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379 - Telephonic communications

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379930010 Having transmission of a digital message signal over a telephone line 405
379100010 To produce visual-graphic copy (e.g., facsimile) 39
379102010 Remote control 24
379106010 Remote indication over telephone line (e.g., telemetry) 10
379101010 Audio program distribution 4
20090046838System, Method, and Device for Playing Music During Conversation Suspension - Methods and apparatus for providing substitute media content to a communications device user during suspension of a communications session is disclosed. In an exemplary method, a communications device suspends output of audio or video information flowing from a remote communications node, in response to a received suspend message. The communications device initiates playback of substitute media content until a resume message is received, whereupon the device suspends playback of the substitute media content and resumes output of audio or video information flowing from the remote communications terminal.02-19-2009
20100239078SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING AUDIO SIGNALS OVER A VOICE CHANNEL - An embodiment of a system for transmitting an audio signal over a voice channel of a voice communication session includes a base station. The base station includes an audio player docking station configured for coupling the base station with an audio player device, and at least one processor. The at least one processor is configured to establish a voice communication session between the base station and a communication device. The voice communication session has a voice channel for carrying voice data between the base station and the communication device. The at least one processor is further configured to receive a user input including a request for an audio signal from the audio player device, and send the audio signal request to the audio player device. The at least one processor is further configured to receive the requested audio signal from the audio player device, and mix the audio signal into the voice channel of the voice communication session.09-23-2010
20090016504System and Method for Providing Communications to a Group of Recipients Across Multiple Communication Platform Types - A communications system for enabling communications between a prime user and members of a group. The system includes a first set of interlaces capable of communicating with the prime user via a first plurality of communication platforms using at least a first format and a second format; and a second set of interfaces capable of communicating with each of the members of the group via a second plurality of communication platforms using at least the first format and the second format. The system also includes a session manager coupled to the first set of interfaces having a plurality of routines configured to enable a prime user in communication with any one of the first set of interfaces to create a message to be transmitted to a selected group in either the first format or the second format; and a format converter capable of converting the message between the first and second formats. A communication controller is configured to obtain the message from the first database in both the first and second formats, obtain group member information regarding each member's contact preferences, and to initiate transmission of the message from the second set of interfaces to the selected group members using various, communication platforms based on the member's contact preferences.01-15-2009
20080247525GAME-ON-HOLD - In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a call from a user at an endpoint, placing the user on hold in response to a particular event, and rendering one or more games that are playable by the user at the endpoint. The rendering of the one or more games enables the user to play one or more of the games while the user is on hold.10-09-2008
379920010 Polling 3
20130028401Techniques For Telephony-Based Voting - A telephone network voting system receives telephone ballots cast by voters by dialing a telephone number. The telephone number is dialed by voters spread over a large geographic area. The voting calls are routed to points of presence local to or otherwise identified with the caller by using the caller's ANI or other originating number identification. The points of presence then accumulate votes and periodically forward tallies to a centralized location over a data network. Instructions may be transmitted from the centralized location to the points of presence.01-31-2013
20120069977SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELF-SERVICE AUTOMATED DIAL-OUT AND CALL-IN SURVEYS - A poll definition comprising a plurality of poll questions and a phone list comprising a plurality of phone list entries is received over the network from a user. Each phone list entry comprises a phone number for one of a first plurality of poll targets. A first poll run is conducted as a dial-out poll run using the poll definition and the phone list, such that a first set of answers to the plurality of poll questions is received from at least some of the first plurality of poll targets. A second poll run is conducted as a call-in poll run, using the poll definition, such that a second set of answers to the plurality of poll questions is received from a second plurality of poll targets. A third poll run is conducted as a web survey, using the poll definition, such that a third set of answers to the plurality of poll questions is received from a third plurality of poll targets.03-22-2012
