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382 - Image analysis

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382293000 Changing the image coordinates 362
382305000 Image storage or retrieval 154
382284000 Combining image portions (e.g., portions of oversized documents) 151
382286000 Measuring image properties (e.g., length, width, or area) 66
382285000 Mapping 2-D image onto a 3-D surface 38
382282000 Selecting a portion of an image 38
382307000 General purpose image processor 23
382278000 Correlation 22
382280000 Fourier transform 17
382279000 Convolution 13
382302000 Multilayered image transformations 10
382281000 Walsh, Hough, or Hadamard transform 9
382277000 Transforming each dimension separately 5
20110194786DATA CONVERSION METHOD AND DATA CONVERSION DEVICE - A data conversion method and a data conversion device convert a large cubic three-dimensional image data to a plurality of pieces of small cubic one-dimensional image data, or convert a plurality of pieces of small cubic one-dimensional image data to a large cubic three-dimensional image data. The data conversion method includes the following steps, marking a three-dimensional index on three-dimensional image data; converting the three-dimensional index to a writing sequence index; inputting the three-dimensional image data to a buffer memory in sequence according to the writing sequence index; computing a reading sequence index according to the writing sequence index; outputting data blocks from the buffer memory in sequence according to the reading sequence index. Through the method and the device, use of the memory is reduced, and time for conversion is lowered.08-11-2011
20090087122VIDEO ABSTRACTION - A method for processing video data defining a series of images, comprising the steps of: defining a first series of nodes in a first multidimensional space, each of the first series of nodes corresponding to an image of the series of images and its location in the first space being defined in dependence on features of the respective image; defining a transformation function that maps each of the nodes in the first multidimensional space on to a respective node in a second multidimensional space having a lower dimensionality than the first multidimensional space, in such a way that neighbourhood relationships between nodes in the first multidimensional space are preserved between the respective nodes in the second multidimensional space; defining a second series of nodes in the second multidimensional space, each of the second series of nodes corresponding to one of the first set of nodes and its location in being the second multidimensional space being defined in accordance with the transformation function; and performing a clustering analysis in dependence on the nodes of the second multidimensional space to identify clusters of nodes therein.04-02-2009
20100278449METHOD FOR STREAMLINED IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERPOLATION IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS - A method for efficiently implementing a multi-dimensional interpolation in a way which is predicated on dynamic interpolation-input makeup, the method comprising: processing, said interpolation's first interpolation-input and said interpolation's second interpolation-input, prior to processing said interpolation's third interpolation-input, processing said interpolation's third interpolation-input as a recursion.11-04-2010
20120076435Signal Processors and Methods for Estimating Transformations Between Signals with Phase Deviation - A phase deviation method determines translation between a reference and suspect signal by analyzing a phase deviation surface created by computing a deviation metric for phase shift estimates and then analyzing a surface formed from the deviation metrics for an array of translation offsets. The phase deviation method analyzes the deviation surface to determine a translation offset that minimizes phase deviation. This method is applied at increasing levels of detail to refine the translation offset.03-29-2012
20080232712Image composer for composing an image by extracting a partial region not common to plural images - In an image composer includes a storage for storing a first and a second image, a region classifier compares the first image with the second image to extract as a non-common sub-region a partial region of one of the two images that does not have a similar pixel property to that of the other image. An image composing unit superimposes the extracted non-common sub-region of one of the images onto the other image to produce a resultant composite image.09-25-2008
20080279475Method for manipulating pictures via a wheel mouse - A method for manipulating pictures by rolling a mouse scrolling wheel is disclosed. The manipulations feature smoothness in operation, abundance in functionality, variety on the screen and much fun for the user's sights. Tool icons operated by the wheel mouse execute various functional commands: including a tool icon for adding or reducing pictures in a window, a tool icon for switching to various display layouts of multiple pictures, a tool icon for swapping the positions of the pictures in a window, a tool icon for rotating the pictures in a predefined degree and direction, and a tool icon for replacing the present picture by another one in a different folder. All these tools could possibly be indispensable tools for the image viewer software someday.11-13-2008
20080260285METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGE PROCESSING - The present invention discloses a system and method of transforming a sample of content data by utilizing known samples in a learning best to best determine coefficients for a linear combination of non-linear filter functions and applying the coefficients to the content data in an operational phase.10-23-2008
20090190857IMPORTANCE GUIDED IMAGE TRANSFORMATION - Importance guided image transformation. A subject image is accessed, an importance is assigned respective features of the subject image and a scaling scheme is determined for the subject image based on the importance assigned the respective features of the subject image. A transformed image is generated based on the determined scaling scheme and the transformed image is provided to an image presentation system for display.07-30-2009
20130077891Automated Image Registration With Varied Amounts of a Priori Information Using a Minimum Entropy Method - An image registration method includes: providing a reference image and a source image; using a wavelet transformation to produce a transformed reference image and a transformed source image; using the transformed reference image and the transformed source image to estimate affine transform parameters; using the reference image, the source image, and the affine transform estimates to maximize normalized mutual information between the reference image and the source image; and using the normalized mutual information to perform sub-pixel geo-spatial registration of the reference image and the source image to produce an output image. An apparatus that performs the method is also provided.03-28-2013
