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384 - Bearings

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384456000 - Radial bearing

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384470000 Cage structure 19
384473000 Reservoir, filter or lubrication circuit structure 18
384474000 Lubrication port 12
384463000 Solid lubricant feature 8
384469000 Porous or wick structure 5
20100027929LUBRICATING SYSTEM, BEARING UTILIZING THE SYSTEM, UNIVERSAL JOINT UTILIZING THE SYSTEM, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF - It is an object of the present invention to provide a lubricating system that improves the force of retaining a lubricating component of a foam lubricant, minimizes an exudation amount of the lubricating component caused by deformation of the foam lubricant, is excellent in initial lubrication, has a long life, has a low cost, and is excellent in the productivity thereof; a bearing utilizing the lubricating system; a universal joint utilizing the lubricating system; and a process for the production thereof. A lubricating system includes a foam lubricant (02-04-2010
20110255816BEARING ELEMENT WITH POROUS ELEMENTS IN RING SEGMENTS - The invention relates to a bearing element with rolling bodies which are arranged in the peripheral direction between an inner ring and an outer ring disposed concentrically to the inner ring, particularly with a cage for holding the rolling bodies, the bearing element comprising porous elements along the peripheral direction in individual ring segments for receiving lubricant.10-20-2011
20120301065ROLLING BEARING LUBRICATION STRUCTURE AND ROLLING BEARING - A lubrication structure for a rolling bearing assembly of low manufacturing cost, high speed and the environment-friendly is provided. An inclined surface portion is provided in an outer diametric surface of an inner ring of the bearing assembly, and a grease tank having a grease reservoir is arranged adjacent to an outer ring of the rolling bearing assembly. A base oil transfer medium for moving a base oil in the grease by capillary phenomenon is provided within the grease reservoir, and one end thereof contacts the inclined surface portion. Accordingly, the base oil within the grease reservoir adheres to the inclined surface portion through the base oil transfer medium, and the base oil adhering to the inclined surface portion is supplied to the bearing assembly utilizing surface tension of the base oil and the flow of the base oil induced upon rotation of the inner ring.11-29-2012
20100247013Retainer for roller bearing, and rolling bearing - A retainer for a rolling bearing, which is used for a food machine or a vacuum apparatus, containing an increased amount of a lubricating oil and enhancing a use efficiency of the lubricating oil and rolling bearing is described. The retainer consists of a molding, of a synthetic resin composition, which holds a rolling element of a rolling bearing. The molding is composed of a resinous porous article having an interconnected hole porosity not less than 30% and a lubricating oil which impregnates the resinous porous article. The resinous porous article has an interconnected hole are formed by molding a resin containing a pore-forming substance having a melting point higher than that of the resin and can be used as a food material, and by extracting said pore-forming substance from the molding with a solvent which dissolves the pore-forming substance and does not dissolve the resin.09-30-2010
20100316317Bearing Having a Porous Element for Accommodating Lubricant - The invention relates to a bearing element 12-16-2010
384464000 Dipping, surface treatment or member versus lubricant density 3
20090232432Lubricating grease and lubricating grease-enclosed roller bearing - The present invention provides lubricating grease which is excellent in durability at a high temperature, restrains a reaction from occurring between fluorine and steel, and has a long life; and a rolling bearing in which the lubricating grease is enclosed. The lubricating grease contains perfluoropolyether oil as a base oil thereof and fluorocarbon resin powder as a thickener thereof. The lubricating grease further contains an additive containing a substance capable of forming a film on a metal surface. The substance is a diurea compound having an —NH— bond in a molecular structure thereof, an organic-acid metal salt such as sodium sebacate, molybdate such as potassium molybdate or sodium molybdate, or a bismuth-containing compound such as bismuth sulfate. The rolling bearing has an inner ring and an outer ring disposed concentrically with each other, a plurality of rolling elements interposed between the inner ring and the outer ring, and a retainer dividedly holding the rolling elements. The lubricating grease is enclosed on the periphery of the rolling elements.09-17-2009