20100135475ADVERTISING-EFFECTIVENESS DETERMINATION METHOD, ADVERTISING-EFFECTIVENESS DETERMINATION SYSTEM, AND ADVERTISING-EFFECTIVENESS DETERMINATION PROGRAM - An advertising-effectiveness determination method includes receiving a call made based on identification information provided to an information-providing medium in association with advertisement information. The call is connected to a call receiver indicated by the identification information. Input information input into a calling equipment of the call receiver and sent from the calling equipment is received. An effectiveness of the advertisement information is determined based on the received input information.06-03-2010
379910010 Credit authorization 1
20110286588METHOD FOR PROVIDING PERSONALIZED INTERNET TELEPHONE SERVICE AND TERMINAL USING THE SAME - Provided are a method for providing a personalized internet phone, and a terminal using the same. The method includes operations: (S11-24-2011
20130044868Dial-up connection method and device of mobile data terminal - The present disclosure provides a dial-up connection method of a mobile data terminal, which includes: the mobile data terminal sets a value of a wireless dial-up state variable as “connected” after receiving an initial dial-up connection request from a user equipment and sets dial-up information, and maintains the value of the wireless dial-up state variable as “connected” after the user equipment disconnects an initial connection with the mobile data terminal; and the mobile data terminal sends a “successfully connected” message to the user equipment when determining, after receiving a non-initial dial-up connection request from the user equipment, the value of the wireless dial-up state variable is “connected” and dial-up information in the non-initial dial-up connection request is identical with the set dial-up information. The present disclosure also provides a dial-up connection device of a mobile data terminal. With the method and device, a mobile data terminal can realize a fast dial-up connection, thereby greatly shortening the time spent on the dial-up connection.02-21-2013
20100008480Universal Internet Telephone System - There is described a method for setting up a call over the Internet between a Web-based phone and a phone device. The Web-based phone is loaded on a Java-enabled computing device. The call involves a Web application hosted on an external server capable of communication with a SIP Server on which the Web-based phone is pre-registered. Upon request from the computing device, the external server sends an HTTP message to a SIP Switch which in turn forwards a SIP NOTIFY message to the computing device through the SIP Server. The Web-based phone then pops up on the computing device and the call initiation can be confirmed. There is also described a platform independent Web-based phone as well as a Web application for auto-populating a contact directory from contacts on a social networking Web site.01-14-2010
20130188785Service control point funtionality implemented at communication endpoints - A system for managing customer-to-business voice communication has a network-connected communications device and instructions executable on the communications device from a non-transitory physical medium, the instructions providing a first function for determining if a destination asserted requires treatment, a second function for sending data from the communications device to a network-connected server, a third function for receiving alternative destination information from the server, and a fourth function for establishing communication with the business based on the returned destination information.07-25-2013
20120237010Coupling signal processing circuitry with a wireline communications medium - A system and method for processing a communication signal from a wireline is provided. The system comprises a coupling unit and signal processing circuitry. The coupling unit comprises a transformer and is configured to receive the communication signal from the wireline. The coupling unit is also configured to generate a first signal based on amplifying or attenuating the communication signal according to a first winding ratio of the transformer and a second signal based on amplifying or attenuating the communication signal according to a second winding ratio of the transformer. The signal processing circuitry is configured to process the first signal and the second signal.09-20-2012
20110299671Doorcellphone - The main idea is to simplify an intercom-to-cell phone system and to make it cheaper for the consumer by using a conventional phone line to connect an intercom to a designated cell phone.12-08-2011
20100080367PHONE-LINE POWERED LIGHTING DEVICES AND METHODS OF USING SAME - A telephone service provider or alarm company, supplies phone-line-power for auxiliary, backup, and/or emergency lighting in residential, commercial and/or industrial facilities at a reasonable charge in exchange for providing, maintaining and ensuring that lighting service and power will be available when needed such as under power failure situations. A phone-line-driven lighting device includes a sensor capable of detecting a primary power source. Once the sensor senses that the primary power source is not present, circuitry connects the device's phone line terminal to a light producing element, in turn powering the light producing element via a telephone line's DC or AC power. Such a device may include a control circuit which responds to a predetermined phone line signal, thereby controlling the operational state of the device. Such a signal could be broadcast in emergency or other informative situation by the provider of the phone line service.04-01-2010
20110170677COMMUNICATION SYSTEM ALLOWING NETWORK NODES TO EFFICIENTLY ESTABLISH COMMUNICATIONS WITH A CONTROLLER - A communication system is provided that includes a controller and a system to allow efficient transmission of information with a plurality of nodes. The information includes an alignment signal provided from the controller to enable the nodes to align their response signals. The information further includes node identification information. Once alignment and identification occur, nodes can then transmit packet data to the controller.07-14-2011
