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379 - Telephonic communications

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379265010 Call distribution to operator 373
379258000 Switching controlled in response to called station addressing signal 10
379243000 Class of service determination or transmission 10
379251000 With generating of call associated substation signal 7
379325000 Structure of equipment 6
379322000 Power supply 2
20090092242REMOTE POWERING OF DSL ADMS - Apparatus and methods of remote powering of DSL ADMs are disclosed. In a subscriber communication node, at least communication components that enable the subscriber communication node to communicate with a network switching device, and possibly also subscriber communication components that enable one or more subscriber communication devices to communicate with the network switching device, can be powered either by a local power source or remotely through an electrically conductive twisted wire pair. A network node may derive its own power and also supply power to subscriber communication nodes through twisted wire pairs. A linear or ring topology of subscriber communication nodes can thus be kept operational, and subscriber communications can potentially also be maintained, when a local power source at one or more subscriber nodes becomes unavailable.04-09-2009
20110058664MOBILE POWER SYSTEM - A mobile power system includes a plurality of energy sources, a plurality of electronic and telecommunications components configured to convert power generated by the plurality of energy sources to direct current (DC) power, wherein the plurality of electronic and telecommunications components condition the DC power and direct the conditioned DC power to a Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN), and one or more transportable housings configured to hold the plurality of energy sources and the plurality of electronic and telecommunications components during transport of the one or more housings.03-10-2011
379245000 Identification 2
20110069828Dynamic IVR Dialog based on Analytics Data - A method comprising receiving, at a call-processing switch, a call from a calling entity in which the calling entity is a natural person and a telecommunications terminal, and, wherein the call received at the call-processing switch comprises (i) the identity of the caller telecommunications terminal, (ii) the identity of the caller, and (iii) the geo-location of the calling entity. Upon receiving the call, the call-processing switch identifies (i) global contextual information, (ii) contextual information at the calling entity, and (iii) contextual information at the call-processing switch, wherein the temporal order and the hierarchical order of menu items in a menu are reconfigured for presentation to the calling entity based on (i) the identity of the caller telecommunications terminal, (ii) the identity of the caller, (iii) the geo-location of the calling entity, (iv) global contextual information, (v) contextual information at the calling entity, and (vi) contextual information at the call-processing switch.03-24-2011
20080298576Communication system, communication control unit, communication control method. communication control program and monitoring unit - A communication system 12-04-2008
379315000 With line-signal control 1
20110116619Route select service - Methods and devices for providing an improved call setup in a telephony network are provided. In at least one embodiment, a telephony terminal sends a call route select request to a call route select server. The call route select server determines a preferred call route from the telephony terminal to the called destination and sends a call route select response to the telephony terminal. The call route select response comprises information on how to setup the call.05-19-2011
379308000 Switching apparatus for connecting calling line to operator's position 1
20110280392APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AN AMOUNT OF CONCURRENT CALLS - The present invention discloses an apparatus and a method for controlling an amount of concurrent calls. The apparatus for controlling the amount of concurrent calls comprises a background processing module, a cooperation module and a core module, wherein the background processing module is arranged to provide an information configuration interface, configure a threshold for each of amounts of concurrent calls classified according to call characteristics, and send the threshold to the core module; the cooperation module is arranged to provide a variable for each of amounts of concurrent calls classified according to call characteristics and send the variable to the core module; and the core module is arranged to receive the threshold and the variable and control the cooperation module to release a current call when determining the variable is no less than the threshold. The present invention could limit the amount of concurrent calls corresponding to specific call characteristic under the threshold and thus improve the control of user calls.11-17-2011
379313000 Multiple section switchboard 1
20080232576CONTACT BANK - A contact bank, which can be terminated, or is terminated, at least one terminal module serving for signal communication and being adapted to allow telecommunications lines to be connected therewith, or at least one supplementary module, of a telecommunications distribution point, which is connected to a terminal module, whereby the contact bank further is mountable or mounted in the telecommunications distribution point, includes: (a) a plurality of tapping contacts directly and permanently electrically connected to the contacts of the module in the terminated condition of said contact bank; (b) a smaller number of outlet contacts than of tapping contacts; (c) a plurality of remote-controllable switches for selectively electrically connecting said outlet contacts to said tapping contacts; and (d) a control device for controlling the plurality of switches.09-25-2008
379310000 Divided central (e.g., communication between switchboards) 1
20090074176TELEPHONE SYSTEM - The telephone system includes a server apparatus storing telephone directory data distinguished by extension numbers, and telephone terminals individually corresponded to the extension numbers by login operation. The telephone terminal has a user interface section which receives a request operation for requesting a reference to the telephone directory data which is specified by the extension number, and the request section which sends out the request message containing the extension number specified in the request operation to the server apparatus. Moreover, the server apparatus has a transmission section which transmits the telephone directory data corresponding to the extension number contained in a request message to the telephone terminal which sent out the request message.03-19-2009
