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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices


381355000 - Housed microphone

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381365000 In electronic apparatus or vehicle 17
381364000 On body or clothing 11
381368000 On shock absorbing support 8
381363000 Stand or gooseneck 7
381362000 Boom (other than on headset) 6
381367000 In headgear 6
381366000 Detachable from support 1
20100128915HEARING DEVICE WITH DETACHABLE MICROPHONE - The present hearing device with at least one microphone (05-27-2010
20080260194MICROPHONE SLEEVE - A microphone sleeve for a handheld microphone can be used to alter the overall appearance of a microphone and/or to make a microphone easier to hold, handle, and/or grip. A sleeve encloses at least a portion of a microphone's body, without interfering with the microphone's audio receiving end, controls, wires, or antennas.10-23-2008
20100119097MICROPHONE DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention provides a microphone device with good frequency characteristics. The microphone device can pick up sound faithfully. In detail there is provided a microphone device comprising a microphone element, a signal processor, and a cover disposed over the microphone element and the signal processor, the cover including a mesh structure occupying 25% or more of at least one surface of the cover.05-13-2010
20100046780DIRECTIONAL SILICON CONDENSOR MICROPHONE HAVING ADDITIONAL BACK CHAMBER - A directional silicon condenser microphone having an additional back chamber is disclosed. The directional silicon condenser microphone in accordance with the present invention comprises a case having a front sound hole for passing through a front sound; a acoustic delay device for delaying a phase of a sound; a substrate including a chamber case, a MEMS chip having an additional back chamber formed by the chamber case, a ASIC chip for operating the MEMS chip, a conductive pattern for bonding the substrate to the case, and a rear sound hole for passing through a rear sound; a fixing means for fixing the case to the substrate; and an adhesive for bonding the case and the substrate, wherein the adhesive is applied to an entirety of a bonding surface of the case and the substrate fixed by the fixing means.02-25-2010
20130034257MEMS MICROPHONE - A MEMS microphone. The MEMS microphone includes a substrate, a transducer support that includes or supports a transducer, a housing, and an acoustic channel. The transducer support resides on the substrate. The housing surrounds the transducer support and includes an acoustic aperture. The acoustic channel couples the acoustic aperture to the transducer, and isolates the transducer from an interior area of the MEMS microphone.02-07-2013
20110013801Condenser microphone and method for fixing microphone cable - There is provided a condenser microphone of a type such that a microphone cable is directly drawn into a microphone casing, in which the electromagnetic shieldability of a microphone cable draw-in portion can be enhanced, and the microphone cable can be fixed easily. In a condenser microphone in which a microphone cable 01-20-2011
20110013800Condenser microphone - In a condenser microphone having a battery holder and a battery cover therefor, one part is used as a member for grounding the battery cover and as a member for preventing the battery cover from coming off. In a condenser microphone 01-20-2011
20090067660Microphone mounter - There is provided, at a low cost, a microphone mounter that does not float up or move following the movement of a microphone. A sleeve 03-12-2009
20090238394MICROPHONE AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A microphone includes: a substrate including a tone hole and having a top surface on which a substrate electrode is provided; a converter provided on the top surface of the substrate and including a main body having a back space, a diaphragm provided at the bottom of the back space of the main body, and a converter electrode provided on a region of a bottom surface of the main body facing the substrate electrode; and a bump connecting the substrate electrode and the converter electrode to each other. The diaphragm vibrates in response to sound entering from the tone hole. The converter converts sound into a signal.09-24-2009
20090238393Package for array microphones - A package for storing microphones includes a main body, a plurality of hollows, and a cover. The hollows are spaced apart and arranged in rows and columns on the main body. Each hollow has a plurality of cavities provided therein to store the microphones. The cover covers the main body and the microphones in the hollows.09-24-2009
20090175478Flesh conducted sound microphone, signal processing device, communication interface system and sound sampling method - When non-audible murmurs are to be obtained with maximum possible fidelity, the attenuation of the high frequency region attributable to mismatching of acoustic impedance on the interface between the skin surface over soft tissues in the body, which are mainly liquid, and the air space, which is gaseous, is restrained. The attenuation of the high frequency region attributable to mismatching of acoustic impedance can be restrained by installing a microphone on a surface of the skin immediately below the mastoid of a human, and sampling with condenser microphone portion via hardened silicone rubber or the like muscle-conduced vibrations of non-audible respiratory sounds articulated along with motions (motions of the mouth) not involving regular vibrations of the vocal cords.07-09-2009
20120099753Backplate for Microphone - A microphone has a membrane (04-26-2012
