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381333000 With furniture, clothing, or image presentation means 63
381334000 Portable or for use in diverse environment 54
381335000 Plural diaphragms, compartments, or housings 7
381336000 Curved or angled housing 6
20120170782Speaker System - A speaker system comprises a plurality of modules, each having an enclosure. One enclosure is a speaker enclosure that houses at least one outwardly facing driver. At least one other enclosure encloses electronic components for wirelessly receiving audio and driving at least one driver. The electronic components may be distributed among many modules. The modules are mechanically and electrically connected to each other through mounts. At least one half of a mount is connected to each enclosure. Each mount has a first half and a second half. The first half of any mount can be mechanically connected to the second half of any other mount. Each mount half includes electrical contacts that align when two halves are connected. So when the mounts of each enclosure are mechanically connected, the electronics are electrically coupled to form a circuit that wirelessly receives audio, amplifies it, and drives the driver.07-05-2012
20110194720AUDIO SPEAKER ARRANGEMENT - A speaker arrangement comprises a first sound transducer (08-11-2011
20110194719Speakerphone and/or microphone arrays and methods and systems of using the same - The present disclosure is directed to devices, methods and systems for microphone arrays wherein enhancing performance of directional microphone arrays is provided. Enhanced performance of speaker phones is also provided. In certain embodiments, the housing of the device is configured to support the at least three microphones and the loudspeaker in a substantially first orientation; and the at least three microphones and the loudspeaker are arranged in a spatial relationship such that appropriate phase and delay characteristics achieve a substantial null response in the at least three microphones and in the loudspeaker in a substantial vertical direction away from the substantially first orientation over a desired audible range of frequencies and the device is able to provide a response to sounds over a range of first oriented elevations.08-11-2011
20130077809WASHING MACHINE - The present invention relates to a washing machine in which the quality of a signal sound containing information on the washing machine is improved, wherein said signal sound is outputted by a signal sound output unit. More particularly, the present invention relates to a washing machine, comprising: the signal sound output unit which outputs, in a signal sound, information on the washing machine; and a signal sound guide unit which is arranged along the periphery of the signal sound output unit to form a sound path between the signal sound output unit and the signal sound guide unit, wherein one end of the signal sound guide unit is for reflecting the signal sound outputted by the signal sound output unit, and the other end thereof is open so as to output the signal sound transmitted through the sound path.03-28-2013
20100158297Universal Auxiliary Component Connecting System for a Personal Audio-Set - A universal auxiliary component connection system that operably connects an auxiliary component to a variety of different personal audio-sets using the connection cables supplied with each personal audio-set. In one embodiment, a clip operably connects the personal audio-set engaging fitting of the connection cable, and the clip is detachably secured to the auxiliary component. Accordingly, this connection system allows a variety of different personal audio-sets to be operably connected to the same auxiliary component without requiring the auxiliary component to offer a variety of different fixed connectors.06-24-2010
20120183167Rhomboid Shaped Acoustic Speaker - The present invention relates to a speaker housing having a rhomboid geometric shape. The rhomboid shape is a polyhedron with six faces, each of which is a parallelogram. The opposite sides of each parallelogram are substantially equal in length and their adjacent angles are substantially supplementary. The rhomboid shape of the speaker housing allows the listener to position the speakers in order to optimize the trajectory of the driver in a variety of listening situations, providing an accurate and optimized response for the listener. The rhomboid shape of the speaker housing and the utilization of point source, coaxial, dual concentric, triaxial, tri-concentric or other multi-concentric driver configurations and/or single driver loudspeaker driver technologies in the speaker can create a unique performance and functionality to this design.07-19-2012
20130051595ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SOUND CHAMBER - An electronic device includes an enclosure, a speaker fixed in the enclosure, and a rubber element. The enclosure defines an exposed slot, and a speaker receiving chamber communicating with the slot. The speaker includes a first surface and a opposite second surface. The speaker is configured for radiating sound at the first surface. The rubber element includes a main body a recess and a through hole penetrating through a bottom of the recess. The speaker is inserted in the recess with the first surface facing the bottom of the recess. The combined the speaker and the rubber element are engagingly received in the speaker receiving chamber.02-28-2013
20120219170SPEAKER ASSEMBLY - A speaker assembly includes a speaker housing having a substantially closed speaker chamber, the speaker housing including a first wall with a dimple assembly defining a heat sink formed therein. A first driver is mounted and enclosed in the speaker chamber, the first driver including a cone coupled to a driver magnet for generating sound. The driver magnet is in direct contact with the dimple assembly effectively exposing the driver magnet to an exterior of the speaker housing via the heat sink defined by the dimple assembly.08-30-2012
