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384 - Bearings

384091000 - ROTARY BEARING

384445000 - Antifriction bearing

384456000 - Radial bearing

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384484000 Lip seal 34
384480000 Labyrinth 14
384489000 O-ring or end cap seal 7
384481000 Relatively rotatable radially contacting 7
384478000 Centrifugal loading or slinging; fluid seal 6
384488000 Flange small clearance 2
20110182539Bearing Assembly with Extended Maintenance Interval - A bearing assembly is disclosed including an inner race and an outer race that is radially spaced from the inner race for receiving roller elements therebetween. A collar is adjacent to and fixed relative to the inner race. A sealing member is fixed relative to the outer race. The sealing member slidably and sealingly engages the collar axially and radially to maintain a seal between the sealing member and the collar during a misalignment of the inner race relative to the outer race and a predetermined degree of misalignment of the inner race relative to the outer race.07-28-2011
20100046874Extension Member for a Flinger of a Bearing - A bearing is disclosed comprising an inner ring concentrically disposed with an outer ring with rotational elements therebetween adapted for allowing rotational movement of the inner ring relative to the outer ring. A flinger may be secured to the inner ring having an extension member formed from a resilient material. The extension member may extend radially outward from the flinger along an axial side of the bearing and engages a portion of a side face of the outer ring during operation of the bearing.02-25-2010
384487000 Radially opening U-shaped retainer 1
20090034894Axle bearing assembly - An axle bearing assembly includes a flange, on which a wheel is mounted; a hub shaft constructed of a cylindrical portion provided on an inboard side of the flange; a bearing having an inner ring; an outer ring; and rolling elements disposed between the inner ring and the outer ring; a first sealing member fixed to an inboard side between the inner ring and the outer ring; and a removable second sealing member is fitted to the inboard side of the first sealing member. The inner ring of the bearing portion is fixed to the cylindrical portion of the hub shaft.02-05-2009
20120163745SEALED ROLLING BEARING - An object of the present invention is to provide a sealed rolling bearing, where sealing plate fitting spaces are reduced to virtually zero, thereby allowing parts compatibility with non-sealed rolling bearings due to its bearing size and also enabling the color of lubricant to be visually observed from the outside. The sealed rolling bearing includes a rolling bearing main body; and sealing members each provided between outside edges of an inner ring track and an outer ring track in the rolling bearing main body. The sealing members are provided by transparent plastic sealing plates and attached to a retainer.06-28-2012
20090190873Sealing member for use in rolling bearing and rolling bearing - A sealing member, for sealing urea compound-containing grease enclosed in a rolling bearing, in which an elastic body deteriorates to a low extent when the rolling bearing is subjected to a high temperature and which is capable of maintaining a preferable sealing performance for a long time and excellent in reliability and durability.07-30-2009
20090123101Rolling bearing device - In a rolling bearing provided with an outer ring connected to a mounting opening of a knuckle, an inner ring connected to a wheel through a hub, a rolling element intervening between the outer ring and the inner ring and a sealing device for sealing the space between the inner and outer rings from the outside, the rolling bearing is provided with a sealing member for limiting the foreign substance invading the rolling bearing side from a clearance existing between a drive shaft provided rotatably with the inner ring and the knuckle, the sealing member including a ring-shaped cover including a cylinder press-fit in the outer ring and a ring-shaped upstanding wall extended radially inwardly from the cylinder and an outer lip provided at an inner diameter end of the ring-shaped upstanding wall, the outer lip serving to show the sealing function in cooperation with the drive shaft.05-14-2009
20090154854Coreless Seal and Rolling Bearing - A coreless seal 06-18-2009
20100040316SEALED ROLLIING BEARING - The object is to provide a sealed rolling bearing which has high sealability sufficient to substantially completely prevent entry of muddy water.02-18-2010