20110261946HYBRID HOSTING SYSTEM - Systems, methods and apparatuses of present invention are directed to providing hosted services over a telecommunications network. In one embodiment, the system is comprised of a Cloud Enabling Technology Device (“CETD”) and a Hosted Service Provider. Provisioning and management instructions for the CETD are maintained at the Hosted Service Provider. The CETD may download the provisioning and management instructions, which may be used to control the transmission of voice data received at the CETD over a phone line.10-27-2011
20090207995METHOD FOR MANAGING COMMUNICATION EVENTS IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The present invention relates to managing communication events in a Communication System at least comprising 08-20-2009
20090285383ELECTRONIC DEVICE, IMCOMING CALL ANSWERING AND REJECTION METHOD AND DIGITAL DATA STORAGE MEDIA - An incoming call answering and rejecting method, an electronic device, and a digital data storage media are provided. The method is applied to an electronic device having a touch screen and has the following steps. A request of an incoming call is received. A dragging signal is generated on the touch screen. When the dragging signal is an answering signal, the incoming call is answered. When the dragging signal is a rejecting signal, the incoming call is rejected.11-19-2009
20080292089Provision of Telecommunication Services11-27-2008
20110085655MUTING AUDIO IN TURRET SWITCHING SYSTEMS - Broadcasting data streams to telephony devices via talk paths, wherein audio data streams are muted based on connection states of each of the plurality of talk paths. Each telephony device sends an input audio data stream to a media server via a respective talk path. The media server combines input audio data streams received from the telephony devices to generate output audio data streams for sending to the telephony devices via the respective talk paths. For each telephony device, a determination is made as to whether to mute the respective output audio data stream. The determination is based on connection states of each of the talk paths.04-14-2011
20080219428System and method for voice-activated dialing over implicit and explicit NFA trunks - A system for voice-activated dialing including means for initiating a call through a first connection between a user's phone and a switch at a central office; responsive to the first connection, means for initiating a second connection over the implicit trunk between the switch and a voice over internet protocol gateway, responsive to the second connection, means for initiating a third connection between the voice over internet protocol gateway and a voice-activated dialing platform; responsive to a keyword sent from the user's phone to the voice-activated dialing platform, means for disconnecting the implicit trunk and signaling the switch to connect to the voice-activated dialing platform over the explicit trunk; and responsive to a dialed number sent from the user's phone to the voice-activated dialing platform, means for handing the call off from the internet protocol gateway to the switch at the central office to process through call the implicit trunk.09-11-2008
20110096917AUTOMATED CALL SET-UP BETWEEN TWO TERMINALS - A method and apparatus are provided for sending a first terminal a message including a command adapted to trigger automatic sending by the first terminal of a request to set up a call between the first terminal and a second terminal.04-28-2011
20100067684APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR BRIDGING COMMUNICATION SIGNALS - According to embodiments of the present invention, there is provided an apparatus and a system for bridging communication signals. According to a non-limiting embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a bridging apparatus comprising a first interface connectable to a first signal source, the first signal source for conveying signals within a first frequency range. The bridging apparatus further comprises a second interface connectable to a second signal source, the second signal source for carrying signals within a second frequency range, the second frequency range comprising a subset of the first frequency range. The bridging apparatus further comprises a bridging module, the bridging module having a bridged position in which it connects the first and second interfaces and a disconnected position in which the first and second interfaces are not connected, the bridging module being operable to selectively change from the disconnected position to the bridged position, responsive to detection of a triggering event.03-18-2010
20110123014Path Redundant Hardware Efficient Communications Interconnect System - A path redundant, hardware efficient communications interconnect (05-26-2011
20120321067Call Routing System and Method of Using the Same - A method includes accessing information associated with a call at an attendant interaction module. The call is associated with a task. The information associated with the call includes a first action object identifier, a first result identifier, and a first reason identifier. The first action object identifier is associated with the task, the first result identifier indicates a status of the task, and the first reason identifier includes information related to the first result identifier. The method includes generating an attendant interaction signal subsequent to receiving the information associated with the call.12-20-2012
20130170636PRIVATE BRANCH EXCHANGE, VOICE QUALITY ADJUSTMENT METHOD, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM STORING VOICE QUALITY ADJUSTING PROGRAM - Provided is a private branch exchange capable of independently adjusting call voice level and call quality according to a connection type of a communication line or a telephone. The private branch exchange includes an audio quality characteristic configuration DB (07-04-2013
20130129068METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A MULTITENANCY TELEPHONE NETWORK - A method and system for operating a multitenancy telephony system including a call queue that stores call requests received from a plurality of users; an expandable and contractible telephony resource cluster that establishes call sessions for call requests; a analysis system that calculates capacity requirements of the system; a resource allocator that manages the scaling and operation of the telephony resource cluster; and a plurality of telephony network channels that are used as telephony communication channels for call sessions.05-23-2013

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