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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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381080000 Multiple channel 59
381082000 Public address system 16
381079000 Near field 7
20130028438SYSTEM AND METHOD TO FACILITATE REPEAT BROADCASTS OF CONTENT - A system for delivering content to users from a content provider including a transmission system for transmitting content in a series of segments and a plurality of receivers, each of the receivers comprising a memory, a processor, and an output driver. The memory may have stored therein instructions that, when executed, will cause the processor to perform the following steps: (01-31-2013
20100119078AUDIO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - An audio distribution system is provided for communicating audio signals between one or more audio sources and a plurality of remote speakers. The system includes at least one audio source for generating an audio signal, and a plurality of amplified volume controls, each disposable remote from the audio source. The volume controls are operative to receive and amplify the audio signal to power associated speakers. A power supply is disposable remote from one or more of the volume controls, for generating a power supply to power all volume controls. An audio/power distribution network is connectable to the audio source, power supply and volume controls, for communicating the audio signal and power supply signal throughout the network. A plurality of audio/power distribution nodes are connected to the audio/power distribution network for interfacing the audio source, power supply and volume controls to the distribution network. The power supply and audio source may be connected to any of the distribution nodes to provide audio signal and power to each of the volume controls.05-13-2010
20090202086Audio processing apparatus - A processing apparatus comprises a beeper system for controlling operation of a beeper in response to beeper control signals, an audio system for controlling operation of at least one speaker in response to audio data signals, and a redirection module for redirecting a beeper control signal to the audio system.08-13-2009
20080260177Digital Medium Device, Program, and Digital Medium Providing Method - Even when digital media of the respective devices are not media of common codec, the digital media can be reproduced in other device. A digital medium is provided to a providing destination device which reproduces the digital medium upon receiving it. Before providing the digital medium, a codec which can be used in the providing destination device is reported to the providing source device (step 10-23-2008
20130034240AUDIO INTERFACE DEVICE - A wireless interface device for at least one of wireless transmission from an electric analogue audio device and wireless reception at an electric analogue audio device of an audio signal, comprises an audio connector jack plug or jack socket in communication with a system that is at least one of a wireless internet system or a WLAN-enabled system and connectable to at least one of an audio connector jack plug of the electric analogue audio device, an audio connector jack socket of the electric analogue audio device.02-07-2013
20100098264SPORTS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A communication device is disclosed comprising: an RF receiver circuit for receiving wireless signals from a designated transmitting device; a receiver audio circuit for converting the received wireless signals into audio waveforms; a speaker for converting the audio waveforms into sound information; and a receiver housing for enclosing the speaker, the receiver housing including a speaker mesa protruding from the receiver housing, the speaker mesa configured to fit into the ear of a user.04-22-2010
20090154722Audio Receiving Device And Method Of Forming Same - In some embodiments, an audio receiving device can be configured to couple to and produce an output signal for a portable media device. The audio receiving system can include: (a) a first microphone; (b) a second microphone; (c) a housing; and (d) an audio interface configured to electrically couple to the portable media device and provide the output signal to the portable media device. The first microphone can be coupled to the housing such that the first microphone can be rotated relative to the housing. Similarly, the second microphone can be coupled to the housing such that the second microphone can be rotated relative to the housing. Other embodiments are disclosed in this application.06-18-2009
20090154721IMAGE APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING AUDIO DATA - An image apparatus and method for transmitting audio data are provided. Audio data of diverse formats are combined to form a single set of transmission data and transmitted in serial transmission over a single physical transmission line, so that convenient connection between A/V apparatuses can be provided.06-18-2009
20100040241HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY WIRELESS AUDIO SYSTEMS - Healthcare industry wireless audio systems include a wireless signal transmitter. The wireless signal transmitter generates wireless signals along a first path and a second path. Wireless audio systems illustratively also include a wireless signal receiver that converts the wireless signals into an audio signal.02-18-2010
20120183153HOME AUDIO SYSTEM FOR OPERATING DIFFERENT TYPES OF AUDIO SOURCES - A multiprocessor system used in a home, or office environment includes multiple processors that run different real-time applications. A dynamic configuration system runs on the multiple processors and includes a device manager, configuration managers and data manager. The device manager automatically detects and adds new devices to the multiprocessor system, and the configuration manager automatically reconfigures which processors run the real-time applications. The data manager identifies the type of data generated by the new devices and identifies which devices in the multiprocessor system are able to process the data.07-19-2012
20100142721CONFERENCE AUDIO SYSTEM - Even in a conference audio system having an automatic mute release device, it is possible to reduce a delay time from an utterance to output from a speaker. The system includes: an A/D converter (06-10-2010
20130089217Arranging an Audio Signal Based on the Number of Loudspeakers - An apparatus including: a router configured to route a first audio signal to a local loudspeaker apparatus; and a switch configured to route at least one further audio signal, wherein in a first mode of operation the switch is configured to route the at least one further audio signal to at least one remote loudspeaker apparatus dependent on determining the presence of at least one remote loudspeaker apparatus, and in a second mode of operation the switch is configured to route the at least one further audio signal to the local loudspeaker apparatus.04-11-2013
20090304201TIME ALIGNED GROUP AUDIO REPRODUCTION IN NARROWBAND AND BROADBAND NETWORKS - A method for synchronizing media reproduction across heterogeneous networks is presented. The networks include end-to-end IP broadband and narrowband simulcast networks that contain broadband and narrowband devices associated with a common communications group. A controller in the networks determines delay times for reproduction of a media stream across devices in the networks and establishes the longest delay time. The longest delay time is used to calculate appropriate transmission and reproduction timestamps to permit the devices to reproduce the provided media stream in synchronization. Narrowband base stations repeat the media stream at the time specified by a transmission timestamp, and broadband end devices reproduce the media stream at the time specified by a reproduction timestamp. By synchronizing the presentation time, the devices present the media at substantially the same time and are granted fair rights to communicate with one another.12-10-2009
20080219467Systems, methods and articles that facilitating memorization and/or retention of information - Systems, methods and articles are disclosed for facilitating memorization and/or retention of information. In one exemplary embodiment, there is provided a learning aid to assist memorizing information. The learning aid may include media containing machine-readable information used to disseminate audio communications to a user regarding a sequence of words to be memorized. The audio communications may include broadcast of the complete sequence of words, broadcast of portions of the sequence of words followed by periods of silence during which the user can repeat the recited portions, and additional audio broadcasts. Among other things, exemplary additional broadcasts can include one or more of sequences that require the user to complete the expression, periods of silence during which the user is encourage to practice reciting the words, and/or broadcast of the complete sequence such that the user may speak the complete sequence in unison with the broadcast.09-11-2008
20090268923Wireless transmission-AV system of outdoor furniture - A wireless transmission-AV system for an outdoor furniture includes a speaker unit built-in with a furniture frame and a wireless control electrically connected to the speaker unit for wirelessly linking an AV player with the speaker unit, wherein the wireless control has a wireless range covering an area of the furniture frame in such a manner that the speaker unit is adapted for generating an audio signal wirelessly transmitted from the AV player through the wireless control when the AV player is located within the wireless range. Therefore, the user is able to wirelessly link his own AV player to the wireless transmission-AV system to listen to his own music.10-29-2009
20090268922PERSONAL COMPUTER ADAPTOR DEVICE, PERSONAL COMPUTER SIGNAL REPRODUCING SYSTEM, PERSONAL COMPUTER REPRODUCING METHOD, PERSONAL COMPUTER SIGNAL REPRODUCING PROGRAM, OUTPUT DEVICE CONTROL PROGRAM, PERSONAL COMPUTER ADAPTOR DEVICE CONTROL PROGRAM, PERSONAL COMPUTER CONTROL PROGRAM, POWER LINE COMMUNICATION CONNECTOR DEVICE, CRADLE DEVICE USING THE SAME, AND POWER LINE COMMUNICATION REPRODUCING SYSTEM - The personal computer adaptor device is provided with an adaptor-side signal input terminal connectable to a headphone terminal for audio signals of a personal computer, a control signal output terminal connectable to a microphone terminal of the personal computer, a plug unit connectable to an outlet jack of a power line, a digital converter for converting audio signals inputted from the adaptor-side signal input terminal into digital signals, an adaptor-side power line communication transmitting unit for transmitting audio signals via the power line connected to a plug unit, an adaptor-side power line communication receiving unit for receiving control signals of the personal computer transmitted from the output device connected to the power line via the power line connected to the plug unit, and an analog converter for converting control signals into analog signals and outputting them from the control signal output terminal.10-29-2009
