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Mounting or support feature of housed loudspeaker

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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices


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381387000 Directional, directible, or movable 50
381388000 With furniture, clothing, or image display 40
381394000 Electrical hardware 28
381395000 Mechanical detail 25
381389000 In vehicle 19
381391000 Grille 13
381392000 Resilient 5
20080279413SPEAKER SUPPORT SYSTEMS - A speaker support system, adapted to prevent destructive resonance between a speaker and a speaker cabinet, comprising a vibration damper, a vibration transferer, and a connector. The speaker support prevents primary-mode resonance from building up to damaging levels in a speaker cabinet.11-13-2008
20090046885Speaker damper mounting structure - A speaker damper mounting structure used in a speaker to hold a damper firmly to a voice coil is disclosed to include an upper bearing cup, which is fastened to the paper cone of the speaker to hold the damper around the voice coil and having an inner horizontal segment, an annular flange perpendicularly downwardly extending from the inner horizontal segment and inserted through the center through hole of the damper, and a plurality of locating holes cut through the inner horizontal segment corresponding to respective mounting holes of the damper, and a bottom bearing cup, which has an inner step stopped at the bottom side of the damper against the upper bearing cup and a plurality of top hooks respectively inserted through the mounting holes of the damper and fastened to the locating holes of the upper bearing cup.02-19-2009
20110123060VIBRATOR OF AN ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER - A vibrator is disposed in an electro-acoustic transducer and includes a central portion, an edge portion, a combining portion and a reinforcement structure. The edge portion surrounds at out periphery of the central portion, the combing part surrounds at outer periphery of the edge portion and is combined with the electro-acoustic transducer, whereas the reinforcement structure is attached to the central portion and is provided with a corrugated sheet. Between every two peaks and between every two troughs of the corrugated sheet are filled with a foaming material, allowing the vibrator to have a better stiffness and damping, so as to improve an acoustics performance of the electro-acoustic transducer.05-26-2011
20110038504DAMPER AND LOUDSPEAKER USING THE SAME - A damper includes a paper matrix and a plurality of carbon nanotubes dispersed in the paper matrix. A loudspeaker includes a magnetic circuit, a bobbin, a voice coil, a damper, and a diaphragm. The magnetic circuit defines a magnetic gap. The bobbin is located in the magnetic gap. The voice coil is wounded on the bobbin. The damper is fixed to the bobbin and includes a paper matrix and a plurality of carbon nanotubes dispersed in the paper matrix. The diaphragm includes an inner rim fixed to the bobbin and mechanically held by the damper.02-17-2011
20130156252SPEAKER DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A speaker device is disclosed. The speaker device is mounted in an electronic device that includes a plurality of positioning elements. The speaker device includes a speaker main body, at least one pair of buffer arms, a plurality of fixed elements, and a plurality of buffer members. One end of each buffer arms is connected to the speaker main body and located at the opposite sides of the speaker main body. The fixed elements is connected to the other end of each buffer arm and movably combined with each positioning element, such that the speaker main body is fixed in the electronic device. The members is mounted in between each fixed element and each positioning element, allowing the buffer arms and the buffer members to reduce vibration generated by the speaker main body passing to the electronic device when the speaker main body is vibrating.06-20-2013
381390000 Boom or support arm 2
20090175485ON-WALL LOUDSPEAKER AND MOUNTING APPARATUS - An on-wall loudspeaker and mounting apparatus includes an enclosure, a loudspeaker driver mounted in the enclosure, brackets of equal length and attachable to a wall, arms of equal length pivotably attached to the brackets and pivotably attached to the enclosure, each arm pivotable perpendicular to the wall. A movement of a cone in the driver is parallel to the pivoting of the arms when an alternating current signal is applied to the driver. The present invention mitigates vibrations transmitted to walls and other building structures, and provides improved means for reproducing low frequencies below a range of conventional loudspeakers.07-09-2009
20090103768COMMUNICATION HEADSET - A communication headset includes a housing. The housing includes a shell defining a gap on a sidewall thereof and an upper cover defining a pivot hole and a locating hole. An earpiece and an ear hook are disposed on the top of the upper cover. A microphone arm has a base portion and an extension portion. The bottom of the base portion defines a raised portion received in the pivot hole. The bottom center of the raised portion defines an aperture. A locating cavity is defined at the bottom of the microphone arm. A pivot frame has a tray-shaped portion fixed in the housing. The center of the tray-shaped portion defines a receiving can. A spring shaft is accepted in the receiving can. An end of the spring shaft forms a locking portion fixed in the aperture. A spring winds around the spring shaft for providing a torsion force to the microphone arm. And a limiting body having a buckling block and a pressing portion is mounted in the housing for limiting rotation of the microphone arm which is driven by the torsion force when the pressing portion is pushed and therefore the buckling block is withdrawn from the locating cavity.04-23-2009
381393000 electrical insulation feature 1
20110182462ELECTROMAGNETICALLY-SHIELDED SPEAKER SYSTEMS AND METHODS - An electromagnetically-shielded speaker (or microphone) system for generating acoustic sounds (or electric signals) based upon electric signals (or acoustic sounds) supplied thereto while minimizing irradiation of undesirable electromagnetic waves. While Various speaker systems can be used, each system has at least one source for emitting the undesirable waves and at least one counter member for emitting counter electromagnetic waves capable of canceling at least a substantial portion of the undesirable waves due to their phase characteristics. The system has at least one electric and/or magnetic shields capable of shielding and/or terminating electric waves and magnetic waves of the undesirable waves, respectively. Various methods of minimizing irradiation of the undesirable waves by such counter members, various methods of shielding the undesirable waves by the electric and/or magnetic shields, and the like, as well as various processes for providing such systems, counter members thereof, electric and/or magnetic shields therefor, and the like.07-28-2011
20090190788SPEAKER SET FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A speaker set configured for a portable electronic device includes a hollow shell, a back cover, and a loudspeaker sandwiched between the shell of the back cover. The shell includes a first chamber, a second chamber, a third chamber and a fourth chamber. The second and third chambers are positioned at opposite sides of the first chamber, and communicate with a surrounding environment at opposite sides of the shell. The loudspeaker is accommodated in the first chamber, and divides the first chamber into a front sub-chamber and a rear sub-chamber. The front sub-chamber communicates with the second and the third chambers thereby forming a front resonance chamber. The rear sub-chamber communicates with the fourth chamber thereby forming a rear resonance chamber. Sound waves generated from the loudspeaker are transmitted to and resonate in the front and rear resonance chambers and then transmitted to the surrounding environment in opposite directions.07-30-2009
20090190787Speaker - A speaker apparatus comprising a speaker housing member and a supporting bracket that can be easily installed on a spa or any other desired supporting surface. The speaker apparatus is configured such that the speaker housing member can move between a plurality of different positions relative to the supporting bracket, including at least an upward position and a downward position. In some embodiments, the speaker apparatus has a visual display that changes the orientation of the information so that the information is displayed in an upright orientation regardless of the orientation of the speaker housing member. In some embodiments, the speaker apparatus can comprise controls to control the speaker apparatus, audio signal source, spa, or other components.07-30-2009
20090123017ELECTRONIC COMPONENT, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT UNIT, SPEAKER, AND MOBILE TERMINAL INCLUDING SPEAKER - To provide an electronic component, an electronic component unit, a speaker, and a mobile terminal including the speaker which can realize the stable electrical conduction. An electronic component includes a frame, an electric circuit which is provided on the frame, a coil spring which is electrically connected to the electric circuit, and a rib which is provided on the frame and is inserted into the coil spring.05-14-2009
20100158303AUDIO SYSTEM WITH CRADLE FOR PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER - An audio system includes a housing; circuitry in the housing for processing signals from a portable media player connected to the housing; a pair of speakers connected to the circuitry and mounted to the housing; a cradle for receiving a portable media player; at least one connector fixed to the cradle for removably fastening the portable media player to the cradle and electrically connecting the portable media player to the circuitry; and a pivot located between the speakers and connecting the cradle to the housing for pivoting movement of the cradle relative to the housing, between first and second orientations substantially ninety degrees apart.06-24-2010
