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Stereo earphone

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381 - Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices


381300000 - Stereo speaker arrangement

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381311000 Wireless or for use in diverse 28
381310000 Virtual positioning 19
20090136067Multi-function headphone system - A system and method for switching a monaural headphone or headset to a binaural headphone or headset and vice versa. Such a system and method is especially useful for utilizing audio, video, telephonic, and/or other functions in multifunction electronic devices utilizing both monaural and binaural audio.05-28-2009
20090285421RADIO HEADSET DEVICE FOR HIGH NOISE ENVIRONMENT - A radio headset device provided for receiving and reproducing a radio broadcast from a radio device in a high noise environment. The radio headset device comprises left and right earcups, a speaker mounted to each of the earcups, and a microphone mounted to each of the earcups for converting acoustic noise outside the earcup into a corresponding electric noise signal. The radio headset device further comprises a noise cancellation module electrically connected to the microphones and the speakers, and a radio connector provided on one of the left and right earcups for selectively electrically connecting the radio headset device to a radio device. The noise cancellation module receives the electric noise signal from the microphones and generates a noise cancellation signal acoustically reproduced by the speakers.11-19-2009
20100104119AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE - An exemplary audio output device includes a microprocessor, a voltage divider, an analog switch and an audio amplifier, which forming a loop circuit, and an audio jack. The audio jack is connected to the microprocessor and the analog switch. The microprocessor is further connected to the audio amplifier. When a earphone is plugged into the audio jack, the microprocessor receives an output voltage from the voltage divider, and adjusts the power of the audio amplifier. The audio jack is switched to be connected to the audio amplifier, and audio signals are output from the audio jack.04-29-2010
20100104118EARPIECE BASED BINAURAL SOUND CAPTURING AND PLAYBACK - Methods and systems of earpiece based binaural sound capturing and playback are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for recording and playback of a binaural sound includes receiving a record command for a binaural sound, and recording electrical data which correspond to the binaural sound captured through an associated binaural sound capturing system. Further, the associated binaural sound capturing system includes two earpieces for a right ear and a left ear for a user. Each of the two earpieces includes a housing and a speaker embedded in the housing facing an inner ear of the user. In addition, the each of the two ear pieces also includes a microphone embedded in the housing at an ear canal of the user for converting the binaural sound received by the ear canal to the electrical data. Furthermore, the method includes playing back the electrical data in response to a playback command.04-29-2010
20130089225BINAURAL-RECORDING EARPHONE SET - A binaural-recording earphone set is provided. It comprises two speaker units and two microphone units, the two speaker units are inserted into the auditory canal of two ears respectively. The two microphone units are coupled on the two speaker units and can be dismounted. Under a recording mode, the microphone units can be dismounted from the speaker units, and replace the speaker units to be inserted into the auditory canal of the two ears to record external sound. Under a play mode, the speaker units are inserted back into the auditory canal of the two ears to playback the sound recorded previously.04-11-2013
20130051589EARPHONE DEVICE - There is provided an earphone device of an ear-hole insertion type having a noise cancelling function, the earphone device including a left channel housing unit that accommodates a left channel driver unit outputting a left channel sound; and a right channel housing unit that accommodates a right channel driver unit outputting a right channel sound. A microphone for noise cancelling and a battery are accommodated in each of the left and right channel housing units.02-28-2013
20110038496HEARING ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM AND COMPONENTS THEREOF - A circuit includes a microphone circuit, an audio processing module, a digital audio processing module, and an active noise reduction (ANR) circuit. The microphone circuit receives acoustic vibrations and generates an audio signal therefrom. The audio processing module generates a representation of the audio signal. The digital audio processing module compensates the representation of the audio signal based on hearing compensation data to produce a hearing compensated audio signal. The ANR circuit receives the hearing compensated audio signal and an ANR signal. The ANR circuit further functions to adjust the hearing compensated audio signal based on the ANR signal to produce an output audio signal, wherein the ANR signal is generated based on the output audio signal.02-17-2011
