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382 - Image analysis

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382190000 Feature extraction 1378
382209000 Template matching (e.g., specific devices that determine the best match) 480
382224000 Classification 318
382182000 Limited to specially coded, human-readable characters 126
382187000 On-line recognition of handwritten characters 96
382229000 Context analysis or word recognition (e.g., character string) 48
382186000 Unconstrained handwriting (e.g., cursive) 32
382185000 Ideographic characters (e.g., Japanese or Chinese) 21
20090123072IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An image pickup element capture an image of an object, and detailed unique information relating to the captured image is automatically associated with the image through pattern recognition so that the image is easily managed. A pattern detector performs the pattern recognition on an image obtained through a pre-photographing operation, and a result of the recognition is stored in a memory. A code comparator compares stored a preceding recognition result with the latest recognition result obtained through the pattern recognition performed using the pattern detector. In accordance with a result of the comparison, the stored recognition result is updated. When it is determined that a predetermined pattern is not included in the image obtained using the image pickup element, the recognition result stored in the memory is associated with the captured image.05-14-2009
20090154809Method and apparatus for identifying an imaging device - A new technique for identifying whether images are derived from a common imager, e.g., a camera, or other imaging device such as a scanner, based on the device's measured or inferred reference noise pattern, a unique stochastic characteristic of all common digital imaging sensors, including CCD, CMOS (Foveon™ X3), and JFET. The measured or inferred noise pattern of two images may be extracted and then cross correlated, with a high correlation being consistent with a common imager. Various preprocessing techniques may be used to improve tolerance to various types of image transform. It is also possible to perform the analysis without explicit separation of inferred image and inferred noise.06-18-2009
20120183221METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CREATING A VOICE RECOGNITION DATABASE FOR A MOBILE DEVICE USING IMAGE PROCESSING AND OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION - A method and system for controlling a mobile device from a head unit using voice control is disclosed. The head unit receives a graphical representation of a current user interface screen of the mobile device. The head unit than scans the graphical representation of the current user interface screen to determine the locations of potential input mechanisms. The potential input mechanisms are scanned using optical character recognition and voice commands are determined for the input mechanisms. The determined voice commands and their respective locations on the user interface screens are stored in a voice recognition database, which is queried with uttered voice commands during voice recognition.07-19-2012
20120308138Multi-resolution spatial feature extraction for automatic handwriting recognition - A first technique of recognizing content is disclosed, including: determining a first value representative of a pixel content present at a first set of pixels associated with a first distance from a pixel under consideration; determining a second value representative of a pixel content present at a second set of pixels associated with a second distance from the pixel under consideration; and using the first and second values to compute one or more spatial features associated with the pixel under consideration for purposes of content recognition. A second technique of recognizing content is also disclosed, including: determining, for a pixel, a first value representative of a first feature associated with a set of pixels associated with a first direction from the pixel; and determining, for the pixel, a second value representative of a second feature associated with a set of pixels associated with a second direction from the pixel.12-06-2012
20090074293METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OBJECT RECOGNITION USING FRACTAL MAPS - A method for recognizing an object in an image is disclosed wherein a fractal map of the image is generated by estimating the fractal dimension of each pixel in the image. The fractal map may be segmented by thresholding and locations of candidate objects are determined. The pixel value of the image pixel corresponding to the same location where the candidate object is found in the fractal map may be compared to a threshold value. If the pixel value is greater than the threshold value, the candidate object is recognized as a valid object.03-19-2009
20090245642IMAGE SELECTING APPARATUS AND IMAGE SELECTING METHOD - The image selecting apparatus includes plural operation indicating units that indicate arrangement places of images on an electronic album, an operator recognizing unit that acquires identification information of the plural operation indicating units, an image selecting unit that automatically selects, based on the identification information, as an image of an available image group, at least one image to be arranged on the electronic album out of an image group, an arrangement determining unit that determines propriety of arrangement of the images in the arrangement places and an arrangement instructing unit that determines images to be arranged in the determined arrangement places out of the available image group, and arranges the images. The image selecting method is performed by the image selecting apparatus.10-01-2009
20090238460ROBUST INTEREST POINT DETECTOR AND DESCRIPTOR - Methods and apparatus for operating on images are described, in particular methods and apparatus for interest point detection and/or description working under different scales and with different rotations, e.g. for scale-invariant and rotation-invariant interest point detection and/or description. The present invention can provide improved or alternative apparatus and methods for matching interest points either in the same image or in a different image. The present invention can provide alternative or improved software for implementing any of the methods of the invention. The present invention can provide alternative or improved data structures created by multiple filtering operations to generate a plurality of filtered images as well as data structures for storing the filtered images themselves, e.g. as stored in memory or transmitted through a network. The present invention can provide alternative or improved data structures including descriptors of interest points in images, e.g. as stored in memory or transmitted through a network as well as datastructures associating such descriptors with an original copy of the image or an image derived therefrom, e.g. a thumbnail image.09-24-2009