20120224712RECEIVING DEVICE, TRANSMITTING DEVICE, RECEIVING METHOD, TRANSMITTING METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A receiving device includes a receiving unit receiving a transmission signal of audio data sampled by a first clock from a transmitting device, a received data processing unit selectively executing an asynchronous mode process for executing demodulation of the audio data with respect to the transmission signal received in the receiving unit with a second clock which is asynchronous with the first clock and has the same frequency as the first clock and outputting the demodulated audio data and a re-sampling mode process for performing re-sampling with respect to the audio data obtained from the transmission signal received in the receiving unit and outputting the audio data re-sampled with the second clock, and a control unit controlling the received data processing unit to execute any one of the asynchronous mode process and the re-sampling mode process.09-06-2012
20120224711METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GROUPING CLIENT DEVICES BASED ON CONTEXT SIMILARITY - A method for grouping a plurality of client devices is disclosed. The method includes receiving sound descriptors from the plurality of client devices. The sound descriptors are extracted from the environmental sound. Each of the sound descriptors is transmitted to a server, which determines a similarity of the sound descriptors received from the client devices. The server groups the plurality of client devices into at least one similar context group based on the similarity of the sound descriptors.09-06-2012
20130163780METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INFORMATION EXCHANGE BETWEEN MULTIMEDIA COMPONENTS FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPROVING AUDIO TRANSDUCER PERFORMANCE - A system and method for utilizing a plurality of Transducer specification files (TSFs) stored in one or more TSF databases to configure a Transducer Correction Processor (TCP). An incoming audio stream from an audio signal source is provided to the TCP, with the TCP using the unique configuration of the Transducer (e.g., speaker) contained in the TSF, applies corrections to the audio stream to produce a corrected audio stream. The corrected audio stream compensates for temporal or frequency domain or other aberrations produced by the particular Transducer. Consequently, a sound field produced by the Transducer from the corrected audio stream is close to or identical to a sound field produced by a “perfect” Transducer from the incoming audio stream.06-27-2013
20130064385METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING AUDIO CONTENT, USER TERMINAL AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - A method, apparatus, and a computer-readable storage medium for providing audio content are provided. The method includes receiving, from at least one external device, a request for audio content; and transmitting, to the at least one external device, at least one piece of audio advertisement information while transmitting, to the at least one external device, audio content in response to the request from the at least one external device.03-14-2013
20120269360Large Scale Participatory Entertainment Systems For Generating Music Or Other Ordered, Discernible Sounds And/Or Displays Sequentially Responsive To Movement Detected At Venue Seating - The seats in a seating venue, e.g. a large sports stadium, are designated into a plurality of distinct sound triggers. Sensors detect predetermined movement of participants at the sound triggers and generate signals which are sent to a broadcast device which broadcasts different, predetermined sounds in response to signals received from different sound triggers. Groups of people at a large seating venue can move together to generate a single sound, e.g. a musical instrument sound. By coordinating the sequential movement of different sound triggers, musical compositions are broadcast.10-25-2012
20110280413System and Method For Protecting Transmissions of Wireless Microphones Operating in Television Band White Space - A wireless microphone system broadcasts a pilot tone at the designated ATSC pilot position in the TV Band channel being used by the wireless microphone system. The pilot tone is a readily detectable waveform transmitted in the ATSC pilot position. The pilot tone can be generated by any one of: a standalone pilot tone generator; a pilot tone generator incorporated into a wireless microphone receiver; or, a pilot tone generator incorporated into a wireless microphone.11-17-2011
20120106751METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYNCHRONIZATION - Methods and apparatus related to timing synchronization used in a wireless microphone system to reduce and/or minimize interference are described. A wireless microphone receiver in some embodiments performs open loop timing control based on signals from an adjacent wireless microphone receiver and participates in closed loop timing control of wireless microphone transmitters which communicate with the particular wireless microphone receiver. The closed loop timing control includes instructing individual wireless microphone transmitters to advance or retard their symbol timing so that symbols transmitted by different wireless microphone transmitters are received in a synchronized manner at the wireless microphone receiver. The closed loop timing control allows a wireless microphone receiver to control wireless microphone transmitters to take into consideration their different distances to the receiver and the differing transmission times associated with the wireless microphone transmitters at different locations.05-03-2012
20110299696METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING AMPLIFIERS - Techniques for controlling one or more audio amplifiers in or associated with a device coupled on a local area network are disclosed. The device receives at least one selected source from other devices also coupled on the network According to one aspect of the techniques, an automatic shutdown control module is provided in the device to power down the audio amplifiers when there is no audio data flow coming to the device or power up the audio amplifiers when there is audio data flow coming to the device. In one embodiment, the procedure to power down or power up the amplifiers is in accordance with a hysteresis, wherein the hysteresis, being lagging of an effect behind its cause, protects the amplifiers and makes the powering-down or powering-up procedure unnoticeable to a user.12-08-2011
20090290722AUDIBLE PRODUCT INFORMATION DEVICE - Another example of an audible product information device for placing proximate and associated consumer product includes a housing and electrical components in the housing configured to operate in a playback mode, a record more, and a standby mode. The electrical components include a controller, a record playback device for storing and playing an audible product information message, a speaker for audibly outputting the audible product information message, battery contact terminals in electrical communication with the record/playback device, an activation switch for starting a playback of the product information message, and a recording switch for starting a recording of the product information message. A method for providing an audible product information message to a consumer is also disclosed.11-26-2009
20110170704Audio Speaker and Lighting Track Power Supply System - A line voltage track lighting system comprises a track, a power feed, and a wireless speaker fixture. The track has first and second conductors. The power feed supplies line voltage to the first and second conductors. The wireless speaker fixture is attached to said first and second conductors of said track.07-14-2011
20090103747Power Saving File transmission in portable multimedia device - A device for sending digital multimedia files from a digital player to an external player, for example in the vehicle. The digital files in the digital player are sent over the interface, while the playing circuitry, such as the audio circuitry, is turned off. This saves power. Additional power saving mechanisms may cache certain information from the hard drive to solid-state memory, and sending information in bursts. The sending of information can be wireless. Another aspect involves selecting an amount of bandwidth that is used for the transmission04-23-2009
20120294455SPEAKER APPARATUS - A speaker apparatus includes: a speaker operable to emit a sound; a receiver operable to receive an operation signal for operating an external apparatus; a relay section; a storage operable to store correspondence between operation information and operation signals that includes a first operation signal and a second operation signal; and a controller: when the operation signal received by the receiver is the first operation signal, operable to cause the relay section to transmit the operation signal received by the receiver to the external apparatus, and operate the speaker apparatus in accordance with operation information that corresponds to the first operation signal; and when the operation signal received by the receiver is the second operation signal, operable to prevent the relay section from transmitting the operation signal received by the receiver to the external apparatus.11-22-2012
20100061567METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING AN AUDIO SIGNAL FOR AN EVENT - A method and apparatus for providing an audio signal for an event at a venue are disclosed. For example, the method authorizes a customer endpoint device, wherein the authorizing enables the customer endpoint device to decode the audio signal for the event. The method transmits the audio signal for the event at the venue.03-11-2010
20080310647AUDIO STREAM PROCESSING METHOD, PLAYBACK APPARATUS, AND OUTPUT APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, the invention is made to generate time information, when no time information is appended to a header of a data unit obtained by packing a plurality of audio streams upon transferring that data unit. To this end, data obtained by packing a plurality of audio streams together with playback time information (PTS) is transferred as data of one unit. When no PTS is appended to the header (header HDR of UNITb) of the data of one unit, new time information is calculated from time information immediately before the HDR of UNITb.12-18-2008
