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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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381182000 Plural or compound reproducers 531
381396000 Electromagnetic (e.g., dyynamic) 426
381386000 Mounting or support feature of housed loudspeaker 300
381355000 Housed microphone 261
381337000 Having acoustic wave modifying structure 229
381369000 Microphone capsule only 200
381190000 Electrostrictive, magnetostrictive, or piezoelectric 87
381191000 Having electrostatic element (e.g., electret, vibrating plate) 65
381151000 Body contact wave transfer (e.g., bone conduction earphone, larynx microphone) 64
381164000 Thermal response to, or generation of, sound vibration 29
381152000 Driven diverse static structure (e.g., wall, sounding board) 20
381162000 Detail of mechanical vibration coupling to transducer (e.g., tuned vibrating element) 14
381189000 Having protective or sheilding feature 11
381166000 Having a fluid as a conducting element 4
20120039494Loudspeakers - The invention relates to a drive unit for a loudspeaker, and a loudspeaker including the same. The drive unit includes a magnet assembly which defines primary and secondary gaps with respect to which a voice coil assembly is movable and in which the same is mounted. The voice coil assembly includes a former which is located and suspended in the secondary gap by ferrofluid provided in said secondary gap, to locate the voice coil assembly without the need for a spider or other mechanical locating means to be provided.02-16-2012
20120039493TRANSDUCER DEVICES AND METHODS FOR HEARING - A device to transmit an audio signal to a user may comprise a mass, a piezoelectric transducer, and a support to support the mass and the piezoelectric transducer with the eardrum. The piezoelectric transducer can be configured to drive the support and the eardrum with a first force and the mass with a second force opposite the first force. The device may comprise circuitry configured to receive wireless power and wireless transmission of an audio signal, and the circuitry can be supported with the eardrum to drive the transducer in response to the audio signal, such that vibration between the circuitry and the transducer can be decreased. The transducer can be positioned away from the umbo of the ear to drive the eardrum, for example on the lateral process of the malleus.02-16-2012
20100172520ASSEMBLING METHOD OF SPEAKER AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS EMPLOYING THAT SPEAKER - A voice coil wound to have a loop having an inner side is fixed to a diaphragm vibrating in a vibration direction. A first magnet having a first pole surface is fixed to an upper case. A second magnet having a second pole surface is fixed to a lower case. A first magnetic fluid is attached to the first pole surface of the first magnet after fixing the first magnet to the upper case. The diaphragm is fixed to the upper case after fixing the voice coil to the diaphragm and after attaching the first magnetic fluid to the first pole surface of the first magnet, such that the first pole surface of the first magnet faces the inner side of the voice coil and that the first magnetic fluid is provided between the first pole surface of the first magnet and the voice coil and contacts the first pole surface and the voice coil.07-08-2010
20110311079METHOD AND STRUCTURE FOR INDUCING ACOUSTIC SIGNALS AND ATTENUATING ACOUSTIC SIGNALS - At least embodiment is directed to an earpiece comprising a housing; and a field responsive fluid, where the field responsive fluid is in the housing, where the housing is part of the earpiece, and where the earpiece is configured to vary a field to vary an acoustical property of the field responsive fluid.12-22-2011
381385000 Having body supported structure other than on head 4
20090290743SKIN-MOUNTED DIGITAL DEVICE WITH STACKED FLEX CIRCUIT - A skin-mounted digital audio device composed of one or more removable adhesive sheets, a battery layer, and flex circuitry. The device can be folded and unfolded, and permits convenient, hands-free wearing and operation by a user via the adhesive sheet(s).11-26-2009
20090074224SOUND RECORDABLE/PLAYABLE DEVICE AND METHOD OF USE - A portable and wearable sound recordable and playable device comprising an electronic module that provides audio recording and playback functions and that includes at least one integrated circuit having associated memory storage, a microphone and a speaker, and a power source; a bulbous portion that substantially encapsulates the electronic module and that is configured so that the device has a substantially continuously contoured outer surface that is free of any display; and one or more exposed user controls that signally communicate with the electronic module and penetrate through the bulbous portion.03-19-2009