20120288201METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING DIGITAL PHOTOS - Methods and systems for managing digital photos are disclosed. In one implementation, a method for organizing digital photos includes receiving a set of digital photos, analyzing the set of digital photos to create tags that identify content information in the set of digital photos, tagging the set of digital photos in accordance with their corresponding content information, categorizing the set of digital photos in accordance with their corresponding tags, and displaying the digital photos and their corresponding tags with a display device.11-15-2012
20120288200Detecting Streaks in Printed Images - A method of detecting streaks in printed documents comprises, with an imaging device, capturing an image of a printed document, transmitting the image data representing the printed document to a computing device, with the computing device, dividing the image data into a number of rectangles horizontally across the image data so that the rectangles overlap in the horizontal direction, and with the computing device, determining if a rectangle comprises a streak. A system for detecting and evaluating streaks in printed document comprises a printing device that prints a document based on image data received from a computing device, an imaging device that captures an image of the printed document, and a streak detector that detects streaks within the captured image of the printed document.11-15-2012
20110293182 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RESOLVING SPATIAL ORIENTATION USING INTELLIGENT OPTICAL SELECTIVITY - The present invention provides a method and system for resolving complete free space orientation of an active receiving device at high speed using simple optics, trigonometry, simple circuitry, and using minimal processing power. The rapid triangulation of distance from the emitters, as well as resolution of rotational orientation, are determined by changing the contrast level in an infrared spectrum and by using wide angle lenses with greater than 180 degree hemispherical viewing angles. Furthermore, the system consists of an optional accelerometer, resident on the receiver, to dynamically adjust the image sensor frame rate.12-01-2011
20090003704METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING BROWSER BY USING IMAGE - Browser controlling method and system using an image are provided. The method includes inputting an image; recognizing the image; and executing a command based on the recognized image. Accordingly, the command based on the user's input image can be executed in the browser. Also, since the browser does not need to display various function buttons, the screen can be utilized more efficiently.01-01-2009
20090190834Image Recognition System and Recognition Method Thereof and Program - A task is to correctly classify an input image regardless of a fluctuation in illumination and a state of occlusion of the input image.07-30-2009
20090263021MONITORING SYSTEM, MONITORING METHOD AND PROGRAM - In order to appropriately detect abnormalities for the purpose of surveillance with it being possible to prevent an unnecessary increase in data amount of the monitoring images, a monitoring system includes an image capturing section that captures a moving image of a monitored area, a variation reduced image generating section that generates a variation reduced image by reducing a temporal variation in an image, based on a plurality of moving-image making-up images included in the moving image captured by the image capturing section, a condition storing section that stores thereon a condition which is required to be satisfied by a variation reduced image which is generated by using a plurality of moving-image making-up images included in a moving image which is judged to show an abnormality, a satisfaction judging section that judges whether the variation reduced image generated by the variation reduced image generating section satisfies the condition, an output moving image generating section that, when the satisfaction judging section judges negatively, generates an output moving image which has a lower image quality than when the satisfaction judging section judges positively, based on the moving image captured by the image capturing section, and an output section that outputs the output moving image generated by the output moving image generating section.10-22-2009
20090285483SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTEMPORANEOUS PRODUCT INFORMATION WITH ANIMATED VIRTUAL REPRESENTATIONS - A system and method for providing contemporaneous product information with animated virtual representations includes identifying a product by detecting a marker with a user device. Based upon the product, an animated virtual representation is generated in a display of the user device. Information about the product is conveyed to the user by virtual interaction with the animated virtual representation.11-19-2009
20090003703Unifield digital ink recognition - Described is a unified digital ink recognizer that recognizes various different types of digital ink data, such as handwritten character data and custom data, e.g., sketched shapes, handwritten gestures, and/or drawn pictures, without further participation by a user such as recognition mode selection or parameter input. For a custom item, the output may be a Unicode value from a private use area of Unicode. Building the unified digital ink recognizer may include defining the data set to be recognized, extracting features of training samples corresponding to the dataset items to build a recognizer model, evaluating the recognizer model using testing data, and modifying the recognizer model using tuning data. The extracted features may be processed into feature data for a multi-dimensional nearest neighbor recognizer approach; the extracted features for the samples of each class is calculated and combined into the feature set for this class in the resulting recognizer model.01-01-2009
20080292189IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: a data obtaining section for obtaining input image data; a memory in which reference image data or features of a reference image is stored; and a similarity determination process section for performing a determination process in which it is determined whether the input image data is image data corresponding to the reference image or not. The similarity determination process section changes the determination process in accordance with related information of the input image data. Consequently, it is possible to realize an image processing apparatus capable of determining a similarity between input image data and a reference image and restricting a process on the input image data in accordance with the result of the determination.11-27-2008