20100074463MATERIAL FOR SPEAKER DEVICE AND A SPEAKER DEVICE USING IT - A material for improving the sound pressure level at the bass reproduction limit of the present invention is composed of an activated carbon having a cumulative pore volume of 0.4 ml/g or more for the pores each having a radius of 50 angstroms or less. Preferably, this activated carbon has a cumulative pore volume of 0.1 ml/g or less for the pores each having a radius of 7 angstroms or less. In particular, when a sound pressure level improving material in which the activated carbon has a cumulative pore volume of 0.5 ml/g or more for the pores each having a radius of 18 angstroms or less is installed in a cabinet of a loudspeaker device, the material alleviates pressure fluctuations of a gas within the cabinet caused by vibration of a loudspeaker, and thus a very good bass reproduction effect is attained. Moreover, in the case where a sound pressure level improving material in which the activated carbon has a cumulative pore volume of 0.4 ml/g or more for the pores each having a radius of 18 to 50 angstroms is installed in the cabinet, a loudspeaker device having a good bass reproduction effect even in an atmosphere of high humidity is obtained.03-25-2010
20130039526ELECTRODYNAMIC SOUND-EMITTING DEVICE - A casing for covering an outer yoke is provided; an acoustic cavity is formed by this casing; a diaphragm and the outer surface of a side wall of the outer yoke; a second elastic member is provided to join the outer circumferential edge of the casing to the outer circumferential edge of the diaphragm without any gap therebetween; this second elastic member includes pores formed by foaming and made of a material whose elastic modulus is smaller than that of a first elastic member; and pores communicating through from the back surface of the second elastic member, that is the inner side of the casing, to the front surface that is the opposite side of the back surface are eliminated.02-14-2013
20100046784Loudspeaker - A loudspeaker includes an enclosure and at least one sound wave generator disposed in the enclosure. The sound wave generator includes at least one carbon nanotube structure. The carbon nanotube structure is capable of converting electrical signals into heat. The heat is transferred to a medium and causes a thermoacoustic effect.02-25-2010
20100040253MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR SPEAKER - A mounting apparatus for mounting a speaker to a computer case, includes a base plate assembled on the computer case, a fixing member configured to fix two corners on a top edge of the speaker, and an elastic sheet configured to fix a bottom edge of the speaker.02-18-2010
20120183170SPEAKER UNIT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An electronic device includes a housing and a speaker unit. The housing includes an upper housing half and a lower housing half connected to and disposed under the upper housing half. The lower housing half is provided with at least one insert post. The speaker unit includes a magnetic element disposed on the upper housing half of the housing, and a speaker module including a speaker body disposed above and abutting against the lower housing half of the housing and having at least one post-connecting portion, and a magnetic body adapted for generating an audio signal. The post-connecting portion has a hole permitting the insert post to extend movably therethrough. A magnetic attractive force or a magnetic repulsive force exists between the magnetic element and the magnetic body.07-19-2012
20130051602AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE - An audio output device includes: a housing; a speaker provided in the housing; and a support part which is provided in a floating state in the housing and supports an electronic apparatus.02-28-2013
20090304221LOUDSPEAKER STRUCTURE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A loudspeaker structure for an electronic device, comprising: a housing defining a frame portion, the frame portion comprises a front sound chamber and aback sound chamber; a loudspeaker secured within the frame portion; a speaker cover made of rubber materials and secured within the frame portion to seal the front sound chamber; a speaker seat made of rubber materials and secured within the frame portion to seal the back sound chamber; and a circuit board secured above the frame portion. The front sound chamber and the back sound chamber have comfortable tightness and ensure the sounds transmitting. Thereby, high quality sound is available.12-10-2009
20090092275MULTIPLE SPEAKERS - A multiple speakers, including: A sound box has a long flat body and a long first voice face at front. Both sides of the first voice face incline separately to from a second voice face. A first speaker unit places inside the sound box including a left speaker and a right speaker that is placed separately at the left end and right end of the first voice face. A second speaker unit places inside the sound box including a left speaker and a right speaker that is placed separately at the left side and right side of the second voice face.04-09-2009
20130058518LOUDSPEAKER APPARATUS WITH CIRCUMFERENTIAL, FUNNEL-LIKE SOUND OUTLET OPENING - A loudspeaker apparatus has at least one sound generator wherein an at least partially sound-conducting channel is arranged in a sound radiation direction of the sound generator and is suitable for directing sound emerging from the sound generator along the course of the sound-conducting channel such that the sound emerges from the loudspeaker apparatus at a second end of the sound-conducting channel, which end is in the form of a sound outlet opening, at a radiation angle which defined by the sound outlet opening.03-07-2013
20090232343MOUNT STRUCTURE OF ELECTROMECHANICAL ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER - To provide a mount structure of an electromechanical acoustic transducer which enables making of an attempt to pursuit miniaturization while maintaining an acoustic characteristic.09-17-2009
20090010477LIGHTING AND SOUND REPRODUCTION - Sound reproduction and lighting apparatus, which is configured as a table lamp, comprises a light source (01-08-2009
20110194722METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A LOUDSPEAKER ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to a loudspeaker assembly and a method of assembling a loudspeaker assembly. In one or more embodiments, the invention comprises forming a front baffle from a first material, the front baffle comprising a first driver mounting portion, an intermediate portion, and an edge mounting portion. A first driver aperture is formed in the first driver mounting portion, and a port aperture is formed in the intermediate portion. A first driver is installed in the first driver mounting portion by mounting the first driver proximate to the first driver aperture. A rear baffle is formed from a second material, which, in one or more embodiments, is less stiff than the first material from which the front baffle is formed. The rear baffle comprises a top portion, sidewalls, a recessed mounting portion, and an edge portion. The edge mounting portion of the front baffle is attached to the recessed mounting portion of the rear baffle. In one or more embodiments, the rear baffle is secured to the back of the first driver, such that the driver acts as a structural member that increases the rigidity of the loudspeaker assembly. In one or more embodiments, a back box is placed over the rear baffle. In one or more embodiments, the back box provides thermal insulation. In one or more embodiments, the back box complies with fire protection requirements, such as fire codes. In one or more embodiments, an electrical assembly is installed in the loudspeaker assembly, for example in an electrical compartment formed in the rear baffle. In one or more embodiments, a mounting plate is provided for securely attaching the first driver to a structural support thereby securely attaching the entire loudspeaker assembly to the structural support. One or more apertures are formed in the rear baffle and in the back box to allow the mounting plate to attach to the first driver via a fastener that passes though the rear baffle and the back box. In one or more embodiments, a perforated grille is crimped to the edge portion of the rear baffle and an edge portion of the back box.08-11-2011
20100034416RECEIVING STRUCTURE FOR SPEAKER - A receiving structure for a speaker includes a housing having a receiving cavity defining a sound slot at the bottom thereof, a filter defining a sound aperture without through out the filter, and an engaging board fixed with a speaker; the filter is received in the receiving cavity and the sound slot is shielded by filter, the sound aperture aligns with the sound slot, the engaging board engages the housing and covers the receiving cavity, and the speaker aligns with the sound aperture.02-11-2010
20110280431KEYCHAIN SPEAKER - A speaker has a speaker body of a generally cubical shape of a small keychain size of under eight cubic inches in volume. An upper rim is formed on the speaker body which has an upper rim inside surface sized to receive a standard sized plastic bottle. Internal speaker components are housed within the speaker body. An audio input provides audio signal to the speaker. A plurality of threads have small annular threading grooves and protrusions and are sized for engaging with a standard sized plastic bottle. The plurality of threads are circularly deposed and are within the bounds of the upper rim inside surface. The speaker has a front flat sidewall and a rear flat sidewall. A medium annular rim is located within the bounds of the upper rim inside surface. The medium annular rim is sized to engage with a standard sized plastic bottle.11-17-2011
20110286622CUP-SHAPED PORTABLE SPEAKER WITH MUSIC PLAYER ADAPTER - A portable speaker for a music play such as an iPod® player. The housing of the speaker is shaped and sized as a cup and can be placed inside a commonly seen cup holder, such as a cup holder in a car or other vehicles, a baby stroller, a foldable camping chair, etc. The speaker housing has a slot for receiving a music player, as well as electrical connectors for electrically connecting to the audio output of the music player. The sound producing devices are disposed within the speaker housing and face upwards and/or downwards.11-24-2011
