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Raising or lowering the image resolution (e.g., subpixel accuracy)

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382 - Image analysis


382293000 - Changing the image coordinates

382298000 - To change the scale or size of an image

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382300000 Interpolation 77
20100021084RESOLUTION ENHANCEMENT OF VIDEO SEQUENCES WITH ARBITRARY ENHANCEMENT FACTOR - Restoration based super-resolution combines a video sequence of low-resolution noisy blurred images using maximum likelihood estimation without regularization to produce a higher resolution image or video sequence up to a maximum enhancement factor r for the given video sequence. The maximum r value for a given sequence of low-resolution images that guarantees each high-resolution bin (pixel) will have at least one assigned pixel value from a low-resolution image is calculated. With the knowledge of max r, the system can select an r less than or equal to max r and thus operate without regularization. System robustness is further enhanced by providing a modified MLE estimator that can perform super resolution for arbitrary real-valued r so that enhancement is not limited to integer values.01-28-2010
20130077893Adaptive Sampling Guided by Multilateral Filtering - A method, system, and computer-readable storage medium are disclosed for adaptive sampling guided by multilateral filtering. A plurality of versions of a first image are generated. Each of the plurality of versions of the first image has a respective different resolution. A respective priority map is generated for each of the plurality of versions of the first image. Each respective priority map identifies a plurality of high-priority regions in a corresponding one of the plurality of versions of the first image. A second image is rendered based on the priority maps. The rendering comprises performing a ray-tracing process having a greater number of samples per pixel for the high-priority regions of the second image than for other regions of the second image.03-28-2013
20130034313Regression-Based Learning Model for Image Upscaling - Methods and systems for a regression-based learning model in image upscaling are disclosed. In one embodiment, a set of image patch pairs for each of a set of images is generated. Each of the image patch pairs contains a natural image and a corresponding downscaled lower-resolution image. A regression model based at least in part on the set of image patch pairs is defined. The regression model represents a gradient of a function of the downscaled lower-resolution image. An image is upscaled based at least in part on the regression model.02-07-2013
20090129704METHOD, APPARATUS AND PROGRAM FOR ENHANCEMENT OF IMAGE RESOLUTION - In super-resolution processing in which a plurality of low resolution images are synthesized to generate a high resolution image, a high-quality high-resolution image is to be generated with suppression of the noise ascribable to motion estimation error. Motion estimating means 05-21-2009
20090110331RESOLUTION CONVERSION APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - An apparatus includes unit acquiring a target image as a target of resolution conversion, unit acquiring an additional image from the image source, unit estimating a corresponding point in the target image using corresponding point estimation methods, the corresponding point being associated with at least one pixel in the additional image to obtain corresponding points in the target image, unit setting a pixel value of each pixel included in the additional image as a sampling value for the corresponding point when each pixel is set as a target pixel, to obtain sampling values for pixels included in the additional image, and unit generating an image of a first resolution into which a second resolution of the target image is converted, using pixel values and positions of pixels included in the target image, and the sampling values and positions of the corresponding points.04-30-2009
20090041387System and method of image zooming with intensity preservation - Systems and methods image zooming with intensity preservation is disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a method, which may be implemented on a system, of minimizing energy levels over a set of high-resolution image pixels of a high-resolution image via total variational filtering to obtain the high-resolution image from at least a portion of a low-resolution image; the low-resolution image having a first energy level, the high resolution image having a second energy level, and the first energy level to be substantially similar in value as the second energy level. One embodiment can include, determining a pixel value of a particular high-resolution image pixel based on the pixel values of a plurality of pixels of the at least a portion of the low-resolution image and the pixel values of the high-resolution image pixels not including the particular high-resolution image pixel.02-12-2009
20130071045IMAGE TRANSMITTING APPARATUS, IMAGE RECEIVING APPARATUS, IMAGE TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING SYSTEM, RECORDING MEDIUM RECORDING IMAGE TRANSMITTING PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM RECORDING IMAGE RECEIVING PROGRAM - An image transmitting apparatus includes a region detecting unit detecting, in an image, a region of interest matching a predetermined condition; a resolution converting unit selecting, for reducing resolution of the image, an image passed through a low-pass filter as an image outside the detected region of interest and an image not passed through the low-pass filter as an image inside the region of interest; and a transmitting unit transmitting the image with reduced resolution and positional information of the region of interest. An image receiving apparatus includes a resolution restoring unit performing image quality improvement processing on the region of interest obtained from the positional information and included in the image transmitted from the image transmitting apparatus so as to increase resolution in the region of interest; and a combining unit combining the image inside the processed region of interest with the image outside the region of interest.03-21-2013