20080240566Identifying data patterns - Methods and systems for identifying data patterns from data comprising at least one data object, said data having at least one existing pattern class associated therewith, said data object being represented by a base feature vector, at least one of said base feature vectors having a structure of higher-level and lower-level feature vectors such that at least one element of a higher-level feature vector is itself a lower-level feature vector.10-02-2008
20080205760Comparison of Patterns - A first visual image or other pattern (A) is represented by a first ordered set of elements (xi) each having a value and a second pattern (B) is a represented by a second ordered set of element (ui) each having a value. Iteratively, a comparison is made by: (i) selecting a plurality of elements from the first ordered set; (ii) for each selected element of the first ordered set, selecting an element from the second ordered set, such that the selected elements of the second ordered set have, within the second ordered set, a set of positional relationships relative to each other that is the same as, or a transformation of, the set of positional relationships that the selected plurality of elements of the first ordered set have relative to each other; (iii) selecting a random shift value ( ); and (iv) determining whether the selected elements meet the match criterion that the value of each of the selected elements of the first ordered set differs from the value of the correspondingly positioned selected element of the second ordered set by an amount that is equal to, or within a set margin of, and in the same sense as, said shift value. In the event of a match, a similarity score (SAB) is updated. Alternatively, or in addition, the shift amount in the event of a match is recorded and, at the conclusion of the iteration, a single representative shift value is estimated from said recorded shift value.08-28-2008
20080267505Decision criteria for automated form population - A method is provided for selecting fields of an electronic form for automatic population with candidate text segments. The candidate text segments can be obtained by capturing an image of a document, applying optical character recognition to the captured image to identify textual content, and tagging candidate text segments in the textual content for fields of the form. The method includes, for each of a plurality of fields of the form, computing a field exclusion function based on at least one parameter selected from a text length parameter, an optical character recognition error rate, a tagging error rate, and a field relevance parameter; and determining whether to select the field for automatic population based on the computed field exclusion function.10-30-2008
20090161956STORAGE CONTROL DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - A storage control device includes an obtaining unit that obtains data; a recognition unit that recognizes an area among areas in a storage unit, as a recordable area, the area to be recognized being where the data obtained by the obtaining unit is stored and overwriting has been executed a predetermined number of times; a recording unit that records data obtained by the obtaining unit onto the recordable area recognized by the recognition unit; a first overwriting unit that executes the overwriting on an area where data has been recorded by the recording unit and the overwriting has not yet been executed the predetermined number of times; and a specifying unit that specifies a remaining count for each of the areas in the storage unit, the remaining count indicating a difference between the predetermined number of times and a number of times the overwriting has been executed.06-25-2009
20090129678CONTENTS STORAGE APPARATUS AND CONTENTS STORAGE METHOD - A method of providing metadata to easily and efficiently retrieve or manage contents data such as a video, an image, etc., having no metadata by means which is as user-friendly as possible, and a contents storage server (apparatus) are provided. Matching images for recognizing and specifying shot or broadcast time and time information thereof are prepared as a database for matching, time information which the whole video or image contents or a scene has is acquired by using the database for matching, and the acquired time information is provided to the contents as metadata, which facilitates retrieval or management of the contents.05-21-2009
20090129677IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - For each image sensing device, an index in a sensed image is recognized, and layout information of the recognized index in a coordinate system based on an image sensing device that has acquired the sensed image is calculated. Index information including identification information unique to the index and the layout information of the index is managed. If recognition of a first index in a first sensed image acquired by a first image sensing device has failed, or the first index has erroneously been recognized, the index information of the first index is varied on the basis of the layout information of the first index calculated by the above process for a second sensed image acquired by a second image sensing device other than the first image sensing device.05-21-2009
20080317345Method and apparatus for automatic object identification - A method and system for processing image data to identify objects in an image. The method and system operate using various resolutions of the image to identify the objects. Information obtained while processing the image at one resolution is employed when processing the image at another resolution.12-25-2008
20090136135Apparatus and method for recognizing characters - Provided is an apparatus and method for recognizing characters. The apparatus includes a display unit to display an image in which a region of interest or an error region is indicated, and a character recognition result, a region-of-interest setting unit to set the region of interest in the image displayed on the display unit, a recognition unit to perform character recognition on the region of interest or the error region and provide the character recognition result to the display unit, and an error correction unit to set the error region in the image displayed on the display region, perform image copying on the set error region according to a user input, and provide a handwriting input using the image copying to the recognition unit.05-28-2009