20110293131ELECTROACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER - A frame has a diaphragm's edge attached thereto. An attachment member has a frame portion and a hook. The frame portion has a first plane to be bonded to a casing, and a second plane opposite to the first plane. The hook is supported by the frame portion and also opposite to the second plane with a gap interposed. The frame at the portion having the diaphragm's edge attached thereto is fitted into the gap. A securing member secures the edge and the second plane together.12-01-2011
20090274336ENCLOSURE AND ENCLOSURE SYSTEM FOR A SPEAKER OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The disclosure relates to a system for adjusting a response signal of a transducer of an electronic device is provided. The system comprises: a substrate, such as a printed circuit board (PCB), having a first side and a second side; a transducer making an electrical connection with the first side of the PCB; and an enclosure mounted on the second side of the PCB. The enclosure defines a volume by an interior space of the enclosure and the second side of the PCB. In the system, the PCB, the transducer and the enclosure are contained within a housing for the device; and the transducer is in communication with the volume.11-05-2009
20090296976ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING A RECEIVER - An electronic device (12-03-2009
20100278369ENCLOSURE FOR A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - Disclosed is an enclosure for a communication device. The enclosure comprises: a casing for the communication device, the casing having a back side and a casing opening in the back side; a speaker mounted inside the casing and in communication with the casing opening; and a cover shaped to mate with and to cover the casing opening. The cover has: a central portion; a first rail protruding outwardly from a surface of the cover and located in the central portion; a second rail protruding outwardly from the surface and located in the central portion; and a speaker grill having an opening therein providing an air channel for the speaker.11-04-2010
20100034415PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SPATIAL MODULE - A portable electronic device includes a housing, a circuit board, a speaker and a spatial module. The housing includes a bottom wall and a circular wall extending from the bottom wall. The bottom wall defines a sound-emitting hole. The bottom wall and the circular wall define a receiving cavity. The circuit board is positioned on the circular wall to cover the receiving cavity and includes a first surface and an opposite second surface and defines a through hole running through the circuit board. The through hole is in communication with the receiving cavity. The speaker is electrically fixed to the first surface and received in the receiving cavity with the sound-emitting surface thereof facing the sound-emitting hole. The spatial module positioned on the second surface defines a groove in communication with the through hole.02-11-2010
20100272306LOUDSPEAKER COVER - The present invention relates to a loudspeaker cover comprising a light guide arranged for receiving light from a light source, wherein the light guide comprises at least one hole to allow sound to be emitted through the cover, and wherein the at least one hole is arranged for dispersing the received light out of the light guide. The holes in the light guide may e.g. be cylindrical, conical, double-conical, or formed as grooves. The invention further relates to a loudspeaker housing comprising such a loudspeaker cover, and an electronic entertainment device comprising such a loudspeaker cover. In a preferred embodiment, the loudspeaker cover is positioned adjacent to a display. In case light is emitted that matches the contents being shown on the periphery of the display, this effect is even further enhanced in that the colors are perceived as leaking out of the display onto the loudspeaker cover. The effect of the dispersed light is a larger virtual display and a more immersive viewing experience.10-28-2010
20110268309HANDSET LEAK-TOLERANT RECEIVER - To provide leak tolerance an acoustic system for an acoustic receiver comprises a loudspeaker, a front cavity, a rear cavity and an acoustic connection. The loudspeaker has a front area and a rear area opposite the front area the front area having an opening through which sound is output. The front cavity is in proximity to the front area of the loudspeaker, the opening outputting into the front cavity, and the front cavity having a port to the exterior of the acoustic receiver. The rear cavity is in proximity to the rear area of the loudspeaker. The acoustic connection is between the front cavity and the rear cavity. In some embodiments, the rear cavity comprises an acoustic leak to the exterior of the rear cavity.11-03-2011
20090147983METHOD AND SYSTEM OF A LINKAGE ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN AN ELECTROACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER - A three-dimensional linkage assembly for an electroacoustic transducer comprises a first panel having a first structure and a first opening and a second panel having a second structure and a second opening. The first structure may be disposed within the second opening and the second structure may be disposed within the first opening. The first panel and the second panel may be joined together by welding, mechanical coupling, or bonding. Each of the first and second panels comprises a frame and a retaining portion attached the first structure and the second structure to the frame.06-11-2009
20090052722Speaker system and fitting device - A speaker system includes a cabinet, a front baffle, a speaker unit, a rear baffle, and a fitting member fitted in the rear baffle. The front baffle includes a front duct segment extending backward from the rear thereof. The rear baffle includes an opening portion, a duct connecting portion, and a receiving portion having a semicircular cross section. The receiving portion extends from the opening portion to the duct connecting portion while protruding backward. The opening portion, the receiving portion, and the duct connecting portion have a groove. The receiving portion has an engagement hole. The fitting member having a semicircular cross section is formed by double molding. The frame of the member is made of relatively rigid resin and the rim thereof is made of relatively flexible resin. The frame has an engagement projection. The receiving portion and the fitting member constitute a sealed rear duct segment.02-26-2009
20100124350WALL ELEMENT WITH A SOUND GENERATOR - A wall element, in particular of an exhibit booth, includes at least one sound generator that is integrated in the wall element and is not visible from the outside.05-20-2010
20110170735Sound Transducer Structure and Method for Manufacturing a Sound Transducer Structure - A sound transducer structure includes a membrane, a counter electrode, and a plurality of elevations. The membrane includes a first main surface, made of a membrane material, in a sound transducing region and an edge region of the membrane. The counter electrode is made of counter electrode material, and includes a second main surface arranged in parallel to the first main surface of the membrane on a side of a free volume opposite the first main surface of the membrane. The plurality of elevations extend in the sound transducing region from the second main surface of the counter electrode into the free volume.07-14-2011
20090279731Earphone - An earphone includes a housing, a reel mechanism, a speaker, and a transmission wire. The reel mechanism is pivotally disposed in the housing and has an accommodating space defined therein for accommodating the speaker. The transmission wire is wound on the reel mechanism. When the transmission wire is pulled or released and thereby drives the reel mechanism to rotate, the speaker rotates coaxially together with the reel mechanism.11-12-2009
20090103766Method and Apparatus for Providing an Expandable Accoustical Volume - A speaker system with an inner element movable in relation to an outer element, where an expanded position is one in which the inner volume of the housing is large and where a speaker is exposed for providing audio. In a contracted position, the volume is smaller and the speaker is protected inside the outer clement. This may be provided in a media player (MP3 player) which in the contracted mode provides a signal for headphones, but which in the expanded mode provides the signal to the speaker of the speaker system.04-23-2009
20120294472METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A LOUDSPEAKER ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to a loudspeaker assembly and a method of assembling a loudspeaker assembly. In one or more embodiments, the invention comprises forming a front baffle comprising a first driver mounting portion, an intermediate portion, and an edge mounting portion. A first driver is installed in the first driver mounting portion proximate to a first driver aperture. A rear baffle is formed from a second material, which, in one or more embodiments, is less stiff than the first material from which the front baffle is formed. The rear baffle comprises a top portion, sidewalls, a recessed mounting portion, and an edge portion. The edge mounting portion of the front baffle is attached to the recessed mounting portion of the rear baffle such that an entirety of said front baffle is recessed within said rear baffle spaced apart from said open bottom portion.11-22-2012
20100061584Compact Housing for Portable Electronic Device with Internal Speaker - Improved approaches for providing a speaker within a housing of a portable electronic device are disclosed. The housing of the portable electronic device can be compact, such as a low profile housing. In one embodiment, an acoustic chamber for a speaker can be formed internal to a housing for a portable electronic device using non-dedicated space. In another embodiment, irregular surfaces can be sealed so that an acoustic chamber for a speaker can be formed internal to a housing for a portable electronic device.03-11-2010
