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381182000 - Plural or compound reproducers

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381374000 Particular support structure 337
381384000 Electrical hardware feature 67
381371000 Particular cup 22
20130028460Dual Acoustic Waveguide - Methods and apparatuses for acoustic waveguides are disclosed. In one example, a method for constructing an acoustic waveguide includes forming a first acoustic waveguide component having a first outer surface and a first inner surface, where the first inner surface includes a first groove and a second groove. The method includes forming a second acoustic waveguide component having a second outer surface and a second inner surface, where the second inner surface includes a third groove and a fourth groove. The first acoustic waveguide component and the second acoustic waveguide component are bonded together so that the first groove and the third groove are arranged to form a first acoustic channel and the second groove and the fourth groove are arranged to form a second acoustic channel.01-31-2013
20120170787DECORATIVE DESIGN MOLDED ONTO AN EARPHONE/HEADPHONE CORD - This is directed to systems, processes, machines, and other means that relate to decorative earphone and headphone cords. The invention can allow users to express themselves with a new article of manufacture.07-05-2012
20090110226Earpad and Headphones - There is provided an earpad that is attachable to a housing capable of containing an audio signal processing unit and includes a ring-shaped cushioning member and a covering member covering the ring-shaped cushioning member. In the earpad, the ring-shaped cushioning member includes an outer ring member, a middle ring member and an inner ring member, and the hardness of the middle ring member is different from the hardness of the outer ring member and the inner ring member.04-30-2009
20110194721HEADSET AND HEADPHONE - There is provided a headset having a head band, at least one fork for receiving an earpiece and a receiving portion between an end of the head band and one of the forks. The fork is arranged pivotably about a pivot axis. The fork has a first end having a support element. The receiving portion has a slider having at least two receiving positions. The support element engages into one of the at least two receiving positions of the slider and thus limits the maximum deflection of the fork about the pivot axis.08-11-2011
20130077815AUDIO HEADSETS WITH MULTI-COLOR RIBBON CABLE AND RELATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - Headsets with multi-color ribbon cable and related systems and methods of manufacture are provided. A representative audio headset includes: a ribbon cable having a body and multiple elongated conductors, the body being formed of electrically insulating material and extending between a connector end an earpiece end, the body having a first side and an opposing second side, the insulating material exhibiting a first color, the multiple elongated conductors being embedded in the body; a connector attached to the connector end and electrically coupled to the conductors; an earpiece connected to the earpiece end and electrically coupled to the conductors; and dye bonded with the insulating material at the second side of the body such that the second side of the body exhibits a second color different from the first color.03-28-2013
20130077814SEAMLESS HEADSETS AND RELATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - Seamless headsets and related systems and methods of manufacture are provided. In this regard, a representative headset includes: an earpiece assembly having a ribbon cable portion and an earpiece portion; the ribbon cable portion having a body and multiple elongated conductors, the body being formed of electrically insulating material; the earpiece portion extending from a distal end of the body, the earpiece portion being configured as a contiguous extension of the insulating material of the body such that the earpiece assembly exhibits a seamless transition from the ribbon cable portion to the earpiece portion.03-28-2013
20090238396Video/audio playing apparatus with wireless signal transmission function and wireless video/audio transmission module thereof - A video/audio playing apparatus with wireless audio signal transmission function comprising: a headset place slot, an audio processing module, a wireless audio signal transmission module, and a system audio interface. The headset place slot can accept and electrically connect a wireless headset, and transmits an electric potential signal. The audio processing module is used for outputting an audio signal. The wireless audio signal transmission module further comprises: an audio signal switching unit and a control unit. The audio signal switching unit is used for receiving the audio signal, and switches the output path of audio signal according to the electric potential signal. The control unit connects to the audio signal switching unit and connects to the wireless headset using wireless. Thus, the audio signal switching unit can switch the wireless headset or the system audio interface to output the audio signal according to the electric potential signal.09-24-2009
