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Power supply or programming interface terminals

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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices


381322000 - Specified casing or housing

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381323000 Power supply or programming interface terminals 89
20120170781HEARING AID WITH WIRELESS BATTERY CHARGING CAPABILITY - In an embodiment, a hearing aid is provided. The hearing aid may include a set of battery charging terminals configured to be connected to a battery. A receiver oscillator circuit is electrically coupled to the set of battery charging terminals, the receiver oscillator circuit includes a receiver coil. The receiver coil may be tuned to resonate at a resonance frequency in a range of MHz and at the resonance frequency. The receiver coil may be configured to receive magnetic energy in the form of electromagnetic waves of a frequency similar to the resonance frequency of the receiver coil and to convert the magnetic energy of the received electromagnetic waves to an electrical current to charge the battery via the set of battery charging terminals.07-05-2012
20130083952HEARING AID DEVICE HAVING A SEALING DEVICE - With a hearing aid device in a frame configuration, acoustic feedback is avoided with an opened battery charger. To this end, a seal surrounds the frame component in an annular manner, the seal sealing a gap between the frame component and the housing thus providing a more user friendly hearing aid.04-04-2013
20090041276Battery compartment comprising several gripping arms and hearing equipped device therewith - A battery compartment for a hearing apparatus and in particular for a hearing device is to be designed to be more compact. To this end, provision is made for a battery compartment with at least two gripping arms, which has an arm section on its one end and a gripping section on its other free end in each instance and for a sliding element which engages with the arm section of the gripping arms. In a first sliding position of the sliding element, the gripping arms assume an open position in order to insert a battery between the gripping sections and a closed position in a second sliding position in order to fix the battery, in which closed position the gripping sections are moved toward one another.02-12-2009
20090041275BEHIND THE EAR HEARING AID PART WITH EXCHANGEABLE COVER - The invention regards a BTE hearing aid shell shaped to fit behind an outer portion of an ear of a user wherein the shell has first and second opposed side walls where the first side wall faces away from, and the second side wall faces towards the head of the user. According to the invention an ornamental cover plate is detachably attached to at least one of the opposed side walls, and a release tool is provided for release of the cover plate.02-12-2009
20090285425Solar powered hearing aid - A hearing aid includes a case, a photovoltaic cell located within the case, and a light gathering member optically coupled to the photovoltaic cell. The photovoltaic cell is preferably a multi-junction cell and the light gathering member gathers light at the wavelengths preferentially absorbed by the multi-junction cell.11-19-2009
20090279727HEARING AID HOUSING APPARATUS - A hearing aid including an audio-processing device. The audio-processing device may be configured to receive a signal from a microphone and send the signal to a receiver. The hearing aid may include a hearing aid housing coupled to the audio-processing device. The hearing aid housing may have a body and a battery door. The battery door may be coupled to the body to form a battery cavity. The battery door may be movable about an axis of rotation that extends through a circular cross section of the battery cavity. Additional hearing aid housing configurations and methods for manufacturing hearing aids are also disclosed.11-12-2009
20130064407HEARING AID WITH ADAPTIVE BULK BIASING POWER MANAGEMENT - A power management system for a digital processing core of a battery-powered hearing aid is adapted for providing power to the hearing aid circuit in a particularly efficient manner. The power management system comprises a first linear voltage regulator, and a second linear voltage regulator in series with a switched-capacitor 2:1 SC converter, a positive bulk biasing voltage supply, and a negative bulk biasing voltage supply, for controlling the switching speed, threshold voltage, and current leak from the semiconductor elements of the digital processing core when the core is operated at the reduced voltage provided by the power management system. The power management system may save between 50% and 70% of the power consumed by the digital processing core of the hearing aid circuit. The invention further provides a method for providing a supply voltage to a digital hearing aid.03-14-2013
20100208925HOUSING FOR A HEARING DEVICE WITH SECURING ELEMENT - A battery bay of a hearing device should be better protected against unwanted opening. A housing for a hearing device is therefore provided with: a battery bay that is mounted on the housing and can be moved into an open position as well as a closed position; a projection that is permanently attached to the housing, and a securing element to prevent a movement of the battery bay. The securing element is supported on the battery bay and can be pivoted between a secured position and an unsecured position. The securing element also engages behind the projection in the secured position and the closed position of the battery bay so that the battery bay cannot be moved into the open position. The securing element has a recess in which, in the secured position, a tool can be held to move the securing element into the unsecured position.08-19-2010
20100260368HEARING DEVICE WITH BATTERY FLAP MODULE - Shells of hearing devices, and in particular for hearing aids, are frequently manufactured using an RSM method and battery flaps are injection-molded. Problems arise frequently due to the varying error tolerances of the two processes when the battery compartment is locked into position on the shell. For this reason a hearing device with a shell, which has a battery opening and a battery flap, which is injection-molded from plastic, is provided for closing the battery opening. The hearing device also has a module which is likewise injection-molded from plastic, on which the battery flap is pivotally supported and which has a detent mechanism via which the battery flap locks into place detachably in a closed position to prevent a pivot movement. Since the injection-molded battery flap locks into position with the injection-molded module, the error tolerances of the shell, often produced by an RSM method, play no part.10-14-2010
