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382 - Image analysis

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382170000 With pattern recognition or classification 86
382169000 With a gray-level transformation (e.g., uniform density transformation) 39
382171000 For segmenting an image 34
382172000 For setting a threshold 16
20130028515IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Provided is an image processing apparatus which includes a histogram generating unit that generates a histogram representing an appearance frequency distribution of a pixel value of an input image, and a quantization table generating unit that generates a quantization table including table information used to perform transform of a bit depth of the pixel value of the input image and table information used to allocate an effective pixel in which an appearance frequency in the histogram generated by the histogram generating unit is not zero to an index value after bit depth transform so that effective pixels are allocated to index values as equally as possible.01-31-2013
20090196500SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REVERSIBLE BINARY IMAGE DATA HIDING USING RUN-LENGTH HISTOGRAM MODIFICATION AND LOGICAL OPERATIONS - A method of hiding data comprising creating a histogram of an attribute of a first data set. The histogram includes occurrences of the attribute. Two adjacent occurrences are selected where a count of one of the two adjacent occurrences is zero. A second data set is embedded in data of the first data set associated with the selected adjacent occurrences.08-06-2009
20110194767IMAGE ENCODING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An encoding unit separates converted coefficients obtained by frequency conversion into the upper-bit portion that is higher than a bit position specified by a boundary bit position determined when the previous macro block is encoded and the lower-bit portion, performs encoding on the upper-bit portion and outputs the encoded data and the lower-bit portion. When a maximum difference in the number of valid bits of the converted coefficients represented by the lower-bit portion remaining after deletion and the upper-bit portion of each pixel block when it is assumed that the number of bits i to be deleted is changed to 1, 2, . . . and so on in the range of the finite number of bits representing converted coefficients is represented as max_diff(i), a stream generating unit creates a histogram constituted by the bit number i and the frequency for max_diff(i) to determine the number of bits N to be deleted.08-11-2011
20110194766Image processing device, image processing method and program - An image processing device calculates a frequency of a pixel value for each block, generates a first histogram formed by N bins, mixes the first histogram of a high luminance block and the first histogram of each block, and thereby generates a second histogram for each block. Based on the second histograms of a block including a target pixel and an adjacent block, a frequency of a pixel value that depends on a pixel position in the block of the target pixel is calculated, and a third histogram is generated for each pixel. A relationship between the pixel value and an output value of the pixel value is generated based on the third histogram such that a maximum cumulative frequency of the third histogram matches a maximum value of the output value of the pixel value, and the output value is calculated from the pixel value of the target pixel.08-11-2011
20130039576METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ANALYZING AN IMAGE OF AN IMAGE RECORDING DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE - In a method for analyzing an image of an image recording device for a vehicle, a piece of brightness information of the image is determined, taking an exposure characteristic of the image recording device into account, and a threshold value is set as a function of the piece of brightness information. An image structure of the image is furthermore determined, and a blindness value for the image is determined on the basis of the image structure, using the threshold value.02-14-2013
20130084005IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING IMAGE - The present invention relates to an image processing device and a method for processing an image. The image processing device includes a brightness improvement unit to improve a brightness of inputted images by increasing a brightness of a dark image more darker than a knee point among inputted images with reference to a predetermined knee point and decreasing a brightness of an image more brighter than the knee point; and a contrast improvement unit to improve a contrast of the image outputted from the brightness improvement unit. The image processing device and the method for processing the image can reduce a distortion phenomenon and a saturation phenomenon or the like by reflecting the characteristics of images during the brightness improvement and contrast improvement of the images.04-04-2013
20130051668METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING ENHANCED IMAGES - A method of generating an image enhancement function for enhancing an input image comprising a plurality of pixels to form an enhanced output image. The method includes receiving a reference image comprising a plurality of pixels; receiving an enhanced image derived from the reference image comprising a corresponding plurality of pixels; calculating a plurality of lookup tables, each of which maps a first plurality of pixel values to a second plurality of pixel values; and generating the image enhancement function comprising a spatially varying function of the lookup tables which when applied to the reference image generates an approximation to the enhanced image.02-28-2013
20130051667IMAGE RECOGNITION TO SUPPORT SHELF AUDITING FOR CONSUMER RESEARCH - Image recognition methods, apparatus and articles or manufacture to support shelf auditing for consumer research are disclosed herein. An example method disclosed herein comprises comparing an input image depicting a shelf to be audited with a set of reference images depicting reference shelves displaying respective sets of reference items, identifying a first reference image from the set of reference images that has been determined to match the input image, and determining an initial audit result for the shelf depicted in the input image based on a first set of reference items associated with the first reference image.02-28-2013
20090060327Image and Video Enhancement Algorithms - Ever since the advent of histogram equalization algorithms (“HE”) for image enhancements, there has been numerous variants of HE been proposed to improve or overcome the problems of the traditional HE. One of the drawbacks of the traditional HE is that the amount of enhancement is not adjustable. This invention gives a simple and efficient method to generalize the traditional HE to become a variable histogram equalization (“VHE”) by a single parameter, Q. Q ranges from 0 to 1 such that when Q equals 0, there is no enhancement and when Q reaches 1, the enhancement of VHE becomes the same as that of traditional HE. Therefore, the amount of image enhancement can be controlled by changing the parameter Q to achieve better visually appealing image enhancements.03-05-2009