20080279411Earpiece, Electronic Device and Communication Device - An earpiece, an electronic device, and a communication device, capable of reducing the influence of leakage of sounds from a clearance between the earpiece and an ear not to need an addition of parts are provided. An earpiece (11-13-2008
20080304691SLEEP AID SYSTEM AND METHOD - A sleep aid system, including a band adapted for surrounding a person's head, the band including an inside fabric layer and an outside fabric layer, two speakers between the fabric layers, the speakers positioned substantially opposite to one another, and an audio input for receiving audio from an audio player.12-11-2008
20080273738Inflatable Loudspeaker Enclosure - An inflatable loudspeaker enclosure (11-06-2008
20090136075VIBRATION SPEAKER AND A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE COMPRISING THE VIBRATION SPEAKER - A vibration speaker for a portable electronic device is disclosed herein. The vibration speaker comprises a case. A loudspeaker member for generating a sound is contained in the case. The loudspeaker member comprises a frame, a magnet, a voice coil and a membrane. The voice coil is operable to generate a movement of the membrane vertically up and down when an electric current is applied to the voice coil and a magnetic field is formed by interaction between the voice coil and the magnet. The vibration speaker additionally comprises a vibration coil for generating a vibration. The vibration coil is positioned in relation to the magnet of the loudspeaker member such that the vibration coil is operable to generate a movement of the entire loudspeaker member vertically up and down when an electric current is applied to the vibration coil and a magnetic field is formed by interaction between the vibration coil and the magnet. Metal springs may be positioned to elastically support between the loudspeaker member and the case.05-28-2009
20110228966NESTED COMPOUND LOUDSPEAKER DRIVE UNIT - A nested compound loudspeaker comprising a speaker assembly chassis (09-22-2011
20090110228SPEAKER DEVICE WITH AUTOMATICALLY RECOVERED RESONANCE SPACE - A speaker device with an automatically recovered resonance space is provided. A flexible speaker is installed in the speaker device, and the flexible characteristic thereof can be fully utilized. When the speaker device is not used, the inner space thereof can be minimized by compression. When the space is minimized, the energy storing unit is provided therein. When the speaker device is used, the energy storing unit releases the stored energy, such that the speaker with the compressed space quickly recovers the resonance space with the speaker. That is, when the speaker device is used, the flexible speaker generates sound, and the sound is resonated in the inner space of the speaker device, thereby enhancing intensity and depth of sound field.04-30-2009
20090245566Audio vibration apparatus using USB port as power inlet - An audio vibration apparatus using a USB port as a power inlet primarily comprises a housing, a circuit board, an electromagnetic converting device and a soft pad. Therein the electromagnetic converting device is constructed from an electromagnetic converting coil assembly, an upper metal element and a lower metal element. Thereby, an external signal can be transmitted through the USB port settled on the circuit board to a processing unit of the circuit board so as to drive the electromagnetic converting device to generate a vibration frequency that resonates a soft pad to impact a plane object and therefore give off a sound.10-01-2009
20100150389SPEAKER, SPEAKER DEVICE USING THE SAME AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND VEHICLE USING THE SPEAKER - According to the present invention, there is provided a speaker for use in audio/video apparatuses and a small-sized speaker device capable of realizing preferable reproduction a bass sounds. In order to attain this, in the present invention, a pressure adjusting body is coupled to a portion of a magnetic circuit or a frame, which is a component of a speaker unit, to constitute the speaker unit. The speaker unit is mounted to a small-sized cabinet to constitute a speaker device, which enables realization of preferable reproduction of bass sounds.06-17-2010
20120195456SPEAKER TERMINAL MOUNT STRUCTURE AND SPEAKER UNIT - A speaker terminal mount structure has a frame having a slit, and a terminal supported by the frame when inserted into the slit. The slit has a shape including two first side support sections, and at least one second side support section abutting on a second surface and positioned on an inner side of a region sandwiched between the two first side support sections when viewed from a direction in which the terminal is inserted. Assuming that a first virtual straight line is formed by connecting the two first side support sections, and a second virtual straight line extends in parallel to the first straight line at a distance smaller than a thickness of the terminal from the first straight line in a first direction, the second side support section is positioned in a second direction with respect to the second straight line.08-02-2012
20120033846DUST PROTECTION APPARATUS FOR FLAT LOUDSPEAKERS - A method for fabricating flat loudspeakers comprising manufacturing a flat loudspeaker including at least one microspeaker array, having first and second main surfaces; and covering at least one of the main surfaces of the loudspeaker with a cover member including an airtight sound-pressure wave transparent thin polymer film.02-09-2012
20100183185Speaker Apparatus - A speaker apparatus includes a speaker and a sound box. The sound box is shaped like a wine barrel and includes arced side boards and parallel top and bottom boards coupled to upper and lower ends of the side boards, respectively. The sound box is divided by at least an isolating board into air chambers interconnected with one another via at least an air aperture formed in the isolating board, and at least an air venting hole is formed through at least one of the side boards so as to communicate the air chambers with the outside. The speaker is installed on the top board via an installation hole formed therein. The interconnected air chambers and side boards produce air cushions corresponding to resonant frequency sections of the speaker, thereby enabling the speaker to reproduce original audio sounds without interfering with a successively formed air cushion.07-22-2010
20100215202Modular Loudspeaker Device Installable In Computer Drive Bay - A modular loudspeaker device installable in a computer drive bay is provided, which turns a multimedia loudspeaker into a standardized device. The modular loudspeaker device, which matches a 5.25-inch drive bay of a case of a personal computer, can be disposed and secured in the 5.25-inch drive bay and connected with power and audio signals, so as to serve as a multimedia audio output device of the personal computer.08-26-2010
20100135517EARPIECE AND EARPHONE - There is provided an earpiece comprising: a main unit having a cylindrical shape having made therein a through hole that can allow sound to be transmitted therethrough; a cap portion that has a film-like shape which is formed to extend from all around a front-end surface, in a direction of making the through hole, of the main unit toward a rear-end surface side, and which covers at least a portion of the main unit on the front-end surface side, and in which space between the main unit and the cap portion expands as it goes toward the rear-end surface side; and at least one cutting portion formed in the cap portion so that the cap portion can deform in a direction of the main unit.06-03-2010
20090161902LOUDSPEAKERS, SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS THEREOF - Improved loudspeakers, systems and components are adapted to interconnect with many forms of communication media. In one embodiment, a speaker is mountable within a receptacle. The speaker includes a magnetic driver and a diaphragm mounted to a frame. The frame includes a mounting member extending from a surface of the frame behind the flange plane. The mounting member is engagable in a notch formed in the receptacle for securing the speaker within the receptacle. In another embodiment, a low-profile loudspeaker has a front-mounted magnetic driver disposed within a cone-shaped acoustic diaphragm. The magnetic driver includes a first rare earth magnet centrally disposed within an electromagnetic shielding material. In another embodiment, a low-profile, two-way loudspeaker includes a cone-shaped diaphragm and a dome-shaped (tweeter) diaphragm. A front-mounted magnetic driver comprises first and second rare earth magnets each centrally disposed within electromagnetic shielding material. The driver and cone-shaped diaphragm are mounted to a speaker frame. The tweeter diaphragm is mounted onto the driver coaxially and substantially coplanar with a forward edge of the cone-shaped diaphragm.06-25-2009
20110235845Audio radiation type reflective sound box structure - The present invention is to provide an audio radiation type reflective sound box structure, which comprises a hollow cone tube having a first end received in a box, a second end extended out of an opening of the box to form an inclined side wall, and at least one vent disposed adjacent to the first end. When a diaphragm of a speaker mounted on an inner side edge of the second end generates vibrations, compressed air in the hollow cone tube is pushed out of the opening through the vent, and then collides with the outer edge of the inclined side wall and is diffused toward a peripheral direction adjacent to a front side of the speaker along an extension direction of the inclined side wall. Thus, the sounds reflected by the box can be evenly transmitted to a peripheral environment adjacent to the front side of the speaker.09-29-2011
20100310109SUPPORT MEMBER FOR SPEAKER VIBRATING BODY AND SPEAKER DEVICE - A speaker device where the dip in the middle sound range is reduced, which provides reproduced sound of comparatively high quality, and provides reproduced sound of comparatively high sound pressure. In the speaker device, a support member for a speaker vibrator is adopted for an edge. The speaker device has a movable part (12-09-2010