20120099752Boundary microphone - A boundary microphone is provided to effectively reduce noises caused by external electromagnetic waves by providing electrostatic shielding, including on the portion of lead wires from a microphone unit to a circuit board. The boundary microphone has a base plate, a cover, a circuit board, and a microphone unit mounted in the opening with a metallic holder. A shield pattern for electrostatically shielding inside of the recess with the base plate is formed on the circuit board. The holder is configured to include a cylindrical section into which a rear end side of the microphone unit is fitted, and a D-cut section in which a part of a circumferential surface and a base surface of a cylinder with a base integral with the cylindrical section are cut away in parallel to a board surface of the circuit board, and the lead wire is routed within the D-cut section.04-26-2012
20110293128SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND MICROPHONE - A semiconductor device including a package formed by overlapping a cover and a substrate one over the other. A microphone chip is mounted on a top surface of a recess of the cover, and a circuit element is mounted on an upper surface of a recess of the substrate, where the microphone chip is positioned perpendicularly on the upper side of the circuit element. The microphone chip is connected to a bonding pad arranged on the lower surface of the cover by a bonding wire, the circuit element is connected to a bonding pad arranged on the upper surface of the substrate by a bonding wire, and a cover side joining portion conducted to the bonding pad on the lower surface of the cover and a substrate side joining portion conducted t to the bonding pad on the upper surface of the substrate are joined by a conductive material.12-01-2011
20100098283MICROPHONE - A microphone which does not need a hanger plate structure is provided. A conductive hanger knob is provided at the back of the rear case of a microphone case. The hanger knob has three layers of a conductive shaft part, an insulator part and a conductive bolt part in the named order from its center. The shaft part is electrically insulated from the bolt part. A notch that locks the bolt part of the hanger knob at a hanger surface is formed at a conductive hanger hook on which the microphone is hooked via the hanger knob. A support spring portion disposed at the back of the hanger surface urges the shaft part of the hanger knob locked at the notch in a direction of pushing the shaft part back toward the hanger surface. This provides electric conduction between the shaft part and the bolt part via the hanger hook.04-22-2010
20090092273Silicon microphone with enhanced impact proof structure using bonding wires - A backplateless silicon microphone and a wire protection method for improved impact resistance are disclosed. A circular diaphragm is surrounded by a circular spring having a plurality of slots and perforations to facilitate air damping reduction, release of in-plane stress, and improve out-plane flexibility. Anchored at a substrate, the circular spring holds the silicon microphone suspended over a backside hole in the substrate but allows the diaphragm to vibrate perpendicular to the substrate. A microphone variable capacitor is formed between the perforated spring and substrate. Slot size is minimized to prevent particles from entering an underlying air gap. A plurality of ā€œnā€ bonding pads near the outer edge of the circular spring are connected by ā€œn/2ā€ bonding wires that serve as a stopper to restrict an upward motion of the diaphragm. The bonding wires may cross each other to enable lower loop height for more effective resistance to impact.04-09-2009
20090141922IMPLANTABLE MICROPHONE WITH SHAPED CHAMBER - An implantable microphone is disclosed having an external diaphragm and housing that forming chamber capable of being pressurized by deformational movement of the diaphragm induced by pressure waves (e.g., acoustic signals) propagating through overlying tissue. The chamber is shaped such that the volume of the chamber upon deflection of the diaphragm is reduced compared to a static volume of the chamber (i.e., volume of the chamber with no diaphragm deflection). As a result, the change in pressure within the chamber for a given diaphragm displacement is greater than it would be within a chamber having a cylindrical volume, leading to greater microphone sensitivity. In one arrangement, the chamber is shaped such that it is deeper at its center than at its edges, for example, to form a conical or paraboloidal volume.06-04-2009
20090296972VOICE SOUND INPUT APPARATUS AND VOICE SOUND CONFERENCE SYSTEM - A voice sound input apparatus, adapted to be inputted a sound and output sound data, includes: a first microphone, related to a first sound hole; a second microphone, related to a second sound hole; a signal processing unit, configured to perform a signal processing; and a wireless transmission unit, configured to transmit the sound data based on an output signal of the signal processing unit, wherein a distance between the first sound hole and the second sound hole is a distance that a phase component of a sound strength ratio is lower than or equal to 0 dB, the sound strength ratio being a ratio between a strength of a sound component contained in differential sound pressure of sounds entered to the first sound hole and the second sound hole and a strength of sound pressure of the sound entered to the first sound hole.12-03-2009
20080285784Package structure of a microphone - A kind of microphone package structure includes at least of a substrate, a sound processing unit, an upper cap and other devices. There would be at least one trench set on the substrate, and a separation gap between the trench and the bonding pad of the substrate is maintained. After connective paste is smeared on the surface of the substrate, the trench would be assembled with other devices. This kind of package structure could prevent a short circuit being caused by the overflowing of the connective paste.11-20-2008