20090263020PAPER SHEET IDENTIFICATION DEVICE AND PAPER SHEET IDENTIFICATION METHOD - A paper sheet identification device that detects a stain on a paper sheet and identifies the stained condition of the paper sheet includes an area memory (10-22-2009
20090097752IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR REALIZING FUNCTIONS THEREOF, AND RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING THE COMPUTER PROGRAM RECORDED THEREON - An image processing apparatus determines whether a reference image and an image of interest are different or the same. A determination unit determines whether a comparative image formed by a part or entirety of the image of interest and an image corresponding to the comparative image in the reference image are different or the same. A decision unit decides whether a next comparative image should be a part or entirety of the image of interest in accordance with the result of the determination. An acquisition unit acquires the comparative image from the image of interest in accordance with result of the decision.04-16-2009
20090097751REMOTE USER INTERFACE RASTER SEGMENT MOTION DETECTION AND ENCODING - Raster segment commands are generated by a delta encoder and are encoded for raster segments detected to have moved in the current frame with respect to a location of the raster segment in a previous frame. Raster segment motion commands are stored in a queue and, when written, copy a raster segment into the current frame from a previous payload or cache. When written from the queue to a payload, raster segment motion commands are applied to a copy of the current frame maintained at the server using a copy of the previous payload sent. When copying a raster segment from a raster segment cache, a raster segment cache command retrieves identified raster segment data from the raster segment cache and copies the raster segment into a particular location in the current frame at the client. The raster segment commands are sent to a client via a payload to copy a raster segment from a previous payload into the current frame at the client or from a raster segment cache to the current frame.04-16-2009
20090220153PATTERN CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COLLECTIVE LEARNING - A method for configuring a pattern recognition system begins by receiving object recognition data from at least one first local image processing system. The object recognition data is stored in at least one global database. Configuration data is determined for a second local image processing system based at least in part upon the received object recognition data from the at least one first image processing system, and then transmitted to the second local image processing system.09-03-2009
20090245643IMAGE PROCESSOR - An image processor includes a storing unit, an image determining unit, and an output unit. The storing unit stores a selecting condition. The image determining unit determines whether the image corresponding to the set of the image data satisfies the selecting condition. The output unit outputs an image list including either one of the image that is determined to satisfy the selecting condition by the image determining unit and a resized image resized from the image that is determined to satisfy the selecting condition by the image determining unit.10-01-2009
20100166311DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A digital image processing apparatus and a method of controlling the digital image processing apparatus are provided. The digital image processing apparatus, and associated method, may display on-screen display (OSD) regions which do not overlap a face zone display box after determining whether the face zone display box and the OSD regions overlap each other.07-01-2010
20080310720Object pose normalization method and apparatus and object recognition method - An object pose normalization method and apparatus and an object recognition method are provided. The object pose normalization method includes: determining a pose of a non-frontal image of an object; performing smoothing transformation on the non-frontal image of the object, thereby generating a smoothed object image; and synthesizing a frontal image of the object by using the pose determination result and the smoothed object image. According to the method and apparatus, a front object image can be synthesized by using a non-frontal object image without causing an image distortion problem due to self-occlusion and non-rigid deformation.12-18-2008
20110129152DISTRIBUTED DOCUMENT PROCESSING - A system for document processing including decomposing an image of a document into at least one data entry region sub-image, providing the data entry region sub-image to a data entry clerk available for processing the data entry region sub-image, receiving from the data entry clerk a data entry value associated with the data entry region sub-image, and validating the data entry value.06-02-2011
20090110282IMAGE RECOGNITION APPARATUS, IMAGE RECOGNITION METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM RECORDING IMAGE RECOGNITION PROGRAM - An image recognition apparatus recognizes the correspondence between character strings and logical elements composing a logical structure in an image in which the character strings are described as the logical elements to recognize each logical element. The image recognition apparatus includes outputting means for outputting the recognized logical elements when the correspondence is recognized or re-recognized; first determining means for determining a certain logical element to be correct when input of a determination request to determine the logical element is received from a user; second determining means for determining the correctness of all the logical elements output before the logical element determined by the first determining means and is positioned according to confirmation by the user; and re-recognizing means for re-recognizing the correspondence between logical elements that have not been determined to be correct and the character strings on the basis of the determination content for each logical element.04-30-2009
20090016607IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - When an original image in which an object to be concealed is mosaicked is so reduced as to have a low resolution, the mosaic block size at the lowered resolution is computed. It is judged whether or not the concealed object can be perceived by the eye of a human even though the object is mosaicked with the reduced mosaic block size. If so, the concealed object is re-mosaicked with an adequate re-mosaic block size. With this, even for a reduced image reduced by lowering the resolution of the original image in which the object to be concealed is mosaicked, the privacy of the concealed object can be protected.01-15-2009