20090067662Speaker unit and audio output robot device - A speaker unit includes: a speaker that contains a magnet for vibrating a diaphragm to output sound; a speaker housing unit that houses the speaker so that the front of the diaphragm is exposed outside; an opening-and-closing unit that is attached to the speaker housing unit so that the opening-and-closing unit can both open, with respect to the speaker housing unit, to expose the front of the diaphragm outside and close to cover the front of the diaphragm; and a metallic component that is, when the opening-and-closing unit is closed with respect to the speaker housing unit, attracted to the magnet of the speaker to pull the opening-and-closing unit in a closing direction.03-12-2009
20090034777APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING A SPEAKER MODULE - An apparatus for mounting a speaker module to a portable terminal is provided. The speaker module is mounted to a casing frame of the terminal using a coupling part formed outside a housing of the speaker module, so as not to leave a space between the speaker module and the casing frame in a sound output direction of the speaker module. Therefore, better speaker performance can be achieved by raising the height of the speaker module of the slim portable terminal or increasing the space for the back volume.02-05-2009
20110044488PRENATAL AUDIO SYSTEM - A system for transmitting sounds to an in utero being. The system includes a first speaker capable of transmitting sound to an in utero being and a first bendable member coupled to the first speaker. The first bendable member is flexible enough to allow the first bendable member to be bent to a desired position and rigid enough to hold the first bendable section in the desired position. A clip is coupled to the first bendable member, the clip operable to releasably secure the first bendable member to a user.02-24-2011
20120033845Electrochemical Battery Pack with Reduced Magnetic Field Emission and Corresponding Devices - A battery pack with reduced magnetic field emissions includes a plurality of cells (02-09-2012
20110116676Apparatus Pertaining to a Cover-Attachment Assembly for Use with an Audio-Annunciating Housing - A cover-attachment assembly works in conjunction with an audio-annunciator housing that is configured to operationally mount to a wall. This audio-annunciator housing can have one or more arcuately-shaped tracks and one or more snap interfaces. The cover-attachment assembly comprises at least one arcuately-shaped guide surface that is shaped, sized, and positioned to fit within the arcuately-shaped track when pivotally attaching the cover-attachment assembly to the audio-annunciator housing. The snap interface, in turn, is shaped, sized, and positioned to lockingly mate with the audio-annunciator housing snap interface to hold the cover-attachment assembly in an installed position with respect to the audio-annunciator housing.05-19-2011
20090214074Audio playing device - An audio playing device includes an audio player and a soft speaker. The soft speaker has features such as light weight and flexibility, and a combination of the soft speaker and the audio player is convenient for carrying and accommodation, such that diversified structures, for example, fan, umbrella, or flag etc. are designed by reason of the flexibility.08-27-2009
20100220887ENCLOSURE FOR A SPEAKER OF A WIRELESS DEVICE - An enclosure for a magnetic speaker of a wireless device is provided. The wireless device has a display mounted in a case and a transparent cover mounted over at least the display. The enclosure comprises: an upper surface of the display at least partially spaced from a lower surface of the transparent cover to form at least a portion of an enclosed back-volume formed within the case for the magnetic speaker, the magnetic speaker being mounted proximate to the enclosed back-volume, and at least one of the transparent cover and the case having an opening formed therein for emitting sound from the magnetic speaker.09-02-2010
20110243363SPEAKER - A speaker is provided with a support base provided with a connection portion which has an inclined surface inclined at a predetermined angle relative to a horizontal direction, a connector which has a sloping surface inclined at the same angle as the inclined surface of the support base relative to the horizontal direction and is provided with a joining portion connected to the connection portion of the support base in a state where the sloping surface comes into contact with the inclined surface, and a main body which is attached to the connector and has a sound output portion, where the main body is inclined in at least two states of a first inclined state and a second inclined state with different inclined angles relative to a vertical direction according to an orientation whereby the joining portion of the connector is connected to the connection portion of the support base.10-06-2011
20090324000SPEAKER SURROUND STRUCTURE FOR MAXIMIZING CONE DIAMETER - A surround that is generally arched in shape and that includes a radial exterior flange that extends downward from exterior side of the arched portion of the surround and that adhesively attaches to the inner wall or edge of the mounting ring of the frame of the loudspeaker.12-31-2009
20100054521Electronic device - An electronic device suitable for disposing on a resonating surface is provided. The electronic device has a housing and a resonating speaker. The housing is disposed on the resonating surface. The resonating speaker is assembled onto a bottom of the housing and the resonating speaker contacts the resonating surface.03-04-2010
20100054519Audio Communication System - An audio producing device includes a receiver for wirelessly receiving a digital audio signal from an audio source device. The audio source device may transmit the digital audio signal at a variable bitrate. A logic device determines whether the bitrate at which the audio signal is received is below a predetermined threshold. A first indicator provides an indication to a user of the system when the bitrate is below the threshold. An electro-acoustic transducer utilizes information in the digital audio signal to produce audio out loud.03-04-2010
20100054520Loudspeaker - A loudspeaker including a bottom plate formed from a material capable of transmitting a magnetic flux. The bottom plate has a bottom portion and a first side portion that is affixed to, and extends upwardly from, the periphery of the bottom portion. A magnet is affixed to, and extends upwardly from, the center of the bottom portion. A top plate, formed from a material capable of transmitting a magnetic flux, has a top portion that is affixed to, and extends outwardly from, the top of the magnet. The top plate also has a second side portion that is affixed to, and extends downwardly from, the periphery of the top portion. The second side portion is laterally spaced away from the first side portion so as to define a first air gap between the second side portion and the first side portion. The second side portion is laterally spaced away from the magnet so as to define a second air gap between the second side portion and the magnet. The second side portion is vertically spaced away from the bottom portion so as to define a passageway between the second side portion and the bottom portion. The first air gap and the second air gap are placed in fluid communication by the passageway. A diaphragm for producing audible sounds includes a bobbin portion that is positioned within the first air gap and is capable of free movement therein. A conical portion is affixed to the top of the bobbin portion remote from the first air gap. A voice coil is wound around, and is affixed to, the bobbin portion within the first air gap.03-04-2010
20110176701Autoaugmented Speaker Port - A compact high acoustic power loudspeaker system includes an enclosure in which at least one low frequency speaker device and a bass-reflex port are provided. The bass-reflex port is mounted on the enclosure in a semiflexible manner such that the port can vibrate to provide additional bass reinforcement as compared to prior art loudspeakers. The bass-reflex port broadens the frequency response of the port and is less subject to “one-note bass” as compared to prior art ported systems.07-21-2011
20110150263SPEAKER ASSEMBLY - A speaker assembly includes a base including two receiving holes, a cover mounted on a first surface the base, a speaker, a flexible printed circuit (FPC) attached to a second surface the base opposite to the first surface, and two springs received in the receiving holes. The cover includes a receiving space to receive the speaker. The speaker includes two first pads. The FPC includes two second pads. The springs electrically connect the first pads to the second pads.06-23-2011
20100067731Loudspeaker - A loudspeaker comprising a housing provided with a magnet unit that generates a magnetic field, and a membrane which is mounted in a frame and which is provided with an electrical conductor arranged in a pattern on the membrane, which membrane is positioned in the magnetic field in such a manner that a force is exerted when current is fed through the conductor pattern on the membrane, which force is capable of setting at least part of the membrane in motion so as to produce sound, wherein a part of the conductor pattern extends beyond the plane of the aforesaid movable part of the membrane near at least one end of the membrane. Preferably, the aforesaid part of the conductor pattern makes an angle of about 90 degrees with the aforesaid movable part of the membrane.03-18-2010
20090028371Positionally Sequenced Loudspeaker System - A variety of loudspeaker arrangements may have any of multiple adjacent magnetic circuits, single magnetic circuits, an improved loudspeaker voice coil assembly, multiple voice coil windings (01-29-2009
20100128916Headset With A Retractable Speaker Portion - An earbud headset, a handset including the same, and methods of operating the headset and handset are provided. In one embodiment, an earbud headset includes a speaker portion that is retractable into and extendable from a base portion, thereby allowing for a thin profile form factor. Advantageously, the earbud headset allows for more convenient storage and/or integration with a handset such that a user may carry the handset and headset much like a single item.05-27-2010
