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382250000 Discrete cosine or sine transform 45
382249000 Fractal 10
20110200265METHOD OF RECORDING IMAGES AND DATA FOR RETRIEVING THESE IMAGES - According to this method, for the formulation and recording of the retrieval data, each of the images (08-18-2011
20090196518Spatial domain video enhancement/scaling system and method - A method of spatial domain video enhancement/up-scaling including transforming the video input from the temporal domain to a K×K matrix of spatial domain coefficients; multiplying each spatial domain coefficient by corresponding elements of a K×K enhancement matrix to obtain enhanced spatial domain coefficients; depositing the enhanced spatial domain coefficients in the upper left K×K corner of a zero padded 2K×2K inverse transform matrix and inversely transforming them to scale the enhanced spatial domain coefficients and convert them back to video output temporal domain elements and a method of spatial domain video enhancement/down-scaling including transforming the video input from the temporal domain to a 2K×2K matrix of spatial domain coefficients; multiplying the upper left K×K corner of the 2K×2K matrix of spatial domain coefficients by the corresponding elements of a K×K enhancement matrix to obtain enhanced spatial domain coefficients; inversely transforming the K×K enhanced spatial domain coefficients to scale them and convert them back to video output temporal domain elements.08-06-2009
20100074545IMAGE COMPRESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE COMPRESSING METHOD, IMAGE DECOMPRESSING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - In the present invention, a first pixel data group of several pixels existing in block into which an image is divided is divided, thereby generating several second pixel data groups. In the second pixel data group, an orthogonal transformation is performed in several layers using only the predetermined number of coefficients from the lowest frequency side from among the coefficients obtained by the orthogonal transformation. The predetermined number of coefficients from the lowest frequency side from among the coefficients obtained by the orthogonal transformation in the highest layer, and the coefficients that are obtained in a layer other than the highest layer not used for the orthogonal transformation are encoded, thereby generation the compressed data. Accordingly, encoding is performed while separating lower frequency components from higher frequency components.03-25-2010
20130089267IMAGE SIGNAL ENCODING APPARATUS AND IMAGE SIGNAL ENCODING METHOD - An encoding method encodes a first image signal of a first view and a second image signal of a second view. The method includes encoding the first image signal to generate a base stream. The method also includes encoding the second image signal to generate a dependent stream, and inserting a dependent delimiter indicating a picture boundary between pictures in the dependent stream at the beginning of a picture in the dependent stream.04-11-2013
20090304297IMAGE-GUIDED ABSTRACTION OF BUILDING FACADES - To reduce the amount of storage space and computing power required to render image data, particularly building image data, primary and secondary colors may be extracted from the image data. The image data may be re-rendered using only the primary and secondary colors. The re-rendered image may be evaluated for patterns, the patterns thresholded to bi-level data and a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), or equivalent, may be performed on the bi-level data. Low order coefficients may be discarded depending on level accuracy desired. DFT coefficients and color data for the primary and secondary colors may then be used to construct an abstraction of the original image data, using data that is, in some cases, three or four orders of magnitude smaller than the original image data.12-10-2009
20090041365Method And Computer Program Product For Compressing And Decompressing Imagery Data - Techniques are provided for compressing and decompressing image data which may reduce the distortion that may otherwise be created by the compression of data values representative of null posts, overlays or other features that differ from the underlying image. In compression, at least one coefficient generated by a forward wavelet transform may be replaced with respective replacement coefficients. The transformed image data is then subjected to an inverse wavelet transform to generate modified image data in which the data values which differ from the underlying image have been replaced by interpolated or extrapolated values. The modified image data may be compressed in accordance with wavelet-based image compression. Alternatively, wavelet image compression may be applied directly to the coefficients resulting from the modified forward wavelet transform. In decompression, the compressed image data may be decompressed and data values representative of null posts or other features may be replaced with their original values.02-12-2009
20130064465IMAGE COMPRESSION AND DECOMPRESSION FOR IMAGE MATTING - Encoding image data and mask information to be used for matte images and for image and video matting. Image data and mask information for pixels of the image data in a first representation domain are accessed. The mask information defines background pixels and foreground pixels. The image data in the first representation domain is transformed to a second representation domain. Mask information in the second representation domain is determined by using the mask information in the first representation domain. The image data in the second representation domain is masked by setting image data to zero for background pixels as defined by the determined mask information in the second representation domain. The masked image data in the second representation domain is encoded. Decoding the encoded image data by accessing the encoded image data, decoding the masked image data in the second representation domain, and transforming the masked image data in the second representation domain to the first representation domain to obtain the decoded image data.03-14-2013