20080267440ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE INTEGRATED WITH MUSIC AND TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICES - An article of manufacture, such as a jacket or backpack, integrates the services of an audio delivery device, such as an MP3 player, with the services of a two-way communication device, such as a mobile phone, or a two-way radio such as a walkie talkie, citizen band radio, HAM radio, marine or aviation radio, and the like. The article integrates the reception and provision of input and output signals from both the audio devices within the article, thereby enabling a user to listen to music or to receive and place phone calls while engaged in activity. In one implementation, the article provides these functions by holding one or more devices for communicably connecting and switching the audio and communication devices, mixing signals received therefrom, and optionally enabling a user to reduce the volume or mute the signals as desired.10-30-2008
20130156250MOUNTABLE MULTI-DIRECTIONAL AUDIO DEVICE - A mountable multi-directional audio device comprises at least one broadcasting device, which has a sounding portion outwardly; and at least one connecting member, the any end of the connecting member is connected with the broadcasting device.06-20-2013
381165000 By modifying fluid flow 4
20090022340Method of Acoustic Wave Generation - A method of converting an audio signal into vibratory modulation of a fluid includes converting a series of pulses representative of the audio signal into a plurality of signals having an intermediate peak-to-peak voltage; summing said signals having said intermediate voltage to provide a driver signal having a high peak-to-peak voltage; supplying said driver signal to an electrostatic fluid accelerator; and generating a corona discharge inducing said vibratory modulation of said fluid.01-22-2009
20100322444Loudspeaker arrangement - A loudspeaker arrangement (12-23-2010
20080212806High-frequency pneumatic loudspeaker for audio broadcasting - A high-frequency pneumatic loudspeaker for sound broadcasting is provided, and comprises a housing, silencer exhaust holes, air inlet port, supporting plate, throat canal, central cone, annular nozzle, obstructing ring, and a voice coil and leads. Lower and an upper press plates hold the obstructing ring and the voice coil in position, a magnet having inner and outer magnetic poles is connected therewith, wherein a small gap exists between the obstructing ring and the end of the annular nozzle. This provides the advantages of both air passage area modulation by a sleeve air valve and airstream direction modulation by jet obstruction, reduces airstream consumption, improves air-sound conversion efficiency, and improves structures of an annular air flow-splitter, voice coil and leads. A cooling system is provided to improve high-frequency modulation sensitivity, operation stability, and/or extended fault-free operation time.09-04-2008
20130177179Inflatable Ear Device - A diaphonic valve utilizing the principle of the Synthetic Jet is disclosed herein. A diaphonic valve pump is provided for the inflation of an in-ear balloon. More complex embodiments of the present invention include stacks of multiple synthetic jets generating orifices as well as an oscillating, thin polymer membrane. In one or more embodiments of the present invention, a novel application is provided for the creation of static pressure to inflate or to deflate an inflatable member (balloon). In addition, sound can be utilized to inflate or deflate an inflatable member in a person's ear for the purpose of listening to sound.07-11-2013
381163000 Having bi-directional transducer 4
20090290731Circuit arrangement for the bidirectional operation of a sound transducers disposed at the ends of a measuring section - A sensor circuit for a flow sensor comprises terminating impedances connected in parallel to the sound transducers and has a signal generator, which is configured as a power source. The circuit arrangement is suitable particularly for the operation of an airflow sensor in internal combustion engines.11-26-2009
20100002894MEMS device and method of making the same - A MEMS device includes a vent hole structure and a MEMS structure disposed on a same side of a substrate. The vent hole structure adjoins the MEMS structure with an etch stop structure therebetween. The MEMS structure includes a chamber, the vent hole structure includes a metal layer having at least a hole thereon as a vent hole to connect the chamber of the MEMS structure through the etch stop structure. Accordingly, the MEMS device has a lateral vent hole. Furthermore, as the vent hole structure and the MEMS structure are disposed on the same side of the substrate, the manufacturing process is convenient and timesaving.01-07-2010
20100226514SOUND EMITTING AND COLLECTING APPARATUS - A sound emitting and collecting apparatus that can precisely detect the talker direction based on a collected sound signal even when a sound is emitted from a loudspeaker is provided. Microphone units MU09-09-2010