20130039599IMAGE TRANSFORMING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE, IMAGE TRANSFORMING METHOD, IMAGE TRANSFORMING PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM WHEREUPON THE PROGRAM IS RECORDED - An image transforming device transforms a part of a captured image of an object based on a predetermined type of transformation. The image transforming device includes an obtaining unit that obtains the captured image of the object, a detecting unit that detects characteristic information from the captured image of the object, a grid point setting unit that sets grid points for the captured image, and setting movement information of the grid points based on the control points and the movement information of the control points, and an image transforming unit that transforms an image area by moving the grid points based on the movement information of the grid points.02-14-2013
20100104214Methods and Systems for Demosaicing - Aspects of the present invention are related to systems and methods for image demosaicing.04-29-2010
20090304302Arrangement for the imaging of surface structures of three-dimensional objects - The aim of the invention is the improvement of an arrangement for the imaging of surface structures of three-dimensional objects, comprising a device for the optical recording of the surface of at least a partial region of the three-dimensional object from different positions, such that the imaging of the object can be carried out with comparatively little complexity with high reproducible accuracy. According to the invention, the arrangement thus comprises a selection circuit (12-10-2009
20120219236METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING A BLUR RENDERING PROCESS ON AN IMAGE - A method and apparatus for performing a blur rendering process on an image is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method of performing a blur rendering process includes accessing a filtered image and depth map information, determining a plurality of blending coefficients for computing a weighted sum for the image and filtered image, wherein the plurality of blending coefficients define a substantially smooth transition from at least one first depth class to at least one second depth class and a substantially sharp transition from the at least one second depth class and the at least one first depth class, wherein the at least one first depth class and the at least one second depth class form at least a portion of a plurality of depth classes and combining the image and the filtered image into a resulting image using the plurality of coefficients.08-30-2012
20100086230ENABLING COLOR PROFILES WITH NATURAL-LANGUAGE-BASED COLOR EDITING INFORMATION - A method of retaining original natural language commands along with the mathematical LUT transform of the commands and a private tag within the same ICC profile. The private tag can be read only by an exclusive or proprietary application or color management module. When a user loads a color editing profile into the proprietary application, the natural language commands could then be read from the private tag and displayed on a user interface. The user can then immediately see the qualitative effect of the color editing profile and provide selected modifications to the commands and retain a new set of commands stored in another profile.04-08-2010
20110280495Multi-Function Summing Machine - A system for processing an image including multiple pixels and intensity data thereof. An image memory is adapted for storing the image. An arithmetic core is connectible to the image memory and adapted for inputting the intensity data. The arithmetic core includes a multiple function processing units. One or more of the function processing units includes (i) a processing core adapted for computation of a function of the intensity data and for producing results of the computation, (ii) a first and (iii) a second accumulator for summing the results; and storage adapted to store the results. The function processing units are configured to compute the functions in parallel and sum the results simultaneously for each of the pixels in a single clock cycle.11-17-2011
20090252434Thresholding Gray-Scale Images To Produce Bitonal Images - Thresholding gray-scale images to produce bitonal images. In one example embodiment, a method for thresholding a gray-scale image to produce a bitonal image includes several acts. First, a first portion of gray-scale pixels of the gray-scale image are thresholded based on a global threshold and edge strength information. Next, a second portion of the gray-scale pixels are thresholded based on the global threshold and local pixel information. Finally, a third portion of the gray-scale pixels are thresholded based on a local threshold.10-08-2009
20110286683IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - According to this invention, image processes are classified into a plurality of categories, and the result of processes belonging to each category is written in an intermediate buffer prepared for the category. The order of categories is determined in advance, and an output from a process of a preceding category serves as an input to a process of a succeeding category. The preceding category includes image processes such as automatic correction requiring no quick response. The succeeding category includes image processes such as manual correction requiring a quick response.11-24-2011
20100284629METHOD FOR RPC REFINEMENT USING GROUND CONTROL INFORMATION - A computer implemented method of adjusting original rational polynomial coefficients of an RPC model for an image acquired by an image sensor comprising providing rational polynomial coefficients associated with the image calculating a pseudo position and attitude angles for the sensor using the original coefficients providing at least one ground control point associated with the image adjusting the pseudo position and attitude angles using the at least one ground control point; and adjusting the original coefficients for the image using the adjusted pseudo position and attitude angles.11-11-2010
20080267528Method for Retargeting Images - A method for content-aware image retargeting generates an energy image from a source image according to an energy function. From the energy image, one or more seams are determined according to a minimizing function such that each seam has a minimal energy. Each seam is applied to the source image to obtain a target image that preserves content and a rectangular shape of the source image.10-30-2008
20080267527Ghost Artifact Reduction for Rendering 2.5D Graphics - An image processing system for performing a transformation of an input image associated with an input viewpoint to an output image associated with an output viewpoint. The input image is a pre-filtered 2D representation of 3D objects as seen from the input viewpoint, and comprises for each input pixel an associated input pixel value and an associated input pixel depth. Additional to the input image a hidden image is received, being another 2D representation of the 3D objects and comprising information, which information is occluded from the input viewpoint.10-30-2008