20130071044IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes a determination unit that determines a type of a provided object, a resolution conversion unit that converts a resolution of the object determined by the determination unit as an image into a resolution of an output image, an object processing unit that performs a spatial frequency processing for the object after the resolution conversion by the resolution conversion unit depending on a ratio between a resolution of the object before the resolution conversion and a resolution of the output image, and a generating unit that generates the output image based on the object subjected to the spatial frequency processing in the object processing unit.03-21-2013
20090092337IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus includes an image correction processing unit configured to correct an input image so as to generate a corrected image and a super-resolution processing unit configured to receive the corrected image generated by the image correction processing unit and increase a resolution of the corrected image through super-resolution processing so as to generate a high-resolution image. The image correction processing unit performs at least one of a time-direction noise removal process, a space-direction noise removal process, a compression noise removal process, and an aperture control correction process.04-09-2009
20090268985Reduced Hardware Implementation For A Two-Picture Depth Map Algorithm - An imaging system generates a picture depth map from a pair of reduced resolution images. The system captures two full resolution images, receives image reduction image information and creates two reduced resolution images. The system computes a blur difference between the two reduced resolution images at different image locations. The system calculates the depth map based on the blur difference between the two reduced resolution images at different image locations.10-29-2009
20130064474Computing Higher Resolution Images From Multiple Lower Resolution Images - Super-resolution images may be produced by dividing a higher resolution image into a set of non-overlapping rectangular tiles of substantially the same size. Then, each pixel in each lower resolution image is mapped to the higher resolution image and it is determined which tiles are mapped to which lower resolution image pixels. A continuous buffer may be allocated for each tile and the relevant lower resolution pixels may be stored, together with optical flow vectors, in that continuous buffer. Then, the determination of gradients may use the information now stored in the buffer to facilitate symmetric multiprocessing using multi-core processors.03-14-2013
20090010568IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processing device is provided that includes an image acquisition unit that obtains video data that includes a plurality of consecutive frames, and also obtains image data that correspond to some of the frames and have a higher spatial resolution than the frames. The image processing device also includes a super resolution processing unit that uses a plurality of the frames to perform super resolution processing on the frames, and that generates super resolution images that correspond to the frames. The image processing device further includes a motion estimation unit that uses the video data to detect a motion vector between the super resolution images and an image generation unit that, based on the super resolution images corresponding to the image data and on the motion vector, generates motion compensated image data that corresponds to the frames.01-08-2009
20100027914Image Processor and Image Processing Method - According to one embodiment, an image processor has a resolution increase module, a detector, and a controller. The resolution increase module is configured to perform super-resolution processing so as to restore a first video signal to a second video signal having a second resolution higher than the first resolution. The detector is configured to detect at least one of an information amount of the first image signal, a noise amount of the first image signal, and a type of a terminal to which the first video signal is input. The controller is configured to change a degree of a super-resolution processing performed by the resolution increase module based on a detection. result of the detector.02-04-2010
20080260292IMAGE GENERATION APPARATUS, METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image generation apparatus for generating, from an input image, a plurality of phase images having lower resolutions than the input image and overlapping each other with a predetermined amount of shift when being projected onto a projection plane. The apparatus includes when the plurality of phase images are projected onto the projection plane, means for relating an area formed by a predetermined pixel of the plurality of phase images overlapping individually to a predetermined pixel of the input image, and calculating a pixel value of a pixel of the phase images having a smallest difference between a pixel value of the corresponding area and a pixel value of a pixel of the input image.10-23-2008