20110243487APPARATUS WITH SECONDARY LOAD PATH FOR VEHICLE WHEEL BEARING ASSEMBLY AND FEATURE TO INHIBIT CORROSION - The apparatus includes a first component mounted for rotation with the wheel and a second component spaced from the first component by a predetermined gap and not connected for rotation with the wheel. One of the first and the second components is displaced relative to the other upon a force to close the gap and contact the other component to form a load path for the force. The load path is a secondary load path that bypasses the bearing races, preventing excessive plastic deformation of the races. The apparatus is configured with at least one feature to inhibit corrosion of the first and second components at the gap. The feature may be an extension of the second component that localizes the gap to just a portion of the second component. Alternatively, coatings, shims, lubricants, and seals may be used alone or in combination to prevent corrosion at the gap.10-06-2011
20120308171BI-DIRECTIONAL TAPERED ROLLER BEARING ASSEMBLY WITH IMPROVED WEAR RESISTANCE - The wear resistance of a bi-directional tapered roller bearing is improved by applying a tribological coating to both the small and large end faces of the roller and to at least one of the rib faces of the bearing assembly.12-06-2012
384467000 Cooling by lubricant 2
20110262068AXLE BEARING LUBRICATING AND COOLING SYSTEM - An axle bearing lubricating and cooling system includes a shaft and an axle bearing that has an inner race fixedly mounted around the shaft, an outer race and a plurality of movable members movably set in between the inner race and the outer race, a casing fixedly connected with the outer race of the axle bearing for enabling two distal ends of the shaft to extend out of the casing, casing having a fluid inlet for guiding a cooling fluid from an external cooling fluid source through the gap in between the outer race and inner race of the axle bearing and a fluid outlet located for guiding the cooling fluid out of the casing, and an impeller rotatable with the shaft for forcing the cooling fluid out of the axle bearing toward the fluid outlet.10-27-2011
20090148088Lubricator for Rolling Bearings - The object is to provide a lubricator for rolling bearings which is also capable of cooling the inner ring and which can reduce the resistance of cooling oil when the oil is agitated during high-speed rotation of the bearing.06-11-2009
384468000 Oil mist feature 2
20080304780Bearing Device - The present invention relates to a bearing device in which an inner ring is sealed from an outer ring by seals and together with the outer ring forms a closed bearing unit with a built-in circulation circuit for a lubricating oil mist. Rolling elements and rolling tracks disposed in the circulation circuit and lubricated by the oil mist. Means are adapted to forming an oil mist of lubricating oil from a reservoir, and means are adapted to causing the oil mist to flow in the circulation circuit. The invention also relates to an application of the bearing device for rotatably supporting a rotor in a centrifugal separator and to a method for supporting a centrifugal separator rotor for rotation about an axis of rotation.12-11-2008
20120275737BEARING ASSEMBLY HAVING AN INTERNAL OIL MIST GENERATOR - A rolling element bearing includes a plurality of rolling elements disposed between at least one bearing inner ring and at least one bearing outer ring. A cage retains and guides the rolling elements between the at least one bearing inner ring and the at least one bearing outer ring. An annular extension extends from the cage. The annular extension has a rectangular contour when viewed in radial cross-section and has a surface roughness (R11-01-2012
384472000 Impeller 1
20130084035Fractured-Outer-Race Full-Complement Ball-Bearing System For Use In A Turbocharger - A turbocharger ball-bearing assembly incorporates a cageless set of ceramic bearing balls operating within outer and inner bearing raceways, wherein the outer bearing raceway is on the inside of a fractured outer race.04-04-2013
384466000 Jet, baffle or valve 1
20120114278ROLLING BEARING, PARTICULARLY SINGLE-ROW DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING FOR A DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - A single-row deep groove ball bearing made substantially of an inner ring and an outer ring disposed coaxially thereto and balls disposed between the rings. The balls roll in deep groove tracks in an outer face of the inner ring and in an inner face of the outer ring, and the balls are held at equal distances to each other in the circumferential direction by a housing. The interior of the bearing is sealed by two circular ring-shaped seals axially opposite each other. At least one of the seals is a lip seal, which has an angular profile. A shape-stable radial seal leg of the seal is attached to the outer ring and forms a gap seal with an axial side of the inner ring, and a sealing lip, which is an overpressure valve, is disposed under the inner ring and slidingly contacts the inner face of the inner ring.05-10-2012
384471000 With pressure or suction means 1