20090103694APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING VOICE COMMUNICATIONS - A network element, a system to deliver voice communications, and methods for delivering voice services from an optical network to a telephone at a location within a premises. The system may include a network element and a telephone system having a connector. The telephone system may be positioned proximate to the network element so that the connector contacts an analog interface of the network element.04-23-2009
20110007882Method and interference engine for processing telephone communication data - A method and an inference engine for processing telephone communication data of telephone parties of a telephone network are provided to allow better services and better allocation of resources in a telephone network. The inference engine comprises an obtainer for obtaining telephone communication data that associates telephone parties identifiable by telephone network identifiers with usage data that describes usage of one or more services of a telephone network. Further, the inference engine also comprises a generator for generating contact structure data for a set of the telephone parties based on the telephone communication data, wherein the contact structure data expresses a degree of connectivity between each member of at least a part of the set and one or more other members. The generated data gives the required information to improve services and resource allocation in the network.01-13-2011
20090080625COMMUNICATION TERMINAL APPARATUS - A communication terminal apparatus is provided capable of preventing a misunderstanding that the external attachment telephone is hooked up, so that the external attachment telephone can be correctly shifted to a receiving mode. In the apparatus, a ring signal detecting section detects a ring signal sent by a line exchange machine from a line; and a hookup detecting section monitors a line voltage of the line and detects a hookup of an external attachment telephone. In the hookup detecting section, a line voltage detecting section detects the line voltage on the line; a reference voltage outputting section outputs a reference voltage; a threshold value voltage switching section switches to a threshold value voltage representing a first voltage level or switches to a threshold value voltage representing a second voltage level; and a voltage comparing section compares the reference voltage with the line voltage when the ring signal is detected. When a comparison result indicates that a difference is or over a threshold value voltage representing the first voltage level, it is detected that the external attachment telephone is hooked up.03-26-2009
20100239076Providing Called Number Characteristics to Click-to-Dial Customers - A system and method to provide content and call attributes for a destination phone number using a click-to-dial connection includes accepting a query, retrieving links to a document, and searching through cached data using the query to identify relevant or destination number information. If no match is found, the method continues with accessing the document identified by the link for identifying relevant number information and creating a click-to-dial icon to link to the relevant numbers included in the relevant phone number information identified by the query. Next, a popup box for content relevant to the click-to-dial icon and a click feature on the popup box are created to retrieve call destination attributes for viewing by a user. Further, computer instructions create at least one communication connection between two communication devices after viewing call destination attributes.09-23-2010
20120140907Communication Method and System - A system is disclosed that may include a directory server on a network, the server having a network interface that includes a plurality of actuatable software buttons, each button identifying a listed party; a database of private information for listed parties; a button server on the network containing executable software agents constructed to create a communication interface for a communication connection; wherein the buttons are constructed to transfer to the user's computing device information describing the type of connection and private address information for the listed party identified by the actuated button, the button server then downloading, to the computing device of the user actuating the button, a software agent constructed to create a communication interface to the private address of the listed party identified by the actuated button.06-07-2012
20110019805METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SEARCHING AUDIO RECORDS - Methods and systems are provided for searching audio records. Certain embodiments of the invention may be applied to search audio records containing a user's voice for instances where a specific sound, such as a word or phrase, is vocalized by the user. An audio sample is provided by recording the user vocalizing the sound. The audio sample is compared with the audio records to locate matches to the audio sample. In some embodiments, the audio records comprise recordings of calls between a near-end caller and a far-end caller, and the audio sample is a recording of a sound spoken by the near-end caller. The same input device may be used to record both the audio sample and the audio records.01-27-2011
20110085647Methods, Systems and Products for Providing Modem Functions - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed that describe a network interface to a data network. A modulator-demodulator receives a modulated carrier signal from an input connection. A power circuit connected to the input connection receives electrical power from a loop plant and provides the electrical power to the modulator-demodulator.04-14-2011
