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382 - Image analysis


382209000 - Template matching (e.g., specific devices that determine the best match)

382217000 - Electronic template

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382219000 Determining both similarities and differences 18
382220000 Calculating weighted similarity or difference (e.g., dont-care areas) 6
382220000 Calculating weighted similarity or difference (e.g., don`t-care areas) 6
382221000 Counting difference pixels 2
20130058582EDGE BASED TEMPLATE MATCHING - A system for image processing includes determining edge pixels of a model image using an edge based technique, and an angular orientation for each of the edge pixels of the model image. The system determines a lower spatial resolution model image based upon the model image and determining respective angular orientations for the lower spatial resolution model image, and determines edge pixels of an input image using an edge based technique, and an angular orientation for each of the edge pixels of the input image. The system determines a lower spatial resolution input image based upon the input image and determining respective angular orientations for the lower spatial resolution input image, and matches the lower spatial resolution model image with the lower spatial resolution input image to determine candidate locations of an object within the image and based upon the candidate locations matching the input image with the model image.03-07-2013
20110052084METHOD FOR MEASURING FLICKER - A method for accurately measuring flicker, by first determining an original value based on a difference between pixel values in corresponding locations in a first picture and a second picture. Next, a reconstructed value is determined, based on a difference between pixel values in corresponding locations in a reconstruction from an encoding of the first picture and a reconstruction from an encoding of the second picture. Then, a determination is made to include a comparison value, which is determined on a difference between the reconstructed value and the original value, in a measurement of flicker between the first picture and the second picture.03-03-2011
20110002550UPDATE REGION DETECTION DEVICE - To provide an update region detection device capable of accurately detecting an update region from plot data on a computer screen. In an update region detection unit (01-06-2011
20100158392Systems and Methods for Determining Crystallographic Characteristics of a Material - Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for determining crystallographic characteristics of a material sample. For example, a method for determining crystallographic characteristics of a sample is disclosed that includes receiving a measured image of a sample; receiving a simulated image corresponding to the sample with the simulated image being substantially free of elastic strain; comparing the measured image with the simulated image such that at least a portion of a difference between the measured image and the simulated image corresponds to an elastic strain of the sample; and using the difference to calculate the elastic strain of the sample.06-24-2010
20130028526METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMAGE REGISTRATION - A system including a planning module configured to generate a transition plan in response to a deviation of the vehicle system from an operating plan. The transition plan designates one or more tractive operations or braking operations to be implemented by the vehicle system to achieve a designated operating parameter prior to an approaching location along the route. A vehicle control module is configured to control operation of the vehicle system according to the transition plan as the vehicle system travels toward the approaching location from a location where the vehicle system deviates from the operating plan. The planning module is configured to generate a prospective plan in response to the deviation. The prospective plan designates one or more tractive operations or braking operations to be implemented by the vehicle system when the vehicle system at least one of moves past the approaching location or completes the transition plan.01-31-2013
20080260263System for replacing a portion of an image data stream in an ink jet printer - A system detects image data in an image data stream that cause ink ejection errors and replaces the image data with a replacement pattern that attenuates the ink ejection errors. The system includes a scanline memory for storing image data, an input data register for forming an image data pattern from image data read from the scanline memory and an image bit received from an image data stream, an image data pattern detection circuit having a comparator that is configured to compare a portion of an image data bit stream used to drive a print head in an ink jet printer to a plurality of detection bit patterns and to generate a bit pattern detection signal in response to the portion of the image data bit pattern corresponding to one of the detection bit patterns, a replacement bit pattern circuit being configured to replace the portion of the image data bit stream corresponding to one of the detection bit patterns with a replacement bit pattern, the replacement bit pattern being different than the detected bit pattern, a tag register coupled to the image data pattern detection circuit and being configured to modify the comparison of the portion of the image data bit stream to one of the detection bit patterns, and an output data register for providing a replacement image bit from the replacement bit pattern to a print head controller and for storing a remainder of the replacement bit pattern to the scanline memory.10-23-2008
20080260262SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTICALLY MEASURING A PARAMETER OF AN OBJECT - A system and method for optically measuring a parameter of an object uses a first segment of the object captured as a first frame of image data using a first imaging region of an image sensor array and a second segment of the object as a second frame of image data using a second imaging region of the image sensor array, which is larger than the first imaging region, to determine a displaced distance of the object relative to the image sensor array.10-23-2008
20110194780OBJECT SIMILARITY SEARCH IN HIGH-DIMENSIONAL VECTOR SPACES - An object search system generates a hierarchical clustering of objects of a collection based on similarity of the objects. The object search system generates a separate hierarchical clustering of objects for multiple features of the objects. To identify objects similar to a target object, the object search system first generates a feature vector for the target object. For each feature of the feature vector, the object search system uses the hierarchical clustering of objects to identify the cluster of objects that is most “feature similar” to that feature of the target object. The object search system indicates the similarity of each candidate object based on the features for which the candidate object is similar.08-11-2011
20100074536IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD - To perform an image processing for high resolution more suitably on even an image signal having images with different resolutions mixed therein. An image signal processing method of the present invention includes the steps of: performing a spatial low pass filter processing on a first image signal that is an input image; generating a second image signal by performing an image processing for high resolution on an image after the low pass filter processing; comparing corresponding regions in the first image signal and the second image signal; and selecting either of the first image signal and the second image signal with respect to the region based on this comparison result.03-25-2010
20130077874IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE THAT RENEWS IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION OF SPECIFIC SUBJECT - An image pickup device includes an image acquiring unit, calculating unit, memory controlling unit, first judging unit and notification unit.03-28-2013
20130077873SYSTEM AND METHOD OF FAST OBJECT DETECTION USING PARTS TO WHOLE FRAGMENT DETECTION - A system and method may compare an image vector representing an image feature of a first image fragment of an image to database vectors representing the image feature of database image fragments of database images. It may be determined based on the comparison a first matching database vector of the database vectors which most closely, among the database vectors, describes the first image feature represented by the image vector. The system or method may determine, using a data structure in conjunction with the first matching database vector and previously matched database vectors, a second of the database vectors which includes the first matching database vector and the previously matched database vectors and most closely describes a second image fragment including the first image fragment. The system or method may determine an object feature based on the second database vector.03-28-2013
20100046842Methods and Systems for Content Processing - Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs. Others relate to processing of image data. Still others concern metadata generation, processing, and representation. Yet others relate to coping with fixed focus limitations of cell phone cameras, e.g., in reading digital watermark data. Still others concern user interface improvements. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.02-25-2010
20120207396Method to measure local image similarity and its application in image processing - A method for effectively performing local image similarity measurement is proposed. A system equipped with such a method for effectively performing an image processing task includes an image processor that performs an intermediate-results calculation procedure to calculate intermediate result values that are based upon corresponding pixels of a target patch and one or more similar patches. The image processor typically moves the target patch of the intermediate-results calculation to different locations in a raster order or some other organized order. The image processor then performs an intermediate-results combination procedure by calculating appropriate statistics of the intermediate result values to produce processed pixel values. A processor device typically controls the image processor to effectively perform the image processing tasks including, but not limited to, demosaicing and denoising.08-16-2012
20130039590COLLATING DEVICE - A collating device includes a collation list, a collation unit and a comparison unit. The collation list is configured to retain a false alarm list including a registered image, a threshold value serving as a criterion for determining whether to perform alarm activation, and a false alarm person image. The collation unit is configured to collate an input image with the registered image and the false alarm person image managed by the collation list, thereby obtaining a similarity therebetween. The comparison unit is configured to compare: a larger one of a value of the similarity between the input image and the false alarm person image, which is obtained by the collation unit, and the threshold value; and the similarity between the input image and the registered image, which is obtained by the collation unit, thereby determining whether to perform the alarm activation.02-14-2013
20130039589Pattern recognition process, computer program product and mobile terminal - Pattern recognition process that includes, starting from an input pattern: normalization of the input pattern into a normalized pattern of predetermined size; generation of a reliable pattern from the normalized pattern by using at least one morphological operator; calculation of a distance between the reliable pattern and selected templates which are selected from a template library; classification of the reliable patterns into at least one of the classes of the selected templates by means of at least one non-parametric classification method, which uses the classes of the selected templates and the calculated distances as inputs and outputs identified classes along with confidence levels.02-14-2013
20120183229SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECOGNITION OF ITEMS IN MEDIA DATA AND DELIVERY OF INFORMATION RELATED THERETO - The system and method disclosed herein relate to the establishment of both the location and identity of individual items in pictures or videos. Once the one or more items in the picture/video are identified and matched to images in a reference database, the locations of the items is established and additional information relating to the items is accessed. Collectively, the position data and additional data is merged in the electronic pictures or videos and then provided to a user as a merged data stream. Additional functionality related to those identified items can occur when those identified locations are “pointed to”, “clicked” or otherwise selected (e.g., purchase an item, request information, select another video stream, play a game, share the item, rate, “Like”, and the like).07-19-2012
20120183228MATCHING INTEREST POINTS - Interest points are markers anchored to a specific position in a digital image of an object. They are mathematically extracted in such a way that, in another image of the object, they will appear in the same position on the object, even though the object may be presented at a different position in the image, a different orientation, a different distance or under different lighting conditions. The goal is to match interest points in one image with corresponding interest points in another image. Typically, this involves the construction of a descriptor, which is both computationally expensive and resource-intensive. Methods and devices are described that match interest points without the construction of conventional descriptors and that permit the use of spatial coherency information to increase the accuracy of the match.07-19-2012
20100104202IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An image processing apparatus for processing a previous image having first pixels and a present image having second pixels. The image processing apparatus includes: a pixel difference calculating unit which calculates pixel differences between corresponding pairs of the first and second pixels, and outputs pixel difference values; an edge processing unit which detects and compares edge types of the first and second pixels, sums a number of the edge types that are the same, and outputs a sum value; a noise level processing unit which calculates a noise level of the present image according to the sum value and the pixel differences; a blending value determining unit which determines a blending value according to the noise level; and an output unit which adds weights of the present and previous images according to the blending value and outputs an output image. An image processing method is also disclosed.04-29-2010
20100104201 READER DEVICE HAVING VARIOUS FUNCTIONALITIES - A reader device for identifying a label associated with a section of a printed publication and presenting first information adjusted for the section. The device comprises a sensing unit for reading a unique machine-readable representation of the first information from the label, a voice recognition unit for intercepting a voice message having a related audio signature associated with second information, a processing unit for identifying the first information according to the representation and the second information according to the related audio signature, and a presentation unit configured for presenting the first and second information.04-29-2010
20090022406Method for finding specific pattern and method for compensating image offset - A method for finding a specific pattern is used to find a specific pattern in an image to be tested. The method comprises the following steps of: acquiring an image to be tested; performing a binary thresholding process on the image to be tested, thereby transforming the image to be tested into a binary image; performing a mosaic process on the binary image, thereby transforming the binary image into a mosaic image; utilizing a correlation coefficient method to find the specific pattern most similar to an image template from the mosaic image, wherein the image template is a desired mosaic pattern of the specific pattern; and transforming the mosaic image back into the binary image so as to find the coordinate of the specific pattern accurately.01-22-2009
20100040294Authentication Method, Registration Apparatus, Collation Apparatus, and Program - The present invention improves authentication accuracy. A first ranking among a plurality of reduced registration images is determined based on the similarities of the plurality of reduced registration images with respect to each of the reduced registration images used as a reference. Further, a second ranking among the plurality of reduced registration images is determined based on the similarities of the plurality of reduced registration images with respect to a reduced comparison image. Then, in the case where none of first ranking data has a ranking correlation value with respect to second ranking data equal to or larger than a predetermined threshold, it is determined that authentication has failed.02-18-2010
20100040293Kinematic Based Authentication - In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for authentication by kinematic pattern match is provided. The computer implemented method prompts a user for a kinematic input, receives an element of a kinematic pattern to form a set of received elements, and determines whether there are additional elements of the kinematic pattern. Responsive to a determination that there are no additional elements of the kinematic pattern, forms a kinematic pattern from the set of received elements and computes a signature from the set of received elements. The computer implemented method further determines whether the signature matches a predetermined value, and responsive to a determination that the signature matches a predetermined value, sends an authentication signal.02-18-2010
20100027893METHOD OF DIGITAL IMAGE COMPARISON FOR IMAGING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - A method which uses digital image comparison for imaging software development is described. The software under development is used to generate a set of test digital images from print data. The images are stored. The software of a reference system is used to generate a set of reference digital images based on the same print data. The test and reference images are tiled, and image comparison is carried out on a tile-by-tile basis. A difference tile is generated for each test image tile and corresponding reference image tile, and the tiles are stored together in an image file to be displayed to the human user. The test images and reference images are compared using an image comparison program. The result of the comparison is presented to the human software developer for further comparison and evaluation.02-04-2010
20130084017IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, PROGRAM AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes a motion estimation processing section that detects a motion vector of block units which configure an image from a standard image and a reference image; a motion compensation processing section that produces a motion compensation image by performing motion compensation of the reference image using the motion vector; a difference calculation section that calculates a difference value between pixel values of a pixels of the standard image and pixel values of pixels of the motion compensation image; and a threshold value processing section that determines whether block noise is contained in the motion compensation image of a block unit or not by performing a threshold value processing on the difference value.04-04-2013
20100329578Image processing apparatus - A image processing apparatus includes a first image converting section for converting an original image into an output resolution image, a second image converting section for converting the original image into an intermediate resolution image, a similarity information generating section for detecting a plurality of similar areas, in a block in the intermediate resolution image corresponding to a predetermined partial area in the output resolution image, that resemble the partial area, and for generating similarity information including a position of each of the plurality of similar areas in the intermediate resolution image and a weight of the position, a texture generating section for generating a texture image by combining high-frequency components of the intermediate resolution image at the position according to the weight, and a texture blending section for blending the output resolution image and the texture image to generate output image.12-30-2010
20100329577IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - An image processor includes: a memory storing format information about a format of a document varying in type; a memory storing, based on the format, extraction-portion determination information to determine which of plural configuration portions is extracted from the document; a unit acquiring placement information about where the configuration portion extracted from the document is placed; a unit acquiring image data of the document; a unit acquiring format information about a format of the document of the image data through an analysis of the acquired image data, and determining the format of the document as compared with the stored format information; a unit reading, from the extraction-portion determination information memory, the extraction-portion determination information corresponding to the determined format, and extracting the determined configuration portion from the image data; a unit generating an alternative image derived by placing the extracted configuration portion at the position found in the acquired placement information; and a unit writing the generated alternative image into a memory.12-30-2010