20080267504METHOD, DEVICE AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR INTEGRATING CODE-BASED AND OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGIES INTO A MOBILE VISUAL SEARCH - A device for switching between code-based searching, optical character recognition (OCR) searching and visual searching is provided. The device includes a media content input for receiving media content from a camera or other element of the device and transferring this media content to a switch. Additionally, the device includes a meta-information input capable of receiving meta-information from an element of the device and transferring the meta-information to the switch. The switch is able to utilize the received media content and the meta-information to select and/or switch between a visual search algorithm, an OCR algorithm and a code-based algorithm.10-30-2008
20090067723VIDEO IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VIDEO IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a video image processing apparatus includes specification module which is configured to allow specification of a object from a displayed video image, a detection module which is configured to detect whether the object exists in the displayed video image, and control module which is configured to cut out, in the case where the detection module has detected that the object exists, a predetermined area including the object from the displayed video image for display.03-12-2009
20090034844SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING AND PROCESSING BUSINESS DATA - A method and a system for interpreting information in a document are provided, with the system receiving an image of a document from a remote source and converting it into multiple sets of blocks of characters. Tags indicating likely meaning of blocks are assigned to them. At least some of the blocks have an associated score representing the probability that the characters in the block correctly represent the characters in the original image. The system selects one set from multiple sets based on the scores associated to certain blocks determined by accessing remote information over the Internet.02-05-2009
20090034843DEVICE FOR AND METHOD OF DISPLAYING USER INFORMATION IN A DISPLAY - The invention relates to a device (DEV), comprising a display (DIS) for displaying user information (inf). The device (DEV) is adapted to identify regions (REG) on the display (DIS) being hidden by an object (OBJ) in front of the display (DIS). According to the invention, the user information (inf) is arranged in the display (DIS) outside of the region (REG) hidden by the object (OBJ) so that a user can read the whole user information (inf). Furthermore, the invention relates to a method of displaying user information (inf) in a display (DIS). Finally, the invention relates to a transponder (OBJ), in particular to an RFID tag, which comprises means for storing object information (oif) related to the size and/or shape and/or graphical representation of the transponder (OBJ).02-05-2009
20090161957CONSTELLATION DETECTION - Disclosed herein is a method for identifying a constellation of alignment marks within an arrangement of computer readable marks in an image (06-25-2009
20110129151IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus including: a scene recognition section recognizing a scene captured by an image; an assigning section selecting a change-target parameter being an adjustment parameter whose parameter value is to be changed from a plurality of adjustment parameters adjusting the image in response to the scene of the image, and assigning the parameter to a specific operation section being a specific operation section out of user-operable operation sections; and a parameter setting section setting a parameter value of the change-target parameter assigned to the specific operation section in response to operation of the specific operation section by a user.06-02-2011
20110075928High-resolution, common-path interferometric imaging systems and methods - High-resolution, common-path interferometric imaging systems and methods are described, wherein a light source generates and directs light toward a sample. An optical imaging system collects the resultant substantially scattered component and substantially unscattered component. A variable phase shifting system is used to adjust the relative phase of the scattered and unscattered light components. The interfered components are sensed by an image sensing system. The process is repeated multiple times with different phase shifts to form corresponding multiple electronic signals representative of raw sample images. The raw sample images are then processed by a signal processor to form a processed image, where each image pixel has an amplitude and a phase. This picture can be displayed directly using some combination of brightness and color to represent amplitude and phase. Multiple processed images, each corresponding to a different illumination azimuth angle, can be combined to substantially extend the resolution. The technique permits the optical aberrations in the imaging system to be measured and removed from each picture. The addition of phase and amplitude to microscopic images is expected to extend both the depth and breadth of the many applications of optical microscopy.03-31-2011
20090003702IMAGE COMPLETION - A computer-implemented method and media for completing images are provided. The computer-implemented method receives images having holes, identifies the holes, and searches an image database to locate images that fill the holes. Also, the computer-implemented method generates a multiscale graph of the image to locate images that fill the holes at different resolutions. A guide image may filter the located images that fill the holes at the different resolutions. The images that fill the holes and match the guide are selected to complete the images.01-01-2009
20080253656Method and a device for detecting graphic symbols - A method for identifying a predefined graphic symbol having a plurality of graphical characters. The method comprises the following steps: a) receiving a digital image having a plurality of pixels depicting a scene, b) identifying a plurality of first groups of contiguous pixels in the proximity of one another, members of each one the first group having a first common pixel defining property, and c) identifying at least one of the plurality of first groups as one of the plurality of graphical characters, thereby detecting the predefined graphic symbol in the digital image.10-16-2008