20110096913Custom Telephony Device Configuration - A system for providing highly-customized telecom devices has a variety of standardized component parts, a library of device-specific software providing a variety of functions, including soft keys and icons related to soft keys, and an interactive interface provided by software executing from a machine-readable medium coupled to an Internet-connected server. The interactive interface provides functions for a person to indicate to the system a combination of needs and personal characteristics, the system illustrates to the person special features associated with the combination of needs indicated, and the person is enabled to select to configure a telecom device with individual ones of the special features.04-28-2011
20110216891METHOD AND EQUIPMENT FOR IMPLEMENTING INFORMATION EXCHANGE - A method for implementing information exchange is disclosed in the present invention, and the method comprises: a calling user terminal sending information to be sent to a called user terminal by carrying the information in a user-to-user signaling (UUS) field of a call message; the called user terminal sorting out the information carried in the UUS field from the call message after receiving the call message, and feeding back a message other than an acknowledge message to the calling user terminal; the calling user terminal terminating this call after receiving the message fed back by the called user terminal. The simplicity and the easy transformation of the software update of user terminals are fully utilized in the present invention; therefore the present invention can enable a user terminal to have the information exchange function only by properly modifying the software of the user terminal.09-08-2011
20120307988COMPUTER SYSTEM AND PROCESSOR HAVING INTEGRATED PHONE FUNCTIONALITY - A computer system including telephone functionality. The computer system includes a first keyboard and a first display. The computer system also includes a processor having at least a first functional unit and a second functional unit, and further includes a phone portion. The computer system may operate in a first mode, a second mode, or a third mode. In the first mode, only the phone portion is activated, and the phone portion provides a functionality of placing and receiving phone calls without being removed from the computer system. In the second mode, the phone portion and first functional unit of the processor are activated. In the third mode, each of the phone portion, the first functional unit, and the second functional unit are activated.12-06-2012
20120307986ADVANCED TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE DATA EXCHANGE SYSTEM, EXCHANGE BOARD AND DATA EXCHANGE METHOD - Embodiments of the present invention disclose an ATCA data exchange system which includes: a backboard, at least one exchange board and service board. The exchange board includes at least one Fabric port group, each of which is connected to a service board through the backboard to form a first exchange channel for broadband service, the Fabric port group includes four difference sending and receiving port pairs, and each port pair includes a pair of difference receiving and sending ports. A connector 12-06-2012
20120307987METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING TRANSACTION DATA IN A PACKET NETWORK - A method and apparatus for providing transaction data in a packet network is described. In one embodiment, at least one routed call is received. Transaction data is subsequently obtained from the at least one routed call. In turn, the transaction data is provided to an entity (e.g., a business or store) associated locally to the at least one routed call.12-06-2012
20120207290TELEPHONY INTERFACE FOR VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION ENVIRONMENTS - A telephony interface for realtime network communications in virtual communication environments allows telephony communicants to interact with other communicants in an immersive communication environment.08-16-2012
20120121074APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PHYSICAL INTERACTION OVER A DISTANCE USING A TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE - Methods and apparatus that permit two users to physically interact with one another from a distance using their telecommunication device are disclosed. In an exemplary method, a connection between the telecommunication devices may be established and an indication of inputs at the first and second telecommunication devices received. The inputs may be verified to have been input at the telecommunication devices either substantially simultaneously or overlapping in time. A signal may be sent to the telecommunication devices instructing them to provide a physically perceptible output responsive to verification of substantially simultaneous or overlapping inputs.05-17-2012
20100246786TELEPHONE OUTLET FOR IMPLEMENTING A LOCAL AREA NETWORK OVER TELEPHONE LINES AND A LOCAL AREA NETWORK USING SUCH OUTLETS - A network for transporting power and multiplexed data and digital telephone signals. The network includes at least three nodes and first and second wiring segments in a building for carrying the multiplexed data and digital telephone signals, and at least one of the segments is configured to additionally carry a power signal. A power consuming component is connected to the at least one wiring segment and is powered by the power signal carried by that segment. Each wiring segment connects a different pair of the nodes together to form, with nodes nodes, a packet based bi-directional communication link. One of the nodes contains communication link composed of a repeater, a bridge, or a router connectable to a data unit. At least one of the nodes is connected to a remote data unit external to the building for coupling the remote data unit to at least one of said communication links.09-30-2010