20090103759Wireless Earphone with an Indicating Light - A wireless earphone with an indicating light includes a cover, a hanger connected to the cover, a housing, a microphone, an indicating light and a PCB. An outer hole is opened in the cover. The housing is accepted in the cover. An inner hole is opened in the housing and corresponding to the outer hole. The microphone and the indicating light are arranged in the housing and connect to the PCB, the indicating light protrudes into the inner hole. An escutcheon is arranged between the outer hole and the inner hole to resist dust into the inner hole. The light from the indicating light is delivered via the inner hole and the outer hole to the outside.04-23-2009
20090136073Microphone - A microphone having a first shell with a cavity region is disclosed. A PCB and a sound receiving member are mounted within the cavity region. A brace is disposed over the cavity region having opposite ribs located against two opposite sides of the PCB. A push button is operably mounted on the brace and is adapted to be moveably operated to actuate the PCB ON or OFF.05-28-2009
20080232630Condenser microphone package - A condenser microphone package includes: a condenser microphone unit including a diaphragm and a back plate; a printed circuit board; a conductive connector sandwiched between and cooperating with the condenser microphone unit and the printed circuit board to form a stack; and a metal can encasing the stack and having a first end wall that is formed with a plurality of sound holes, and that abuts against the condenser microphone unit, and a second end wall that is disposed opposite to the first end wall, that abuts against the printed circuit board, and that cooperates with the first end wall to press the printed circuit board toward the condenser microphone unit.09-25-2008
20130121523ELECTRIC COMPONENT HAVING A SHALLOW PHYSICAL SHAPE, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - Electric components and methods of manufacture are specified. An electric component comprises a carrier having a recess which penetrates the carrier and also a first chip and external contact area. The first chip is arranged in the recess in the carrier. The external contact area is provided for connecting up the first chip to an external circuit environment.05-16-2013
20090245564MICROPHONE PACKAGING IN A MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - In one aspect, a boot located inside a mobile device holds a microphone. The boot has a straight, front chamber section whose mouth is aligned (vertically and horizontally) with a microphone-associated, acoustic case opening in a sidewall of the outer housing of the device. In another aspect, the front chamber section is defined by a front sidewall on whose outer surface a circumferential rib is formed. This portion of the boot sidewall is disposed within a tube section (which may be formed in the sidewall of the device's outer case), to form an acoustic seal around the mouth of the boot. Other embodiments are also described.10-01-2009
20120128191PORTABLE TERMINAL WITH DUCT FOR TRANSMITTER - Provided is a portable terminal including a microphone hole formed to perforate from an outer wall of a housing to an inner wall of the housing, a duct groove extending from an inner side of the housing and being open on a top surface thereof, a microphone holder coupled with the top surface of the duct groove, and a microphone coupled with the microphone holder, in which a duct connected to the microphone hole is formed by coupling the microphone holder with the duct groove, and the microphone is connected with the microphone hole through the duct. The duck is formed by coupling the duct groove formed in the housing of the terminal with the microphone holder coupled with the microphone, thereby smoothly delivering input sound such as user's voice to the microphone and contributing to the slimness of the terminal.05-24-2012
20100189300Microphone Unit - A microphone unit comprises a microphone, leg members and a base. The microphone comprises a diaphragm for detecting sound and a housing for containing the diaphragm. The leg members project outwardly from a rear wall of the housing, and are provided near a second through-hole which connects a second inner space to outer space. The base is connected to the leg members to form a gap between the housing and the base. When the microphone unit thus formed in a simple structure and reduced thickness is mounted in a product, the gap allows the outer space to be connected to the second inner space through the second through-hole, making it possible to efficiently guide sound to the second inner space and obtain good differential characteristics.07-29-2010
20100166244MICROPHONE AND MICROPHONE HEAD - A microphone includes a microphone head having a chassis, a circuit board and a microphone cage. The chassis may be fixed in the microphone cage, and the circuit board may be fixed between the chassis and the microphone cage.07-01-2010
20100239113Microphone mount - A mount for a microphone 09-23-2010
20090041283AUDIO SIGNAL TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION DEVICE - In an audio signal transmission/reception device that receives and emits sounds so as to perform transmission and reception of audio signals via communications, user operability can be improved and the size of a main unit can be reduced. It is equipped with a speaker array for arranging a plurality of speaker units, which are arranged on the lower surface of the main unit, and a microphone array for arranging a plurality of microphones, which are arranged on the side surface of the main unit in its longitudinal direction. Legs having hollow structures are attached to the main unit so as to support the main unit at a prescribed height above the mount surface (e.g., the surface of a desk) and to secure good sound emission characteristics of the speaker array.02-12-2009