20090148066Method and apparatus for video upscaling - Upscaling video data for presentation on a relatively high resolution display device is described. Supplemental video data corresponding to video data is accessed and acquired in response to a request to upscale the video data. The video data and the supplemental video data are combined to produce a combined video data for displaying particular video content on a destination display device at a resolution that is high relative to the local display device. Digital rights management information may be verified prior to producing the combined video data, and additional digital rights information may be applied prior to transmitting the combined video data to the destination display device. A device registration database may also be used to control production and transmission of the upscaled video to other devices.06-11-2009
20080267533RESOLUTION ENHANCEMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - A resolution enhancement apparatus includes unit to acquire a first image, unit to perform edge emphasis on the first image to obtain a second image, unit to detect, using one of the first image and the second image, points corresponding to image regions at a precision of a sub-pixel unit as a unit smaller than an interval between neighboring pixels, unit to set each of second values of the second image as a sampling value of a luminance value at each point when one of the second pixels is used as a pixel of interest, unit to enlarge the first image into a high-resolution image including a larger number of third pixels than the first image, and unit to execute value conversion which adds or subtracts third values in the high-resolution image in a direction to reduce errors between the luminance values sampled at the points and the sampling values.10-30-2008
20090161992IMAGE RESOLUTION INCREASING METHOD AND APPARATUS - An image resolution increasing method include setting a first block which is included in a low resolution image and is located at a first position, and a second block which is included in a high resolution image and is located at a second position, and setting, as an increasing resolution block of the first block, a third block expressed by a second vector obtained by projecting a first vector representing the second block to a linear manifold as a set of vectors that indicate fourth blocks of the second block size, the fourth blocks becoming the first block due to reduced resolution, in a Euclidean space having, as the number of dimensions, a product of the number of pixels arranged vertically in the second block size and the number of pixels arranged horizontally in the second block size.06-25-2009
20090257684METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPRESSING RINGING ARTIFACTS WITHIN SUPER-RESOLUTION IMAGE PROCESSING - Apparatus and methods for reducing ringing artifacts when generating super-resolution pictures and/or videos and for controlling the balance between sharpness and introduction of artifacts. After motion estimation and motion masking for all input frames, the method enters a frame loop within which high frequency information is extracted from the input SR image for each low-resolution input image. Extracted information from each input frame is not directly utilized within the frame loop for changing the SR input as with conventional SR processes, but is used within a means for averaging high frequency information over a desired number of frames (N) and outputting higher resolution versions of low resolution images. Changing (N) alters the tradeoff between ringing suppression and sharpness boosting. Invention can be implemented in a number of imaging apparatus, in particular those having a processor for executing the method steps.10-15-2009
20090169133IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - [PROBLEMS] In a system for converting a low resolution image to a high resolution image, it is difficult to carry out processing to generate a high resolution image for each frame in real time using temporally continuous frame images.07-02-2009
20100098352IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS, AND PROGRAM - When an output unit is capable of operation at a frame rate F and a resolution of x×y pixels, an imaging unit or an image input unit converts an image into an imaged frame in an internal data format having the frame rate F and a resolution of ix×jy pixels. An image converter converts the resolution of the imaged frame supplied from the imaging unit or the image input unit into a resolution that can be represented by the output unit, generating an output frame having x×y pixels. At this time, the image converter carries out predetermined resolution conversion based on a moving velocity of the image by blocks each having a predetermined size. Thus, such visual effect that an observer of the image of the output frame perceives the image at a resolution exceeding the actual resolution of the output frame is achieved.04-22-2010
20090046952SUPER-RESOLUTION IN PERIODIC AND APERIODIC PIXEL IMAGING - A super-resolution algorithm that explicitly and exactly models the detector pixel shape, size, location, and gaps for periodic and aperiodic tilings. The algorithm projects the low-resolution input image into high-resolution space to model the actual shapes and/or gaps of the detector pixels. By using an aperiodic pixel layout such as a Penrose tiling significant improvements in super-resolution results can be obtained. An error back-projection super-resolution algorithm makes use of the exact detector model in its back projection operator for better accuracy. Theoretically, the aperiodic detector can be based on CCD (charge-coupled device) technology, and/or more practically, CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) technology, for example.02-19-2009
20090285506SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATING DIGITAL IMAGES - A method for manipulating a digital image includes identifying an image for processing at a local client computer, sending the image to a remote server, manipulating either locally or remotely parameters associated with the image without modifying the image itself, capturing state information defining a state of the manipulations at a predefined time and selecting a previous state at the request of the user, and synchronizing the local client computer and the remote server including updating metadata for one of the local client computer and the remote server using metadata of the other.11-19-2009