20090238483Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product - A determining unit determines whether a background pixel value of image data matches a predetermined comparison value. A replacing unit replaces, when the determining unit determines that the background pixel value does not match the comparison value, a pixel value of a pixel of the image data with a replacing value that is obtained by subtracting the pixel value from a predetermined maximum pixel value. An encoding unit generates encoded data by encoding the image data in which the pixel value is replaced with the replacing value by using a predetermined encoding system.09-24-2009
20090046939APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING IMAGE DATA BASED ON OBJECT MOVEMENT SPEED WITH A FRAME - An apparatus for processing a non-interlaced image includes a wavelet transform part and a determination part. The wavelet transform part performs two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform of a level higher than or equal to level one on the data of the non-interlaced image. The determination part determines the movement speed of an object within the non-interlaced image based on at least the values of the wavelet coefficients of a 1LH sub-band of the wavelet coefficients obtained by the wavelet transform unit.02-19-2009
20080212887Method For Coding Pixels or Voxels of a Digital Image and a Method For Processing Digital Images - A method for coding pixels or voxels of a digital or digitalized two dimensional or three dimensional image, comprises the steps of: providing a digital image consisting in a two dimensional array of pixels or in a three dimensional array of voxels, each pixel or voxel being defined by at least one variable as its intensity in a grey scale image or the HSV (Hue, Saturation and Value) or the RGB values in a colour image; each pixel or voxel and for each target pixel or voxel a neighborhood being formed by a pixel or voxel windows comprising the said target pixel or voxel and a certain number of surrounding pixels or voxels for each target pixel or voxel generating a vector univocally associated to the said target pixel or voxel, the components of the said vectors being generated as a function of the values of the said target pixel or voxel and of each of the pixels or voxels of the said pixel or voxel window. The function of the values of the said target pixel or voxel and of each of the pixels or voxels of the said pixel or voxel window correspond to the characteristic parameters of the numerical matrix representing the pixels or voxels of the said window or of a transformation of the said numerical matrix. The invention relates also to an image processing method in which image data coded according to the above method are processed by means of a predictive algorithm as for example an artificial neural network.09-04-2008
20090202165IMAGE DECODING METHOD AND IMAGE DECODING APPARATUS - According to an embodiment of the invention, a high-speed and high-image-quality image decoding method and apparatus for a compressed signal including plural components or a block code in which different compression systems are combined. In an image decoding method in which compressed data of an image signal including plural components including a resolution component expressed by the n-th power of 2 (where n is an integer equal to or greater than 0) and processed by a frequency conversion system is decoded by inverse frequency conversion of each component, a resolution component of each compressed data for each component is individually set and decoded when decoding resolution at the time of decoding is lower than the highest resolution of the compressed data.08-13-2009
20080267519Method for Identifying Images After Cropping - Images within an image repository related to a selected image may be located despite cropping, rotating, and/or the application of a variety of other distortions to either the selected image and/or images in the image repository. Described exemplary approaches may use image digests produced using a multi-step process. In a first step, a discrete Fourier transform may be applied to produce an M×N frequency-based image matrix from an M×N image matrix containing elements that represent spatial image pixel values. In subsequent steps, matrix approximations may be applied to reduce the M×N frequency-based image matrix and to produce an image digest that reflects the content of the image. Further, an approach is described for generating a search threshold value that may be used to determine whether images digests associated with images in a repository are sufficiently similar to a search digest to be returned in a search result.10-30-2008