20080310664Piano Microphone Apparatus - A piano microphone apparatus configured to position at least one microphone within a sound cavity of a piano may comprise at least one piano interface configured to contact a case of a piano to suspend the microphone within the sound cavity of the piano. The piano microphone apparatus may also comprise at least one protruding member configured to receive a microphone and to adjustably position the microphone relative to at least one of the plurality of strings or soundboard. The length of the piano microphone apparatus may also be adjustable based on at least one dimension of the sound cavity.12-18-2008
20110150261CAPACITIVE TRANSDUCER AND FABRICATION METHOD - A capacitive transducer and fabrication method are disclosed. The capacitive transducer includes a substrate, a first electrode mounted on the substrate, a cap having a through-hole and a cavity beside the through-hole, a second electrode mounted on the cap across the through-hole. The second electrode is deformable in response to pressure fluctuations applied thereto via the through-hole and defines, together with the first electrode, as a capacitor. The capacitor includes a capacitance variable with the pressure fluctuations and the cavity defines a back chamber for the deformable second electrode.06-23-2011
20110019858METHOD AND APPARATUS TO ENHANCE COMMUNICATION IN THE OPERATING ROOM - A communication system is provided for a patient featuring a cushion with an opening for receiving the face of the patient. The cushion includes a microphone for receiving audible signals from the patient and one or more speakers for delivering audible signals to the patient. The microphone and speaker(s) are integrated with the cushion to avoid interfering with the comfort of the patient. In one embodiment, the audible signals are delivered to and from the patient via a communication port. In another embodiment, the system includes a display device, so the patient may view parts of the patient's body on the device and then communicate with system operators through the microphone and speaker(s).01-27-2011
20100008529Speakerphone Including a Plurality of Microphones Mounted by Microphone Supports - In various embodiments, a speakerphone may comprise multiple (e.g., 16) microphones placed in a circular array around a central speaker. Each microphone may be mounted to the speakerphone through a microphone support. The microphone support may be made of a flexible material and have various features designed to minimize interference to the microphone (e.g., from the speaker and/or vibrations external to the speakerphone). The centrally mounted speaker may be coupled to a stiff internal speaker enclosure. The speaker enclosure may be made of a stiff, heavy material (e.g., a dense plastic) to prevent the speaker vibrations from excessively vibrating the speakerphone enclosure (which may affect the microphones).01-14-2010
20090220117MICROPHONE AND MICROPHONE HANGER-HOOK - A conductive hanger plate having a flat external face and a conductive hanger knob are so provided as to be electrically isolated with each other at the same side of the external face of a non-conductive rear casing of a microphone casing. A conductive hanger hook hanging the microphone casing via the hanger knob is provided with a notch for catching the hanger knob. The hanger hook has a first elastic member which pushes the caught hanger knob in a direction toward a hanger face, and second elastic members which urges the hanger plate in a direction apart from the hanger face.09-03-2009
20110075875MEMS MICROPHONE PACKAGE - A MEMS microphone package is disclosed. The MEMS microphone package comprises a housing, a MEMS die and an ASIC chip. The housing includes a base, a sidewall extending from the base, and a cover supported by the sidewall for forming a receiving space. The housing defines an acoustic hole for receiving external sound waves. The MEMS die is accommodated in the housing and the MEMS die defines a plurality of first conductive pads. The ASIC chip is accommodated in the housing and the ASIC chip defines a plurality of second conductive pads.03-31-2011
20100303274Microphone Having Reduced Vibration Sensitivity - A microphone assembly includes a first transducer and a second transducer. The first transducer is coupled to a first substrate layer on a first side of the first substrate layer. The second transducer is coupled to a second substrate layer on a second side of the second substrate layer. The first side and the second side are opposite to each other. The first substrate layer and the second substrate layer are substantially parallel and mechanically coupled. The first transducer and the second transducer have a shared volume and this shared volume is one of a front volume or a rear volume.12-02-2010
20080253599MICROPHONE MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR ACOUSTIC STRINGED INSTRUMENTS - A microphone mounting system for an acoustic, stringed instrument that provides means for microphone placement in sufficient proximity to the instrument sound hole to capture the warmth and tone of the instrument while assisting in feedback control, and without altering or damaging the finish or structure of the instrument. The system includes a grip, such as a corrugated plastic tube, attached to a microphone and wedged into the instrument sound hole to be held in place through frictional engagement. The microphone is connected to an instrument cable coupler, clamped to the side of the instrument, which is then connected to a sound amplification system.10-16-2008