20090208132Image Binarizing Method, Image Processing Device, and Computer Program - A binarizing method for binarizing an original image of an electrode pad on a substrate. The method includes the steps of processing an electrode image to generate a binary image of the electrode by binarzing the original image with a first threshold value, calculating a contact trace area to calculate the contact trace area including a portion that is predicted to be a trace of an object that contacted the electrode from the binary image of the electrode, processing a contact trace image to generate the contact trace area binary image by binarizing the original image of the area extracted by the contact trace area extracting unit with a second threshold value different from the first threshold value, and synthesizing the images to synthesize the binary image of the electrode and the contact trace area binary image by taking a logical sum on a corresponding pixel to pixel basis.08-20-2009
20090208131Method and Device for Watermarking on Stream - The invention relates in particular to a stream-wise method of watermarking independent of the compression parameters used (for example type of the transform) so as to allow the reading of the watermarking inserted independently of the format of the data received. The watermarking method according to the invention consists in generating a contribution matrix in the transformation space, in projecting it into another domain and in watermarking the data in this domain on the basis of the projected matrix so as to allow a watermark reader operating in the transformed transformation space to read back the inserted watermarking in the transformation space. The contribution matrix representing the modifications induced on the coefficients in the transformation space by insertion of the watermarking cue in this same domain.08-20-2009
20090202173Optimization of Image Processing Using Multiple Processing Units - Some embodiments provide an image editing application that utilizes at least two processing units to efficiently process an image with multiple effects after at least one of the effects modified from the image. Some such embodiments maintain a queue for identifying each of the effects to reprocess. Some embodiments determine a modified ordering for the effects in the queue based on criteria that is related to reducing data exchanges between the processing units when applying the effects. From the modified ordering, a first processing unit applies a first set of the effects before passing resulting data to a second processing unit for application of a second set of the effects. The second processing unit applies a second set of effects to produce the image with the multiple effects and the at least one effect removed or modified.08-13-2009
20110200271METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HIGH-SPEED AND LOW-COMPLEXITY PIECEWISE GEOMETRIC TRANSFORMATION OF SIGNALS - A method and system for high-speed and low-complexity geometric transformation of signals are described. In one embodiment, the system comprises an input patch consisting of a window of pixels from an input image. The system may further comprise a transformation selector to generate control data to control a geometric transformation mapping based on the location of a current pixel being processed. In one embodiment, the system may also comprise a hardware geometric transform engine to perform a geometric transformation mapping by switching on one path through the geometric transform engine from an input window to an output pixel using the control data. In one embodiment, the system may further comprise an interpolator to generate interpolated geometric transformation mappings using the control data and multiple outputs from the geometric transform engine by switching on multiple paths from an input window.08-18-2011
20080304766SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING AND REGENERATING 3D IMAGE FILES BASED ON 2D IMAGE MEDIA STANDARDS - Disclosed are a system and a method for generating and regenerating three-dimensional (3D) images file based on two-dimensional (2D) image media standards, a 3D image file generating device for generating a 3D image file having a data area, which includes first image data and second image data synchronized with the first image data so as to be used for generating a 3D image, a header area including information of the first image data, and a metadata area including information of the second image data, and a 3D image file regenerating device, which parses information of the first and the second image data when a 3D image file is inputted so as to synthesize and regenerate the first and the second image data into a 3D image file.12-11-2008
20090190858REPRESENTING FLAT DESIGNS TO BE PRINTED ON CURVES OF A 3-DIMENSIONAL PRODUCT - A design image is transformed into a projection design image comprising the design image as it will appear when projected onto a physical 3-dimensional (3-D) curved object. In an embodiment, pixels of the design image are mapped into corresponding mapped pixels in a projection design image according to how the design image will appear in a flattened image of the design projected or printed onto the object having 3-dimension curves. The projection design image may be combined with a product image of the object having 3-dimension curves to generate a customized product image of the object having 3-dimension curves incorporating the design image. The customized product image is displayed to a user when customizing a product with a design to ensure that the user understands how the physical product will appear when the design is printed or projected onto the physical product.07-30-2009
20090161986DIGITAL IMAGE CONVERTING APPARATUS WITH AUTO-CORRECTING PHASE AND METHOD THEREOF - A digital image converting apparatus with auto-correcting phase and a method thereof are provided. The digital image converting apparatus includes a phase controller, a delay locked loop (DLL), an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a position adjuster. The phase controller selects one of preset phases for outputting and continuously changes the output preset phase for controlling a clock signal produced by the delay locked loop. The ADC converts an analog display frame according to the adjusted clock signal. After all the preset phases are output in sequence, the phase controller can obtain an optimal phase for converting the display frame according to the smallest front porch of horizontal scan line and the smallest back porch of horizontal scan line of a digital display frame produced by the position adjuster.06-25-2009
20110206294Image Processing Apparatus, Image Processing Method, and Program - An image processing apparatus includes: an input image energy map generation unit generating an input image energy map from an input image; a reduced energy map generation unit generating a reduced energy map; a reduction seam search unit searching a reduction seam formed by binding pixels of a path along which a cumulative energy value of energies of pixels is minimum; a partial seam search unit searching a partial seam formed by binding pixels with a minimum cumulative value; an input image energy map update unit updating the input image energy map by inserting and replacing a maximum energy value into the energies corresponding to all of the pixels of the input image on the input image energy map; and a reduction expansion unit reducing or expanding the input image by deleting the pixels forming the partial seam from the input image.08-25-2011