20090310806Hearing Device with a Battery Compartment to Accommodate a Battery Secured by a Spring Element - A battery compartment has a spring element for securing a battery in the battery compartment where the spring element is secured in the battery compartment in such a way that it can be replaced, for example upon slackening of the spring tension. According to one embodiment of the invention, the nature of the spring element additionally identifies the setting or the function of the hearing device12-17-2009
20100098279Hearing apparatus comprising a membrane on the battery compartment interior - A hearing apparatus with a housing including a housing interior is provided. Signal processing components are accommodated in the housing interior. The hearing apparatus includes a battery compartment fastened in or on the housing, which has a battery compartment interior into which a battery is inserted for supplying power to the hearing apparatus. Further, a membrane is provided, which separates the housing interior from the battery compartment interior. The membrane is fastened to the housing or to the battery compartment.04-22-2010
20110200218HEARING AID WITH A CASING ELEMENT - The hearing aid comprises a casing element enclosing electronic components and a battery drawer hingedly connected to the casing element for pivotal movement with respect to the casing element. Bushings in the casing element corresponding to seats in the battery drawer are provided co-axially with the desired pivotal axle and a metal hinge pin is provided coaxially with the desired pivotal axle and extends centrally through holes in the bushings, the battery drawer and the casing parts.08-18-2011
20100098278LISTENING SYSTEM COMPRISING A CHARGING STATION WITH A DATA MEMORY - A listening system, e.g. a hearing aid system, including a charging station and one or more listening devices, e.g. hearing instruments. The hearing aid system includes a) a hearing instrument including a rechargeable battery for energizing the hearing instrument, and a volatile data memory, wherein basic data for the configuration of the hearing instrument are stored during normal operation, b) a charging station adapted for allowing a hearing instrument to be mounted and the battery to be recharged without removing the battery from the hearing instrument, and c) a connection allowing communication between the charging station and the hearing instrument, to allow the basic data for the configuration of the hearing instrument to be transferred from the data memory of the charging station to the data memory of the hearing instrument, when the hearing instrument is mounted in the charging station.04-22-2010
20100098280Hearing aid - A hearing aid includes a circuit board having a battery affixed thereon and a switch that utilizes a portion of the circuit board as a portion of the switch. The battery is permanently affixed to the circuit board in at least one location and at least a portion of the battery is spaced away from the circuit board. The circuit board further includes at least one pair of printed switch traces. The switch is integrated into the circuit board in a way that utilizes the circuit board to form a rotary switch.04-22-2010
20090202093Charging device for a hearing apparatus with a moveable charging contact and associated hearing device system - A charging device for a hearing apparatus and a system which includes the charging device are provided. The charging device has at least one charging contact in order to charge the hearing apparatus. The charging contact is movable in order to align with a contact on a hearing apparatus contact thereby a standard charging device is be made available.08-13-2009
20090285426Hearing Aid and Energy Charger as well as Associated Method - A hearing aid with a rechargeable energy storage unit used as a power supply and an antenna used for wireless transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals is provided. The hearing aid also includes an energy charging unit which is arranged between the antenna and the energy storage unit, with the energy transmitted electromagnetically in a charging mode to the antenna being fed electrically via the energy charging unit into the energy storage unit. An energy charger and an energy storage method are also provided.11-19-2009
20090290738Light powered hearing aid - A hearing aid includes a case and a photovoltaic cell located in the case near a translucent portion of the case. A detector circuit includes a voltage comparator for monitoring the voltage from the photocell and indicating variations in voltage. The variations are analyzed to detect data for operating the hearing aid.11-26-2009
20080240480Secondary Batteries for Hearing Aids - Secondary batteries are provided which can be charged without removal from a device. In some implementations, the battery cathode includes LiFePO10-02-2008
20080212817Hearing device with basic structure - A frame is provided for the hearing device, which frame is constructed in such a way that it holds all of the internal components. The shells or the battery compartment are secured to the frame. Thereby, a conversion of a hearing device by the ordinary acoustician is possible.09-04-2008
20080219487Voltage source with a coated housing - In the case of a voltage source with a housing for supplying power to a medical device which can be worn on or in the human body, the failure rate determined by external environment influences or contamination is to be reduced. To this end, provision is made for the exterior of the housing of the voltage source to be provided with a hydrophobic and/or oleophobic and/or biofilm-inhibiting coating. The moisture and contamination-repellent coating largely protects the voltage source from external environmental influences and contamination. Failures determined by external environmental influences or contamination are herewith largely avoided.09-11-2008