20100246877Miniature MEMS Condenser Microphone Package and Fabrication Method Thereof - MEMS microphone packages and fabrication methods thereof are disclosed. A MEMS microphone package includes a casing with a conductive part disposed over a substrate, to enclose a cavity. A MEMS acoustic sensing element and an IC chip are disposed inside the cavity. An opening with an acoustic passage connects the cavity to an ambient space. A first ground pad is disposed on a backside of the substrate connecting to the conductive part of the casing through a via hole of the substrate. A second ground pad is disposed on the backside of the substrate connecting to the MEMS acoustic sensing element or the IC chip through an interconnection of the substrate, wherein the first ground pad and the second ground pad are isolated from each other.09-30-2010
20100246876Boundary microphone - There is provided a boundary microphone in which a microphone cover can be fixed to a base part without the use of an externally threaded screw for fixation. In the boundary microphone in which a condenser microphone unit 09-30-2010
20110051972ARRANGEMENT FOR MOUNTING A MICROPHONE TO AN INTERIOR SURFACE OF A VEHICLE - A housing sub-assembly for mounting a microphone sub-assembly to a vehicle includes, but is not limited to a main body portion that is adapted to be mounted to an interior surface of the vehicle. The main body portion is configured to connect to the microphone sub-assembly and to support the microphone sub-assembly in a position such that a portion of the microphone sub-assembly protrudes beyond an end of the main body portion when the main body portion is connected to the microphone sub-assembly.03-03-2011
20100067728MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEM MICROPHONE STRUCTURE AND MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEM MICROPHONE PACKAGE STRUCTURE - A microelectromechanical system microphone structure including a substrate, a first device and at least one second device is provided. The first device is disposed on the substrate and including a first upper electrode and a first lower electrode disposed between the first upper electrode and the substrate. The second device is disposed on the substrate, surrounding the first device and including a second upper electrode and a second lower electrode disposed between the second upper electrode and the substrate. The second upper electrode includes a plurality of first conductive layers and first plugs. The first conductive layers are arranged in steps, and the first plug is disposed between the adjacent first conductive layers. The second lower electrode includes a plurality of second conductive layers and a plurality of second plugs. The second conductive layers are arranged in steps, and the second plug is disposed between the adjacent second conductive layers.03-18-2010
20110188695Microphone-unit supporting structure and electronic device - A microphone-unit supporting structure comprises a microphone unit and a holder. The microphone unit includes a substantially-cylindrical microphone element, a printed circuit board fixed to a back of the microphone element, and at least two projections extending radially outward from the printed circuit board and being circumferentially spaced at such an angular interval that when one of the projections is assumed to be on a reference line for line symmetry, the other projection or projections are off the reference line. The holder includes a microphone-unit supporting portion for supporting the microphone unit. The holder has a first groove for receiving first one of the projections, and a second groove for receiving second one of the projections. The first groove is open in a backward direction. The second groove is open in a frontward direction.08-04-2011
20090175479Microphone package, lead frame, mold substrate, and mounting structure therefor - A microphone package is constituted of a cover and a mold substrate that is formed in accordance with the resin mold technology so as to form a cavity for embracing a microphone chip. The mold substrate is constituted of a stage having conductivity and a rectangular shape for mounting a microphone chip thereon, a plurality of lead terminals having conductivity and electrically connected to the microphone chip, and a resin mold for electrically insulating the stage from the lead terminals. A sound hole is formed in the mold substrate by use of a cylindrical projection which projects from the backside of the stage and whose distal surface is exposed from the backside of the mold substrate. When the microphone package is mounted on the mounting surface of an external substrate, it is possible to prevent sound from being leaked via gaps therebetween.07-09-2009
20120148083Microphone package and method for manufacturing same - A System and method to provide a cost-effective implementation of a microphone package, very good microphone performance being achieved even with a high degree of miniaturization. A microphone package includes a MEMS microphone component having a microphone diaphragm, and a housing having a housing base and a housing cover, the housing enclosing the back-side volume of the microphone component, and an acoustic access channel to the microphone diaphragm being provided in the housing which is closed off with respect to the back-side volume and which connects at least one sound opening in the housing to one side of the microphone diaphragm. An interposer is mounted inside the housing which defines the acoustic access channel to the microphone diaphragm in that the interposer is coupled to the sound opening in the housing, and has at least one exit opening above which the microphone component together with the microphone diaphragm is mounted.06-14-2012