20120219219IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, STORAGE MEDIUM STORING IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes; a generation unit to generate a histogram of luminance values of a plurality of pixels included in an image; a luminance value calculation unit to calculate a first luminance value at which first ratio pixels of the plurality of pixels are present in descending order of the luminance values of the histogram, and a second luminance value at which second ratio pixels of the plurality of pixels are present, the second ratio pixels is larger than the first ratio pixels; a selection unit to compare the first luminance value and the second luminance value, and determine a third luminance value that is set a maximum luminance value in gradation correction; and a correction unit to perform the gradation correction that corrects the luminance values of the plurality of pixels on the basis of the third luminance value.08-30-2012
20120219218AUTOMATIC LOCALIZED ADJUSTMENT OF IMAGE SHADOWS AND HIGHLIGHTS - The shadows and highlights regions of an image can be automatically optimized in a localized manner. A mask can be generated that can automatically identify local regions of a digital image as highlight regions or shadow regions. Different processing can then be automatically applied to highlight regions separately from the shadow regions. Luminance histograms can be obtained for the overall digital image, as well as those portions of the digital image that are in the highlights regions and, separately, the shadows regions. The moments of those histograms, including the average and the variance, can be compared to target moments and processing can continue to be applied to highlights regions and, separately, shadows regions, until one or more target moments are achieved. Target moments can be generated from original moments of the original image histograms based on relationships generated from a prior manual optimization of a reference set of images.08-30-2012
20110013834APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FEATURE-BASED DYNAMIC CONTRAST ENHANCEMENT - A feature-based contrast enhancement apparatus comprises a histogram calculator, a feature value calculator, a first combining circuit, a histogram equalizer and a remapper. By keeping the hardware cost as low as a picture-based contrast enhancement apparatus, the invention has an advantage of suppressing the background noise and enhancing the image details.01-20-2011
20090268962Method and apparatus for blind source separation - The Direction of Arrival estimation algorithm ESPRIT is capable of estimating the angles of arrival of N narrowband source signals using M>N anechoic sensor mixtures from a uniform linear array (ULA). Using a similar parameter estimation step, the DUET Blind Source Separation algorithm can demix N>2 speech signals using M=2 anechoic mixtures of the signals. The present invention demixes N>M speech signals using M>=2 anechoic mixtures.10-29-2009
20120224771IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An image processing system and an image processing method are disclosed. The image processing method executable on a computer, the image processing method comprises obtaining an image; obtaining an intermediate image by scaling down the image; calculating an image level distribution of the intermediate image; determining a relatively small image level and a relatively large image level based on the image level distribution; and adjusting image levels of pixels of the image according to the relatively small image level and the relatively large image level.09-06-2012
20130064449METHOD FOR REDUCING ROW AND COLUMN NOISE IN IMAGING SYSTEMS - A method for the reduction of noise in an image including identifying neighboring pixel values in pixels proximate to a subject pixel; comparing the neighboring pixel values to a preset tolerance range; using neighboring pixel values within the tolerance range to calculate a pixel intensity correction value; and applying the pixel intensity value to the subject pixel.03-14-2013
20100086206DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING IF AN IMAGE IS BLURRED - A method for estimating if an image (04-08-2010
20100266203PIXEL PROCESSING - A method of processing pixels of an image comprises determining the most homogenous region of the image, calculating a threshold (th) according to the content of the determined region, selecting pixels in the image according to the calculated threshold (th), and applying a gain to the selected pixels. The method can also further comprise calculating the gain according to the content of the image.10-21-2010
20100008575System and Method for Tuning a Sampling Frequency - A system and method for tuning a sampling frequency. A method comprises detecting a sampling frequency of an analog image signal, generating a set of histograms from samples of pixels from the analog image signal, using the set of histograms to determine whether the detected sampling frequency is substantially equal to a natural sampling frequency of the analog image signal, and sampling the analog image signal at the detected sampling frequency to produce image data. The samples are taken at the detected sampling frequency and at a different sampling phase for each of the histograms, and each histogram is for samples from a single image.01-14-2010
20110129149METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING DIGITAL IMAGE SIGNAL, RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING RECORDED THEREON THE METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING DIGITAL IMAGE SIGNAL - Provided are a method and apparatus for processing a digital image signal, and a recording medium having recorded thereon the method, in which an image including a subject is generated, a subject region is formed by detecting the subject from the image, the subject region is divided into at least two regions, histograms for the at least two regions are generated, respectively, and it is determined whether a light direction is side lighting by analyzing the histograms for the at least two regions.06-02-2011
20080232686REPRESENTATIVE COLOR EXTRACTING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A histogram generating section generates a histogram for each channel of a color space which shows colors of pixels constituting an image, in which tone levels of said channel are divided into plural intervals as classes, and frequency of appearance of tone levels of the pixels in each interval is shown as degree. An interval extraction section extracts the intervals in each of which the frequency of appearance becomes local maximal value. A score calculation section calculates scores of the extracted intervals. The score indicates visibility of color to human based on human color sense. An interval selection section selects one or more extracted interval to be representative color, based on the calculated scores. A representative color extraction section generates the representative colors based on tone levels of the selected intervals.09-25-2008
20110299774METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING AND TRACKING HANDS IN AN IMAGE - A method and system for detecting and tracking hands in an image. The method for detecting and tracking hands in an image comprises the steps of calculating a first probability map comprising of probabilities that respective pixels in the image corresponds to skin based on colour information associated with the respective pixels; calculating a second probability map comprising of probabilities that the respective pixels in the image corresponds to a part of a hand based on depth information associated with the respective pixels; calculating a joint probability map by combining the first probability map and the second probability map; and detecting and tracking hands in the image using an algorithm with a weight output as a detection threshold applied on the joint probability map.12-08-2011
