. The dimensions and configuration of the connector-cover allow it to be pulled through conventional conduit (i.e. a 90°-bent, 0.75 inch Schedule 40 conduit).12-25-2008
20110026885OPTICAL FIBER COUPLING CONNECTOR - An exemplary optical fiber coupling connector includes a receptacle and a plug for insertion into the receptacle. The receptacle includes a first transmission optical fiber and a first receiving optical fiber. The plug includes a second transmission optical fiber for optically coupling with the first receiving optical fiber, and a second receiving optical fiber for optically coupling with the first transmission optical fiber. A core of the first transmission optical fiber is narrower than that of the second receiving optical fiber, and a core of the second transmission optical fiber is narrower than that of the first receiving optical fiber.02-03-2011
20120106897FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR EMPLOYING OPTICAL FIBER GUIDE MEMBER - A fiber optic connector that employs an optical fiber guide member, and a cable assembly that uses the connector are disclosed. The connector has a connector housing formed by mateable sections. The connector housing defines a housing passage having opposite connector-end and channel-end portions that define respective connector-end and channel-end passages, with the channel-end portion configured to be arranged adjacent the end of a fiber optic cable. An optical fiber guide member is disposed in the channel-end passage and has a first transition end that faces the connector-end passage. The optical fiber guide member has a conduit configured to loosely confine and guide the optical fibers to the connector-end passage. Connector sub-assemblies can be operably supported at the connector-end portion supporting end portions of the optical fiber.05-03-2012
20110268393CONNECTOR PART FOR AN OPTICAL PLUG-IN CONNECTION - A connector part for an optical plug-in connection includes a connector pin, in which an optical waveguide stub extending over a longitudinal center axis is held, and a sleeve-like pin holder. The pin holder includes a pin accommodating section, in which the connector pin is held, and an optical waveguide accommodating section, to which the end of an optical waveguide cable can be fixed in a tension-resistant manner. The optical waveguide accommodating section includes at least two jacket parts that can be connected to each other, wherein at least one jacket part can be fastened to the pin accommodating section using a joint so that the jacket part can be swiveled about a certain swivel angle between an open position and a closed position. The optical waveguide stub can be welded to an optical waveguide end on the cable side.11-03-2011
20110170829CONNECTOR COVER FOR OUTSIDE PLANT APPLICATIONS - Certain embodiments of the invention may include apparatuses, systems, and methods for providing a connector cover for outside plant application. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a connector cover assembly is provided. The assembly can include an elongated hollow cylindrical cover having a closed first end, and open second end. The assembly includes a plug comprising an elastomeric material and having a plug first end, a plug second end, a bore extending through the plug from the plug first end to the plug second end, and a cover mating surface adjacent to the plug first end. The cover mating surface is operable to slidingly engage the cover, and the plug is operable to surround and slidingly engage optical fiber cordage extending through the bore.07-14-2011
20100220961Duplex Fiber Optic Assemblies Suitable for Polarity Reversal and Methods Therefor - Duplex fiber optic connectors and fiber optic cable assemblies suitable for polarity reversal along with methods of polarity reversal are disclosed. The duplex fiber optic connector assemblies and fiber optic cable assemblies allow rotation of individual fiber optic connectors within the housing assembly for polarity reversal. In one embodiment, the duplex fiber optic cable assembly may use a single boot and a single fiber optic cable, thereby reducing the backside footprint of the cable assembly for improved access and/or airflow. In another embodiment, the housing of the duplex assembly has integral detents to limit rotation, and may further include a removable trigger mechanism and/or a rotatable boot to facilitate polarity reversal.09-02-2010
20100135617OPTICAL DEVICE - One embodiment of an optical device comprises a fiber cap, an optical fiber and a bond between the fiber cap and the optical fiber. The fiber cap comprises a cap body having a closed distal end and a bore having a tapered section. The optical fiber comprises cladding surrounding a core. A distal end of the cladding comprises a tapered section that engages the tapered section of the bore.06-03-2010