20120219169METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ADJUSTING SOUND QUALITY - An electronic apparatus and a method for providing a sound system of the electronic apparatus are provided herein. The electronic apparatus has a housing, a speaker and a bracket. The housing has a space and a channel, which is coupled to the space. The speaker is placed in the space. The bracket has a first end coupled to the channel and is movable relative to the housing. A sound mode of the electronic apparatus may be switched from a first mode to a second mode by positioning a second end of the bracket from a first position in the channel to a second position away from the channel.08-30-2012
20130070947SPEAKER-CONNECTOR MODULE AND HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The disclosure provides a speaker-connector module and a handheld electronic device. The handheld electronic device includes a body and a speaker-connector module. The body has an opening. The speaker-connector module is assembled in the body and correspondingly disposed to the opening. The speaker-connector module includes a housing, a speaker and an electrical connector. The housing has a major sound passage, wherein the major sound passage has a major input end and a major output end. The speaker is assembled in the housing and has a sound outlet surface, wherein the major input end is communicated with the sound outlet surface. The electrical connector is disposed in the major sound passage and adjacent to the speaker, and the major input end is connected to the electrical connector.03-21-2013
20130136287HIGH OUTPUT LOUDSPEAKER - A loudspeaker system includes a speaker enclosure having an opening in a front wall, and a speaker manifold mounted within the speaker enclosure and communicating with the opening. The speaker manifold includes a pair of substantially parallel side walls, a back wall, and top and bottom walls, defining a manifold chamber. The wall opposite the back wall is substantially open to define a manifold opening and to permit the communicating. The manifold opening is substantially in alignment with the front wall opening. A woofer is mounted on a first wall of the speaker manifold. An acoustic vent is mounted on a second wall of the manifold, such that the woofer and the acoustic vent face each other at one of about a 180 degree angle or about a 90 degree angle.05-30-2013
20110013798SPEAKER FRAME AND SPEAKER HAVING THE SAME - A speaker frame, including: a vibration support portion supporting a vibrating body of a speaker; a magnet support portion arranged inside of said vibration support portion and supporting a magnetic circuit portion of said speaker; and a plurality of connection beams connecting said vibration support portion and said magnet support portion, wherein in a cross-section passing through a central axis of said speaker, an inclination angle of one connection beam of said connection beams to said central axis is different from an inclination angle of other connection beam to said central axis.01-20-2011
20090028368DIAPHRAGM AND SOUND OUTPUT APPARATUS - A diaphragm for outputting sound by vibrating has a hole of a predetermined shape that allows another member to extend therethrough. A sound output apparatus includes a first member, the diaphragm, and a second member. The first member extends through the hole of the diaphragm, and the first member is screwed into the second member.01-29-2009
20090010468ACTUATION OF FLOOR SYSTEMS USING MECHANICAL AND ELECTRO-ACTIVE POLYMER TRANSDUCERS - Transducers and resonators are embedded in body support structures in contact with a user to for the purpose of conveying musical sound energy to a user's body at selected frequencies and in selected patterns. Body support structures comprise beds, pillows, chairs, and other structures typically used to support people. The sound may be audio tones and/or music. The transducers and resonators may be incorporated into a foam component or in a coil spring component of the body support structure. Latex-type foams and beds made with springs are candidate body support structures for receiving transducer's and resonators. Electro-active polymers are also used as transducers. Floor systems are activated by both mechanical transducers and electro-active polymers.01-08-2009
20130163800SPEAKER DEVICE - A speaker device includes a speaker unit configured to reproduce a bass sound and arranged so as to face down; a bottom plate formed in a rectangular shape as viewed in plane and arranged apart from the speaker unit such that an upper surface of the bottom plate opposes the speaker unit; and four legs attached to a lower surface of the bottom plate. The four legs are provided respectively on lines each connecting between an intersection point of diagonal lines of the lower surface of the bottom plate and a corner of the lower surface of the bottom plate in a region where a ratio of a distance between the intersection point and an attachment position of the leg to a distance between the intersection point and the corner is 0.5-0.7.06-27-2013
20110280428Electronic Device - An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a first body, a second body, a speaker cabinet and a link mechanism. The second body rotates relative to the first body by a hinge. The speaker cabinet, disposed in the first body, is selectively lengthened or shortened. The link mechanism connects the hinge with the speaker cabinet. When the second body is closed relative to the first body, the speaker cabinet is concealed in the first body, and when the second body is opened relative to the first body, the hinge drives the link mechanism to press the speaker cabinet, enabling the speaker to be lengthened or to be shortened11-17-2011
20120099749Electronic Device with Hinge Mechanism - An electronic device is described that has a base and a lid, where device can be opened so that part of the base is exposed and closed so that the same part of the base is hidden. The lid is connected to the base by two bars. The bars allow the lid to slide in a plane parallel to the base. The connection between the base and lid is such that there is little overlap between the base and the lid when the device is open.04-26-2012
20090257611System and Method for Reduced Baffle Vibration - A system and method for reducing baffle vibration includes balancing an inertial force generated by two or more moving diaphragms and balancing an acoustic pressure acting on a housing supporting the two or more moving diaphragms such that a net force acting on the baffle is substantially zero. The acoustic force acting on the housing may be balanced independently of the inertial force balance. In another configuration, the acoustic force acting on the housing may be balanced by a non-zero net inertial force.10-15-2009