20080304741Automatic detection of calibration charts in images - Methods and apparatuses for locating an embedded color chart in an image are described. In one exemplary method, an image that includes an embedded color chart is located without the intervention of the user. The embedded color chart is verified and used to create a color profile of the image. Furthermore, the orientation angle of the color chart is determined and the image orientation is fixed based on this angle.12-11-2008
20100098335SMOKE DETECTING APPARATUS - Provided is a smoke detecting apparatus capable of detecting occurrence of smoke at high sensitivity while suppressing an effect of disturbance. The smoke detecting apparatus for detecting occurrence of smoke by subjecting an image captured by a monitoring camera to image processing includes: an image memory (04-22-2010
20110013835CONTACT AREA MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING CONTACT AREA - A novel contact area measuring apparatus is provided. The contact area measuring apparatus includes a light transmissive substrate 01-20-2011
20090279777METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ALIGNING SIGNALS - This invention relates to alignment of signals, particularly for use in a quality assessment system. The invention provides a method and apparatus for aligning a first signal comprising a sequence of frames with a second signal comprising a sequence of frames, the method comprising the steps of: determining a similarity measure between each of a plurality of frames of the first signal and each of a plurality of frames of the second signal; assigning a matching value to each frame of the first signal wherein the matching value indicates a relative position of a matching frame in the second signal, by repeating the sub-steps of: generating a relative delay histogram the histogram comprising a set of values corresponding to each of a set of relative delays by: selecting a subset of frames of the first signal and for each frame of said subset identifying the frame of the second signal having the greatest similarity with said frame; determining the relative delay between the identified frame of the second signal and said frame of the first signal; and incrementing the value of the histogram corresponding to said relative delay; identifying one or more peaks in the relative delay histogram; and assigning the matching value to each frame contributing to a peak in dependence upon said identified peaks.11-12-2009
20090268963Pre-processing method and apparatus for wide dynamic range image processing - Provided are method and apparatus of pre-processing in WDR (wide dynamic range) image processing, the method of pre-processing of WDR image processing including: (a) receiving luminance and chrominance signals having different exposure times, and analyzing the correlation between a luminance signal having a first exposure time and a luminance signal having a second exposure time that is longer than the first exposure time; (b) based on the result of the analysis, dividing each of the luminance signal having the first exposure time and the luminance signal having the second exposure signal, into at least one of a bright region, a transition region, and a dark region; and (c) normalizing the regions of the luminance signal having the first exposure time to respectively correspond to the regions of the luminance signal having the second exposure times.10-29-2009
20110200251BAND WEIGHTED COLOUR HISTOGRAMS FOR IMAGE RETRIEVAL - A method of image retrieval from a target image collection, including segmenting a query image into two or more bands, obtaining weighted colour histogram vectors for the two or more bands in the query image, and obtaining weighted colour histogram vectors for two or more bands in a target image. A distance measurement is determined between the query image and the target image using the weighted colour histogram vectors from corresponding bands in the query image and the target image. Bands in an image can be groups, strips, sections, regions, or the like, and can be linear bands, rectangular bands, circular bands, or the like. The bands are preferably, though not necessarily, concentric or otherwise aligned and any number of bands can be utilised. Also, content based image retrieval is provided that incorporates use of varying photo composition in different regions as a technique for improving accuracy of retrieval.08-18-2011
20080240560DIGITAL OBJECT INFORMATION VIA CATEGORY-BASED HISTOGRAMS - Embodiments of the present invention relate to an effective method of representing a set of digital objects across at least two category-based dimensions for facilitating efficient access to such objects. These digital objects are typically media objects such as digital image files, digital video clips, digital audio objects, such as “MP3” files, or other digital documents that can be collected by a user and distributed over a variety of storage media and storage locations.10-02-2008
20090034840IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - In an image processing apparatus for carrying out a plurality of correction processes on an input image, a multi-dimensional histogram of the input image is calculated, and a feature amount of the input image for which a specific correction process has been carried out is analyzed based on the multi-dimensional histogram. Then, based on the result of the analysis, correction parameters to be used for another correction process are calculated.02-05-2009
20080292184Apparatus and method for automatically adjusting white balance - Provided is an apparatus for automatically adjusting white balance, the apparatus including an Image Signal Processing (ISP) unit that processes image data; a first histogram setting unit that is connected to the ISP unit, stores the number of pixels corresponding to each Cb and Cr value of the image data applied from the ISP unit so as to set a first histogram, and sets an effective range of the first histogram; a second histogram setting unit that is connected to the first histogram setting unit, subdivides the first histogram included in the effective range so as to set a second histogram, and applies a weight to the second histogram; and a lean setting unit that is connected to the second histogram setting unit, applies preset lean values to the second histogram, to which the weight has been applied, so as to calculate a lean correction value, and delivers the calculated correction value to the ISP unit.11-27-2008
20080240561IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus creates a brightness histogram of image data including a plurality of pixel data composed of a plurality of color data. The image processing apparatus includes: a histogram storage memory which stores number information used to specify the number of pixels classified by the similar colors by classification; an address generating unit which generates address data by masking some of the color data included in the pixel data; and a histogram creating unit which accesses the histogram storage memory and creates the brightness histogram by incrementing the number information specified as an address generated by the address generating unit.10-02-2008