20110164820Records Management System and Method - A records management system and method that permits paper records to be tagged, stored and retrieved according to user criteria. The system includes a scanning module, a central server, one or more user workstations and an optical character recognition server. After scanning, the records may then be serialized and categorized by project, and then supplemented automatically by the system with a hypertext data file. The system provides for the manual input of additional hypertext data and merger of the hypertext data file with other records in the project. The end user may then search and/or filter records according to information contained in the hypertext data file. Because the pages may be sorted according to user criteria, the user may shuffle through pages from various different documents, thus allowing them to quickly retrieve the records they need and perform such actions as trend-spotting.07-07-2011
20100166310METHOD OF ESTABLISHING SKIN COLOR MODEL - A method of establishing a skin color model includes the following steps. A human face detecting procedure is performed on an input image, and a human face area in the input image is circled through a selecting window. A skin color model is established by using a Gaussian probability distribution function (PDF) according to color information in the selecting window. When the skin color model established in the above step is applied to skin color detection, pixels having the skin color in the input image are detected through the skin color model and a Mahalanobis distance computing procedure.07-01-2010
20100158377Authentication - The present invention can provide an apparatus operable to determine a signature from an article arranged in a reading volume. The apparatus can comprise a generator operable to generate and sequentially direct a focussed noncoherent beam onto each of a plurality of different regions of the reading volume; a detector arrangement operable to collect a set comprising groups of data points from signals obtained when the beam scatters from the different regions of the reading volume, wherein different ones of the groups of data points relate to scatter from the respective different regions of the reading volume; and a data acquisition and processing module operable to determine a signature of the article from the set of groups of data points.06-24-2010
20090175539Method and system for swipe sensor image alignment using fourier phase analysis - Provided is a method for analyzing image slices. The method includes transforming a first slice and a second slice to frequency domain and determining shift data between the first slice and the second slice from only the phase component of the transformed first and second slices.07-09-2009
20110188755PATTERN RECOGNITION USING ACTIVE MEDIA - A pattern recognition system includes an active media, an input system, and a sensing system. The active media is such that initial states respectively evolve over time to distinguishable final states. The input system establishes in the active media in an initial state corresponding to an input pattern, and the sensing system measures the media at separated locations to identify of which of the final states the media has after an evolution time. The identification of the final state indicates a feature of the input pattern.08-04-2011
20120308137IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus that performs image processing to an image signal constituted of a plurality of images, including: a determination unit configured to determine whether or not an appearance pattern in which the number of repeats representing the number of sequences of the same image appears among the plurality of images constituting the image signal is a predetermined regular pattern for displaying the image signal; and an image processing unit configured to perform the image processing to the image signal in accordance with a determination result of the determination unit.12-06-2012
20120308136APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR PULSE-CODE INVARIANT OBJECT RECOGNITION - Object recognition apparatus and methods useful for extracting information from sensory input. In one embodiment, the input signal is representative of an element of an image, and the extracted information is encoded in a pulsed output signal. The information is encoded in one variant as a pattern of pulse latencies relative to an occurrence of a temporal event; e.g., the appearance of a new visual frame or movement of the image. The pattern of pulses advantageously is substantially insensitive to such image parameters as size, position, and orientation, so the image identity can be readily decoded. The size, position, and rotation affect the timing of occurrence of the pattern relative to the event; hence, changing the image size or position will not change the pattern of relative pulse latencies but will shift it in time, e.g., will advance or delay its occurrence.12-06-2012
20120057789IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes: a noise position information obtaining unit that obtains noise position information regarding positions of noise in an image read by a reading unit that optically reads a surface of a medium, an image generating unit that generates a noise eliminated image that is obtained by eliminating a noise from the image, a pattern information obtaining unit that obtains pattern information indicating a pattern appearing on the surface of the medium from the noise eliminated image, and a pattern information registering unit that registers the pattern information obtained from areas set on the basis of the noise position information in the noise eliminated image.03-08-2012
20120027301METHOD, DEVICE AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR INTEGRATING CODE-BASED AND OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGIES INTO A MOBILE VISUAL SEARCH - A device for switching between code-based searching, optical character recognition (OCR) searching and visual searching is provided. The device includes a media content input for receiving media content from a camera or other element of the device and transferring this media content to a switch. Additionally, the device includes a meta-information input capable of receiving meta-information from an element of the device and transferring the meta-information to the switch. The switch is able to utilize the received media content and the meta-information to select and/or switch between a visual search algorithm, an OCR algorithm and a code-based algorithm.02-02-2012