20120008805Acoustic Transducer Unit - An acoustic transducer unit that includes (a) an acoustic transducer having an acoustic transducer portion that converts sound into an electrical signal or converts an electrical signal into sound, and (b) packages that accommodate the acoustic transducer. The packages include a cylindrical conductive portion formed of a conductive material and having an inner space with both end apertures. At least the acoustic transducer portion of the acoustic transducer is located in the inner space of the conductive portion such as to be spaced from the apertures.01-12-2012
381161000 With mechanical amplifier arrangement 2
20110170719METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OUTPUTTING AUDIO SIGNAL - A method of outputting an audio signal includes receiving an audio signal; generating a carrier waves having phases differing from each other; generating modulation signals by comparing the respective carrier waves with the audio signal; amplifying the modulation signals; and outputting the amplified modulation signals.07-14-2011
20100020990SOUND GENERATOR FOR USE IN PARAMETRIC ARRAY - A sound generator includes a transducer converting electric energy to mechanical energy, a mechanical amplifier mechanically amplifying a vibration generated in a piezoelectric component of the transducer, and a radiation plate radiating a sound wave from a signal amplified by the mechanical amplifier, wherein the radiation plate includes a first step having a height for compensating for a first resonance frequency and a second step having a height for compensating for a second resonance frequency.01-28-2010
20130044902TRANSDUCERS EMPLOYING BOWED LAMINA - A new type of sound transducer, with high output capability and compact size employs a motor in combination with a displacement amplification system using curved lamina. The motor may be electrostatic, such as piezoelectric, or electrodynamic, such as magnetostrictive, or balanced armature. Newer forms of driver materials such as PMN-PT and layered PZT or Galfenol or Terfenol-D are examples. The design exhibits high source levels, smooth frequency response and uniform directivity. Although the application described herein relates to a low frequency sound source for underwater use, the design is not restricted to low frequencies or to an underwater sound source. Both sound production and reception may be conducted. Further, diaphragmatic displacement pumps and sensors may be equipped with curved lamina, which experience a change of curvature upon excitation of their edges, and which may generate displacement of their edges due to changes of their curvature.02-21-2013
20100074458STRUCTURE OF MEMS ELECTROACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER AND FABRICATING METHOD THEREOF - A structure of a micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) electroacoustic transducer includes a substrate, a diaphragm, a silicon material layer, and a conductive pattern. The substrate includes an MEMS device region. The diaphragm has openings, and is disposed in the MEMS device region. A first cavity is formed between the diaphragm and the substrate. The silicon material layer is disposed on the diaphragm and seals the diaphragm. The conductive pattern is disposed beneath the diaphragm in the MEMS device region.03-25-2010
20090268928Sound-Permeable Film, Electronic Component with Sound-Permeable Film, and Method of Producing Circuit Board Having Electronic Component Mounted Thereon - A sound-permeable film (10-29-2009
20100266148TRANSDUCER WITH DEFORMABLE CORNER - A transducer generates acoustic energy. The transducer is suitable for incorporation into any device that needs sound reproduction capability, including devices with generally rectangular geometries such as cell phones, PDAs, and portable gaming devices. The transducer includes a displaceable membrane with a deformable corner. The deformable corner may extend the frequency range over which the transducer generates acoustic energy without distortion. The deformable corner may be part of a membrane periphery around the displaceable membrane. The membrane periphery may be square, triangular, or may take any other polygonal shape.10-21-2010
20120033835SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MODIFYING AN AUDIO SIGNAL - There is provided a method and apparatus for modifying an audio signal. An exemplary method comprises providing an audio signal and analyzing the characteristics of the provided audio signal relative to one or more predetermined desired audio characteristics. The exemplary method also comprises applying to the provided audio signal a transfer function to thereby create a processed audio signal possessing one or more of the predetermined desired audio characteristics. The exemplary method additionally comprises issuing the processed audio signal.02-09-2012