20090103835METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COMBINING EDIT INFORMATION WITH MEDIA CONTENT - Systems and methods have been developed for manipulating media assets in a networked computing environment where processing power, bandwidth and/or storage capacity may be limited. More specifically, systems and methods have been developed whereby low-resolution media assets may be created that are optimized for transfer over low bandwidth networks and for editing and manipulation in an environment with low processing power and low storage capacity, and a high-resolution media asset may be created for playback.04-23-2009
20080298721APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - The invention discloses a apparatus and related method. The apparatus comprises a front-end circuit, a back-end circuit and a determining unit. The front-end circuit is for measuring an image signal, determining the mode of the image signal according to the data of the image signal, and fetching image signal of the image signal. The back-end circuit is for processing the image signal according to the above-mentioned mode, and generating a feedback signal according to the status of the image signal after fetching there-to-fore. The determining unit is for generating a control signal to the front-end circuit according to the feedback signal for adjusting the setting of the mode.12-04-2008
20080205792Colour binning of a digital image - The invention relates to a method for reducing the pixel resolution of a digital image by binning pixels together to form macro pixels. The digital image comprises pixels arranged in a colour mask of at least three different colours. The colour mask can be a Bayer mask comprising one red pixel, two green pixels and one blue pixel. The pixel binning method comprises selecting a number of pixels of each colour. For example, in order to obtain a factor two resolution reduction, four red pixels can be binned for generating a red macro pixel and eight green pixels can be binned for generating two green macro pixels. By selecting for example only one blue pixel and using that pixel for generating a blue macro pixel the optical centres of the macro pixels will be evenly distributed over the image.08-28-2008
20090052805VIDEO FRAMING CONTROL - In the creation of video program material, picture composition decisions—especially framing parameters—taken by an operator for small-display presentation of a scene are used the automatic generation of picture composition decisions for a larger display. Framing parameters such as pan, are temporally filtered before being applied to the wider field of view provided for the larger display.02-26-2009
20110206296SUPER-RESOLUTION PROCESSOR AND SUPER-RESOLUTION PROCESSING METHOD - A super-resolution processor according to the present invention includes: an N enlargement unit that generates an N-enlarged image by enlarging the input image by a factor N; an M enlargement unit that generates an M-enlarged image by enlarging the input image by a factor M; a high-pass filter unit that extracts a high-frequency component of the M-enlarged image, as an M-enlarged high-frequency image; a patch extraction unit that extracts an estimated patch of a predetermined size from the M-enlarged high-frequency image, the estimated patch being a part of the M-enlarged high-frequency image; and an addition unit that adds the estimated patch to a processing target block of the predetermined size in the N-enlarged image, to generate the output image, where M is smaller than N.08-25-2011
20090129703SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, APPARATUS, AND PROGRAM - A method includes inputting to-be-processed data including a set of first-N-dimensional-coordinate values in an N-dimensional space and first-sampling values, inputting search-pattern data including a set of second-N-dimensional-coordinate values in the N-dimensional space and second-sampling values, setting a set of virtual-corresponding points designated by third-N-dimensional-coordinate values, acquiring input patterns each including third-sampling values within a first range with reference to a corresponding virtual-corresponding point, acquiring search patterns each including fourth-sampling-values within a second range with reference to a corresponding second-N-dimensional-coordinate value of the second-N-dimensional-coordinate values in correspondence with each of the second-N-dimensional-coordinate values, detecting, from the search pattern data, an estimated pattern including one search pattern and having smaller differences with respect to the input patterns than other search patterns, setting sampling values at first positions corresponding to the virtual-corresponding points in the estimated pattern as sampling values at the virtual-corresponding points, and converting a sampling rate of the to-be-processed data.05-21-2009
20090080806FAST METHOD OF SUPER-RESOLUTION PROCESSING - The present invention provides a fast method of super-resolution processing which realizes speedup of the high-speed super-resolution processing by speeding up the calculations of an evaluation function and the differential of the evaluation function with respect to a high-resolution image in a reconstruction-based super-resolution processing.03-26-2009
20090080805Fast Method of Super-Resolution Processing - A method is provided for speeding up a super-resolution processing by reducing the number of times for convolution operation that is the number of times for estimation calculation.03-26-2009