20100067808METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGE EXTRACTION - The image extracting apparatus includes the scene-change-image extracting unit that extracts a scene change image located at a position at which a scene is changed from an image sequence acquired in time series by using a predetermined extraction condition, a comparing unit that compares the scene change image with an adjacent image that is acquired at a time adjacent to the time at which the scene change image is acquired within a predetermined time-series range, and a summary image extracting unit that extracts one of the scene change image and the adjacent image corresponding to the scene change image as a summary image by using the result compared by the comparing unit.03-18-2010
20100067807SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VERIFICATING ELECTRIC DOCUMENT AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING ELECTRIC DOCUMENT SERVICE - A method and system for verifying an electronic document and a system for providing an electronic document service are provided. The system for verifying the electronic document includes: an image data acquisition unit acquiring an image of the electronic document by scanning the electronic document; a barcode detection unit detecting a barcode inserted into a predetermined position in the acquired image of the electronic document and acquiring first electronic document data; an image data conversion unit generating second electronic document data by converting a format of the acquired image of the electronic document into a format that can be compared with the first electronic document data; a falsification determination unit de03-18-2010
20130089262Metadata-Driven Method and Apparatus for Constraining Solution Space in Image Processing Techniques - Methods and apparatus for constraining solution space in image processing techniques may use the metadata for a set of images to constrain an image processing solution to a smaller solution space. In one embodiment, a process may require N parameters for processing an image. A determination may be made from metadata that multiple images were captured with the same camera/lens and with the same settings. A set of values may be estimated for the N parameters from data in one or more of the images. The process may then be applied to each of images using the set of values. In one embodiment, a value for a parameter of a process may be estimated for an image. If the estimated value deviates substantially from a value for the parameter in the metadata, the metadata value is used in the process instead of the estimated value.04-11-2013
20100266213METHOD OF ASSESSING PEOPLE'S SELF-PRESENTATION AND ACTIONS TO EVALUATE PERSONALITY TYPE, BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES, CREDIBILITY, MOTIVATIONS AND OTHER INSIGHTS THROUGH FACIAL MUSCLE ACTIVITY AND EXPRESSIONS - A method of assessing an individual through facial muscle activity and expressions includes receiving a visual recording stored on a computer-readable medium of an individual's non-verbal responses to a stimulus, the non-verbal response comprising facial expressions of the individual. The recording is accessed to automatically detect and record expressional repositioning of each of a plurality of selected facial features by conducting a computerized comparison of the facial position of each selected facial feature through sequential facial images. The contemporaneously detected and recorded expressional repositionings are automatically coded to an action unit, a combination of action units, and/or at least one emotion. The action unit, combination of action units, and/or at least one emotion are analyzed to assess one or more characteristics of the individual to develop a profile of the individual's personality in relation to the objective for which the individual is being assessed.10-21-2010
20090304287Sensing Device For Sensing A Position Within A Region - A sensing device for sensing a region provided on or in a surface having at least one region. The at least one region having printed therein or thereon coded data indicative of an identity of the at least one region, and visible information at least some of the information being at least partially related to the at least one region. The sensing device includes a sensor for sensing at least some of the coded data when the sensing device is placed in an operative position relative to the at least one region and generating indicating data. The indicating data is at least partially indicative of the identity of the at least one region and at least one of movement and a position of the sensing device relative to the at least one region. The sensing device includes a communicator configured to communicate the indicating data to a computer system.12-10-2009
20130071036IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGING DEVICE - An image processing device includes an in-plane pattern detector that selects a pixel of interest in a frame image of interest, calculates in-plane correlation index values representing correlations between the pixel of interest and in-plane pixel patterns including the pixel of interest, and selects a most highly correlated pattern as an in-plane addition pattern. A reference pattern detector calculates inter-plane correlation index values representing correlations between the in-plane pixel addition pattern and reference pixel patterns in a reference frame image temporally adjoining the frame of interest, and selects a most highly correlated reference pixel pattern. A pixel adder adds the values of the pixels in the selected in-plane pixel pattern and the selected reference pixel addition pattern to generate a corrected pixel value, thereby achieving high sensitivity and a high signal-to-noise ratio under low illumination, with little loss of resolution.03-21-2013
20110013846IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: an image processing apparatus comprising: a template image extracting section that extracts a template image from blade images obtained by capturing blades periodically arrayed in a jet engine; an image comparing section that compares the template image with the blade images; an image selecting section that selects an image from the blade images based on a result of the image comparison of the image comparing section; and a first difference extracting section that extracts a difference between the template image and the image selected by the image selecting section.01-20-2011
20090268969METHOD AND ELECTRON MICROSCOPE FOR MEASURING THE SIMILARITY OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL IMAGES - Disclosed is a method for measuring the similarity of two-dimensional images, at least one image exhibiting an additional signal, the location dependence or symmetry properties of which are known at least approximately. The images are partitioned into mutually identical subimages such that the extension of at least one subimage in the direction of the gradient of the additional signal is smaller than the extension of this subimage in the direction perpendicular thereto. The subimages are compared separately, and the results of all comparisons are combined to form the measurement result for similarity. As a result, the method becomes insensitive to variations in the additional signal. The method is particularly suited for the determination of defocusing and astigmatism of an electron-microscopic image. For this purpose, it is important to compare the similarity of an experimentally measured image to simulated images, which were generated using defined defocusing and astigmatism values.10-29-2009
20130064459GEM PATTERN MATCHING ALGORITHM TO DETERMINE THE PERCENTAGE MATCH OF A TARGET GEM PATTERN TO A DATABASE OF GEM PATTERNS - A method and gem pattern matching technique to analyze a target gemstone by analyzing a pattern created by transmitting a light source such as a laser beam through the gemstone to create a visual optical pattern and comparing the pattern to a database of known gemstone patterns to determine the percentage likelihood that the target gemstone will match a gemstone in the database. The matching is based on the weight of the heaviest spot in the pattern and its location in the gemstone image and comparing it to the weight and location of the heaviest spots in each gemstone image in the database to determine a percentage matching.03-14-2013
20090238472IMAGE RECOGNITION DEVICE, IMAGE RECOGNITION METHOD, AND IMAGE SCANNING APPARATUS HAVING IMAGE RECOGNITION DEVICE - An image recognition device has a first resolution converter 09-24-2009
20090238471Flexible Cadence Follower for Film in Video - A system for cadence break detection is provided. The system includes a field system receiving a plurality of fields of image data. A threshold system generates a cadence break signal if a difference in two fields exceeds a predetermined threshold. A sequence system generates the cadence break signal if a sequence of differences between the plurality of fields does not match a predetermined sequence.09-24-2009
20090232405METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMPUTING DEGREE OF MATCHING - A matching degree computing apparatus is provided for comparing an input image and an object template image and computing a matching degree between an input image and an object template image based on the compared result. The computing apparatus includes a transforming unit for transforming the input image so as to be matched to the template object region and a computing unit for computing a matching degree between the transformed input image and the template image. The transforming unit provides a shaping unit for shaping a non-background region to the form of the template object region in the object corresponding region of the input image and a processing unit for arranging the non-background region contacting with the template object corresponding region so that the non-background region has no substantial impact on the matching degree in the object non-corresponding region of the input image.09-17-2009
20120114256RELEVANCE FEEDBACK FOR CONTENT-BASED IMAGE RETRIEVAL - The invention relates to a system (05-10-2012
20110129158IMAGE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, IMAGE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image management apparatus includes a storage unit configured to compare a difference between stored original image data and image data to which correction is applied, and store differential information resulting from the comparison as new image data, a display unit configured to display a candidate of image data to be output to receive from a user a specification of image data to be output from among a plurality of image data stored in the storage unit, wherein the display unit detects and outputs image data stored in a terminal among image data including the differential information satisfying a condition specified by the user and image data derived by correcting the image data, from among the plurality of image data stored in the storage unit.06-02-2011
20080310736SMART VISUAL COMPARISON OF GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES - The subject disclosure pertains to systems providing a smart visual comparison system, comprising a data compilation component that gathers control information relating to a first image and a second image, and a comparison component that identifies elements represented in the first and second image and compares the elements in the first image to elements in the second image. The system can compile the differences between elements and provide differences between the elements. The system can present only crucial differences to a user, resulting in an elegant comparison system. The user can input tolerance information to define crucial differences, to fit a particular case.12-18-2008
20100034469METHOD OF FAST SEARCHING AND RECOGNITION OF A DIGITAL IMAGE REPRESENTATIVE OF AT LEAST ONE GRAPHICAL PATTERN IN A BANK OF DIGITAL IMAGES - A method for searching for a digital image representing a graphical pattern generates the descriptor of an image as a 02-11-2010
20100034470IMAGE AND WEBSITE FILTER USING IMAGE COMPARISON - Registration and classification of non-textual information, such as digital images and video is described. Image searching and comparison of the images is also described. The digital images are indexed (i.e., each image is assigned a unique numerical parameter and/or a plurality of numerical parameters). The resulting index files are stored in a database that can be quickly searched because the index files are universal numerical files that are significantly smaller in size than their source images. Image search queries are also indexed to generate an index file, which is then compared with the stored index files. A similarity score is also calculated to rank the similar images based on the index file-to-index file comparison.02-11-2010
20090169116COMPARISON METHOD, COMPARISON SYSTEM, COMPUTER, AND PROGRAM - A comparison apparatus 07-02-2009
20130022279SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING INFRARED IMAGES - Various techniques are provided to process infrared images. In one implementation, a method of processing infrared image data includes receiving infrared image data associated with a scene. The infrared image data comprises a plurality of pixels arranged in a plurality of rows and columns. The method also includes selecting one of the columns. The method also includes, for each pixel of the selected column, comparing the pixel to a corresponding plurality of neighborhood pixels. The method also includes, for each comparison, adjusting a first counter if the pixel of the selected column has a value greater than the compared neighborhood pixel. The method also includes, for each comparison, adjusting a second counter if the pixel of the selected column has a value less than the compared neighborhood pixel. The method also includes selectively updating a column correction term associated with the selected column based on the first and second counters.01-24-2013
20100166323ROBUST SPARSE IMAGE MATCHING FOR ROBOTIC SURGERY - Systems, methods, and devices are used to match images. Points of interest from a first image are identified for matching to a second image. In response to the identified points of interest, regions and features can be identified and used to match the points of interest to a corresponding second image or second series of images. Regions can be used to match the points of interest when regions of the first image are matched to the second image with high confidence scores, for example above a threshold. Features of the first image can be matched to the second image, and these matched features may be used to match the points of interest to the second image, for example when the confidence scores for the regions are below the threshold value. Constraint can be used to evaluate the matched points of interest, for example by excluding bad points.07-01-2010
20110194779APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING MULTI-VIEW SPECIFIC OBJECT - Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for determining a multi-view specific object. The apparatus comprises an input device for inputting image data; and cascade classifiers formed of stage classifiers corresponding to a same detection angle, the stage classifiers corresponding to different features. Each cascade classifier is for calculating a degree of confidence of the image data of a specific object corresponding to the detection angle based on the aspect of the corresponding feature, and determining whether the image data belongs to the specific object based on the degree of confidence. A self-adaptive posture prediction device is disposed between two stage classifiers in each cascade classifier, and is used to determine whether the image data enters the cascade classifiers corresponding to the detection angles and located after the self-adaptive posture prediction device.08-11-2011
20120106853IMAGE SEARCH - Image search techniques are described. In one or more implementations, images in a search result are ordered based at least in part on similarity of the images, one to another. The search result having the ordered images is provided in response to a search request.05-03-2012
20120106852BURST MODE IMAGE COMPRESSION AND DECOMPRESSION - Modified compression/decompression and metadata in burst mode images reduce the storage space consumed by burst mode images. Metadata is added to image files (e.g., EXIF files) to establish links between images in a burst mode image series. A series of linked burst mode images can include delta images representing a temporal difference between the image data (e.g., pixel data) for two burst images captured at different time instances. Difference information can be compressed. A root image for a linked burst mode series can be identified and used as a reference for other burst images. Metadata can be added to image files to link burst images prior to compression, after compression, or at an intermediate stage of compression of image data. Difference information for delta image files can be derived prior to compression, after compression, or at an intermediate stage of compression of image data.05-03-2012
20090274374METHOD FOR MATCHING IMAGES, IMAGE MATCHING DEVICE, IMAGE DATA OUTPUT APPARATUS, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - In an image matching device of the present invention, a feature point calculation section calculates feature points on an input document image from inputted data of the input document image; a features calculation section calculates features of the input document image in accordance with a relative position between the calculated feature points; and a voting process section and a similarity determination section compare the calculated features of the input document image with features of a reference document image, so as to determine whether or not the input document image is similar to the reference document image. When it is determined that the input document image is similar to the reference document image, a document discrimination section determines a position of an image which is on the input document image and similar to the reference document image, in accordance with the positions of the coordinates of the feature points on the input document image and the feature points on the reference document image which coincides with the input document image in features, so as to discriminate whether or not the input document image is an image of an N-up document. With this, whether or not an input document is an N-up document can be discriminated by utilizing the function of an image matching process.11-05-2009
20090141987VISION SENSORS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - A single chip vision sensor of an embodiment includes a pixel array and one or more circuits. The one or more circuits are configured to search an image for one or more features using a model of the one or more features. A method of an embodiment in a single chip vision sensor includes obtaining an image based at least partially on sensed light, and searching the image for one or more features using a model of the one or more features. A system of an embodiment includes the single chip vision sensor and a device. The device is configured to receive one or more signals from the single chip vision sensor and to control an operation based at least partially on the one or more signals.06-04-2009
20090279791IMAGE IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COMPARING AN IMAGE FRAME WITH A PREDETERMINED IMAGE - An image identification apparatus for comparing an image frame with a predetermined image is disclosed. The image identification apparatus includes a transformation module, a first comparing module, a second comparing module and a determination module. The transformation module is used for transforming the predetermined image to a predetermined image data and transforming the image frame to a first image data. The first comparing module and the second comparing module are used for comparing the predetermined image data with the first image information and generating a first comparing result and a second comparing result. The determination module is used for determining the comparing result of the image frame and the predetermined image according to the first comparing result and the second comparing result.11-12-2009
20090110298System and Method for Compiling Images from a Database and Comparing the Compiled Images with Known Images - A method and system for discovering from a database an object which is confusingly similar with a known object. A database, such as the internet, is searched for objects which, when discovered, may be duplicated and stored. A determination is then made if any object from the database is confusingly similar with a known object. A computer-readable storage medium storing program for causing a processing system to perform the steps of duplicating objects from a database to produce duplicated objects; storing the duplicated produce to produce stored duplicated objects; and determining if any stored duplicated object is confusingly similar with a known object.04-30-2009
20100128992Method and Dual Laser Device for Detecting Magnifying Optical Systems - The invention comprises illuminating a scene where said magnifying optical system (OP) may occur with at least a first and a second pulses respectively generated by first and second laser transmitters (E05-27-2010
20090285494DATA VERIFICATION METHOD AND CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING APPARATUS - Data including information related to each area with a graphic disposed therein is inputted to the writing apparatus. The area is delimited with meshes each having a predetermined size. Next, an area value of a graphic lying within each of the meshes and its center-of-gravity position are determined. For every mesh, a check is made whether the area value is less than or equal to a predetermined value. When the area value is less than or equal to the predetermined value, a range allowable for an x coordinate of the center-of-gravity position is determined and a check is made whether an actual x coordinate falls within this range. Next, a range allowable for a y coordinate of the center-of-gravity position is determined and a check is made whether an actual y coordinate falls within this range.11-19-2009