20080317264Device and Method for Capturing Vocal Sound and Mouth Region Images - A device suitable for use in various applications, including, for example, sound production applications and video game applications. In one non-limiting embodiment, the device comprises a sound capturing unit for generating a first signal indicative of vocal sound produced by a user and an image capturing unit for generating a second signal indicative of images of a mouth region of the user. The device also comprises a processing unit communicatively coupled to the sound capturing unit and the image capturing unit for processing the first signal and the second signal. In an example in which the device is used for sound production, the processing unit is operative for processing the first signal and the second signal to cause a sound production unit to emit sound audibly perceivable as being a modified version of the vocal sound produced by the user. In an example in which the device is used for playing a video game, the processing unit is operative for processing the second signal to generate a video game feature control signal for controlling a feature associated with the video game. The feature associated with the video game may be a virtual character of the video game. The processing unit is further operative for processing the first signal for causing a sound production unit to emit sound associated with the video game.12-25-2008
20100278361Configurations And Methods For Broadband Planar Magnetic Induction Transducers - Contemplated planar magnetic induction transducers comprise a driver portion that provides a static magnetic field and a dynamic magnetic field to an electrically conductive sound producing membrane to thereby induce a current in the membrane that operates as a voice coil. Most typically, the dynamic magnetic field is produced by a coil that surrounds the magnet, and the membrane is floating above the driver portion. In especially preferred aspects, the sound producing membrane is physically independent from the driver portion and can be separately installed from the driver portion.11-04-2010
20110200211ACOUSTICS TRANSMISSION FIDELITY AUGMENTATION INTERFACE FOR INERTIAL TYPE AUDIO TRANSDUCERS - An acoustical transmission interface comprising a plate comprising a first portion having a first thickness and a second portion having a second thickness wherein the first thickness is thinner than the second thickness; an inertial type audio transducer; and means to affix the audio transducer and the first portion of the plate; where the audio transducer extends through an opening in a substrate, and the plate comprising a tab and a stop that position the plate within the opening of the substrate.08-18-2011
20080240471ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING INTERNAL MICROPHONE ARRAY - An electronic device includes a housing, a circuit board, and a microphone array. A plurality of acoustic openings is defined in the housing. The circuit board is placed in the housing. The microphone array is placed on the circuit board for receiving external sound via the acoustic openings in the housing.10-02-2008
20080219481Loudspeaker Having a Movable Cone Body - A loudspeaker (09-11-2008
20090185698Structure of an andio device - An audio device or system includes a housing which accommodates a circuit board having a micro control unit located within the housing, at least a speaker, and at least an optical trace detecting module coupled to the micro control unit. The optical trace detecting module at least has a light source and an image sensor for detecting a movement of a user's finger moving thereon so as to generate a corresponding moving signal, which is supplied to the micro control unit to cause the micro control unit to generate a control signal for adjusting a received audio signal. The micro control unit may be used in place of a rotary audio adjustment button or knob.07-23-2009
20100034402ELECTRODE CONNECTION STRUCTURE OF SPEAKER UNIT - An electrode connection structure of a speaker unit is provided. The speaker unit includes at least one electrode layer, which is made of a conductive material, or made of a non-conductive material with a conductive layer formed on a surface thereof. The electrode connection structure includes a conductive electrode and an adhesive material. The conductive electrode is used for providing power supply signals for the speaker unit to generate sounds. The adhesive material adheres the conductive electrode in parallel with a surface of the electrode layer. The adhesive material has adhesive characteristics, so as to electrically connect the conductive electrode and the electrode layer, in which the adhesive material is adhered to a side of the surface of the electrode layer closely adjacent to the conductive electrode with a certain area.02-11-2010