20100166242DIRECT DIGITAL SPEAKER APPARATUS HAVING A DESIRED DIRECTIVITY PATTERN - Direct digital speaker apparatus receiving a digital input signal and generating sound accordingly, the apparatus comprising an array of pressure-producing elements and a controller operative to compute a timing pattern determining if and when each pressure-producing element is actuated so as to achieve a desired directivity pattern.07-01-2010
20110170724SPEAKER BOX ASSEMBLY - A speaker box assembly includes two speaker boxes, two line-winding means, a switch, and a power supply unit. Each of the two speaker boxes is provided on its surface with an outlet hole. One of the two speaker boxes is provided on its surface with a connector jack. The two line-winding means are provided in the two speaker boxes respectively. Each of the line-winding means has a line-winding box and an electrical line. The line-winding box is located inside the speaker box. The inner end of the electrical line is connected to the line-winding box, and the outer end of the electrical line is connected to a connector member. The connector member and the electrical line pass through the outlet hole selectively. The connector member in one of the speaker boxes is inserted into the connector jack on the other of the speaker boxes.07-14-2011
20090285429PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH A MAGNETIC-LOCKING SPEAKER - A portable electronic device includes a housing. An opening is formed on the housing and a containing space is formed inside the housing. The portable electronic device further includes a speaker installed inside the containing space in a rotatable manner, a first magnetic component installed on a side of the speaker, a second magnetic component installed inside the housing and disposed on a side of the containing space for attracting the first magnetic component so as to position the first magnetic component on a first location, and a restoring component connected to the speaker for driving the speaker to rotate to a second location so as to expose the speaker outside the opening on the housing when magnetic attractive force between the first magnetic component and the second magnetic component disappears.11-19-2009
20110200220SOUND RECORDABLE/PLAYABLE DEVICE, PACKAGING, AND METHOD OF USE - A portable and wearable sound recordable and playable device comprising: 08-18-2011
20110200219LAPTOP COOLING PLATFORM - Platforms for laptop computers can include one or more cooling features. In some arrangements, a platform includes a support body that has upper and lower panels that at least partially define an interior cavity. A ventilation plate can be disposed in the upper surface of the support body, and can have a plurality of ventilation holes that are in fluid communication with the interior cavity. In some arrangements, the upper panel is angled relative to the lower panel.08-18-2011
20080279406Portable Speaker Device - A portable speaker device comprising a front mounting plate (11-13-2008
20080247582Loudspeaker and Systems - The invention provides, in one aspect, a loudspeaker that has electrodynamically-driven piston mounted in one external wall and that has movable panels in one or more other external walls. Those panels are air-coupled to the piston, e.g., via air within the enclosure, such that vibrational motion of the piston causes the vibration of the panels, thereby, improving the overall air coupling of the piston to the external environment, e.g., the listening room. Further aspects of the invention provide an improved driver for use, e.g., in the aforementioned loudspeaker. The driver comprises a three-part piston having first and second diaphragms coupled back-to-back with one another and having a voice coil face-mounted (or front-mounted) within the second diaphragm.10-09-2008
20130216082ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed is an electronic device including: a housing (08-22-2013
20110129109ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a main body and a speaker unit. The main body includes a housing and an electronic component. The speaker unit includes a speaker main body and a speaker cabinet to which the speaker main body is attached. The speaker cabinet can be housed in the housing and protrude out of the housing. The inner volume of the speaker cabinet is variable.06-02-2011
20100316241THIN AUDIO COMPONENT MOUNTING STRUCTURE, PORTABLE AUDIO DEVICE, CELLULAR PHONE AND METHOD FOR MOUNTING THIN AUDIO COMPONENT - Even when an audio component is mounted on a non-flat portion such as a level difference portion or a bumpy portion, the audio component is stably fixed so as to improve sound quality without requiring a space for improving the sound quality, such as an exhaust chamber, and without increasing the cost. For this purpose, when a mounting rear face area of the audio component covers the non-flat portion on a substrate on which the audio component is mounted, the audio component is fixed on the substrate with a strength retaining member in the shape of a thin sheet provided therebetween for cancelling a level difference against a rear face of the audio component in the non-flat portion.12-16-2010
20090034771LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM AND MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR AN ELECTRIC AND/OR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - There is provided a loudspeaker system having a loudspeaker unit with at least one electroacoustic transducer and a mounting holder. The mounting holder has a first end and a second end, wherein the first end can be fixed to a fixed mounting location. The second end of the mounting holder is in the form of a mounting plate in substantially perpendicular relationship to the mounting holder. The loudspeaker unit has a fixing unit. The mounting plate and the fixing unit are respectively of such a design configuration that the fixing unit can be pushed onto the mounting plate for mechanical mounting of the loudspeaker unit. The first electrical contacting means on the mounting plate and the second electrical contacting means on the fixing unit are arranged in such a way that the first and second electrical contacting means ensure an electrical contact when the fixing unit of the loudspeaker unit is pushed onto the mounting plate of the mounting holder.02-05-2009