20090310878DECODING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A decoding apparatus for decoding an encoded image signal and its control method. The decoding apparatus decodes the encoded image signal and inverse-quantizes decoded information. The apparatus inverse-orthogonal transform an inverse-quantized information to obtain a decoded image signal. A quantization error estimator estimates a maximum square error of the inverse-quantized information and a second inverse-orthogonal transformer inverse-orthogonal transforms the quantization error from the quantization error estimator. An image-quality enhancing signal generator generates an image-quality enhancing signal based on the quantization maximum error and the decoded image signal, and an image synthesizer generates a high-quality image signal by synthesizing the image-quality enhancing signal with the decoded image signal.12-17-2009
20090297054REDUCING DC LEAKAGE IN HD PHOTO TRANSFORM - In certain embodiments, to eliminate DC leakage into surrounding AC values, scaling stage within a photo overlap transform operator is modified such that the off-diagonal elements of the associated scaling matrix have the values of 0. In certain embodiments, the on-diagonal scaling matrix are given the values (0.5, 2). In some embodiments, the scaling is performed using a combination of reversible modulo arithmetic and lifting steps. In yet other embodiments, amount of DC leakage is estimated at the encoder, and preprocessing occurs to mitigate amount of leakage, with the bitstream signaling that preprocessing has occurred. A decoder may then read the signal and use the information to mitigate DC leakage.12-03-2009
20090279804Embedded High Frequency Image Details - A system, method, and process for embedding low frequency image details and high frequency image details into a final digital image file. A digital image file is stored with embedded low and high frequency image details that are accessible with a compatible digital image decoder and a non-compatible digital image decoder. Non-compatible digital image decoders access only a compressed low frequency image of the original digital image contained in the final digital image file. Compatible digital image decoders use the embedded high frequency image details contained in the final digital image file to render a high resolution image.11-12-2009
20090010558SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMPUTER VISION USING CURVELETS - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a system for computer vision including a plurality of images, a signature processor adapted to generate a signature based at least in part on a curvelet transform, and a matching processor adapted to receive a query image. The matching processor is adapted to determine a query signature for the query image using the signature processor. The matching processor is adapted to determine at least one matching image from the plurality of images based at least in part on the query signature.01-08-2009
20100128998COMPRESSION AND STORAGE OF PROJECTION DATA IN A ROTATABLE PART OF A COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SYSTEM - A method and apparatus compress projection data and store the compressed projection data in a rotatable part that is mounted for rotation within a stationary part. The data acquisition source, compressor and storage device are connected to the rotatable part. The compressor compresses projection data samples provided by the data acquisition source to form compressed packets. The compressed packets are stored in the storage device, for example one or more solid state drives mounted on the rotatable part. A data access array contains information related to the location of the stored compressed packets. Compressed packets are retrieved and transferred across the interface to the stationary part. A decompressor at the stationary part decompresses the received compressed packets to form decompressed samples of the corresponding projection data. This abstract does not limit the scope of the invention as described in the claims.05-27-2010
20080273809Method and System for Improving Compressed Image Chroma Information - Methods, systems, and computer programs for improving compressed image chroma information. In one aspect of the invention, a resolution for a red color component of a color video image is used that is higher than the resolution for a blue color component of the color video image. Another aspect includes utilizing a lower or higher value of a quantization parameter (QP) for one or more chroma channels as compared to the luminance channel. Another aspect is use of a logarithmic representation of a video image to benefit image coding. Another aspect uses more than two chroma channels to represent a video image.11-06-2008
20080273808FASTER TRANSFORMS USING EARLY ABORTS AND PRECISION REFINEMENTS - Fast transforms that use early aborts and precision refinements are disclosed. When to perform a corrective action is detected based upon testing the incremental calculations of transform coefficients. Corrective action is then performed. The corrective action includes refining the incremental calculations to obtain additional precision and/or aborting the incremental calculations when the resulting numbers are sufficient.11-06-2008
20080285872INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD - An information processing device, configured to divide the frequency components of image data into a plurality of frequency bands, includes an analysis filtering unit configured to perform analysis filtering for dividing the frequency components into highband components and lowband components recursively, and a holding unit configured to supply, in sync with timing for holding data supplied as a computation result of the analysis filtering by the analysis filtering unit, the data already held, which is data necessary for computation of next analysis filtering to the analysis filtering unit.11-20-2008