20110007910VOLUME CONTROL DEVICE AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - A volume control device used in a portable electronic device includes an input unit, an adjustment unit connected to the input unit; and an output unit connected to the adjustment unit. The input unit receives transmitted communication signals or audio signals of audio files played by the portable electronic device and transmits the audio signals to the adjustment unit, the adjustment unit automatically adjusts the voltages of the audio signals to a predetermined adjusted voltage range and transmits the adjusted audio signals to the output unit, and the output unit automatically adjusts the voltage of the audio signals transmitted from the adjustment unit to a selected broadcast voltage range and broadcasts the audio signals.01-13-2011
20100142722CONVERSATION ASSISTANT FOR NOISY ENVIRONMENTS - An infrared (IR) emitter having a broad emission pattern driven by a frequency-modulated (FM) carrier signal enables electronic communication between multiple talkers and multiple listeners. A narrow reception pattern on the listener's receiving unit combined with the inherent capture effect of FM coding provides each listener with the means of easily and naturally selecting one of many talkers from a group. A close microphone for the talking party and a close earphone for the listening party enables the system to assist conversation particularly in the case of noisy environments by improving the signal to noise ratio. A similar system of broad emission transmitters and narrow reception can be used in other systems, such as a teleconferencing unit in which users have transmitters and receivers and a teleconferencing unit has multiple receivers arranged to receive signals in multiple different sectors.06-10-2010
20130121502VEHICULAR SOUND PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VEHICULAR APPARATUS - A vehicular apparatus receives music data from a portable terminal through a first communication device and stores the music data to a memory unit. The vehicular apparatus then outputs the music data stored to a music playback apparatus. The vehicular apparatus continues the output of the music data stored in the memory unit even after disconnection of the first communication device with the portable terminal, and the vehicular apparatus output the music data when the vehicular apparatus receives the music data from the portable terminal through a second communication device, without interrupting the playback of the music data over the switching of communication devices.05-16-2013
20090129605Apparatus and methods for augmenting a musical instrument using a mobile terminal - A mobile communications terminal for augmenting a musical instrument includes an audio signal receiver that is configured to receive an audio signal from the musical instrument and a signal processor that is configured to perform a signal processing function on the audio signal. The mobile communications terminal includes an audio signal transmitter that is configured to transmit the audio signal to an audio signal rendering device.05-21-2009
20090003619COMPUTER CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER AND SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH POWER CONSERVATION FEATURE - A computer controlled amplifier and speaker system includes a power conservation feature allowing ready adaptation to a variety of consumer vehicles, audio systems, and individual consumer purposes. The computer controlled amplifier and speaker system includes an audio-signal detection and power on/off feature and accepts multiple audio inputs and enables multiple audio outputs while also allowing ready adaptation to a variety of power sources. A plurality of power supply functions are readily adapted to supply power to the amplifier and speaker system enhancing user convenience. The disclosed system may be readily adaptable to a portable kit allowing achievement of similar power conservation goals in diverse settings.01-01-2009
20090220104Venue private network - A method and apparatus for supplying participating attendees within a specific venue an improved acoustical experience is provided. To implement the system the venue (09-03-2009
20100150372Loudspeaker system - A hands-free loudspeaker system which is capable of achieving high-quality voice amplification without requiring a human speaker to move to a microphone or a microphone to be moved to a human speaker. A microphone whose input level has continued to be above a threshold value for not shorter than a predetermined time period is detected, based on input signals from dispersedly arranged microphones. An input signal from the microphone is selected and outputted to a loudspeaker at an output level or with a delay time, according to a location of the loudspeaker. A preset lowest threshold level is initially set to the threshold value, and an input level of the microphone higher than the threshold value is newly set to the same, while when the input level is lower than the threshold value, a lower value is set to the same in a step-by-step manner.06-17-2010
20090116660In-Band Parametric Sound Generation System - Parametric sound reproduction in high-intensity audio signaling, for example in hailing and warning at relatively large distances, is disclosed in one example by producing a primary audio signal in the audio frequency range, and producing a secondary audio signal in the audio frequency range by modulation of the primary audio signal, wherein the primary signal is chosen to enable an improved effect, for example one of directional reproduction, exploiting greater sensitivity of human hearing, exploiting an efficient or maximum intensity frequency range of a transducer used to reproduce the audio signals, and another parameter effecting distance, intelligibility, or intensity of an audio signal.05-07-2009
20090169029AUDIO DATA REPRODUCTION SYSTEM, AUDIO DATA REPRODUCTION METHOD, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USED IN THE SYSTEM - When a PC (a transmission device) transmits an externally taken-in audio file to an electronic dictionary (a receiving device), the PC encodes the audio file and stores the compressed audio file into its own memory temporarily. On the basis of the file management data created by a file management system when the compressed audio file was stored in the memory, the PC generates a file list for the audio files to be transferred. The file list is encrypted using an encryption key. Then, the encryption key, encrypted file list, and compressed audio file are transmitted to the electronic dictionary. The electronic dictionary stores the encrypted file list and compressed audio file into an SD card and decrypts the encrypted file list using the encryption key. When the decrypted file list corresponds to the compressed audio file, the process of expanding the compressed audio file into an audio file is permitted.07-02-2009
20120140944Audio signal processing unit and audio transmission system, in particular a microphone system - The invention concerns an audio signal processing unit including a receiving unit adapted to receive at least a first audio signal and a pilot tone signal, a first audio signal amplifier adapted to obtain at least a second audio signal from an audio signal source by way of an audio signal input, and a pilot tone signal unit adapted to obtain the received pilot tone signal. The pilot tone signal unit is adapted to output a control signal in a first state if the pilot tone signal is received, and to output the control signal in a second state if the pilot tone signal is not received. The first audio signal amplifier is adapted to process the at least second audio signal in dependence on the state of the control signal.06-07-2012
20110026726WIRELESS HEADPHONE INTEGRATED WITH AN ADJUSTMENT CONTROL DEVICE - A wireless headphone integrated with an adjustment control device includes a headphone, a tuning unit having a base disposed on a side of the headphone containing an ear muff, a rotatable tuning shaft protruded from the base and coupled to a knob, a direction changing unit having a through hole at the middle of the direction changing unit and rotably coupled to the base, such that the tuning shaft is passed through the through hole, a microphone unit movably coupled to the direction changing unit, such that the microphone unit can be rotated, extended, contracted or adjusted by the direction changing unit. Therefore, the wireless headphone integrated with an adjustment control device achieves the effects of simplifying the assembly structure, lowering the manufacturing cost, and beautifying the appearance of the headphone.02-03-2011
20110026727INTELLIGENT NETWORK COMMUNICATION DEVICE IN AN AUDIO VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - This disclosure describes an intelligent network communication device in an audio video distribution system that uses a local area network that includes a network speaker node; an audio input device that receives the analog audio signal and that couples to a network speaker node through a speaker/microphone driver; and an audio output device that transmits the analog audio signal and that couples to the network speaker node through the speaker/microphone driver. The network speaker node further includes a controller with a network interface that couples to the local area network, where the controller further comprises an embedded controller with memory and which is programmed to function as a web server. The network speaker node further includes a digital signal processor that couples to the controller. And, the network speaker node further includes a speaker/microphone driver that couples to the digital signal processor.02-03-2011
20100310088Wall Mounted Docking Station - A multi-zone audio system is provided that is portable to a handheld audio device at a plurality of locations. The system includes a multi-zone audio system controller having an audio input/output selection circuit for selectively regulating the source and distribution of audio signals. A plurality of handheld connector docks are distributed about the multi-zone system. Each connector dock is in communication with the audio system controller. The connector docks include a connector port, engagable to the handheld device, for communicating music/data/commands between the handheld device and the system controller. A plurality in-wall audio controllers are also distributed about the multi-zone system. Each in-wall controller is in communication with the audio system controller, and includes an input circuit for selective input of commands to regulate operation of the system controller and/or the handheld device. The handheld connector docks are operative to transfer music/data/commands between the audio system controller and a handheld device disposed within the connector dock.12-09-2010
20130136272SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LISTENING TO TEAMS IN A RACE EVENT - A computer-implemented method and system allows a remote computer user to listen to teams in a race event. The method includes receiving audio signals from a plurality of audio sources at the race event; transmitting at least some of the audio signals to a remote computer; and filtering the audio signals as a function of the source of at least some of the audio signals so that at least some of the audio signals are not played by the remote computer and heard by the user.05-30-2013