20110110547Electronic device - An electronic device includes a speaker element having a diaphragm and a driving unit that vibrates the diaphragm; a mounting unit, in a housing, to which the speaker element is mounted; and an enclosure formed next to the mounting unit. The speaker element is mounted to the mounting unit in the housing while a side of the diaphragm is a side to be mounted to the mounting unit in the housing and a side of the driving unit is opened.05-12-2011
20110081034EARPHONE DEVICE WITH BASS ADJUSTING FUNCTION - An earphone device with a bass adjusting function is provided. The earphone device includes an accommodating portion and an extension segment. The accommodating portion has an inner chamber for accommodating a speaker. The extension segment which is hollow-shaped and has a first space and a second space therein, and the first space is in communication with the inner chamber of the accommodating portion, and when a portion of the extension segment is adjusted from a first position to a second position, the first space, the second space, and the inner chamber of the accommodating portion are in communication, so as to increase a volume of the back chamber of the speaker.04-07-2011
20110075873ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a main body, a speaker, and a supporting component. The speaker is disposed in the main body. The supporting component supports the main body. The supporting component combines with the main body, and a flat surface connected between the main body and the supporting component to form a triangular resonant space for the speaker.03-31-2011
20100296682Aural device - A headset for use on an aircraft has a pair of earpieces (11-25-2010
20110255726Audio Port Configuration for Compact Electronic Devices - A portable electronic device that provides compact configurations for audio elements are disclosed. The audio elements can be drivers (e.g., speakers) or receivers (e.g., microphones). In one embodiment, an audio element can be mounted on or coupled to an intermediate structure (e.g., a flexible electrical substrate) having an opening therein to allow audio sound to pass there through. In another embodiment, an audio chamber can be formed to assist in directing audio sound between an opening an outer housing and a flexible electronic substrate to which the audio element is mounted or coupled thereto. In still another embodiment, a barrier, such as a mesh barrier, can be provided in an opening of an outer housing so that undesired foreign substances can be blocked from further entry into the opening in the outer housing.10-20-2011
20120070025IN-WALL LOUDSPEAKER MOUNTING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method and apparatus for mounting a loudspeaker within a cavity in the wall of a room to lessen the transmission of vibration to the wall comprises a weight support member coupled to the speaker cabinet and at least one flexible member extending from the speaker cabinet into engagement with wallboard or other wall sections forming opposite sides of the wall.03-22-2012
20110164774Low-Profile Loudspeaker Driver and Enclosure Assembly - A high fidelity, low-profile loudspeaker assembly includes an enclosure having a rear panel which is highly thermally conductive. At least one speaker driver is mounted in the enclosure, the driver including a forwardly facing diaphragm driven by a voice coil former carrying a voice coil, and a rearwardly extending motor structure. An aperture is provided in the rear panel to receiving the driver's motor structure, and a thermally conductive gasket seals the rear panel aperture around cup to provide a thermal path from the driver motor to the rear panel for cooling the driver. On one driver embodiment, a generally dome-shaped annular spider surrounds and supports the voice coil former, the spider being connected at its inner periphery to the approximate vertical midpoint of the voice coil former.07-07-2011
20120177237AUDIO PORT CONFIGURATION FOR COMPACT ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A portable electronic device that provides compact configurations for audio elements are disclosed. The audio elements can be drivers (e.g., speakers) or receivers (e.g., microphones). In one embodiment, a molded acoustic chamber can be formed to assist in directing audio sound between an opening an outer housing and an internal flexible electronic substrate. The audio element can be mounted on or coupled to the flexible electrical substrate over an opening therein that allows allow audio sound to pass there through. The molded acoustic chamber can also be formed such that it includes a barrier, such as a mesh barrier, so that undesired foreign substances can be blocked from entry or further entry into the audio chamber. The molded acoustic chamber can also be formed such that it includes one or more acoustic seals that can be used to provide an acoustic seal between the molded acoustic chamber and the opening in the outer housing.07-12-2012
20100119095FLAT SPEAKER - The present invention provides a flat speaker, in particular in the aerospace sector, with a panel for generating acoustic signals by vibration of the same, and a vibration exciter which is connected to a panel and excites this to vibrate. Here the panel has an edge stiffening. This provides the panel with the required stiffness, particularly against hand pressures, but at the same it guarantees high energy efficiency of the flat speaker.05-13-2010
20100158298Mounting device and speaker assembly having the same - A mounting device includes a positioning frame mounted with an electronic device, and two clamping mechanisms. Each clamping mechanism includes a sliding member movable vertically relative to the positioning frame, a clamping member movable horizontally relative to the sliding member between an extended position and a retracted position, a spring for biasing the clamping member toward the extended position, and a height-adjusting member operable to adjust the vertical position of the sliding member relative to the positioning frame. The clamping members can be moved to the retracted positions to allow for movement of the clamping members through a mounting hole in a horizontal plate, after which the height-adjusting members is operable to move the clamping members toward the positioning frame to thereby clamp the plate between the positioning frame and the clamping members.06-24-2010