20100128914Side-ported MEMS microphone assembly - A side-ported MEMS microphone package defines an acoustic path from a side of the package substrate to a microphone die disposed within a chamber defined by the substrate and a lid attached to the substrate. Optionally or alternatively, a circuit board, to which the microphone package is mounted, may define an acoustic path from an edge of the circuit board to a location under the microphone package, adjacent a bottom port on the microphone package. In either case, the acoustic path may be a hollow passage through at least a portion of the substrate or the circuit board. The passage may be defined by holes, channels, notches, etc. defined in each of several layers of a laminated substrate or circuit board, or the passage may be defined by holes drilled, molded or otherwise formed in a solid or laminated substrate or circuit board.05-27-2010
20110170727Boundary Microphone - A boundary microphone includes a base, a microphone unit that is mounted onto the base and converts voice into electrical signals, and a pressure-sensitive switch of membrane type for an on/off operation of output signals from the microphone unit. The pressure-sensitive switch is physically isolated from the base, and is supported at the bottom thereof by a switch support comprising a hard material.07-14-2011
20120207335PORTED MEMS MICROPHONE - A microphone has first and second supports, a MEMS cartridge attached to the first support, at least part of the MEMS cartridge facing an opening in the first support, adhesive attaching the MEMS cartridge to the first support, an AMP/AD device attached to one of the supports, and a first conductor through which the MEMS cartridge electrically communicates with the AMP/AD. A second conductor is provided through which the AMP/AD electrically communicates with the external electrical contact, and a casing is located between and attached to the first and second supports. During operation, the MEMS cartridge receives an acoustic signal and generates a first electrical signal, the AMP/AD receives the first electrical signal from the MEMS cartridge, and the AMP/AD outputs to the external electrical contact a second electrical signal related to the first electrical signal.08-16-2012
20120002832Dynamic microphone - There is provided a dynamic microphone in which vibration noise generated by the rolling of a microphone unit caused by a vibration component perpendicular to the principal axis direction of the microphone is reduced effectively. In the dynamic microphone including a microphone unit 01-05-2012
20120207336Microphone Cap and Microphone - A cap body 08-16-2012
20120014552MICROPHONE HOUSING WITH DISASSEMBLY PROTECTION FOR A CAP THEREOF - A grip of a microphone housing includes a cap coupling section formed with a first grip thread and a second grip thread that have opposite winding orientations and that are disposed respectively distal from and proximate to a distal grip end of the cap coupling section. A cap of the microphone housing includes a grip coupling section formed with a first cap thread and a second cap thread that are disposed respectively proximate to and distal From a distal cap end of the grip coupling section. The grip coupling section is configured to engage rotatably and coaxially the cap coupling section, the first cap thread is configured to bypass engagement with the second grip thread and to threadedly engage the first grip thread, and the second cap thread is configured to threadedly engage the second grip thread.01-19-2012
20100290661Transducer package with interior support frame - A surface mountable package for use with an audio transducer is provided. In addition to the audio transducer, the surface mountable package includes a substrate, a cover, and a transducer support frame mounted within, and attached to, the substrate and cover. The support frame includes one or more cavities that, in combination with the audio transducer, substrate and cover, define the front and rear acoustic cavity volumes.11-18-2010
20110182456Boundary Microphone - A boundary microphone includes a base, a microphone unit that is mounted on the base and converts sound into electrical signals, and a pressure-sensitive switch that switches on/off the output signals from the microphone unit. The pressure-sensitive switch includes a membrane covering a circuit board having an electrode pattern on its upper surface, a spacer disposed between the membrane and the circuit board. The electrode pattern is turned on the pressure-sensitive switch upon contact with the membrane. The membrane is composed of a conductive cloth having flexibility in the thickness direction.07-28-2011
20100183181MINIATURE MEMS CONDENSER MICROPHONE PACKAGES AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - MEMS microphone packages and fabrication methods thereof are disclosed. A MEMS microphone package includes a cavity that houses a MEMS sensing element, an IC chip and other passive elements supported by a common substrate. The cavity is formed by a top cover member, a housing wall surrounds and supports the top cover member and the common substrate supports the housing wall. A conductive casing encloses and surrounds the cavity, and is electrically connected to a common analog ground lead on a PCB board. The top cover member and the housing wall are non-conductive. And the conductive casing is not connected directly to the ground leads of the package. An acoustic absorption layer is sandwiched between the conductive casing and the cavity which is formed by the top cover member, the housing wall and the substrate.07-22-2010
