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384 - Bearings

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384445000 Antifriction bearing 1100
384129000 Plain bearing 383
384100000 Fluid bearing 240
384099000 Hydraulic or pneumatic bearing support 12
384125000 Resilient bearing surface 7
384097000 Water lubricated propellor shaft or well shaft 3
20100034491SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SCALE RESISTANT RADIAL BEARING FOR DOWNHOLE ROTATING TOOL COMPONENTS AND ASSEMBLIES - Radial bearing designs for electrical submersible pump components and assemblies reduces scale build up on the bearing components. Scale resistant and abrasive resistant sleeves and bushings may be used. The axial lengths of the sleeves are kept within the axial length of the AR bushings, or vice versa, with regard to the axial stroke of one component relative to the other. In addition, sharp corners may be formed on the sleeve or bushing axial faces at their respective interfacing diameters. As the shaft moves axially, the sharp corner on one component scrapes off the scale on the other component. This design discards the scale rather than force it into the clearance between the sleeve and bushing. Small spacer sleeves also may be used adjacent the sleeves so that scale build up on the spacer sleeves is farther away from the bearing to reduce scale-related problems.02-11-2010
20110182535Motor Shaft Vibration Isolator for Electric Submersible Pumps - A vibration dampening system for a motor shaft in an ESP uses axially extending arms in one or opposed directions from a fixed portion of a motor shaft bearing. The weights can have their location adjusted to tune the device to the natural frequencies of the rotating shaft and to add an ability to address vibration in more than one plane. Openings are provided in the support for the arms that hold the weight so that arm vibration can create turbulence and improve heat dissipation in the oil for improved bearing life. Bearing cost can be reduced using more economical materials without sacrificing bearing life.07-28-2011
20120076448Keyless Bearing Sleeve for Subterranean Applications - A sleeve is retained to a shaft without the use of a keyway through at least one end connection that has a preferably flat face with one or more projections from the flat face. Rounded projections are preferred. The projections go into shape matching depressions on the sleeve. Alternatively the sleeve can have the projections and the end retainer can have the depressions. The end retainer is spring loaded for axial deflection in the event of an over-torque. If that happens there is planned for slippage until the condition is alleviated at which point the spring bias is able to again match a projection to a depression for continuing tandem driving of the shaft and the sleeve. The sleeve is preferably carbide and resides in a carbide bushing.03-29-2012
384126000 Plural bearings one plain and one antifriction 3
20090136166Combined Roller- and Slide Bearing - A combined roller- and slide bearing comprises at least one roller bearing having roller elements disposed between inner and outer bushings thereof and a slide bearing having a lubricating gap defined between inner and outer bushings thereof. The roller bearing and the slide bearing are disposed axially adjacent to each other and have the same rotational axis. The roller bearing and the slide bearing are configured such that the roller bearings elastically deform in response to a radially-acting load, thereby reducing the radial thickness of the lubricating gap in a circumferential portion thereof, because the outer bushing of the slide bearing radially shifts relative to the inner bushing of the slide bearing. In this state, the circumferential portion of the slide bearing having the reduced radial thickness undertakes a load-supporting and bearing function.05-28-2009
20120114274BEARING ASSEMBLY FOR A DOWNHOLE MOTOR - In a downhole motor bearing section having a cylindrical mandrel rotatably disposed within a cylindrical housing, a bi-directional thrust bearing is disposed within a four-shouldered annular containment chamber formed partially into the inner cylindrical wall of the housing and partially into the outer cylindrical wall of the mandrel. Under on-bottom loading conditions, thrust loads are transferred through the thrust bearing by the upper shoulder of the housing and the lower shoulder of the mandrel. The radial widths of these two shoulders are both symmetrical about the centerline of the thrust bearing such that on-bottom thrust loads are transferred non-eccentrically to the thrust bearing, thereby avoiding twisting loads on the thrust bearing races, increasing the effective on-bottom load capacity of the thrust bearing and extending its service life.05-10-2012
384092000 Roller drill bit 2
20090232428TEXTURING OF THE SEAL SURFACE FOR A ROLLER CONE ROCK BIT - Surface texturing is employed to modify the topography of one or more surfaces (radial or cylindrical) of the sealing system for a roller cone rock bit. The surface texturing results in a dimpled surface which retains additional lubricant helpful in reducing friction in the boundary and mixed lubrication regimes. Shot peening is disclosed as one method for texturing the desired surface.09-17-2009