20120224730HEADPHONES WITH TOUCH INPUT UNIT, AND MOBILE DEVICE ALLOWING FOR THE CONNECTION TO THE HEADPHONES - A headphones apparatus with a touch input unit, and a mobile device for connecting to the headphones are provided. The apparatus includes a microphone for receiving audio signals, a left loudspeaker for outputting a left audio signal, a right loudspeaker for outputting a right audio signal, a touch input unit for receiving a user's operating signals to control a mobile device, and a plug. The plug includes a sensing contact for transmitting the operating signals from the touch input unit to the mobile device, a microphone contact connected to the microphone for supplying bias voltage to the microphone, a left audio contact connected to the left loudspeaker, a right audio contact connect to the right loudspeaker, and a ground contact.09-06-2012
20090010461HEADSET ASSEMBLY FOR A PORTABLE MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - Disclosed is a headset assembly communicable with a portable device capable of receiving and processing biological sensor data. The headset assembly includes a body portion, an earbud coupled with the body portion, a speaker component coupled with the earbud, one or more bio sensors displaced about the outer surface of the earbud that can monitor and pick-up biological characteristics of the user when in contact with the user's skin, and means for coupling the headset assembly with the portable device.01-08-2009
20100183175Audio Player with Monophonic Mode Control - An audio player includes an audio headset having two earpieces. A playback circuit provides one of a stereophonic program and a monaural program to the audio headset. The monaural program may be created by mixing channels of the stereophonic program. A mode control is coupled to the playback circuit and to the audio headset. The mode control detects when at least one of the two earpieces is not adjacent a listener's ear and causes the playback circuit to deliver the monaural program to the audio headset.07-22-2010
20090052702Non-Occluding Audio Headset Positioned in the Ear Canal - A compact audio speaker assembly that fits into the ear canal without occluding the ear canal, thus allowing ambient sounds to be heard along with the audio source. The ear speaker is secured in the ear canal by a ribbon or wire like spring structure anchoring the speaker to the concha portion of the outer ear and typically pushing the speaker up against the top side of the ear canal, leaving a space for external sounds to bypass the speaker to the eardrum. The speaker may further include a connecting signal cable that passes over the ear and behind the ear to provide additional support for the speaker and strain relief for the signal cable. One embodiment may include a shell over the speaker connected to the wire like spring anchor and may include an ear wax screen. Two speakers may be configured for stereo listening.02-26-2009
20090154738Mixable earphone-microphone device with sound attenuation - A portable device that provides sound level attenuation while also providing an acoustic representation of the user's sound environment using microphones attached to, or embedded in, the device, and providing the ability to blend in a user adjustable auxiliary audio source with the user's sound environment signal, whereby placement of the sound signal from both the microphones and the auxiliary input can be adjusted in the stereo field using stereo width and panning controls.06-18-2009
20110268300TACTILE-BASED GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A tactile-based guidance system incorporating tactors in headgear, such as a hat, helmet, or hood. Tactors may provide tactile sensations at different places about the head to convey information to a person such as direction, bearing, movement, orientation, and the like, of the person wearing the tactors. The system may also include an optional multi-dimensional sound mechanism which provides indications of direction, bearing, and other information. One or more tactors may be resorted to for resolving any ambiguity in the sound indications.11-03-2011
20100266150Sound capturing and guiding system from stereo speakers that packed together in one closed box, to be heard as stereo sound that comes from various directions - A stereo speaker sound capturing and guiding system. The system includes devices that connected on each one of the stereo speakers as a cap. The device covers the speaker cones in hermetic way that captures the sound of the specific speaker and don't let the sound mixed with the sound of the other speaker that located in the same closed box or very near to the first speaker. The sound in the cap device guided directly from the speaker through connector facility between the speakers and the user's ears—such as air tubes—and transmitted exclusively to the user's matched ear—the sound from the right speaker gets only to right ear and sound from the left speaker gets only to the left ear—as at least two independent audio channels10-21-2010
20130216073SPEAKER AND ROOM VIRTUALIZATION USING HEADPHONES - A system for audio processing comprising a room reflection emulation system for emulating sound reflections in a room. A room acoustics emulation system for emulating acoustic properties of the room. A head, shoulder and ear emulation system for emulation sound reflections near the head.08-22-2013
20110170721BINAURAL FILTERS FOR MONOPHONIC COMPATIBILITY AND LOUDSPEAKER COMPATIBILITY - A method of processing at least one input signal by a set of binaural filters such that the outputs are playable over headphones to provide a sense of listening to sound in a listening room via one or more virtual speakers, with the further property that a monophonic mix down sounds good. Also an apparatus for processing the at least one input signals. Also a method of modifying a pair of binaural filters to achieve the property that a monophonic mix down sounds good, while still providing spatialization when listening through headphones.07-14-2011