20100278441Differential wavelength imaging method and system for detection and identification of concealed materials - A method and system for detection and identification of concealed materials, is provided, wherein a dark image and two or more NIR sample images are taken at two or more key wavelengths or bands of wavelengths corresponding to peaks and/or valleys in the NIR spectra of known materials, and differential wavelength imaging processes are used to produce a a differential wavelength image based on therein. The differential wavelength image is then analyzed/processed so as to detect any materials concealed on the target of interest, such as a human or piece of baggage, by calculation of pixel intensity values in the image and identification of distinctive pixel values. Then, via various methods, the distinctive pixel values of the detected materials are compared to a data set of known wavelengths related to known materials, such as explosives and other contraband. Correspondence thereof results in an accurate identification of the concealed material(s).11-04-2010
20110200260IMAGE RETRIEVAL USING TEXTURE DATA - A method, processing system and computer program product for image retrieval. In one aspect, the method includes, in a processing system: determining a query feature set for a search image, wherein the query feature set includes texture data indicative of a texture of the search image for a plurality of resolutions of the search image; determining a dissimilarity measurement between at least one query feature of the query feature set and at least one target feature of a target image set for one or more target images, wherein the dissimilarity measurement is determined at least partially based upon the dissimilarity between the texture data of the search image and one or more target images for at least some of the plurality of resolutions of the target image; and identifying one or more target images based upon the dissimilarity measurement.08-18-2011
20120294539OBJECT IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IDENTIFYING AN OBJECT USING THE SAME - An object identification system includes a virtual object and an object identifying part. The virtual object storing part stores map data including an outline data of a virtual object. The object identifying part divides map data including outline data of virtual objects with a position previewing real objects as the central figure into a uniform angle gap with respect to an angle section corresponding to an image of the previewed real objects. The object identifying part extracts a virtual object having an outline firstly meet with a radiating line corresponding to each map angles of the divided map data from the map data. The object identifying part matches with the virtual object extracted from the map angle and a real object positioned at an azimuth angle equal to a map angle corresponding to the extracted virtual object.11-22-2012
20100215276STORAGE MEDIUM STORING CHARACTER RECOGNITION PROGRAM, CHARACTER RECOGNITION METHOD, AND CHARACTER RECOGNITION APPARATUS - A storage medium storing a character recognition program for causing a computer to execute a process, the process including comparing a structure of a target pattern regarded as one character with a structure of a one-character pattern stored in a storage section and determining whether the target pattern is a pattern including a plurality of characters, on the basis of a result of the comparing.08-26-2010
20100135584Image-Based Face Search - A search includes comparing a query image provided by a user to a plurality of stored images of faces stored in a stored image database, and determining a similarity of the query image to the plurality of stored images. One or more resultant images of faces, selected from among the stored images, are displayed to the user based on the determined similarity of the stored images to the query image provided by the user. The resultant images are displayed based at least in part on one or more facial features.06-03-2010
20090003711OPTIMIZING CHARACTER RENDERING - Optimizing objects output to a user. One method includes accessing a reference object of a character representing an idealized output. A different representation of the reference object is accessed. The reference object is compared to the representation of the reference object to generate an error metric. An optimization is applied to the representation of the reference object. The optimization is directed to causing the representation of the reference object to more closely approximate the reference object. Comparing objects and applying optimizations is repeated until an acceptable representation of the reference object is achieved. The acceptable representation of the reference object is displayed.01-01-2009
20080273801Method and System for Searching a Database of Graphical Data - A method and system for searching a database of graphical data are described. Embodiments of the invention use accelerated image-comparing techniques based on application of the Levenshtein algorithm for matching or searching one-dimensional data strings to recognizing pre-selected targets in graphical contents of 2D images.11-06-2008
20090169117IMAGE ANALYZING METHOD - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method of operating an apparatus having a display device for analyzing a plurality of images each representing a similar item, includes the steps of: displaying the plurality of the images in parallel by the display device; enabling a user to select partial regions of the images such that each of the partial regions represents a similar portion of the each item; extracting information associated with each of the partial regions of the images; and displaying data of the information of each of the partial regions in parallel in a format different from that appeared in the images.07-02-2009
20080279459METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMAGE PROCESSING BY USING STORED IMAGE - Provided are a method and apparatus for correcting an image under conditions where degradation of an image occurs. The method includes receiving an input image; comparing the input image with a stored image related to the input image, according to a predetermined standard; and selectively correcting the input image based on the stored image according to the result of the comparison.11-13-2008
20080240577INFRARED SAFETY SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The present invention relates to an automated safety system having at least one projector to direct electromagnetic energy into a region of space associated with a security, warning, or safety zone. A detector or detectors senses an interruption of the electromagnetic energy in the region of space by an object or person that may enter the space. The system includes a processor and a storage component, wherein the processor determines the interruption by comparing a current image from the detector with a previously stored image in the storage component. Upon detection, the processor triggers an event based upon the comparison, whereby the event includes such aspects as activating an output, de-energizing a machine, sounding a warning, sounding an alarm, storing data associated with the event, and sending a notification to a local or a remote system, for example.10-02-2008
20100142832METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DOCUMENT IMAGE CLASSIFICATION - A method of classifying an input image includes the initial steps of labeling an input image in accordance with a class and extracting at least one connected component from the input image. The method also includes the steps of calculating at least one feature of the input image and generating a model based on the at least one calculated feature. The method also includes the steps of repeating at least one of the previous steps for at least one other input image and comparing the at least one other input image with the model. The at least one other input image is classified in accordance with the class of the model if the at least one calculated feature of the at least one other input image is substantially similar to that of the model.06-10-2010
20110268364METHOD, PROGRAM, AND SYSTEM FOR CALCULATING SIMILARITY BETWEEN NODES IN GRAPH - A computer-implemented method, program, and system for calculating similarity between nodes in a graph by computer processing. The method includes: calculating a new label value of a node on the basis of a label value of a node adjacent to the node with respect to each of the nodes in one or more graphs; correcting the new label value of the adjacent node to remove an influence of the label value of a target node with respect to each of the target nodes for the calculation of the similarity between the nodes; and calculating the similarity between the target nodes by using the corrected new label value of the node adjacent to one target node and the corrected new label value of the node adjacent to another target node.11-03-2011
20120070090MOVING INFORMATION BETWEEN COMPUTING DEVICES - A computer-implemented method for moving information between computing devices includes capturing a digital image of a display of a first computing device using a camera of a second computing device, transmitting, to the first computing device, data that corresponds to the digital image; analyzing the transmitted data on the first computing device to determine whether the digital image matches a current display of the first computing device, and using the analysis to cause one of the first or second computing devices to invoke an application and match a state of an application that is executing on the other of the first or second computing devices.03-22-2012
20110222781METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMAGE REGISTRATION AND CHANGE DETECTION - A system and method for detecting changes by comparing images which cover the same physical area but are collected at different times, the system comprising: at least one input for inputting an image of a target area; the image of the target area having signatures representing outstanding features; at least one processor operating to divide the image of a target area into a plurality of target subimages; at least one memory comprising reference data comprising reference subimages taken at or near the target area at various times, the at least one processor operating to determine a sparse image representation from the reference data; the sparse image representation of the target data being a linear combination of reference data from corresponding reference subimages stored in the at least one memory; the at least one processor operating to compare the target image to the sparse image representation and to match signatures from the target image to the sparse image representation to register the images and perform change detection.09-15-2011
20110222784System and Method for a Public Interactive Information Network - A public interactive information network (“PIIN”) that effectively rebuilds and reactivates the public pay telephone system. This network and the interactive information terminal described herein provides many new uses for the public telephone infrastructure including delivery of information and content relevant to the individual citizen in real time at the citizen's location. The terminal replaces a pay telephone in any booth or kiosk. A touch screen and a processor controlled by a main program and a suite of software applications stored in the terminal responds to user selections to provide the interactive access to information. The terminal automatically switches between passive and active display modes and receives user selections by touching the display.09-15-2011
20110222783IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSOR, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processor generates an output image of a resolution higher than a resolution of an input image, using the input image. The image processor includes: an obtaining unit configured to obtain an edge strength of one of the input image and an image corresponding to the input image; a calculating unit configured to calculate, based on the edge strength, J that is a count of data items to be used for generating a synthesized image to be used in generating the output image, where J is an integer equal to or larger than 2; and a generating unit configured to generate the synthesized image by synthesizing J data items, and generate the output image using the synthesized image.09-15-2011
20110222782INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - There is provided an information processing apparatus including: a characteristic amount extracting unit extracting a plurality of characteristic amounts, which are information expressing characteristics of a video, from the video; a labeling unit associating the extracted characteristic amounts with a person or a background; a matching degree judging unit judging a degree of matching between the associated characteristic amounts and the characteristic amounts of at least one other video; a comparing unit comparing the plurality of characteristic amounts of one scene in the video from which the characteristic amounts have been extracted and the plurality of characteristic amounts of one scene in the at least one other video; and a relationship inferring unit inferring a relationship between the one scene in the video and the one scene in the at least one other video based on a comparison result of the comparing unit.09-15-2011
20090080783IMAGE DATA OUTPUT PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DATA OUTPUT PROCESSING METHOD - In an image data output processing apparatus of the present invention, an image matching section is capable of determining whether a similarity exists between each image of an N-up document and a reference document when input image data is indicative of the N-up document. An output process control section is capable of regulating an output process of each image in accordance with a result of determining whether the similarity exists between each image of the N-up document and the reference document. This allows detecting with high accuracy a document image under regulation on the output process and regulating the output process, when the input image data is indicative of an N-up document and includes the document image under regulation on the output process.03-26-2009
20130216140IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing system includes a difference detecting module for determining whether second image data is identical to first image data to generate a determination result, and an image processing module for processing the first image data to generate a first image processed result and selectively processing the second image data. The image processing module includes a data path and a control path. According to a reference clock signal, the first and second image data are transmitted via the data path, and the determination result is transmitted via the control path. When the determination result is affirmative, the reference clock signal provided to the data path is gated, so that, without processing the second image data, the image processing module outputs the first image processed result as a second image output corresponding to the second image data.08-22-2013
20130216141PATTERN MATCHING METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - In order to provide a computer program, an image processing device, and a pattern matching method that perform pattern matching at a high level of accuracy without relying on edge deformation, contrast fluctuations, etc., in one embodiment, the disclosed pattern matching method and device perform pattern matching over an image using a template produced on the basis of the below mentioned design data. The pattern matching method and device determine the characteristic quantities of the image for an inner region and/or an outer region that are divided by a line that defines the contour of a pattern, and determine positions at which said characteristic quantities satisfy predetermined conditions to be matching positions, matching position candidates, or erroneous matching positions.08-22-2013
20110229043IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: an interface unit for acquiring a readout image produced by capturing an image formed on a medium; a storage unit for storing a plurality of templates generated by superimposing different amounts of blurring on a prescribed pattern contained in the image, and for storing the amounts of blurring superimposed on the respective templates; and a processing unit adapted to detect a pattern region where the prescribed pattern is located on the readout image, calculate the degree of matching between the pattern region and each of the plurality of templates and, based on the degree of matching, identify a template that most closely matches the prescribed pattern located on the readout image, and estimate that the amount of blurring corresponding to the most closely matching template represents the amount of blurring superimposed on the readout image.09-22-2011
20090257662SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGE AND VIDEO SEARCH, INDEXING AND OBJECT CLASSIFICATION - Indexing regions of changed pixels (ROCHs) in a collection of images by receiving a collection of images. Estimate and/or validate a background among the collection of images. Detect the changes between images in the collection. Associate the detected changes between the images and classifying the associated changes. This image processing method and system may be used for image indexing and object classification.10-15-2009
20100166324METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY USING VIDEO ANALYSIS - A system detects a transaction outcome by obtaining video data associated with a transaction area and analyzing the video data to obtain at least one video transaction parameter concerning transactions associated with the transaction area. The transaction area can be a video count of items indicated in the video data as detected by an automated item detection algorithm applied to the video data. The system obtains at least one expected transaction parameter concerning an expected transaction that occurs in the transaction area, such as a scan count of items scanned at a point of sale terminal. The system automatically compares the video transaction parameter(s) to the expected transaction parameter(s) to identify a transaction outcome that may indicate fraudulent activity such as sweethearting in a retail environment.07-01-2010
20090317001IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - Image data and image-capturing-condition information obtained by analyzing the image data are input from an external apparatus. Based on the input image-capturing-condition information, a range of angles or sizes employed in a process of detecting a specific area from the image data is determined. The specific area is detected based on the determined range of angles or sizes.12-24-2009
20100002942TARGET ORIENTATION - A method of target recognition performs a 3D comparison of target and reference data. Translation invariant signatures are derived from the two data sets, and an estimate of the orientation of the target with respect to the reference is obtained. Rotational alignment and comparison can then be achieved. The 3D data sets can be represented on an axi-symmetric surface such as a sphere and rotational convolution, over a discrete set of selected rotation angles can be performed. Optic flow can be used to derive the estimate of orientation or the target relative to the reference, in terms of a displacement field.01-07-2010
20100150454INFORMATION PROCESSOR AND METHOD THEREFOR - An information processor, which includes: an analyzer configured to analyze image data, obtain similarity between the image data, which is to be processed, and reference image data and determine whether or not the image data and the reference image data are similar to each other depending on whether or not the similarity reaches a predetermined threshold; an encoder configured to encode the image data; a discarding section configured to discard the image data if it is determined, as a result of the analysis by the analyzer, that the image data is similar to the reference image data; and a transmitter configured to transmit encoded data generated from the image data encoded by the encoder if it is determined, as a result of the analysis by the analyzer, that the image data is not similar to the reference image data.06-17-2010
20100150453DETERMINING NEAR DUPLICATE "NOISY" DATA OBJECTS - A system configured to find near duplicate documents. For each two (or more) documents that are similar to each other, the system is configured to identify which of the differences is likely to be generated by an Optical Character Recognition software or otherwise due to difference between the original documents. As a result, the process of identifying similarity between documents is improved by identifying documents that were originally exact duplicates but are different one with respect to the other only due to OCR errors, or correct the similarity level between the documents by correcting errors introduced by the OCR tool.06-17-2010
20120033892Systems and Methods for Identifying Matching Images of Digital Documents - A user interface and interactive application for redacting digital documents are disclosed. This technology allows an operator to perform document recognition and redaction on a small number of representative files and receive feedback on the accuracy of these processes before committing to potentially long and processor-intensive redaction of a larger collection of files. This methodology saves both processor time and operator time for redacting documents, and achieves accurate redaction of a complete set of documents more rapidly than with other commonly-used methods.02-09-2012
20120195508METHOD FOR MULTIPLE PASS SYMBOL AND COMPONENTS-BASED VISUAL OBJECT SEARCHING OF DOCUMENTS - A method of computerized searching for visual objects on an electronic document is disclosed. After receiving a selection of a template visual object, a template raster image is generated therefrom. The template visual object is comprised of one or more template object components. A document raster image is generated from the document, which includes document object symbols comprised of one or more document object components. A broad match candidate subset of document object symbols is generated based upon comparisons to the template object symbol. Then, a narrowed match candidate set is generated from those document object symbols of the broad match candidate subset based upon a comparison of the template object component to the document object components.08-02-2012