20100284636AIR CIRCULATION PORTS IN ROTARY ROCK BIT JOURNAL BEARING - A thrust bearing system for a roller cone rock bit includes at least one roller cone disposed on a leg having an air channel therethrough, the thrust bearing system including a primary thrust bearing surface on the leg configured to contact a corresponding primary bearing surface on the roller cone, wherein the primary thrust bearing surface on the leg includes at least one air circulation port in fluid communication with the air channel. The thrust bearing system further includes a secondary thrust bearing surface on the leg configured to contact a corresponding secondary bearing surface on the roller cone, wherein the secondary thrust bearing surface on the leg includes at least two air circulation ports located at specified locations in the secondary bearing surface and in communication with the air channel, and wherein a first circulation port is located in an upper half of the secondary thrust bearing surface and a second circulation port is located in a lower half of the secondary thrust bearing surface.11-11-2010
20130044969METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MICRO BEARINGS - A micro drive assembly may comprise a substrate, a micro shaft oriented in-plane with the substrate and at least one micro bearing to support rotation of the micro shaft. The micro shaft and micro bearing may be in or less than the micrometer domain.02-21-2013
20130084032Bearing Housing for an Engine with Stress and Stiffness Control - An apparatus comprises a bearing section capable of receiving bearings, a base, and a plurality of members. The bearing section and the base have a cylindrical shape and are substantially aligned centrally along an axis. The plurality of members extend between the bearing section and the base and have a length and a width. Each of the plurality of members has a side that is substantially non-perpendicular with respect to the bearing section and the base.04-04-2013
20090208151BEARING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LUBRICATION - A bearing system includes a first bearing ring, a second bearing ring spaced radially outwards from the first bearing ring, and a bearing cage between the first bearing ring and the second bearing ring. The bearing cage includes a circumferential outer side, a circumferential inner side, and a plurality of circumferentially spaced retainer portions between an axially forward end and an axially trailing end. Roller elements are located in the plurality of retainer portions of the bearing cage. At least one fluid nozzle is axially spaced from the bearing cage for dispensing a fluid to the roller elements.08-20-2009
20100034490Sculptured Bearing Liner and Bearing Assembly - A sculptured bearing liner includes an inner surface defining a cavity configured to receive a bearing, an outer surface and a reduced thickness portion extending from one of the inner surface and the outer surface. A bearing assembly includes a bearing liner having an inner surface, an outer surface, and a reduced thickness portion extending between the inner surface and the outer surface, the inner surface defining a cavity. The bearing assembly further includes at least one bearing disposed in the cavity.02-11-2010
20090097787APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR A BEARING HAVING ANGULATED LOAD SLOT - A load slot bearing assembly includes an inner bearing member and an outer bearing member. The inner bearing member includes a first circular end, a second circular end, and a spherical outer bearing surface between the first and the second circular ends. The outer bearing member includes a first end surface, a second end surface, and an inner spherical bearing surface between the first and the second end surfaces. The inner spherical bearing surface is shaped to allow the inner bearing member to fit within the outer bearing member. The outer bearing member also has a load slot, which includes a first and a second end faces, and a cylindrical surface extending from one end of the outer bearing member inwardly. The cylindrical surface connects the first and a second end faces. The load slot also includes an angulated surface connecting the cylindrical surface with a portion of the inner spherical bearing surface.04-16-2009
20100177997RADIAL FOIL BEARING WITH SEALING FUNCTION - The present invention relates to a radial foil bearing including: a top foil having the following relationship: t≧0.1·D07-15-2010
20100027924ROUND BEARING - A method for producing bearings comprising (i) an outer bushing, (ii) a bearing element based on cellular polyisocyanate polyadducts and (iii) a hollow inner bushing, wherein the outer bushing is produced by casting or injecting a reactive polyurethane system and adhesively bonding it to the bearing element.02-04-2010
20120308167Suspension stop with reinforced sealing - A suspension stop device for a suspension arm of a vehicle, having a coil spring, having a stop bearing defining a rotation axis of the device and a bottom metal washer turning with respect to a top metal washer; a support piece for transmitting to the bottom washer forces exerted by the spring, the support piece comprising a support zone for the bottom washer; a cover covering the top washer and delimiting with the support piece a housing for the bearing, the cover being provided with a skirt covering a peripheral zone of the support piece and delimiting with the peripheral zone of the support piece an annular labyrinth, disposed radially outside the housing and connecting the housing to the outside; and an annular deflector delimiting with the skirt of the cover at least one top opening and with the support piece at least one bottom opening.12-06-2012