20120170785NOISE-VIBRATION MICROPHONE STAND - The present invention discloses a noise-vibration (NV) microphone stand for holding an NV microphone a predetermined distance from a surface that the NV microphone stand is attached to. The NV microphone stand can include a rod having an attachment end that is operable to attach to the surface to be tested and with the rod extending away from the surface. In addition, an arm can be attached to and extend from the rod, the arm having an NV microphone bracket spaced apart from the rod. The NV microphone bracket can have an opening that is dimensioned for the NV microphone to slide therewithin, the opening having a plurality of friction wiper blades that come into contact with the NV microphone when it slides within the bracket.07-05-2012
20100272302Arrangement Comprising a Microphone - An arrangement includes a circuit carrier and a housed microphone. A mounting side of the housed microphone is mounted on a top side of the circuit carrier. The housed microphone includes solderable contacts on the mounting side and a sound entry opening facing the circuit carrier. An acoustic channel connects the sound entry opening and surroundings above the circuit carrier.10-28-2010
20120189151ROBUST DIAPHRAGM FOR AN ACOUSTIC DEVICE - A rigid, flat plate diaphragm for an acoustic device is illustrated. The internal supporting structure of the diaphragm provides a combination of torsional and translational stiffeners, which resemble a number of crossbars. These stiffeners brace and support the diaphragm motion, thus causing its response to not be adversely affected by fabrication stresses and causing it to be very similar in dynamic response to an ideal flat plate operating in a frequency range that extends well beyond the audible.07-26-2012
20100254560MICROFABRICATED MICROPHONE - The present invention provides a microfabricated microphone that can mitigate negative effects caused by residual stress in its sensing diaphragm. In particular, a center-supported diaphragm is provided to allow residual stress to relax through the radial expansion or contraction of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is suspended by an anchor that is attached to a supporting beam. The supporting beam is situated in between one or more sections of a back-plate electrode. The supporting beam is mechanically and electrically separated from the back-plate electrode. Various mechanical dimensions of the aforementioned components are also disclosed to optimize performance of a microfabricated microphone in different operational conditions. Further, a method and system for fabricating a microfabricated microphone with a center-supported diaphragm is also disclosed.10-07-2010
20120237073PACKAGES AND METHODS FOR PACKAGING MEMS MICROPHONE DEVICES - Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone devices and methods for packaging the same include a package substrate having an acoustic pathway therethrough that opens to an interior of the device. A MEMS microphone die having an integrated filter and a movable membrane is positioned within the interior of the device. The package substrate includes a conductive layer facing the interior of the device, and a package filter formed from the conductive layer is provided along the acoustic pathway, resulting in increased packaged MEMS microphone device yield.09-20-2012
20110002495METHOD OF MAKING SOUND HOLE IN CASE OF CONDENSER MICROPHONE AND THE CONDENSER MICROPHONE CASE - Provided are a method of forming a sound hole in a condenser microphone case that prevents foreign substances from being thrown to improve reliability and the condenser microphone case. The method of forming the sound hole in the condenser microphone case includes cutting a portion of a bottom surface of a metal case in the cylindrical metal case having an opened side to mount components for a microphone, and simultaneously, pressing the cut portion to form a sound hole having a gap shape at the cut portion.01-06-2011
20100254559Drum Microphone Mounting Device - A device for mounting a microphone includes an elongate coupling plate designed such that the microphone may be adjustably mounted to the plate at a desired location along the length of the coupling plate. The device also includes a clamping assembly for attaching the device to the drum. The clamping assembly is preferably pivotally attached to the coupling plate. The clamping assembly may include a pair of clamping plates to engage the counterhoop of a drum to retain the microphone on the drum.10-07-2010
20120087530MICROPHONE COUPLER FOR A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - The disclosure relates to a microphone coupler and coupler system for a communication device. The microphone coupler comprises a conduit having an internal channel therein, a distal end, a proximal end, a first opening in the distal end connecting to the internal channel and a second opening in the proximal end connecting to the internal channel, the conduit being attachable to a printed circuit board of the communication device over an opening in the printed circuit board with the second opening mating to the opening and with the distal end of the coupler extending towards an end of the printed circuit board. The coupler has a microphone having a port that is mounted on the printed circuit board and the port is aligned with the opening in the printed circuit board.04-12-2012
20100202649Microphone Unit - A microphone unit is provided with an electroacoustic conversion portion that includes a diaphragm vibrated by sound pressure and that converts the sound pressure into electrical signals and a board on which the electroacoustic conversion portion is mounted. In the board, there are provided a board opening portion that is formed to face the diaphragm and locating walls that come in contact with the electroacoustic conversion portion to locate the electroacoustic conversion portion.08-12-2010
20100202648COVER FOR APERTURES OF AN ELECTRIC MICRO-DEVICE HOUSING - At an electronic micro-device (08-12-2010