20100189290METHOD AND APPARATUS TO EVALUATE QUALITY OF AUDIO SIGNAL - A method and apparatus to evaluate a quality of an audio signal, in which the number of effective channels is determined for each of a reference signal of a current frame and a test signal indicative of the reference signal that has passed through an audio codec, and an audio quality evaluation score of the current frame is calculated by evaluating an audio quality of the current frame based on the determined number of effective channels for each of the reference signal and the test signal by means of a predetermined evaluator.07-29-2010
20090034765METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IN EAR CANAL ECHO SUPPRESSION - An earpiece (02-05-2009
20090161895SOUND PROVIDER ADAPTED TO CANCEL OUT NOISE - A sound provider for providing sound to a person's ear includes one or more terminals for receiving a first electrical signal and a first sound emitter operatively connected to the one or more terminals for outputting a sound corresponding to the first electrical signal. The sound provider also includes a sound receiver for receiving sound and outputting a corresponding, second, electrical signal, and a second sound emitter operatively connected to the sound receiver for outputting a sound corresponding to the second electrical signal.06-25-2009
20090245549IDENTIFICATION OF EARBUDS USED WITH PERSONAL MEDIA PLAYERS - An arrangement for identifying the left and right earphones in an earphone set is provided in which the acoustically transparent grills positioned over the transducers in the earphones are configured to provide a visual effect that identifies the correct orientation of the earphone set during use by indicating which earphone is intended for which ear. In an illustrative example, the transducer grills on respective left and right earphones are configured with a series of openings that are arranged in a pattern which indicate “L” and “R.” In other illustrative examples, the transducer grills have embossed or molded markings. As an alternative to the “L” and “R” markings, the transducer grills may be configured to convey other information or graphics such as logos.10-01-2009
20090252355TARGETED SOUND DETECTION AND GENERATION FOR AUDIO HEADSET - In an audio headset having one or more far-field microphones mounted to the headset; and one or more speakers mounted to the headset environmental sound may be recorded using the one or more far-field microphones and mixed with source media sound to produce a mixed sound. The mixed sound may then be played over the one or more speakers.10-08-2009
20120128185PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING UNIVERSAL EARPHONE JACK - A portable electronic device includes an earphone jack circuit for receiving an earphone plug, a control circuit and a switch circuit. The control circuit sends audio to or receives audio from the earphone plug by the earphone jack. The switch circuit is set between the earphone jack and the control circuit including a first mode and a second mode. The control circuit identifies a type of the earphone plug, and switches the switch circuit to a corresponding mode according to the type of the earphone plug.05-24-2012
20100260362ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT WITH CONFIGURABLE AUDIO PATH CIRCUITRY - Electronic devices and accessories such as headsets are provided. An accessory may include speakers and active noise cancellation circuitry. Microphones may be used to pick up ambient noise signals for implementing noise cancellation for the speakers. The accessory may also include a voice microphone and an ambient noise microphone that picks up ambient noise signals for implementing noise cancellation for the voice microphone. A user input interface may gather user input. Ultrasonic tone generators may transmit data between the device and accessory. The electronic device and accessory may be connected to each other by audio connectors. Hybrid circuits that each include a summer and a transconductance amplifier may be selectively switched into or out of use. When switched into use, paths between the device and accessory can support bidirectional communications such as communications involving the simultaneous flow of analog audio and microphone signals in opposite directions.10-14-2010
20100260361REVERSIBLE PERSONAL AUDIO DEVICE CABLE COUPLING - A apparatus and method for enabling signals representing a first audio channel and a second audio channel to be conveyed to a first earpiece and a second earpiece, respectively, regardless of which of the first and second earpieces a cable providing both the signals representing the first and second audio channels is coupled to, wherein a first acoustic driver of the first earpiece acoustically outputs the first audio channel and a second acoustic driver of the second earpiece acoustically outputs the second audio channel.10-14-2010
20110058696ADVANCED LOW-POWER TALK-THROUGH SYSTEM AND METHOD - A low-power consumption, talk-through system comprising: a headset worn by a user on his head, the headset further comprising: an array of at least 2 sets of 2 ambient sound microphones, each set positionable on each side of the head; a signal processing subsystem adapted to process respective electrical signals from the microphones and to provide respective outputs having acoustical source distance and intensity information; at least 4 acoustical output devices connectable to the signal processing subsystem, the respective acoustical output devices driven by the respective outputs of signal processing subsystem; and no on-board power source, wherein the user is provided with enhanced situational awareness and near human sound localization by the system.03-10-2011