20080317380SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING BLEMISHES ON IMAGE SENSOR PACKAGE - A system for detecting blemishes on an image sensor package includes an initialization module configured for initializing a suspected blemish standard mean value range and a blemish standard deviation value; an image capturing module configured for capturing an image produced by the image sensor package and acquiring a brightness value of each of pixels of the image; a calculation module configured for calculating a mean value and a standard deviation of differences of brightness values of a pixel and any other pixels surrounding the pixel; a comparison module configured for respectively comparing the mean value and the standard deviation with the suspected blemish standard mean value range and the blemish standard deviation value; and a marking module configured for marking the suspected blemish which is inside the suspected blemish standard mean value range and the blemish which is larger than the blemish standard deviation value.12-25-2008
20080317381IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - An image processing apparatus capable of reducing operator's waiting time and improving operating feeling and productivity. To carry out remote print, image is read. As a result of an operator's UI operation, if only part of the read image is required to continue image processing, the order of vectorization processing is changed as desired, and vectorization of pages having a possibility of being required to continue the image processing is precedingly implemented or is completed at completion of an operator's UI operation to finalize operation for instruction.12-25-2008
20090080800Multiple Index Mixed Media Reality Recognition Using Unequal Priority Indexes - An MMR system for processing image queries across index tables with unequal priority comprises a plurality of mobile devices, a pre-processing server or MMR gateway, and an MMR matching unit, and may include an MMR publisher. The MMR matching unit receives an image query from the pre-processing server or MMR gateway and sends it to one or more of the recognition units to identify a result including a document, the page, and the location on the page. The MMR matching unit includes a dispatcher, a plurality of recognition units, and index tables, as well as an image registration unit. In one embodiment, the system includes an MMR matching plug-in installed on the mobile device. The present invention also includes methods for processing image queries across index tables of unequal priority and updating a high priority index based on received or projected image queries.03-26-2009
20110229054PROCESSING OF IMAGES TO REPRESENT A TRANSITION IN VIEWPOINT - When mixing cutting between video cameras viewing a common scene from different viewpoints, geometric transforms that vary from image to image are applied to one or both camera outputs so as to create an apparent point of view that moves along on a path joining the viewpoints of the cameras.09-22-2011
20090245684Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program - An image processing apparatus includes a pre-combination processing unit configured to perform a pre-combination process so that a plurality of frames of image data having continuity in time are used as combination-use image data to be combined, an operation detection unit configured to detect operation input information used for a combination process, a storage unit configured to store coefficient templates each having a pattern of weighting coefficients assigned to image data of frames, a template management unit configured to select one of the coefficient templates stored in the storage unit according to the operation input information, and a combination processing unit configured to perform a combination process on the combination-use image data of the plurality of frames obtained in the pre-combination process using the coefficient template selected by the template management unit so as to generate combined-image data representing a still image.10-01-2009
20090245685Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program - An image processing apparatus includes a pre-combination processing unit configured to perform a pre-combination process so that a plurality of frames of image data having continuity in time are used as combination-use image data to be combined, an operation detection unit configured to detect operation input information used for a combination process, and a combination processing unit configured to perform a combination process on the combination-use image data of the plurality of frames obtained in the pre-combination process according to the operation input information detected by the operation detection unit so as to generate combined-image data representing a still image.10-01-2009
20090067747METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING IMAGE DISPLAY DATA - An apparatus generates display data on a display unit. An image constructing unit constructs an image of an image list including a plurality of images each corresponding to an image data file. A data output unit outputs first display data of the image list, and then, when a switching command is received from a user, outputs second display data of the image list in response to the switching command. A confirmation calculating unit calculates a degree of confirmation indicating whether a user confirmation is performed for each of the images in the image list. An image modifying unit modifies the images in the image list based on the degree of confirmation.03-12-2009
20090041379METHOD FOR PROVIDING OUTPUT IMAGE IN EITHER CYLINDRICAL MODE OR PERSPECTIVE MODE - A method is disclosed for transforming a wide-angle video image in to a Perspective view or a Cylindrical video image with reduced distortion. The method for providing an output image in either a Cylindrical mode or a Perspective mode, and comprising steps of: (02-12-2009
20090041380Information display device and information display method - In order to prevent interception of the information through the leakage electromagnetic waves when transmitting the information using an image display unit, an image converter generates plural converted images, stores the generated converted images in an image storage, an image output unit reads out the converted images from the image storage and transmits the converted images to a screen control unit successively. The screen control unit displays a reception image on an image display unit. The image output unit outputs the converted image group at a high speed, thereby performing a switching display on the image display unit, and to show an image visually equivalent to the input image.02-12-2009
20080292210Method and device for converting and displaying web image data of different formats on display of electronic device - Disclosed are a method and a device for converting and displaying web image data of different formats on a display of an electronic device. An image format conversion module is linked to an internet and receives and converts web image data of different formats transmitted from a remote internet server at a predetermined web site on the internet into an image in a standard image output format. The image that is converted into the standard image output format is then transferred to an electronic device for displaying the image of the standard image output format.11-27-2008