20090161898Energy storage means holding device having covered charging contacts and a housing module - An energy storage means holding device and an associated housing module for a hearing device are provided. The holding device includes a holding module and a contact arranged in the holding module for connection to an energy charging device. A gripping is embodied in the holding module and cover the contact such that the contact can be contacted outside but cannot however be reached by human fingers when inserting the holding device into a housing module of the hearing device.06-25-2009
20090129617Hearing aid device, in particular IE hearing device - Disclosed is a hearing aid device, in particular an IE hearing device with a battery receiving space and a battery charger, with it being possible to move a battery for the hearing aid device into the battery receiving space by means of the battery charger, and for an immersion depth of the battery into the battery receiving space to be varied as a function of an embodiment of the battery charger. The invention also relates to a hearing aid device set with a hearing aid device and a plurality of differently embodied battery chargers, as well as a method for the production of the hearing aid device.05-21-2009
20090129616Hearing Device Having a Mechanical Display Element - A hearing device for wearing in or on the ear and for outputting a sound to the ear includes an electronic unit and a display unit for displaying a state of the electronic unit and for easily detecting the state of a hearing device such as a hearing aid while using as little energy as possible. The display unit has a display element that can be moved mechanically, depending on the state of the electronic unit, into a position specific to the state. It is possible to use the display unit to display the switched-on state and the switched-off state of a hearing aid. In particular, it is advantageous to couple the display element mechanically to a battery compartment when the battery compartment is used to switch the hearing aid or the hearing device on and off. However, the display element can also be moved by magnetic or electrical forces.05-21-2009
20090136069Hearing Aid Device - The invention relates to a hearing aid device and a hearing aid switch. The switch is operable to open and close an electric circuit of the hearing aid device. A lock for the switch is operable to selectively enable and disenable a hearing aid device function. The hearing aid device comprises a device for selectively inhibiting the operation of the switch to enable or to disenable the hearing aid device function.05-28-2009
20080317271Sealing unit with component mout for a hearing apparatus - The production of sealing units, and especially of face plates for hearing devices and other hearing apparatuses, is to be further automated. A sealing unit for sealing a shell of a hearing apparatus that can be worn in the auditory canal is accordingly proposed, with a face plate having a battery opening for holding a battery, with battery contacts, to which at least one signal processing module is connected, being arranged in or on the battery opening. A mount is removably affixed in or on the battery opening in order to hold the at least one signal processing module in or perpendicularly above/below the battery opening. The mount thus serves not only to retain the signal processing components during transport, but also to affix them into the face plate for example during milling of positioning holes for microphones.12-25-2008
20080232623SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING POWER TO A HEARING ASSISTANCE DEVICE - Disclosed herein, among other things, is an apparatus for connection to a hearing assistance device having a DAI compatible interface compatible with direct audio input (DAI) signals. According to an embodiment, the apparatus includes a connector to connect to the DAI-compatible interface. The connector includes audio and ground connections compatible with the DAI-compatible interface. The connector further includes a power connection adapted to provide power to the hearing assistance device. The apparatus also includes a power source electrically connected to the connector. The power source is adapted to charge one or more energy storing devices, such as batteries, within the hearing assistance device, according to various embodiments. In an embodiment, the power source is adapted to supplement power provided to the hearing assistance device by the one or more energy storing devices within the device.09-25-2008
20130216079HEARING AID - A hearing aid includes a shell for accommodation of a signal processor for processing an audio signal into a processed audio signal, and a receiver that is connected to an output of the signal processor for converting the processed audio signal into an acoustic sound signal, and a flexible elongated member with a first end attached to the shell, and a second free end, wherein the flexible elongated member comprises a lumen for housing a wire that is for providing current to an electronic device, the flexible elongated member having a shape for stabilizing the shell relative to a user's ear.08-22-2013
20090202092Hearing apparatus with battery compartment locking - A hearing apparatus is provided with a housing and/or frame and a battery compartment that is mounted rotatably in or on the housing or frame between an open position and a closed position. The battery compartment, radially relative to the axis of rotation, has a first locking element within the battery charger area. A second locking element that corresponds to the first locking element is arranged on the housing or frame so that the battery compartment engages removably in a specified pivoted position between the open position and the closed position.08-13-2009
20080304685METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MODULAR HEARING AID - A method and apparatus for a modular hearing aid for a user having a hearing canal, including a housing adapted to fit within at least a portion of the hearing canal, and having at least one access port, a cover adapted for at least partially covering the at least one access port, and signal processing electronics connected to a microphone and a power supply. In various examples, a microphone housing is adapted to mount to the housing and to fit within the at least one access port, and to connect to the microphone, the signal processing electronics and the power supply. In one variant, the apparatus includes a receiver connected to the signal processing electronics, and a fastener as a unitary connector of the cover and microphone housing to the housing. Other variations are presented herein.12-11-2008