20090185760Image Processing Device and Method, and Image Sensing Apparatus - An image processing device generates a high-resolution image from a plurality of low-resolution images, in which the high-resolution image has a resolution higher than a resolution of the low-resolution images. The image processing device includes a reference image setting portion for selecting a reference image from the plurality of low-resolution images based on image information of the plurality of low-resolution images. The image processing device generates the high-resolution image by performing a resolution increasing process on the plurality of low-resolution images for increasing a resolution with respect to the reference image.07-23-2009
20090317020Variable Resolution Images - In accordance with one or more aspects, a variable resolution image is displayed at an initial resolution. The variable resolution image has multiple portions, at least two of which have different resolutions. A request to display one of the multiple portions of the variable resolution image at a higher resolution is received, and a check is made as to whether a higher resolution version of the one portion is available. The higher resolution version of the one portion is displayed if available, otherwise the one portion at the initial resolution is displayed.12-24-2009
20100002958IMAGE RESOLUTION ADJUSTMENT METHOD - There is disclosed an image resolution adjustment method comprising the steps of: performing a predetermined selection rule to select one of scaling modes based on a source resolution Vi and a display resolution Vo to generate a scaling value set for outputting a scaled image; and determining whether a smoothing process to determine whether or not the scaled image is smoothed based on application requirements, wherein the scaling modes comprises a first scaling mode, a second scaling mode and a third scaling mode to generate each of the corresponding scaling value set, respectively. The scaling value set is provided to generate replicated pixels or lines for each pixel or line of the source image during a horizontal or vertical scaling period, and the replicated pixels or lines are arranged in horizontal or vertical symmetry in relation to its central region of the source image.01-07-2010
20100183245IMAGE PROCESSOR, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processor performing super-resolution of converting an input image with first resolution to an output image with second resolution higher than the first resolution on consecutive input images includes a prediction unit predicting the output image with the second resolution of a current frame using the input image of the current frame and the output image obtained by the super-resolution on an input image of a previous frame; a generation unit generating a reduced image with the first resolution composed of pixels at different phases of the prediction image using a prediction image obtained by the prediction of the prediction unit; a difference calculation unit calculating a difference between the input image of the current frame and the reduced image; and an addition unit adding the difference up-sampled to the second resolution to the prediction image, thus generating the output image with the second resolution of the current frame.07-22-2010
20090067754BLACK WHITE IMAGE COMPRESSION HAVING PRINT DENSITY CONTROL - A scaling system for compressing a bitonal image that has print density control. A system is disclosed that comprises: a pixel reduction system that generates a scaled image by reducing pixel pairs down to single scaled pixel based on a set of scaling rules; and a line density control system that allows the scaled image to be made lighter, normal or darker by changing the scaling rules.03-12-2009
20100226593SCALABLE MUTABLE TILED MULTI-RESOLUTION TEXTURE ATLASES - Functionality for storing and modifying multi-resolution texture atlases is provided so that applications can expose methods to enable users to access and browse a collection that includes multiple multi-resolution images. The images are stored as thumbnails in a texture atlas having different levels of detail in which the levels are arranged in an image pyramid that includes multiple tiles that are each stored as separate files. The thumbnails are spatially storable as textures in the texture atlas using a fractal layout (which in one illustrative example is a Morton layout) that enables images to be efficiently packed in the tiles. The fractal layout ensures that no more than one tile stores less than a fully packed texture at each level of detail. The same packing order scales across each level of detail in the texture atlas so that layout information is stored for the individual images in the collection only once.09-09-2010
20090257683METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING SHORT WAVE INFRARED IMAGES USING SUPER RESOLUTION (SR) AND LOCAL AREA PROCESSING (LAP) TECHNIQUES - A high resolution image of a scene or object is generated by collecting a plurality of images, enhancing the plurality of images to produce a sequence of enhanced images, registering the sequence of enhanced images, accumulating the intensities of the registered sequence of enhanced images to produce a composite image, and enhancing the composite image.10-15-2009
20100303385UNIQUE DIGITAL IMAGING METHOD EMPLOYING KNOWN BACKGROUND - A method for using an image sensor includes steps that permit the calculation of a resolution of the image that is greater than the designed resolution of the image sensor. A specimen is placed onto a known background within the field of view of an image sensor having multiple pixels. The specimen is focused onto the image sensor in a first position relative thereto such that the known background is also focused on the image sensor. An image is recorded for the specimen and the known background focused on the image sensor in the first position, and a specimen region and background pixels are established from the image recorded. The specimen is moved to a second position relative to the image sensor so as to place a portion of the specimen region within a target background pixel. An image is recorded for the specimen and the known background focused on the image sensor in the second position, and the bit depth is calculated for the portion of the specimen region moved into the background pixel.12-02-2010