20110229084Fiber Optic Cable Connector - Fiber optic cable jacks and plugs are provided. In one aspect, a cable is made from at least one length of fiber optic line having a first end and a second end. A first plug includes a one-piece mechanical body with a cable interface to engage the fiber optic line first end, and a microlens to transceive light with the cable interface. The first plug is shaped to engage a first jack housing. A second plug includes a one-piece mechanical body with a cable interface to engage the fiber optic line second end, and a microlens to transceive light with the cable interface. The second plug is shaped to engage a second jack housing. The mechanical bodies have inner walls that form an air gap cavity interposed between the microlens convex surface and an engaging jack optical interface.09-22-2011
20110142400CABLE ASSEMBLY HAVING FLOATABLE OPTICAL MODULE - A cable assembly (06-16-2011
20130121645OPTICAL COMMUNICATION CONNECTORS WITH MODULES MOVABLE IN A MATING DIRECTION - An optical communication connector having a connector housing that includes opposite mating and loading sides and a housing cavity that extends therebetween. The optical communication connector also includes an optical module that is positioned within the housing cavity and a biasing element that is positioned between the optical module and the loading side in the housing cavity. The biasing element has a module end, a back end, and a resilient spring portion that extends between the module and back ends. The spring portion includes an elongated body having a plurality of flexible bend segments that wrap back-and-forth within a spring plane. The spring portion is compressible between first and second states during a mating operation between the optical module and an optical connector.05-16-2013
20130121646OPTICAL CABLE CONNECTION MODULE HAVING FUNCTION OF PREVENTING SEPARATION OF SHUTTER - The present invention relates to an optical cable connection module having a function of preventing separation of a shutter. The optical cable connection module includes a body configured to have an optical device embedded therein and have U-shaped insertion grooves provided on both sides of the top end of a cable insertion hole on the front side; the shutter disposed in the cable insertion hole of the body and configured to have a rotating shaft provided on both sides of the top end of the shutter, the rotating shaft being inserted into the U-shaped insertion grooves of the body and rotated around the U-shaped insertion grooves; an elastic member disposed in an upper inner portion of the body and configured to have a front end on the front side support the rear of the shutter.05-16-2013
20090245733PLUG CONNECTOR FOR AN OPTICAL FIBRE WITH DEVICE FOR COMPENSATION OF ELONGATIONS OF AN OPTICAL FIBRE - Plug connector for an optical fiber, provided with a housing (10-01-2009
20090208173FIBER CABLE TERMINATOR - A fiber cable assembly includes a cable formed from a bundle of fiber optic strands, a buffer encasing the bundle, and a terminator clamp coupled to an end of the cable over the buffer. The terminator clamp includes a first clamp portion and a second clamp portion. The first and second clamp portions each have an engaging surface for engaging the other of the first clamp portion and the second clamp portion. A channel is formed between the first clamp portion and the second clamp portion for receiving an end of the cable. The channel has a cross-sectional area that is less than a cross-sectional area of the cable. The end of the cable can be inserted into the first clamp portion and the second clamp portion can be secured to the first clamp portion to secure the clamp terminator to the cable. The cable is compressed within the channel to a reduced cross-sectional area.08-20-2009
20120195556THIN CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY THAT HAS OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL CAPABILITIES AND THAT INCLUDES A PLUG HAVING AN OPTICAL SURFACE THAT CAN BE EASILY WIPED CLEAN - A thin hybrid plug, a thin hybrid receptacle that mates with the thin hybrid plug, and a thin hybrid connector assembly comprising the thin hybrid receptacle mated with the thin hybrid plug are provided. A method for configuring a thin hybrid plug so that an optical surface of the plug is disposed for easy cleaning is also provided. An optics system of the hybrid plug has an optical surface that is substantially flush with an end face of a molded plug body of the hybrid plug to allow the optical surface to be easily wiped clean. In addition, the electrical contacts system and the optics system of the hybrid plug are arranged to enable the optical surface of the optics system to be easily wiped with a cleaning device, such as a cotton-tipped swab, for example. An optics system of the hybrid receptacle has an optical surface that is also disposed to be easily wiped with a cleaning device, such as a cotton-tipped swab, for example.08-02-2012