20110051968LOUDSPEAKER ENCLOSURES FOR MOUNTING IN AN APERTURE IN A CAVITY WALL - A loudspeaker enclosure for mounting in an aperture in a cavity wall with a part of the enclosure being located within the wall cavity adjacent the aperture, comprises a main enclosure unit for mounting in the aperture and housing one or more loudspeaker drive units, and a supplementary enclosure unit for location within the wall cavity and being acoustically connected in use to the main unit to increase the effective internal volume of the enclosure beyond that of the main unit. The supplementary unit is connected to the main unit by an articulated connection enabling the main unit to be angled relative to the supplementary unit while the supplementary unit is being inserted through the aperture and into the wall cavity, and enabling the main unit to be aligned with and acoustically coupled to the supplementary unit when the main unit is positioned in the wall aperture.03-03-2011
20110216930ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND AUDIO CONTROL METHOD - An electronic apparatus including: a speaker configured to output sound; an equalizer configured to modify a characteristic of an audio signal input to the speaker; and a storage configured to store information indicating intensities for each signal component of a plurality of frequency bands of the audio signal, wherein the apparatus is capable to be installed in a first installment state, in which the apparatus is mounted on a wall, and wherein the storage is configured to store, as first standard values, information indicating the intensity of signal components for each frequency band to be used when the apparatus is installed in the first installment state.09-08-2011
20120308063DRIVE UNIT MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT AND LOUDSPEAKER - The present invention provides a novel drive unit mounting arrangement, in which a drive unit having a chassis is mounted to a cabinet from at least two sides. The arrangement comprises a member for securing the drive unit to the cabinet from mounting points of the chassis. The arrangement further comprises a suspension member between the mounting points of the chassis and the cabinet such as to suspend the drive unit chassis elastically to the cabinet for allowing suspension in both forward and rearward directions.12-06-2012
20090046881EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE ONE-PIECE SURROUND SPEAKER STRUCTURE - The present invention discloses an easy-to-assemble one-piece surround speaker structure, wherein a plurality of integrable speaker housings realizes a size-adjustable audio structure, and whereby an user can self-adjust the length of a surround speaker in accordance to the size of television or available space The speaker housings can contain various types of speakers, including: a main speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker, a subwoofer speaker, etc. Thereby, an user can organize speakers to achieve the audio effect he desires. Each speaker has a plurality of I/O terminals for mutual signal and power connection. Thus, no matter what type of speaker combination is arranged or what number of speaker housings is integrated, the present invention can perform perfectly.02-19-2009
20110317860Assembly Structure for Speaker System - An assembly structure for a speaker system is disclosed. The assembly structure includes an iron grille, a speaker frame, a plurality of magnets and a plurality of pads. The speaker frame is covered with the iron grille and includes a plurality of through-holes on one face thereof. Each of the through-holes includes a first receiving portion and a second receiving portion. The speaker frame further includes a plurality of magnets, each being received in the first receiving portion of a respective one of the through-holes. The speaker frame further includes a plurality of pads, each being received in the second receiving portion of the respective one of the through-holes.12-29-2011
20120008811MEDICAMENT DELIVERY DEVICE CONFIGURED TO PRODUCE AN AUDIBLE OUTPUT - Medicament delivery devices are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a medicament delivery device and an electronic circuit system. The medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container, and a medicament delivery member. The electronic circuit system is coupled to the housing and includes an audible output device and a cover. The housing of the medicament delivery device and the cover of the electronic circuit system collectively define an acoustic enclosure. The audible output device is configured to be disposed within the acoustic enclosure.01-12-2012
20120008810SPEAKER BOX - A speaker box includes a frame defining an upper side and a lower side opposite to the upper side, an electroacoustic transducer received in the frame and including a diaphragm with an edge thereof being fixed to the upper side of the frame, a case defining a plate facing the diaphragm and a sidewall extending upwardly from the plate and positioned on the upper side of the frame, a room formed between the diaphragm and the case, a hole defined at the side of the case for outputting the sound wave produced by the diaphragm. The plate defines a plurality of slots extending from the joint of the plate and the sidewall to towards the hole to connect to the hole, the slots being spaced each other and configured for leading the air of the room to get out through the hole.01-12-2012