20100119094Hearing aid - A hearing aid includes a hearing aid shell, a microphone enclosed within the hearing aid shell, and a sealing member that surrounds the periphery of the microphone enclosed within the hearing aid shell, and a sealing member that surrounds the periphery of the microphone. The sealing member completely fills the area between the periphery of the microphone and the interior surface of the hearing aid shell.05-13-2010
20090074218System for Hearing Assistance Device Including Receiver in the Canal - The present subject matter includes a hearing assistance device connection system for a user having an ear canal comprising a housing, electronics disposed in the housing, a cable electrically connected to the receiver and at least one conductive silicone component to electrically connect the electronics to the receiver.03-19-2009
20090252359Battery compartment door - A battery compartment door for an electronic device, said door being operable between open and closed conditions of use with respect to the device, including a cradle shaped to at least partially receive a terminal of a battery, wherein the cradle is adapted to electrically couple the terminal to an electric circuit of the device when the door is arranged in the closed condition of use.10-08-2009
20110026747HEARING DEVICE WITH USER CONTROL - The hearing device comprises a battery door (02-03-2011
20090110222Hearing Aid Device - A hearing aid device, including a switch being operable to open and close an electric circuit of the device; and a battery locating means for selectively locating a battery within said device for electrical communication with said electric circuit, wherein the switch inhibits the battery locating means from removing the battery from electrical communication with said electric circuit when the switch is arranged to close the electric circuit.04-30-2009
20110038500HEARING AID WITH LED AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A hearing aid has a housing, a signal-processing arrangement housed in the housing, an LED, an actuatable switching element arranged on the housing, and a battery. The LED is connected to a positive pole of the battery with its anode connector and to a first connector of the signal-processing arrangement with its cathode connector. The signal-processing arrangement is formed with a monitoring unit, which switches the first connector if there is a drop below a first threshold voltage such that the cathode connector can be connected to a negative pole of the battery.02-17-2011
20090067655Hearing aid device - The invention relates to a hearing aid device, in particular a hearing aid, preferably an in-the-ear hearing aid, with a long-stretched out removal device and a guide for the removal device, wherein the guide is embodied on or within the hearing aid device and the removal device is accommodated displaceably in the guide. The invention further relates to a hearing aid device set, in particular an in-the-ear hearing aid set, with a hearing aid device according to the invention and an electrical recharging device.03-12-2009
20100034408SWITCHING DEVICE FOR HEARING AID - Switching device for hearing aid, whereby a hearing aid casing part is adapted for placement above and behind the ear lobe and encloses a battery and a signal processing and amplifier device operable to provide an amplified audio signal to the user perceivable as sound wherein further the switching device comprises a base section and a manually operable rigid pivot element which has a two spaced apart pressure receiving parts and a pivotal axis placed between the two pressure receiving parts, whereby a cantilever and indexing ladder is provided between the base section and the rigid pivot element operable to allow the rigid pivot element to assume 2, 3 or more stable positions.02-11-2010
20100260366Hearing Aid with a Battery Compartment, and Battery Compartment for a Hearing Aid, each having a Locking Mechanism for the Battery Compartment - A hearing aid has a housing, a battery compartment, and a locking mechanism for the battery compartment. A shaft which is arranged on the housing or the battery compartment, and a slide having a hole which forms a fit with the shaft, such that the slide can be moved on the shaft in order to lock and unlock the battery compartment in the housing. The hole has a circular cross section, and the shaft has a cross section which is not a circle, with rotational symmetry when rotated through 360°/n, where n is an integer greater than 1. A battery compartment for a hearing aid has a locking mechanism such as this. Because a cross section of said shaft is different from the cross section of the hole in the battery compartment, the shaft is connected to the hole in the battery compartment only at a number of points. This ensures that the slide is held adequately on the shaft even in the event of a production tolerance on the one hand, while, on the other hand, the slide can move on the shaft with little resistance. In a preferred embodiment the shaft is trilobular in cross-section.10-14-2010
20100260367HEARING INSTRUMENT AND INPUT METHOD FOR A HEARING INSTRUMENT - A hearing instrument comprises an openable cover lid, the cover lid comprising at least one electrical input element and at least one lid contact terminal arranged to physically and electrically contact at least one corresponding device contact terminal when the lid is in a closed position. The cover lid further comprises at least two electrical input, each of the at least two input elements being functionally associated with the impedance between the lid contact terminal and a further terminal, and the hearing instrument comprises means to infer the state of the input elements from said impedance. In a preferred embodiment, the number of input elements is equal to or larger than the number of lid contact terminals. In a further embodiment, the lid is the lid of a battery compartment of the hearing instrument, and in a closed position of the lid at least one of the input elements is in electrical contact with one of the terminals of a battery lying in the battery compartment.10-14-2010
20110211717HEARING AID WITH ADAPTIVE BULK BIASING POWER MANAGEMENT - A power management system (09-01-2011