20120301029Complex pattern deciphering using architecture parallel to swarm intelligence - A method of pattern recognition is disclosed. The method includes steps of: providing a cellular computer structure with processing cell units arranged in layers; sensing the threshold parameter in an unknown pattern accessible; creating a binary number for each sensed threshold parameter; storing each binary number; creating a binary sequence; calculating a decimal number from each binary sequence; storing each decimal number in the central hexagram cell; outputting the binary sequence; preserving position information of each binary sequence; enabling the hidden layer to adjust the threshold parameter; and analyzing the binary numbers in the hidden layer to compare with known patterns to establish a recognized pattern.11-29-2012
20100172586REAL-TIME IMAGE COLLAGE METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method for generating combined images from images taken separately with the same or a similar background, comprising the steps of: a) capturing a first image containing one or more selected items; b) capturing a second image containing one or more selected items that were not included in the first image; c) generating a preview image that combines the selected items of the first image and the selected items of the second image, the relative positioning of said selected items being effected using elements in the background; d) combining the images as shown in the preview or as corrected by a user, on receipt of an input from said user; and e) optionally, repeating steps a) through d) with a third image, using the combined image obtained in step d) as one of the two images.07-08-2010
20100246962INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - Text data is extracted from image data read by an image reader. Log data containing the extracted text data is generated. The generated log data is stored in a log management server.09-30-2010
20100246961MULTI-FRAME VIDEOTEXT RECOGNITION - Multi-frame persistence of videotext is exploited to mitigate challenges posed by varying characteristics of videotext across frame instances to improve OCR techniques. In some examples, each frame of video is processed to form multiple binary images, and one or more text hypotheses is formed from each binary image. In some examples, one or more combined images are formed from multiple frames processed to form a binary image and a corresponding text hypothesis. The text hypotheses are combined to yield an overall text recognition output.09-30-2010
20090116743APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IMAGE PROCESS - According to an embodiment, a ground process unit performs ground addition to input image data, and a pattern generation unit sets positions of components at plural points on a frequency plane including a main scanning axis and a sub scanning axis and converts the additional information into pattern data in which the positions of the components are a base. A pattern embedding unit embeds the pattern data from the pattern generation unit into a ground area of image data from the ground addition unit. A gradation process unit performs an asynchronous gradation process on the pattern embedding unit and output image data of the pattern embedding unit.05-07-2009
20090067722Memory cell and page break inspection - A method of inspecting an array having memory blocks with page breaks disposed between them. The memory array is imaged with a sensor at a magnification such that the memory block size is a whole integer pixel multiple within the sensor. This creates an array image that is divided into sections. Those sections that include at least a portion of the memory blocks are selected into a candidate image. Pixels of the image within a boundary distance of a horizontal single line of pixels are inspected to determine horizontal edges of the memory blocks to an accuracy of a single pixel. Pixels of the image within a boundary distance of a vertical single line of pixels are inspected to determine vertical edges of the memory blocks to an accuracy of a single pixel. An image of a first memory block is compared on a pixel by pixel basis to an image of a second memory block to determine differences between pixel values in the first and second memory blocks, where the images are created at the same magnification using the imaging sensor. The differences are flagged as potential memory block defects. Images of the page breaks are compared to determine differences between pixel values of the images of the page breaks, and the differences are flagged as potential page break defects.03-12-2009
20090060337Methods, systems and apparatuses for imager row-wise noise correction - Methods, systems and apparatuses that provide improved row-wise digital correction in an imager. During image processing, row-wise noise is corrected by applying a fractional portion of a maximum digital correction to the pixels. The maximum digital correction is determined from light shielded reference pixels in each row. During imager calibration, a preferred digital correction fraction is determined and used for correction.03-05-2009
20120189204Linking Disparate Content Sources - Digital media content from files, streaming data, broadcast data, optical disks, or other storage devices can be linked to Internet information. Identifiers extracted from the media content can be used to direct Internet searches for more information related to the media content.07-26-2012
20120189203ASSOCIATING CAPTURED IMAGE DATA WITH A SPREADSHEET - A spreadsheet application associates data obtained from a captured image with a spreadsheet. For example, one or more images of physical data may be captured and translated into electronic data that is automatically associated with one or more spreadsheets. The formatting and underlying formulas of the data included within the captured image may be represented within a spreadsheet (e.g. highlighted data remains highlighted within the electronic spreadsheet). The data may also be compared with existing electronic data. For example, differences between the data in the captured image with the data in an existing spreadsheet may be used to update the existing spreadsheet. A display of a captured image may be also be augmented using data that is obtained from the captured image. For example, a chart may be created and displayed using data that is obtained from the captured image.07-26-2012
20090022398HEAD DETECTING APPARATUS, HEAD DETECTING METHOD, AND HEAD DETECTING PROGRAM - A head detecting apparatus, including a foreground extraction section for extracting a foreground region in which a person is captured from an input image; a first main axis computing section which includes a first moment computing section for computing a moment around a center of gravity of the foreground region and calculating a main axis of the foreground region based on the moment around the center of gravity of the foreground region; a head computing section for computing a head region included in the foreground region as a part thereof based on the main axis of the foreground region and a shape of the foreground region; and an ellipse determining section for determining an ellipse to be applied to a person's head based on a shape of the head region.01-22-2009