20100142873SEALED ROLLING BEARING - When a sealed rolling bearing is subjected to temperature increase caused by the friction heat of the seal and external heat and is subsequently cooled down, negative pressure is created in an internal space of the bearing and causes a seal lip of the bearing to stick to a seal groove, resulting in abrasion of the seal lip. The present invention solves the problem while maintaining sealing performance of the seal lip. In a sealed rolling bearing in which a sealing member has a seal lip on its edge and the seal lip abuts against a raceway-side groove wall of a seal groove adjacent to an inner raceway, the seal lip has a contact tip shaped into an arc whose radius of curvature R ranges from 0.1 mm to less than 0.2 mm.06-10-2010
20120219246SEALED ROLLING BEARING - It is desired to prevent generation of negative pressure in the bearing space and to prevent entry of foreign matter such as water into the bearing. A bearing is provided which includes an inner race (08-30-2012
20090232434TEXTURING OF THE BEARING SURFACE FOR A ROLLER CONE ROCK BIT - Surface texturing is employed to modify the topography of one or more surfaces (radial or cylindrical) of the bearing system for a roller cone rock bit. The surface texturing results in a dimpled surface which retains additional lubricant helpful in reducing friction in the boundary and mixed lubrication regimes. Shot peening is disclosed as one method for texturing the desired surface.09-17-2009
20090046966Sealing Device for Antifriction Bearing Comprising Identifying Means - The inventions concerns a sealing device for antifriction bearing comprising a fixed support (02-19-2009
20110019952Self-Aligning Maintenance Free Bearing Unit for Agricultural Applications - A contamination-resistant bearing assembly includes an outer ring mounted within a housing and an inner ring rotatably supported from the outer ring. Inboard and outboard seal structures are disposed within a bearing space defined between the rings and prevent contaminants from entering a rolling element lubrication zone. A surface seal may also be included to protect the spherical interface between the housing and outer ring. The improved structure allows dynamic alignment of the bearing assembly when acted on by outside forces and also allows for extended operation under maintenance free conditions with no need for relubrication.01-27-2011
20100296760WHEEL HUB BEARING UNIT FOR A VEHICLE AND A GASKET FOR SUCH A UNIT - The invention concerns a wheel hub bearing unit for a vehicle, said hub bearing unit comprising a rotating bearing ring member (11-25-2010
20080267547SEALED BEARING - A sealed bearing includes a first race having a circumferential outer surface with a first portion of a first diameter and a second portion of a reduced diameter. A second race is provided having an circumferential outer surface with a first portion of a first diameter and a second portion of a reduced diameter. Rolling elements are positioned between the first race and the second race. A race retention sleeve is provided which engages the second portion of the first race and the second portion of the second race.10-30-2008
20100054644WHEEL ROLLING BEARING UNIT - A cover member includes a metallic cover main body having a lid portion and a cylindrical portion and an elastic covering material which covers outer circumferential surfaces of the lid portion and the cylindrical portion. In a state resulting before the cover member is fitted in a one end side opening of an outer ring of a rolling bearing, of the elastic covering material, an outside diameter dimension of a cylindrical portion elastic layer which covers the outer circumferential surface of the cylindrical portion is set to be larger than an inside diameter dimension of an inner circumferential surface of the one end side opening. In an attached state in which the cover member is fitted in the outer ring, the cylindrical portion elastic layer is elastically compressed to thereby be brought into close contact with the inner circumferential surface of the one end side opening of the outer ring.03-04-2010
20090232433Sealing device and rolling bearing apparatus - First portions are fixed to an outer ring, and second portions are fixed to an inner ring. Bimetal members and electromagnets are embedded in and fixed by elastic portions of the first portions and portions of the second portions are constituted by ferromagnetic members. Whereas at a normal temperature region, the first portions and the second portions are brought into contact with each other, based on deformations of the bimetal members at a temperature equal to or higher than a predetermined temperature equal to or higher than the normal temperature region, the first portions and the second portions are made to be disposed to be spaced apart from each other by intervals therebetween at a temperature equal to or higher than the predetermined temperature equal to or higher than the normal temperature region.09-17-2009