20090022347Hearing Apparatus with a Linear Switch - A hearing apparatus allowing a user to reliably switch the apparatus on and/or off includes a battery compartment for a battery and an actuation element disposed at the battery compartment for switching the apparatus on and/or off. A contact element has a contact point and taps an electric potential on the battery with the contact point when the actuation element is in a first position. The actuation element, in a second position linearly displaced from the first position, lifts the contact element at a lifting section of the contact element being different from the contact point, to remove the contact point of the contact element from the battery. Thus, the contact point of the contact element only contacts the battery and no additional material, preventing materials from being scratched and an electric circuit from being interrupted and ensures that an even, grippable surface of the actuation element is always available.01-22-2009
20100246871Portable Hearing Amplification System and Method - A hearing amplification system. The system has a rechargeable hearing amplifier and a portable charging system. The rechargeable hearing amplifier has a rechargeable battery, a sound amplification portion which will receive sound waves from between 200 to 6000 Hz amplifies sound waves to between 40 dB and 60 dB and broadcast the sound waves to a human user. The rechargeable hearing amplifier also has an ear engaging membrane which is designed to secure to a human ear. The amplification system also has a portable charging system to charge the rechargeable battery in the rechargeable hearing amplifier. The portable charging system has a single 1.5 V battery charger, and alternatively an AC adapter providing 3 V DC. The portable charging system has a seat for charging the rechargeable hearing amplifier and at least one seat for the ear engagement membrane.09-30-2010
20110033073HEARING AID SYSTEM - This hearing aid system comprises a first hearing aid (02-10-2011
20100158294THREE DIMENSIONAL SUBSTRATE FOR HEARING ASSISTANCE DEVICES - A hearing assistance device for a user comprising a housing, a three dimensional electronic substrate disposed in the housing, the substrate adapted to conform to a battery of the hearing assistance device and hearing assistance electronics mounted to the substrate.06-24-2010
20100158295ANTENNAS FOR CUSTOM FIT HEARING ASSISTANCE DEVICES - An embodiment of a hearing assistance device comprises an enclosure that includes a faceplate and a shell attached to the faceplate, a power source, a flex antenna, a transmission line connected to the flex antenna, and radio circuit connected to the transmission line and electrically connected to the power source. The flex antenna has a shape of at least a substantially complete loop around the power source, and maintains separation from the power source.06-24-2010
20110188688HEARING AID - The hearing aid of the present invention comprises a main body case (08-04-2011
20120039497TWO PART HEARING AID WITH DATABUS CONNECTION - A two part hearing aid includes a base part (02-16-2012
20110069854LISTENING DEVICE WITH A RECHARGEABLE ENERGY SOURCE ADAPTED FOR BEING CHARGED THROUGH AN ITE-UNIT, OR A CONNECTOR CONNECTABLE TO, OR A CONNECTOR OF, A BTE-UNIT - A listening device comprising an ITE part adapted for being located in an ear canal of a user and a BTE part adapted for being located behind an ear of the user, the ITE and BTE parts being at least mechanically connected by a connecting element, the listening device having a rechargeable energy source and electric charge terminals for allowing the charging of the rechargeable energy source when electrically connected to charging terminals of a charging station. Further, a method of charging a rechargeable energy source of a listening device and to a listening system. The electric charging terminals of the listening device are located in or on the ITE part, the connecting element or in an electrical connector of the connecting element connectable to the BTE part, or in an electrical connector of the BTE part connectable to the electrical connector of the connecting element.03-24-2011
20100202644BATTERY LOCK - Smallest electronic device such as e.g. a hearing instrument being operated by means of a battery which comprises a battery compartment (08-12-2010
20120039498AUXILIARY MEMBER FOR HEARING AID - This auxiliary member for a hearing aid comprises a main body case (02-16-2012
20100226519HEARING AID - The invention relates to a hearing aid comprising a shell shaped for placement behind the ear lobe of a hearing aid user whereby a battery door is mounted in the shell for rotational movement between an open position for granting access to a battery and a closed position where 09-09-2010
20090316940HEARING AID - A hearing aid comprises a microphone on a proximal side of a device housing and a loudspeaker which via a transmission channel is in open communication with a sound-emitting opening of the device. A sound processing device serves to generate sound received by the microphone to the loudspeaker in amplified form. The device housing is provided on a distal side with an optionally sealed battery chamber for receiving a battery therein. The transmission channel is at least almost wholly separated from the microphone acoustically in order to prevent acoustic feedback. The battery chamber comprises ventilation means for the purpose of increasing the lifespan of the battery.12-24-2009
20120014547Hearing Instrument - A hearing instrument may include an enclosure adapted for behind-the-ear placement that houses a microphone for converting an acoustical input signal to an electrical signal and a sound processing circuit for processing the electrical signal; an earpiece adapted for in-the-canal placement that includes a receiver for converting the processed electrical signal to an acoustical output signal; a replaceable battery housed in the enclosure for powering the microphone, sound processing circuit and receiver; and an electrical cable extending from the enclosure that electrically couples the processed electrical signal from the sound processing circuit to the receiver. The enclosure includes a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion and the bottom portion pivot about a hinge point at one end of the enclosure to open and closed positions. In the open position, the battery is accessible for replacement. A latch mechanism at the other end of the enclosure secures the top portion to the bottom portion in the closed position. The bottom portion may be detached from the top portion and may be replaced by the user.01-19-2012