20100189287Bus circuit - Clock control is handed over in a bus circuit from a first circuit (07-29-2010
20090003630Electronic Device and Acoustic Playback Method - In a folding electronic device, a pair of micro-speakers is mounted in the upper housing, and a vibrating actuator is mounted in the lower housing. Both these micro-speakers and the vibrating actuator reproduce sound. The vibrating actuator causes the lower housing and external housing to vibrate, and in particular supplements the acoustic characteristics of the micro-speakers in the low-frequency region. Furthermore, in cases where sound is reproduced using the mobile terminal device constituting this electronic device, sound is reproduced by mounting the mobile terminal device in an external housing, charging device, or cradle.01-01-2009
20100183171Structure of Speaker - An improved structure of a speaker comprises a cone frame, a surround and a diaphragm, wherein a circumference of the diaphragm is sealed to an edge of an opening of the cone frame. A container portion is disposed on an inner side of the opening of the cone frame. The surround is disposed between the diaphragm and the container portion of the cone frame. Therefore, when an audio-frequency electrical signal is coupled with a voice coil inside the cone frame, the voice coil outputs an audio signal to drive the diaphragm to move and generate a sound. The present invention uses the surround to let the diaphragm move up and down with less resistance, which helps the diaphragm move more smoothly and reduces a distortion of sounds and increases the sensitivity of sound pressure level by enlarging the diaphragm moving area.07-22-2010
20080253590SUPERIOR SLIM TYPE OF SPEAKER SLIM HIGH-POWERED AMPLIFIER - A superior slim type of speaker comprises: a baffle, a hole being disposed at a center of the baffle, an vibrating system being disposed at an inner edge of the hole; a voice coil, a periphery of a bottom surface of the vibrating system being connected to a top edge of the voice coil, an outer edge of the voice coil being set a coil, the voice coil being adjacent to two sides of an outer edge of the coil, and the two sides being connected to two lead wires respectively; and a U-type iron member, a loop groove is disposed at a top periphery of the U-type iron member, two sides of the U-type iron member has two gaps respectively, and at least one side of each of the two gaps has an isolating portion; wherein when the U-type iron member is disposed at a bottom of the baffle, the voice coil is elongated to the loop groove in order to let the lead wires outwardly pass through the gaps and be upwardly fastened at a bottom surface of the baffle. As a conclusion, the distance between the lead wires and the U-type iron member are not necessarily considered, so that the length of the voice coil is shortened and the thickness of the whole speaker is decreased as well.10-16-2008
20080292117LOUDSPEAKER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES INCORPORATING SAME - The invention provides, in some aspects, electronic devices with improved radiators (or “passive drivers”) comprising an elastomerically mounted mass in order to improve sound reproduction fidelity. The mass comprises a component of the device not normally used for such purpose—e.g., a battery—thereby, permitting size reductions while, at the same time, enhancing audio fidelity11-27-2008
20080267430Ear-hanging Microphone - An ear-hanging microphone comprising; a c-shaped hanger; a cable pole, whose first end connecting said hanger at a first end thereof; a flexible strap, whose two ends being twisted on said hanger, and the length of said flexible strap being shorter than the longest one of the diameters of said hanger; a microphone, which connecting said cable pole at a second end thereof; a stop block, which connecting said hanger at a second end thereof; a socket, which being embedded in said stop block, and said socket and said microphone being linked electrically; a pin, which being correspondingly inserted into said socket to realize electrical link; and an electrical cable, which being linked electrically with said pin. Because of the usage of the flexible strap, the usage period of the ear-hanging microphone is prolonged and the user feels more comfortable and convenienter.10-30-2008
20100284552Mounting Components In Electronic Devices - An electronic device comprises electronic circuitry and a moulded plastic covering (11-11-2010
20110135119AUTOMATED CUSTOMIZATION OF LOUDSPEAKERS - In general, in some aspects, a loudspeaker includes a horn including a first end panel, a second end panel, a first side panel, and a second side panel. Edges of at least the first and second side panels define a diffraction slot opening. A plurality of manifold components each has an output opening coupled to the diffraction slot opening. The output openings of the plurality of manifold components together constitute a diffraction slot source at the diffraction slot opening. A plurality of electro-acoustic transducers are each coupled to an input opening of one of the manifold components.06-09-2011