20120300966LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM - The present invention comprises a loudspeaker system that includes a loudspeaker and a detachable mount. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker and mount include electrical connectors that are engaged when the loudspeaker is attached to the mount. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker and mount comprise mating mounting structures that support the loudspeaker on the mount when the mounting structure of the loudspeaker is engaged with the mounting structure of the mount. In one or more embodiments, mating electrical connectors are incorporated in the mounting structures such that engaging the mounting structures simultaneously engages the electrical connectors. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker comprises a locking mechanism that positively retains the loudspeaker on the mount. In one or more embodiments, the locking mechanism is hidden behind a flexible grill of the loudspeaker such that pressing on a corresponding location on the grill releases the locking mechanism allowing the loudspeaker to be detached from the mount. In one or more embodiments, the mount is configured to be mountable to a standard US or European electrical wiring box. In one or more embodiments, the mating mounting structures are configured to be engageable with a reduced amount of travel. In one or more embodiments, multiple configurations of the mount are provided that allow the loudspeaker to be mounted with a variety of orientations with respect to the mounting surface.11-29-2012
20120155685SPEAKER BOX - A speaker box includes an upper case defining at least a first hole, a lower case connected with the upper case for forming an inner cavity and defining at least a second hole, at least an electroacoustic transducer received in the inner cavity, and at least a screw passing through the first hole and the second hole for fixing the speaker box to the external electronic device.06-21-2012
20100189294Shippable speaker box - A speaker box, or enclosure, and kit with five panels connected by flexible couplings is shipped in a stack of four of the five panels, plus two side panels. The flexible couplings may be provided by a single sheet of fabric coupled to the five panels. When the kit is assembled into a speaker box, the five coupled panels circumferentially engage the two side panels, which are shaped as isosceles trapezoids. One side of the assembled speaker box includes two coupled panels, of the five coupled panels, joined with a flat rabbet joint. The assembled speaker box is held together with bundle ties, adhesive, or preferably, both. Openings for a speaker and a connector cup are provided. The kit includes adhesive, instructions, bundle ties with bundle tie locks, a connector cup, and hardware.07-29-2010
20120128189INTEGRATED SPEAKER ASSEMBLY FOR PERSONAL MEDIA DEVICE - Systems and methods are provided for media devices including a housing, a frame disposed adjacent to the housing, and an acoustic source that is integrated with the frame for emitting sound from the media device.05-24-2012
20100226521Embedded Sound Box - The present invention discloses an embedded sound box including a box body and a front panel, and the box body has a fixing plate and at least one spring plate at an end and at least one slide wedge at another end. When the sound box is installed, an end of the fixing plate having the spring plate of the box body is latched into an opening hole, and a slide wedge is retracted towards the interior of the box body, and another end of the fixing plate corresponding to the box body is installed into the opening hole, and finally the slide wedge is protruded out from the box body, such that the box body can be embedded completely into the opening hole, and the front panel is used for covering the opening hole.09-09-2010
20120170783SPEAKER BOX - A speaker box includes a case includes an upper side and a lower side opposite to the upper side, an electroacoustic transducer received in the case and including a first pole plate with a plurality of first gaps for communicating with the magnetic gap, a second pole plate attached on a lower surface of the first pole plate. The second pole plate defines a second main member, a plurality of second auxiliary members extending from a periphery of the first main member, and a plurality of second gaps corresponding to the first gaps. Each of the second auxiliary members defines a longer auxiliary member and a shorter auxiliary member respectively.07-05-2012
20090060244Face-to-face communication apparatus - An object is to provide a face-to-face communication apparatus in which, the safety in the inside of the chamber is ensured with a simple structure without drilling holes in the partitioning wall; there is no obstacle against viewing between the inside and the outside of the chamber; and communication or work can be carried out well between the persons in the inside and on the outside of the chamber without giving a sense of incompatibility to the person on the outside of the chamber due to the source of the voice of the person in the inside. Disclosed herein is a face-to-face communication apparatus that performs communication face to face via a transparent or semi-transparent wall that partitions between the inside and the outside of a chamber, said face-to-face communication apparatus being provided with a speaker that outputs voices from the inside of the chamber and a microphone that collects voices from the outside of the chamber, characterized in that said speaker outputs to the outside of the chamber via an acoustic pipe from an opening thereof. Preferably, microphones having different polarities are respectively incorporated onto both sides of the speaker output opening of said acoustic pipe.03-05-2009
20120189150SUBWOOFER STRUCTURE AND ADJUSTING METHOD - A subwoofer (07-26-2012
20120093350SPEAKER SYSTEM - A speaker system includes a case defining a center hole and a body surrounding the center hole, an electroacoustic transducer received in the center hole of a case, and a microphone. The body of the case defines a sidewall, a bottom extending outwards from the sidewall, and a projecting element extending upwardly from the bottom and opposite to the sidewall. A slot is formed between the projecting element and the sidewall, and the microphone is positioned in the slot.04-19-2012
20120321116SPEAKER ASSEMBLY WITH AIR RETARDING HOUSING - An exemplary speaker assembly includes an enclosure, a loudspeaker, a sound-guiding channel, and a housing. The enclosure has a receiving chamber and an acoustic chamber. The loudspeaker is accommodated in the receiving chamber. The sound-guiding channel is formed in the acoustic chamber. The sound-guiding channel has a first end with a first opening and a second end with a second opening. The second opening communicates the sound-guiding channel with the surrounding environment. The housing is received in the sound-guiding channel. The housing includes a passage communicating the first opening with the sound-guiding channel. The passage is narrow at a first position of the housing and wide at a second position of the housing.12-20-2012