20120063621CONNECTOR FOR HEARING INSTRUMENT, HEARING INSTRUMENT AND HEARING INSTRUMENT SYSTEM - A connector for a hearing instrument has an electrical or acoustic connection component and a mechanical connection component. The electrical or acoustic connection component is brought into mutual engagement with an electrical or acoustic connection element inside a housing of the hearing instrument. The mechanical connection component is brought into mutual engagement with a mechanical connection element of the hearing instrument. The connector is disposed on a receiver tube or a sound tube. The connector connects the tube to the electrical or acoustic connection element of the hearing instrument and is detachably connected inside the housing to a connector receptacle of the hearing instrument and, in the connected state, is disposed completely inside the housing. The hearing instrument has an opening through which the connector is introduced and inserted into the connector receptacle. A hearing instrument system contains the above described hearing instrument and the above described connector.03-15-2012
20100172528BATTERY COMPARTMENT WITH LATCHING ELEMENT FOR A BEHIND-THE-EAR HEARING DEVICE AND BEHIND-THE-EAR HEARING DEVICE - A battery compartment for a behind-the-ear hearing device includes a battery compartment body having a battery receiving space for accommodating a battery and at least one latching element for locking to a hearing device housing. The latching element and the battery compartment body are formed of different materials and the latching element is disposed in a holding device in the battery compartment body. A behind-the-ear hearing device with a latching element and the use of polyoxymethylene for manufacturing the latching element, are likewise provided. As a result of the separation of the latching element and the battery compartment body and the use of different materials, a switching and locking function can be optimized and the wearing quality can be improved.07-08-2010
20110103628HEARING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - The invention refers to hearing devices (05-05-2011
20120314893HEARING AID WITH INTEGRATED TELECOIL AND BATTERY RECHARGE COIL - A hearing aid is powered by a rechargeable battery and senses a sound signal being a magnetic field using a telecoil. The hearing aid includes a battery recharge coil for receiving power from a hearing aid charger via an inductive couple. The telecoil and the inductive coil are integrated into a single device.12-13-2012
20100290655HEARING AID - A hearing aid (11-18-2010
20120128188HEARING AID - A hearing aid includes a hearing aid housing and a battery chamber housing coupled to the hearing aid housing and configured to receive a battery. A first charging pin is configured to be electrically connected to the battery to be received in the battery chamber housing and the first charging pin is configured to connect the hearing aid housing to the battery. A first protective cover is positioned over the first charging pin in such a way that the first protective cover is in physical contact with the hearing aid housing.05-24-2012
20120250922HEARING AID - A hearing aid includes a device housing (10-04-2012
20120076336Hearing Aid Positioning System And Structure - A hearing aid includes a relatively rigid shell which holds hearing aid electronics and one or more flexible, shape-retaining filaments attached to the hearing aid shell. The filament(s) extend(s) out a proximal side of the hearing aid shell having a shape which interacts with the user's ear anatomy such as the conchae bowl. The shape determines an insertion depth of the hearing aid shell into the user's ear canal, and a spring action biases the hearing aid toward the desired insertion depth. The hearing aid supported by the filament(s) provides an open, unoccluding position in the ear canal.03-29-2012
20120230527Precision Micro-Hole For Extended Life Batteries - Various embodiments of the invention provide an enclosure for a metal-air battery assembly for an extended wear hearing aid. The enclosure includes a diffusion control element having a dimensional property configured for controlling oxygen and moisture diffusion into the metal-air battery assembly to maintain a minimum battery voltage when the hearing aid is operating and worn in an ear canal of a user over an extended period. In an embodiment, the enclosure can comprise a shell with a base end having an opening therein forming a cavity within the shell and a base cap for covering the opening of the base end. A diffusion element is disposed on the base cap. In an embodiment, the diffusion element comprises a laser drilled precision micro hole having an aspect ratio of least about four and a diameter in the range of about 10 to 15 microns.09-13-2012
20120230528HEARING AID - A hearing aid includes a microphone on a proximal side of a device housing and a loudspeaker which via a transmission channel is in open communication with a sound-emitting opening of the device. A sound processing device serves to generate sound received by the microphone to the loudspeaker in amplified form. The device housing is provided on a distal side with an optionally sealed battery chamber for receiving a battery therein. The transmission channel is at least almost wholly separated from the microphone acoustically in order to prevent acoustic feedback. The battery chamber includes ventilation elements for the purpose of increasing the lifespan of the battery.09-13-2012
20080298617Hearing aid component holder with battery cavity - A hearing aid component holder is provided with a cavity comprising a base. A battery may be inserted into the cavity so that the battery is fixed laterally in the main extension plane of the hearing aid component holder through the walls of the cavity and in the insertion direction through the base. A battery contact is arranged in the cavity on the base.12-04-2008
20080298616IN-THE-EAR HEARING AID - In an in-the-ear hearing aid forming an inner casing space with a shell 12-04-2008
20120093349HEARING AID WITH BATTERY DOOR LOCKING MECHANISM AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE BATTERY DOOR LOCKING MECHANISM - A hearing aid includes a housing, a battery door configured to receive a battery, and a battery door locking mechanism. The battery door locking mechanism includes a magnetic element configured to magnetically lock or unlock the battery door. In order to open the battery door, an external actuator having a magnetic device is brought close to the hearing aid and the battery door locking mechanism of the hearing aid is actuated magnetically. A method for operating the battery door locking mechanism is also provided.04-19-2012