20090208102IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - An image processing device includes: a motion vector measurement region setting unit for setting a plurality of motion vector measurement regions; a motion vector calculation unit for calculating motion vectors; a motion vector reliability calculation unit for calculating a reliability of the respective motion vectors; a main region setting unit for setting a main region; and a motion vector integration processing unit for calculating an inter-image correction vector by integrating the motion vectors of the plurality of motion vector measurement regions, taking into account the reliability. The motion vector integration processing unit includes a contribution calculation unit for calculating a contribution of the respective motion vectors from a positional relationship between the respective motion vector measurement regions and the main region, and integrates the motion vectors in accordance with the reliability and the contribution.08-20-2009
20110222766IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - An edge code histogram of a model generated in a model image is registered. A target region with respect to the input image is set. An edge code histogram, for the target region is generated. A relative positional relationship between the edge code histogram of the model and the edge code histogram for the target region is sequentially changed, and a degree of coincidence between the edge code histograms at each relative position is calculated. A possibility that the region that matches the model is contained in the set target region from the sequentially calculated degree of coincidence between the edge code histograms is evaluated. Then a candidate point having a possibility of matching the model in the input image is specified while sequentially changing the position of the target region with respect to the input image and repeating steps above for each target region.09-15-2011
20110229028IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a decoder, a first sharpening module, and a second sharpening module. The decoder decodes an encoded image to obtain a decoded image. The first sharpening module performs first sharpening on the decoded image. The second sharpening module performs second sharpening on the decoded image subjected to the first sharpening. The second sharpening requires a different processing time from a processing time required for the first sharpening. The first sharpening module includes a first noise remover that removes noise generated by encoding from the decoded image.09-22-2011
20090116741Access To Multilingual Textual Resource - A mechanism is provided for determining a second document of a set of documents in a second language having the same textual content as a first document in a first language. A first histogram that is indicative of the textual content of the first document is generated. A second histogram is generated for each document of the set of documents. Each second histogram is indicative of the textual content of a document of the set of documents. Each second histogram is compared with the first histogram to determine at least one histogram from the plurality of second histograms which matches the first histogram. The second document is then identified as the document having the at least one histogram.05-07-2009
20100226573SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BLOCK EDGE LOCATION WITH VARYING BLOCK SIZES AND OFFSETS IN COMPRESSED DIGITAL VIDEO - Embodiments include systems and methods of determining block edge location in video. In one embodiment, a system includes a block edge map generator configured to generate a binary block map, the block map having indicators representing the locations of block edges in a first direction, a histogram generator configured to accumulate the indicators to form a block edge histogram, the peaks of the histogram corresponding to block edge locations in the image, a low-pass filter to low-pass filter the block edge histogram and form a filtered histogram, a peak locator configured to identify the peaks of the filtered histogram, and a peak refiner configured to refine locations of peaks located in the filtered block edge histogram based on the identified peaks and peaks in the block edge histogram, the refined peak locations indicative of block edge locations, and further configured to provide block locations.09-09-2010
20110058738VIDEO PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VIDEO PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a video processing apparatus includes a histogram generator, a tone curve generator, a blend parameter generator, and a blending module. The histogram generator generates a histogram based on a luminance level of a pixel of a video signal. The tone curve generator generates a first tone curve which controls a luminance value of the video signal based on the histogram. The blend parameter generator generates a blend parameter for blending the first tone curve and a prescribed tone curve, based on the histogram. The blending module blends the first tone curve and the prescribed tone curve based on the blend parameter to generate a second tone curve.03-10-2011
20100034459METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CALCULATING FEATURES OF IMAGE DATA - A feature extraction apparatus includes a pixel feature calculator configured to calculate a plurality of pixel features for each of pixels included in a plurality of pieces of image data; a co-occurrence frequency calculator configured to calculate co-occurrence frequencies of the pixel features by comparing the pixel features among corresponding pixels in the pieces of image data; and a co-occurrence frequency output unit configured to output the co-occurrence frequencies.02-11-2010
20090041349IMAGE DETERMINING DEVICE, IMAGE DETERMINING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - There is provided an image determining device including a frequency band signal detecting unit for dividing an image into a plurality of local regions and detecting for each local region signals of a plurality of frequency bands from the image signal; an average value calculating unit for calculating an average value of a characteristic value corresponding to an amplitude, for each local region and for each signal of the plurality of frequency bands; a local region selecting unit for selecting at least one local region based on image information; an average value selecting unit for selecting the average value corresponding to the selected local region; a relative value calculating unit for calculating a relative value of one average value with respect to another average value both of the average values being of the selected average values; and an image determining unit for determining an image based on the relative value.02-12-2009
20110110589Image Contrast Enhancement - The subject application is directed to a system and method for image contrast enhancement. Input image comprised of digitally encoded image data is received into a data processor, including an associated data storage, and histogram data is generated corresponding to received image data. Acceptability of received image data is determined in accordance with a comparison of the histogram data to at least one preselected threshold value and a contrast adjustment including a white stretch, a black stretch, and a contrast stretch is performed on the input image in accordance with the histogram data.05-12-2011
20090324073METHOD OF REARRANGING A CLUSTER MAP OF VOXELS IN AN IMAGE - This invention relates to rearranging a cluster map of voxels in an image aiming at the reduction of sub-cluster scatter. The cluster map that includes two or more cluster levels is displayed to the user along with the distribution of the voxels within each respective cluster levels. The aim is to enable the user to evaluate the quality of the cluster map and based on the evaluation to change the distribution of the voxels. Such a change in the distribution will result in an update of the cluster map.12-31-2009