20090245658COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING CHARACTER RECOGNITION PROGRAM RECORDED THEREON, CHARACTER RECOGNITION DEVICE, AND CHARACTER RECOGNITION METHOD - A character recognition method and device including extracting a character pattern based on information of an input character image and information about a structure of a character category and comparing the extracted character pattern with the character category corresponding to the character pattern to calculate the similarity, where the character category is representative of a character to be output after recognition of the input character image. The method and device include outputting as a recognition result of the input character image the character category with a maximum similarity obtained by the calculation or information of characters which are candidates of the character category whose similarities have been calculated.10-01-2009
20100177967IMAGE RETRIEVAL SYSTEM AND METHOD - An image retrieval method applies an application server, one or more calculating servers, and a sorting server to perform image retrieval. The application server extracts visual features of an exemplary image. The one or more calculating servers calculate similarities of available images according to the visual features of the exemplary image. The sorting server sorts the available images according to the similarities so as to obtain images similar to the exemplary image.07-15-2010
20130216142DIFFERENCE DEGREE EVALUATION DEVICE, DIFFERENCE DEGREE EVALUATION METHOD AND PROGRAM PRODUCT - A difference degree evaluation device includes a signal acquisition unit which acquires at least two signals which are objects of matching, a memory unit which stores one of the two signals, which are acquired by the signal acquisition unit, as a reference signal, and stores the other of the two signals as an object signal, a sample extraction unit which extracts sample points in a predetermined block from the reference signal that is stored in the memory unit, and extracts sample points corresponding to the sample points of the reference signal from the object signal, and an arithmetic process unit which finds absolute difference values between the sample points of the reference signal and the sample points of the object signal, which are extracted by the sample extraction unit, and calculates a maximum value of the absolute difference values as an evaluation value.08-22-2013
20110058750METHOD FOR REGISTERING A FIRST IMAGING DATA SET WITH A SECOND IMAGING DATA SET - A method for registering a first imaging data set with a second imaging data set of an object includes determining range information that describes the range of a beam in the object and determining at least one transformation parameter that describes a registration of the first imaging data set with the second imaging data set. The determination of the at least one transformation parameter is carried out using the determined range information.03-10-2011
20110058749METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE MIS-ALIGNMENT IN IMAGES - A method of determining the amount of mis-alignment in one direction of an image of a scene, the image captured by a first camera is described. The method comprising the steps of: 03-10-2011
20100254615METHODS FOR DOCUMENT-TO-TEMPLATE MATCHING FOR DATA-LEAK PREVENTION - The present invention discloses methods for document-to-template matching for data-leak prevention (DLP), the methods including the steps of: providing a document as a stream of characters; splitting the stream into a plurality of serialized data lines; calculating a hash value for each serialized data line; checking for each hash value in a hash map of a template set; determining a similarity match to a particular template based on a predefined threshold of template hash values, of the template set, being found in the stream; and based on the similarity match, executing a DLP security policy for the document. Preferably, the template set is extracted from documents manually prepared by a security administrator. Preferably, each template in the template set is deduced automatically from a plurality of documents.10-07-2010
20100195918PAPER SHEET RECOGNITION APPARATUS AND PAPER SHEET RECOGNITION METHOD - A paper sheet recognition apparatus recognizes a type of a paper sheet in an input image by matching the input image of the paper sheet with reference images of a plurality of paper sheets. The apparatus includes a candidate selecting unit that selects a predetermined number of candidate types of the paper sheet based on a density feature and direction features of each block acquired by uniformly dividing the input image and the reference images; and a detailed judgment unit that adaptively divides the input image into blocks according to features of a reference image corresponding to each type of paper sheets selected by the candidate selecting unit, and performs a detailed judgment based on matching values between corresponding blocks of the divided input image and each of the reference images.08-05-2010
20090324101METHOD FOR DESIGNING COMPUTATIONAL OPTICAL IMAGING SYSTEM - A method for designing computational optical imaging system, including a step for setting a target; a step for designing an optical module; and a step for designing an image restoration module; wherein by using the similarity and blur minimization of the optical module and the image restoration module to gather the optimization judgment standard, the step for designing an optical module and the step for designing an image restoration module operate individually synchronously or in sequence, and by a software product to design an optical imaging system so as to reduce the quantity and time of calculation and save repairing costs.12-31-2009
20090324102IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus includes a difference calculation unit that obtains a luminance difference between images of two successive frames; an average calculation unit that calculates the average of luminance differences obtained for a predetermined number of successive frames; a change determination unit that determines, for each frame of the predetermined number of the successive frames, whether images of two successive frames including the frame are the same by comparing the luminance difference obtained for the frame with the average; and a display pattern determination unit that determines a temporal display pattern of images of the predetermined number of the successive frames from among a plurality of display patterns including a display pattern in which groups each having a certain number of successive frames in which the same image is displayed are regularly repeated, using a determination result obtained by the change determination unit.12-31-2009
20100086220IMAGE REGISTRATION USING ROTATION TOLERANT CORRELATION METHOD - A method for correlating or finding similarity between two data sets. The method can be used for correlating two images with common scene content in order to find correspondence points between the data sets. These correspondence points then can be used to find the transformation parameters which when applied to image 04-08-2010
20090208117FAST BLOCK MATCHING IN DIGITAL IMAGES - A technique is described which reduces the computational load associated with block matching for pattern recognition between images by intelligent selection and updating of rejection criteria.08-20-2009
20120189213IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS THEREOF - In case of an image region having a property of abrupt changes in luminance and tint, even when a region made up of pixels having luminance values and tint levels similar to those of one point designated by the user is extracted as a correction region with reference to the user designated point, it is difficult to extract a region to be corrected without omission. To solve this problem, a user instruction indicating a point inside or near an image region which is to undergo correction is input, and a plurality of origin pixels corresponding to start points of region expansion are set in a region which includes the input point and has a predetermined size. The region expansion is executed from each origin pixel, and a correction region is decided according to the result of the region expansion.07-26-2012
20090110297COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING DIFFERENCE EMPHASIZING PROGRAM, DIFFERENCE EMPHASIZING METHOD, AND DIFFERENCE EMPHASIZING APPARATUS - A difference emphasizing apparatus aligns a first three-dimensional model and a second three-dimensional model in orientation and position in accordance with a predetermined rule, and gets data of respective apices of the first three-dimensional model and the second three-dimensional model. Based on the gotten data, the apparatus finds a corresponding point on the first three-dimensional model, which corresponds to the apex of the second three-dimensional model in a direction of a particular axis. When the corresponding point is detected, the apparatus calculates a difference between the first three-dimensional model and the second three-dimensional model in the direction of the particular axis based on the corresponding point and the apex of the second three-dimensional model. The apparatus enlarges the difference in the direction of the particular axis, and calculates a position of the apex of the second three-dimensional model after the enlargement.04-30-2009
20080304753IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE RETRIEVAL METHOD - A image processing apparatus extracts a plurality of feature points, comprising a local feature amount, from an inputted image, and a region information that relates to the feature point, identifies at least one of the plurality of feature points, associates the feature point thus identified with a feature point with a high relational degree between the feature point thus identified and a region that is denoted by the region information of the feature point thus identified, and registers the feature point thus identified and associated as an index of the inputted image.12-11-2008
20110235924METHOD FOR ORGANIZING A DIGITAL IMAGE ACCORDING TO FACIAL FEATURES OF MEMBERS IN THE DIGITAL IMAGE - After receiving a digital image, check if the digital image contains a predetermined object. If the digital image contains the predetermined object, extract object features from the predetermined object, then compare the object features with common features of each of the predetermined identifications. If the object features match the common features of one of the predetermined identifications, store the digital image into a database dedicated to the predetermined identification. If the object features do not match the common features of any of the predetermined identifications, register the predetermined object with a new identification. If the new identification is the same as one of the predetermined identifications, store the digital image into a database dedicated to the predetermined identification. If the new identification is different from all of the predetermined identifications, store the digital image into a database dedicated to the new identification.09-29-2011
20130129230Computing Pose and/or Shape of Modifiable Entities - Computing pose and/or shape of a modifiable entity is described. In various embodiments a model of an entity (such as a human hand, a golf player holding a golf club, an animal, a body organ) is fitted to an image depicting an example of the entity in a particular pose and shape. In examples, an optimization process finds values of pose and/or shape parameters that when applied to the model explain the image data well. In examples the optimization process is influenced by correspondences between image elements and model points obtained from a regression engine where the regression engine may be a random decision forest. For example, the random decision forest may take elements of the image and calculate candidate correspondences between those image elements and model points. In examples the model, pose and correspondences may be used for control of various applications including computer games, medical systems, augmented reality.05-23-2013
20100296742SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OBJECT BASED POST EVENT FORENSICS IN VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS - An object can be specified using active contour modeling. That representation can be stored. A sequence of images can be automatically reviewed to determine if the object can, in some form or state, be detected in one or more of the images. One or more alarms can generated in response to determining the presence or absence of the object from the sequence of images.11-25-2010
20100296743IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus is provided which includes a characteristic quantity calculation unit that calculates a characteristic quantity for each pixel of image data from the image data, a tightness determination unit that determines tightness indicating a degree of dispersion of pixels in image data for tightness determination by extracting the pixels having a same characteristic quantity by using the characteristic quantity and generating the image data for tightness determination composed of the pixels having the same characteristic quantity, and a pixel set calculation unit that calculates a set of the pixels from the pixels in the image data for tightness determination in accordance with a determination of the tightness.11-25-2010
20100303367Determining Intensity Similarity in Low-Light Conditions Using the Poisson-Quantization Noise Model - A Poisson-quantization noise model for modeling noise in low-light conditions is described. In one aspect, image information is received. A Poisson-quantization noise model is then generated from a Poisson noise model and a quantization noise model. Poisson-quantization noise is then estimated in the image information using the Poisson-quantization noise model.12-02-2010
20130136369METHOD FOR DETECTING BACKGROUND MOTION VECTOR - Method for searching for a small moving object is used to insert an inserting image frame between two adjacent image frames. An inserting region in the inserting image frame is selected. Multiple preset extending directions passing through the inserting region are selected. The extending directions respectively intersect the two image frames simultaneously to analyze whether the extending directions satisfy a condition of movement of the same image object, and obtain at least one motion vector (MV) corresponding to the extending direction. A globe MV between the first image frame and the second image frame is obtained. It is compared whether a motion-vector difference between the at least one MV and the globe MV is smaller than a setting value, and then first local-region image data and second local-region image data corresponding to the MV are used for compensation to produce an inserting image for the inserted region about background.05-30-2013
20100303366Method for Identifying Motion Video/Audio Content - A method for identifying motion video/audio content, by means of comparing a video A to a registered video B so as to determine if they are originally the same as each other, wherein said method at least comprises the steps of extracting a fingerprint A from the video A; and searching from a fingerprint database for a pre-extracted and registered fingerprint B of the video B by means of comparison of fingerprint A with a sliding window of a possible fingerprint B, so as to determine that the video A is visually identical to the video B if a match is found. According to the present invention, the method for extracting a fingerprint data from video/audio signals facilitates the automatic identification, archiving and search of video content, and can be of without the need for human visual inspections.12-02-2010
20130142441INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An information processing apparatus and method by which impulse noise can be canceled while surely maintaining details of a captured image is provided. The information processing apparatus includes an image acquisition unit for acquiring a captured image; a noise pixel extractor for extracting, from the captured image, a noise pixel that forms impulse noise; a pattern determiner for determining whether an arrangement of the noise pixel is identical to a predetermined pattern; and a noise canceller for performing noise cancellation with respect to the noise pixel upon a determination that the arrangement of the noise pixel is not identical to the predetermined pattern.06-06-2013
20130142442SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DOCUMENT LOCATION AND RECOGNITION - Templates of known forms are stored in computer system. The templates are digitized pixels on which connected component analyses are performed resulting in a first list of components. Five to ten of those components are selected to create an ordered feature list for each form. The computer system then captures an optical image of a form positioned on the top of a stack of forms. The optical image is digitized and stored in the computer (or processor) system as a captured digital image of pixels. A connected component analysis is performed on the captured digital image that results in a second list of image components. Image components on the second list are compared to those on the first list and then each succeeding feature in one of the ordered feature lists. If the comparison is successful, the form is known and other marks on the form may then be processed. If the comparison is unsuccessful, a new feature list is tried.06-06-2013
20110013845OPTIMAL SUBSPACES FOR FACE RECOGNITION - A technique for optimizing object recognition is disclosed. The technique includes receiving at least one image of an object and at least one reference image. The technique further includes identifying at least one performance metric corresponding to an object recognition task. The identified performance metric is optimized to generate the corresponding optimized performance metric by determining an optimal subspace based on a determined objective function corresponding to the object recognition task and a difference between the received image and the corresponding reference image. Subsequently, the technique includes comparing the received image with the reference image based on the optimized performance metric for performing the object recognition task.01-20-2011
20100322522IMAGE MATCHING USING LINE SIGNATURE - A method and system of matching features in a pair of images using line signatures. The method includes determining a first similarity measure between a first line signature in a first image in the pair of images and a second line signature in a second image in the pair of images; determining a second similarity measure between the first line signature in the first image and a third line signature in the second image; comparing the first similarity measure with a first threshold value; comparing a difference between the first similarity and the second similarity with a second threshold value; and if the first similarity measure is greater than the first threshold value and the difference between the first similarity and the second similarity is greater than the second threshold value, the first line signature and the second line signature produce a match.12-23-2010
20100329576METHOD FOR DETECTING ALTERATIONS IN PRINTED DOCUMENT USING IMAGE COMPARISON ANALYSES - A document alteration detection method compares a target image with an original image using a two-step process. In the first step, the original and target images are divided into connected image components and their centroids are obtained, and the centroids of the image components in the original and target images are compared. Each centroid in the target image that is not in the original image is deemed to represent an addition, and each centroid in the original image that is not in the target image is deemed to represent a deletion. In the second step, sub-images containing the image components corresponding to each pair of matching centroids in the original and target images are compared to detect any alterations.12-30-2010
20090067728Image matching method and image interpolation method using the same - An image matching method includes setting first and second lattices to first and second images respectively, computing potential force to each second lattice point of the second lattice by a gradient of an image correlation potential energy based on a position of each first lattice point and pixel thereof and a position of the second lattice point and pixel thereof, computing elasticity force to the second lattice point from elasticity energy between the second and adjacent lattice points, computing frictional force occurring at the second lattice point, performing a numerical analysis of an equation of motion regarding the second lattice point and based on the potential force, elasticity force and frictional force to obtain a convergence state of the second lattice points, and adding a new lattice point between an adjacent lattice point pair of second lattice points according to a distance between the adjacent lattice point pair.03-12-2009
20110019926DOCUMENT PROCESSING DEVICE, DOCUMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM, COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, AND DOCUMENT PROCESSING METHOD - A document processing device includes: an extraction unit that extracts a first image of an element from a read image of a medium to which the element is affixed; an accepting unit that accepts first information for specifying processing to be performed to a document, the first information being to be associated with the first image of the element; a determination unit that determines whether an image of an element identical to or similar to the first image of the element has been registered in a memory, or not; and a registration unit that registers the first image of the element and the first information for specifying the processing in association with each other in the memory when the determination unit determines that the image of the element identical to or similar to the first image of the element has not been registered in the memory.01-27-2011