20080285874METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING IMAGE DATA - An image data processing apparatus includes a memory for storing coefficient data obtained by performing a wavelet transform on image data, a calculation unit for calculating a memory address of the memory storing the coefficient data, based on an encoding parameter of the image data and an amount of data of the coefficient data, a memory area reservation unit for reserving a memory area where the coefficient data is to be written, in accordance with the memory address calculated by the calculation unit, and a write unit for rearranging the coefficient data in the order of inverse wavelet transform and writing the order-rearranged coefficient data onto the memory area reserved by the memory area reservation unit.11-20-2008
20080285873METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENCODING IMAGE DATA - A wavelet transformer performs an analysis filtering operation on image data while storing coefficient data generated in the middle of the analysis filtering operation onto an intermediate calculation buffer. The wavelet transform segments the generated coefficient data into subbands using write buffers and writes the coefficient data on a per subband by subband basis onto a ring buffer of a coefficient rearranging buffer in a main memory. An entropy encoder reads the coefficient data stored on the ring buffer of the coefficient rearranging buffer via read buffers in an order of a synthesis process, entropy encodes the read coefficient data, writes the encoded coefficient data onto the main memory via a write buffer and outputs the resulting coefficient data.11-20-2008
20100034478IMAGE ENCODING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - This invention provides a technique of easily encoding image data to generate encoded data having high image quality within a target code amount using a small memory capacity by image encoding processing of performing frequency transform and quantization of each pixel block. A frequency transform unit separates image data into low frequency band data and high frequency band data. A coefficient quantizing unit, coefficient encoder, and code amount controller operate to encode the high frequency band data within a predetermined amount. When the encoding processing of the high frequency band data has ended, the quantization parameter of the low frequency band data is set based on the generated code amount of the high frequency band data. A coefficient quantizing unit, coefficient encoder, code amount detector, and quantization parameter updating unit operate to encode the low frequency band data into codes within a low frequency band target code amount.02-11-2010
20080260274LOCAL IMAGE DESCRIPTORS - A local image descriptor generation technique that produces a descriptor for an image patch is presented. The technique generally involves smoothing the pixels of the image patch, followed by employing a transformation to produce a transform vector for each of a set of sample points spaced across the image patch. The transform vectors are weighted and spatially accumulated to produce a prescribed number of linearly summed vectors. The linearly summed vectors are concatenated to form a raw local image descriptor, which is normalized to produce a finalized descriptor for the image patch.10-23-2008
20080292199Charged Particle Beam Apparatus11-27-2008
20090161975IMAGE REDUCING APPARATUS AND REDUCED IMAGE GENERATING METHOD - In a case where a padded orthogonally transformed block obtained by orthogonally transforming a padded image block of 8×8 pixels to which padding data has been added has been recorded as compressed image data, the padded orthogonally transformed block is subjected to an inverse orthogonal transformation to thereby restore the padded image block. Padding data contained in the restored padded image block is replaced with a portion obtained by copying a portion of the original image, thereby generating a modified image block. In a case where the true width of an edge pixel corresponding to an edge among the pixels forming the image block is less than 0.5, the pixel is obtained by adjusting the level of a pixel adjacent to the edge pixel in such a manner that it will have a level conforming to the width and level of the edge pixel.06-25-2009
20080317368REVERSIBLE OVERLAP OPERATOR FOR EFFICIENT LOSSLESS DATA COMPRESSION - An efficient lapped transform is realized using pre- and post-filters (or reversible overlap operators) that are structured of unit determinant component matrices. The pre- and post-filters are realized as a succession of planar rotational transforms and unit determinant planar scaling transforms. The planar scaling transforms can be implemented using planar shears or lifting steps. Further, the planar rotations and planar shears have an implementation as reversible/lossless operations, giving as a result, a reversible overlap operator.12-25-2008
20100189371Decoding apparatus, dequantizing method, distribution determining method, and program thereof - A decoding apparatus includes a random-number generating section and a decoding section. The random-number generating section generates random numbers according to distribution of original data corresponding to respective quantization indexes. The decoding section generates decoded data on a basis of the random numbers generated by the random-number generating section.07-29-2010