20110044468NETWORKED AUDIO INPUT DEVICE IN AN AUDIO VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - This disclosure describes a networked audio input device in an audio video distribution system that uses a local area network that includes a network speaker node; and an audio input device that receives the analog audio signal and that couples to a network speaker node through a speaker/microphone driver. The network speaker node further includes a controller with a network interface that couples to the local area network, where the controller further comprises an embedded controller with memory and which is programmed to function as a web server. The network speaker node further includes a digital signal processor that couples to the controller. And, the network speaker node further includes a speaker/microphone driver that couples to the digital signal processor.02-24-2011
20110044469NETWORKED AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IN AN AUDIO VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - This disclosure describes a networked audio output device in an audio video distribution system that uses a local area network that includes a network speaker node; and an audio output device that transmits the analog audio signal and that couples to the network speaker node through the speaker/microphone driver. The network speaker node further includes a controller with a network interface that couples to the local area network, where the controller further comprises an embedded controller with memory and which is programmed to function as a web server. The network speaker node further includes a digital signal processor that couples to the controller. And, the network speaker node further includes a speaker/microphone driver that couples to the digital signal processor.02-24-2011
20090067640WIRELESS AND WIRED SPEAKER HUB FOR A HOME THEATER SYSTEM - A method and system for communicating audio, video, and/or control signals within a home entertainment system. A plurality of audio channels is communicated between a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver. The wireless transmitter is located proximate to a speaker housing. In some embodiments the speaker housing also encloses a center channel loudspeaker. The center channel loudspeaker transmits an audio signal to a remote loudspeaker. An exemplary remote loudspeaker is a subwoofer loudspeaker. The subwoofer loudspeaker provides one or more received audio channels to one or more surround loudspeakers.03-12-2009
20090214051STACKABLE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM - A method and apparatus describes a stackable communications system. A system is modularized and stacked in various configurations. The interconnections between the modules may be by close proximity inductively coupled wireless Ethernet connections or a physical connection mechanism. Each module detects the power requirement of modules installed next to it. When a new module is installed, the module below determines the power requirements of the new module and whether adequate power is available. If adequate power is available, the new module is powered. An audio system that comprises an audio server and individual speaker clients may also be connected. Individual speaker clients may be the same physical configuration. When the audio server detects each speaker client, the audio server configures each speaker to a particular purpose. This allows the same type of speakers to be used for different features. Other audio devices may also be connected to the audio server.08-27-2009
20090052685Range-sensitive wireless microphone with out-of-range recording feature - A range-sensitive wireless-microphone method includes receiving an audio input, converting the received audio input into digital data, buffering the digital data, and transmitting the buffered digital data. The method also includes determining whether the transmitted buffered data was successfully received, responsive to a determination that the transmitted buffered data was successfully received deleting the transmitted buffered data, and, responsive to a determination that the transmitted buffered data was not successfully received, retaining the transmitted buffered data and repeating the transmitting step. This Abstract is provided to comply with rules requiring an Abstract that allows a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain subject matter of the technical disclosure. This Abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.02-26-2009
20100008514APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR AN AUDIO BELT BUCKLE - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for an audio belt buckle. The audio belt buckle contains a belt buckle housing, at least one speaker, an audio input receiver, an amplification device, and a power source. The belt buckle housing is coupled to a first end of a belt of a user. The belt buckle housing is configured to secure an opposing end of the belt to hold the belt around the waist of a user. The speaker is coupled to the belt buckle housing and is directed away from the user's body. The audio input receiver is also coupled to the belt buckle housing and is configured to receive audio input. The amplification device is coupled to the audio input, the speaker, and the power source.01-14-2010
20110096940Digital Communication System for Loudspeakers - A communication system for communicating with at least one loudspeaker is described where the loudspeaker is connected to audio equipment over standard two-wire speaker wire operable to carry an audio signal. The communication system includes a master node in electrical communication with a signal path carrying the audio signal between the audio equipment and the loudspeaker, the master node also including an interface with the audio equipment, a data encoder operable to encode data signals, a data transceiver operable to place the data signals onto the audio signal at frequencies above audio frequencies. The communication system also includes at least one slave node in electrical communication with the audio signal and each loudspeaker, the slave node including a data transceiver operable to receive data signals from the master node, a data decoder, and an interface able to communicate with the loudspeaker.04-28-2011
20120033825Captioned Audio and Content Delivery System with Localizer and Sound Enhancement - A system for transmitting and receiving captioned, pre-recorded and live audio transmissions together with associated text data at a performance venue is provided. The system includes methods for displaying, both visually and audibly, multiple simultaneous captioned audio feeds. Additionally the system provides means for enhancing audio sound quality at a musical venue using a handheld device and a secondary transmission medium. The system provides the ability to select the received transmissions both visually and/or audibly. Additionally, the ability to remotely manage the local transmission system content is provided. A method for providing physical positioning information to users, as well as directional instructions for visually- or hearing-impaired users is also provided. A method for viewing a menu of available audio feeds at a restaurant or sports bar or other venue where multiple TV monitors are available for viewing is also provided.02-09-2012
20110255708Wireless conformal antenna system and method of operation - A conformal antenna system comprising one or more proximate antenna elements for very reliable localized reception and transmission of radiowave energy and power particularly in frequency controlled VHF, UHF and microwave spectrum is described. The system incorporates effective angle or proximity dependent interference mitigation for conventional transmitters/receivers or master controlled constellations of wireless devices, and is suitable for temporary or permanent installation and use in a variety of outdoor and in-building locations. The antenna elements are configured and optimized for close proximity but unobtrusive positioning near the point of use on stages, in concert halls, movie studios, houses-of-worship, and convention centers, and are configured to be relatively unaffected by people or furniture in very close proximity. Methods for manufacturing and using close proximity antennas are disclosed, as are systems and methods for the generation and control of signals thereto.10-20-2011
20080205664Multi-type audio processing system and method - A multi-type audio processing system and method that are capable of selectively processing mono and stereo audio signals for enhancing the ability of a user to listen sounds from a variety of sources associated with a mobile terminal, PDA, etc. A multi-type audio processing method for an audio system including an audio source device and a headset connected to the audio source device includes transmitting, at the headset, capability of the headset to the audio source device; transmitting, at the audio source device, a stereo audio stream to the headset on the basis of the capability; and playing, at the headset, the stereo audio stream received from the audio source device. The multi-type audio processing system and method of the present invention are advantageous in that a signal headset can process both stereo and mono audio streams, and the mobile terminal can provide transmission of signals according the capabilities of the headset.08-28-2008
20110255707SYSTEM, AUDIO GUIDANCE OUTPUT CONTROL METHOD, TRANSMISSION DEVICE, AND RECEPTION DEVICE - In a system in which a transmission device and reception device communicate with each other, the transmission device has a first output unit which outputs a first audio guidance, and a transmission unit which transmits, to the reception device, an output instruction that instructs the reception device to output a second audio guidance related to the first audio guidance at a timing corresponding to an output timing of the first guidance, and the reception device has a reception unit which receives the output instruction transmitted by the transmission unit, and an output unit which outputs the second audio guidance at a timing according to the output instruction received by the reception unit.10-20-2011
20080219468APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING SOUND TO A FETUS - An apparatus for delivering sound to a fetus through a pregnant woman's abdomen. In a preferred embodiment, the apparatus utilizes limited-volume, modular sound transmitters encased in housings which are affixed on their undersides with a compound that safety adheres each transmitter to any appropriate location on the outer wall of the abdomen. The transmitters and their respective housings are connected to each other electronically at one end by an audio plug, not unlike commercial headphones, where is situated an additional audio jack meant for the purpose of simultaneous listening. An external case holds the housings together when not in use thereby protecting the adhesive compound from the elements. Alternatively, the apparatus may include shells adapted to receive commercially available sound transmitters such as ear buds.09-11-2008