20100135607SEAL ARRANGEMENT AND A BRUSH SEAL FOR A WIND TURBINE - A seal arrangement for sealing a bearing comprising a first component and a second component which are rotatably movable with respect to each other is provided. The seal arrangement includes brush seal having an annular brush body carried by the first component and a bundle of resiliently bendable bristles. The brush seal is adapted to maintain a sealing condition when the first and second component are moved relative to each other in a non-rotational manner. Further, a brush seal and a wind turbine having a brush seal are provided.06-03-2010
20100135606SELF ALIGNING BEARING AND SEAL ASSEMBLY - A self aligning bearing and seal assembly including a bearing housing operable to mount to a surface, a bearing unit seated within the bearing housing and having an outer race, an inner race, and at least one ball intermediate the outer and inner race. The self aligning bearing and seal assembly also includes a pivot assembly having a shaft sleeve operable for receiving and maintaining a rotatable shaft and being disposed in the bearing housing and in operational contact with the inner race of the bearing unit. The pivot assembly allows for a degree of angular misalignment between the surface and the shaft greater than three degrees.06-03-2010
20080240637Rolling bearing device - A rolling bearing device of the invention has inner rings, an outer ring, and a sealing unit having a seal case fixed to the outer ring. The seal case is internally fitted to an annular corner formed between a shoulder inner peripheral surface of the outer ring, and a seal groove in a state where the diameter of a fixed portion is reduced elastically, and is fixed to the outer ring in a state where the annular corner and an outer peripheral surface of the fixed portion are in a line contact with each other.10-02-2008
20080285902Bearing Device for Drive Wheel - A bearing device for a drive wheel, wherein an annular first seal member is disposed in a clearance between a knuckle member and the outer peripheral surface of an outer ring member. A third clearance small in the radial direction and continued by the length of a first annular side part is formed between the second inner diameter surface of the knuckle member and the first annular side part. Thus, water and slurry are prevented from entering into the clearance formed around a hub bearing.11-20-2008
20090162000ROLLING BEARING HAVING TWO INNER RINGS AND A SEAL ARRANGEMENT FOR SEALING THE PARTING JOINT BETWEEN THE INNER RINGS - The seat adjustment mechanism has a housing with an outer ring and an inner ring. The rings are arranged concentrically. Clamping bodies interact with double clamping ramps on the rings and are arranged in an annular space between the rings. Spring supports pivot in relation to each other, interact with a stop on the housing, are arranged concentrically with the rings, and engage in each case both in the annular space and in an inner space arranged radially within the inner ring. The spring supports are braced in relation to each other by a spring, which is arranged in the inner space to secure the clamping bodies in the center of the double clamping ramps. Stop surfaces of the spring supports are acted upon by a force in the direction in which they are minimally spaced apart.06-25-2009
20090252445Tapered roller bearing apparatus and hub unit - A tapered roller bearing apparatus includes: an outer ring that includes an outer-ring raceway formed in an inner circumferential surface thereof; an inner ring which includes a large-diameter portion having a cylindrical portion with a substantially uniform outer diameter, a large rib portion having an outer circumferential surface and a guide surface continued to the outer circumferential surface, an inner-ring raceway, and a small-diameter cylindrical portion which are sequentially formed from one end to the other end, and are subjected to a heat treatment to have a surface-hardened layer; and a plurality of tapered rollers which are rollably disposed between the inner-ring raceway and the outer-ring raceway, a large-diameter end surface of the tapered roller being guided by the guide surface. An angle formed between the guide surface and the outer circumferential surface is obtuse.10-08-2009
20100183255Seal Guard - A seal guard 07-22-2010
20110058763BEARING ISOLATING SEAL - A bearing-isolating seal (03-10-2011
20100209033Connecting Arrangement For Connecting A Mowing Knife To A Mowing Knife Drive Journal - A connecting arrangement (08-19-2010
20090041400Rolling bearing apparatus - A rolling bearing apparatus includes inner rings, an outer ring, and sealing devices each having a seal case fixed to the outer ring. The seal case includes a fixing portion press-fitted in the outer ring, and a ring-shaped portion extending radially inwardly from an axially-outer end of the fixing portion. The fixing portion has a ridge formed on and projecting radially outwardly from an outer peripheral surface thereof. The ridge is disposed nearer to the axially-outer end of the fixing portion than an axially inner end of the fixing portion.02-12-2009