20100177977Image Watermarking - Methods and systems for watermarking of digital images are presented. In one aspect, a method of embedding information in a digital image includes transforming the digital image to a set of coefficient blocks having coefficients in a frequency domain, embedding a watermark-indicator in one or more of the coefficient blocks, and embedding a watermark in one or more watermark blocks that have a predetermined number of coefficient blocks. The embedded watermark is substantially invisible in the output watermarked digital image. Another aspect is a method of extracting a watermark from a digital image that includes transforming a digital image to a coefficient matrix, determining if the digital image is watermarked based on a predetermined watermark-indicator, and retrieving a watermark from a projected watermark block of a projected watermark block distribution.07-15-2010
20100310187METHOD AND DEVICE FOR COMPRESSING AN IMAGE AND STORAGE MEDIUM CARRYING AN IMAGE COMPRESSED BY SAID METHOD - The invention is related to a method for compressing images. The proposed method comprises associating perceptual importance parameters with pixels of the image, applying a transform on the image, partitioning the transformed image into code blocks and encoding coefficient bits of a given code block together from a most significant bit plane towards a least significant bit plane, wherein encoding of at least one coefficient is truncated at a truncation bit plane depending on the perceptual importance parameter associated with the pixel to which said code block coefficient corresponds. Truncating encoding of coefficients in dependency on the perceptual importance of the pixel associated with the coefficient allows for truncating coefficients corresponding to perceptually less important pixels at more significant bit planes. So, the overall perceptual quality of the compressed image is enhanced.12-09-2010
20110110600METHOD FOR COMPRESSING IMAGES AND A FORMAT FOR COMPRESSED IMAGES - There is provided a method for compressing images and an image format. The method comprises performing a transform on pixel portions of image data and evaluating resulting coefficients from each transform in terms of a flatness condition. If the transform is found to be flat then the result from the transform is quantized according to a first quantizing scheme. If the transform is found not to be flat then the result from the transform is quantized according to a second quantizing scheme being different from the first quantizing scheme. Different block arranging schemes are proposed for the quantizing schemes. An indicator is stored in the block indicating that the image block is flat or not flat. The resulting bits are written into a compression data structure.05-12-2011
20110129163Hadamard Transform-Based Image Compression Circuit and Method Thereof - A Hadamard transform-based image compression method includes performing a Hadamard transform on 206-02-2011
20110116724Method for Exploiting Structure in Sparse Domain for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction - A method for constructing an image includes acquiring image data in a first domain. The acquired image data is transformed from the first domain into a second domain in which the acquired image data exhibits a high degree of sparsity. An initial set of transform coefficients is approximated for transforming the image data from the second domain into a third domain in which the image may be displayed. The approximated initial set of transform coefficients is updated based on a weighing of where substantial transform coefficients are likely to be located relative to the initial set of transform coefficients. An image is constructed in the third domain based on the updated set of transform coefficients. The constructed image is displayed.05-19-2011
20110243471METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING INTERPOLATION BASED ON TRANSFORM AND INVERSE TRANSFORM - Provided are a method and apparatus for interpolating an image. The method includes: selecting a first filter, from among a plurality of different filters, for interpolating between pixel values of integer pixel units, according to an interpolation location; and generating at least one pixel value of at least one fractional pixel unit by interpolating between the pixel values of the integer pixel units by using the selected first filter.10-06-2011
20100135589IMAGE PROCESSOR - An image processor includes a frequency transform unit performing frequency transform on a first pixel block as a target block, and a pre-filter performing prefiltering with a region which overlaps with plural unit regions for processing by the frequency transform unit as a unit region for processing, before frequency transform is performed. The pre-filter performs prefiltering on a second pixel block being a predetermined number of pixels each larger horizontally and vertically than the first pixel block as a target block. The pre-filter performs prefiltering sequentially on a plurality of second pixel blocks aligned horizontally. The number of pixel signals in a vertical direction within a group of pixel signals continuously inputted to the pre-filter for prefiltering is equal to the number of rows in the second pixel block.06-03-2010
20110091123Coding apparatus and coding method - A coding apparatus includes: a wavelet transform section which transforms image data into coefficient data for every sub-band; a code blocking section which divides a region of the sub-band of the coefficient data generated by the wavelet transform section into code blocks; a state transition section which transits a state of the coefficient data which is a process target according to the value and state of surrounding binary coefficient data adjacent to the coefficient data which is the process target; a selection section which selects a coding pass according to the state of the coefficient data transited by the state transition section; and a coding section which codes the coefficient data for every code block generated by the code blocking section according to the coding pass selected by the selection section.04-21-2011