20120140961Headset with Noise Plates - A headset comprises two earphones joined together by a band which can be worn over the head of a wearer. Each earphone includes a noise plate, which functions to attenuate or eliminate noise from the environment such as a tournament gaming environment. The noise plate includes an aperture through which a boom assembly that houses a microphone may engage to transmit utterances of the wearer to audio processing circuitry. A grille can be exposed when the noise plate is removed, which allows sounds produced in the ambient environment to enter the earphone.06-07-2012
20100195852Menu navigation method for user of audio headphones - A method of operating an audio system having first and second sources includes outputting a first audio signal from the first source on first and second speakers. In response to a listener input, the first audio signal and a second audio signal from the second source are output simultaneously on the first and second speakers. The first signal is output from each of the first and second speakers such that the first signal is perceived by a listener to originate from a first direction toward the listener. The second signal is output from each of the first and second speakers such that the second signal is perceived by the listener to originate from a second direction toward the listener. The second direction is offset at least ninety degrees from the first direction.08-05-2010
20090169037METHOD OF SIMULTANEOUSLY ESTABLISHING THE CALL CONNECTION AMONG MULTI-USERS USING VIRTUAL SOUND FIELD AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM FOR IMPLEMENTING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is a method of simultaneously establishing the call connection among multi-users using a virtual sound field, in which when a plurality of users simultaneously make a video-telephone call to each other they can feel as if they conversed with each other in a real-space environment, and a computer-readable recording medium for implementing the same. The method comprises the steps of: a step of, when voice information is generated from any one of the plurality of speakers, separating image information, the voice information and position information of the speaker whose voice information is generated; a step of implementing the virtual sound field of the speaker using the separated position information of the speaker; and a step of displaying on the screen a result obtained by adding the implemented virtual sound field and the separated image information of the speaker together, and outputting the virtual sound field of the speaker through loudspeakers.07-02-2009
20080304683Stereo Sound Image Forward Headphone - A stereo sound image forward headphone is provided. The stereo sound image forward headphone utilizes a speaker provided on the ear hanger, which is spaced apart from a user's ear by a distance, such that sound from the speaker is on the front side of the user's ear. The stereo sound image forward headphone not only creates a natural impression of sound heard from various directions as in natural hearing, but also protects the user's ear from hearing loss which might otherwise result from long use of a headphone.12-11-2008
20100310101METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DIRECTIONAL ACOUSTIC FITTING OF HEARING AIDS - A method of acoustically fitting a hearing aid comprises providing a plurality of audible tones, each having a predetermined frequency through stereo headphones. The tones are provided at specific sound pressure in each ear. The patient changes the relative sound pressure in each ear until a perceived direction of source of the tone is in front of the patient. The amplification or attenuation requirements of a hearing aid are modified based on the difference in the sound pressures required for the left and right ears of the patient for perceived directional sameness for each frequency band-pass channel.12-09-2010
20110110543Headphone and stereo headphone - A headphone housing has a first and a second summit in cross section. A sound emitter protrudes from the housing in side section. In the cross section, the first summit protrudes as being away from a point of intersection of an axis line of the sound emitter, that is horizontal and vertical to the side and cross sections, respectively, and a first straight line going through a cord guide located in an outer edge of the cross section, in a first side with respect to the first line and in a second side far from the cord guide with respect to a second straight line going through the point and intersecting with the first line. The second summit protrudes as being away from the point in the second side and in a third side, the opposite of the first side with respect to the first line.05-12-2011
20090052701Spatial teleconferencing system and method - A system for processing audio data is provided. A left channel system receives a first channel of audio data, and a right channel system receiving a second channel of audio data. A delay coupled to one of the left channel system and the right channel system provides a delay to one of the first channel of audio data and the second channel of audio data, wherein the delay causes an apparent location of a source to a listener to occur in a single location.02-26-2009