20110019925METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR A CLOSEST MATCH SEARCH - A system to generate an index for a closest match search is described. The system receives a corpus of information that includes member information. The system parses the member information to generate signatures for each of the members and stores the signatures in the index. The signatures are unique to the members. Accordingly, the signatures signify the respective members. The system subsequently utilizes the index to identify input information that matches signatures in the index to identify a closest match of the input information to one or more members in the corpus information.01-27-2011
20110033121PICTOGRAM AND ISO SYMBOL DECODER SERVICE - This invention provides an instantaneous method for a user or traveler to obtain a meaning of a symbol that is unfamiliar to said user. The symbol is captured in a format that is easily transmitted to a remote database server. Together with the symbol, the GPS coordinates of the location of the symbol must be sent to the server. The server performs an image matching search, and then uses the location information (GPS) to resolve multiple matches and to determine the meaning of the symbol and instantaneously transmits in the language of their choice the meaning to the user requesting the search.02-10-2011
20110044548AUTOMATIC FORMS IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods automatically generate a model of a form or other document and identify the form or other document. In one aspect, a system and method normalize an image of a document and identify the relative positions of vertical and horizontal lines in the normalized image. The relative positions of vertical and horizontal lines of the normalized image are the model of the document image. The model may be stored in a record, such as an array. The system and method compare the relative positions of vertical and horizontal lines of the model to the relative positions of vertical and horizontal lines of other models to identify a matching model.02-24-2011
20090080782Image data output processing apparatus and image data output processing method - An image data output processing apparatus of the present invention, in a case where a reference document is duplex, causes a storage process section, in a storage mode, to store, at the time of storage, a DocID indicative of the reference document so as to correspond to an ID indicative of respective document images on front and back sides of the reference document. In a matching mode, in a case where a matching document is duplex, (i) an ID similar to that of the reference document and (ii) a corresponding DocID are extracted for each of the document images on the front side and the back side of the matching document, so as to create candidate lists for front and back sides of the matching document. If first candidates in the candidate lists correspond to an identical DocID, it is determined that the images are similar to each other, and if the first candidates do not correspond to the identical DocID, a determination result is corrected to a reference document that corresponds to the identical DocID. Thus, it is possible to realize an image data output process that can reliably control an output process, in the case where input image data is of a duplex document and includes a document image in which its output process is regulated.03-26-2009
20110243460IMAGE MATCHING DEVICE AND IMAGE MATCHING METHOD - An image matching device includes: a mixed image generation portion generating a mixed image in an operation satisfying linearity, the mixed image being obtained by multiplying each of two or more recorded images and each of phase components of a complex plane different from each other and adding multiplied recorded images; a complex similarity image generation portion generating a complex similarity image through a similarity operation between one or more input image and the mixed image; and a similarity obtain portion obtaining similarity from a projected component of the complex similarity image toward a vector of the phase component.10-06-2011
20110243459METHODS AND APPARATUS TO DETECT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN IMAGES - Methods and apparatus to detect differences between images are disclosed. An example method to identify image differences disclosed herein comprises electronically determining whether a difference between a first block of pixels of a sample image and a second block of pixels of a reference image is resolvable using a transformation operation, when the difference between the first and second blocks is determined to be unresolvable, but not when the difference between the first and second blocks is determined to be resolvable, including the first block in an unresolved difference region of the sample image, and electronically generating a difference signature representative of the unresolved difference region, the difference signature to identify the unresolved difference region of the sample image.10-06-2011
20100189368DETERMINING VIDEO OWNERSHIP WITHOUT THE USE OF FINGERPRINTING OR WATERMARKS - A system and method of determining who is the rights owner for video uses object recognition and can avoid the need for fingerprinting or watermarking. By examining the video for objects that are known to be in videos by a rights holder, ownership of the video can be established within certain confidence bounds. This process can be used to reestablish control of content that may have been released or recorded without authorization or was produced at costs points that precluded more invasive or production intensive techniques such as fingerprinting or watermarking.07-29-2010
20100054610ORIGINAL IMAGE SEARCHING DEVICE, ORIGINAL IMAGE SEARCHING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An original image searching device includes: an acquiring unit that acquires an image-after-changed to which a change is added, the image-after-changed having contents different from contents of an original image; and an original image specifying unit that specifies, as a checking region, a discriminating region including an image common to the original image and the image-after-changed, and that specifies the original image of the image-after-changed by comparing a checking region of each of the images stored in an image storage and a checking region of the image-after-changed.03-04-2010
20120243796IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes the following elements. An image receiving unit receives a first image and a second image. A first specified area specifying unit allows a user to specify a first specified area in the first image. A first comparison area setting unit sets a first comparison area in the first image on the basis of the first specified area. A second comparison area setting unit sets a second comparison area in the second image. A geometric difference correction unit corrects a difference in geometric properties between a first comparison image in the first comparison area and a second comparison image in the second comparison area. An image output unit outputs an image in which the second comparison image is superimposed on the first comparison image or a difference image between the first comparison image and the second comparison image.09-27-2012
20100061640METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING CODE OF HOLOGRAPHIC DATA PAGE - A method and an apparatus for detecting code of a holographic data page are provided. First, image information of at least one special pattern in the holographic data page is captured, and the captured image information is integrated into a characteristic symbol (CS) of the holographic data page. Then, the CS of the holographic data page is compared with a plurality of predetermined characteristic symbols (PCSs) to obtain a similarity between the CS and each of the PCSs. Thereafter, the PCS having the highest similarity to the CS is selected as the code information of the holographic data page.03-11-2010
20090028441METHOD FOR DETERMINING NEAR DUPLICATE DATA OBJECTS - A system for determining that a document B is a candidate for near duplicate to a document A with a given similarity level th. The system includes a storage for providing two different functions on the documents, each function having a numeric function value. The system further includes a processor associated with the storage and configured to determine that the document B is a candidate for near duplicate to the document A, if a condition is met. The condition includes: for any function ƒ01-29-2009
20090028442Method And Apparatus For Determining Similarity Between Surfaces - A method for determining similarity between a non-planar probe surface and a non-planar model surface is disclosed. The method comprises calculating an extremal value of an objective function describing embedding of the probe surface into an embedding space having a non-constant sectional curvature; and determining similarity between the probe surface and the model surface based on the extremal value.01-29-2009
20110150347Substrate media distortion analysis - Embodiments described herein are directed to detecting and/or measuring distortions of substrate media that can occur during a printing process. The distortion can be detected and/or measured using a composite image generated from a reference image having a first periodic pattern and print image, disposed on a test substrate media, having a second periodic pattern. The first and second periodic patterns are specified so that the composite image includes a moiré pattern having moiré fringes resulting from interference between the first periodic pattern associated with the reference image and the second periodic pattern associated with the print image. The moiré fringes can be used to detect and calculate an amount of distortion of the test substrate media.06-23-2011
20110075937PATTERN DETECTION APPARATUS, PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A pattern detection apparatus inputs an image of an object including repetitive patterns, estimates a period of the repetitive patterns in the input object, and generates a reference image based on images divided by the estimated period. Then, the pattern detection apparatus compares the reference image and the image of the object, and detects the positions of individual patterns in the repetitive patterns based on the comparison result.03-31-2011
20110081088Selective Presentation of Images - A method for the selective presentation of a plurality of images from a set of digital images provided for upload to a computing apparatus, the method comprising providing image data representing the set of digital images for upload, processing said image data in order to determine for respective ones of the images in the set a measure for: i) image quality ranking, ii) duplicate image detection, and iii) face detection; and, on the basis of the determination generating data representing a slideshow for the plurality of images.04-07-2011
20110081089PATTERN PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND PROGRAM - Even when a local area is varied, degradation in recognition accuracy and detection accuracy is suppressed. To that end, a pattern processing apparatus includes a reference local area setting portion 04-07-2011
20110069892METHOD OF COMPARING SIMILARITY OF 3D VISUAL OBJECTS - Comparison of parameters, including width, length, depth, color, and shape of a target object with a reference object is performed through use of a stereo camera. If the parameters of the target object are within threshold values of the parameters of the reference object, a match is indicated. If not, a new reference object is selected for comparison with the target object.03-24-2011
20110069895DEFECT INSPECTION SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a defect inspection system which can perform inspection condition setting easily in a relatively short period of time, can examine the inspection condition setting even when there is no sample, and further can provide an inspection condition and a defect signal intensity to a person, who sets the inspection condition, to assist the inspection condition setting. In the defect inspection system, a defective image, which is an inspection image, and a reference image corresponding thereto and a mismatched portion of the defective image and the reference image are digitalized as a defect signal intensity and accumulated in association with the inspection condition, and the inspection conditions are changed to repeat evaluations while repeating accumulating works until the evaluation of all the inspection conditions in a set range is completed. After all the evaluations are completed, if there are a plurality of defects to be inspected, the work is repeated by times corresponding to the number of kinds of the defects and a recipe file including the accumulated conditions having the high defect signal intensity and an inspection condition item distribution as a inspection condition recipe is automatically outputted and is provided to the person who sets the inspection condition. And, appearance inspection for detecting a pattern defect or a foreign material defect on a substrate is performed.03-24-2011
20110069893SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DOCUMENT LOCATION AND RECOGNITION - Templates of known forms are stored in computer system. The templates are digitized pixels on which connected component analyses are performed resulting in a first list of components. Five to ten of those components are selected to create an ordered feature list for each form. The computer system then captures an optical image of a form positioned on the top of a stack of forms. The optical image is digitized and stored in the computer (or processor) system as a captured digital image of pixels. A connected component analysis is performed on the captured digital image that results in a second list of image components. Image components on the second list are compared to those on the first list and then each succeeding feature in one of the ordered feature lists. If the comparison is successful, the form is known and other marks on the form may then be processed. If the comparison is unsuccessful, a new feature list is tried.03-24-2011
20090263027IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - In an image processing method, extraction points are set inside the draw line as the region with less luminance change relative to the periphery, and extraction points are set on the background outside the draw line in a sample image such as a letter and a number. Pixel data of the extraction points are used to obtain the normalization correlation coefficient with respect to the target image in the determination region. As the template data are generated using pixel data of two groups of the extraction points with clear contrast in the luminance difference therebetween, the true image to be determined as being the same as the template image is detected accurately through the calculation for a short period of time.10-22-2009
20110211763System and method for instrument response correction based on independent measurement of the sample - A system and method for providing an instrument response correction. A sample is illuminated to generate a first plurality and a second plurality of interacted photons. The first plurality of interacted photons may be detected by a dispersive spectrometer to generate a reference spectrum representative of the sample. The second plurality of interacted photons may be passed through a tunable filter and detected using an imaging detector to generate at least one hyperspectral image. This hyperspectral image may comprise a Raman hyperspectral image or an infrared hyperspectral image. A system may comprise an illumination source, a collection optics, a dispersive spectrometer, a fiber optic, a tunable filter, and an imaging detector.09-01-2011
20090110296METHOD OF IMAGE FEATURE CODING AND METHOD OF IMAGE SEARCH - A feature coding unit extracts and encodes a feature of a video signal so as to generate a feature stream. A feature identifying unit checks a decoded feature obtained as a result of decoding the feature stream against a search key from a user for a match so that a video content requested by the user is retrieved.04-30-2009
20110164825Dot templates for object detection in images - Dot templates are used for detecting objects within images. A computer-implemented method is performed for each of a number of dot templates corresponding to the object to be detected within an image. Each dot template is defined as a collection of points. At each position within the image, a value of the image is determined at each point of the dot template. The dot template is effectively overlaid at the given position within the image. A score of the dot template at this position is determined, based on the values of the image determined at the points of the dot template. Where the score is greater than a predetermined threshold, it can be concluded that the object is at least potentially located within the image at the position in question at which the dot template has been effectively overlaid.07-07-2011
20100284621SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ADDING A LANDMARKS FOR VISUAL SIMULTANEOUS LOCALIZATION AND MAPPING - The invention is related to methods and apparatus that use a visual sensor and dead reckoning sensors to process Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). These techniques can be used in robot navigation. Advantageously, such visual techniques can be used to autonomously generate and update a map. Unlike with laser rangefinders, the visual techniques are economically practical in a wide range of applications and can be used in relatively dynamic environments, such as environments in which people move. One embodiment further advantageously uses multiple particles to maintain multiple hypotheses with respect to localization and mapping. Further advantageously, one embodiment maintains the particles in a relatively computationally-efficient manner, thereby permitting the SLAM processes to be performed in software using relatively inexpensive microprocessor-based computer systems.11-11-2010
20110135208DIGITAL IMAGE COMBINING TO PRODUCE OPTICAL EFFECTS - Briefly, in accordance with at least one embodiment, a technique for combining images to create or produce one or more optical effects is disclosed.06-09-2011
20110085739SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIMILARITY SEARCH OF IMAGES - A system and method for an efficient semantic similarity search of images with a classification structure are provided. The system and method provide for building a semantic classification-search tree for the plurality of images, the classification tree including at least two categories of images, each category of images representing a subset of the plurality of images, receiving a query image, classifying the query image to select one of the at least two categories of images, and restricting the search for the image of interest using the query image to the selected one of the at least two categories of images.04-14-2011
20110096997GRAPHICAL IMAGE AUTHENTICATION - A method may include receiving input associated with constructing a first image; generating the first image based on the input; comparing the first image with a second image; and providing access to at least one of a device, a service, or a function when the first image matches the second image.04-28-2011
20100215278SYSTEM FOR UNIQUELY IDENTIFYING SUBJECTS FROM A TARGET POPULATION - The system for uniquely identifying subjects from a target population operates to acquire, process and analyze images to create data which contains indicia sufficient to uniquely identify an individual in a population of interest. This system implements an automated, image-based process that captures data indicative of a selected set of external characteristics for subjects that are members of a target population of a predetermined species. The captured data is then processed to create a database record which is associated with the selected subject and which can be used to uniquely identify the selected subject. The subject identification process is repeatable, so any subject can be accurately mapped to their associated database record, which database record can be updated to reflect changes in the subject.08-26-2010
20100215277Method of Massive Parallel Pattern Matching against a Progressively-Exhaustive Knowledge Base of Patterns - A method of pattern and image recognition and identification includes building a data store of known patterns or images having known attributes and comparing those patterns to unknown patterns. The data store and comparison processing may be distributed across processors. A digital pattern recognition engine on each of the processors has the ability to compare a known pattern from the data store and an unknown pattern and compare the two patterns to determine whether the patterns constitute a match based on match criteria. If the comparison indicates a match, the match is communicated to the data store and added as a known pattern with detected attributes to the data store. If the comparison does not indicate a match, the pattern may be flagged, transmitted to manual recognition, or further processed using character thresholding or cutting or slicing the pattern.08-26-2010
20100260427DELTA TCC FOR FAST SENSITIVITY MODEL COMPUTATION - A method for determining a difference between a reference image and a further image of a pattern, the method including determining a reference imaging function; determining parameters of a difference function representative of a difference between the reference imaging function and a further imaging function; calculating a difference between the reference image and the further image of the pattern based on the difference function and the determined parameters.10-14-2010
20100260426SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IMAGE RECOGNITION USING MOBILE DEVICES - Implementations relate to systems and methods for real-time image recognition and mobile visual searching. A mobile device, such as a cellular phone, acquires an image and pre-processes the acquired image to generate a visual search query based on objects detected in the acquired image. The visual search query includes the acquired image or a query image extracted therefrom and metadata associated with the detected objects. The mobile device wirelessly communicates the visual search query to a remote server, and in response to the visual search query, the remote server recognizes an object in the query image based on the associated metadata. The remote server then generates information content based on the recognized object and communicates the information content to the mobile device to be presented via the mobile device.10-14-2010