20110176743DATA COMPRESSION METHODS - Data compression methods include an adaptive context sensitive compression (ACSC) method for data compression, a generalized discrete wavelength transform (GDWT) method for data compression, and a data compression method combining both the ACSC method and the GDWT method. The ACSC method improves upon the conventional CSC method with the development of a more informed adaptive estimate of the relative bandwidth, and hence the corresponding sampling rate, for each row of an image, rather than a global decimation rate for all the rows of the image. The GDWT method may be successful with N is an arbitrary number and may result in reduced computational complexity and reduced storage requirements, as compared to conventional DWT, when N is not a power of two.07-21-2011
20090034858Systems, Methods, Devices and Arrangements for Motion-Compensated Image Processing and Coding - A variety of methods, devices, systems and arrangements are implemented for processing and coding of video images. According to one such implementation, a method is implemented for encoding a sequence of images. A plurality of orthogonal transforms is implemented on a set of N images, where N is greater than one. The images are linked by motion fields that include sets of respective portions of the images. In particular, the construction of a motion-compensated orthogonal transform is accomplished for the important case where at least one portion of any of the N images—or any part of this portion—is used more than once to motion-compensate other portions of the N images—or parts thereof.02-05-2009
20110176742Image processing apparatus and image processing method - An image processing apparatus is disclosed which includes: an analysis filtering section configured to transform a line block into coefficient data decomposed into frequency bands by performing an analysis filtering process hierarchically, the line block including image data of as many lines as needed for generating the coefficient data of at least one line in a subband of the lowest-frequency component; an encoding section configured to encode the coefficient data generated by the analysis filtering section; and an alignment section configured to align, in increments of a predetermined data length, the encoded data obtained by encoding the coefficient data by the encoding section.07-21-2011
20110255799SCAN CONVERSION APPARATUS, IMAGE ENCODING APPARATUS, AND METHODS OF CONTROLLING THEM - Using scan conversion processing of changing the scan order for each block, parallel scan conversion processing is executed if possible. A scan status holding unit holds statistical information based on the appearance frequency values of coefficients in a block. A scan order holding unit holds coefficient position information in which the coefficient positions in a block are arranged based on the scan order. A significant data position information generation unit scans one block data in accordance with coefficient position information, and generates information representing nonzero/zero for each data position. Based on the statistical information and the information generated by the significant data position information generation unit, a parallel number determination unit determines whether to process two blocks in parallel or process one block. In accordance with the determination, a scan conversion unit scan-converts two input blocks in parallel or scan-converts only one of the blocks.10-20-2011
20080205781Image processing apparatus and method - An image processing apparatus for converting image data between a raster format and a block format including an image data processor for providing the image data including a luminance component and at least one chrominance component in the raster format, at least two FIFO memories for storing corresponding image data components, a multiplexer for multiplexing the image data components from the at least two FIFO memories, a line buffer memory for storing outputs of the multiplexer linearly, and an image compressor for receiving the image data components in block format in sequence from the unified line buffer memory and compressing the received image data components. The image processing apparatus may also include an address generator for generating a common read/write address for the line buffer memory; and an image compressor for receiving image data of a v*h block unit from the line memory and compressing the received image data, where when the image data of v lines are read out from the line memory in a block scan order referring to the common read/write address, next image data of v lines are written into the single line memory with reference to the same common read/write address.08-28-2008
20110052088HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE IMAGE MAPPING WITH EMPIRICAL MODE DECOMPOSITION - The disclosure relates to receiving original image data decomposing the original image data into a plurality of layers, compressing a dynamic range of each of the plurality of layers, and integrating the plurality of compressed layers to form a final image.03-03-2011