20090028363Method for setting a hearing system with a perceptive model for binaural hearing and corresponding hearing system - A hearing system is provided that includes a left device that supplies an electrical sound signal for supplying the left ear of the user, and a right device that supplies an electrical sound signal for supplying the right ear of the user. A perceptive model for binaural hearing is implemented at least in one of the two devices or a further device belonging to the hearing system, with which a left setting value for the left device and/or a right setting value for the right device can be determined on the basis of the two sound signals. The left device can then be set with the left setting value and/or the right device with the right setting value. The entire process of the binaural hearing and not only the monaural hearing is thus taken into consideration for the setting of the hearing system.01-29-2009
20090028362Hearing device with a visualized psychoacoustic variable and corresponding method - The setting and/or adjustment of a hearing device for a user is provided. The hearing device includes a signal processing facility for processing an input sound to form an output sound, with a perceptive model being implemented in the signal processing facility or in a processing facility connected in a data link therewith, with which perceptive model a psychoacoustic variable can be provided in respect of the output sound. A visualization facility, for instance integrated in a remote control comprising the processing facility, is preferably wirelessly connected to the signal processing facility. A value of the psychoacoustic variable can thus be visualized accordingly. In this way an assisting person obtains an item of information relating to the perception of the sound supplied by the hearing device by the user, as a result of which the setting is facilitated for the assisting person.01-29-2009
20110085685Sound Amp Ear Device with Ear Phone Jack - A sound amplification system which has a sound application ear device operating a programmable control board. The control board provides a low pitched signal and a high pitch signal. It also provides a mono audio signal and a stereo audio signal and a recharging current. The recharging current charges the rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery provides power to the device. A microphone is also provided and it transmits exterior sound signals to the programmable control board. An earphone operates with the device and can receive the stereo audio signal. The mono audio signal is amplified and broadcast through a first speaker in the ear device. The stereo audio signal is amplified and broadcast through a second speaker in the earphone.04-14-2011
20120201406EARPHONE - an earphone has a driver unit that generates a sound according to an electrical signal inputted therein, a first sound channel from which the sound generated in the driver unit is outputted, and a second sound channel through which a sound generated in the driver unit is transmitted by way of a channel different from the first sound channel to combine the transmitted sound with the sound in the first sound channel.08-09-2012
20110150248AUTOMATIC ENVIRONMENTAL ACOUSTICS IDENTIFICATION - A headphone system includes sound processor which calculates properties of the environment from signals from an internal microphone and an external microphone. The impulse response of the environment may be calculated from the signals received from the internal and external microphones as the user speaks.06-23-2011
20090022343Binaural Recording For Smart Pen Computing Systems - A pen based computing system concurrently captures handwriting gestures and records audio using binaural recording. A binaural headset communicatively coupled to the smart pen device uses at least two microphones. A left microphone is placed in or near the left ear and the right microphone is placed in or near the right ear, each facing outward. Speakers are integrated into a shared housing with the microphones facing inward towards the ear canal to play back the audio recordings. By recording audio with microphones placed close to the ears, the system provides realistic sounding playback and allows users to more easily differentiate between multiple sources of audio.01-22-2009
20080267433Bone-Conduction Loudspeaker Set, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Translation System, Auditory Support System, Navigation Apparatus, and Cellular Phone - A bone-conduction loudspeaker set is provided which is similar to the form of a personal ornament. Systems suitable for this are also provided. The bone-conduction loudspeaker set includes: two bone-conduction loudspeaker units; and a loudspeaker-microphone switching unit which switches from a mode where the two bone-conduction loudspeaker units are used as right and left stereo loudspeakers to a mode where one of them is used as a loudspeaker and the other is used as a microphone, and vice versa. A system includes: a mutual-distance detection unit which detects the distance between the two bone-conduction loudspeaker units being within a predetermined distance; and a distress-signal issuance unit which issues a distress signal based on a detection result obtained by the mutual-distance detecting unit.10-30-2008
20080212809HEADPHONE SURROUND USING ARTIFICIAL REVERBERATION - A surround experience for headphones can be created using various techniques and tools. The described techniques and tools can be applied separately or in combination. For example, a surround experience can be created by splitting input audio channel signals into high-pass and low-pass signals. The low-pass signals can undergo cross-mixing and artificial reverberation. The artificial reverberation can apply different delay profiles to the low-pass audio signals. The high-pass and low-pass audio signals can be combined to generate output audio channel signals. A surround experience can be crated using a system comprising an input module, a crossover module, a channel cross-mixing module, a reverberation module, and an adder module.09-04-2008