20090010474Headphones - A headphone set has at least one speaker section. The speaker section includes a baffle having at least one sound emitting hole, a surrounding wall formed on the baffle so that the surrounding wall protrudes from the baffle and surrounds the sound emitting hole, a speaker unit installed within the surrounding wall and having a first surface to face the sound emitting hole and an opposite second surface, a unit case provided as touching the surrounding wall and covering the second surface of the speaker unit, a first cavity existing as enclosed by the unit case and the second surface of the speaker unit, and a housing provided as touching the baffle and covering the unit case, a second cavity existing as enclosed by the housing, the unit case, and the baffle.01-08-2009
20090010473Hearing apparatus with low-interference receiver control and corresponding method - A power-saving control of the receiver in hearing devices with wireless transmission to other devices is also to be possible without significant interferences. Provision is thus made in accordance with the invention for a hearing apparatus, in particular a hearing device, with a transmission facility for wireless data transmission in a main frequency band, a loudspeaker and a control facility for controlling the loudspeaker with a control signal, with the frequency spectrum of the control signal having a significant notch in the range of the main frequency band. A “noise-shaping” of this type can be achieved by pulse-density modulated receiver control signals.01-08-2009
20100014698Wireless Digital Audio System - A wireless digital audio system includes a portable audio source with a digital audio transmitter operatively coupled thereto and an audio receiver operatively coupled to a headphone set. The audio receiver is configured for digital wireless communication with the audio transmitter. The digital audio receiver utilizes fuzzy logic to optimize digital signal processing. Each of the digital audio transmitter and receiver is configured for code division multiple access (CDMA) communication. The wireless digital audio system allows private audio enjoyment without interference from other users of independent wireless digital transmitters and receivers sharing the same space.01-21-2010
20110293129HEAD TRACKING - A head tracking system (12-01-2011
20080304688DOCKING DISPLAY STATION WITH DOCKING PORT FOR RETAINING A HANDS-FREE HEADSET THEREIN - A display unit having at least one docking port for receiving and retaining a complementary hands-free headset therein. The docking port comprises a recessed slot formed in the display unit housing. The headset preferably is frictionally retained within the docking port. The docking port is provided with a power jack connector that matingly engages a complementary power jack on the headset when docked, thereby recharging the rechargeable power supply in the headset.12-11-2008
20080317274Apparatus for Necklace Type Radio Headset - Disclosed is a necklace type radio headset capable of overcoming problems of conventional headsets, in which cables connected between earphones of a headset easily get tangled with each other or with other objects in a storing place of the headset while the headset is not used. The headset according to the present invention includes casings connected via a cable and enclosing one or more Bluetooth modules and respective speakers therein, and the casings are detachably coupled to each other by a coupling means, so that a user can wear the headset around his or her neck like a necklace because the cable always maintains a ring shape. As the coupling means, one of the casings has a depression for receiving a speaker housing to be inserted into a user's ear, and the speaker housing is input in the depression while it is not used. Further, since either or both of the casings have respective permanent magnets, the casings are coupled by attractive magnetic force exerted between the permanent magnets. According to the present invention, cables of a headset do not easily get tangled with each other or do not easily get tangled with other objects. Further, since a user can carry the headset by putting the headset around his or her neck, the headset cannot easily be lost.12-25-2008
20090262969HEARING ASSISTANCE APPARATUS - A hearing assistance device includes two transducers which react to a characteristic of an acoustic wave to capture data representative of the characteristic. The device is arranged so that each transducers is located adjacent a respective ear of a person wearing the device. A signal processor processes the data to provide relatively more emphasis of data representing a first sound source the person is facing over data representing a second sound source the person is not facing. At least one speaker utilizes the data to reproduce sounds to the person. An active noise reduction system provides a signal to the speaker for reducing an amount of ambient acoustic noise in the vicinity of the person that is heard by the person.10-22-2009
20090285433Headphone - A headphone includes a hanger and two speaker units respectively disposed at the two ends of the hanger. Each speaker unit includes a first shell; a second shell engaged with the first shell, a first air passage being formed between the first shell and the second shell, a second air passage being formed on the second shell, the second air passage having an opening direction different from an opening direction of the first air passage; a cover engaged with the second shell and having a plurality of holes on the cover; and a speaker disposed between the first shell and the second shell. When the speaker outputs sound, airflows generated by the speaker are exhausted through the first air passage, the second air passage and the holes so that the amount of air exhaust is stable and the output audio is of high quality.11-19-2009