20080240631MOVABLE BEARING AND SCREW DRIVE EQUIPPED WITH A MOVABLE BEARING OF THIS TYPE - A movable bearing for supporting a free end of a threaded spindle of a screw drive, which spindle extends in the direction of a longitudinal axis, has a bearing bush that is accommodated in a bearing housing. The bearing bush has at least one projection protruding outward in the radial direction, which engages in an associated recess of the bearing housing.10-02-2008
20130170774IRON-BASED METAL BEARING CAP TO BE CAST INTO LIGHT METAL MEMBER - An iron-based metal bearing cap according to the present invention to be cast as a core into a light metal member includes an arcuate portion which forms a bearing surface, left and right flange portions which are arranged and connected to opposite ends of the arcuate portion, and boss portions which are arranged to stand on the rear surfaces of the left and right flange portions and through which mounting bolts are inserted. The bosses are formed with grooves or projections.07-04-2013
20120213458REPLACEABLE BEARING FOR A CONVEYOR ROLLER - The replaceable bearing for a conveyor roller is installed in a bearing housing, which is removably installed within the end of the conveyor roller. The bearing housing threads into a mating insert or sleeve, which is permanently installed within the end of the conveyor roller. Alternatively, the inside of the conveyor roller may be threaded and the bearing housing threaded directly into the conveyor roller, if roller wall thickness is sufficient. The outer face of the housing includes a plurality of notches so that a mating wrench engages the notches to thread the housing and its bearing into or out of the end of the roller. The replaceable bearing allows the bearing and its housing to be replaced while retaining the conveyor roller.08-23-2012
20120128279METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SETTING ROLLING ELEMENT BEARINGS IN ROLLING MILLS - A method for assembling a set of bearing assemblies 05-24-2012
20120134609Coupling Structure and Method of Bearing For EPS Motor - Disclosed is a coupling structure of a bearing for an EPS motor to eliminate a gap caused by a tolerance between the bearing and a pocket of a housing of the EPS motor, thereby improving assembling precision and reducing noise, the coupling structure supporting rotation of a rotating shaft through the bearing coupled to a lower portion of the housing and including a bearing pocket bent upwards from a lower surface of the housing and having a cylindrical space to support an outer circumference of the bearing at an inner wall thereof, whereby a gap between the inner wall of the bearing pocket and the outer circumference of the bearing is eliminated by deforming the inner wall towards an inner circumference thereof by caulking, coupling force between the bearing and the housing can be increased, and thereby reliability in assembly and operation of the motor is improved.05-31-2012
20120170879REPOSITORY FOR A LUBRICANT - A repository for a lubricant includes a closed hollow base body for accommodating a lubricant. The base body has an inlet for filling in a lubricant, but no gas outlet. The base body further has expanding means which expand the base body from a compressed non-filled into an expanded filled state by filling the lubricant into the base body.07-05-2012
20110274379ROTARY BEARING ARRANGEMENT - A rotary bearing that includes an inner race and an outer race the races are configured between a rotor and a housing body. At least one of the outer race and a mounting surrounding an outer race sleeve is at least one of clamped and fixed in a predetermined position on the housing body by at least one of a holding device and a locking device of a material damping structure.11-10-2011
20080219605Bearing Arrangement for Heavy Duty Marine Transmission - A bearing arrangement to reduce the effects of thermal expansion in a marine transmission includes a pinion gear thrust bearing, a clutch shaft thrust bearing, a shaft roller bearing and a thrust washer. The clutch shaft thrust bearing is retained on one end of a clutch shaft and the shaft roller bearing is retained on the other end of the clutch shaft. A pinion gear is rotatably retained on the clutch shaft. The pinion gear thrust bearing is retained on the pinion gear with a bearing retainer. The thrust washer is retained on the bearing retainer. An end of the clutch shaft thrust bearing rotates relative to the thrust washer and makes contact therewith. The length of thermal expansion in the transmission housing is limited to the distance between the opposing ends of the two thrust bearings.09-11-2008
20130101242SEAL ARRANGEMENT - A seal arrangement, in particular for sealing a thin section bearing. Specifically, the invention relates to a seal of a thin section bearing such as may be used for mounting a swashplate of a helicopter. According to the invention, this seal arrangement has at least two elastomer bodies, each of which form one radial sealing lip. A support body is arranged axially between the at least two elastomer bodies.04-25-2013
20130156355REMOVABLE BEARING COVER - A bearing cover is provided for attachment relative to a bearing assembly. The cover includes a flange and a magnet associated with the flange. The magnet is configured to removably retain the bearing cover relative to the bearing assembly.06-20-2013
20130188894Rotor Bearing For A Laboratory Centrifuge - The locking system, which is intended to axially secure the rotor (07-25-2013

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