20100067715Combined lighting fixture & sound unit powered by the same electric wiring - In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a family of lighting fixtures (Hard Wired or Portable) that are based on Home Plug Technology. Each lighting fixture has lights and speakers built into a single unit. Once installed in the home or building, the system transmits audio, video, and electrical signals via existing standard AC electrical wiring, without any audio wiring.03-18-2010
20110188668MEDIA DELIVERY SYSTEM - A media delivery system which allows the user to control a media delivery device, such as an audio headset or earphone, from another device which may be remote from the media delivery device.08-04-2011
20110188667Hybrid/Electric Car Sound Symphony System - Hybrid/Electric cars of the future will generate sound to alleviate safety concerns and as a convenience to the owners. The Hybrid/Electric Sound Symphony System (H/ESSS) will generate sound from hybrid/electric vehicles and coordinate the sound from other H/ESSS equipped nearby vehicles into a coordinated, harmonious effect.08-04-2011
20110216913COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT IN VEHICLES - A device for improving the communication in a motor vehicle with front and back seats includes, but is not limited to at least one first loudspeaker directed and the front seats, at least one second loudspeaker directed at the back seats, at least one first microphone directed at the front seats and an audio signal processor that can be activated in order to output speech recorded by the first microphone on the second loudspeaker. A first control element for activating the audio signal processor can be actuated from the back seats and a signal generator for displaying the activated state of the audio signal processor is visible from the front seats.09-08-2011
20120148064AUDIO ON-DEMAND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - An audio-on-demand communication system provides real-time playback of audio data transferred via telephone lines or other communication links. One or more audio servers include memory banks which store compressed audio data. At the request of a user at a subscriber PC, an audio server transmits the compressed audio data over the communication link to the subscriber PC. The subscriber PC receives and decompresses the transmitted audio data in less than real-time using only the processing power of the CPU within the subscriber PC. According to one aspect of the present invention, high quality audio data compressed according to lossless compression techniques is transmitted together with normal quality audio data. According to another aspect of the present invention, metadata, or extra data, such as text, captions, still images, etc., is transmitted with audio data and is simultaneously displayed with corresponding audio data.06-14-2012
20120308032SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING MULTIPLE AUDIO STREAMS IN A VENUE - Methods and systems for providing multiple audio streams, such as, for example, those audio streams that may be available in a public venue, are presented. An example system may include a plurality of audio relay devices and an access device. Each of the audio relay devices may receive an audio signal corresponding to video content being presented by a video presentation device, and transmit a digital audio stream representing the audio signal to the access device. The access device may receive each of the transmitted digital audio streams from the plurality of audio relay devices and transmit wirelessly the received digital audio streams to a mobile communication device.12-06-2012
20120121104WIRED, WIRELESS, INFRARED, AND POWERLINE AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS - A method and system for communicating audio signals between an input device and an output device via a network. The output device can include loudspeakers and headphones. In some embodiments an output device, for example a center channel speaker, transmits audio signals to other output devices. In some embodiments, the output device is coupled to, or combined with, a speaker stand or speaker bracket. The network can be wireless, wired, infrared, RF, and powerline.05-17-2012
20110044467DIRECTED ACOUSTIC SOUND SYSTEM - An acoustic sound system usable in electronic entertainment systems that generates highly directional sound. The directed acoustic sound system includes a parametric audio sound system having a modulator for modulating an ultrasonic carrier signal with a processed audio signal, a driver amplifier for amplifying the modulated signal, and a parametric loudspeaker for projecting the modulated and amplified signal through the air for subsequent regeneration of the audio signal along a pre-selected path. The acoustic sound system allows a user to select the parametric loudspeaker, a connectable non-directional loudspeaker, or both loudspeakers for producing audible sound. The acoustic sound system may be employed in the home, in the workplace, or in any other environment where audio leakage is undesirable.02-24-2011
20120148065ACTIVE LOAD ISOLATOR AND WIRELESS SPEAKER FOR MIXED SIGNAL ENVIRONMENTS - An isolation circuit includes a low dropout operational current control loop and a shunt regulator. The current control loop is configured to drive the shunt regulator to result in a high dynamic impedance ratio between a voltage source and a load. The current control loop may include a series-pass transistor, a current sensing resistor, and a high side current sensor.06-14-2012
20120250875Portable Loudspeaker - A portable loudspeaker includes an electro-acoustic driver which creates sound waves when operated and a housing having a front side to which the driver is secured. The loudspeaker also includes a battery supported by the housing for providing electrical power to the driver and a cover secured to the housing which can be moved between (i) a closed position in which the cover overlies the driver, and (ii) an open position in which the cover does not overlie the driver. A controller controls operation of the loudspeaker. When the cover is moved to the closed position, a feature on the cover causes an indication to the controller that the cover is in the closed position. In response to the indication, the controller mutes the driver if the driver was outputting acoustic waves when the cover was moved to the closed position.10-04-2012
20110317846Wireless Illuminative Speaker System and Wireless Illuminative Speaker Thereof - A wireless illuminative speaker system, comprising a wireless transmitter comprising a transmitter body, a wireless transmit module, a main board printed board circuit assembly (PCBA), and a support, and at least one wireless illuminative receiving speaker comprising a speaker body, an illuminating part, a speaker part, and a wireless receiving module. The wireless transmitter operates to obtain audio data from an external electronic device and to transmit the audio data in the form of wireless audio digital signals, the wireless transmit module is disposed in the transmitter body, the main board PCBA operates to control the wireless transmit module, the support operates to mount an audio playing device thereon, the wireless illuminative receiving speaker operates to receive the wireless audio digital signals from the wireless transmitter and to plays the received wireless audio digital signals after digital-to-analog conversion, and the illuminating part is disposed in the speaker body.12-29-2011
20120308034WIRELESS SOUND TRANSMISSION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system providing sound to a user, having at least one audio signal source; a transmission unit with a digital transmitter which transmits audio signals via a wireless digital audio link as audio data packets, each packet having a start frame delimiter, audio data and a frame check sequence; at least one receiver unit having at least two digital receivers connected to a common processing unit and an antenna, and including a demodulator and a buffer, and a mechanism for stimulating the hearing of the user. Each receiver receives, verifies and buffers the audio data packets, and the processing unit reads an audio data packet from the buffer of one of the receivers. If the packet is correctly received by the receiver, the buffer of the other receivers is flushed, and if the packet has been incorrectly received, the audio data packet from the buffer of another receiver is read.12-06-2012
20120308033COMMUNICATION NODE FOR VENUE-ORIENTED COMMUNICATIONS - Methods and systems for providing a communication node for venue-oriented communications are presented. An example system may include a network interface, at least one processor, and memory storing modules including instructions for execution by the processor. The network interface may be communicatively coupled with a wireless access device in communication with a mobile communication device. The wireless access device and the mobile communication device are located at a venue. At least one of the modules provides a venue-oriented service to the mobile communication device via the wireless access device.12-06-2012
20120014534WIRELESS MULTI-USER AUDIO SYSTEM - Various methods and devices are provided for a wireless audio system for a number of users. The system includes a base unit that is adapted to removably store, recharge and communicate with various communication modules, including personal microphone modules, table-top microphones, and audio adapters. The system also includes a plurality of personal microphone modules that are each adapted to be removable and coupled, for example, to a user's clothing, and further, are adapted to communicate wirelessly with the base unit, and table-top microphones that are adapted to communicate wirelessly with the base unit.01-19-2012
20120114134METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROL AND TRAFFIC SIGNALING IN WIRELESS MICROPHONE TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS - Methods and apparatus for controlling the communications between a wireless microphone receiver and one or more wireless microphone transmitters are described. In accordance with some embodiments a common control channel is used for communicating control signals between the wireless microphone receiver and one or more wireless microphone transmitters, while separate audio data channels are used to carry audio data traffic from each individual wireless microphone transmitter to the microphone receiver. In accordance with some other embodiment, a time division approach is used in which there are microphone transmit time periods and control signaling time periods. During the microphone transmit time periods, wireless microphone transmitters transmit audio data signals and, in some embodiment, control signals, to the wireless microphone receiver using separate frequency subbands within a frequency band. During control signaling time periods, the wireless microphone receiver transmits a control signal to a wireless microphone transmitter using the frequency band.05-10-2012