20120269370HEARING DEVICE WITH REDUCED ACOUSTIC FEEDBACK DUE TO VIBRATION-RELATED SHORTENING OF THE HEARING DEVICE - A hearing device has a housing, in which an earpiece and a battery are disposed. The housing has a first housing part and a second housing part. The housing parts are connected to one another by way of a connection. At least one housing part or an attenuation element provided in the connection between the housing parts is formed of an elastic material.10-25-2012
20120087526HOUSING FOR A STANDARD FIT HEARING ASSISTANCE DEVICE - A hearing aid kit includes a standard fit, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and a hearing aid tool set. The CIC hearing aid is for extended use and includes a core module inserted into a sleeve. The core module and the sleeve each include various features providing for a minimum overall size, ease of insertion, removal, and cleaning, and enhanced sound transmission. The tool set is configured to be stored and carried in a single piece and provides for adjustment and cleaning of the CIC hearing aid. Open ear fits and occlusive ear fits are possible using different sleeves.04-12-2012
20110293125DEEP-EAR-CANAL HEARING DEVICE - A deep-ear-canal hearing device is worn deep in the ear canal of a user. The hearing device is easy to produce and use, has a small overall size, and can be comfortably worn deep within the auditory canal, in particular in the bony part of the auditory canal as well. The hearing device has a housing, a signal-processing apparatus, and a receiver. The signal-processing apparatus is arranged within the housing. The receiver is merely arranged partly within the housing and another part is arranged outside of the housing. The receiver only being arranged partly within the housing, it is thus not completely surrounded by the housing. Hence, the housing can have a smaller configuration. In the region where the receiver is arranged outside of the housing, the double wall in the form of, the receiver wall and, the housing wall can be dispensed with, which helps in reducing the size.12-01-2011
20100202643HEARING AID WITH AN ELONGATE MEMBER - A hearing aid includes a housing for accommodation of a signal processor for processing an audio signal into a processed audio signal compensating a hearing loss, and a receiver that is connected to an output of the signal processor for converting the processed audio signal into a sound signal, wherein the housing is configured to be positioned in an ear canal of a user without obstructing the ear canal, thereby leaving a passageway between a part of an ear canal wall and a part of the housing so that sound waves can escape from behind the housing through the passageway to surroundings of the user, the housing having an output port for emission of sound towards an eardrum of the user when inserted in the ear canal, and wherein the housing is coupled to an elongate member, which is configured to be placed in a pinna and outside the ear canal of the user for retention of the housing in the ear canal.08-12-2010
20130016862HEARING AID WITH MAGNETOSTRICTIVE ELECTROACTIVE SENSORAANM Newton; James R.AACI BurnsvilleAAST MNAACO USAAGP Newton; James R. Burnsville MN USAANM Sacha; Michael KarlAACI ChanhassenAAST MNAACO USAAGP Sacha; Michael Karl Chanhassen MN USAANM Lin; Wei LiAACI PlymouthAAST MNAACO USAAGP Lin; Wei Li Plymouth MN US - A hearing aid includes a magnetostrictive electroactive (ME) sensor that generates an electrical signal in response to a magnetic field or a mechanical pressure. In various embodiments, the ME sensor is used for cordless charging of a rechargeable battery in the hearing aid by generating an electrical signal in response to a magnetic field generated for power transfer, magnetic sound signal reception, and/or detection of user commands by sensing a magnetic field or a pressure applied to the hearing aid.01-17-2013
20080247580Hearing Aid Using Printed Circuit Board - A hearing aid using a printed circuit board (PCB) is provided which minimizes internal wires since components of the hearing aid are disposed on the PCB. Since individual soldering of amplifier terminals and components of the hearing aid in an existing hearing aid faceplate manufacturing process which consumes the longest time can be automatically performed on the PCB in which the hearing aid components are automatically soldered and disposed, a total process time can be remarkably shortened.10-09-2008
20080240479HYDROPHOBIC AND OLEOPHOBIC COATING AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, comprising an adhesion promoting layer formed from an adhesion promoting composition and a hydrophobic layer formed from a hydrophobic layer forming composition, is disclosed. The adhesion promoting composition may comprise an adhesion promoting compound having a functional linking group and at least one of a silane functional group and/or a germanium functional group. The hydrophobic layer forming composition may comprise a hydrophobic layer forming compound having a hydrophobic aliphatic group and at least one of a silane functional group and/or a germanium functional group. A method of forming the coating is also disclosed.10-02-2008
20080232625Hearing apparatus with a special charging circuit - Provisions to charge the battery of a hearing apparatus without having to remove the battery from the housing are provided. A hearing apparatus separates charging contacts, which are disposed on the surface of the housing and serve to charge the battery, from the battery and to connect the battery to an amplifier circuit, when the battery is not being charged. Otherwise, when the battery is being charged, the hearing apparatus connects the charging contacts to the battery and separates the battery from the amplifier circuit. This double switching function means that the amplifier circuit is protected from charging power surges and also in the normal operating state of the hearing apparatus electrochemical reactions at the charging contacts are avoided.09-25-2008