20100310191IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - A composition unit generates a composite image by compositing a frame image of interest and a processed image obtained by applying minimum value filtering processing to the frame image of interest. An LPF processor generates a low frequency component image by applying low-pass filtering processing to the composite image. A difference detector generates a difference image between the frame image of interest and the low frequency component image, and an adder generates a high frequency component image by adding the difference image to the frame image of interest. The composition unit executes composition processing using a minimum composite ratio a so that all pixel values which configure a region in the high frequency component image corresponding to a steep edge region in the composite image are equal to or larger than zero.12-09-2010
20110170798GUNSHOT DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A device and a method for use in detection of a muzzle flash event is described. The device can include a Photo Detector Array (PDA), sensitive in at least a portion of the NIR and SWIR spectrum, and a filter of electromagnetic radiation selectively passing in this portion a spectral range of low atmospheric transmission, the PDA has an integration time shorter than a duration of the muzzle flash event.07-14-2011
20090034873Image creating method and image creating system - For a halftone representation of a grayscale data of an original image of P tones, an output resolution, a screen ruling frequency, and a screen angle are based to set a basic array of L×L pixels, where L is an integer greater than 1, and a number N of tones reproducible by the basic array is compared with P to generate a dither array using the basic array as its sub-array, such that numbers are assigned to pixels of sub-arrays by a prescribed rule, in order between the sub-arrays, starting from prescribed ones of centered and centermost pixels of the sub-arrays.02-05-2009
20110044560METHOD AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEM FOR SYNCHRONOUS WAVELET TRANSFORMATION FOR MASSIVE MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA - The invention concerns a method of converting raw multidimensional digital data corresponding to points making up a 2D or 3D image of unknown size and an associated system. The method comprises: 02-24-2011
20100254626IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus includes: a receiving unit for receiving an additional image data to be overlaid on an output image, a modification unit for modifying the additional image data received by the receiving unit so as to shorten the processing time of converting the additional image into a binary image compared with before it modified, a storage unit for storing the additional image data modified by the modification unit, a converting unit for converting the modified additional image data stored in the storage unit into a binary image data when instruction of overlaying the additional image on the output image has been done, and a drawing unit for drawing the binarized additional image data converted by the converting unit on the output image.10-07-2010
20090220170THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE SPREADING APPARATUS - A three-dimensional image spreading apparatus to transform a three-dimensional image of an object to a planar image includes an incident element and an emitting element. The incident element has a first reflective portion formed with a closed circumferential surface, an image inlet and an image outlet that incorporate with the first reflective portion to form an image transmission passage. The first reflective portion has a perimeter shrinking gradually from the image inlet to the image outlet. The image inlet is extended outwards to form an image capturing zone to get images of the object to generate a corresponding circumferential image. The image emitting element is located in the image transmission passage and has a second reflective portion corresponding to the first reflective portion to receive the circumferential image and reflect the planar image through the image outlet to an image capturing device.09-03-2009
20100061657METHOD AND DEVICE FOR STABILIZING IMAGE AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING IMAGE USING THE SAME - A method and a device for stabilizing an image, a method for transmitting and receiving the image using the same are provided. In the method for stabilizing the image, a face detection step is performed on the image first to obtain a face area in the image. Then, the size and position of the face area are stabilized, and thus the problem that the face shakes in the image is solved.03-11-2010
20110069905SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING AND ELIMINATING ONE OR MORE DEFOCUSED OR LOW CONTRAST-TO-NOISE RATIO IMAGES - This invention, which provides a method for detecting a corruption in an image acquired from a biological sample, includes: providing at least one image of at least one cell; generating the image of the at least one cell over a period of time; determining if the at least one image of the at least one cell is corrupted; applying a wavelet transform, Fourier transform, or other frequency decomposing transform to the at least one image to decompose the at least one image into a plurality of sub-images, wherein the plurality of sub-images have a plurality of low frequency channels, a plurality of middle frequency channels and a plurality of high frequency channels; calculating a ratio based on an energy level of the plurality of low frequency channels and the plurality of middle frequency channels; and removing the at least one image of at least one cell if the at least one image is corrupted.03-24-2011
20100296752IMAGE PROCESSING - A method of processing a pressure image, the method comprising: receiving a plurality of first continuous pressure images; processing each of said first continuous pressure images to generate a respective second continuous pressure image; and generating a continuous statistical image representing a characteristic of the first pressure images by processing said second continuous pressure images.11-25-2010
20100054625METHODS FOR FLATTENING A 3D SURFACE INTO A 2D PIECE - Disclosed is a method for flattening a 3D surface into a 2D piece. In one embodiment, the method is implemented by constructing a plurality of wire-patches by feature curves on a surface patch of the 3D surface, wherein each of feature curves comprises a plurality of wire-nodes; computing an optimal 2D angle for each of said wire-nodes of the constructed wire-patches; determining an optimal position for each of said wire-nodes based on the computed optimal 2D angles thereof, respectively; and laying out each of said feature curves in 2D based on the determined optimal position. A device to flatten a 3D surface into a 2D piece is also provided.03-04-2010
20090022420IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The present invention enables processing results which are more accurate and which have higher precision as to events of the real world to be obtained. (An inverse gamma correction unit 01-22-2009