20090296975Headphones - A headphone set has a housing to contain a speaker unit, with a sound emitting surface through which sounds given off by the speaker unit are emitted out, and an ear pad attached to the housing to surround the sound emitting surface. The ear pad has a protruding member and an arc-like member sticking out in opposite directions. The degree of sticking out for the arc-like member is smaller than the degree of sticking out for the protruding member. The protruding member has an inner space interposed between a top section and an opposing bottom section closer than the top section to the sound emitting section. The arc-like member has a top section and an opposing bottom section closer than the top section to the sound emitting surface. The top section of the protruding member is positioned farther than that of the arc-like member from the sound emitting surface.12-03-2009
20080212820Audio signal output method and apparatus for short-range communication enabled headset - An audio signal output method and apparatus for a short-range communication enabled headset are disclosed. An audio signal of the headset can be output through an internal speaker or be transmitted to an in-vehicle speaker unit. The audio signal output method includes checking, when an audio signal is present, an operating mode of the headset, outputting, if the headset is in a normal headset mode, the audio signal through an internal speaker and transmitting, if the headset is in a frequency modulation (FM) transmission mode, the audio signal through an FM channel to an in-vehicle speaker unit for reproduction, wherein the input and output gains are adjusted based on a determined vibration levels.09-04-2008
20080279409HEADSET WITH EXCHANGEABLE SPEAKER - An earpiece speaker system including an earpiece body through which an audio signal is provided, the earpiece body having a speaker mount surface, and a plurality of speaker modules mountable to the body. Each of the speaker modules includes a mount surface for mating with the earpiece body speaker mount surface for securing the speaker module thereto in order to reproduce the audio signal.11-13-2008
20090041284Headphone set and method of producing the same - A headphone set has at least one speaker unit and a housing that encloses the speaker unit. The housing has an elastic protruding portion having a cavity therein. A sound-emitting portion is formed as protruding from a vibrating zone of the speaker unit.02-12-2009
20100054518Head mounted voice communication device with motion control - A hands-free method of controlling a voice communication or music session via a sound terminal by a user employing a headset connected with said terminal. On detecting any of preselected movements, orientations and/or vibrations of the headset, at least one sensor comprised in the headset generates a corresponding signal. This signal is received and processed by a receiving/processing circuit comprised in the headset or in the sound terminal, with transforming said signal to corresponding control data. These control data are sent to the sound terminal, which generates an appropriate command, such as “Accept call”, “Reject call”, “Increase sound volume”, etc. The headset, the sound terminal and a sound system for implementing the method are also disclosed.03-04-2010
20080240484Device For and Method of Generating a Virbration Source-Driving-Signal10-02-2008
20090214069Multi color headsets - I observe music listeners on the subway of New York City, and I realize people come From different Ethnic background but their portable Music Player has only one solid Color. The increase popularity of various players it would be nice to offer Multi-Color Headsets.08-27-2009
20110150262HEADSET - A headset of the invention can achieve high-quality sound reproduction over a wide band while allowing sound from the outside to be sufficiently heard. The headset includes at least one vibrator configured to vibrate in accordance with an electric signal. The headset also includes at least one diaphragm each being associated with the respective vibrator. The headset also includes a holding unit that, when worn on a head of a user, holds the diaphragm such that at least part of the diaphragm is spaced from a side surface of the head by a predetermined distance. When the headset has two diaphragms, the holding unit may also function as a linking member that links the two diaphragms.06-23-2011
20110249854Method and Apparatus for Detecting a Position of a Pair of Ear Phones at a User - A method for detecting a position of a pair of headphones at a user and a detection apparatus for detecting a position of a pair of ear phones at a user are described.10-13-2011
20120170786PIEZOELECTRIC CERAMIC LOUDSPEAKER HEADPHONE STRUCTURE - A piezoelectric ceramic loudspeaker headphone structure includes a positioning frame, a steel sheet and a vibrating member. A step portion is disposed in an inner edge at the rear of the positioning frame. The steel sheet has an area approximately equal to that of the positioning frame and is disposed with a sound-making member stacked by a plurality of ceramic material layers. A lead wire is welded to the sound-making member. The vibrating member is a sheet body and has an area approximately equal to that of the step portion of the positioning frame. The steel sheet is disposed at a front edge of the positioning frame. The vibrating member is embedded in the step portion of the positioning frame, and thus a sound-making module is formed. The sound-making module is assembled to a headphone, and after the sound-making member receives an audio signal, a sound is guided out through response of the vibrating member. Therefore, the headphone is free of magnetism without influencing electronic products such as i-pad, i-phone, mobile phones or notebook computers, and is thinned due to omitting voice coils, which thus can be conveniently carried along.07-05-2012