20100303396Fluid-Tight Rotation-Guiding Device - The invention relates to a rotation-guiding device which comprises a fixed support (12-02-2010
20100054645External Bearing Shroud - A bearing assembly includes an inner race adapted to be coupled to an inner member and an outer race adapted to be coupled to an outer member positioned such that the inner race is in an opposed and spaced apart relation from the outer race. Roller elements are disposed between the inner and outer races. An inner flange is coupled to the outer race, includes circumferentially spaced apart recesses and extends generally radially toward the inner race. An outer flange is coupled to the inner race. A flexible sealing member contacts both the inner flange and the outer flange. A shroud includes tabs that extend through the recesses. The tabs are coupled to the outer race. The inner and outer members are permitted to rotate relative to each other.03-04-2010
20080205807Antifriction bearing for a weaving loom with lubricating cavity and weaving loom pulling system comprising such a bearing - The invention relates to an antifriction bearing (08-28-2008
20100067838ROLLING BEARING ARRANGEMENT - The invention is directed to a rolling bearing arrangement comprising two annular elements that are arranged mutually concentrically and at least regionally inside each other, for connection each to a respective one of two oppositely rotatable system components, and comprising a gap between said connecting elements, such that they are able to rotate in opposite directions about an imaginary axis located at the center of the annular connecting elements and extending approximately perpendicular to the ring plane, wherein at least two rows of rolling bodies are provided in the region of the gap between the connecting elements, wherein the annular connecting elements completely or partially overlap each other in the radial direction and one or more raceways for rolling bodies are arranged in radially overlapping regions of the annular connecting elements, in such a way that the contact angle which the connecting line between the centers of the points of contact of a rolling body with its two raceways makes with the ring plane is equal to or greater than 75°, and wherein the rolling bodies of at least one row have a contact angle of 15° or less.03-18-2010
20110188792Bearing Apparatus For A Wheel Of Vehicle - A vehicle wheel bearing apparatus which reduces the weight, size and number of parts and also prevents ingress of rain water or dusts and leakage of differential gear oil has an axle housing supported under a body of a vehicle. A hollow drive shaft is inserted into the axle housing. A wheel bearing is arranged between the drive shaft and an opening of the axle housing and is structured as a unit including a wheel hub and a double row rolling bearing. The wheel bearing includes an inner member with a wheel hub integrally formed with a wheel mounting flange on one end and an axially extending cylindrical portion. At least one inner ring is press-fit onto the cylindrical portion of the wheel hub. The inner ring is formed with at least one of the inner raceway surfaces on its outer circumferential surface. An outer member is arranged around the inner member and formed with double row outer raceway surfaces on its inner circumferential surface opposite to the inner raceway surfaces. Double row rolling elements are arranged between the inner and outer raceway surfaces of the inner member and the outer member. A cage freely rollably holds the rolling elements. Seals seal an annular space between the inner member and the outer member. A cap, having a metal core formed from steel, is press-fit into an end of a central bore of the wheel hub.08-04-2011
20090208160BEARING ASSEMBLY - A bearing assembly for radial and axial support of a shaft part relative to a housing includes two radial antifriction bearings located at an axial distance to one another on the shaft part and two axial antifriction bearings located at an axial distance to one another on the shaft part. To create better support, the bearing assembly has an outer bearing ring which is inserted into a hole of the housing and which, made as a one-piece component, has tracks for the two radial antifriction bearings and for the two axial antifriction bearings.08-20-2009
20120027332ROLLING BEARING, SPINDLE SUPPORT STRUCTURE OF MAIN MOTOR FOR RAILWAY VEHICLE, AND BEARING STRUCTURE - A rolling bearing as a ball bearing comprising an inner ring; an outer ring having the same axial width as said inner ring; balls arranged between said inner ring and said outer ring; and a sealing member having a roughly channel-shaped configuration in cross section projecting from both end faces of said inner ring and said outer ring. A relation between a diameter A of said ball and an axial width W of said inner ring and said outer ring satisfies A/W≧0.4, and a relation between a bearing volume V of said ball bearing and an internal space capacity C of said ball bearing satisfies 0.35≧CN≧0.55.02-02-2012