20110188677USING AN AUDIO CABLE AS AN INDUCTIVE CHARGING COIL - The disclosed embodiments relate to a technique for inductively charging an electronic device. This technique involves winding an audio cable for the electronic device around a charging mechanism multiple times so that one or more conductors in the audio cable form an inductive receiving coil. Next, a magnetic field is created through the charging mechanism to induce a current in the inductive receiving coil. Finally, the induced current in the inductive receiving coil is used to charge a rechargeable battery for the electronic device.08-04-2011
20100166231Thermoacoustic device - A thermoacoustic device includes a substrate, at least one first electrode, at least one second electrode and a sound wave generator. The at least one first electrode and the at least one second electrode are disposed on the substrate. The sound wave generator is contacting with the at least one first electrode and the at least one second electrode. The sound wave generator is suspended on the substrate via the first electrode and the second electrode. The sound wave generator includes a carbon nanotube structure.07-01-2010
20100027814SPEAKER DEVICES - A speaker device may include a substrate, a membrane above the substrate, and an electrode above the membrane, a plurality of first supporting members, and a plurality of second supporting members. The second chamber is enclosed between the membrane and the substrate, and the first chamber is enclosed between the electrode and the membrane. The first supporting members are provided in the first chamber space and may space the membrane apart from the electrode. The second supporting members are provided in the second chamber space and may space the membrane apart from the substrate.02-04-2010
20100020989METHOD FOR OPERATING A HEARING DEVICE AND A HEARING DEVICE - A method to operate a hearing device and a hearing device are disclosed comprising a plurality of source units (S01-28-2010
20120308053Plate, Transducer and Methods for Making and Operating a Transducer - A plate, a transducer, a method for making a transducer, and a method for operating a transducer are disclosed. An embodiment comprises a plate comprising a first material layer comprising a first stress, a second material layer arranged beneath the first material layer, the second material layer comprising a second stress, an opening arranged in the first material layer and the second material layer, and an extension extending into opening, wherein the extension comprises a portion of the first material layer and a portion of the second material layer, and wherein the extension is curved away from a top surface of the plate based on a difference in the first stress and the second stress.12-06-2012
20100166230FLAT SPEAKER STRUCTURE AND DEVICE - A solar flat speaker structure including a flat speaker and a solar cell is provided. The flat speaker includes a chamber substrate, a diaphragm and an upper electrode; the solar cell includes a substrate, and the flat speaker is disposed on a surface of the substrate of the solar cell, so that solar power absorbed by the solar cell is converted to electricity and provided to the flat speaker. A speaker device including at least a flat speaker, a solar cell or the above solar flat speaker structure and an integrator is also provided. The integrator includes at least an audio decoder, a radio frequency receiver, a speaker amplifier, a display and a power manager. The speaker device is expanded using a folding method or a scrolling method.07-01-2010
20120008804DRIVE PIN FORMING METHOD AND ASSEMBLY FOR A TRANSDUCER - A transducer and method of forming a transducer is disclosed. The method comprises locating a feed wire for forming a drive pin on a reed surface, welding a first end of the feed wire to the reed, cutting the feed wire to form a drive pin, and securing the drive pin to a paddle. The first end of the feed wire can be welded to the reed by a laser welding operation. The laser melts the reed to form a molten reed material, and the feed wire is pushed through the molten reed material to form a weld between the feed wire and the reed, once the molten reed material solidifies. The wire coil is then cut with a second laser to form the drive pin. The drive pin is then adhered to a paddle with an adhesive.01-12-2012