20100303386Superresolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging (SOFI) - Statistical analysis techniques based on auto- and cross-correlations/cumulants, of image stacks of fluctuating objects are used to improve resolution beyond the classical diffraction limit and to reduce the background. The time trajectory of every pixel in the image frame is correlated with itself and/or with the time trajectory of an adjacent pixel. The amplitude of these auto- or cross-correlations/cumulants of each pixel, at a given time lag or averaged or integrated over an interval of time lags, is used as the intensity value of that pixel in the generated superresolved optical fluctuation image.12-02-2010
20080310761Image Process Method and Apparatus for Image Enlargement and Enhancement - An image processing device includes an image acquisition module, a memory module, and an image signal processing module, for performing an image enlargement and enhancement. The image acquisition module sequentially reads in an image block, including a unit pixel matrix and an exterior pixel matrix, wherein each pixel matrix includes a plurality of pixels and each pixel is associated with a parameter. The memory module stores a plurality of predefined edge patterns. The image signal processing module compares a loaded image block with predefined edge patterns, and determines if it is an edge block. Then, the image signal processing module further classifies its pixels into two groups, and calculates a continuous separating boundary between the two groups. Finally, the image signal processing module enlarges an edge block by placing new pixels inside its unit pixel matrix, wherein the new pixel parameters are extrapolated from the two classified pixel groups to maintain a sharp edge boundary. For those that are not edge blocks, interpolations are performed by the image signal processing module to derive smooth enlargements.12-18-2008
20110211771Content Aware Resizing of Images and Videos - A method resizes input images by first constructing a grid graph. The grid graph includes one node for each pixel in the input image, and adjacent nodes in the grid graph are connected by arcs. Each arc is directed and has an associated cost. A cut is applied to the arcs of the grid graph using a cost function. A seam of pixels is determined from the cut so that coordinates of the pixels in the seam enforce monotonicity and connectivity constraints. Then, the input image is resized according to the seam to produce an output image while minimizing a change of energy in the output image when compared with the input image.09-01-2011
20110110608Image transformation estimator of an imaging device - A technique includes obtaining an operational capacity of an imaging device. The technique can also include estimating one or more operational resources to perform an image transformation that estimates whether the imaging device has adequate operational capacity to transform one or more images.05-12-2011
20100027913IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a super-resolution converter, a reducing module, and a restoring module. The super-resolution converter estimates, upon receipt of a first image signal with first resolution, an original pixel value from the first image signal and increases pixels to obtain a second image signal with second resolution higher than the first resolution. The first image signal and the second image signal include a combination of a luminance signal and a color difference signal. The reducing module reduces a first quantization bit rate of the color difference signal in the first image signal to be input to the super-resolution converter to a second quantization bit rate. The restoring module restores the second quantization bit rate of the color difference signal in the second image signal to the first quantization bit rate.02-04-2010
20100027912Method of Raising Resolution in Locating on a Micro Dotmap - While a plurality of encoding blocks included in a micro dotmap are used for marking coordinates and locating a frame center on a displaying medium, a resolution of locating the frame center is raised by finding a microdot having a shortest distance from the frame center respectively in two microdot sets of a header region, or by determining a distance scale between an origin of the encoding block and each of two parallel projection points of both the microdot sets corresponding to the frame center. Both the microdot sets correspond to different dimensions in representing the coordinate of the frame center. The closest one-dimensional coordinates are then combined to form a two-dimensional coordinate of the frame center. Therefore, while applying the abovementioned method on a touch screen manipulated with touches of an optical pen, movements of the frame center on the screen can be manipulated skillfully by a user.02-04-2010
20100124383SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RESOLUTION-INVARIANT IMAGE REPRESENTATION - Systems and methods are disclosed for generating super resolution images by building a set of multi-resolution bases from one or more training images; estimating a sparse resolution-invariant representation of an image, and reconstructing one or more missing patches at any resolution level.05-20-2010
20090154838IMAGE DOWNSAMPLING FOR PRINT JOB PROCESSING - A system for preparing documents for printing includes a stored object corresponding to an image having an effective resolution, as well as a computing device. The computing device is configured to receive an electronic file comprising data representing a plurality of embedded images wherein each embedded image has an effective resolution. The computing device determine whether an object associated with a first one of the embedded images is identical to the stored object. If so, it replaces the first one of the embedded images with the image corresponding to the stored object when the effective resolution of the first one of the embedded images and the effective resolution of the image corresponding to the stored object are within a preselected threshold.06-18-2009