20110002542METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ELIMINATING UNWANTED OBJECTS FROM A STREAMING IMAGE - A method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted objects in a streaming image. The method includes recognizing unwanted objects in a streaming image and eliminating the recognized unwanted objects from the streaming image.01-06-2011
20080279454SLOT IN HOUSING ADAPTED TO RECEIVE AT LEAST A PORTION OF A PRINTED PAPER ITEM FOR OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION - A system, comprising a camera and a housing comprising a slot. The slot is adapted to receive at least a portion of a printed paper item, an image of which is acquired by the camera. The system also comprises logic that performs optical character recognition on the image.11-13-2008
20100202692INFORMATION EMBEDDING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION EMBEDDING METHOD FOR ADDING INFORMATION TO DOCUMENT IMAGE BY EMBEDDING INFORMATION THEREIN, INFORMATION DETECTING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION DETECTING METHOD - In an information embedding apparatus, an image compositing portion selectively reads an embedding pattern from a plurality of types of the embedding patterns in accordance with an embedding information for a background of a document image. The image compositing portion further composites the read embedding pattern into the background of the document image in a document image data generated based on a document data and outputs the composite document image data. The embedding pattern includes a data dot placed at a position in accordance with the embedding information, a position dot placed at a position for instructing a reference position used for identifying the position of the data dot, and an assisting dot placed at a position for assisting the instruction of the reference position by the position dot.08-12-2010
20100202691IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SCANNER APPARATUS - In a multi-functional peripheral as an embodiment of the present invention, reading operation of an original is performed and form recognition processing is performed. Here, original image data is compared with form data held in advance and it is determined whether there is some that correspond to each other. In a case of not success in the form recognition, normal processing, that is, OCR processing is performed for entire region of original image data, and OCR result is embedded in the original image data as transparent character data. In a case of success in the form recognition, and further when there is a field in which protected attribute is set in the form data, embedding transparent character data for the protected attribute field is prohibited, and for only other region, embedding transparent character data is performed.08-12-2010
20080232688EVENT DETECTION IN VISUAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS - An improved solution for detecting events in video is provided, in which a region of interest within a series of video images of the video is monitored. An object at least partially visible within the series of video images is tracked and a fiducial region of the object is identified. The fiducial region is one or more points and/or area(s) of the object, which are relevant in determining whether an alert should be generated. The fiducial region is monitored with respect to the region of interest and a restricted behavior. When the restricted behavior is detected with respect to the region of interest, an alert is generated.09-25-2008
20080226172Method and Apparatus for Maintaining a Background Image Model in a Background Subtraction System Using Accumulated Motion - Methods and apparatus are provided for maintaining a background image model in a background subtraction system using accumulated motion. A background image model is maintained by obtaining a map of accumulated motion; and adjusting the background image model based on the map of accumulated motion. The map of accumulated motion may be obtained, for example, based on one or more of motion field images; stability maps; frame differences; or information from a background subtraction system. Objects can be added to or removed from the background model or the background model can be otherwise updated One or more pixels from an image are added to the background image model if a stability measure for the one or more pixels satisfies a predefined criteria. A portion of the background image model can be invalidated in regions where the map of accumulated motion exceeds a predefined threshold.09-18-2008
20130177245IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A character recognition accuracy from an image in which a graphic code and at least one character are in a given positional relationship is improved. An image acquisition section (07-11-2013
20080219555Method and apparatus for automatic object identification - A method and system for processing image data to identify objects in an image. The method and system operate using various resolutions of the image to identify the objects. Information obtained while processing the image at one resolution is employed when processing the image at another resolution.09-11-2008
20110235914INVARIANT PULSE LATENCY CODING SYSTEMS AND METHODS SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods for processing image signals are described. One method comprises obtaining a generator signal based on an image signal and determining relative latencies associated with two or more pulses in a pulsed signal using a function of the generator signal that can comprise a logarithmic function. The function of the generator signal can be the absolute value of its argument. Information can be encoded in the pattern of relative latencies. Latencies can be determined using a scaling parameter that is calculated from a history of the image signal. The pulsed signal is typically received from a plurality of channels and the scaling parameter corresponds to at least one of the channels. The scaling parameter may be adaptively calculated such that the latency of the next pulse falls within one or more of a desired interval and an optimal interval.09-29-2011
20100284617IDENTIFICATION OF AN OBJECT IN MEDIA AND OF RELATED MEDIA OBJECTS - A method obtains media on a device, provides identification of an object in the media via image/video recognition and audio recognition, and displays on the device identification information based on the identified media object.11-11-2010

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