20110052087METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CODING IMAGES - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to efficient encoding of digital data using combinations of encoding techniques. In certain embodiments of the present invention, images or other data are encoded using both source coding and channel coding. Memoryless-closet-based encoding is used to generate symbol planes, the least significant of which is block-by-block entropy coded, and the remaining of which are channel coded, in their entirety, for each of a number of block classes. A prefix code is used to entropy code least-significant symbol-plane blocks. Coding parameters are obtained by optimization, using statistics collected for each block class, and coded for inclusion in the output bitstream of the encoding methods.03-03-2011
20100067814VARIABLE LENGTH CODING FOR CLUSTERED TRANSFORM COEFFICIENTS IN VIDEO COMPRESSION - Coding quantized transform coefficients as occur in image compression combines a position identifying method to identify the relative position of clusters of consecutive non-zero-valued coefficients, an amplitude event identifying method to identify amplitude events in the clusters of non-zero-valued coefficients, and a coding method to code the position events, amplitude events, and signs of the amplitudes in the clusters. The method is particularly applicable to a series of quantized transform coefficients where clusters are likely to occur.03-18-2010
20100027903IMAGE SIGNAL ENCODING METHOD AND DECODING METHOD, INFORMATION SOURCE ENCODING METHOD AND DECODING METHOD, APPARATUSES THEREFOR, PROGRAMS THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIA WHICH STORE THE PROGRAMS - An information source encoding method for encoding a Gaussian integer signal includes the steps of: inputting a signal value sequence of a Gaussian integer signal as an encoding target; transforming signal values included in the input signal value sequence into integer pairs, each having two integers, arranged in the input order; regarding each of the integer pairs as a lattice point on two-dimensional coordinates, and obtaining integer values greater than or equal to zero by performing a two-dimensional-to-one-dimensional mapping in which the shorter the distance from each lattice point to the origin, the smaller the value assigned to the lattice point by the mapping; and encoding the integer values using codes which are used for encoding an information source that follows an exponential distribution.02-04-2010
20120121200Symmetric and Inverse-Consistent Deformable Registration - A method for symmetric and inverse-consistent registration of a pair of digital images includes calculating a first update of a forward transformation of a first digital image to a second digital image from a previous update of the forward transformation and a gradient of a cost function of the first and second digital images, calculating a first update of a backward transformation of the second digital image to the first digital image from an inverse of the first update of the forward transformation, calculating a second update of the backward transformation from first update of the backward transformation and the gradient of a cost function of the second and first digital images, and calculating a second update of the forward transformation from an inverse of the second update of the backward transformation.05-17-2012
20100246986METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND USING VISUAL ERROR WEIGHTS - A low complexity visual masking method used as part of an image encoding process is described. The method is suitable for use in JPEG2000 image compression systems. Control weights used for rate allocation are generated based on integer order moments of wavelet transformed coefficients corresponding to a codeblock. The novel rate allocation weight generation method can, and in some embodiments is, combined with an apriori rate allocation algorithm, where allocation of bits to different portions of images is controlled as a function of one or more generated weights. The methods and apparatus of the present invention have the effect of increasing errors in busy areas of an image where they tend to be less noticeable and allocating a higher number of bits to less busy areas than some other systems, e.g., systems which attempt to minimize a mean squared error under a constraint of a user selected output rate.09-30-2010
20120189223IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: a rate control section that performs rate control of output data by preferentially deleting lower-level-side coded data, as necessary, from respective pieces of coded data where respective bit-planes with levels higher than a predetermined level of a bit-plane group, in which coefficient data obtained by orthogonally transforming image data is developed in a bit depth direction, are coded; and a synthesizing section that generates the output data by synthesizing the coded data, from which the lower-level-side coded data is preferentially deleted as necessary by the rate control section, and respective bit-planes with levels lower than the predetermined level of the bit-plane group.07-26-2012
20100202709PROCESS AND APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a process of bringing at least one subject data set into registration or conformity with a reference data set by electronic methods, each data set being a representation of a respective object. The process comprises: generating each of a plurality of candidate data sets (08-12-2010