20100303354EFFICIENT CODING OF PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS FOR IMAGE FEATURE DESCRIPTORS - A method for encoding or compressing probability distributions is disclosed. A first mapping of probability distribution of samples to the types from the predefined set of types is generated. A second mapping of the types in the predefined set of types to lexicographic indexes from the index space is generated. A probability distribution is quantized as a type from the predefined set of types. The type is then mapped to a lexicographic index from the index space that spans the predefined set of types. A code for the lexicographic index is then transmitted and/or stored as part of a feature descriptor.12-02-2010
20110123112METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING THE STABILITY OF HISTOGRAM CORRELATION ALGORITHM - A method and apparatus for improving stability of histogram correlation based image and video processing algorithms. The method includes computing a histogram for target signal and reference signal for generating a target histogram and a reference histogram, performing low pass filtering of the input signal and the reference signal and producing smoothed histograms, and performing correlation on the smoothed histograms for improving stability of histogram correlation.05-26-2011
20110044541System and method for backlit image detection - The subject application is directed to a system and method for detecting backlit images. Encoded color image data is first received into a computer having a processor and associated data storage. Histogram data is then calculated from the received encoded color image data, and a mid-tone range in normalized histogram data is then detected. A zone of normalized pixel counts within the mid-tone range is then selected. Data representing an entry point and an exit point of the normalized histogram data relative to the selected zone is then generated. A plateau area is detected in the histogram data in the selected zone between the entry point and the exit point. Thereafter, a backlit image detection signal is generated indicating whether a backlit image portion is present in the color image data according to the plateau detection.02-24-2011
20110243440ADAPTIVE LIGHT METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOW POWER ARCHITECTURES - Embodiments of an apparatus, system and method are described for an adaptive light method for low power architecture. A histogram with a plurality of bins may be determined based on luminance for an image. A tone differential may be decreased based on a sum of pixel counts from adjacent bins. The image may be displayed based at least in part on a tone differential of a bin. Other embodiments are described and claimed.10-06-2011
20120243784IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD - There is provided an image processing device which transforms an image with a bit depth of N into an upper layer with a bit depth of M and a remaining lower layer, including a histogram unit that generates histogram indicating occurrence frequency of each pixel value of an image with a bit depth of N, a table unit that generates a table listing pixel values of which occurrence frequency in the histogram generated by the histogram unit is equal to or more than one, a reordering unit that reorders an arrangement of values in the histogram using the table generated by the table unit, an update unit that updates the table generated by the table unit and the histogram reordered by the reordering unit; and an index image unit that generates an index image with a bit depth of N using the updated table and the updated histogram.09-27-2012
20090324074IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IMAGE PROCESSING - To provide an image processing system for detecting an image a frame which causes large blinking of light among realistic images with a high dynamic range and for correcting the image and a method of image processing. The image processing system includes a histogram conversion portion for calculating a histogram in accordance with an image of an n12-31-2009
20110075925FILM SCANNING METHOD - A film scanning method is provided. When the film is judged as a negative film, the scanning device sets the scan exposure time for the film according to the base background color of the film. The negative film is scanned for the scan exposure time, wherein, the film passes through the scanning device at one time so as to complete the above judge of the film type and scanning of the film. The film scanning method automatically completes the recognition of film type, performs accurate scanning based on the scan exposure time, expands the dynamic range and reduces noise impacts, so as to obtain a scanned image with higher accuracy.03-31-2011
20080247644METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING HISTOGRAM APPEARANCES FROM SMALL DATA SAMPLES - A method and system for determining histograms and histogram appearances from small data samples. The method and system determine relevant histogram appearances (i.e., bin frequency lists) for uniform bin width sample histograms, exactly determine error minimizing histogram density estimators and determine histogram appearance reversals and mode inversions.10-09-2008
20080205755Method and apparatus for color matching - This disclosure generally relates to identifying objects by comparing their histograms. In aspect, the histograms of different color resolutions are constructed for each image and each compared to a corresponding histogram of another image. The results of the comparisons are combined to obtain an indicator of the difference between the color contents of the images and can be used to determine whether the images match each other. In another aspect, the color space is divided unevenly for each histogram, with the portions of the color space corresponding to white or gray being more finely divided than the portions corresponding to more saturated colors.08-28-2008
20110096988IMAGE ENHANCEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUSES UTILIZING THE SAME - An image enhancement apparatus is provided. The image enhancement apparatus includes a global contrast curve generator, a local contrast curve generator and an image generator. The global contrast curve generator generates a global contrast curve for an input image according to a global histogram of the input image. The local contrast curve generator generates a local contrast curve for each image partition within the input image according to the global contrast curve and further a feature of the image partition. The image generator generates an output image by enhancing a contrast of each image partition according to the local contrast curve for the image partition and the input image, and merging the enhanced image partitions.04-28-2011
20100166308PICTURE SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE, PICTURE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, AND PICTURE DISPLAY DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a picture processing device comprises a horizontal contour correction module configured to correct a horizontal contour of a picture by adding a contour correction signal to an input picture signal, a histogram acquisition module configured to acquire a luminance histogram of the picture, and a computation control module configured to acquire a control amount G for each luminance level of a horizontal contour correction processing from the luminance histogram, acquire a control amount G for each luminance level of horizontal contour correction processing from the luminance histogram, acquire a control amount G(b) for each luminance level of a non-linear processing from the luminance histogram, and acquire a control amount (G(a)) which can acquire the control amount G when the control amount G(b) is given to supply to the horizontal contour correction module and makes the horizontal contour correction module execute the horizontal contour correction processing.07-01-2010