20110222804WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - A wind turbine generator is provided in which damage to a rolling element due to running out of lubricant oil in a main bearing (09-15-2011
20100092118GREASE COMPOSITION AND GREASE-ENCLOSED BEARING - The present invention provides a grease composition capable of effectively preventing a rolling surface of a grease-enclosed bearing from having hydrogen brittleness-caused peeling and the grease-enclosed bearing. The grease composition includes a base grease consisting of a base oil and a thickener and an additive added to the base grease. The additive contains at least an epoxy compound. A mixing ratio of the epoxy compound to 100 parts by weight of the base grease is set to 0.05 to 10 parts by weight. The grease-enclosed bearing using the grease composition includes an inner ring (04-15-2010
20110200282VEHICLE DRIVE UNIT FOR DUMP TRUCK - A wheel drive motor (08-18-2011
20120163744ZIRCONIA-ALUMINA CERAMIC MATERIALS - The present invention provides a ceramic material comprising: a first phase comprising zirconia, yttrium and cerium, wherein the yttrium and cerium are present in a molar ratio of 0.15 to 0.5 and in a combined amount of 5 to 15 mol %, a second phase comprising alumina, and a third phase comprising metal aluminate platelets.06-28-2012
20120213460DRIVE UNIT FOR MOTOR VEHICLES HAVING AN ELECTRICAL MOTOR - A drive unit for motor vehicles having which has at least one electrical motor and at least one transmission assembly. The electrical motor and the transmission assembly are operatively connected to one another by at least one shaft and the shaft is rotatably mounted by at least one first rolling bearing which sits in a rotary union for the shaft in the transmission assembly.08-23-2012
20090103844Rolling Bearing - To provide a rolling bearing assembly, in which a grease filled within the bearing assembly is utilized to achieve a high speed feature, a long life and a maintenance-free and a lubricant oil can be stably supplied from a minute gap, a stepped face continued from the raceway surface is provided in a stationary raceway ring unit of an inner and outer ring units in a direction away from rolling elements. A gap forming piece having a free end confronting the stepped face is provided to define therebetween a flow passage and a grease reservoir communicated with the flow passage. The rolling bearing assembly is so designed that a heat cycle can be induced in the grease reservoir and, base oil of the grease can be urged to flow out from the gap by the effect of a pressure variation caused by the temperature rise.04-23-2009
20090129713Angular Contact Ball Bearing and Joint Assembly for a Robotic Arm - It is aimed to increase the rigidity of an angular contact ball bearing of the type in which each ball contacts at least one of the raceways at two points, improve the lubricating environment of the balls, reduce the weight of the bearing while maintaining wear resistance and rigidity of the balls, reduce the weight of the bearing while maintaining wear resistance of the balls, improve the radial rigidity and axial rigidity of the bearing in a balanced manner, or to supply a sufficient amount of lubricating oil into an internal area between the two contact points between each ball and the raceway.05-21-2009
20100142872RESIN COMPOSITION FOR SLIDING MEMBER AND ROLLING BEARING - A resin composition for a sliding member is difficult to peel and whose component is difficult to elute when the resin composition is formed as a film on a surface of a mechanical part, even though the resin composition is used in environment where the sliding member contacts lubricating oil containing a sulfur-based additive or in atmosphere containing a sulfur-based compound. A resin composition for a sliding member to be used for a mechanical part having a surface thereof formed of said sliding member. The resin composition contains polyamide-imide resin having an elongation percentage of 60% to 120%, fullerene, and at least one disulfide selected from among molybdenum disulfide and tungsten disulfide. 0.1 to 10 vol % of the fullerene and 0.5 to 20 vol % of the disulfide are contained in an entirety of the resin composition.06-10-2010
20090148087Rolling bearing and rolling bearing assembly - There is provided a rolling bearing including an inner ring having an inner ring raceway surface, an outer ring having an outer ring raceway surface and a shoulder portion formed on one axial side of the outer ring raceway surface, a plurality of rolling elements which roll between the inner ring raceway surface and the outer ring raceway surface, and a cage adapted to hold the plurality of rolling elements at predetermined intervals in a circumferential direction and having a guided surface which confronts the shoulder portion of the outer ring in such a manner as to be brought into sliding contact therewith. The rotation of the cage is guided through sliding contact of the guided surface of the cage with a guiding surface of the shoulder portion of the outer ring. A guiding space which is a radial space between the guiding surface of the shoulder portion of the outer ring and the guided surface of the cage is made to increase as approaching the rolling elements.06-11-2009