20100158393IMAGE COMPARISON SYSTEM AND METHOD - An image comparison method compares a reference image with a test image. Each image includes objects and a background. The method generates a skeleton image of the reference image. The skeleton image of the reference image is compared with the test image so as to determine if the reference image have more objects or objects parts than the test image. Similarly, a skeleton image of the test image is generated. The skeleton image of the test image is compared with the reference image so as to determine if the test image have more objects or objects parts than the reference image.06-24-2010
20100195917LINER TRANSFORMATION MATRIX CALCULATING APPARATUS, METHOD THEREOF AND PROGRAM THEREOF - A linear transformation matrix calculating apparatus linearly transforms a plurality of dictionary subspaces which belong to respective categories by a linear transformation matrix respectively, selects a plurality of sets of two dictionary subspaces from the plurality of linearly transformed dictionary subspaces, calculates a loss function using similarities among the selected sets of dictionary subspaces respectively, calculates a differential parameter obtained by differentiating the loss function by the linear transformation matrix, calculates a new linear transformation matrix from the differential parameter and the linear transformation matrix by Deepest Descent Method, and updates the new linear transformation matrix as the linear transformation matrix used in the linear transformation unit.08-05-2010
20110188762Real-Time Composite Image Comparator - An apparatus and method for preparing a composite image from a video data stream and for identifying changed features in two composite images. Frames from the video data stream are transformed to a projected 2D image, aligned with adjacent frames and overlapping areas are averaged to provide a higher apparent resolution. The composite image can be stored in real-time. As a second composite image is prepared of the same location at a later time, portions of the second image can be compared to corresponding portions of the stored image after the intensities of the images are equalized. Image areas whose absolute difference exceeds a threshold are again intensity equalized. Areas that are again above threshold can be flagged for further scrutiny, either by a human or by a machine that performs object recognition. In this way, composite video images of a scene can be prepared and compared in real-time.08-04-2011
20110188761CHARACTER IDENTIFICATION THROUGH GLYPH DATA MATCHING - Approaches for enabling a computerized entity to recognize characters in an electronic document. In a persistent data store, character identification data is stored. Character identification data is data that, for one or more characters of one or more fonts, associates (a) glyph data for a character with (b) code point data for the character, where the glyph data describes how to render the character on or to an output device, and the code point data identifies, to the computerized entity, the identity of the character. Upon determining that an embedded font document, such as a PDF document, does not include a set of code point data for a particular character, the character identification data is consulted to determine the identity of the particular character. In this way, a machine can recognize characters in the embedded font document and perform functions such as indexing or searching on the embedded font document.08-04-2011
20100027894SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATIC RECOGNITION OF UNDETECTED ASSETS - In logistic scenarios where multiple assets are stacked to form a package of assets, it is often important to determine the number and types of assets which are stacked together. Various systems and methods of determining the content of a package of assets are known in the art, however, there are cases in which they fail to detect one or more assets and also fail to provide any indication that an asset has been overlooked or is missing. According to one aspect of the present invention there is provided a system and method that enable to automatically detect one or more assets in a package which are missing. According to another aspect of the present invention there is provided a system and method for detecting the number of missing assets and also specific characteristics of each of one or more missing assets.02-04-2010
20110216979DETERMINING SIMILARITY OF TWO IMAGES - A computer implemented method is disclosed. The method includes obtaining a first and second images for comparison, globally registering the first and second images, calculating for pairs of a first patch of the first image and second patch of the second image a similarity measure which is a product of luminance and contrast components and a normalized structure component, each component taking a value between 0 and 1 and determining similarity of the images based on the calculated similarity measure. Relating computer program product and data processing system are also disclosed.09-08-2011
20110150346Method and Apparatus for Identifying Embossed Characters - In a method and apparatus for identifying an embossed character, light of one color is directed in one direction across the embossed character to illuminate certain character parts and light of another color is directed in another direction across the embossed character to illuminate other character parts. Image data for the two colors are captured and are subjected to separate image processing to detect edges highlighted by the directed light. The processed images are combined and supplemented with OCR analysis before being compared with predicted characters. Based on the comparison, a determination is made as to the probable identity of the character.06-23-2011
20110052083INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD AND APPARATUS, INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD AND MOBILE TERMINAL, PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROVIDING SYSTEM - An information providing method includes a recognition step of recognizing an image-capture position, in the real world, at which a captured image was captured; a retrieval step of retrieving information that is associated with the image-capture position, which has been recognized in the recognition step, and the captured image; and a provision step of providing the information, which has been retrieved in the retrieval step, as overlay information that is to be displayed so as to be superimposed on the captured image.03-03-2011
20100278440NONDESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A method and system for nondestructively detecting and quantifying material anomalies within materials, including composite articles. The method entails performing a three-dimensional imaging scan technique, such as a computed tomography scan, of the material and a reference standard such that a test image of the material and a reference image of the reference standard appear in a plurality of two-dimensional scan views generated by the scan technique. The reference images are located in the scan views and normalized to determine at least an average value of the pixel data for the reference images. Values of pixel data of the test image are determined in each scan view, and then compared to the pixel data of the reference images to detect the presence of an anomaly in the test images. The detected anomaly in at least one of the test images of the scan views is then compared to a requirement standard for the material.11-04-2010
20110069894IMAGE DEFECT DETECTION - Disclosed is a computer implemented method of detecting a defect in a printed image, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a target image comprising digital image data representing a scan of the printed image; receiving a reference image comprising digital image data representing a reference of the printed image; calculating a structural dissimilarity measure, D, associated with a target pixel located in the target image and a reference pixel located in the reference image; and, determining on the basis of the structural dissimilarity measure whether a defect is present at the target pixel, wherein the structural dissimilarity measure is calculated using a structural measure, s, and a contrast measure, c; the structural measure calculated using a spatial cross-correlation associated with a target region, {right arrow over (x)}, containing the target pixel and a reference region, {right arrow over (y)}, containing the reference pixel, and the contrast measure calculated using a standard deviation associated with the target region, and a standard deviation associated with the reference region.03-24-2011
20100166322Security Screening Image Analysis Simplification Through Object Pattern Identification - A mechanism is provided for security screening image analysis simplification through object pattern identification. Popular consumer electronics and other items are scanned in a control system, which creates an electronic signature for each known object. The system may reduce the signature to a hash value and place each signature for each known object in a “known good” storage set. For example, popular mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, and the like may be scanned for the known good signature database. At the time of scan, such as at an airport, objects in a bag may be rotated to a common axis alignment and transformed to the same signature or hash value to match against the known good signature database. If an item matches, the scanning system marks it as a known safe object.07-01-2010
20110091117IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - A apparatus holds schedule information managing, in association with each other, scheduled place information indicating a place where a user is scheduled to stay and scheduled time slot information indicating a time slot during which the user is scheduled to stay in the scheduled place. The apparatus holds, in association with the scheduled place information, a recognition dictionary used for recognizing an object being in a captured image of the scheduled place. The apparatus acquires time information indicating the current time, and an image of a place where the user stays at the current time. The apparatus specifies scheduled place information being held in association with scheduled time slot information indicating a time slot including the acquired information, and a recognition dictionary being held in association with the specified information. The apparatus recognizes an object in the acquired image using the specified dictionary to output information indicating a recognition result.04-21-2011
20110064316PATTERN RECOGNITION METHOD, CHARACTER RECOGNITION METHOD, PATTERN RECOGNITION APPARATUS, AND CHARACTER RECOGNITION APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a pattern recognition method includes calculating similarities of the input pattern with respect to respective categories, converting the calculated similarities of the input pattern with respect to the respective categories into first evaluation values based on a first table which indicates a relationship between similarities for respective categories and first evaluation values, calculating second evaluation values based on the calculated first evaluation values for the respective categories and prior probabilities for the respective categories stored in a second table indicating prior probabilities of the respective categories, and selecting a category corresponding to a maximum value of the calculated second evaluation values.03-17-2011
20110064317AUTO STACKING OF RELATED IMAGES - Digital images may be grouped based on attributes of the images. To represent this grouping, the representations of the digital images are arranged into stacks.03-17-2011
20120002885IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - In an image processing device, a lowpass filter extracts a low-frequency component of 8-bit input image data VI01-05-2012
20120002886IMAGE DATA TEST UNIT, IMAGE APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF TESTING IMAGE DATA USING THE SAME - An image data test unit includes a data acquisition unit configured to acquire image data having individual frames, an image data temporary storage unit configured to receive the acquired image data from the data acquisition unit to store a certain amount of the image data, and a test calculation unit configured to sequentially receive the image data from the image data temporary storage unit to store a certain amount of the image data, and compare the stored image data with pre-set test elements. In addition, an image apparatus having the image data test unit and a method of testing image data using the image data test unit are also provided.01-05-2012
20120002884METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING VIDEO CONTENT - Video files stored in a data store are managed by analyzing the semantic relationship of at least one associated descriptive tag of a given video file to tags associated with video files in the data store. The results of the analysis are used to select a set of video files from those stored in the data store. The content of the given video file is compared with the content of the selected set to determine the similarity of the content. The results of the determination may be used to update information concerning the similarity of video files in the data store, for example, to be used in providing results in response to a search query.01-05-2012
20110096998Method of Taking an Image of an Object Residing in a Transparent, Colored Container - A method of producing an image of an object residing inside a transparent container of a first color includes: illuminating the container and the object with light of a second color, the second color being substantially the inverse of the first color; and producing an image of the object through the container. An image produced by this method can exhibit substantially the same color as the object itself, even when the image is taken through a colored transparent wall.04-28-2011
20120014612DOCUMENT PROCESSING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A document processing apparatus includes a comparison source data acquisition unit that acquires a plurality of comparison source data each including a plurality of comparison source descriptions that are acquired from a comparison source document and ordered; a comparison target acquisition unit that acquires one or more comparison target data respectively acquired from comparison target documents; and a comparison result output unit that outputs a comparison result based on a minimum difference between one datum of the comparison source data and one data of the comparison target data corresponding to one of a plurality of combinations in each of which one of the comparison source data is combined with one of the comparison target data.01-19-2012
20120057798IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - According to an embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a generation unit. The generation unit generates a texture image by searching for a similar pixel area to a processed pixel area near a processing target pixel in the texture image from a neighboring area at a position corresponding to the processing target pixel in a sample texture image and assigning the processing target pixel a pixel value near the similar pixel area in accordance with a positional relationship between the processed pixel area and the processing target pixel. The generation unit searches for the similar pixel area based on a similarity between a pixel value in a pixel area in the neighboring area and a pixel value in the processed pixel area and a determination result indicating whether each pixel in the neighboring area expresses a same object as that expressed by the processing target pixel.03-08-2012
20120020573IMAGE ANALYSIS SYSTEMS USING NON-LINEAR DATA PROCESSING TECHNIQUES AND METHODS USING SAME - Described herein are image analysis systems that utilize a non-linear data processing algorithm for overlaying and comparing time sequence images. The image analysis systems can include at least one image collection device, an image processing device operating a non-linear data processing algorithm, and at least one data output device. The image processing device can be operable to overlay a test image and a reference image and perform a comparison therebetween. Linear parameters and non-linear parameters can be processed by the image processing device in performing the overlay. Methods for overlaying a test image upon a reference image by using a non-linear data processing algorithm are also described.01-26-2012
20120020572HAND-HELD MOBILE APPARATUS AND METHOD OF QUCKLY DISPLAYING ONLINE COMMUNITY FRIENDS' IMAGES APPLICABLE THERETO - A hand-held mobile apparatus and method of quickly displaying online community friends' images applicable thereto are disclosed. The hand-held mobile apparatus includes a network communication module for linking to an online community server; a comparison module for comparing and determining whether data of a web image in the online community server matches data of a local image in a storage unit of the apparatus; a recognition module for determining an image type of the web image when the web image data is different from the local image data; a processing unit for downloading the web image of a first type in a smallest image size or the web image of a second type in an image size matching a screen resolution of the apparatus, and storing the web image in the storage unit as the local image; and a display unit for displaying the local image.01-26-2012
20120301037REAL TIME VIDEO STABILIZER - A method of correcting a current image taken by a capturing device, the current image captured after a previous image, the method comprising the steps of: determining a noticeable pixel group, such as an edge of an object in the previous image; locating the noticeable pixel groups in the current image, by finding corresponding pixels whose values are most similar to the values of the noticeable pixels, determining the offset between the previous image and the current image, and correcting the current image using the offset. Optionally, multiple offsets are determined for multiple areas in the current image, and other areas in the image are optionally corrected according to interpolations between the determined offsets.11-29-2012
20120063688IMAGE SEARCH APPARATUS, IMAGE SCANNING APPARATUS, IMAGE SEARCH SYSTEM, DATABASE CREATION METHOD, AND DATABASE CREATION PROGRAM - An image search apparatus capable of communicating with an image scanning apparatus includes: a common area extraction portion to compare a plurality of registration images stored in the storage portion and to extract a common area including an identical or similar image among a plurality of registration images; a search area determination portion to determine a non-common area excluding the common area, as a search area; a transmission request portion to request transmission of a document image if, as a result of comparison by the comparison portion, a registration image in which the reference image is identical or similar to the partial image does not exist in the plurality of registration images; and a registration portion to, in response to a request by the transmission request portion, store a document image received from the image scanning apparatus as a registration image into the storage portion.03-15-2012
20120207397Pattern Matching Method and Pattern Matching Apparatus - Provided is a template matching method and a template matching apparatus, where the degree of matching between a template and the actual image upon template matching is maintained at a high level, without depending on a partial appearance of a lower layer. Proposed as one embodiment, is a method and an apparatus for template matching, where either an area is set in which comparison of the template and the image is not conducted, or a second area is set inside the template where comparison different from comparison conducted in a first comparison area is to be conducted, and the template matching is conducted on the basis either of comparison excluding the non-comparison area, or of comparison using the first and second areas.08-16-2012
20130170759Method and System of Person Identification by Facial Image - A method to recognize a facial image is described. An input facial image is normalized by scaling and rotation angle using methods of eye pupil centers detection. The input facial image is further normalized by lighting intensity. Template images are obtained either by the processing of certain images taken from different face positions, or by a preliminary reconstruction of a 3D face model based on stereo-pair images. Using the 3D model template, facial images are generated at different rotation angles. Distances between the input facial image and the template image are calculated from the Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT) features, defined by overlapped blocks of these images. The facial image is recognized based on these distances.07-04-2013
20120121193IMAGE COMPARISON AND PROCESSING - Method and systems for search and retrieval of images with an image processing system is disclosed. With an input interface, selection of a plurality of images to use in a search query is accepted. The plurality of images of the search query are processed with the image processing system. A subset of the plurality of target images that are similar to the plurality of images is determined. With an output interface, the subset of the plurality of target images as a result from the search query is output.05-17-2012
20120213445METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR RATING IMAGES - A method of rating a captured image is disclosed. A database of reference images is accessed. One or more of the reference images has an associated rating value. One or more of the reference images is selected to form at least one subset of reference images based on metadata associated with the reference images. The reference images of the subset are captured approximate to a capture location of the captured image and at a time associated with a capture time of the captured image. One or more similar reference images are determined from the selected subset based on at least one characteristic of the captured image. The captured image is rated based on the rating values associated with the similar reference images.08-23-2012