20120155671INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - An information processing apparatus includes a reproduction control unit controlling reproduction of a content item; a reception unit receiving reaction sound data stored in UDP packets and transmitted from a server via a communication network when reproducing the content item, the server generating the reaction sound data of reaction sounds by receiving sound data obtained by receiving sounds produced as reactions to the content item from users from a plurality of apparatuses via the communication network, performing sound processing on the plurality of sound data received from the apparatuses based on positions of the users at a single virtual site and acoustic characteristics of the site, and adding the plurality of sound data subjected to the sound processing; and a sound output unit outputting the reaction sounds based on the received reaction sound data when the content item is reproduced.06-21-2012
20100166209COMPANION MICROPHONE SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods for wireless communication can include a first unit configured to synchronously transmit a first digital audio packet redundantly in at least a first dedicated slot and a second dedicated slot over a time period, and a second unit configured to receive wireless transmissions from the first unit. In certain embodiments, the second unit does not listen for a transmission in the second dedicated slot if the first digital audio packet is received in the first dedicated slot. In certain embodiments, the units are encoded with a group code that identifies group members, such that the units only receive data packets transmitted by group members with the same group code.07-01-2010
20100172512INTERNET PROTOCOL STREAMING AUDIO SYSTEM - This disclosure describes an internet protocol streaming audio system 07-08-2010
20100220869 AUDIO ANIMATION SYSTEM - In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a system for rendering audio animation, the system comprising: two or more non-biotic figures; an audio player, having two or more audio sources correspondingly to the two or more non-biotic figures, for simultaneously playing the audio signals associated with the two or more non-biotic figures; and two or more speaker units corresponding to the two or more audio sources. The system may further comprise means for wireless transmission of the audio signal of at least one of the audio sources to a remote speaker unit thereof. The means for wireless transmission may comprise a wireless transmission unit deployed at the audio player, and a wireless receiving unit deployed at the speaker unit. The non-biotic figure may be a two-dimensional, three-dimensional figure, and so on.09-02-2010
20100290638DIGITAL AUDIO COMMUNICATION AND CONTROL IN A LIVE PERFORMANCE VENUE - In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for digitally transmitting audio that is converted from analog audio received from analog media pickup devices in a live performance venue by a stage box to a base unit over off-the-shelf twisted pair cable while sending pre-amplification control signals and power over the cable to the stage box. Audio for the performance venue is remotely managed from a virtual audio engineering mixing board that wirelessly communicates audio control commands to the stage box from a handheld computing device.11-18-2010
20100092005Multidirectional Multisound Information System - Exemplary embodiments provide an information system adapted to focus a plurality of audio messages to a plurality of different locations. As a consumer passes a display, their attention is attracted based on the series of messages. Further, a consumer can obtain more and different information as they change their position. Exemplary embodiments may also display a different image to the consumer depending on the position of the consumer relative to the display. Further embodiments may utilize touch-screen technology to allow a user to select an icon from the screen and obtain further information either through additional messages, video, or both.04-15-2010
20120121103Audio/sound information system and method - Certain aspects relate to providing an at least one audio source to at least one user. Certain aspects relate to selectively modifying an at least one first sound source to be provided to the at least one user, wherein the at least one first sound source is combined with an at least one second sound source, and wherein the selectively modifying is performed relative to the at least one audio source based at least in part on at least some specific information of the at least one first sound source. Other aspects relate to selectively modifying the at least one first sound source to be provided to the at least one user relative to the at least one second sound source based at least in part on at least some specific information of the at least one first sound source.05-17-2012
20120163618AUDIO TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - An audio transmission system includes a first communication module, a second communication module, a microphone a receiver, and an antenna. The microphone receives an analog audio signal from users. The first and second communication modules convert the analog audio signal into a first or third RF signal. The antenna sends the RF signal to other portable electronic devices. The first and second communication modules also receive a second or forth RF signal from other portable electronic devices via the antenna and convert the second or forth RF signal into an analog audio signal. The receiver outputs the analog audio signal to the users.06-28-2012
20120314884PORTABLE STREAMING MEDIA DEVICE - A portable streaming media device connects to a wireless network, connects to a media stream (e.g., an audio stream or video stream) associated with a streaming media channel identified by channel information stored in memory, and processes the media stream for playback. The device can interpret input events based on the current input mode. In a playback control input mode, the device adjusts a playback parameter (e.g., playback volume) responsive to input that corresponds a hardware button being pressed. In a channel-selection input mode, the device connects to a new media stream responsive to input that corresponds one or more hardware buttons being pressed. A power-up event can be initiated by connection of an output device (e.g., earphones) to the portable streaming media device.12-13-2012
20120128172WIRELESS SYNCHRONIZATION MECHANISM - A media delivery device that can automatically initiate and establish a secure wireless communication channel with an audio output device comprises a proximity module that recognizes a mutual engagement zone proximate to the media delivery device. The proximity module can detect when the audio output device is within the mutual engagement zone. Moreover, the media delivery device further comprises a communication module wherein upon the proximity module detecting the audio output device within the mutual engagement zone, the communication module automatically initiates and establishes a wireless communication channel with the audio output device. The media delivery device can then wirelessly communicate with the audio output device outside of the mutual engagement zone using the wireless communication channel.05-24-2012
20120128173RADIO SYSTEM INCLUDING TERRESTRIAL AND INTERNET RADIO - A radio system includes a radio tuner for receiving a terrestrial radio signal, a communication device for receiving an internet data, a user interface in signal communication with at least the radio tuner to provide a selective control of at least the radio tuner, and a processor in signal communication with the radio tuner, the communication device, and the user interface, wherein the processor receives a user preference data from at least one of the communication device and the user interface, analyzes the user preference data based on an instruction set, and selectively transmits an audio output to a user based upon the user preference data, wherein a source of the audio output is one of the terrestrial radio signal and the internet data.05-24-2012
20120163619WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION AUDIO SYSTEM AND DEVICE ON TRANSMITTING END AND LOUDSPEAKER FOR USE IN SUCH A SYSTEM - The transmitter of a wireless power transmission audio system includes: a transmission signal generating section for generating a transmission signal comprised of an RF signal; a first resonant circuit which receives and sends out the transmission signal; a detecting section for sensing a variation in the transmission signal; and a transmission signal adjusting section. The loudspeaker of the system includes: a second resonant circuit for receiving the transmission signal by producing a magnetic field resonant coupling phenomenon; and an audio output section for reproducing the audio signal. At least one of the transmitter and the loudspeaker includes an impedance adjusting section which changes an impedance value on the transmission line of the transmission signal. When the impedance adjusting section changes the impedance value, the transmission signal adjusting section changes the signal waveform of the transmission signal.06-28-2012
20120213382LOUDSPEAKER AMPLIFIER INTEGRATION SYSTEM - A loudspeaker assembly linked to a amplifier includes a loudspeaker assembly having a housing having a top wall, a bottom wall, and four side walls in which a high frequency driver and a midrange driver are mounted. The loudspeaker assembly further includes a transceiver and associated microprocessor. The amplifier is linked to the loudspeaker assembly. The amplifier includes a transceiver and associated microprocessor. The transceiver of the loudspeaker assembly is paired with the transceiver of the amplifier for the exchange of information with the amplifier.08-23-2012
20120170767Processing Audio Data - Method, user terminal, communication system and computer program product for processing audio data for transmission over a network in a communication session between the user terminal and a further user terminal. Samples of audio data which have a sampling frequency and which provide a digital representation of an analog audio signal are transmitted to the further user terminal in the communication session. During the communication session, an estimate of processing resources available for processing audio data in the communication session is repeatedly determined, and the sampling frequency is dynamically adjusted during the communication session based on the determined estimate of available processing resources.07-05-2012