20110249857APPARATUS FOR REPRODUCTION OF SOUND - Apparatus for reproducing sound including at least three loudspeakers (10-13-2011
20100303276LOUDSPEAKER SURROUND MOUNT - A loudspeaker configured to include a suspension system which maximizes performance. Materials of the suspension system are selected for ease and effectiveness of manufacturing.12-02-2010
20090028370SPEAKER SYSTEM - A speaker system according to the present invention includes: a cabinet; at least one speaker unit fixed to the cabinet; and a gas adsorbent which is situated inside the cabinet and which is made from a porous material. The speaker unit is configured with moisture-proof component parts. In the speaker system, a tubular structure which has a tubular hollow for allowing ventilation between an inside and an outside of the cabinet is provided. A resonant frequency which is determined by an acoustic impedance of the tubular structure and an acoustic impedance of the cabinet is lower than a minimum resonant frequency of an acoustic impedance of the speaker system.01-29-2009
20100246880METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENHANCED STIMULATION OF THE LIMBIC AUDITORY RESPONSE - A loudspeaker system for the optimization of sound production so as to achieve limbic and cortical arousal, comprising a resistance-controlled (or partially mass-controlled) woofer system, a mass-controlled (or partially resistance-controlled) midrange system, and a resistance-controlled tweeter system. This system may further comprise crossover networks of a particular configuration. By use of unsymmetrical networks of low order, it is possible to obtain a complete system which exhibits flat delay response.09-30-2010
20110135137EARPHONE - An earphone including an ear hanger, a connecting element, a pivot and a speaker is provided. The connecting element is fixed to the ear hanger. The pivot is hinged to the connecting element. The speaker is fixed to the pivot, in which the pivot rotates relative to the connecting element so as to drive the speaker to rotate relative to the ear hanger.06-09-2011
20110019862CEILING-MOUNTED LOUDSPEAKER ENCLOSURE - A ceiling-mounted loudspeaker includes a horn-shaped enclosure, an acoustic driver, and a front module. The tubular or horn-shaped enclosure carries a slanted woofer or loudspeaker driver which radiates into an angled or slanted first opening. The tubular enclosure terminates at bottom in a second, circular opening substantially parallel to a second plane, wherein the woofer's slanted plane is inclined with respect to the second plane. The slanted woofer can be oval and radiates sound through the enclosure's interior lumen and outwardly through ports defined in a substantially circular baffle carrying the front module and connected to the second opening. The baffle carries a midrange and tweeter near the ceiling where they can provide enhanced sound dispersion.01-27-2011
20100215204SPEAKER ISOLATION SYSTEM - A loudspeaker mounting assembly for mounting a loudspeaker in an isolated relation to a structure includes an enclosure and a plurality of interface elements composed of a vibration-damping material. The enclosure has an interior for receiving the loudspeaker and includes at least two spaced-apart support members. Each of the at least two support members includes a support member outer surface and an inner surface extending from the support member outer surface into the support member. The inner surface defines a support member bore. Each interface element includes an interface element outer surface. Each interface element is disposed in a corresponding one of the support member bores and at least partially extends out from the respective support member outer surface, where each interface element outer surface contacts the respective inner surface of the support member.08-26-2010
20100215203SPEAKER AND WIRELESS CHARGING SYSTEM USING SAME - A speaker includes a casing, a sound emitting portion, a conductive coil received in the casing, and a circuit board. The casing includes a side wall. The sound emitting portion received in the casing includes a diaphragm including a first end fixed to the casing and an opposite second end. The conductive coil includes a front end fixed to the side wall, and a rear end fixedly connected to the second end of the diaphragm. The circuit board includes an audio processing module, a charging module and a controlling module. The audio processing module is configured for receiving an audio signal and controlling the conductive coil to vibrate in response to the received audio signal. The charging module is configured for electrifying the conductive coil using alternating current. The controlling unit is configured for selectively connecting the conductive coil to the audio processing module electrically or to the charging module.08-26-2010
20100166246RECEIVING STRUCTURE FOR SPEAKER - A receiving structure for a speaker includes a housing, a filter, a speaker a LED and a circuit board, the housing comprises a receiving cavity, the receiving cavity defines an assembling groove at the bottom, the assembling groove defines a slit at the bottom, the filter is assembled in the assembling groove, the speaker is assembled in the receiving cavity, a LED is assembled adjacent to the speaker, the circuit board encloses the speaker and the LED with the housing. Sound from the speaker and light from the LED pass through the slit to the outside.07-01-2010
20110051983DETACHABLE AROMATIC NEBULIZING DIFFUSER - A detachable aromatic nebulizing diffuser includes a base panel, an electric fan, a fluid container, an ultrasonic oscillator, a power jack, a water baffle, a lower housing and a top cover. The ultrasonic oscillator oscillates ultrasonic waves to cause an aromatic fluid in the fluid container into a fine mist that is carried by currents of air caused by the electric fan and guided through an air duct in the fluid container. The fluid container has bottom mounting rods detachably plugged into respective tubular upright posts of the base panel, facilitating mounting and dismounting. The water baffle and the top cover are light transmissive for creating a visual effects upon working of a light source that is carried on the ultrasonic oscillator.03-03-2011
20100067730Apparatus For Outputting Sound Comprising Multiple Receivers And A common Output Channel - A receiver or loudspeaker having a plurality of sound generators each having a housing and a sound output. An oblong channel is formed by a channel-forming element and parts of the housings. The sound outputs are positioned on one side of a middle of the channel and a outlet of the channel is positioned on the other side of the middle of the channel so that the channel has a length adapted to acoustically alter the sound. The use of the housings for forming the channels provides a more compact structure.03-18-2010
20090175483PORTABLE SOUND BOX ASSEMBLY - The present invention generally relates to stereo sound boxes, and more particularly to a sound box assembly containing micro stereo sound boxes joined magnetically together. The sound box assembly contains at least a pair of sound boxes with magnets of opposite polarities, respectively, so that the sound boxes could be magnetically attracted together for convenient transportation and then later could be easily detached for placing apart to achieve superior stereo sound.07-09-2009
20100260370FLAT SPEAKER STRUCTURE - A speaker structure includes a membrane, an electrode which has a plurality of holes, a frame holding member and at least one set of supporting members. The frame holding member forms an exterior shape of the speaker structure and holds the membrane and the electrode at two opposite sides. Each of the set of the supporting members has a geometric structure and is placed in a space opposite to a soniferous hole region between the electrode and the membrane, so as to prevent the membrane and the electrode from contacting.10-14-2010
20110305362INTEGRATED RIGGING SYSTEM FOR LOUDSPEAKERS AND LOUDSPEAKER CONTAINING SAME - An Integrated rigging system for loudspeakers comprises top and base front and top and base rear rigging structures for mounting to the internal framework of the loudspeaker and for forming the top front, base front, top rear and base rear portions of the loudspeaker's enclosure, and a plurality of links, each link extendable from a link stowing channel in one of the rigging structures into a link receiving slot in the corresponding rigging structure of the enclosure of an abutting loudspeaker for linking the rigging structure of the loudspeaker with the corresponding rigging structure of the enclosure of the abutting loudspeaker.12-15-2011
20090052721COMBINED INDUCTIVE CHARGING COIL AND AUDIO SPEAKER FOR USE IN A PERSONAL CARE APPLIANCE - The combined charge coil and audio speaker coil assembly (02-26-2009
20090034776PANEL-ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER COMPRISING AN ACTUATOR FOR ACTUATING A PANEL, AND SOUND-GENERATING AND/OR RECORDING DEVICE - A panel-acoustic transducer comprises a plate-like actuator (02-05-2009
20090129623Speaker Apparatus in a Wireless Communication Device - In the invention there is being combined the back cavities of two speakers so that one speaker is used as a general speaker and the other one provides a boosting effect to the general speaker. For example, the other speaker can act as a subwoofer to the general speaker. The back cavity of the speaker is extended by a tubular cavity. The tubular cavity can extend to either the front or back panel of the mobile phone, thereby boosting the other speaker located at the respective panel.05-21-2009
20120148084AUDIO SPEAKER ASSEMBLY - An audio speaker assembly including a housing defining an internal compartment, and a glass membrane having a first portion supported in the housing and a second portion extending externally from the housing. The second portion having a length greater than its width, the length of the second portion extending orthogonal to the width of the housing, the second portion defining at least one aperture and a curved section formed along an edge of the glass membrane. A driver is mounted to the membrane that is responsive to an electrical signal causing the membrane to vibrate.06-14-2012