20100246977SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ASSESSING IMAGES - Disclosed are systems and methods for assessing images in applications such as microscopic scanning of a slide having light emitting objects. In certain embodiments, such scanning can involve objects such as sequencing beads disposed on the slide to facilitate biological analysis such as nucleic acid sequencing. Also disclosed are certain embodiments where images of light emitting objects are assessed for image quality so as to facilitate a feedback response such as a corrective action. In certain embodiments, such assessment and correction can be performed in real-time during the scanning process, and can include re-acquisition of the assessed image. Also disclosed are certain embodiments where such assessment and correction can be triggered dynamically during the scan, or before start of the scan, so as to enhance the scanning performance, including scanning time and throughput.09-30-2010
20100246978DATA VERIFICATION METHOD, DATA VERIFICATION DEVICE, AND DATA VERIFICATION PROGRAM - A data verification method includes extracting a first graphic and a second graphic from a first circuit pattern, extracting a third graphic and a fourth graphic from a second circuit pattern, the second circuit pattern being in a layer different than a layer including the first circuit pattern; performing transformation on the first graphic; comparing the first graphic having undergone the transformation with the second graphic; performing the transformation on the third graphic; comparing the third graphic having undergone the transformation with the fourth graphic; when the first graphic having undergone the transformation matches the second graphic, and the third graphic having undergone the transformation matches the fourth graphic, performing grouping for the first and second graphics and setting the first graphic as a first representative graphic; and verifying a shape of the first circuit pattern based on the first representative graphic.09-30-2010
20100246976METHOD OF CREATING A COMPOSITE IMAGE - The method of creating image mosaics, comprising performing following operations: component elements of images are analyzed and descriptors of matching points are revealed; pair-wise comparison of descriptors is performed; descriptors are matched with final image and rotation/translation parameters are recovered; component elements one-by-one are complemented in final image, based on recovered rotation/translation parameters.09-30-2010
20120163722Image Capture and Identification System and Process - A digital image of the object is captured and the object is recognized from plurality of objects in a database. An information address corresponding to the object is then used to access information and initiate communication pertinent to the object.06-28-2012
20100209006APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR VISUAL CREDENTIAL VERIFICATION - A solution for visual credential verification. The solution includes an apparatus, system, and method embodiment. The apparatus for visual credential verification includes an input module, a comparison module, and a response module. The input module receives from a security official an image of an unverified credential, such as a badge, that an individual has presented to the security official. The comparison module determines whether or not the unverified credential is valid or invalid. The determination includes comparing the image of the unverified credential with known good images of valid credentials. The comparison module may also compare authentication information such as a photo of the individual, a name, or a badge number, with known good authentication information. Based on the comparison module's determination, the response module notifies the security official that the unverified credential is either valid or invalid. A system for visual credential verification may be implemented with a server in communication with a security official's electronic device, such as a cell phone.08-19-2010
20100209007SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING CHANGES IN AN ENVIRONMENT - A system capable of detecting changes within an environment in which a known image is displayed. The system includes a computing platform executing a software application being configured for comparing at least a portion of an image captured from the environment to at least a portion of the known image to thereby detect changes in the environment.08-19-2010
20100209005REGISTRATION AND COMPARISON OF THREE DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS - Information of different scans of physical objects may require comparison, for example to determine if the scans are of the same object or if an object has changed, or better information for a three dimensional model may be desired. Different scans of physical objects may be compared by determining lines or planes tangent to a surface at a discrete number of points, registering three dimensional information provided by the scans using the tangent lines or planes, and determining a measure of discrepancy between the surfaces. Three dimensional information of different scans of the same object may also be merged after determining lines or planes tangent to a surface at a discrete number of points and performing registration and merging.08-19-2010
20120314963Use of Master Resolution Image to Establish Authorship, and Applications Thereof - Systems, methods and articles of manufacture for establishing true authorship of a master resolution image are described herein. Embodiments of the present invention relate to reducing unauthorized copying of images posted for public display on image transaction sites where posted images for sale by true authors are susceptible to unauthorized copying by other individuals. Further embodiments allow a true author to post a master resolution version of the image in a secured area of the image transaction site that is shielded from public viewing while posting a downgraded version of the image in a public viewing area of the image transaction site. In one embodiment, an unauthorized copy is verified when the unauthorized copy is a copy of the downgraded version of the image in the public viewing area so when compared to the master resolution version, the image can be verified as an unauthorized copy of the downgraded version.12-13-2012
20120170855IMAGE MANAGEMENT DEVICE, IMAGE MANAGEMENT METHOD, PROGRAM, RECORDING MEDIUM, AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An image management device includes an image priority calculation unit calculating image priority, an image selection unit selecting a high-priority image and a low-priority image, a feature correction unit correcting low-priority image features using the object features of objects included in the high-priority image and in the low-priority image, an image similarity calculation unit calculating image similarity using the object features of the high-priority image and the object features corrected by the feature correction unit, and an image priority correction unit correcting the priority of the low-priority image according to the calculated image similarity.07-05-2012
20120076427METHOD OF SELECTING IMPORTANT DIGITAL IMAGES - A method for selecting important digital images in a collection of digital images, comprising: analyzing the digital images in the collection of digital images to identify one or more sets of similar digital images; identifying one or more sets of similar digital images having the largest number of similar digital images; selecting one or more digital images from the identified largest sets of similar digital images to be important digital images; and storing an indication of the selected important digital image in a processor accessible memory.03-29-2012
20120177296METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMPARING VIDEOS - In a method of comparing a query video and a target video, frames of the query video and frames of the target video arc partitioned into blocks. The mean intensity value is calculated for each block. Minima and maxima values are extracted from temporal changes of the mean intensity values for each block. Inclines and declines are obtained from the minima and maxima values. The inclines and declines are used in determining if alignment exists between the query video and the target video.07-12-2012
20120177295Document comparison and analysis for improved OCR - A method for enhancing the accuracy of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms by detection of differences between a digital image of a document and a text file corresponding to the digital image, created by the OCR algorithm.07-12-2012
20100008590Signature of Moulded Article - A method of authenticating an article comprises generating a signature from intrinsic surface structure of an article, comparing the signature for the article to a stored signature for a mould used to produce articles, and determining an authentication result based upon a comparison result between the article signature and stored mould signature.01-14-2010
20100008589IMAGE DESCRIPTOR FOR IMAGE RECOGNITION - A method of deriving a representation of an image by processing signals corresponding to the image, the method comprises deriving a function of the image, where the function of a translated, scaled or rotated version of the image is a translated or scaled version of the function of the image, and using a plurality of frequency components of a frequency representation of the function to derive a representation of the image.01-14-2010
20120314962AUTO-RECOGNITION FOR NOTEWORTHY OBJECTS - Techniques for automatically identifying famous people and/or iconic images are provided. Object descriptors (or “faceprints”) of the famous people and iconic images are generated and “shipped” with a digital image management application used by an end-user. The digital image management application analyzes a digital image (generated, for example, by a digital camera operated by the end-user) to detect an object, such as a face, and generates a faceprint. The digital image management application compares the faceprint to the faceprints of the famous people and/or iconic images. If a match is found, then data that identifies the corresponding person or object is displayed to the end-user.12-13-2012
20090060350METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE THEREOF - An object is held in any one of a plurality of specific orientations to present an aspect, corresponding to a specific orientation, to an imaging module of an electronic device. An image of the aspect is captured. The current captured image is compared with images in a library of image-command associations to find a match. If a match is found, the electronic device triggers a command execution of the matching image-command association. If no match is found, a new image-command association is established and stored in the library of the image-command associations.03-05-2009
20120189211RAPID IMAGE SEARCH IN A LARGE DATABASE - A method for searching in a large-scale database of images for images that are visually similar to query images is provided using a processor to perform the following steps: computing visual features for the database images; constructing an Image Anchor Graph that contains a plurality of anchors corresponding to a subset of images in the database, according to the computed visual features; computing visual features for the query images; and retrieving database images similar to one or more user query images using a ranking algorithm that uses the anchors in the Image Anchor Graph according to the computed visual features of both the query images and the database images on the Image Anchor Graph.07-26-2012
20120189212METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMPARING VIDEOS - A method for comparing a query video and a target video includes partitioning frames of the query video and frames of the target video into blocks and calculating the mean intensity value for each block. A plurality of query time series is produced for the query video, each query time series representing temporal variation in mean intensity value for blocks from the same location in different frames of the query video. A plurality of target time series is produced for the target video, each target time series representing temporal variation in mean intensity value for blocks from the same location in different frames of the target video the query time series and the target time series are used in determining if alignment exists between the query video and the target video.07-26-2012
20120257835SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INSTANT MESSAGE ANALYTICS OF HISTORICAL CONVERSATIONS IN RELATION TO PRESENT COMMUNICATION - Evaluating a delivered video using a marker. A marker can be generated to be superimposed and displayed on an evaluation range from coordinate values specifying the evaluation range input to evaluate the video and that adds the marker to the video and causing the video with the marker to be deliver. An image can be generated in the evaluation range at predetermined intervals starting from the input time of the coordinate values. A similarity between two images arranged in the order of time from the input time by comparing the two images can be calculated, and a determination can be made whether the similarity is within an allowable range. The time of one of the two images generated as an extinction time of the displayed marker can be selected when the similarity is determined to be not within the allowable range.10-11-2012
20100329575DATING IMAGES FROM SCANNED WATERMARKS - A method for dating photographic prints comprising scanning a front side of a photographic print forming an image scan; scanning a back side of the photographic print forming a back scan; defining a database of photographic print watermarks, each photographic print watermark comprising a representation of a watermark pattern and an associated date range; analyzing the back scan using a cross-correlation process between the back scan and the watermark patterns in the database of photographic print watermarks to identify a matching photographic print watermark; determining a date range for the image scan responsive to the identified matching photographic print watermark; and associating the determined date range with the image scan.12-30-2010
20080298687Human image recognition system - The present invention is to provide a human image recognition system capable of determining a next movement of a person approaching a particular region of space, which comprises a determination unit adapted to determine whether there is a moving object in continuous images taken by an image taking unit by analyzing the continuous images. If yes, the determination unit compares the moving object with contours of at least one admissible person stored in a memory so as to determine whether the moving object is a person recognized or is about to enter into or leave from a door of a building by analyzing the person's moving direction and changed positions, and then determine whether the person should be allowed to pass through or not.12-04-2008
20110002549TEMPLATE MATCHING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A template matching apparatus includes a template input unit configured to input the template image; a signal input unit configured to input an image to be matched; a template scaling unit configured to scale the template image; a matching unit configured to match a scaled template image and an input image; a scaling factor determining unit configured to determine a scaling factor of the template image on the basis of a similarity obtained by matching; and a result output unit configured to output a result of matching when matching within a range of a predetermined scaling factor is completed.01-06-2011
20120263386APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REFINING A VALUE OF A SIMILARITY MEASURE - An apparatus and a method for refining a value of a similarity measure are described. A similarity measure is assigned to a pixel or a group of pixels of a disparity map, which is assigned to at least two stereo images each having a plurality of pixels. The similarity measure constitutes an estimate for a match quality of the pixel or the group of pixels. For refinement of the value of the similarity measure, the similarity measure between a pixel or a group of pixels in a first stereo image and a corresponding pixel or a group of corresponding pixels in a second stereo image is determined. A contrast value for the pixel or the group of pixels of the first or the second stereo image is determined and the value of the similarity measure is corrected by a correction value that is a function of the determined contrast value.10-18-2012
20120093423ELECTRONIC SYSTEM WITH SIMULATED SENSE PERCEPTION AND METHOD OF PROVIDING SIMULATED SENSE PERCEPTION - A method of providing sense perception to an electronic system includes capturing a plurality of data sets, each data set representing an observation of a scene from a different perspective, comparing the data sets to one another to identify invariants in the data sets, comparing the invariants of the data sets to identify objects including the invariants, and outputting data indicative of the identified objects and invariants. The different perspectives can be temporal (e.g., time sequenced), positional (e.g., movement of sensors), or can exhibit some other difference in perspective. The data sets can include data indicative of optical images, sound, and/or any other type of sensory data. In that example, the invariants are data representations of color patches in an optical image. In a particular method, the data sets include data indicative of at least three different types of sense perceptions including, but not limited to, acoustical, optical, and pressure.04-19-2012
20120093422METHOD FOR SORTING BALLS BY IMAGE RECOGNITION - A method for sorting balls by image recognition comprises the steps of feeding ball, capturing image for a first time, making ball rotate, capturing image for a second time, comparing images, and discharging balls. With the above steps, not only can the balls be sorted into the acceptable and the unacceptable balls, but the unacceptable balls can be sorted into different kinds according to the defects such as scratch, strain, and so on. Hence, effective data can be offered to improve the ball manufacturing process accurately.04-19-2012
20100254614CLUSTERING VIDEOS BY LOCATION - Described is a technology in which video shots are clustered based upon the location at which the shots were captured. A global energy function is optimized, including a first term that computes clusters so as to be reasonably dense and well connected, to match the possible shots that are captured at a location, e.g., based on similarity scores between pairs of shots. A second term is a temporal prior that encourages subsequent shots to be placed in the same cluster. The shots may be represented as nodes of a minimum spanning tree having edges with weights that are based on the similarity score between the shots represented by their respective nodes. Agglomerative clustering is performed by selecting pairs of available clusters, merging the pairs and keeping the pair with the lowest cost. Clusters are iteratively merged until a stopping criterion or criteria is met (e.g., only a single cluster remains).10-07-2010
20120128258DESIGN METHOD OF CIPHER AND PICTURE CIPHER SYSTEM - A design method of cipher is provided. First, a database with a plurality of picture units is provided. Then, a part of the picture units of the database are selected to form a passing picture, and the passing picture is transferred to an encoder. The encoder selects at least parts of the picture units of the database to form a plurality of option pictures, in which a part of the picture units of the option pictures correspond with the picture units of the passing picture. A picture cipher system is also provided.05-24-2012
20120128257METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IDENTIFYING VIDEO PROGRAM MATERIAL OR CONTENT VIA DIFFERENTIAL SIGNALS - A system for identification of video content in a video signal is provided by providing a difference signal between an input signal and the delayed input signal. An alternative embodiment includes providing frequency coefficients from one or more video frames along a curve, or from a region of the video frame. In another embodiment a filter bank provides a real time or near real time frequency analysis of a video signal to provide identification. Other attributes of the video signal or transport stream may be combined with closed caption data or closed caption text for identification purposes. Example attributes include DVS/SAP information, time code information, histograms, and or rendered video or pictures.05-24-2012
20110235925IMAGE MONITORING SYSTEM - An image monitoring system including: an image data acquisition unit for taking in video signals from a camera to acquire image data; and an image recognition unit for carrying out image recognition processing using an inputted image obtained from the image data acquisition unit, wherein the image recognition unit includes: a reference image registration means for registering a reference image selected from among the inputted images; a motion detection means for acquiring motion detection information from the inputted image; an image blur detection means for detecting image blur by comparison of the reference image with the inputted image for edge strength; a similarity computation means for computing a similarity between the reference image and the inputted image; and a camera anomaly detection unit for determining any anomaly in the camera from the motion detection information, the image blur and the similarity, wherein the comparison for edge strength and the computation for the similarity are carried out respectively for an image region excluding a region of a moving object extracted by the motion detection means.09-29-2011
20110262044ENERGY SAVING METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An energy saving method for electronic devices is revealed. At least one reference image and a plurality of temporal images are set up by capturing a temporal scene in front of an electronic device. Compare the reference image with each temporal image to check if the user is in front of the electronic device. If the user is not in front of the electronic device, the electronic device is driven to enter the energy saving mode for saving power consumption of the electronic device.10-27-2011