20120014620BINARY REDUCTION WITH STRUCTURE PRESERVATION AND DENSITY CONTROL - A method for performing binary image reduction on binary image data includes receiving binary input image data; determining a conversion factor to scale (i) an input resolution to an output resolution and/or (ii) an input size to an output size; applying the conversion factor to the input image data to obtain intermediate data, where each intermediate data corresponds to at least one input pixel and at least a portion of another input pixel; obtaining a binary output image data comprising a plurality of output pixels by thresholding the corresponding intermediate data; determining an error value for each output pixel, the error value is a non-integer value obtained as a result of thresholding the intermediate data corresponding to the output pixel; and propagating the obtained error value to an adjacent output pixel in a scanline, where the output image data is scaled to the output resolution and/or the output size.01-19-2012
20100008598OPTICAL FLOW REGISTRATION OF PANCHROMATIC / MULTI-SPECTRAL IMAGE PAIRS - A method for processing remotely acquired imagery includes obtaining imagery data defining a first image of a panchromatic image type, the first image having a first spatial resolution, and obtaining imagery data defining a second image of a multi-spectral image type, the second image having a second spatial resolution lower than the first spatial resolution. The method also includes obtaining a mapping function specifying a position of pixels in the first image with respect to pixels in the second image and adapting the mapping function to a high common spatial resolution higher than the second spatial resolution. The method further includes generating a third set of imagery data defining a third image of a panchromatic type based on the first set of imagery data and the adapted mapping function and having the high common spatial resolution and adjusting the mapping function based on a first difference between the first and the third images at the high common spatial resolution.01-14-2010
20120314975METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING RESOLUTION OF BLOCK BASED IMAGE - A method and apparatus for converting a resolution of a block-based image. The method includes: dividing a low resolution image frame into a plurality of blocks, each block having a predetermined size; performing motion prediction in a sub-pixel unit of each of the divided blocks and determining a motion vector in the sub-pixel unit; dividing the motion vector of the sub-pixel unit into a first motion vector having an integer pixel unit and a second motion vector having the sub-pixel unit; determining at least one low resolution reference block corresponding to each of the divided blocks by using the first motion vector having the integer pixel unit; converting each of the divided blocks into high resolution block by using the second motion vector having the sub-pixel unit and the one low resolution reference block; and generating a high resolution image frame by using each of the converted high resolution blocks.12-13-2012
20110038561Output apparatus and output method - An output apparatus determines pixels that form an area equal to or greater than a predetermined size and whose pixel values are not different from pixel values of neighboring pixels, and pixels that form an area not equal to or greater than the predetermined size. The apparatus reduces the pixel values of the determined pixels and outputs a binary image formed by the determined pixels with the reduced pixel values.02-17-2011
20120328212METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RESTORING RESOLUTION OF MULTI-VIEW IMAGE - A method and apparatus for restoring a resolution of a low resolution view image from a multi-view image. In the resolution restoration method, detailed information may be generated using a reference image neighboring a criterion image, and a resolution of the criterion image may be restored using the detailed information.12-27-2012
20120263398Method and System for Progressive Delivery and Synchronization of Discrete Content in Rich Media Services - A method for authoring and sending from a network element and receiving at a mobile device, rich media, the sending having the steps of checking whether the rich media includes discrete content; if yes, sending a low resolution version of the discrete content with the rich media; and subsequently sending a higher resolution version of the rich media. The receiving having the steps of receiving a low resolution version of the discrete content in the rich media; rendering the rich media; receiving a higher resolution fragment of the discrete content; and incrementally applying the higher resolution fragments to the low resolution version of the discrete content.10-18-2012
20120269458Method for Generating High Resolution Depth Images from Low Resolution Depth Images Using Edge Layers - A method interpolates and filters a depth image with reduced resolution to recover a high resolution depth image using edge information, wherein each depth image includes an array of pixels at locations and wherein each pixel has a depth. The reduced depth image is first up-sampled, interpolating the missing positions by repeating the nearest-neighboring depth value. Next, a moving window is applied to the pixels in the up-sampled depth image. The window covers a set of pixels centred at each pixel. The pixels covered by the window are selected according to their relative offset to the depth edge, and only pixels that are within the same side of the depth edge of the centre pixel are used for the filtering procedure.10-25-2012