20080219491VARIABLE EARPHONES AND SPEAKER - A variable speaker and earphone apparatus having a first and second earphone having an inside portion with an earphone speaker and an outside portion with a speaker having at least one subwoofer; a switching means in communication with the first earphone and the second earphone, wherein the switching means provides variable sound to either the outside portion of the first earphone and the outside portion of the second earphone or the inside portion of the first earphone and the inside portion of the second earphone or the outside portion of the first earphone, the outside portion of the second earphone, the inside portion of the first earphone and the inside portion of the second earphone; a power means, wherein the power means is in communication with the first earphone, the second earphone and the switching means; and a communication means for communicating sound from a source to the first earphone and the second earphone.09-11-2008
20110051975Headphones With Waveguider - A headphone having a waveguider is disclosed which can control the amount of air flowing into the headphone. The headphone includes: a housing having a receiving space therein and at least one or more air inlets at one side thereof, in which the housing is opened at the front side thereof a speaker placed in the receiving space, for generating audio sounds according to input electrical signals; a cover for closing the front side of the housing, the cover forming a plurality of audio sound through-holes through which the audio sounds from the speaker pass; and a waveguider slidably and rotatably installed to the housing. The waveguider includes a kernel part protrudently formed, for guiding the audio sounds passing through the cover to the inner ear, and an opening/closing part for closing at least one or more air inlets according to a rotation angle thereof to control the amount of air that instantly flows into the housing. The waveguider is slidably and rotatably moved to partially or completely close a plurality of air inlets formed in the housing. Therefore, the amount of air flowing into the housing can be controlled and thus the intensity of the bass can be adjusted.03-03-2011
20110051974EARPHONE CABLE AND EARPHONE USING THE SAME - A signal cable includes a first signal wire group, a second signal wire group, and a sheath layer. The first signal group includes at least one first conducting wire and at least one first carbon nanotube wire. The second signal wire group includes at least one second conducting wire. The second signal wire group is insulated from the first signal wire group. The sheath layer is about the first signal wire group and the second signal wire group.03-03-2011
20110051973EARPHONE CABLE AND EARPHONE USING THE SAME - An earphone cable includes a first signal wire group, a second signal wire group, and a sheath layer. The first signal group includes at least one first conducting wire. The second signal wire group includes at least one second conducting wire, and the second signal wire group is insulated from the first signal wire group. At least one of the first signal wire group and the second signal wire group comprises at least one carbon nanotube wire. The sheath layer located about the first signal wire group and the second signal wire group.03-03-2011
20120308067Headphone 3D Hearing technology - The technology is specially designed for headphone to allow the listener to distinguish the direction and the distance from a sound source, just as if the listener is in a natural environment. The technology relies on optimizing the three factors that human being uses to distinguish sound source location and sound source distance. They are relative loudness, relative pitch and relative reverberation.12-06-2012
20090238395CABLE MANAGEMENT FOR PERSONAL MEDIA PLAYER ACCESSORIES - An arrangement for managing cables of accessories such as earphone sets, chargers, and synchronization arrangements used with portable electronic devices is provided by a flexible and elastically deformable loop that extends from a base that optionally includes a hook or other loop retention feature. The base may be alternatively configured to be integrally formed with a component of an accessory, or be configured as a discrete clip that may be detachably coupled to the component, or to the cable portion of the accessory. The elastically deformable loop is configured to be removably fastenable by a user to articles such as buttons on clothing to help keep cables out of the way when the accessory is in use. In addition, the elastically deformable loop may be used to keep an accessory cable neatly stowed during storage by being stretched around a bundled cable and then secured on the hook.09-24-2009
