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383 - Flexible bags

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383207000 Line of weakness delineates substantially the entire tearing path 32
383203000 Including means for reclosing the bag 32
383205000 Including a separate tearing element which is gripped and pulled to open the bag 10
383202000 Combined with, or modified for opening by, a sharp-edged cutting implement or a piercing implement 4
20130077898Pouch with Laser-Treated Straw Piercing Zone - A method and apparatus for improved straw access to the interior of a pouch formed from a multi-ply laminate includes a laser-treated area that has improved characteristics for enabling a straw to pass through the multi-ply laminate to access the interior of the pouch. The laser treated area is more crystalline than adjacent areas of the multi-ply laminate that causes the multi-ply laminate to fracture. One such multi-ply laminate includes a sealant layer, a foil layer, and a PET layer.03-28-2013
20090046958Opening mechanism for a flexible container - An opening mechanism for use with a fluid filled collapsible container is disclosed. The mechanism comprises an outlet spout adapted to be joined to a wall of the collapsible container, a perforator for opening the collapsible container through the outlet spout and a driver having a passage therethrough. The driver is received within the outlet spout and screw threadedly engaged therewith for advancement by relative rotation thereof to drive the perforator though the outlet spout to thereby open the collapsible container and permit fluid to be dispensed through the passage. A circumferential flexible seal is provided within the outlet spout on one of the driver and the outlet spout to engage with the other of the driver and the outlet spout to reduce leakage of fluid between the outlet spout and the driver as the collapsible container is opened.02-19-2009
20100215294DISPOSABLE BEVERAGE POUCH WITH NIPPLE - A disposable beverage container is disclosed having an aseptic flexible pouch filled with a beverage, and a nipple apparatus attached to an upper surface. The pouch preferably has a patch and the nipple apparatus sits on the patch. The nipple includes one or more cutting teeth that, when actuated by a user, pierces the flexible pouch to cause beverage to flow into the nipple where it can be consumed by a child.08-26-2010
20120275730ZIPPER TAPE AND PACKAGING BAG WITH ZIPPER TAPE - Since a rib having a thickness substantially equal to a thickness of each of first and second thick portions is provided in a cutting portion of a zipper tape, the first and second thick portions and the rib can be bonded to an inner surface when the zipper tape is bonded to a bag body. Accordingly, when tearing a packaging bag for opening, stress concentrates on a thin portion having a small tensile strength, so that the packaging bag can be cut at a single cutting position in the thin portion. Consequently, no cutting fragment is generated. Moreover, since a cutting line is positioned by the rib when tearing the packaging bag, the cutting line is not waved, so that the packaging bag can easily be torn with a linear cutting performance.11-01-2012
383201000 Tearing facilitated by specified fiber or molecular orientation 3
20100119180PAPER VALVE SACK WITH INNER CATCH - A description is given of a paper valve bag with an inner panel which is located at the paper-bag end which is located opposite the paper-bag end with valve, and, on its surface which is directed toward the sack interior, the inner panel has an opening aid which has a higher modulus of elasticity than the inner panel. The opening aid, which may be a tear-open strip or a tear-open thread, projects beyond the inner panel at at least one surface-area end of the latter. Such paper valve bags are used for fine-grain, pulverulent and/or free-flowing materials, in particular ready-to-use mortar.05-13-2010
20110293207EASY OPEN BAG - An easy open bag and method for making the same. A film is fed into a jaw assembly comprising a first seal jaw comprising a blade gap and a second seal jaw comprising a removable insert. The removable insert comprises a blade pin. When the first and second seal jaws are mated, a notch is formed. The film also comprises a score line in the outer layer. Upon tearing the notch the tear propagates along the score line. Thus, the package can be easily opened by initiating a tear at a tear notch.12-01-2011
20090041395Packaging bag comprising an external packaging - A packaging bag (02-12-2009
20080285896PLASTIC BAG WITH IMPERFORATED TEAR AREA - A plastic specimen bag (11-20-2008
20130044967Method and Apparatus for Cauterizing Films to Inhibit Tear - Provided is a method for forming a bag around an article, the method comprising: providing an oriented film; cauterizing the film at a temperature sufficient to de-orient a portion of the film to create a cauterized area on the continuous film; placing an article(s) on the film between adjacent cauterized areas; heat-sealing the film around the article(s) such that at least a portion of the film between the heat-sealed area and the article comprises the cauterized area. Also, provided is a form, fill, and seal apparatus comprising a heat sealer and a cauterizer, both having a temperature control, the heat sealer positioned to allow the heat sealer to form a seal between two edges of film having an article wrapped therein, and the cauterizer positioned to cauterize an area of the sealed film in an area adjacent to the sealed edges and the article.02-21-2013
20130064481GAS-PERMEABLE FILM, MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREFOR, AND PACKAGING BAG USING SAID GAS-PERMEABLE FILM - Disclosed is a gas-permeable film that has increased gas permeability and can be used as a packaging film suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular for packaging a wide variety of articles. Said gas-permeable film 03-14-2013
20090238499MULTI-COMPARTMENT FLEXIBLE PACKAGE - A flexible package is provided having a main package compartment and a segregated internal or secondary compartment. The main package generally includes a plurality of outer panel portions. An internal compartment panel can include a transverse portion operatively joined to one of the main package panel portions to define the secondary compartment. Further, the secondary compartment can include a plurality of passageways providing fluid communication between the secondary compartment and the main package compartment.09-24-2009