20120269457Method for Synthesizing a Virtual Image from a Reduced Resolution Depth Image - A virtual image is synthesized from a reduced resolution depth image storing depth values at each pixel location. The reduced resolution depth image is scaled up to produce an up-scaled depth image. Then, at least one filter is applied to the up-scaled depth image to produce a reconstructed depth image, and the virtual image is synthesized using the reconstructed depth image.10-25-2012
20110235944DIGITAL IMAGE SCALING WITH NON INTEGER SCALING FACTORS - Non integer scaling of images to reduce artifacts is presented herein. One embodiment includes determining a scaling resolution based on a pixel resolution of the image and a pixel resolution of an output device (i.e., factors of the scaling resolution). The image is converted to the scaling resolution to change (e.g., increase) the pixels of the image by the first factor. A grid is generated to scale the converted image. The grid has a number of sections defined according to the second factor times the pixel resolution of an output device. The converted image is sectioned according to the grid. Each section of the grid includes an integer number of pixels of the converted image. The color values of the pixels of the converted image are averaged within each section of the grid to compute a single color value for each section of the grid and scale the image.09-29-2011
20130016920IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM AND RECORDING MEDIUMAANM Matsuda; YasuhiroAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP Matsuda; Yasuhiro Tokyo JPAANM Nagano; TakahiroAACI KanagawaAACO JPAAGP Nagano; Takahiro Kanagawa JPAANM Uchida; MasashiAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP Uchida; Masashi Tokyo JP - Provided is an image processing device including a model-based processing portion that generates an estimated low resolution image from a high resolution image, using an observation model that performs motion compensation processing and down-sampling processing, a feature amount calculation portion that calculates a feature amount of at least one of a spatial feature amount and a temporal feature amount from one of an observed low resolution image, which is a low resolution image that is actually observed, and the high resolution image, and a prediction operation portion that predicts and generates an image with higher image quality based on the high resolution image, using a parameter which corresponds to the calculated feature amount and which is obtained from the observed low resolution image, from the estimated low resolution image and from learning that is performed in advance.01-17-2013
20080219594IMAGE RESOLUTION CONVERTING METHOD AND DISPLAY APPARATUS APPLIED WITH THE SAME - Disclosed are a method of converting an image resolution according to the machinery characteristics of a display apparatus and a display apparatus using the same. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, the image resolution converting method can include determining an image resolution of the input image; adjusting a vertical resolution of the image resolution of the input image to be identical to a vertical resolution of the output image; and adjusting a scanning time of a vertical line of the input image. With the present invention, it is possible to convert the resolution of the input image to a suitable resolution for the machinery characteristics of the display apparatus by using a few line memories instead of 1 frame memory before conversion and 1 frame memory after conversion.09-11-2008
20110211770Compressibility-aware media retargeting with structure preserving - The present invention provides a method for retargeting an image, comprising determining a total block structure energy of an input image content. A compressibility rate of the input image content is determined based on the total block structure energy. An optimal scaling factor of the input image content is obtained. The input image content is warped by using a new coordinate matrices and uniformly scaling the input image content to a target image resolution.09-01-2011
20130156345METHOD FOR PRODUCING SUPER-RESOLUTION IMAGES AND NONLINEAR DIGITAL FILTER FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - A method and a digital filter for use with photo and video images to produce high-quality images of visually close objects using a camera or video camera equipped with sensors with an electronic shutter. The resolution of an image is increased when a plurality of frames of low resolution are used for producing one frame of high resolution, a plurality of frames is exposed, initial images are in the form of a continuous sequence of frames with high-speed capture, the frequency of the frames is inversely proportional to the magnitude of that part of the light-sensitive region of the sensor which is being scanned, the initial images are aligned, an enhanced image is produced and this image is filtered using a nonlinear filter, which includes a neural network which is pretrained using a test image including radial and sinusoidal test charts, as well as reference points.06-20-2013
20130195380DIMENSIONAL CONVERSION IN PRESENTATIONS - Technologies are described herein for converting presentations between differing slide dimensions and aspect ratios. During dimensional conversion of a slide, foreground objects placed on the slide by a user are dimensionally scaled and repositioned on the slide based on a change in the overall dimensions of the slide, while background objects on the slide originating from a slide master associated with the slide are replaced with corresponding background objects from a new template associated with the new aspect ratio of the slide. Any content and/or properties of the old background objects on the slide are copied to the corresponding background objects on the dimensionally converted slide.08-01-2013

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