20130010994FIXING MECHANISM FOR FIXING A SOUND BOX AND RELATED ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A fixing mechanism for fixing a sound box on a casing is disclosed in the present invention. The fixing mechanism includes a first bridging structure disposed on the sound box and surrounding a speaker of the sound box, a second bridging structure disposed on the casing and surrounding a sound hole on the casing, a rib structure disposed on the casing, and a damping structure installed between the first bridging structure and the second bridging structure. The damping structure includes a base for contacting against the rib structure, an exterior portion disposed on an outer edge of the base for installing inside the second bridging structure, and an interior portion disposed on an inner edge of the base. An accommodating space is formed between the exterior portion and the interior portion for accommodating the first bridging structure.01-10-2013
20110261986Electro-Acoustic Converters, Electronic Devices, Waterproof Covers, and Air Leakage Test Methods for Electro-Acoustic Converters - It is an object to provide an electro-acoustic converter which can be subjected to air leakage test allowing a gas to pass through a waterproof film in such a condition that the waterproof film is attached to the electro-acoustic converter. An electro-acoustic converter is produced, which includes: a casing having a sound hole; and a diaphragm provided in the casing, wherein the sound hole is covered with the waterproof film to form a closed space, and the closed space is in communication with the outside of the casing through a vent for air leakage test.10-27-2011
20130170682CUP-SHAPED PORTABLE SPEAKERS AND SMART TABLET DEVICE HOLDER INTEGRATED WITH SUCH SPEAKERS - A smart tablet device holder incorporating two cup-shaped speakers. The housing of each speaker is shaped and sized as a cup and can be placed inside commonly seen cup holders. The two cup-shaped speakers are connected by a bridge member between them which is designed to hold a smart tablet device such as a tablet computer, an e-reader, etc. The bridge member is integrally connected with the two speakers or is a separate piece cooperating with the two speakers. The two cup-shaped speakers can be inserted into two cup holders of, for example, a parent tray of a baby stroller. The holder has electrical connectors for electrically connecting to the audio output of the smart tablet device. Two sound producing devices are disposed within each speaker housing and face upwards and downwards so that the sound can be heard by both the baby and the parent.07-04-2013
20110274303SPEAKER CLIP - Certain embodiments may take the form of an electronic device having a main housing encapsulating operative circuitry for the device. The electronic device includes an attachment member moveably coupled to the metal housing. The attachment member has an acoustical device located therein that is communicatively coupled to the operative circuitry in the main housing. The attachment member includes a recessed portion for positioning the acoustical device within the attachment member.11-10-2011
20110274304Speaker size adapting method - A method for adapting a small stereo speaker for mounting in a hole designed for a larger speaker (the hole being in a mounting wall). A pair of adapters are provided. These are plates which include an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter. When the two plates are placed together (like book ends) the inner perimeters of the two plates define an opening appropriately sized for the small speaker. The outer perimeters of the two plates include mounting holes and/or slots which are sized and positioned to align with the mounting holes typically used for the larger speaker.11-10-2011
20130094685Micro Speaker Module - Disclosed is a micro speaker module capable of reducing the thickness of an enclosure that supports a micro speaker. The enclosure of the disclosed micro speaker module includes a first frame having a supporting portion configured to support the micro speaker, and a second frame configured to cover an open side of the first frame. A first cover and a second cover are respectively insert injection molded with or attached to portions of the first frame and the second frame corresponding to the micro speaker that is supported by the supporting portion, which results in a reduction in the thickness of each frame.04-18-2013
20130094684MICROMECHANICAL FUNCTIONAL APPARATUS, PARTICULARLY A LOUDSPEAKER APPARATUS, AND APPROPRIATE METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A micromechanical functional apparatus, particularly a loudspeaker apparatus, includes a substrate, at least one circuit chip mounted on the substrate, and an enveloping package in which the circuit chip is packaged. The functional apparatus further includes a micromechanical functional arrangement, particularly a loudspeaker arrangement having a plurality of micromechanical loudspeakers, which is mounted on the enveloping package. A covering device is mounted above the micromechanical functional arrangement, particularly the loudspeaker arrangement, opposite the enveloping package. A method is implemented to manufacture the micromechanical functional apparatus.04-18-2013
20130114840ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING AUDIO OUTPUT UNIT - An electronic device having an audio output unit with case design that provides a wide resonance space for enhanced sound quality and improved shock resistance is provided. The electronic device includes a housing, a first space longitudinally penetrating a side region of the housing, and a second space connected to the first space and configured to accommodate an audio output unit therein.05-09-2013
20130148833ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes: a case configured to house an electronic component that generates heat therein; an air circulation unit provided in the case and that circulates air between outside of the electronic apparatus and the electronic component; a speaker provided around the air circulation unit and that outputs sound; a circulation control unit provided in a part of the air circulation unit and that controls circulation of air between the outside and the electronic component; and a connector that connects with a cradle.06-13-2013