20110103620Apparatus and Method for Generating Filter Characteristics - An apparatus for generating filter characteristics for filters connectible to at least three loudspeakers at defined locations with respect to a sound reproduction zone includes an impulse response reverser for time-reversing impulse responses associated to the loudspeakers to obtain time-reversed impulse responses. The apparatus furthermore includes an impulse response modifier for modifying the impulse responses or the time-reversed impulse responses such that impulse response portions occurring before a maximum of a time-reversed impulse response are reduced in amplitude to obtain the filter characteristics for the filters.05-05-2011
20120134517PORTABLE INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL - A portable information processing terminal is provided which can display an application execution-enabled time period. A download section 05-31-2012
20110182446CONTROLLED OVERLAP DRIVER CIRCUIT - The present invention relates to a driver circuit wherein upper and lower legs of a first driver comprise first and second sets of parellelly coupled semiconductor switches, respectively. A control circuit is configured to generate respective control signals for the first and second sets of parellelly coupled semiconductor switches to create a current path through the upper and lower legs during an overlap time period between state transitions of a driver output.07-28-2011
20120170776PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING UNIVERSAL EARPHONE JACK - A portable electronic device includes an earphone jack for receiving an earphone plug, a switch unit and a signal processing unit. The switch unit is connected to the earphone jack and is switchable between a first state and a second state. The signal processing unit is connected to the earphone jack and the switch unit. The signal processing unit is used to identify a type of the earphone plug received in the earphone plug and control the switch unit to switch to either the first state or the second state according to the type of the earphone plug.07-05-2012
20090060230ELECTROMECHANICAL TRANSDUCER AND A PRODUCTION METHOD - The invention relates to an electromechanical transducer and a method for manufacturing the transducer. The transducer includes a membrane (03-05-2009
20120230521INDUCTIVELY CHARGEABLE AUDIO DEVICES - An inductively enabled audio speaker is disclosed configured to receive power inductively from an inductive power outlet. The audio speaker device has a voice coil which, as well as being able to produce an audible output, is further configured to function as a secondary inductor to inductively couple with a primary inductor. The inductively enabled audio speaker may be used to power an electrical device such as a Bluetooth earpiece, a telephone or the like.09-13-2012
20120321108ELECTRODE CONNECTION STRUCTURE OF SPEAKER UNIT - An electrode connection structure of a speaker unit is provided. The speaker unit includes at least one electrode layer, which is made of a conductive material, or made of a non-conductive material with a conductive layer formed on a surface thereof. The electrode connection structure includes a conductive electrode and an adhesive material. The conductive electrode is used for providing power supply signals for the speaker unit to generate sounds. The adhesive material adheres the conductive electrode in parallel with a surface of the electrode layer. The adhesive material has adhesive characteristics, so as to electrically connect the conductive electrode and the electrode layer, in which the adhesive material is adhered to a side of the surface of the electrode layer closely adjacent to the conductive electrode with a certain area.12-20-2012
20120321107SPEAKER ASSEMBLY WITH AIR RETARDING CUSHION - An exemplary speaker assembly includes a housing, a loudspeaker, a sound-guiding channel and a cushion with a plurality of meshes. The housing has a receiving chamber and an acoustic chamber. The loudspeaker is accommodated in the receiving chamber. The sound-guiding channel is formed in the acoustic chamber. The sound-guiding channel has a first end with a first opening to communicate the sound-guiding channel and a second end with a second opening to communicate the sound-guiding channel with surrounding environment. The cushion is formed at the first opening of the sound-guiding channel for slowing down air flowed from the rear side of the loudspeaker to the sound-guiding channel.12-20-2012
20130177178MUSICAL ADVERTISING KEYRING - MUSICAL ADVERTISING KEYRING, that with the hermetic carcass (07-11-2013
20090097678Digital microphone and power supply unit for a digital microphone - Provided is a digital microphone having a power supply. In this case the power supply is configured so as to provide a P48 V phantom power.04-16-2009
20110311078MICROSCALE IMPLEMENTATION OF A BIO-INSPIRED ACOUSTIC LOCALIZATION DEVICE - An apparatus and method for creating a MEMS directional sensor system capable of determining direction from at least two microphones to a sound source over a wide range of frequencies is disclosed. By utilizing a stiff beam stand-off architecture that relies on a unique manufacturing technique in a MEMS device, such as described herein, a very small set of microphones, on the order of a few micrometers, can be designed with unsurpassed ability to detect a sound source location.12-22-2011