20110262052IMAGE CODING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - Even in a case where there are a plurality of syntax elements, the invention reduces influence of the number of syntax elements and realizes high-speed encoding. An apparatus comprises N number of codes generation units arranged in parallel, which are configured to generate codes, including one or more codes, based on a transform coefficient; N number of first code concatenation units arranged in parallel, each of which is configured to concatenate the codes, respectively generated by the N number of codes generation units, for generating a code stream; N number of storage units arranged in parallel, each of which is configured to store the N number of code streams inputted from the N number of first code concatenation units; and a second code concatenation unit configured to read each of the code streams, which are stored in the N number of storage units, and concatenate the read code streams.10-27-2011
20080219579Methods and Apparatus for Compressed Imaging Using Modulation in Pupil Plane - Methods and apparatus are provided for compressed imaging by performing modulation in a pupil plane. Image information is acquired by modulating an incident light field using a waveplate having a pattern that modifies a phase or amplitude of the incident light field, wherein the waveplate is positioned substantially in a pupil plane of an optical system; optically computing a transform between the modulated incident light field at a plane of the waveplate and an image plane; and collecting image data at the image plane. The transform can be, for example, a Fourier transform or a fractional Fourier transform09-11-2008
20130129246Memory Compression Technique with Low Latency per Pixel - In an embodiment, a compression unit is provided which may perform compression of images with low latency and relatively little hardware. Similarly, a decompression unit may be provided which may decompress the images with low latency and hardware. In an embodiment, the transmission of compressed coefficients may be performed using less than two passes through the list of coefficients. During the first pass, the most significant coefficients may be transmitted and other significance groups may be identified as linked lists. The linked lists may then be traverse to send the other significance groups. In an embodiment, a color space conversion may be made to permit filtering of fewer color components than might be possible in the source color space.05-23-2013
20130129245COMPRESSION OF IMAGE DATA - Compression of image data is provided. Image data is accessed, along with depth information for pixels of an image. A distance from a region of focus for pixels of the image is determined, by calculations that use the depth information. A bit rate for compression of the image data is controlled in accordance with the distance from the region of focus, such that more bits are used for pixels closer to the region of focus and fewer bits are used for pixels farther from the region of focus.05-23-2013
20110222792METHOD FOR CODING IMAGE, IMAGE CODING DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP SYSTEM - It is decided whether a processing target block includes an edge in accordance with an edge detection result of the processing target block. In the case where the edge is included, it is then detected whether there is a flat portion. It is decided whether the processing target block includes the flat portion in accordance with a flat portion detection result. In the case where the flat portion is included, one of a first group of orthogonal transform sizes is selected. In the case where the edge is not included or the flat portion is not included, one of a second group of orthogonal transform sizes greater than the first group of orthogonal transform sizes is selected.09-15-2011
20110255798DATA TRANSFORM APPARATUS - This invention decreases the count of access to a memory which stores image data regarding orthogonal transform, and quickly generates orthogonal transform coefficients. An apparatus includes a storage unit which stores image data, a memory controller which reads each block from the storage unit, a first transforming unit which receives and orthogonally transforms the input block, and calculates only one DC component, a selector which selects and outputs one of the block read out via the memory controller, and data of DC components from the first transforming unit that are equal in number to pixels included in the block, a second transforming unit which orthogonally transforms data that have been output from the selector and are equal in number to pixels included in the block, and outputs either one DC component or a plurality of AC components, and a controller which controls the memory controller, selector, and second transforming unit.10-20-2011
20090097768METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENCODING IMAGE BY EXPONENTIAL GOLOMB BINARIZATION USING OPTIMAL THRESHOLD, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DECODING IMAGE BY EXPONENTIAL GOLOMB BINARIZATION USING OPTIMAL THRESHOLD - A method and apparatus for coding an image by using exponential Golomb binarization are provided. The method comprises: performing entropy coding on an input image by performing exponential Golomb binarization using a plurality of predetermined thresholds; measuring a bit rate of a bit stream which is generated by performing the entropy coding using each threshold; and determining an optimal threshold by comparing bit rates with regard to the thresholds.04-16-2009
20090141995System and Method for Fixed Point Continuation for Total Variation Based Compressed Sensing Imaging - A method of compressed sensing imaging includes acquiring a sparse digital image b, said image comprising a plurality of intensities corresponding to an I-dimensional grid of points, initializing points (x06-04-2009

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