20120224713WIRELESS AUDIO TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, PARTICULARLY A WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM - There is provided a wireless audio transmission system, in particular a wireless microphone system, for wireless audio transmission. The system has at least one wireless microphone unit for detecting audio signals and for wirelessly transmitting the detected audio signals, and a central unit. The central unit has a wireless receiving unit for receiving the wirelessly transmitted audio signals from The wireless microphone units, a pilot tone transmitting unit for transmitting a first pilot tone on a pilot channel, and a pilot tone receiving unit for receiving and processing a second pilot tone signal. The pilot tone signal has information in respect of the wireless transmission between the microphone units and the central unit.09-06-2012
20090060219Audio signal transmitting apparatus, audio signal receiving apparatus, audio signal transmission system, audio signal transmission method, and program - There is provided an audio signal transmitting apparatus which can communicate with a plurality of external connection apparatuses and transmits audio signals to the external connection apparatuses. The audio signal transmitting apparatus includes an external output unit which outputs the audio signal to the outside, an audio signal transmitting unit which transmits the audio signal to the external connection apparatus being in a communicable state, and an audio output control unit which, when headphone information representing that a headphone function that outputs the audio signal through headphones is valid is received from at least one of the external connection apparatuses which receive the audio signals, performs control to stop an output by the external output unit.03-05-2009
20090060218Mobile microphone - A method centrally controls communication at a single venue. A central communications point with a moderator is provided. User information, at least at the venue, is provided to users for transmitting electronic signals to the central communication point. The moderator enables at least one electronic communication transmission from a user who has access to the central communication point to have at least part of the transmission broadcast at the venue or allow open communication from the user to be broadcast at the venue.03-05-2009
20120189137MICROPHONE UNIT, POCKET TRANSMITTER AND WIRELESS AUDIO SYSTEM - There is provided a microphone unit for recording audio signals comprising an audio processing unit for processing the recorded audio signals, a detection unit for detecting metadata belonging to the audio signal, and a first transmitting and receiving unit for transmitting the processed audio signal and the metadata.07-26-2012
20120263314MICROPHONE MODULE AND MICROPHONE SYSTEM HAVING THE MICROPHONE MODULE - Microphone systems having wireless microphones are often used in events such as discussions, concerts, plays, etc. and normally have a plurality of wireless microphones which are worn by users, such as actors, musicians, singers, etc, and one or more receiving stations which receive the audio signals of the wireless microphones and forward said signals to mixing consoles, amplification systems, recording devices, etc. In addition to the basic functionality of transmitting audio signals, microphone systems have become known which implement additional functions. The invention relates to a microphone module 10-18-2012
20120257765System and method for listening to teams in a race event - A computer-implemented method and system allows a remote computer user to listen to teams in a race event. The method includes receiving audio signals from a plurality of audio sources at the race event; transmitting at least some of the audio signals to a remote computer; and filtering the audio signals as a function of the source of at least some of the audio signals so that at least some of the audio signals are not played by the remote computer and heard by the user.10-11-2012
20110123038CHAIR-ATTACHABLE WIRELESS SPEAKER SYSTEM - A wireless speaker system comprising a speaker unit, a transmitter unit with an audio source input, in radio frequency communication with a receiver unit, where the speaker unit and receiver unit can be forcefully attached to the back of a chair so that the speaker unit is positioned next to the user's ear or ears while the user is sitting in the chair. Attachment is provided by positive force onto the back of a chair from one or more chair attach straps. A chair attach strap is a long wide strap draped over the back of an easy chair with speaker unit on one end and receiver unit on the other end. Clamping force may be provided by springs, gravity, or other force. The wireless speaker system has range of about 50 meters and is designed for home use with special application for the hearing impaired.05-26-2011
20120269359MEDIA DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A system and method for distributing audio data from a first audio output device to a second audio output device. The first audio output device receives data from a data source, outputs the data as audio to a user, and transmits the data to the second audio output device for output to a second user. A system and method for conducting conference calling utilising a single wireless connection to a telephone are also disclosed.10-25-2012
20120321098Providing broadcast listener participation - A listener participation interface allows listeners to generate playlists that include media elements selected from a library of available media elements. The playlists generated by the listener participation interface are automatically compatible with broadcast automation software used by a broadcaster, so that little, if any, modification of listener-submitted playlists is required before the broadcast automation software incorporates the playlists into an actual broadcast schedule.12-20-2012
20120328120INTERFACE CIRCUIT - A video signal and an audio signal are TMDS transmitted from a source device to a sink device. Through a reserved line and a HPD line provided separately from a TMDS transmission line, an Ethernet™ signal is bidirectionally transmitted, and also, a SPDIF signal is transmitted from the sink device to the source device. The Ethernet™ signal bidirectionally transmitted between Ethernet™ transmitter/receiver circuits is differentially transmitted by an amplifier and is received by the amplifier. The SPDIF signal from a SPDIF transmitter circuit is common-mode transmitted from an adder and is received by the adder to be supplied to the SPDIF receiver circuit.12-27-2012
20100202627Docking System Employing a Solar Energy Charging System - A portable speaker docking system employing a solar energy charging system and a cooling system is provided. In one form, a speaker docking apparatus for connecting and charging an electronic device can include an housing with internal power storage operable to connect and charge an electronic device using converted solar energy. The apparatus can further include a solar energy charge system including a solar panel coupled to an exterior portion of the housing. The solar module assembly can be fixed to, detachable, an/or adjustable on the docking station. The solar module assembly can feature internal power storage operable to charge an electronic device. The apparatus can further include a cooling system including a fan system operable to cool the docking system and/or the solar panel.08-12-2010
20130010979Transmitter - Where information is to be conveyed as acoustic waves, embodiments of the present invention provide a transmitter capable of causing acoustic waves that convey information to be not easily perceived by the human ear. A transmitter, being an apparatus that converts various types of encoded information into acoustic wave(s) in the audible spectrum and carries out transmission thereof, comprises microphone(s) that cause ambient sound(s) from location(s) at which acoustic wave(s) is/are transmitted to be input as ambient sound signal(s); peak frequency detector(s) that detect, within ambient sound signal(s), peak frequency or frequencies of major constituent(s) of ambient sound(s); carrier wave generator(s) that generate carrier waves at a plurality of frequencies that are natural number multiples of peak frequency or frequencies and that can be used to mask ambient sound(s); and modulator(s) that modulate a plurality of carrier waves with baseband signal(s).01-10-2013
20130016848MANAGING AUDIO OUTPUT THROUGH AN INTERMEDIARYAANM Warren; Jeremy BruceAACI DraperAAST UTAACO USAAGP Warren; Jeremy Bruce Draper UT USAANM Thomas; Jeffrey GlennAACI DraperAAST UTAACO USAAGP Thomas; Jeffrey Glenn Draper UT US - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for managing audio output through an intermediary. In some embodiments, an audio controller emulates a direct connection between an audio source device and an audio output device. In other embodiments, audio content local to an audio controller is combined with other audio content passing through the audio controller on its way from an audio source device to an audio output device. In additional embodiments, an audio output device is locked to an audio controller. The lock survives power cycling and soft resets of the audio output device. A special hard reset can be used to release the audio output device.01-17-2013
20130016849ACCESSORY DEVICE FOR MFXING AUDIO STREAMS FROM TWO PORTABLE AUDIO UNITS, AND BROADCASTING DEVICE COMPRISING SAID ACCESSORY DEVICEAANM Senemaud; XavierAACI Saint Germain En LayeAACO FRAAGP Senemaud; Xavier Saint Germain En Laye FR - An accessory device for a first portable audio unit, for sharing audio data between the first audio unit and a second portable audio unit, the accessory device including communication means linked to the audio input and arranged in such a way as to send the inherent audio stream originating from the portable audio unit to an accessory device linked to the second portable audio unit and to receive a third-party audio stream from said accessory device of the second portable audio unit, and mixing means arranged in such a way as to receive as input the inherent audio stream and the third-party audio stream, and to send as output, to the audio output, a mixed audio stream corresponding to a combination of the inherent audio stream and of the third-party audio stream.01-17-2013
20130170665ULTRA-COMPACT HEADSET - An ultra-compact headset device including both speaker and microphone capability in at least one earphone overcomes the minimum size requirements of previous headsets by controlling the speaker and microphone functionality so that each earphone functions either as a speaker or microphone, but never both at the same time. Various embodiment headsets may include a pair of earphones each with one or more transducers capable of converting electrical signals into sound and vice versa. The ultra-compact headset may be wirelessly coupled to a mobile device, such as a cellular telephone or smart phone.07-04-2013