20120207417NON-CONTACT SEALING RING AND SEALING ARRANGEMENT - A sealing ring for sealing a rolling chamber of a rolling bearing, which has a supporting part that is fixed to a first bearing part and retains an elastic part. The sealing ring seals the roiling chamber by a radial or axial sealing lip on the elastic part. The sealing ring lies between the first bearing part and a second bearing part that is rotatable relative to the first bearing part or lies between the first bearing part and another component fixed to the second bearing part and moveable relative to the first bearing part. A ring of lubricant is applied, formed and retained by an annular groove in a sealing lip and by the second bearing part or by the component. The ring of lubricant can also be shaped so that the ring of lubricant closes a gap between the sealing lip and the second bearing part or the components.08-16-2012
20120281939Hub Unit Bearing - Provided is a hub unit bearing wherein a cover can be firmly fitted with an outer ring member, and it is difficult for foreign matter to enter inside through a water drainage hole formed in the cover. The cover that covers the inside end section in the axial direction of the hub unit bearing includes a disk section, a small-diameter cylindrical section bent in the axial direction from the outer perimeter edge section of the disk section and a large-diameter cylindrical section. A cut and raised section that is cut and raised toward the inside in the radial direction is formed in the small-diameter cylindrical section, and a water drainage hole that passes through from inside to outside the cover is provided in the portion that is cut and separated from the small-diameter cylindrical section.11-08-2012
20100220948BEARING DAMPER WITH SPRING SEAL - A bearing damper includes: (a) an annular sleeve having spaced-apart grooves formed in a radially-facing surface therein; (b) an annular bearing race received in the sleeve; and (c) a resilient seal ring disposed in each of the grooves, wherein the seal rings cooperate with the sleeve and a radially-facing surface of the bearing race to define a closed annular gap, and further wherein the seal rings are sized so as to urge the bearing race towards a coaxial position relative to the sleeve.09-02-2010
20130094794Dirt filter for moveable parts - To protect moveable—mostly sliding parts from dirt porous filter material is placed in a closest way directly on one of the moveable partners; for instance directly in both fronts of a ball bearing running submerged in sea water to repel and absorb dirt particles on the way to the inner rolling parts. This will extend the service live under difficult conditions. In case of a mechanical shaft seal a filter ring is placed directly besides the sealing ring sliding together on a seat ring. Such filter ring protects the sensitive sliding surfaces much more completely than dirt rings in use, because they not only repel dirt, but absorb single dirt particles in its pores even in the sliding surface.04-18-2013
20130094793Shaft Support Assembly - A shaft support assembly that may include a mounting bracket, a dampener, a bearing retainer, a bearing, and a deflector. The deflector may be spaced apart from the dampener and may include a seal that engages the bearing retainer to inhibit contamination of the bearing.04-18-2013
20110222805SEAL EQUIPPED BEARING ASSEMBLY - A seal equipped bearing assembly including an outer ring (09-15-2011
20100316318Outer Ring Seal for a Bearing and Method of Installing the Same - A bearing has an outer ring with an annular side face with an outer ring raceway on an inner peripheral surface of the outer ring and an interface formed on an outer peripheral surface at an axial end portion of the outer ring adjacent the annular side face. A compressible element is disposed at the interface. A seal carrier is deformingly connected to the outer ring with a portion of the seal carrier conforming to the interface with the compressible element disposed therebetween forming a seal between the outer ring and the portion of the seal carrier attached thereto.12-16-2010
20120027331BEARING ASSEMBLY OF A BLENDER - A bearing assembly of a blender consists of a bearing holder (02-02-2012
20120027330Railway car bearing seal - A bearing assembly is provided having a roller bearing with an inner raceway fitted around the journal portion of an axle. An outer raceway combines with the inner raceway to receive roller elements. An improved lubricant seal arrangement is provided between the wear ring and the supporting outer raceway comprising a slinger element.02-02-2012

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