20120163570COMPUTERIZED METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RANDOMIZED COMPILATION OF ELECTRONIC IDENTIFIERS - A computerized method and system for compiling electronic identifiers is provided. In one embodiment a computer-based engine is provided that includes a processor and two communication gateways. The first communication gateway connects to a plurality of first-type communication devices. The second communication gateway connects to a plurality of second-type communication devices. The processor is configured to randomly connect to at least one of the first-type communication devices and receive input representing an address of at least one of the second-type communication devices.06-28-2012
20120250840SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR POWERING NETWORK ACCESS DEVICES FROM CUSTOMER PREMISES EQUIPMENT - A communication system has a network access device (NAD) that is designed to deliver Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) along with high-speed data to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The NAD is backpowered by the CPE across a subscriber line. When backpower is provided from the CPE, circuitry (referred to as a “POTS signaling element”) within the network access device converts POTS control signaling to digital data for transmission to the CPE. The band vacated by the POTS control signaling is used for the power signal on the subscriber line. In the absence of backpower, components of the network access device are bypassed, thereby providing POTS in the event of a power failure. The NAD receives advance warning of the backpowering so that it can disable the bypassing in order to prevent the power signal from leaking through the NAD to the network.10-04-2012
20120177187METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTEGRATING A PBX-EQUIPPED CLIENT AND AN ON-DEMAND DATABASE SERVICE - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for integrating a private branch exchange (PBX)-equipped client and an on-demand database service. These mechanisms and methods for integrating a PBX-equipped client and an on-demand database service can enable embodiments with additional infrastructure at the client that is better equipped to leverage the on-demand database service. The ability of embodiments to provide such client side infrastructure can enable additional enhanced services in conjunction with telephone calls, etc.07-12-2012
20120321057DOCKING STATION FOR MOBILE DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING CONTACT INFORMATION - Embodiments disclosed herein include a docking station for a mobile device, for example. The docking station may include a docking port configured to physically receive a mobile device and a receiver to receive a list of contacts from the mobile device. The docking station may also include a display to show the list of contacts, wherein each contact is associated with a sensor for receiving an input from a user for selecting the corresponding contact. The docking station may further include a transmitter to send a selection of one of the contacts in the list of contacts, as input by the user via the sensor corresponding to the selected contact, to the mobile device to initiate a telephone call with a device associated with the selected contact.12-20-2012
20120321058System and Method for Managing Multimedia Communications Across Convergent Networks - A method and device that interrogates the availability of a called party before placing a communication from the calling party to the called party. A callback may be initiated so that both communications are completed simultaneously. The routing of communication may take place through any one of a number of different networks and at another time of the day, even if the caller does not otherwise have access to those networks.12-20-2012
20130170632SPLITTERLESS MULTICARRIER MODEM - A modem for use in Digital Subscriber Line communications transmits and receives data over the local subscriber loop in common with voice information over the loop, while avoiding the need for voice/data splitters. The modem responds to disruptions associated with “disturbance events” such as on-hook to off-hook transitions and the like by rapidly switching between pre-stored channel parameter control sets defining communications over the loop under varying conditions. In addition to changing parameter control sets responsive to a disturbance event, the modem may also change transmission power levels and other system parameters such as frequency domain equalizer characteristics. Further, provisions are made for reduced bandwidth communications under selected conditions.07-04-2013
20110235789Method and Apparatus to Initiate a Communications Device - To reduce memory space for storing applications only one copy, of otherwise duplicate coding, may be provided in a telecommunications device. To ensure that certain telephony functions are enabled relatively quickly on start-up of the device the invention provides a method of initialising telephony functionality and then initialising other functionality in two sequential phases, where the first phase includes initialising parts of the other functionality that are relied on by the telephone functionality prior to initialising other parts that the telephony functionality does not use.09-29-2011
20130202096COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND COMMUNICATION METHOD THEREOF - A communication device provides a face detection module and a face recognition module. The face detection module detects faces in a photo input by a user. The face recognition module searches the detected faces in a storage system of the communication device. If the detected faces do not exist in the storage system, the communication device prompts the user to edit communication information of the detected faces. If the user wants to dial a phone number, the communication device searches the storage system for the phone number of a selected face in a photo and dials the phone number. If a phone number is calling in, the communication device displays a photo corresponding to the phone number, and highlights a face corresponding to the phone number.08-08-2013