20120087592METHOD, SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM FOR ADAPTIVELY PERFORMING IMAGE-MATCHING ACCORDING TO SITUATIONS - The present invention relates to a method for adaptively performing an image matching process according to a situation. The method includes the steps of: (a) recognizing the situation of a subject included in an inputted image; and (b) selecting an image group including at least one image to be compared with the inputted image of the subject for the image matching process among multiple images stored on a database, as a qualified reference image group, according to the recognized situation; wherein the images included in the qualified reference image group are dynamically changed according to the recognized situation.04-12-2012
20120087591Method and System for Providing Targeted Documents Based on Concepts Automatically Identified Therein - A system and method for providing a graphical document are provided. A graphical document is processed to identify one or more ideas associated with the graphical document. The identified ideas may be used to determine concepts to associate with the first electronic document and suggest those concepts for association with the first electronic document for use in a document distribution system that distributes documents based on a price parameter associated with concepts and a performance parameter. A request for a document associated with a concept is received. Responsive to the request, the graphical document is delivered if an association between the one or more ideas and the concept is determined.04-12-2012
20120321201USING NEAR-DUPLICATE VIDEO FRAMES TO ANALYZE, CLASSIFY, TRACK, AND VISUALIZE EVOLUTION AND FITNESS OF VIDEOS - A system and method for analyzing video include segmenting video stored in computer readable storage media into keyframes. Near-duplicate keyframes are represented as a sequence of indices. The near-duplicate keyframes are rendered in a graphical representation to determine relationships between video content.12-20-2012
20100202705IMAGE COMPARING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREFOR, IMAGE RETRIEVING APPARATUS AS WELL AS PROGRAM AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A coding parameter extracting unit extracts and supplies coding parameters of a code stream to an image characteristic amount output unit. A code stream characteristic amount extracting unit outputs a first vector calculated based on the number of zero bit planes for each code block extracted by analyzing the code stream. The image characteristic amount output unit uses the coding parameters other than a quantization step size of the code stream to output a second vector calculated based on the number of zero bit planes for each code block of a specific image. A comparing unit compares the first and second vectors for each code block and makes a matching decision between the code stream and the specific image.08-12-2010
20130016915CROSSWALK DETECTION DEVICE, CROSSWALK DETECTION METHOD AND RECORDING MEDIUMAANM Hashimoto; YoshikuniAACI Anjo-shiAACO JPAAGP Hashimoto; Yoshikuni Anjo-shi JPAANM Adachi; JunAACI Okazaki-shiAACO JPAAGP Adachi; Jun Okazaki-shi JPAANM Mizuno; MasahiroAACI Kiyosu-shiAACO JPAAGP Mizuno; Masahiro Kiyosu-shi JP - A crosswalk detection device executes a predetermined arithmetic processing on a calculated value calculated based on data obtained through a scanning operation using a main pattern. Next, the device determines whether or not a crosswalk is in a predetermined image based on a relationship between a calculated result of the arithmetic processing and a position of the main pattern MP on the predetermined image. The above-explained calculated value is, for example, an average of the brightness of pixels overlapping each sub pattern of the main pattern. Hence, even if a white pattern of the crosswalk is cracked or the white pattern has a separated part, the value of data is hardly affected. Accordingly, it is possible to precisely determine whether or not the crosswalk is in the predetermined image.01-17-2013
20130016916PERSONALIZED TAG RANKING - Personalized tag ranking of images, including identifying within a reference image collection any images that are similar to an input image, identifying within a source image collection any images that have associated tags that are similar to a set of input tags associated with the input image, identifying among the images identified in the reference image collection any images that are similar to the images identified in the source image collection, and calculating a weight for each of a plurality of tag pairs, where each of the tags in each of the tag pairs is associated with a different subset of the images in the reference image collection identified as being similar to the images identified in the source image collection, and ranking the input tags of the input image in accordance with a predefined ranking function as applied to the tag pair weights.01-17-2013
20110158545APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MATCHING SYMBOLS IN A TEXT IMAGE CODING AND DECODING SYSTEM - An apparatus of a text image coding and decoding system includes a matching unit to compute a first distance between a symbol of a text image with a reference symbol of a symbol dictionary, to determine whether the symbol matches with the reference symbol according to the first distance and a first reference, and to compute a second distance between the one of the symbols with the reference symbol if the symbol does not match with the reference symbol according to the first distance and the first reference, and to determine whether the symbol matches with the reference symbol according to the second distance and a second reference.06-30-2011
20130022278IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes an image retrieving unit that retrieves an image including a symbol, a noise detecting unit that detects noise of the image, a comparative image retrieving unit that retrieves a comparative image that is to be compared with a detection region of the image detected as the noise by the noise detecting unit, and a removing unit that, in accordance with comparison results of the detection region with the comparative image, removes from the image one portion of the detection region excluding the other portion of the detection region where at least part of the symbol included in the image is detected as the noise.01-24-2013
20120243797MEANS FOR USING MICROSTRUCTURE OF MATERIALS SURFACE AS A UNIQUE IDENTIFIER - The present application concerns the visual identification of materials or documents for tracking or authentication purposes.09-27-2012
20120243795SCALABLE IMAGE DISTRIBUTION IN VIRTUALIZED SERVER ENVIRONMENTS - A method and system include replicating an image representing a sequence of bytes on a local storage medium on a target device by determining a similarity between images and reconstructing a new image using equivalent blocks from one or more similar images locally available on the target device or available on donor devices to reduce network link usage and transfer time in replicating the image.09-27-2012
20080240578USER INTERFACE FOR USE IN SECURITY SCREENING PROVIDING IMAGE ENHANCEMENT CAPABILITIES AND APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - An apparatus, method and system for facilitating visual identification of a prohibited object in an image during security screening are provided. Data derived from an apparatus that scans the receptacle with penetrating radiation conveying an image of the contents of a receptacle is received. Information from an automated threat detection processor is also received and indicates an area of interest in the image potentially containing a prohibited object. The image is then processed to generate an enhanced image. In a first example, portions of the enhanced image outside the area of interest are visually de-emphasized. In a second example, features appearing inside the area of interest are visually emphasized. The enhanced image is then displayed on a display device. Optionally, thumbnail images associated with previously screened receptacles are displayed and a user is enabled to select one or more thumbnail images. An enhanced image corresponding to the selected thumbnail image is then displayed. In alternative implementations, an apparatus, method and system for use in screening a person for facilitating visual identification of a prohibited object thereon is provided.10-02-2008
20130177252Detecting Video Copies - A computer-implemented method for detecting a copy of a reference video, comprises segmenting respective ones of multiple frames of the reference video into multiple regions, determining sets of image features appearing in respective ones of the multiple frames, determining a measure for the relative number of image features for a given region across the multiple frames, generating a spatio-temporal signature for the reference video using the determined measures, and comparing the signature for the reference video against a spatio-temporal signature of a query video to determine a likelihood of a match.07-11-2013
20110262045IMAGE MATCH-POINT DETECTION APPARATUS, IMAGE MATCH-POINT DETECTION METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image match-point detection apparatus has a pattern detection part, a pattern storage part, a characteristic-point extraction part and a match-point detection part. The match-point detection part determines whether the pattern numbers of the pattern information extracted as the characteristic-point pattern information for the bitmap images are identical to one another and detects a plurality of the pattern information comprising the identical pattern number, as match-point information.10-27-2011
20130170758LOW COST UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION GENERATION USING COMBINATION OF PATTERNS AND UNIQUE CODE IMAGES - The embodiments disclosed herein relates to a method and system for authentication of an object by forming a unique ID for the object. An authentication server identifies a unique natural pattern associated with the object to be verified. For the identified pattern, the authentication server assigns a unique ID. The pattern and unique ID are then stored in a database. The unique ID is then pasted on the object. For authentication, an image of the object with unique ID is captured and is sent to the authentication server for authentication. The authentication server first extracts from the received second image the unique ID, which is then used to retrieve from the database the stored pattern corresponding to it. The pattern in the received second image is then compared with the original pattern retrieved from the database. Based on the comparison, the system confirms authenticity of the object.07-04-2013
20130094770SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY UNLOCKING MOBILE DEVICE - A system and a method for dynamically unlocking a mobile device are provided. The method includes displaying various lock images, where at least one of the parts is altered, when an attempt is made to unlock the mobile device, determining whether a lock image, detected according to a user input, matches a preset image, and unlocking the mobile device according to the result of matching between the detected lock image and the preset image. The system and method increases the level of security when an unlock attempt is made in a public place.04-18-2013
20130114907METHODS AND APPARATUS TO IDENTIFY IMAGES IN PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS - Methods and apparatus to methods and apparatus to identify images in print advertisements are disclosed. An example method comprises computing a first image feature vector for a first presented image, comparing the first image feature vector to a second image feature vector, and when the first image feature vector matches the second image feature vector, storing printed-media information associated with the first presented image in a database record associated with the second image feature vector.05-09-2013
20130114906DETECTING IMAGE IMPAIRMENTS IN AN INTERPOLATED IMAGE - Some aspects include a method and apparatus for detecting image impairments caused by interpolation in an output image interpolated from two or more input images. The method comprises applying a substantially shift invariant transform to the interpolated image and to at least one of the input or adjacent images to derive a transformed image representation for each image. The transformed image representations of the interpolated image and the at least one adjacent image are then compared and differences between the transformed image representations indicative of image impairments in the output image caused by interpolation are determined based on the results of the comparison.05-09-2013
20130114905POST PROCESSING FOR IMPROVED GENERATION OF INTRINSIC IMAGES - In a first exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an automated, computerized method is provided for processing an image. According to a feature of the present invention, the method comprises the steps of providing an image file depicting an image, in a computer memory, generating a material intrinsic image corresponding to the image and modifying the material intrinsic image by identifying artifacts by comparing derivatives for the material intrinsic image with derivatives for the image, modifying the derivatives for the material intrinsic image to conform the derivatives for the material intrinsic to the derivatives of the image and integrating the modified derivatives for the material intrinsic image to calculate a modified material intrinsic image.05-09-2013
20120275713INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus for searching, from a plurality of photo book templates, for a photo book template to lay out a plurality of images therein, comprises: a unit configured to compare position information defined for each of a plurality of image frames included in the photo book templates with position information of each of the plurality of images, and to lay out, in an image frame among the plurality of image frames, an image among the plurality of images that matches the position information defined for the image frame; and a unit configured to search for a photo book template to lay out the plurality of images therein based on the number of images laid out by the layout unit and a layout of the thus laid-out images.11-01-2012
20130156330ENCODING INFORMATION IN ILLUMINATION PATTERNS - An apparatus for authentication of three-dimensional (3D) structures includes a projector (06-20-2013
20130156329OBJECT IDENTIFICATION USING 3-D CURVE MATCHING - The claimed subject matter provides for systems and/or methods for identification of instances of an object of interest in 2D images by creating a database of 3D curve models of each desired instance and comparing an image of an object of interest against such 3D curve models of instances. The present application describes identifying and verifying the make and model of a car from a possibly single image—after the models have been populated with training data of test images of many makes and models of cars. In one embodiment, an identification system may be constructed by generating a 3D curve model by back-projecting edge points onto a visual hull reconstruction from silhouettes of an instance. The system and methods employ chamfer distance and orientation distance provides reasonable verification performance, as well as an appearance model for the taillights of the car to increase the robustness of the system.06-20-2013
20120281924METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INCREASING ROBUSTNESS OF VISUAL QUALITY METRICS USING SPATIAL SHIFTING - A visual quality assessment method and system are based on deriving a quality metric by comparing sub-band approximations of a distorted image and an undistorted version of the same image, providing a good compromise between computational complexity and accuracy. The sub-band approximations are derived from Discrete Wavelet (Haar) transforms of small image blocks of each image. Due to inherent symmetries, the wavelet transform is “blind” to certain types of distortions. But the accuracy of the method is enhanced, and the blindness of the transform is overcome, by computing quality metrics for the distorted image as well as computing quality metrics for a shifted version of the distorted image and combining the results.11-08-2012
20120281923DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF IMAGE PROCESSING UTILIZING NON-UNIFORM IMAGE PATCH RECURRENCE - A method of image processing is disclosed, the method implementable on an electronic device, the method comprising: calculating for an image patch within an image at least one patch-dependent content information; based on said at least one patch-dependent content information, determining a patch-dependent search region; searching said patch-dependent search region for one or more image patches that are similar to said image patch; and processing said image patch based on said similar image patches found in said patch-dependent search region.11-08-2012
20130188879Preferred Images from Captured Video Sequence - In one embodiment, a computer system identifies a user in one or more frames of a video file, accesses a data store for image attitudinal data associated with the user, ranks the one or more frames based on the image attitudinal data associated with the user, and presents one or more top ranked frames to the user.07-25-2013
20120020576INTERACTIVE IMAGE SELECTION METHOD - A method for browsing a collection of digital images on a soft-copy display comprising: receiving a collection of digital images; interactively user selecting a digital image using a user interface; determining a plurality of subsets of the digital images, wherein each subset shares a common category with the selected digital image; and displaying the subsets of digital images on the soft-copy display, together with the selected digital image.01-26-2012
20120020575AUTOMATIC VERIFICATION SYSTEM FOR VIDEO PLAYBACK APPARATUS - An automatic verification system for a video playback apparatus includes: a continuous-shoot recording/storage section configured to capture a video output of the video playback apparatus continuously and store a plurality of captured images; an image comparison section configured to compare one of the plurality of stored images with one of a plurality of reference images prepared in advance; and a continuous-shoot determination control section configured to send the plurality of stored images to the image comparison section one by one and control the image comparison section.01-26-2012
20120020574VIDEO EVALUATION APPARATUS, SPATIO-TEMPORAL FREQUENCY ANALYZING APPARATUS, VIDEO EVALUATION METHOD, SPATIO-TEMPORAL FREQUENCY ANALYZING METHOD, VIDEO EVALUATION PROGRAM, AND SPATIO-TEMPORAL FREQUENCY ANALYZING PROGRAM - A video evaluation apparatus and video evaluation method capable of appropriately evaluating a video including of a plurality of frame images, using an objective standard. A reference characteristic, which is a predetermined spatio-temporal frequency characteristic about a video, is stored, and a video characteristic analyzer calculates a spatio-temporal frequency characteristic of a target video including a plurality of frame images. Then a video evaluation determiner calculates an evaluated value of the target video, based on a relative relation between the calculated spatio-temporal frequency characteristic and the stored reference characteristic.01-26-2012
20120294538SEARCH SKIP REGION SETTING FUNCTION GENERATION METHOD, SEARCH SKIP REGION SETTING METHOD, OBJECT SEARCH METHOD, SEARCH SKIP REGION SETTING FUNCTION GENERATION APPARATUS, SEARCH SKIP REGION SETTING APPARATUS, AND OBJECT SEARCH APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a search skip region setting function generation method includes estimating. The estimating includes estimating a relative position between a object and a template based on a distribution of surrounding search point similarities, and generates a function required to set a search skip region which allows to skip the object search on each model reduced-scale image based on the estimated relative position.11-22-2012
20130202217OBJECT CLASSIFICATION USING TWO-DIMENSIONAL PROJECTION - One or more systems and/or techniques are provided to identify objects comprised in a compound object without segmenting three-dimensional image data of the potential compound object. Two-dimensional projections of a potential compound object (e.g., Eigen projections) are examined to identify the presence of known objects. The projections are compared to signatures, such as morphological characteristics, of one or more known objects. If it is determined based upon the comparison that there is a high likelihood that the compound object comprises a known object, a portion of the projection is masked, and it is compared again to the signature to determine if this likelihood has increased. If it has, a sub-object of the compound object may be classified based upon characteristics of the known object (e.g., the compound object may be classified as a potential threat item if the known object is a threat item).08-08-2013
20130202216OBJECT TAG METADATA AND IMAGE SEARCH - Techniques are disclosed for ordering images. The technique includes receiving a request, the request including keywords and parameters specifying desired image characteristics. Further, the technique includes identifying a set of images responsive to the request based on a match of the keywords to tags associated with objects depicted in the set of images. Finally, the technique includes determining an ordering of the identified set of images by comparing the received parameters with metadata fields associated with respective tags of the objects and returning an indication of the set of images and the determined ordering of the images.08-08-2013
20130208990IMAGE COMPARISON DEVICE, IMAGE COMPARISON METHOD, IMAGE COMPARISON SYSTEM, SERVER, TERMINAL, TERMINAL CONTROL METHOD, AND TERMINAL CONTROL PROGRAM - [Problem] To provide an image comparison device which improves comparison precision and processing speed when deriving integrated comparison result on the basis of comparison results for individual local areas.08-15-2013

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