20100183265TERMINATION SYSTEM FOR FIBER OPTIC CONNECTION - Termination systems and devices disclosed herein use a handler that attaches to the optical fiber or cable and cooperates with other components for preparing the optical fiber and/or making the optical connection, thereby providing a simple, reliable, and easy termination for the optical fiber. For instance, the handler may cooperate with one or more of the following a strip tool, strip/clean tool, cleave tool for preparing the end of the optical fiber(s), and/or a connector-to-handler adapter for making the optical connection.07-22-2010
20130216188OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR AND APPARATUS OF FACILITATING TO PULL OUT OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector according to the present disclosure includes a housing, a tab, a vertical portion, a horizontal portion and a handle member. According to the optical fiber connector of the present disclosure, wherein a pull at the handle member may pull out the optical fiber connector from the optical fiber adapter without need to press a tab on the optical fiber connector directly.08-22-2013
20110019963Field Terminable Fiber Optic Connector Assembly - A fiber optic connector assembly includes a connector and a carrier. The connector has a first mating end and a second end and a first optical fiber terminated thereto. The fiber defines a first end adjacent the mating end and a second end protruding from the second end of the connector. A polymeric carrier having a connector end and an oppositely disposed cable end is engaged with the connector. The carrier includes a heat activated meltable portion adjacent the cable end. An alignment structure is disposed on the carrier that includes a first end, a second end, and a throughhole. The first end of the alignment structure is for receiving the second end of the first optical fiber and the second end of the alignment structure is for receiving an end of a second optical fiber entering the cable end of the carrier. The heat activated portion of the carrier is configured to melt and assume a flowable condition when exposed to a predetermined amount of heat and resolidify when the heat is removed for bonding the second optical fiber to the carrier after the first fiber is aligned with the second fiber.01-27-2011
20110044587Methods Of making And Using And Apparatus And Devices For Placing Light And Sample In Photo-Emitting Or Absorbing DeviceM - The present invention relates to a device having an optical fiber coupled to a high pressure containment vessel and a method for making the same. The high pressure containment vessel can be an optical fiber based flow cell for a chromatography system.02-24-2011
20100014814FIXING STRUCTURE OF EXTERIOR MEMBER TO OPTICAL FIBER CABLE - A fixing structure of an exterior member to an optical fiber cable containing an optical fiber cable having a coating layer formed on an outer circumference of a bare optical fiber, and the exterior member having a through-hole through which the optical fiber cable can be inserted, wherein the exterior member of the optical fiber cable has a light shielding member to cover an outer circumference of the optical fiber cable, the light shielding member is fixed at a part where the exterior member is externally mounted, and an inner surface of the through-hole of the exterior member is bonded to the light shielding member.01-21-2010
20130163933OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR, OPTICAL FIBER ADAPTER, AND ASSEMBLY THEREWITH - A waterproof optical fiber assembly includes an optical fiber connector mating with an optical fiber adapter. The optical fiber connector includes a fiber joining head, a sealing member, a sleeve, a housing, and a boot. The sleeve defines an annular groove for receiving the sealing member and two latching protrusions adjacent to the annular groove, the housing defines two unlocking grooves for the two latching protrusions, the fiber joining head is sleeved in the sleeve adjacent to the annular groove, the housing is fitted around an end of the sleeve away from the fiber joining head. The optical fiber adapter includes an assembling seat including a base board, a barrel, and two elastic arms.06-27-2013
20110033157TELECOMMUNICATIONS CABLE INLET DEVICE - An inlet device is described herein for inserting a telecommunication cable into a telecommunications enclosure. An exemplary inlet device comprises a housing, and a compression member. The housing can include a compressible portion at the second end of the housing and a securing zone adjacent to the first end of the housing. The securing zone can include a plurality of deformable locking elements which protrude from opposite sides of the housing to lock the inlet device in a close fitting port of a telecommunication enclosure.02-10-2011
20100111478NON-LINEAR FIBER ARRAY HAVING OPPOSING V-GROOVE STRUCTURES - A fiber array unit (FAU) having plurality of optical transmission channels (e.g., fiber optics) terminating at a side surface thereof for carrying optical signals to and/or from waveguides in a planar lightwave circuit (PLC). The optical transmission channels of the FAU terminate at the side surface thereof in a non-linear, cross-sectional pattern (e.g., a curved pattern). The non-linear pattern is determined by a pattern of grooves formed in a substrate of the FAU, in combination with a lid which may also have an inverse, non-linear pattern, to thereby rigidly, reliably and permanently hold the optical transmission channels in place.05-06-2010