20110305360EARPHONE DEVICE WITH A FUNCION OF SOUND QUALITY REGULATION AND REGULATING METHOD THEREOF - An earphone device with a function of sound quality regulation is provided. The earphone includes a housing, a cover, a speaker and a regulating device. The housing has an accommodating space for receiving the speaker and a plurality of regulating holes for connecting the accommodating space to the outside. One end of the regulating device is fixed on the cover. A blocking portion, which is disposed on the other end of the regulating device and extends into the accommodating space, can partially or completely block the regulating holes when the cover is turned, thereby regulating the leakage between the accommodating space and the outside to achieve different output sound quality.12-15-2011
20080285785Headphone/Earbud Cord Attachment - A device comprising an ornamental object adapted to couple to a headphone/earbud cord along the length of the headphone/earbud cord. In one embodiment, the device is also adapted to be substantially stationary relative to the headphone/earbud cord.11-20-2008
20120057738HEADPHONE - A headphone has a shell, a speaker received in the shell for making sound, a covering element fixed on the shell. A top of the shell is recessed to form a receiving cavity. A damping plate is received in the receiving cavity for separating the receiving cavity and the resonance cavity. The damping plate smoothes the frequency response of the sound pressure level in the resonance cavity while the speaker making sound, which adjusts the sound and achieves a better sound effect. It is convenient to change the damping plate. As the damping plates made of different materials have the different sound effects, users can change the damping plate for changing the sound effect. So, the user can enjoy different sound effects by only changing the damping plate.03-08-2012
20110002496HEADSET LOOP ANTENNA FOR AUDIO DEVICES - The present invention relates to a headset device, an audio device and methods of receiving a radio signal via the headset device, wherein the headset device comprises at least one first conductor for supplying an audio signal to a respective ear-piece, a second conductor arranged in a loop configuration for providing a magnetic antenna, and a connector (01-06-2011
20120076340HEADPHONE - A headphone 03-29-2012
20100232636Headset - A headset includes a housing having a first wall with at least one sound hole formed thereon, a loudspeaker unit disposed in the housing and adjacent to the sound hole, a blocking component mounted in the housing and capable of slidably moving towards and backwards the first wall to form an adjunctive chamber therebetween, and an adjustive component rotatably mounted to the housing. The adjustive component is connected with the blocking component in a way of screw link in order to drive the blocking component to move towards and backwards the first wall when the adjustive component is driven to rotate.09-16-2010
20120087531ULTRASONICALLY WELDED STRUCTURES AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - Ultrasonically welded structures and methods for manufacturing welded structures are disclosed. The welded structures can be earbuds or headphones.04-12-2012
20110142276Headphone - A headphone has a speaker unit with a diaphragm and a driving source that vibrates the diaphragm along a driving axis that passes through the speaker unit. The speaker unit has a first face and an opposing second face along the driving axis. The diaphragm and the driving source are installed in the speaker unit between the first and second faces. First and second weighting members are fixed as being in contact with the first and second faces, respectively. The speaker unit and the weighting members are installed in a hosing. At least either of the weighting members is fixed to the housing. The speaker unit is installed in the housing via the weighting members so that the speaker unit is not in direct contact with the housing. The weighting members have a higher specific gravity than the housing.06-16-2011
20110158455Biodegradable Plastic, Environmentally Friendly Cable Made Therewith, and Environmentally Friendly Headset - A biodegradable plastic is provided by mixing starch; a biodegradation promoter, such as humic and/or fulvic acid; oil, such as white mineral oil; polypropylene; and a hydrogenated styrene isoprene/butadiene block copolymer. An environmentally friendly cable is provided by extruding the biodegradable plastic with wiring therein. An environmentally friendly headset includes the environmentally friendly cable, and may also includes one or more speaker sets and a microphone assembly, each also made, at least in part, with biodegradable material.06-30-2011
20130170691MULTI-DIAMETER SPEAKER VENT PORTS - Embodiments are disclosed that relate to controlling frequency response in speaker assemblies. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a speaker assembly including a speaker, a body supporting the speaker in such a manner as to define a back chamber between the speaker and the body, and a vent port formed in the body and extending through the body, the vent port comprising a first stage having a first diameter, a second stage having a second diameter different than the first diameter, and a step between the first stage and the second stage.07-04-2013
20130156247Headphone System with Detachable earbud speakers - A headphone and earbud device for receiving an audio signal may include a headphone including a speaker acoustic device to amplify the audio signal and to define a speaker chamber to cooperate with an aperture and an earbud to be detachably connected to the speaker chamber to transmit the audio signal to the speaker chamber.06-20-2013

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