20080205675STEREOPHONIC SOUND OUTPUT APPARATUS AND EARLY REFLECTION GENERATION METHOD THEREOF - A stereophonic sound output apparatus and an early reflection generation method thereof. The stereophonic sound output apparatus includes an early reflection generator to implement an early reflection when a 5.1 channel audio signal is down-mixed to a 2-channel audio signal to play back a 5.1 channel audio signal through a 2-channel headphone. The early reflection generator generates early reflections in pairs in which there is an appropriate time difference between the left side reflections and the right side reflections by generating an interaural time difference between two input audio signals and filtering. It is possible to copy the characteristics of early reflections in a real listening room. It is also possible to implement an early reflection similar to a real reflection measured in an apparatus for playing back the 5.1 channel audio signal through 2-channel headphone. A natural 5.1 channel effect may also be obtained using little computation.08-28-2008
20100215198HEADSET ASSEMBLY WITH AMBIENT SOUND CONTROL - An ambient sound control headset includes an external microphone and an earpiece with an internal speaker. A circuit acts upon a signal output by the external microphone to form a signal representative of a user's environment that is input to the internal speaker. Components of the signal output by the external microphone that have a corresponding volume level that are less than a predetermined threshold are allowed to pass to the internal speaker and components of the signal output by the external microphone that have a corresponding volume level that are greater than the predetermined threshold are compressed to have a volume that is less than the predetermined threshold.08-26-2010
20100166237Single earphone for stereo and monaural audio devices - Our earphone employs a standard three-conductor stereo headphone plug, inserted into an ordinary stereo jack, enabling the listener to hear the combined left and right channels of stereo audio in a single ear without the need for any kind of adapter. The single earphone enables a person with a hearing impairment, the ability to hear both left and right audio channels in their one good ear without missing any of the media content. Our single stereo earphone may be used equally well with both stereo and mono audio devices without the need for any kind of adapter, switch or sensing circuit. Our earphone overcomes numerous problems typically experienced when one plugs a mono earphone into a stereo jack, and vice versa. It also does away with the need for any type of stereo-to-mono adapters, creating a cost savings while simplifying its universal use with all audio circuits.07-01-2010
20090175473EARPHONE SET WITH DETACHABLE SPEAKERS OR SUBWOOFERS - An apparatus is provided including a first speaker which emits sound, a second speaker which emits sound, and a device which connects the first speaker and the second speaker. The device may connect the first speaker or front speaker, and the second speaker or rear speaker, so that the device can be attached to an ear of a person so that the first speaker lies near the middle of the ear while the second speaker lies at a location between an ear lobe of the ear and a mastoid of a skull of the person.07-09-2009
20090110220Method for processing a multi-channel audio signal for a binaural hearing apparatus and a corresponding hearing apparatus - Wearers of hearing apparatuses and in particular of hearing device systems having two speakers are to be able to enjoy the experience of spatial multi-channel reproduction. Provision is accordingly made to generate a dual-channel audio signal for a binaural hearing apparatus comprising a multi-channel audio signal having at least three individual channels. Accordingly at least one spatial impression-influencing signal level in at least one of the individual channels is changed, and a signal of at least one of the individual channels is connected with signals of the remaining individual channels to the dual-channel audio signal. A corresponding hearing apparatus and in particular a corresponding hearing device have a transformation system that takes over this preprocessing from the multi-channel audio signal to the dual-channel audio signal.04-30-2009
20120039495AUDIO PROCESSING APPARATUS, AUDIO PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An audio processing apparatus is disclosed which includes: a first signal generation portion configured to generate an audio signal of which the frequency is varied over time; an operation portion; a storage portion configured to store characteristic information in accordance with the frequency and an amplitude of the audio signal in effect when the operation portion is operated; a reproduction portion configured to reproduce audio data; and a correction portion configured to correct a reproduced signal from the reproduction portion based on the characteristic information stored in the storage portion.02-16-2012
20110317857SELF POWERED AUDIO COMPRESSOR CIRCUIT - The application relates to a compressor circuit for a listening device, the compressor circuit comprising a pair of input terminals and a pair of output terminals, the compressor circuit being adapted for receiving an electric input signal representing an audio signal with an input voltage swing V12-29-2011