20090169146CELLULAR ENCASEMENT PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR ROLLER ASSEMBLY - A roller assembly having a roller tube, a fixed shaft inside the roller tube, a bearing mounted on the shaft, an inner casing mounted on the bearing and rotatable with respect to the shaft, an outer casing fixedly mounted on the shaft, a shield cap mounted on the inner casing, and a seal member mounted between the roller tube, the shield cap and the inner casing for sealing the roller assembly. Facing walls of the inner casing and outer casing define inner cells and a first labyrinth path for reducing migration of contaminants through the inner cells. Facing walls of the outer casing and shield cap define outer cells and a second labyrinth path for reducing migration of contaminants through the outer cells. The facing walls of the outer casing and shield cap are provided with gel for further reducing migration of contaminants through the outer cells.07-02-2009
20090279824GREASE-ENCLOSED BEARING FOR INVERTER-DRIVING MOTOR - The present invention provides a grease-enclosed bearing, for an inverter-driving motor, which is inexpensive and capable of effectively restraining damage from being generated by electrolytic corrosion. The grease-enclosed bearing for the inverter-driving motor has an inner ring (11-12-2009
20100119184Travel Assembly - A travel assembly is provided with a cylindrical spindle for being fixed on a body of a working vehicle, a rotary shaft arranged extending in an axial direction through the spindle and rotationally drivable by a driving source, a rim rotatably arranged on a side of an outer periphery of the spindle to permit mounting of a wheel thereon, a planetary gear reduction mechanism for transmitting rotation of the rotary shaft to the rim at a reduced speed, a bearing rotatably supporting the rotary shaft via a sleeve integrally fitted on the rotary shaft, and a retainer holding the bearing in place. A lube oil pipe for feeding lube oil to the rotary shaft is held in place by the retainer. The lube oil pipe branches within the retainer to form an oil passage. The oil passage has an opening through which the lube oil can be fed to rolling elements in the bearing.05-13-2010
20090136170Water-Resistant Grease and Water-Resistant-Grease-Enclosed Rolling Bearing and Hub - The present invention provides water-resistant grease which improves the resistance to peeling which occurs from the surface of a bearing composed of carbon steel for machine structural use or the like even in a strict lubricating condition in which water may penetrate into the water-resistant grease during the operation of the bearing, and a rolling bearing and a hub bearing which use the water-resistant grease and have a long life. The water-resistant grease is composed of non-water-based base oil, a thickener, and a water dispersant used as an additive. The saturated amount of water dispersible in the water-resistant grease is 30 to 60 wt %. The water dispersant capable of dispersing the water in the water-resistant grease is a surface active agent. The non-water-based base oil is mineral oil. The thickener is a urea-based compound. The present invention also provides a rolling bearing and a hub bearing in which the water-resistant grease is enclosed.05-28-2009
20110026865Bearing Assembly - A bearing assembly includes at least one outer ring and an inner ring unit having at least two inner rings, each having a central bore. A supporting element extends through the central bores. Roller bodies are rotatably disposed between the at least one outer ring and each of the inner rings. Radially-outer bores extend through the inner ring unit or the supporting element in the axial direction and each receives a screw or bolt for affixing the bearing assembly on a bearing carrier. The radially-outer bores are spaced from the symmetry axis of the bearing assembly. At least one lubrication conduit is defined on or in at least one of the inner rings and is configured to communicate liquid lubricant to the roller bodies.02-03-2011
20110085753AUXILIARY BEARING SYSTEM WITH OIL RING FOR MAGNETICALLY SUPPORTED ROTOR SYSTEM - An auxiliary bearing system having a sleeve through which a shaft extends. A gap may be defined between the sleeve and the shaft when a primary bearing system supports the shaft, and the sleeve may engage and rotate with the shaft when the primary bearing system does not support the shaft. An oil ring may extend circumferentially around the sleeve and rotate in response to the rotating sleeve when the sleeve engages and rotates with the shaft. The rotating oil ring may distribute lubricant within the auxiliary bearing system.04-14-2011