20130156242HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICE - A handheld computing device is disclosed. The handheld computing device includes a seamless housing formed from an extruded metal tube. The extruded tube includes open ends and internal rails which serve as a guide for slidably assembling an operational assembly through the open ends of the extruded tube, a reference surface for positioning the operational assembly relative to an access opening in the seamless housing, and a support structure for supporting the operational assembly during use.06-20-2013
20110311085CEILING LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM - The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and back box assembly configured for installation on top of a ceiling tile and a loudspeaker cartridge configured to be mounted to the support frame through an appropriately-sized hole in the ceiling tile. In one or more embodiments, the method of the present invention comprises forming an appropriately-sized hole in a ceiling tile, laying an integrated back box and support frame on top of the ceiling tile, connecting wires from an external audio source to terminals provided at the back box, connecting wires provided on the inside of the back box to a loudspeaker cartridge, inserting the loudspeaker cartridge into the hole in the ceiling tile from below, fastening the loudspeaker cartridge to the support frame, and fastening a grille to the loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, a variety of interchangeable loudspeaker cartridges having differing loudspeaker configurations are provided. In one or more embodiments, the support frame and back box assembly is configured to allow installation of more than one loudspeaker cartridge. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker cartridges are configured for use both with a back box and without back box.12-22-2011
20130188817Extended Speakerphone Layout for Conference Room Tables - A telescoping microphone and speaker strip for use in teleconferencing. The strip fitting a variety of different sized conference tables. The strip comprises a number of microphones and speakers placed on the median of a conference table and collapsed or extended to provide optimal maximum distances from participant to speaker and from participant to microphone while hiding all of the individual speaker and microphone wires. The strip can allow internal speaker and microphone wires to be retracted internally by a retracting mechanism. The strip is also wired or wirelessly connected to a base unit which provides telephonic audio signals, power, and signal processing to the strip.07-25-2013
20120020508ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SPEAKER - An electronic device includes an upper housing, a lower housing, a speaker, and a cover assembly. The lower housing includes an interior surface and a supporting portion on the interior surface. The supporting portion, the speaker and the interior surface cooperatively enclose a first sound cavity. The cover assembly, the supporting portion, the speaker, and the interior surface cooperatively enclose a second sound cavity communicating with the first sound cavity. The first sound cavity and the second sound cavity communicate to the outside of the electronic device.01-26-2012
20120063623Tensioned Adjustment Mechanism for Mounted Loudspeaker System - A compensation assembly for a mounted loudspeaker system includes a mounting frame having a spherical front socket; a retaining ring; a compensating back socket having a spherical back socket; and a woofer frame having a spherical ball structure that fits between the front and back sockets. The compensating back socket has an array of matching slots that align with and partially surround bosses of the mounting frame such that the compensating back socket is free to float in a vertical axis but is restrained from rotating around a central axis. The ball structure is held by a force applied to the compensating back socket by compressing deformable elements around the outer perimeter of the compensating back socket. The deformable elements may be integrally formed as molded-in-place polymer tensioning springs or separately formed as metallic elements.03-15-2012
20130208936LOUDSPEAKER RIGGING SYSTEM HAVING UPWARDLY EXTENDING CONNECTING LINKS - A loudspeaker rigging system having upwardly extending connecting links comprises splay adjustment and pivot links slidingly disposed in splay adjustment and pivot link stowing channels in a frame structure for the sides of a loudspeaker in a stack of loudspeakers, the splay adjustment and pivot links upwardly movable from stowed to linking positions, in the linking position the splay adjustment and pivot links linkable with locking pin holes in the bottom of the frame structure of a superjacent loudspeaker, the splay adjustment link having a plurality of splay angle slots of various lengths, the splay angle slots aligned with a plurality of splay angle selection pin holes in the frame structure, such that upon insertion of a linking pin in a selected splay angle selection pin hole and corresponding aligned splay angle slot the splay angle link may be raised upward to a selected splay angle.08-15-2013
20130208937PERSONAL AUDIO DEVICE INCLUDING A CASE - A case that supports integrated personal audio speakers for easy and secure access for connection to an electronic device is provided. The case includes an extension and retraction mechanism to allow for extension of the personal audio speakers from within the case, and retraction of the same into the case in a manner that avoids tangling of the cord of the personal audio speakers. In one embodiment, the case is configured to store and protect the electronic device as well, and includes an extendable and retractable popper mechanism to electronically connect an audio plug supported by the case with an audio jack of the electronic device. The popper mechanism moves the plug between a retracted position supported within the case and out of engagement with the electronic device, an extended position where the plug extends from within the case, and an engaged position where the plug is operatively engaged with the jack of the electronic device.08-15-2013

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