20120114154USING ACCELEROMETERS FOR LEFT RIGHT DETECTION OF HEADSET EARPIECES - An earplug to provide sounds to a user's ear includes a housing, a speaker in the housing, a reference location or direction indicator associated with the housing to identify a preferential orientation of the housing in a user's ear, and an accelerometer configured to provide an output signal to distinguish and/or to identify in which ear respective earplugs are located. A method to distinguish and/or to identify in which ear respective earplugs are located includes orienting the earplugs in respective ears based on a reference, and using accelerometers to provide output signals distinguishing the left and right positioning of the respective earplugs.05-10-2012
20120250913ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT WITH DIGITAL NOISE CANCELLATION AND DIGITAL AUDIO PATH - Electronic devices and accessories are provided that may communicate over wired communications paths. The electronic devices may be portable electronic devices such as cellular telephones or media players and may have audio connectors such as 3.5 mm audio jacks. The accessories may be headsets or other equipment having mating 3.5 mm audio plugs and speakers for playing audio. Microphones may be included in an accessory to gather voice signals and noise cancellation signals. Analog-to-digital converter circuitry in the accessory may digitize the microphone signals. Digital voice signals and voice noise cancellation signals can be transmitted over the communications path and processed by audio digital signal processor circuitry in an electronic device. Digital-to-analog converter circuitry in the accessory may convert digital audio signals to analog speaker signals. Digital noise cancellation signals may use digital noise signals to cancel noise from digital audio signals that have been received from an electronic device.10-04-2012
20090060238EARPHONE STRUCTURE WITH A COMPOSITE SOUND FIELD - An earphone structure including one or more composite chambers is described. Each of the composite chambers includes sub-speakers. The sounds generated by these sub-speakers are uniformly distributed in the composite chamber and a composite sound field is generated by these sub-speakers. The sound field generated by each of these sub-speakers can be adjusted by re-locating the position of the sub-speaker, for example, by re-locating the sub-speaker, or by re-locating the sub-speaker in different angles, to generate the composite sound field. The sound field generated by the main speaker and the composite sound field generated by these sub-speakers can form a spatial sound with very good quality. By using of its physical characteristics of locations of these sub-speakers, the sound generated by the earphone has an uniformly diffusion sound pressure and a surround effect, which allows a user of the earphone to enjoy a sound field similar to that in a theater.03-05-2009
20120257773EAR-LOOP EARPHONE - According to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, the ear-loop earphone comprises a main body, an ear-loop base and an ear-loop. The main body has a surrounding side, a front side, and a back side, wherein the front side is opposing to the back side, the front side has a plurality of sounding apertures for outputting an audio, and the surrounding side surrounds and connects to the front side and the back side. The ear-loop base is fixed on the surrounding side of the main body in a rotatable manner, and rotates with respect to a first axis. The ear-loop is fixed on the ear-loop base in a rotatable manner, and rotates with respect to a second axis different from the first axis.10-11-2012
20090220113MULTIPLE RECEIVER VENTING SYSTEM - An earphone housing has a sound output port to be inserted into an ear. Multiple drivers are located in the housing. Each driver has a respective motor and a respective diaphragm. The diaphragm of one of the drivers is vented but that another is not. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.09-03-2009
20120328137SOUND CONTROL APPARATUS, PROGRAM, AND CONTROL METHOD - An apparatus may include a hardware processor and a storage medium. The storage medium may be coupled to the processor, and may store instructions. When executed by the processor, the instructions may cause the apparatus to receive a direction signal indicating a first direction in which a head of a user is facing with respect to a fixed direction. The instructions may also cause the apparatus to convert the first direction in which the head is facing with respect to the fixed direction into a second direction in which the head is facing with respect to a third direction, connecting the head and an object. Additionally, the instructions may cause the apparatus to generate an audio signal having characteristics such that a sound generated from the audio signal is perceived by the user as arriving from the third direction.12-27-2012
20120288126Apparatus - An apparatus comprising at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to perform processing at least one control parameter dependent on at least one sensor input parameter, processing at least one audio signal dependent on the processed at least one control parameter, and outputting the processed at least one audio signal.11-15-2012