20080219610Waterproof Grease Composition and Wheel-Supporting Roller Bearing - The waterproof grease composition of the present application comprises a base oil that comprises at least one of mineral oil and synthetic oil and having a kinematic viscosity of from 10 to 400 mm09-11-2008
20110255815DEVICE FOR ROTATABLY COUPLING TWO COAXIAL CONNECTING ELEMENTS - The invention is directed to a device for rotatably coupling two coaxial connecting elements, at least one of which is configured as a circular ring, and each of which has at least one annular surface that faces the corresponding surface of the respective other connecting element but is spaced apart therefrom by a gap, such that they are rotatable in opposite directions about an imaginary axis (axis of rotation) at the center of the annular connecting element and approximately perpendicular to the ring plane, wherein disposed in the gap between the two connecting elements is a rotary joint, configured as a single- or multi-row rolling bearing, for absorbing axial and radial loads and tilting moments, wherein at least one annular connecting element comprises, on its surface facing the gap, a continuously circumferential, planar shoulder having an oblong or elongated cross section and extending away from the gap to a freely terminating, peripheral circumferential edge.10-20-2011
20100166352BEARING APPARATUS - A bearing apparatus includes a rolling bearing (07-01-2010
20100195946COATED BEARING - The invention concerns a bearing assembly comprising an inner ring, an outer ring and rolling elements, the inner ring and outer ring being rotatably coupled by means of the rolling elements. The rolling elements are disposed on opposing raceways within a bearing cavity and are retained in a cage. The bearing is provided with a lubricant and further comprises at least one sealing element, mounted in an annular gap between the inner and outer ring. To prevent the lubricant adhering to predetermined surfaces within the bearing cavity which do not require lubrication, at least one of these predetermined surfaces is provided with an oleophobic coating. One advantage of the invention is that the lubricant ages less quickly, leading to improved bearing service life.08-05-2010
20120039554Housing With A Direct Flow Path For Hardware Lubrication - The present invention provides a housing that encloses a bearing. The housing includes a side wall upon which a lubricant is dispersed. The side wall has a sloped portion and a collection area is fluidly associated with the side wall. A fluid circuit is integral with the side wall such that the fluid circuit is configured to direct the lubricant into the collection area.02-16-2012
20110064344BEARING LUBRICATING STRUCTURE FOR ROTATING SHAFT - A bearing lubricating structure for a rotating shaft includes: a pair of bearings that are disposed spaced-apart in an axial direction within a support case, for rotatably supporting the predetermined rotating shaft around an axis thereof; and an oil supply port that is disposed on the support case, for supplying lubricating oil for lubricating the pair of bearings to between the pair of bearings, between the pair of bearings and between the oil supply port and the rotating shaft, a separator being disposed in the axial direction, for receiving the lubricating oil supplied from the oil supply port to prevent the lubricating oil from directly adhering to the rotating shaft, the separator being integrally fixed to the support case, and the separator having at its axially opposite ends thereof a pair of sidewalls confronting the pair of bearings and projecting from the opposite ends toward an inner circumferential surface of the support case to be in intimate contact with the inner circumferential surface, and the pair of sidewalls each including a communication hole that permits the lubricating oil supplied from the oil supply port to flow toward the pair of bearings at a predetermined flow rate.03-17-2011
20100266231ROLLING BEARING FOR ALTERNATOR - The object is to sufficiently suppress heat-up of a rolling bearing for an alternator, prevent deterioration of lubricating grease due to heat-up of the rolling bearing, and to extend the lubricating life of the rolling bearing.10-21-2010
20100247012Bearing Apparatus Featuring Electrorheological Fluid Lubrication - The present invention, as variously practiced, implements electrorheological fluid (ERF) as a bearing lubricant. Various modes of an inventive rolling element bearing apparatus provide for electrification of inventive electrode components, viz: (first mode) two annular disk electrodes, opposite each other and perpendicular to the two raceway surfaces; or, (second mode) electrically conductive inner and outer races, having an electrically conductive spacer therebetween; or, (third mode) plural electrodes, radially embedded in a race. An ERF lubricative coating remains on one or both raceway surfaces in accordance with Winslow effect principle (first and second modes) or edge effect principle (third mode). An inventive journal bearing apparatus provides for electrification of electrodes that are axially-longitudinally embedded in a journal bearing member, resulting in establishment of edge effect electric flux lines between adjacent electrode pairs, an ERF lubricative coating thereby remaining on the journal bearing member's inward facing surface, contiguous to the shaft.09-30-2010