20100310168Smoothed Local Histogram Filters for Computer Graphics - Local histogram and local histogram-based functions can be determined by generating offset-kernel images based on domain-shifted tonal filter kernels. The offset-kernel images can be reused for multiple image locations and/or local neighborhood sizes, shapes, and weights. A neighborhood filter representing the desired local neighborhood size, shape, and frequency domain characteristics is applied to each of the offset-kernel images. Neighborhood filters may include a temporal dimension for evaluating neighborhoods in space and time. Neighborhood filtered offset-kernel images' values represent samples of local histogram or local histogram-based function corresponding with the domains of their associated domain-shifted tonal filter kernels. Arbitrary functions may be used as tonal filter kernels. A histogram kernel may be used to sample values of local histogram functions. A tonal filter kernel that is a derivative or integral of another tonal filter kernel may be used to sample a derivative or integral, respectively, of a function.12-09-2010
20110052059GENERATING IMAGE HISTOGRAM BY PARALLEL PROCESSING - A histogram is generated. An image is input, and a pixel value is assigned to each pixel of the input image. A set of bin indexes is defined, with each bin index representing one or more possible numerical values for a pixel. A parallel sort is applied to the pixel values in order to generate a set of sorted pixel values. A parallel search is applied to the sorted pixel values for each bin index to find the position of the bin index in the sorted pixel values. A number of pixels in a bin corresponding to each bin index is generated, based on the difference between the position of the bin index in the sorted pixel values and the position of a subsequent bin index in the sorted pixel values. The histogram is generated based on the number of pixels in the bins corresponding to each bin index.03-03-2011
20120039532METHOD OF GATHERING STATISTICS OF GRAY DISTRIBUTION OF IMAGE - A method of gathering statistics of gray distribution of an image in an image processing device is provided. The method includes determining gray information of a plurality of data of an input image, wherein each piece of information corresponds to a count value. In addition, a fixed value is sequentially added to the corresponding count value according to the gray information of the data. When the count value exceeds a predetermined value, the count value is reset and the gray distribution of the image is updated. The count value of each piece of gray information is accumulated and when the accumulated value exceeds a predetermined value, the gray distribution of the image is updated to simplify the flow of process of the method of gathering statistics of gray distribution of an image.02-16-2012
20110317919PRODUCING STRUCTURE-BASED ASCII PICTURES - Provided are methods and devices for producing an ASCII picture from a vector outline image. The method comprises rasterizing the vector outline image into a plurality of grid cells, at least one of which has a reference image; matching each reference image with an ASCII character based on log-polar histograms thereof; and gathering all matched ASCII characters to form the ASCII picture.12-29-2011
20120002875Methods and Systems for Image Data Processing - Methods, storage mediums, and systems for image data processing are provided. Embodiments for the methods, storage mediums, and systems include configurations to perform one or more of the following steps: background signal measurement, particle identification using classification dye emission and cluster rejection, inter-image alignment, inter-image particle correlation, fluorescence integration of reporter emission, and image plane normalization.01-05-2012
20120207386Updating A Low Frame Rate Image Using A High Frame Rate Image Stream - Technology is described for enhancing low frame rate media or static images using higher-frame rate information. An example method can update a static image using a video stream. The method can obtain the video stream from a video source, and the video stream can be aligned to the static image. Another operation can be analyzing a change in the video stream as compared to the static image. The change can be applied to the video stream to the static image. A further operation may be displaying the static image with the change applied.08-16-2012
20120207387Method and Apparatus for Multi-Dimensional Content Search and Video Identification - A multi-dimensional database and indexes and operations on the multi-dimensional database are described which include video search applications or other similar sequence or structure searches. Traversal indexes utilize highly discriminative information about images and video sequences or about object shapes. Global and local signatures around keypoints are used for compact and robust retrieval and discriminative information content of images or video sequences of interest. For other objects or structures relevant signature of pattern or structure are used for traversal indexes. Traversal indexes are stored in leaf nodes along with distance measures and occurrence of similar images in the database. During a sequence query, correlation scores are calculated for single frame, for frame sequence, and video clips, or for other objects or structures.08-16-2012
20090097746COLOR CLASSIFICATION METHOD, COLOR RECOGNITION METHOD, COLOR CLASSIFICATION APPARATUS, COLOR RECOGNITION APPARATUS, COLOR RECOGNITION SYSTEM, COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A color classification method including: determining a plurality of predetermined process target regions from a plurality of pickup images taken by an imaging device; calculating a plurality of color distributions of pixels contained in the respective determined process target regions; and forming a plurality of clusters by executing a clustering process based on the calculated color distributions for the pickup images, the method being for classifying a plurality of colors with respect to the respective formed clusters, the forming step including: extracting predetermined number of the classified colors, whose calculated rates are highest in the calculated plurality of the rates, from among the predetermined classified colors; defining a plurality of color spaces, dimensions of each of which are selected from the predetermined number of the extracted classified colors.04-16-2009
20110103687Image Processing Method an Imaging Device Module - There are provided an image processing method and an imaging device module capable of properly calculating a black level when brightness on the positive maximum value side in a brightness histogram of an optical black region are clipped to an upper limit brightness, that is, when brightness on the positive maximum value side in a brightness histogram of an optical black region exceed an upper limit brightness. An image processing method includes forming a brightness histogram of pixels in an optical black region of an imaging face of an imaging device; shifting the brightness histogram toward where a brightness pixel value is zero until a peak value of the brightness histogram becomes smaller than an upper limit of a pixel value, when the peak value is equal to or larger than the upper limit brightness of the pixel value; and calculating a black level based on a peak value which became smaller than the upper limit.05-05-2011