20110176779Optical Fiber Array Connectivity System for Multiple Row Trunk Cables and Terminals - A fiber optic trunk cable that can be used for connecting multi-channel transceivers includes: a plurality of optical fibers; and first and second terminals attached to opposite ends of the fibers, each of the terminals having an alignment key. The fibers enter the first terminal in an arrangement of 2N rows, wherein N is an integer, and enter the second terminal in an arrangement of 2N rows. Each fiber defines a position in the first terminal with respect to the alignment key that is laterally transposed and row-inverted to the position the fiber defines in the second terminal Such a cable can be employed with appropriate equipment cords and transceivers.07-21-2011
20110188812OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector includes a splice tube, a clamping member, an outer housing, and an inner housing. The inner housing is detachably and adjustably assembled with the outer housing. The clamping member is received within the outer housing and adjustably clamped between the outer housing and the inner housing. The clamping defines a through hole coaxially communicating with the outing housing and the inner housing. The splice tube is assembled within the inner housing with one end connecting with the clamping member coaxially.08-04-2011
20120020624SHIELDED CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - An shielded connector assembly (01-26-2012
20120301085CABLE ANCHORING SYSTEM - An optical fiber connector for terminating an optical fiber cable containing a buffered fiber, said connector comprising: (a) a housing having a front and rear orientation; (b) an anchor at the rear of said housing, said anchor comprising exterior threads and a collet and defining at least a first passage configured to receive said buffered fiber; (c) a nut having internal threads and being adapted for threaded engagement with said anchor; and wherein said nut and collet cooperate to define an interference portion in which said nut deflects said collect inward to constrict said first passage as said nut is threaded onto said anchor.11-29-2012
20120106898FIBER BUNDLE - A fiber optic bundle including a coupler and a large matrix of fibers assembled from optical ribbons positioned very accurately in the coupler. Preferably, the coupler includes at least two plates, most preferably silicon plates, with a plurality of fiber receiving guides etched therethrough.05-03-2012
20110091164Hardened Low Back Reflection Optical Fiber Physical Contacts and Connectors Containing Such Contacts and Method for Making the Same - A fiber optic connector for use with a fiber optic network having at least one predetermined operating wavelength is provided. First housing contains at least one optical fiber. The optical fiber has a free end forming a physical contact. The physical contact is coated with a protective film. The optical thickness of the protective film is at least 0.10 of the operating wavelength of the fiber optic network. Preferably, the physical contact is thermally shaped. Also preferably, the optical fiber is attached to a quick connect device forming a termini. The physical contact of the optical fiber can be readily coated with the protective film by placing the termini in a vacuum chamber.04-21-2011
20120207436DUMMY CONNECTOR FOR A FIBER OPTIC CABLE - A device serving as a fiber optic cable dummy connector is provided. The device may have connection ports to accept the connectors terminating a fiber optic cable, such as LC-type connectors, or other configurations. The device may be used instead of an actual SFP module for connection of the fiber optic cable to a port on a piece of equipment. The device may be made opaque so that no transmission or receipt of data or light (laser) from the fiber optic cable may pass through the device. The device may be manufactured to be one-half the length of an actual SFP module. The device may be manufactured from any suitable material. The device may be used in place of using an actual SFP module. The dummy connector may be used in place of coiling fiber optic cables and leaving them unconnected until they are needed.08-16-2012
20120314999CABLE CONNECTOR - A cable connector (12-13-2012
20110182552METHOD FOR TERMINATING LIGHT-GUIDE FIBER BUNDLES - The invention relates to a method for terminating optical fiber bundles, wherein the fiber bundle is inserted into a sleeve which is filled with adhesive.07-28-2011