20110311077Personalizable Alarm Siren - This device enables the user to personalize the sound that comes out of his/her siren, since this invention is an improvement over conventional sirens in that it has a 3.5 mm female jack for an audio input, a male connector for a pushbutton, a female connector joined to the pushbutton and said pushbutton, in addition to a recording/playback unit, a repetition control unit and an amplification unit incorporated with which the user can record an unlimited number of 30-second audios, whether from a microphone or a PC, and can play them back repeatedly to serve as an alarm.12-22-2011
20120020500PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A printed circuit board includes a first signal layer, a first ground layer, a second signal layer, a power layer, a second ground layer, and a third signal layer. The first signal layer includes an analog audio input/output (I/O) port and an audio chip. The audio chip includes a main body, a first group of signal pins connected to the analog audio I/O port, and a second group of signal pins connected to a control chip. The first ground layer, the power layer, and the second ground layer are each divided into an audio part and a digital part. The three audio parts act as a reference plane for traces between the analog audio I/O port and the audio chip, the three digital parts act as reference planes for traces between the control chip and the audio chip.01-26-2012
20130195290GRAPHENE-DRUM PUMP AND ENGINE SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to pump systems and engine systems having graphene drums. In embodiments of the invention, the graphene drum can be utilized in the main chambers and/or valves of the pumps and engines.08-01-2013
20120027234Reduced Footprint Microphone System with Spacer Member Having Through-Hole - A microphone system has a chip system coupled to a base. Among other things, the chip system includes a microphone chip and a circuit chip, in a stacked relationship, configured to electrically communicate. The microphone chip has a diaphragm configured to move upon receipt of an incident audio signal, while the circuit chip has at least one through hole audibly coupled with the diaphragm of the microphone chip.02-02-2012
20120294463CONTROL OF AUDIO OUTPUT STATE BASED ON WIRELESS CHARGING - According to the present disclosure, there is provided a wireless power receiver configured to provide a continuous phone call environment or content reproduction environment while at the same time conveniently performing wireless charging during the phone call or content reproduction by controlling to activate the operation of an audio output module provided in a wireless power receiver and change an output path of the audio signal when the wireless power receiver is detected. To this end, a wireless power receiver according to an embodiment disclosed herein can include an audio output module; a power receiving unit configured to receive a wireless power signal; and a control unit configured to detect a wireless power transmitter located in a charging region associated with the wireless power signal using the wireless power signal, and activate the operation of the audio output module when the wireless power transmitter is detected.11-22-2012
20120093345ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER INCLUDING AIRFOIL FOR GENERATING SOUND - Systems, apparatus, devices, and methods for converting electrical signals into sound using an acoustic transducer. The inventive acoustic transducer utilizes the motion of an airfoil shaped element to generate a sound wave, with the airfoil element being driven in response to an electrical signal input to a suitable driving element. In some embodiments, the airfoil element or elements act to mechanically couple the motion of an armature attached to the driver to the surrounding air, producing sound waves in a more efficient manner than typical acoustic transducer devices. Embodiments of the invention may be used in the design of loudspeakers, earpieces, headphones, and other devices for which a high efficiency transducer is desired.04-19-2012
20130208924LOUDSPEAKER WITH REVERSIBLE SOUND PORT - A speaker is provided with multiple sound ports and a port plug. The sound port plug is used to close one of the sound ports while leaving the other sound port open to transmit sound. The speaker may have a first sound port located on the front of the speaker and a second sound port located on the rear of the speaker. In using the speaker, a person selects between the front port and the rear port and closes the undesired sound port.08-15-2013

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