20080212894METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULATION OF FACIAL SKIN AGING AND DE-AGING - A novel method and system is disclosed to realistically simulate the progress or worsening of facial skin features that contribute to the overall look and condition of the skin. The method utilizes two close-up photographs of the face, one is captured with a digital camera in standard white light, and the other is captured with the same camera in UV light. Then, the method processes these images to simulate the progress or worsening of the major skin features: hyperpigmented spots, wrinkles and small texture features. The worsening of these features simulates facial skin aging due to prolonged exposures to sunlight, biological aging or degradation of the skin health. The progress of these features simulates the improvement of facial skin in terms of overall look and healthiness as though the patient has gone through a treatment. Therefore, the present invention discloses a series of methods that are useful in dermatology, cosmetics and computer animations.09-04-2008
20080253683IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus, comprising:10-16-2008
20110164830RECONFIGURABLE MODULE AND METHOD OF IMPLEMENTING THIS RECONFIGURABLE MODULE FOR PERFORMING MORPHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS - The invention provides a reconfigurable module allowing morphological operations to be carried out for image processing. The module includes an operational block having five inputs, three outputs, three adders/subtracters and four logic blocks. The logic blocks provide various routings between the three adders/subtracters to enable the outputs to deliver the result of basic operations carried out on the five inputs. The reconfigurable module has a reduced number of components while at the same time allowing various morphological operations to be performed whose parameters can be modified. Furthermore, the reconfigurable module is serially combined to carry out more complex morphological operations. The invention also provides a method for implementing the reconfigurable module allowing an integral image, an eroded image, an expanded image, a distance image or projections along the rows and columns of the original image to be determined starting from an original image.07-07-2011
20110135220Estimation of image motion, luminance variations and time-varying image aberrations - A system and method is disclosed to estimate dynamic image features, including genuine image motion, luminance variations, and random time-varying image aberrations. The disclosed invention addresses the issue of simultaneous dependence on spatial coordinates and spatial frequency, which is crucial for the estimation of fast-changing image aberrations such as those caused by atmospheric turbulence. It also addresses the problem of jointly estimating multiple dynamic features such as, for example, time-varying image aberrations and genuine image motion. A novel hybrid model of image aberrations is introduced which combines a frequency domain constraint with linearization in the spatial domain. A search is performed for homogeneous data blocks delimited in space, time and spatial frequency in which image aberrations and other dynamic image features are well described by a low-order model. In one embodiment, a windowed Fourier transform is used to convert the input data into a representation that is suitable for this type of hybrid modeling. A local linear parametrization of dynamic image features is introduced, leading to a fast linear estimation algorithm.06-09-2011
20100254625Creed Triangle Gridding Method - A method has been created, which does not require measuring or mathematical calculations, that accurately segregates the medium into manageable parts, thereby allowing the user to readily duplicate, enlarge, reduce, or skew images.10-07-2010
20120099802IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Disclosed is an image processing method for processing image data having pixels consecutively arranged in two directions orthogonal to each other including setting a first pixel area configured by a first and a second predetermined numbers of pixels, summing up the individual pixel values of the first predetermined number of pixels in a column-wise manner with respect to first pixel columns arranged in one direction summing up the individual pixel values of the second predetermined number of pixels in a column-wise manner with respect to second pixel columns arranged in the other direction, identifying a count of stairs given by differences among the pixel values of the individual pixels in the first pixel area, respectively for one direction and for the other direction, and determining a pixel value of a predetermined pixel contained in the first pixel area.04-26-2012
20120301051ADAPTIVE MULTI-GRID CONTRAST OPTICAL FLOW - Systems and methods for applying a contrast optical flow algorithm to fixed image data and moving image data are disclosed. Applying the contrast optical flow algorithm may include determining a deformation field and a scalar brightness field. Applying the contrast optical flow algorithm may also include applying an affine transformation to changes in intensity between the fixed image data and the moving image data.11-29-2012
20110103712STRUCTURED GRIDS AND GRAPH TRAVERSAL FOR IMAGE PROCESSING - An image represented by multiple nodes can be processed by determining whether information can be propagated to a node from another node (e.g., source node) of the image, thereby allowing significantly greater parallelism and scalability by taking advantage of multiprocessing or multi-core processors that are prevalent and widely available today. Conceptually, an image can be presented as a “structured grid” of multiple nodes (e.g., a structured grid of pixels of an image). In a “structured grid,” two or more of the nodes can determine whether to propagate information in parallel. In fact, each node of a “structured grid” can perform operations relating to propagation of information in parallel. This means that for an image of N pixels, it is possible to perform N operations in parallel. It is also possible to divide the processing of N operations for N pixels substantially equally between the number processors or processing cores available at a given time.05-05-2011
20110103711STRUCTURED GRIDS FOR LABEL PROPAGATION ON A FINITE NUMBER OF LAYERS - An image represented by multiple nodes can be processed by determining whether labels can be propagated to a node from another node of the image. Conceptually, an image can be presented as a “structured grid” of multiple nodes (e.g., a structured grid of pixels of an image). In a “structured grid,” two or more nodes of the same level (e.g., nodes in the same gray level) can determine in parallel whether to propagate a label from one or more of its neighboring nodes that are labeled and propagate one or more labels accordingly. An image can be processed by iteratively repeating this process for nodes of successive levels. It will be appreciated that the disclosed techniques allow parallelism without requiring partitioning of an image or having to merge partitioned images. The disclosed techniques are especially suited for watershed algorithms.05-05-2011
20120128266Reconstruction of Phased Array Data - An image reconstruction method includes receiving volume data comprising a plurality of sampling points, determining a first conditioning of the sampling points suppressing low amplitudes and conserving maximum amplitudes, determining a second conditioning of the sampling points wherein an influence of a sampling point depends on its distance to a grid point in a sampling grid, determining a kernel comprising a plurality of weighting functions for the first conditioning and the second conditioning to determine an energy spread of each of the plurality of sampling points without determining a shape or size of the kernel, and outputting a reconstructed volume according to the energy spread of each of the plurality of sampling points.05-24-2012