20120134629LOOP BACK PLUG AND METHOD - A loop back connector and methods for testing lines in a fiber optic network are disclosed. The loop back connector includes a ferrule having an interface side constructed for optical connection to a multifiber optical cable. The loop back connector also includes first and second optical loop back paths, each having first and second terminal ends positioned at the interface side. The terminal ends of each loop back path are adapted to be aligned to fibers in the multifiber optical cable. The method includes injecting a signal on a first optical path at a first location, looping back the signal at a second location onto a second optical path, and receiving the signal on the second optical path at the first location.05-31-2012
20100272400FIBER OPTIC CABLE CONNECTOR - The invention relates to a fiber optic cable connector (10-28-2010
20100272399SYSTEM FOR PLUGGING A FIBRE OPTIC CABLE INTO A FIBRE OPTIC RECEPTACLE AND CABLE ADAPTOR THEREFOR - A system for plugging a fibre optic cable into a fibre optic receptacle includes: a base element having at least one base port, and an adapter unit having at least one adapter, the at least one adapter and the at least one base port being spaced of a predetermined length. The system includes a cable adaptor associated with the fibre optic cable, the cable adaptor including a connector for being plugged into the adapter; an anchoring device for anchoring the fibre optic cable to said base port, and a connector retaining element for receiving the connector and a cable end portion, the connector retaining element defining the predetermined length and removably engaging with the anchoring device. A cable adaptor for a fibre optic cable and a method of installing a fibre optic cable into a fibre optic receptacle, especially into a joint closure, are also described.10-28-2010
20120082417CLEANABLE AND SELF-CLEANING FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR - An optical connector having a body with an outer surface, a first cavity extending within the body from the outer surface and a second cavity spaced apart from the first cavity and extending within the body of the connector from the outer surface. An optical component is positioned within the first cavity and an ejector, which extents into the second cavity, is coupled to the optical component. A biasing mechanism is operatively coupled to apply a biasing force to the ejector to secure the optical component within the first cavity. When a force greater than the biasing force is applied to the ejector within the second cavity, the ejector ejects the optical component from the first cavity so that it extends beyond the outer surface.04-05-2012
20120263421METHOD FOR FASTENING A FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR TO A FIBER OPTIC CABLE - A method for fastening a fiber optic connector to a fiber optic cable including providing a fiber optic cable having at least one optical fiber, loose yarn serving as strength members and an outer cable sheath surrounding the loose yarn and optical fiber; providing a fiber optic connector having at least two recesses into which strength members of a fiber optic cable can be inserted; removing a portion of the outer cable sheath at an end of the fiber optic cable, thereby exposing a portion of the loose yarn at the end of the fiber optic cable; splitting the exposed portion of the loose yarn into at least two bundles; forming at least two yarn pins from the bundles; and inserting each yarn pin into a respective recess of the fiber optic connector and fastening using an adhesive. Also disclosed is the cable assembly made by the method.10-18-2012
20120263420Gigabit Wet Mate Active Cable - A combination of a wet mate electrical connector and a gigabit miniature transceiver in a pressure resistant cable plug connector assembly. The cable plug connector assembly includes a wet mate connector, a miniature gigabit transceiver, and electrical and optical connections necessary to convert transmitted electrical data signals to optical data signals and vice versa.10-18-2012
20120328245OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector includes optical fibers, a connector body, two first glue layers, and two second glue layers. The optical fibers are received in grooves and aligned with optical lenses formed on the connector body. The first and second glue layers fill in the recesses to hold the main portion and the front portion of the optical fibers securely in place.12-27-2012
20130011100OPTICAL DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING OPTICAL DEVICE - An optical device includes a connector configured to provide a hole, an optical waveguide provided with a core and a clad equipped on an outer periphery of the core and configured to have a refractive index smaller than a refractive index of the core, a first transparent member configured to make contact with a core end face of the optical waveguide, and a second transparent member configured to make contact with a hole bottom of the optical waveguide insertion hole, wherein a contact area of the second transparent member and the hole bottom of the optical waveguide insertion hole is larger than a contact area of the core and the first transparent member.01-10-2013