20100092083IN-LINE LINEAR VARIABLE FILTER BASED SPECTROPHOTOMETER - A system for providing color analysis of a toner image on an image bearing surface with a spectrophotometer is provided. The system includes an illuminator positioned adjacent to the image bearing surface and configured to emit a light beam at the image bearing surface, a linear sensor positioned adjacent to the image bearing surface and configured to receive the light reflecting off the toner image on the image bearing surface, a gradient index lens placed in the optical path of the light beams reflecting off the image bearing surface between the image bearing surface and the linear variable filter; and the linear variable filter positioned between the linear sensor and the gradient index lens. The system is devoid of a collimating lens positioned in between the gradient index lens and the linear variable filter, and the linear variable filter and the linear sensor are spaced apart by a gap.04-15-2010
20100246953Method for detection of film mode or camera mode - The present invention relates to a method for detection of film mode or camera mode of a video sequence. This detection is carried out using histograms of video levels of frames of the video sequence. Difference histograms are calculated then compared with each other so as to generate difference parameters for each video frame of the sequence. The pattern formed by these difference parameters is then compared with predetermined patterns to deduce the mode, film or camera, of the sequence. The advantage of this method is that it requires just small memory resources for its implementation and can therefore be implanted in an FPGA circuit.09-30-2010
20120076406SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROGRESSIVE BAND SELECTION FOR HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGES - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for progressive band selection for hyperspectral images. A system having module configured to control a processor to practice the method calculates a virtual dimensionality of a hyperspectral image having multiple bands to determine a quantity Q of how many bands are needed for a threshold level of information, ranks each band based on a statistical measure, selects Q bands from the multiple bands to generate a subset of bands based on the virtual dimensionality, and generates a reduced image based on the subset of bands. This approach can create reduced datasets of full hyperspectral images tailored for individual applications. The system uses a metric specific to a target application to rank the image bands, and then selects the most useful bands. The number of bands selected can be specified manually or calculated from the hyperspectral image's virtual dimensionality.03-29-2012
20090060328TONE CORRECTING APPARATUS PROVIDING IMPROVED TONE CORRECTION ON IMAGE - A tone correcting apparatus includes: a first determination unit that determines which one of first brightness levels that are previously defined a focused region corresponds to, the focused region being selected from among a plurality of block regions that are set to cover an entire area of the image; a second determination unit that determines which one of second brightness levels that are previously defined an adjacent block region corresponds to, the adjacent block region being at least one of the block regions that is adjacent to the focused region; and a correction unit that corrects a brightness of pixels included in the focused region based on a combination of the first brightness level determined by the first determination unit and the second brightness level determined by the second determination unit.03-05-2009
20080304740Salient Object Detection - Methods for detecting a salient object in an input image are described. For this, the salient object in an image may be defined using a set of local, regional, and global features including multi-scale contrast, center-surround histogram, and color spatial distribution. These features are optimally combined through conditional random field learning. The learned conditional random field is then used to locate the salient object in the image. The methods can also use image segmentation, where the salient object is separated from the image background.12-11-2008
20080298680System and Method for Image Processing Using Integral Histogram Convolution - A system and method for performing integral histogram convolution for filtering image data is disclosed. The method may include generating an initial histogram for a kernel region of an input image comprising two or more column histograms. Each histogram may include a plurality of bucket values, each representing a sum of weights associated with pixels having the same value or a count of pixels having the same value. The method may include incrementally generating a region histogram for each successive region of the image as the kernel is passed over the image and applying a convolution operation to it. Generating the new region histogram may involve merging an additional column histogram with the initial or current region histogram, and may also involve subtracting values of a preceding column histogram from the initial or current histogram. The methods may be implemented by program instructions executing in parallel on CPU(s) or GPUs.12-04-2008
20100232697IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes a gradient calculator that calculates a direction and a magnitude of a gradient of each pixel in an input image using neighboring pixel values; a histogram calculator that calculates a Histogram of Oriented Gradients containing plural sampled directions from the directions and the magnitudes of the gradients calculated for the pixels in a region including the pixel being processed; a storing unit that stores plural smoothing filters and associated Histograms of Oriented Gradients; a search unit that calculates errors between Histogram of Oriented Gradients calculated for the pixel being processed and the Histograms of Oriented Gradients stored in the storing unit and searches the Histogram of Oriented Gradients that has the minimum error; and a filter processing unit that acquires one of the smoothing filters stored in association with the Histogram of Oriented Gradients having the minimum error and determines a corrected pixel value of the pixel being processed by filter processing with the acquired smoothing filter.09-16-2010
20120328194IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND A NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing method of picking up an image of a substrate and converting pixel values of the picked-up substrate image makes the pixel values of the picked-up substrate image into a histogram, and creates a tone curve T composed of a periodic function of a predetermined amplitude and a predetermined period based on a distribution of the pixel values in the histogram. The pixel values of the picked-up substrate image are converted using the tone curve T to obtain a substrate image with a high contrast.12-27-2012
20100172585IMAGE SYNTHESIZING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF SYNTHESIZING IMAGES - When a plurality of images are to be overlapped and synthesized, coincidence degrees between the plurality of images in an area near the boundary of a common area are calculated, and the plurality of images are overlapped and synthesized so that an area near the boundary having a high coincidence degree appears on the overlapped image. Thereby, it is possible to avoid the duplexing of the subject in the common area and unnatural ruptures on the boundary made by the overlapping while reducing the number of processes for the synthesizing.07-08-2010