20080279487Sealed oxygen reference fluid containing bag - The invention relates to a sealed oxygen reference fluid containing bag adapted for being pierced by an access probe for withdrawal of the oxygen reference fluid and including an access system comprising: a sealing element provided outside the bag and preventing any leakage between the bag and the access probe when the access probe has penetrated the bag, and a longitudinal support element provided inside the bag extending essentially parallel to an edge of the bag and being adapted to support the bag when the bag is penetrated by the access probe.11-13-2008
20120070106FLEXIBLE BAG CONTAINING UNIT DOSE ARTICLES - A flexible sealed bag containing a plurality of at least partially water soluble unit dose articles comprises a front panel, a back panel and a bottom panel. The front panel and the back panel may be marginally joined together along at least two opposed edges to be in a confronting relationship to form the closed bag. The front and back panels are joined at the top of the bag by a frangible seal. The bottom panel is intermediate to the front panel and back panel, and is joined to each of them.03-22-2012
20120033903PAPER BAG - The disclosure relates to a paper bag for packaging of bulk material, having a standing bottom (02-09-2012
20090074333Packaging Bag with Tearing Aid - The invention relates to a packaging bag with a tearing aid, with which it is reliably provided that the packaging bag is opened in a defined way by manual tearing by the user, so that no packaging contents are lost. The packaging bag is essentially made from a front and a back, which are connected to each other in their edge regions with a material fit and which thus forms a joint edge, in which an opening notch is formed, whose center line intersects two weakened lines at an intersection point starting at a distance from the notch tip. These weakened lines each extend across the width of the front and the back. The direction of the weakened line at the intersection point encloses, with the center line, a tear angle greater than 0° and less than 90°.03-19-2009
20110150371Flexible Pouch With Easy-Opening Features - A flexible pouch is formed from a laminate having built-in opening features. The laminate is wrapped/folded into a generally tubular configuration and sealed at top and bottom ends and along a longitudinal fin. A tear initiation feature is provided in the form of a hole extending through the laminate and located within a top seal of the pouch. The tear initiation feature is located at one longitudinal edge of the pouch when the laminate is wrapped and sealed to form the pouch. A fin tear-propagating feature is also provided in the form of two tear areas formed respectively in the side edges of the laminate such that the tear areas substantially coincide on the fin so as to form the fin tear-propagating feature, the fin tear-propagating feature being substantially in transverse alignment with the tear initiation feature. In another embodiment, the tear initiation feature is provided as a score line extending across the pouch.06-23-2011
20090169137MULTI-COMPARTMENT PACKAGE - In a multi-compartment package (07-02-2009
20110052107PACKAGING BAG - The invention illustrates and describes a packaging bag, particularly a foil packaging for hygiene products, comprising a packaging body (03-03-2011
20100195940TUBULAR BAG PROVIDED WITH A COVER - The invention relates to a tubular pouch (08-05-2010
20090285511Cross Direction Tear Film and Package - A film having a cross directional tear/machine directional tear ratio below 1 is described. The film has a sealant layer with a cyclic olefin copolymer. The film can be used in the manufacture of packages having an easy cross-direction tear open feature. There are also provided methods for the production of the film and packages made of the film.11-19-2009
20120314979Bag and a Method of Manufacturing a Bag - The present disclosure provides a bag with one or more easy open features, which in certain embodiments are reclosable. Methods of making such bags are also disclosed.12-13-2012
20100278462Package With One or More Access Points For Breaking One or More Seals and Accessing the Contents of the Package - An easy to open package is described. The package includes a sealed compartment having a tab region. The tab region is formed by connecting together a first panel to a second panel. Within the tab region, however, are a pair of opposing peel tabs. The peel tabs comprise an area within the tab region where the first panel is not sealed to the second panel. The peel tabs extend from the tab region to an edge of the package. In this manner, a user can peel apart the peel tabs to separate the first panel from the second panel and open the sealed compartment. In one embodiment, at least one of the peel tabs can be coated with a material to prevent the first panel from sealing to the second panel.11-04-2010
20130202230SAFETY EQUIPMENT BAG - The present invention relates to a bag for containing safety equipment. The bag includes a transparent surface and a slot. The surface has at least first and second lines of weakness. The slot is directly or indirectly associated with the lines of weakness. The first line of weakness and the second line of weakness converge.08-08-2013
20130209003BAG PACKAGING - A pouch-type packaging for packaging pourable contents and having a front wall and rear wall made from at least one flexible packaging film is such that the front wall and the rear wall are joined together via a sealing seam. The sealing seam is extended in a region bordering a sealing zone oriented away from the sealing edge with a free end furthest removed from the sealing edge. The front wall of the pouch exhibits an outer layer on the side directed towards the outside of the pouch. The outer layer and the part of the front wall of the pouch lying under the outer layer delimit a outlet zone for the contents in an area which encloses the free end of the sealing zone and extends to an edge of the sealing edge. The application of pressure produces a tear in the part of the front wall of the pouch lying under the outer layer in the region of the free end of the sealing zone and the contents enter the outlet zone and emerge from the pouch at the edge of the sealing edge.08-15-2013
20130209002Easy Open Plastic Bags - A woven laminated plastic bag having an easy open feature is provided. The easy open feature is generally defined by a weakened portion in the bag. In various aspects the bag can be fabricated from woven polypropylene and/or polyethylene layer which can be laminated with a film layer, can form a pinch bottom bag, and can have one or both sides include graphics and/or printing. The bag can also provide a top end and/or a bottom end either or both of which provide a discrete area which may contain discrete graphics and/or printing.08-15-2013