20110158591CABLE ASSEMBLY HAVING FLOATABLE OPTICAL MODULE - A cable assembly (06-30-2011
20120243833HYBRID OPTICAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY, CABLE FOR USE WITH HYBRID OPTICAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY AND PLUG FOR USE WITH HYBRID OPTICAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - An optical connector assembly, and both a cable and a plug for use with such an optical connector assembly, are disclosed. The optical connector assembly includes a cable having laminated therein an optical waveguide and conductive wires, a plug having the cable connected thereto, and a connector housing configured to mount thereon a plug connector. The cable is provided with a wiring portion, arranged so that a core portion of the optical waveguide and the conductive wires do not overlap with each other, and a connection end portion, arranged so that a portion of the core portion of the optical waveguide overlaps with a portion of the conductive wires.09-27-2012
20080232743Drop terminal with anchor block for retaining a stub cable - The drop terminal includes a plurality of fiber optic adapters having outer connector ports that are accessible from outside the drop terminal. The drop terminal receives a fiber optic cable having a plurality of optical fibers. Fiber optic connectors are positioned at the ends of the optical fibers. The fiber optic connectors are inserted into inner connector ports of the fiber optic adapters. The drop terminal also includes an anchor block for securing the fiber optic cable to a main housing of the drop terminal. The anchor block can be secured to the main housing of the drop terminal by a mechanical interlock. The drop terminal may also include a transparent interior shield or liner that retains fibers in position within the drop terminal during assembly of the drop terminal.09-25-2008
20130129285OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR, OPTICAL FIBER ADAPTER, AND WATERPROOF OPTICAL FIBER ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - An optical fiber assembly includes an optical fiber connector, and an optical fiber adapter mating with the optical fiber connector. The optical fiber connector includes a fiber joining assembly, a first sealing member, an elastic member, and a housing assembly sleeved on the fiber joining assembly. The elastic member is slidably sleeved in the housing assembly with two ends of the elastic member resisting with the housing assembly. The optical fiber adapter includes a base board, a fixing seat protruding out from the base board, and a second sealing member sleeved on the outer surface of the fixing seat. The optical fiber adapter further includes two latching arms protruding out from the base board positioned at opposite sides of the fixing seat. The fixing seat axially defines an assembling groove for receiving the fiber joining assembly of the optical fiber connector.05-23-2013
20130142488MULTIPURPOSE FIBER TERMINATION UNIT - The NTU receiving structure (06-06-2013
20110235978Connector With Built-In Module - A connector incorporating a module, in which an incorporated electrical component may be cooled efficiently and reliably, is provided. A transmission apparatus disposed inside a main body cover of a module-incorporating connector is provided with a ceramic board at which an electrical component and such are mounted. A metal cover touches an upper face of the electrical component. A portion of the metal cover is disposed in an insertion portion of the main body cover. Heat generated by the electrical component is propagated via the metal cover to the insertion portion of a first cover member. When the module-incorporating connector is connected to a socket of a device, the insertion portion is disposed inside an exterior case, in which temperature is controlled by an air conditioner, and cooling is performed reliably and efficiently.09-29-2011
20130148929PLUGGABLE APPARATUS - A pluggable apparatus is provided in the present invention. The pluggable apparatus includes one base, one pull tab, at least one elastic piece, two sliding plates, and one front cover. The pull tab includes two rotary shafts arranged symmetrically and is rotatably arranged at one end of the base through the rotary shafts. The at least one elastic piece includes one first elastic arm and one second elastic arm. The at least one elastic piece is arranged on one of the rotary shafts of the pull tab and is held against the pull tab through the first elastic arm. The two sliding plates are slidably arranged on two sides of the base and are connected to the pull tab. The front cover is arranged on the base and is held against the second elastic arm of the elastic piece.06-13-2013