20080240459Network system and audio signal processor - An audio network system that performs transport of audio signals among nodes by cascading a plurality of nodes each including two sets of transmission I/Fs and reception I/Fs, and circulating among the nodes in each fixed period an audio transport frame generated by a master node, the audio transport frame including a plurality of storage regions for audio signals, is configured such that the master node stores a frame packet after circulating among the nodes and returning thereto into a buffer, so as to generate the audio transport frame in the (S+k)-th period based on the audio transport frame in the S-th period when the audio transport frame in the S-th period has been normally received, or based on a predetermined model otherwise.10-02-2008
20080232608Audio/Video System - In an audio/video system having an audio reproduction device (CU) for reproduction of audio signals via at least one loudspeaker unit (LSB09-25-2008
20080226093SPEAKER ARRAY APPARATUS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD THEREFOR - A speaker array apparatus capable of performing control to narrow the directivity angle of low-frequency range sounds, without causing a speaker array to be large in size. An audio signal input to the speaker array apparatus is divided into an audio signal in which low-frequency range components of the input audio signal are included and an audio signal in which low-frequency range components thereof are attenuated, and the former audio signal is signal-processed by a directivity controller. Based on the processed audio signal, sounds are emitted from speakers disposed at four corners of the speaker array, whereby the directivity angle of acoustic beam in low-frequency range can be made narrower than when sounds are emitted from all the speakers of the speaker array.09-18-2008
20080226092Audio method and system - A method of providing an audio signal to an audio output device may include receiving an audio signal and providing the audio signal simultaneously to audio output devices in first and second physical environments so as to appear not to emanate from an individual depicted on a display in either the first environment or the second environment.09-18-2008
20130114826LIGHT BULB HOLDER MODULE WITH BUILT-IN SPEAKER - A light bulb holder module with a built-in speaker is embedded into a light bulb slot. The light bulb holder module includes a light bulb holder, a control unit, a first electronic switch, a second electronic switch, a wireless transceiver unit, and a speaker. Also, a light bulb is installed on the light bulb holder. The wireless transceiver unit receives an external control signal and transmits the control signal to the control unit. The control unit turns on or turns off the first electronic switch and the second electronic switch according to contents of the control signal, thus lightening or extinguishing the light bulb or turning on or turning off the speaker. In addition, the wireless transceiver unit also receives external audio signals and transmits the audio signals to the control unit to be processed. The processed audio signals are played by the speaker.05-09-2013
20130101133SOUND SYSTEM USING WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - A sound system using wireless power transmission is provided. A power and data transmission apparatus in the sound system, includes a data transmitting unit configured to wirelessly transmit, to a sound output device, sound data. The apparatus further includes a power transmitting unit configured to wirelessly transmit, to the sound output device, power. The apparatus further includes a controller configured to control the data transmitting unit and the power transmitting unit based on a distance between the apparatus and the sound output device.04-25-2013
20130129111Data Retrieval Instructions Provided Using Radio Signals - Methods and devices are disclosed for controlling an electronic device using data transmitted over radio signals. In some embodiments, a radio source may embed instructions to control an electronic device into a radio signal. For example, the radio source may use the RDS communications protocol to transmit the instructions in an FM radio signal. The electronic device may receive the radio signal and may perform the instructions included in the radio signal. For example, the instructions can include commands to launch a web-browser application and direct a web-browser to retrieve metadata from a website.05-23-2013
20110222704AUDIO BROADCAST PROCESSING METHOD - An audio broadcast processing method includes a plurality of steps. One step involves processing an audio broadcast having at least one occurrence of signal degradation that adversely affects audio quality of a corresponding segment of the audio performance. Another step involves modifying the segment of the audio performance with a plurality of differing signal degradation compensation factors to selectively compensate for the at least one occurrence of signal degradation to produce a plurality of compensated audio performances. Another step involves evaluating the compensated audio performances. Still another step involves determining at least one preferred signal degradation compensation factor based on data from the evaluating of the compensated audio performances. Yet another step includes configuring an audio device with the at least one preferred processing factor.09-15-2011
20080199020SPEAKER APPARATUS, SPEAKER DRIVING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - The present invention provides a sound producing apparatus which suppresses an increase in electric power consumption and cost, and an increase in a number of wiring when a plurality of speaker apparatuses is configured. A speaker driving apparatus supplies electric power to a speaker apparatus, acquires information about an electroacoustic characteristic and maximum input electric power of each speaker apparatus from the speaker apparatus, and executes characteristic correction and output electric power restriction according to the information.08-21-2008
20110235819Interchangeable Headphone Audio System - A configurable audio system for use in a plurality of different settings includes a set of speaker assemblies that can be attached, detached and reattached to a plurality of different accessories configured for use in specific settings (e.g., ski goggles, or conventional headphones). In one implementation, each accessory comprises a set of engagement assemblies for detachably receiving the set of speaker assemblies. For example, a strap on a pair of goggles can comprise a set of engagement assemblies affixed in-line with the strap. By contrast, a traditional headphone band can comprise a pair of engagement assemblies that extend from each opposing end of the traditional headphone band. In either case, each engagement assembly of the goggle strap or the traditional headphone band is configured in size and shape to attach to, and detach from, the speaker assembly, as desired.09-29-2011
20120275617ORNAMENTAL DEVICE - The present invention relates to an ornamental device comprising a housing including an opening for emitting sound, a sound emitting device mounted in the housing, a memory device in the housing for storing sound to be emitted, a processor configured to access the memory device and configured to operate the sound emitting device so as to emit desired sounds, and a transceiver for transmitting the sound stored in the memory device to a neighboring ornamental device.11-01-2012
20120281851MICROPHONE SYSTEM - The invention relates to a microphone system (11-08-2012
20110280414FUZZY WOOFIES: ONE-WAY COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TWO WIRELESS AUDIO HEADPHONE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS RECEIVING AUDIO FROM AN AUDIO SOURCE - Two wireless audio headphone communication systems each have an audio input for receiving audio signals from an audio source. The wireless transceivers receive and transmit radio frequency communications including audio signals that conform to wireless audio protocols of wireless communication protocols. A wireless audio headphone communication system sends sound over a one-way radio frequency to a receiver, the second wireless audio headphone communication system.11-17-2011
20130121503LOCATION-INDEXED AUDIO CONTENT - Associations between pieces of electronic audio content and geographic locations are stored. An indication of a present link between an electronic device and a particular geographic location is received. A particular piece of electronic audio content is identified as being related to the particular geographic location. The identified piece of electronic audio content then is made available to the electronic device.05-16-2013
20130202129OBJECT-ORIENTED AUDIO STREAMING SYSTEM - Systems and methods for providing object-oriented audio are described. Audio objects can be created by associating sound sources with attributes of those sound sources, such as location, velocity, directivity, and the like. Audio objects can be used in place of or in addition to channels to distribute sound, for example, by streaming the audio objects over a network to a client device. The objects can define their locations in space with associated two or three dimensional coordinates. The objects can be adaptively streamed to the client device based on available network or client device resources. A renderer on the client device can use the attributes of the objects to determine how to render the objects. The renderer can further adapt the playback of the objects based on information about a rendering environment of the client device. Various examples of audio object creation techniques are also described.08-08-2013
20130208911SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING OPERATIONS AMONG A PLURALITY OF INDEPENDENTLY CLOCKED DIGITAL DATA PROCESSING DEVICES - In a network comprising at least a first zone player and a second zone player, a method comprising: receiving, at a user interface module, a command to establish a synchrony group, wherein the synchrony group comprises at least the first zone player and the second zone player; and displaying, at the user interface module, a list of information identifying a plurality of items queued for playback by the synchrony group, wherein (i) at least one of the items on the list has associated location data indicating the at least one item is located on a device attached to the local area network, and (ii) at least one other of the items on the list has associated location data indicating the at least one other item is located on a wide area network.08-15-2013


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