20120314984ROLLING BEARING - A rolling bearing used in a power transmission device for transmitting power such as turning force, includes a magnet for holding in a lubrication portion of the rolling bearing. A lubricating magnetic fluid for lubricating the lubrication portion is provided on at least one side of an outer race of the rolling bearing, and an annular yoke made of a magnetic material loosely fitted to a rotating shaft is provided on the opposite side of said magnet relative to said outer race.12-13-2012
20110182537DRIVE UNIT OF A TRANSMISSION - A drive unit of a transmission includes, but is not limited to a main shaft. The main shaft includes, but is not limited to a bore formed along its center axis for the transport of lubricating oil. An oil transport line is provided via which a roller bearing arranged on an end section of the main shaft is at least indirectly connected to the bore.07-28-2011
20120170883Apparatus and Method for Controlled Release of Lubricant Additives in Bearing and Gear Assemblies - A structure (07-05-2012
20120177313SEAL CLEANING AND LUBRICATING BEARING ASSEMBLY FOR A ROTATING FLOW DIVERTER - A rotating flow diverter has a lubricated sealed bearing assembly for isolating bearing elements from wellbore fluids under pressure. The sealed bearing assembly is supported between an outer bearing housing and an axially rotatable quill. The bearing assembly further has bearing elements with a bearing lubricant under pressure and a seal assembly. The seal assembly has at least one sealing element which comprises a body, the body having an outer peripheral wall, an inner sealing surface having a plurality of sealing lips and an annular cavity, and a loading ring for compressionally fitting within the annular cavity to urge the sealing surface radially inwardly for sealing engagement with tubulars.07-12-2012
20090060405High speed bearing system with bind-free axial displacement - A rotary bearing system that supports a shaft for rotating machinery in a housing comprises: at least one stationary rotary bearing mounted in the housing for supporting a respective journal of the shaft in a desired axial and radial alignment; at least one slidable rotary bearing, with an outer surface mounted within a respective inner support surface of the housing to form a respective linear bearing such that each slidable bearing may slide axially along the inner support surface of the housing, for supporting another respective journal of the shaft with the desired radial alignment; and at least one layer of a crystalline material that exhibits a high degree of basal cleavage bonded to at least one of the linear bearing surfaces; wherein each layer of crystalline material allows each slidable rotary bearing to slide axially along each respective linear bearing to compensate for differences in the coefficient of expansion of the housing and the shaft so as to prevent the bearing system from binding due to extreme environmental conditions.03-05-2009
20110002567BEARING DEVICE FOR DRIVING WHEEL - A driving-wheel bearing device includes: an outer race (01-06-2011
20120269472ROLLING BEARING - There is provided a rolling bearing which inhibits spalling of a rolling element and has a long service life even under rigorous environments. The rolling bearing comprises grease for lubricating rolling contact parts and/or sliding contact parts between a first raceway surface and a rolling elements and/or between a second raceway surface and a rolling elements, wherein the grease comprises a base oil, a thickener and an extreme pressure additive, the thickener is a diurea compound obtained by allowing an amine mixture comprising alkylphenylamine, alkyl group of which has 8 to 16 carbon atoms, and cyclohexylamine, to react with a diisocyanate compound, an amount of cyclohexylamine in the total amount of the alkylphenylamine and cyclohexylamine is from 91 to 99% by mole, and a reaction temperature of the extreme pressure additive with iron is 260° C. or lower.10-25-2012
20120321234CONICAL BEARING - In a cage, parallel portions are formed that face a raceway surface of a inner ring in a radial direction and that extend in an axial direction from a small diameter side of a tapered raceway surface toward a side of a large flange part. Grooves extending in the axial direction are formed on inner surfaces of the parallel portions. Between the tapered raceway surface of the inner ring and the inner surfaces of the parallel portions, gaps are formed that allow gear oil to be retained in the grooves through agency of surface tension of the gear oil when the cage is stationary relative to the inner ring.12-20-2012