20120045085LOW PROFILE GREETING CARD SPEAKER - A low profile miniature speaker configured for use in greeting cards such as sound generating greeting cards and other novelties. The thickness of the speaker is minimized while maintaining the sound quality and increasing strength. The speaker magnet is counter-sunk into the housing of the speaker, thereby decreasing overall thickness. The speaker is configured with concentric ribs that radiate outward from the center of the circular speaker. The ribs reinforce the plastic housing and increase the structural strength of the speaker.02-23-2012
20120002835CEILING LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM - The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and back box assembly configured for installation on top of a ceiling tile and a loudspeaker cartridge configured to be mounted to the support frame through an appropriately-sized hole in the ceiling tile. In one or more embodiments, the method of the present invention comprises forming an appropriately-sized hole in a ceiling tile, laying an integrated back box and support frame on top of the ceiling tile, connecting wires from an external audio source to terminals provided at the back box, connecting wires provided on the inside of the back box to a loudspeaker cartridge, inserting the loudspeaker cartridge into the hole in the ceiling tile from below, fastening the loudspeaker cartridge to the support frame, and fastening a grille to the loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, a variety of interchangeable loudspeaker cartridges having differing loudspeaker configurations are provided. In one or more embodiments, the support frame and back box assembly is configured to allow installation of more than one loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker cartridges are configured for use both with a back box and without back box.01-05-2012
20120114163SPEAKER SYSTEM INCLUDING A SPEAKER DEVICE HAVING A SPEAKER UNIT MOUNTED WITH AN ANTENNA - A speaker system includes a circuit board and a speaker device disposed on the circuit board. The speaker device includes a speaker unit for generating an audio output, and an antenna directly mounted on the speaker unit for radiating and receiving radio waves.05-10-2012
20120063630CRADLE APPARATUS - A cradle apparatus includes a casing, a mounting unit provided to the casing so that an electronic device is mounted thereto, and a speaker provided only to a bottom portion of the casing and having a downward vibration plate which emits a sound supplied from the electronic device mounted to the mounting unit.03-15-2012
20110096952DIAPHRAGM, METHOD MAKING THE SAME AND LOUDSPEAKER USING THE SAME - A diaphragm includes a carbon nanotube film structure and an amorphous carbon structure composited with the carbon nanotube structure to form a stratiform composite structure. The carbon nanotube film structure defines a plurality of micropores therein. The amorphous carbon structure comprises a plurality of amorphous carbon particles received in the micropores.04-28-2011
20120155693ELECTROACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER - An electroacoustic transducer is disclosed. The electroacoustic transducer includes a frame forming a hollow space, an elastic plate mounted on the frame, a vibrating member suspended in the hollow space by the elastic plate, a diaphragm arranged facing the vibrating member, a voice coil positioned on the diaphragm. The vibrating member includes a yoke defining a bottom wall, a side wall extending upwardly and perpendicularly from an outer periphery of the bottom wall, a lapel extending vertically from the side wall. A width of the lapel is greater than that of the side wall or the bottom wall.06-21-2012
20100135516LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM - A loudspeaker system according to the present invention includes a cabinet, a loudspeaker unit attached to an opening formed in the cabinet, a gas adsorber provided in the cabinet and operable to physically adsorb gas in the cabinet to equivalently increase a volume of an inside of the cabinet, and a dehumidifier attached to an opening formed in the cabinet and operable to discharge damp air in the cabinet to the outside when a DC voltage is applied thereto.06-03-2010
20120128196ELECTRONIC DEVICE - In an electronic device, a speaker attaching section 05-24-2012
20120128194POP-UP TWEETER - The present invention relates to a pop-up tweeter. In particular, the pop-up tweeter includes a casing, a driving unit inserted into the inside of the casing. The driving unit is configured to be movable upward and downward within the casing along with a speaker. The pop-up tweeter is installed within a vehicle and is configured to have an opening and closing structure which advantageously improves user convenience and provides an external design of a speaker with increased merchantability.05-24-2012
20120128195SPEAKER - A speaker includes a holder forming a hollow space, a magnetic system received into the hollow space and defining a magnetic gap, an elastic plate assembled with the holder and defining a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, a diaphragm defining a dome part connected with the first surface of the elastic plate and an edge part connected with the second surface of the elastic plate, and at least a coil defining an end suspended in the magnetic gap and an another end connected with the dome part. The edge part defines an arcuate portion depressed toward the magnetic system.05-24-2012
20120134526POP-UP TWEETER - Provided is a tweeter (e.g., a pop-up tweeter) which includes a speaker 05-31-2012
20120170791MICRO-SPEAKER - A micro-speaker is disclosed. The micro-speaker includes a frame defining a hollow space, a diaphragm attached to the frame, a voice coil positioned on the diaphragm, a cover covering the diaphragm and attached to the frame forming a housing, a yoke received in the hollow space and attached to the frame, a magnet received in the yoke, and a pole plate attached on the magnet. The yoke includes a bottom wall, and two ends of the base wall are provided with a groove corresponding to the magnetic gap, respectively. A width of the groove is greater than that of the thickness of the voice coil.07-05-2012
20120250928AUDIO TRANSDUCER - An electronic device having an enclosure including an upper panel and a bottom panel operably connected to the upper panel. A transducer is operably connected to the enclosure and the transducer is configured to mechanically vibrate the enclosure. The transducer includes a magnet, an electromagnetic coil and a retention element maintaining a relationship between the magnet and the electromagnetic coil.10-04-2012
20090067663OMNI-DIRECTIONAL SPEAKER LAMP - A speaker, having a diaphragm with a central opening and further having a pole piece, including a first sound dispersion element extending from the pole piece through the central opening of the diaphragm and further extending beyond the diaphragm wherein the first sound dispersion element has a larger transverse perimeter distal the pole piece than proximal the pole piece; and no support structures for the first sound dispersion element are located radially external to said first sound dispersion element. The speaker may be integrated with a lamp using a support structure. A second sound dispersion element may be used. A rod, used as a conduit, coupling, and/or support, may extend coaxially with the first sound dispersion element, interior thereto, and to a point beyond the diaphragm. The audio signal for the speaker may be supplied by a wireless link. The speaker and lamp may be configured for a ceiling fan.03-12-2009
20090060249FLEXIBLE SPEAKER - A flexible speaker including a retractor, a flexible speaker panel, and at least one support element is provided. The flexible speaker panel is connected to the retractor, and is capable of being rolled up and received in the retractor. The support element, capable of memorizing shape, is disposed on the flexible speaker. The support element is used for being rolled up and received in the retractor, together with the flexible speaker. When the flexible speaker panel is spread from the retractor, the support element supports the flexible speaker and keeps the flexible speaker panel being steady in a spread state, and the size of the spread region is determined by the user.03-05-2009
20100020999SPEAKER MODULE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An acoustic speaker module of a portable electronic device includes an acoustic housing, an acoustic speaker, a chip card and an elastic member. The acoustic housing has an accommodation space, a first opening and a second opening. The acoustic speaker is seamlessly connected with the first opening. The chip card is disposed at the second opening. The elastic member and the chip card are disposed at the second opening to make the accommodation space to form a hermetical space.01-28-2010
20100254564LOUDSPEAKERS AND SYSTEMS - The invention provides, in one aspect, a loudspeaker that has electrodynamically-driven piston mounted in one external wall and that has movable panels in one or more other external walls. Those panels are air-coupled to the piston, e.g., via air within the enclosure, such that vibrational motion of the piston causes the vibration of the panels, thereby, improving the overall air coupling of the piston to the external environment, e.g., the listening room. Further aspects of the invention provide an improved driver for use, e.g, in the aforementioned loudspeaker. The driver comprises a three-part piston having first and second diaphragms coupled back-to-back with one another and having a voice coil face-mounted (or front-mounted) within the second diaphragm.10-07-2010