20080232685CATEGORIZING MOVING OBJECTS INTO FAMILIAR COLORS IN VIDEO - An improved solution for categorizing moving objects into familiar colors in video is provided. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for categorizing moving objects into familiar colors in video comprises: receiving a video input; determining at least one object track of the video input; creating a normalized cumulative histogram of the at least one object track; and one of: performing a parameterization quantization of the histogram including separating the histogram into regions based on at least one surface curve derived from one of saturation and intensity; or identifying a significant color of the quantized histogram.09-25-2008
20130129215METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DESCRIBING IMAGE REGION BASED ON COLOR HISTOGRAM - A method and system for describing image region based on color histogram is provided. The method for describing an image region based on color histogram comprising: a color quantization step for quantizing said image region into a quantized color region, wherein a specific color range and colors outside the specific color range are differently treated in the quantizing; a color histogram calculation step for computing one or more color histograms according to said quantized color region; and a histogram assembling step for generating a unique vector by using said one or more color histograms.05-23-2013
20110229029SELECTIVE DIFFUSION OF FILTERED EDGES IN IMAGES - An edge-preserving diffusion filter maintains the sharp edges in images while smoothing out image noise. An edge-preserving diffusion filter applies an edge-preserving smoothing filter to an image to form a filtered image. The modified image is then blurred by a blurring filter to form a blurred image. The modified image and the blurred image are blended together to form an output image based on an error metric associated with each pixel. The edge-preserving diffusion filter may be utilized to perform a multilevel decomposition of the image. The edge-preserving diffusion filter may be applied to an unfiltered image to produce a base image. The difference between the unfiltered image and the base image defines a detail image. The detail image may be used as the input for recursively generating additional levels of detail. The multilevel decomposition may utilize filter kernels associated with different contrast levels for each iteration.09-22-2011
20120275700Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Images - A method and an apparatus for enhancing images are provided. An input image generated by an imaging device, such as a short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) camera, sensor, or any other imaging device, is processed to produce an input histogram representing the distribution of pixel intensities in the input image. Histogram start and end points are determined, and a variable plateau profile is calculated depending upon the type of enhancement desired. The plateau profile could take on any desired shape or size, and two or more plateau regions could be included in the profile. The input histogram is clipped along the variable plateau profile. A cumulative histogram is constructed from the clipped histogram, and is normalized. The input image is then transformed into an enhanced output image using the normalized cumulative histogram as a look-up table.11-01-2012
20120275699Change analyst - A method of determining change in a state of an object using images of the object, the method including providing a first image and a second image of the object, the first image and the second image being spaced apart in time, performing a plurality of pixel-based change detection algorithms to obtain a plurality of output difference products/images containing change information and pseudo change information, combining the plurality of output difference products to form a hybrid output difference product, and thresholding the output difference product to detect changes in the object.11-01-2012
20100316292Remote sensing imageryaccuracy analysis method and apparatus - A method of enhancing a resolution of an image by fusing images includes applying a principal component analysis to a multispectral image to obtain a plurality of principal components, and replacing a first component in the plurality of principal components by a panchromatic image. The method further includes resampling remaining principal components to a resolution of the panchromatic image, and applying an inverse principal analysis to the panchromatic image and the remaining principal components to obtain a fused image of the panchromatic image and the multispectral image.12-16-2010
20130195358METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING VISUAL SEARCH - Various methods are described for improving the compression of location information during a visual search. One example method may comprise identifying one or more features of a source query image for a visual search. The method may further comprise generating a histogram map comprising one or more histogram bins, wherein the histogram map represents the location of the one or more features of the source query image. Additionally, the method may comprise generating a context for at least one of the one or more histogram bins, wherein the context comprises a first context value based on information related to one or more neighboring bins located a first distance from the respective histogram bin and a second context value based on information related to one or more neighboring bins located a second distance from the respective histogram bin. Similar and related methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are also provided.08-01-2013
20120033885APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING SHARPNESS OF IMAGE - There is provided an apparatus for improving the sharpness of an image, which may prevent occurrence of distortion of an image in an edge enhancement process of the image by applying an active weight in accordance with a two-dimensional (2D) high pass filtering value of the image. The apparatus may include: a 2D high pass filter outputting a high frequency element value for the luminance values of pixels of an input image; a weight generating unit generating a weight changed depending on a magnitude of the high frequency element value; a weight applying unit applying the weight to the high frequency element value; and an edge enhancement image generating unit adding, to the luminance values of the pixels of the input image, the high frequency element value to which the weight is applied to thereby output an image of which an edge is enhanced.02-09-2012
20120033884APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING EDGE AREAS OF DIGITAL IMAGE - There are provided an apparatus and a method for estimating edge areas of pixels in a digital image to thereby prevent an edge sharpening algorithm from being applied to non-edge area of the digital image. Therefore, the apparatus can accurately determine whether each pixel is in an edge area or in a non-edge area, by generating a binary mask obtained by using a luminance difference average between each pixel and each of neighboring pixels in the digital image. Moreover, the determination of an edge-area or a non-edge area may be applied to various digital images, by adjusting a level of edge-area determination.02-09-2012

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