20120134602METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGE CONVERSION - An image conversion device is disclosed, having an image converting circuit for receiving a first and a second image frames of a first format and generating a third and a fourth image frames of a second format; and a signal generating circuit coupled with the image converting circuit for generating a plurality of first synchronization signals having a substantially fixed period and one or more second synchronization signals for the third and the fourth image frames, wherein each of the second synchronization signals is synchronized with one of the first synchronization signals and the third image frame contains at least one more first synchronization signal than the fourth image frame.05-31-2012
20120163731IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - An image processing device specifies the number of pixels m for securing a delay time for preventing an error diffusion process from being performed at pixels of the (N+1)-th line in which diffusion of errors from a pixel of N-th line (N is a natural number) of image data is not completed, performs a control of starting an error diffusion process of the (N+1)-th line of the image data after the error diffusion process of the m-th pixel for the N-th line of the image data, and performs the error diffusion process for each line of the image data.06-28-2012
20120170866ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND IMAGE COMPARISON METHOD THEREOF - The disclosure relates to an electronic device with image comparison function and an image comparison method utilized in the electronic device. The method includes loading a multimedia file in response to a first input signal and processing the multimedia file to form a two-dimensional array of each image and generate pixels of each image, acquiring a selection reference value in response to a second input signal and selecting an image comparison algorithm according to the acquired selection reference value, and comparing with the pixels of two adjacent images according to the selected image comparison algorithm and obtaining a comparison result.07-05-2012
20120177303Apparatus And Method For Creation Of Digital Art Forms From Other Digital Data - Apparatus and method for creation or transformation of digital art forms in 2D/3D images, photos, video, music, voice, etc. based on messages received on or sent from mobile or PC devices via email, SMS, Tweets and other messaging services, as well as other forms of accessible or streaming data such as voice calls, web page data, user input data such as button pushes, other downloadable or downloaded content including analog media converted to digital data, i.e. bit streams of any kind as input. There are no solutions today that use data from other sources as input to create new digital art forms or transform other existing digital art forms.07-12-2012
20090067746METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING IMAGES UNDER DISTORTION VIA NOISE CHARACTERIZATION AND BREGMAN OPTIMAL MATRIX APPROXIMATIONS - An image digest based search approach allows images within an image repository related to a query image to be located despite cropping, rotating, localized changes in image content, compression formats and/or an unlimited variety of other distortions. In particular, the approach allows potential distortion types to be characterized and to be fitted to an exponential family of equations matched to a Bregman distance. Image digests matched to the identified distortion types may then be generated for stored images using the matched Bregman distances, thereby allowing searches to be conducted of the image repository that explicitly account for the statistical nature of distortions on the image. Processing, associated with characterizing image noise, generating matched Bregman distances, and generating image digests for images within an image repository based on a wide range of distortion types and processing parameters may be performed offline and stored for later use, thereby improving search response times.03-12-2009
20090060382Image processing apparatus - An image processing apparatus is provided. The image processing apparatus comprises a converting module, a sampling module, a processing module, a storage module, an output module and a display module. The converting module is used for converting an input image to image data. The sampling module is coupled to the converting module for sampling the image data and generating sampling data. The processing module is coupled to the sampling module for processing the sampling data according a preset process and generating processing data. The storage module is coupled to the processing module for storing the processing data. The output module is coupled to the storage module for retrieving the processing data stored in the storage module and generating an image signal. The display module is coupled to the output module for displaying the image signal.03-05-2009
20090110326HIGH BANDWIDTH IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM - The present invention provides a high bandwidth image processing system, which generally includes an image processing unit having a set of servers that each have a universal operating system for receiving image data corresponding to a set of images, generating commands for processing the image data, and sending the images and the commands to an image processing unit (also having a universal operating system(s)) of the high bandwidth image processing system. Upon receipt, the image processing unit will recognize and interpret the commands, assign and/or schedule tasks for processing the image data to a set of (e.g., special) processing engines based on the commands, and return results and/or processed image data to the image interface unit.04-30-2009
20120082398Signal Processors and Methods for Estimating Transformations Between Signals with Phase Estimation - Signal processing devices and methods estimate transforms between signals, and in particular, utilize techniques for estimating phase between a reference signal and a suspect signal. A phase estimation method estimates the phase of reference signal components in a suspect signal using a point spread function. The method provides a set of feature locations representing a discrete reference signal, applies a transform to the reference signal to provide a set of transformed locations, and then uses a point spread function to sample phase from the suspect signal at discrete sample locations in a neighborhood around the transformed locations. This process provides an estimate of phase of the suspect signal at locations corresponding to the transformed locations.04-05-2012
20090016640DIRECTIONAL HOLE FILLING IN IMAGES - When transforming a 01-15-2009