20080298628SPEAKER MODULE FOR A PORTABLE TERMINAL - A speaker module for a portable terminal is provided. The speaker module includes an upper case constituting a part of a module housing, a speaker unit, including a magnetic body, a voice coil and a vibration plate, formed in the upper case and a vibration motor, which is installed in the upper case and on one side of the speaker unit. The speaker module as structured above can secure a sufficient sound pressure and a sound volume in a portable terminal having a slim construction, makes it easier to secure space for installation within a portable terminal having a small size and slim construction in such a manner that a vibration motor, etc. are received and integrated in a module housing, and can improve the quality of sound in a portable terminal by achieving improved smoothness of output sound pressure in an audio frequency range.12-04-2008
20080298627WATER RESISTANT AUDIO MODULE - A water resistant/proof speaker module with improved performance and bass reflection is provided. The speaker module comprises a housing into which an audio unit fits. The speaker module is provide with a speaker face having at least 50% of the speaker face open to improve audio characteristics. Seals are provided along the speaker module to inhibit moisture from entering the device housing.12-04-2008
20120093352Detachable loudspeaker structure having both audio and supporting functions - The present invention is to provide a detachable loudspeaker structure including a loudspeaker, a circuit board, a housing and a signal connector, wherein the circuit board is electrically connected to the loudspeaker and the signal connector, the housing forms a receiving space therein for receiving the loudspeaker and circuit board and has a top surface provided with a receiving groove, and the signal connector has one end pivotally connected inside the receiving groove so as for the other end of the signal connector to be rotated out of the receiving groove and connect with an audio output port of a display. Hence, the loudspeaker structure is not only able to be easily installed together with the display for reproducing audio signals received from the display, but also able to firmly support the display on a flat surface of an object (such as a table), wherever desired without spatial limitations.04-19-2012
20120269377MICRO-SPEAKER - A micro-speaker includes a case having a ring wall forming a receiving cavity, a number of restricting apertures formed in the ring wall, a magnetic plate received in the case and having a main plate, a plurality of auxiliary plates extending from the main plate, and a number of protrusions extending from edges of the auxiliary plates, a first gap formed between two adjacent auxiliary plates communicating with the receiving cavity of the case, the main plate and the auxiliary plates being surrounded by the ring wall of the case, and the protrusions being located in the restricting apertures for restricting the magnetic plate in proper position.10-25-2012
20110235846PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH DETACHABLE SPEAKER - A portable electronic device includes a audio player, a speaker, a fixing member and an engaging opening. The audio player is configured for playing audio files and videos. The speaker is detachably couple to the audio player. The fixing member is connected to one of the audio player and the speaker. The engaging opening is defined in the other of the audio player and the speaker. The engaging portion is detachably engaged in the engaging opening.09-29-2011
20100232637SPEAKER DEVICE - A speaker device including: a first speaker; a second speaker opposed to the first speaker; a speaker box housing the first speaker and the second speaker; a coupling portion which couples the first speaker and the second speaker to each other; and a vibration-transmitting chamber provided between the first speaker and the second speaker, in which the vibration-transmitting chamber communicates with an opening portion formed in the speaker box.09-16-2010
20120321119INPUT-PANEL-EQUIPPED PORTABLE SPEAKER DEVICE - An input-panel-equipped portable speaker device includes a cabinet shell body configured to enclose an accommodation chamber in a longitudinal direction, and having left and right mounting walls opposite to each other in a transverse direction. The left mounting wall has an inner peripheral region defining a fitting opening. The right mounting wall has a positioning groove. An input panel is connected with an amplifier circuit board, and is disposed to cover the fitting opening. When a right board edge of the circuit board is brought to be fitted in the positioning groove, an outer peripheral region of the panel is brought to abut against the inner peripheral region so as to enable an air-tight engagement therebetween.12-20-2012
20110216933Elastomer Loudspeaker Box System - An elastomer loudspeaker box system includes a loudspeaker box, a loudspeaker unit, a baffle and a bottom board. The loudspeaker box is made of elastomer material, and the tube wall of the loudspeaker box is bended to form a box body of corrugated tube shape, whereby the box body of the loudspeaker box is elastic and is retractable freely. The loudspeaker unit is mounted to the baffle. One end of the loudspeaker box is mounted to the baffle, and the other end is closed by the bottom board, whereby the loudspeaker unit, the loudspeaker box and the bottom board cooperatively form a closed box system. So, the loudspeaker unit and the retractable rock movement of box body of the loudspeaker box can produce resonance, and the elastic box body acts as sound radiator to radiate the low frequency, thereby extending the bass response towards low side, increasing the purity of sound, and improving the bass performance.09-08-2011
20110222720SPEAKER MODULE APPLIED FOR A PORTABLE COMPUTER - A speaker module includes a casing whereon an opening is formed. The casing includes a blocking structure disposed on a side of the opening. The speaker module further includes a first speaker device, which includes a first housing, a first speaker unit disposed inside the first housing, and an engaging component connected to an end of the first housing for engaging with the blocking structure when the first housing is pulled out of the casing through the opening and for rotating relative to the blocking structure so as to adjust an angle of the first speaker unit. The speaker module further includes a second speaker device connected to the first speaker device and capable of passing through the opening, which includes a second housing connected to the first housing in a slidable manner relative to the first housing, and a second speaker unit disposed inside the second housing.09-15-2011
20080199036Speaker Capable of Emitting Light - A speaker capable of emitting light includes a housing, a plurality of light generators, and a speaker core. The housing formed by material capable of conducting light, used as a speaker chamber of the speaker, has a first opening and a second opening. The plurality of light generators is formed nearby the second opening for generating light. The speaker core is set in the first opening of the housing for generating sound.08-21-2008
20110243362ACOUSTIC RADIATION PATTERN ADJUSTING - A loudspeaker having an omnidirectional radiation pattern at high frequencies. The loudspeaker includes an acoustic device that includes an acoustic enclosure; an acoustic driver, mounted in the acoustic enclosure; and a sheet of compliant material with a aperture therethrough, mounted in the enclosure, between the acoustic driver and the environment.10-06-2011
20110243361SPEAKER SYSTEM - A loudspeaker device includes an enclosure, a loudspeaker unit and a passive radiator both mounted to the enclosure. The passive radiator includes an edge sandwiched and bonded between a first diaphragm and a second diaphragm. This structure allows increasing the bonding strength between the edge and the first diaphragm as well as between the edge and the second diaphragm, so that the loudspeaker device can withstand greater maximum inputs and reproduce quality bass sound.10-06-2011
20100296685ADAPTER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR RECESSED LIGHT SOCKET - An adaptive use of recessed lights cans for retrofitting various types of light fixtures. For example, a recessed light could be retrofitted as a junction box. In other embodiments, the recessed light could supply power for a speaker that includes a threaded power. Other electronic devices are contemplated that could be installed in a recessed light housing, including a battery backup light, a wireless repeater, a surveillance camera, a cellular phone booster, an infrared repeater, a fan, a wireless perimeter barrier, an alarm system, a sound machine, a web cam, an electronic pest control, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, an air purifier, a HVAC repeater control, a temperature monitor, a humidity monitor, a sound monitor, a photoelectric motion detector light, a photoelectric light sensor, and a hanging mobile.11-25-2010
20100316246SPEAKER DEVICE FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL - A speaker device for a portable terminal is provided. The device includes a case frame forming an exterior of the portable terminal, a speaker installation space provided at an inner surface of the case frame to install a speaker therein, a barrier wall formed to provide a resonance space near the speaker installation space, and a cover installed to seal the resonance space.12-16-2010
20100316245Sound Enhancement System - A speaker assembly mounted on a bracket extending from a ceiling comprises an enclosure that includes a bottom wall, side walls including opposing first and second side walls, a sleeve that receives a tubular member of the bracket, and an interior wall having a first segment that extends from the sleeve to the first side wall and a second segment that extends from the sleeve to the second side wall. The interior wall cooperates with the sleeve to divide the enclosure into two approximately equal sized compartments. Each of the speakers within the assembly either forms, or is mounted in or on, one of the side walls. A top plate is mounted on, and forms a top of, the enclosure and seals the two compartments, the top plate having an opening that is aligned with the sleeve when the top plate is mounted on the enclosure. A power unit and circuitry for the speakers are mounted on the top plate.12-16-2010

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