20100202635Single supply headphone driver/charge pump combination - A headphone driver amplifier operative from a single DC voltage supply, coupled directly to the headphone speakers without the need for DC coupling capacitors used for preventing DC reaching the headphones. An onboard power supply generates a negative voltage rail which powers the output amplifiers, allowing driver amplifier operation from both positive and negative rails. Since the amplifiers can be biased at ground potential (0 volts), no significant DC voltage exists across the speaker load and the need for DC coupling capacitors is eliminated.08-12-2010
201101584403D Stereo earphone with multiple speakers - An earphone produces a three-dimensional stereo sound effect. The earphone has an ear cup with a front portion, a back portion, a front sound effect unit disposed in the front portion, a front sound resonator disposed in the front portion, a back sound resonator disposed in the back portion, and a back sound effect disposed in the back portion. A front speaker is disposed in the front portion of the ear cup. A back speaker is disposed in the back portion of the ear cup. A sound controller is disposed in the ear cup. A sound output unit is connected with the ear cup. The front speaker and the back speaker work together to create stereo sound in a first dimension and in a second dimension. One of the front speaker and the back speaker creates stereo sound in a third dimension.06-30-2011
20080226103Audio Data Processing Device for and a Method of Synchronized Audio Data Processing - An audio data processing device (09-18-2008
20080226102HEADPHONE WITH EXPANSION SPACE IN EITHER RECEIVER - A headphone includes left and right receivers each including an elongate shell including a peg projecting inwardly from either end; a housing shaped to conform to the shell and including a peripheral wall, a slot in either end, the slot adapted to securely engage with the peg, a first receiving space at one portion, a second receiving space at the other portion in communication with the first receiving space, and a plurality of bottom holes; a speaker mounted in the first receiving space; a plurality of buttons including a volume button mounted on a bottom of the second receiving space; and a cap fitted on the second receiving space; a band having both ends secured to the caps; and a swivel microphone secured to an outer surface of either receiver. Additional components (e.g., battery) can be mounted in the second receiving space.09-18-2008
20130094683LISTENING SYSTEM ADAPTED FOR REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION PROVIDING SPATIAL INFORMATION IN AN AUDIO STREAM - A binaural listening system comprises first and second listening devices adapted for being located at or in left and right ears, respectively, of a user, the binaural listening system being adapted for receiving a wirelessly transmitted signal comprising a target signal and an acoustically propagated signal comprising the target signal as modified by respective first and second acoustic propagation paths from an audio source to the first and second listening devices. Spatial information is provided to an audio signal streamed to a pair of listening devices of a binaural listening system. The first and second listening devices each comprise an alignment unit for aligning the first and second streamed target audio signals with the first and second propagated electric signals in the first and second listening devices, respectively, to provide first and second aligned streamed target audio signals in the first and second listening devices, respectively.04-18-2013
20080199029System and Method for Engaging in Conversation while Using An Earphone - A listening device for presenting at least one audio signal to a user comprises a first ear piece and a second ear piece, each of the first ear piece and the second ear piece including at least one speaker and each being adapted to block substantially all external sounds from entering an ear of a user. The device further comprises a microphone for sensing a first audio signal and a differential amplifier coupled to the microphone for amplifying the first audio signal. The differential amplifier is coupled to a first electrical ground. A switching arrangement coupled to and receiving a second audio signal from an external audio source and the external audio source having a second electrical ground that is electrically distinct from the first electrical ground. The switching arrangement is further coupled to the differential amplifier, the first ear piece, and the second ear piece, the switching arrangement being adapted to select at least one of the first audio signal and the second audio signal for transmission to the first ear piece and at least one of the first audio signal and the second audio signal for transmission to the second ear piece.08-21-2008
20130156238ADAPTIVE CROSSTALK REJECTION - Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for reducing crosstalk between two systems or between parts of the same system. In some embodiments, a method includes transmitting, from a first signal source, a first input signal to a first amplifier associated with a first audio-listening channel. Additionally, the method includes measuring a signal level along a common path shared by the first audio-listening channel and the second audio-listening channel, wherein the common path includes at least some resistance. Additionally, the method includes determining a compensation signal to be injected into the second audio-listening channel based at least partially on the measured signal level. Additionally, the method includes injecting at least a part of the first input signal into the second audio-listening channel based at least partially on the determined compensation signal, thereby reducing a current level in the second audio-listening channel.06-20-2013

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