20080232624Hearing device with current-conducting metal arm - The influence of interference from power supply lines in hearing devices is to be reduced. Thus a hearing device with an antenna for receiving and/or sending inductive signals, a signal processing device, to which the antenna is connected, a power supply unit for supplying power to the signal processing device and an electrical conductor for electrical connection of the power supply unit to the signal processing device is provided. The electrical conductor is L-shaped or U-shaped and closely follows the contours of the power supply unit. In addition the electrical conductor forms a part of an essentially round or rectangular ring, the axis of which has a main directional component perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the antenna. A magnetic field created by the conductor is thus perpendicular to the antenna, so that its magnetic interference influence is reduced.09-25-2008
20080232622INTEGRATED BATTERY DOOR AND SWITCH - The present subject matter includes a switch and an operator to interface with the switch, the operator in a battery door of a hearing assistance device. One embodiment includes a housing, hearing assistance electronics disposed in the housing, a hinge electrically connected to the hearing assistance electronics, and a battery door coupled to the hinge, the battery door includes a switch comprising an operator and at least one contact connected to the hinge.09-25-2008
20110261984HEARING AID WITH A CASING - A hearing aid is provided with a casing where to a battery drawer or lid is movably attached for movement between a closed position and an open position, where the open position grants access to a battery, wherein a leverage tool is removably fastened to the battery drawer. By way of the leverage tool, a hearing aid user with poor dexterity may now easily open the battery drawer.10-27-2011
20130142370MICROPHONE FOR A HEARING AID - A microphone assembly having a housing, a transducer, and an electronic circuit. The housing has an opening, and the transducer is disposed within that opening. The electronic circuit covers the opening such that the transducer is surrounded by at least the electronic circuit and the housing. The electronic circuit includes a substrate and an amplifier for amplifying the electrical signal into an amplified electrical signal which is coupled to a connection means. The connection means provides a direct electrical connection between the electronic circuit and a receiver. The amplifier is mounted on the substrate and disposed on a side of the substrate of the electronic circuit facing the transducer. The receiver is disposed on a side opposite the side and outside the housing.06-06-2013
20130114838HEARING DEVICE WITH A BATTERY COMPARTMENT - A hearing device has a battery compartment for mounting a battery and is provided in a housing. While the battery compartment is being closed there is a risk that a contact element projecting into the battery compartment causes a short circuit between the poles of the battery. The hearing device has a contacting device for the battery that is easy to manufacture. In the battery compartment, a contact element is provided for electrical contacting of the battery which can be deflected against a spring force when inserting the battery. A contact region of the contact element as a result presses against the battery when the battery is inserted. The contact element has an abutment device formed from an electrically insulating material with a surface disposed obliquely in respect of a direction of insertion of the battery, against which the battery abuts when the contact region is deflected.05-09-2013
20130129127CANAL HEARING DEVICES AND BATTERIES FOR USE WITH SAME - Hearing devices configured to fit within the bony portion of the ear canal and batteries that may be used with same.05-23-2013
20130129128CANAL HEARING DEVICES AND BATTERIES FOR USE WITH SAME - Hearing devices configured to fit within the bony portion of the ear canal and batteries that may be used with same.05-23-2013
20110211718HEARING AID - In an embodiment, a hearing aid (09-01-2011
20090257610Quasi-permanent battery for hearing aids - A hearing aid includes a secondary battery and means for identifying the kind of battery for charging. After the battery is identified, an appropriate algorithm for charging the battery is selected and used for charging the battery. Primary batteries are not charged. The hearing aid also includes a voltage reduction circuit for supplying a constant voltage to circuitry within the hearing aid. The battery preferably has an energy density greater than 500 watt-hours per liter.10-15-2009
20130101148HEARING AID RETAINER ACCESSORY - A hearing aid retainer accessory for use with a hearing aid that comprises a battery compartment to be fitted with a battery drawer, wherein the hearing aid retainer accessory comprises a retainer portion with a connection section that is adapted to be engaged with a hearing aid via a battery drawer.04-25-2013
20090296968Maintenance station for hearing aid - A maintenance station includes means for disinfecting, drying, recharging, and communicating with one or more hearing aids using light. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, a fluorescent lamp is primarily for disinfecting a hearing aid, an incandescent lamp is primarily for recharging a hearing aid, and a light emitting diode is primarily for communicating with a hearing aid. All power dissipated within the station aids in drying the hearing aids within.12-03-2009
20100316239HEARING AID - In a hearing aid, a main body case has a fitting-use first communication terminal provided inside the main body case, so that the first communication terminal can be visually checked when the battery case is removed by turning, and the battery case has a first locking protrusion that is engaged with the main body case and a pressing protrusion that is opposite the first communication terminal, when the battery case is turned for installation.12-16-2010
20130195303HEARING AID - With this hearing aid, when a battery case (08-01-2013
20120082331BEHIND-THE-EAR HEARING AID WITH INTERCHANGEABLE EAR HOOK AND EAR TUBE - A hearing aid includes a casing, an ear hook, and an ear tube. The casing includes a first connector on an upper portion of the casing and a second connector on a lower portion of the casing, wherein the first and second connectors are substantially identical. The ear hook includes a receptacle sized to fit the first and second connectors and adapted to releasably couple to one of the first connector and the second connector. The ear tube includes a receptacle sized to fit the first and second connectors and adapted to releasably couple to another of the first connector and the second connector.04-05-2012

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