20110038560SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING DATA SIGNALS - A signal processing method is provided. The signal processing method includes the steps of generating undersampled data corresponding to an object, determining a variable thresholding parameter based on a composition of the undersampled data, and iteratively determining thresholded coefficients to generate a plurality of coefficients by utilizing the undersampled data, a current solution and the variable thresholding parameter by updating the variable thresholding parameter and the current solution, and reconstructing a data signal using the plurality of coefficients.02-17-2011
20110002556OUTPUT DEVICE THAT ADJUSTS IMAGES SHOWN THEREON - There is provided an output device including an inputting unit, an extracting unit, a calculating unit, an adjusting unit and an outputting unit. The inputting unit is configured to input an image file representing a motion image. The extracting unit is configured to extract, from the image file, a first frame image and at least one neighboring frame image that is chronologically continuous with the first frame image. The calculating unit is configured to calculate a total adjustment parameter for adjusting the first frame image based on the first frame image and the at least one neighboring frame image. The adjusting unit is configured to adjust the first frame image using the total adjustment parameter to generate a first adjusted output image. The outputting unit is configured to output the first adjusted output image.01-06-2011
20120263396MULTISAMPLING WITH REDUCED BIT SAMPLES - A relatively non-complex signal processor supporting an active pixel sensor imaging system is disclosed. The signal processor only requires the first sample from a group of samples in a multiple sample to be transmitted to the signal processor at full resolution. The subsequent samples in that group can be transmitted using only a subset of least significant bits. The minimum number of required LSBs is based upon the level of noise in the system. In one embodiment, the number of LSBs transmitted is k+2 per sample, where k indicates the number bits corresponding to peak noise. In an alternative embodiment, each subsequent sample is transmitted using only k+1 bits.10-18-2012
20080219587Method for Retargeting Images - A method for content-aware image retargeting generates an energy image from a source image according to an energy function. From the energy image, one or more seams are determined according to a minimizing function such that each seam has a minimal energy. Each seam is applied to the source image to obtain a target image that preserves content and a rectangular shape of the source image.09-11-2008
20080253684IMAGE DISCERNMENT APPARATUS - Circumscribing pixels in the surroundings of an obtained image are obtained and the gradation levels of the circumscribing pixels are compared with a predefined threshold value. The number of circumscribing pixels of which the gradation level is smaller than the predefined threshold value is counted, and, if the number of circumscribing pixels, of which the gradation levels are relatively small, is larger than the number of circumscribing pixels in the surrounding of the image, the image is judged to be a low-key image. In contrast, if the number of circumscribing pixels, of which the gradation levels are relatively small, is smaller than the number of circumscribing pixels in the surrounding of the image, the image is determined to be an underexposed image.10-16-2008
20080226192IMAGE FEATURE IDENTIFICATION AND MOTION COMPENSATION APPARATUS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - Apparatus, systems, and methods disclosed herein may estimate the magnitude of relative motion between a scene and an image capture device used to capture the scene. Some embodiments may utilize discrete cosine transform and/or Sobel gradient techniques to identify one or more blocks of pixels in an originating calibration image frame. Matching blocks of pixels may be located in a successive calibration image frame. Motion vectors originating at one calibration frame and terminating at the other calibration frame may be calculated. The magnitude of relative motion derived thereby may be used to adjust image capture parameters associated with the image capture device, including exposure settings.09-18-2008
20080219589Estimating shared image device operational capabilities or resources - This disclosure describes a number of devices or techniques that can be capable of obtaining an operational capacity for a shared image device; estimating at least one operational resource to perform a transformation of one or more images based at least in part on the obtaining the operational capacity; and sharing the one or more images with at least one other shared image device in a manner that performs the transformation of the one or more images.09-11-2008
20080219588TILED OUTPUT MODE FOR IMAGE SENSORS - Methods and systems for a tiled output mode for image sensors are disclosed and may comprise receiving tiled image data from an image sensor that generates output in a tiled format, and sequentially processing the received tiled image data. The received tiled image data may comprise a plurality of lines. A tile received from the image sensor may overlap at least one neighboring tile. The neighboring tiles may be above, below, to the left and/or to the right of the current tile. The size of the received tiled image data may vary dynamically, and may vary based on, for example, a compression format and/or a desired resolution of the image sensor. The method may also comprise generating the tiled image data from an image sensor, and sequentially processing the generated tiled image data.09-11-2008
20120251016TECHNIQUES FOR STYLE TRANSFORMATION - Techniques to stylistically transform source text are disclosed. A source text and information about an output channel may be received. The source text may be stylistically transformed based on the information about the output channel. The stylistically transformed source text may be output. Other embodiments are described and claimed.10-04-2012
20130129252IMAGE ANNOTATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - An originating user captures an original image with mobile equipment. The image is displayed on the originating user's mobile equipment with first annotations. First data information (R05-23-2013
20120281930FLEXIBLE PIXEL-NEIGHBOURHOOD-BASED RECONFIGURABLE COMPUTATION DEVICE - A reconfigurable computation device for image processing, the device including a neighborhood-based computation matrix, generating pairing sub-scores between pairs of pixels resulting from a first series of operations configurable via a configuration register; a flexible reduction tree, carrying out a second series of operations configurable via the configuration register, on neighborhoods of pixels configurable via the configuration register; and an analysis matrix, carrying out computations configurable via the configuration register on the results arising from the flexible reduction tree.11-08-2012
20130182972IMAGE DEFECT VISIBILITY PREDICTOR - In at least some examples, a system comprises a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory stores an image defect visibility predictor that, when executed by the processor, compares an original image with a defect image and outputs a predicted defect visibility image (PDVI) that accounts for defect masking by the original image.07-18-2013


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