20110158453MICROPHONE UNIT - The microphone unit of the present invention comprises an electro-acoustic converter for converting an acoustic signal to an electric signal, the converter having a diaphragm displaced by acoustic pressure; and a housing provided with an accommodation space for accommodating the electro-acoustic converter, and with an acoustic path for guiding outside sound from an acoustic hole to the diaphragm. An external-connection electrode having the same function is formed on a first external surface belonging to the housing and having the acoustic hole, and on a second external surface on the side opposite the first external surface of the housing.06-30-2011
20110158452MICROPHONE MODULE WITH HELMHOLTZ RESONANCE CHAMBER - A microphone module includes a shell, a circuit board located in the shell, and a microphone located in the shell and electrically connecting the circuit board. The shell includes a bottom cover and a faceplate on the bottom cover. The faceplate defines a sound hole therein. A washer is provided between the microphone and the faceplate. The washer defines a sound chamber therein. The sound chamber has a diameter exceeding that of the sound hole of the faceplate. The sound chamber communicates with the sound hole, and the sound chamber and the sound hole cooperatively form a Helmholtz resonance chamber outside of the microphone.06-30-2011
20080247586Microphone unit, close-talking voice input device, information processing system, and method of manufacturing microphone unit - A microphone unit includes: a housing which has an inner space; a partition member which is provided in the housing and divides the inner space into a first space and a second space, the partition member being at least partially formed of a diaphragm; and an electrical signal output circuit which outputs an electrical signal based on vibrations of the diaphragm. In the housing, a first through-hole through which the first space communicates with an outer space of the housing and a second through-hole through which the second space communicates with the outer space are formed.10-09-2008
20080232631MICROPHONE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - An apparatus for transducing between an acoustical signal and an electrical signal, comprises a backplate assembly comprising a charged layer and a conductive layer and a diaphragm assembly positioned at a predetermined distance from the backplate assembly. The diaphragm assembly comprising a support structure and a diaphragm, the diaphragm vibrates in response to an acoustical signal, is monolithically formed on the support structure, wherein the support structure and the diaphragm are composed of a common material having a thermomechanical property. The apparatus further comprises a spacer, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a housing. The spacer is formed between the backplate assembly and the diaphragm assembly, collectively constituting a motor portion. The motor portion and the PCB are disposed in the housing.09-25-2008
20130142374MICROPHONE ASSEMBLY HAVING EAR SET FUNCTION AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A microphone assembly, in which a microphone component and an ear set component are formed on the same printed circuit board, and a method of manufacturing the microphone assembly. In the microphone assembly, one electrode of a power supplier is connected to a diaphragm assembly through a grounding pattern of the PCB and a mike cell case and the other electrode of the power supplier is supplied to a back electrode plate through a conductive member to charge two electrodes. When an acoustic signal is input to the mike cell unit, the diaphragm assembly vibrates, and thus, an electrostatic capacity of the mike cell unit changes. The acoustic signal is transmitted to a field effect transistor (FET) mounted outside the mike cell unit along a signal pattern of the PCB and is processed by the FET.06-06-2013
20110268307MICROPHONE COUPLER SYSTEM FOR A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - The disclosure provides a microphone coupler system for a microphone mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) for a communication device. The system comprises a boot assembly to enclose the microphone and to direct acoustic signals to the microphone within the communication device, the boot assembly having a coupling section shaped to hold the microphone with the aperture facing upward from the PCB and an elongated section extending from the coupling section. In the system, an acoustic channel for the microphone is formed in part by the boot assembly when the boot assembly is mounted over the microphone. The system may further comprise a platform having an aperture, the platform for mounting on the PCB over the microphone.11-03-2011
20120275633HANG UP MAGNET FOR RADIO MICROPHONE - A system is disclosed for safely and efficiently removing or returning a radio microphone from a mounting surface. The system includes a first magnet attached to the rear side of a radio microphone and a second magnet located at a desired mounting position on the mounting surface. The second magnet preferably includes an outer vinyl layer to prevent breaking or cracking of the first second magnet when returning the radio microphone to its mounting position.11-01-2012
20100303273MICROPHONE APPARATUS - A microphone apparatus includes a mounting substrate, and at least two MEMS microphone elements mounted on the mounting substrate. The mounting substrate is provided with respective sound holes located directly under the MEMS microphone elements.12-02-2010
20100316243Condenser microphone unit - There is provided a condenser microphone unit incorporating a FET (impedance converter) in a unit case, in which the electromagnetic shield on the rear surface side of the unit case is assured, sound waves do not leak, and a steady internal stress is applied to incorporated parts almost uniformly. In a condenser microphone unit 12-16-2010

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