20120321233TWO-PIECE RETAINER AND TWO-PIECE ROLLER BEARING - An object of the present invention is to prevent loss of oil film and improve lubrication performance of the bearing by eliminating angled portions at butting surfaces in a two-piece retainer. A two-piece retainer is made by assembling a pair of semi-annular retainer parts into an annular structure. As assembled, lubricant reservoir grooves are formed, each by two arc-shaped groove wall surfaces which are formed on both sides of the butting surface, and by a groove bottom which is formed at a region including the butting surface.12-20-2012
20130016937ROLLING BEARINGAANM Tsutsui; HideyukiAACI MieAACO JPAAGP Tsutsui; Hideyuki Mie JPAANM Oohira; KouyaAACI MieAACO JPAAGP Oohira; Kouya Mie JPAANM Ito; NaokoAACI MieAACO JPAAGP Ito; Naoko Mie JP - The present invention provides a rolling bearing in which the peeling resistances of a DLC film formed on raceway of inner and outer rings and a sliding surface of a cage are improved to allow the intrinsic properties of the DLC film to be displayed so that the rolling bearing is excellent in its resistance to seizing, wear, and corrosion. A rolling bearing (01-17-2013
20130016936DUAL MODEL SCAVENGE SCOOP - A system for removing oil from a bearing compartment has a port connected to an end wall of the compartment through which the oil exits the compartment, a scavenge scoop connected to the port for collecting the oil, and a separation device connected to the scavenge scoop for creating an oil collection region.01-17-2013
20130170777GREASE COMPOSITION AND ROLLING BEARING - The present invention provides a grease composition having an excellent fretting wear resistance in a wide temperature region from low to high temperatures and particularly even at low temperatures and a rolling bearing in which the grease composition is packed. A grease composition (07-04-2013
20130094792DEVICE FOR SUPPLYING A FLUID INTO A ROLLING CHAMBER OF A ROLLING-ELEMENT BEARING - A rolling-element bearing assembly includes a device for supplying a fluid into a rolling chamber of a rolling-element bearing. The device includes a fluid supply ring disposed in the axial direction lateral to the rolling-element bearing, and at least one fluid conduit for conveying the fluid from the fluid supply ring into the rolling chamber. One end of the conduit protrudes into the rolling chamber so as to be disposed axially between a rotation-induced air cushion and the rolling elements and/or a raceway surface of the rolling element bearing.04-18-2013
20120275736BEARING ASSEMBLY - A bearing assembly has a bearing chamber, an inner mandrel having a first load bearing shoulder and an outer housing having an second load bearing shoulder. The first and second load bearing shoulders are opposed and are within the bearing chamber. Seals retain a bearing lubricant within the bearing chamber. A cylindrical stack of bearings are positioned between the first and second load bearing shoulders. Each row of bearings has an inner race supporting the first load bearing shoulder and an outer race supporting the second load bearing shoulder. The bearing assembly may be incorporated into a downhole tool. The downhole tool may continue to be operated after the seals fail by flowing a working fluid through the bearings.11-01-2012
20120275735ROLLING BEARING - A rolling bearing is provided. The rolling bearing includes an inner ring, an outer ring, a plurality of rolling elements disposed in a space between the inner ring and the outer ring, and a grease composition enclosed in the space. The grease composition including (A) a lithium soap thickener, (B) a base oil which is an ester synthetic oil obtained by an esterification reaction of trimethylolpropane with a fatty acid; and (C) (c-1) a 1-naphthylamine antioxidant and (c-2) a diphenylamine antioxidant, a total amount of (c-1) and (c-2) ranging from 1.0 to 10 mass % based on an entire amount of the grease composition, and a blending ratio of (c-1) and (c-2) ranging from 30:70 to 70:30 in terms of mass ratio.11-01-2012
20130182983BEARING ADJUSTER ASSEMBLY - A bearing adjuster assembly is provided. The bearing adjuster assembly may have a housing, a bearing, an adjuster ring, a retainer ring, and a seal assembly. The adjuster ring exerts a force upon the bearing. The retainer ring inhibits rotation of the adjuster ring. The seal assembly inhibits movement of the retainer ring.07-18-2013
20130195391BEARING AND SHAFT WHEEL ASSEMBLY BALANCING TECHNIQUES AND EQUIPMENT FOR TURBOCHARGERS - An exemplary clamp for clamping a bearing cartridge and shaft subassembly of a turbocharger includes an upper portion, a lower portion where the upper portion and the lower portion form a bore having a bore diameter sized to clamp a bearing cartridge and a fluid passage defined in part by the upper portion, the lower portion or the upper portion and the lower portion where the fluid passage includes an opening to the bore. Various other exemplary devices, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.08-01-2013

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