20130148928WATERPROOF OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR AND OUTDOOR COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A waterproof optical fibre connector includes a flange and a terminal connector. The terminal connector includes an outer casing, an inner casing, an optical fibre and a connecting component coupled with the fibre. The inner casing is tubular for housing the fibre and the connecting component. The outer casing is tubular for housing the inner casing. The inner casing includes a body and a waterproof clip connected to a back end of the body. The fibre passes through the clip. The tail of the inner wall of the outer casing tapers from the front to the back, pressing the clip inwards such that the clip and the fibre are fixed together. At least one first protrusion is provided on the inner surface of the front end of the sleeve of the flange, and the front end of the body of the inner casing bears against the first protrusion.06-13-2013
20130156380ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH OPTICAL UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONNECTOR - An electronic device includes a main body, and an optical USB connector mounted on the main body. The optical USB connector includes a hollow housing mounted on the main body, a mounting portion fixed within the housing, an electrical connecting portion, and an optical connecting portion mounted on the mounting portion. The electrical connecting portion is for transmitting electrical signals. The optical connecting portion is for transmitting optical signals. The optical connecting portion is surrounding the electrical connecting portion.06-20-2013
20130094814FIBER-OPTIC CABLE WITH FITTING - A fiber-optic cable with a fitting capable of increasing connection strength between a fiber-optic cable and an optical connector, which includes a fiber-optic cable including a sheath and a tensile member, an inner ring mounted on a circumference of the sheath from a position where the tensile member is drawn out of the sheath through a slit to a front end of the sheath, and a fitting mounted on the circumference and including a first portion mounted from the position where the tensile member is drawn out of the sheath to a position of the sheath on a side opposite to the ring side, and a second portion mounted while covering a circumference of the ring, wherein the first portion connects with the sheath, and the end portion of the tensile member is sandwiched by the ring and the second portion.04-18-2013
20130183003Pressure-Balanced Subsea Junction Box and Cable Termination Apparatus and Method - An apparatus and method for sealably joining cables to pressure-balanced submersible junction boxes. The apparatus maintains a balanced pressure within the termination chamber; it is field installable, testable, and repairable. The termination chamber is not oil-filled; instead, it is substantially filled with a solid particulate fill material. An apparatus and method for sealably containing the cable's bitter end within the termination chamber are further provided. The apparatus includes a cable termination assembly having a chamber with a first end including a load bearing cable-attachment to sealably join a cable to the chamber, and a second end including an underwater connector. Within the chamber one or more optical and/or electrical conductors from the cable are terminated to respective one or more attachment points of the connector. The apparatus prohibits cable pistoning into the termination chamber.07-18-2013
20130183004Loopback Housing for a Fiber Optic Connector - A loopback housing has an upper body portion and a lower body portion that are removably connected to one another. One of the body portions has a fiber opening to protect the optical fibers that are looped around for the fiber optic connector. The loopback housing also functions to remove and insert the fiber optic connector into an adapter, particularly in a high density application.07-18-2013
20120008902OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR - An optical fiber connector includes a connector hold, a connector body and a number of optical fibers. The hold defines a receiving recess. The connector body is held in the receiving recess of the connector hold. The optical fibers pass through the connector hold and are attached to the connector body. The connector body includes two engagement blocks formed on opposite side surfaces thereof. The connector hold defines two grooves corresponding to the engagement blocks. The engagement blocks are engaged in the corresponding grooves. The connector body is restricted by the groove in the receiving recess from tilting relative to the connector hold.01-12-2012
20130209039OPTICAL FIBER CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - An optical fiber connector assembly includes a plug and a socket coupled with the plug. The structure of the socket is the same as the structure of the plug. The plug includes a first positioning pole and a first positioning hole, and the socket includes a second positioning pole and a second positioning hole. The first positioning pole of the plug is received in the second positioning hole of the socket, and the second positioning pole of the socket is received in the first positioning hole.08-15-2013

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