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Voice activation or recognition

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379 - Telephonic communications


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379880040 Voice controlled message management 73
379880020 Voice verification (e.g., voice authorization, voiceprint, etc.) 39
379880030 Voice dialing 19
20100119045SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING VOICEMAIL SERVICES INCLUDING CALLER IDENTIFICATION - A method for providing voicemail services includes receiving a voicemail message from a calling party and intended for a called party. The method further includes identifying a name associated with the calling party and storing the name associated with the calling party with the voicemail message.05-13-2010
20130077771System and Method of Dialog Trajectory Analysis - The invention comprises computer-readable media, methods and systems for performing a dialog analysis and using that analysis to release an updated spoken dialog system. The method embodiment of the invention comprises receiving data associated with dialogs, extracting turn by turn details of the dialog and generating from the extracted details an empirical call-flow representation of the dialog. The call data may be call-logs and user audio. The empirical call-flow representation may be a finite-state machine with nodes that represent call-states and the arcs between nodes represent user responses. Nodes may also represent sub-dialogs. The call-flow representation is presented graphically to a user for easier analysis and understanding. Significant changes in the dialog can be identified as hot-spots for improvement in the next release of the spoken dialog system.03-28-2013
20130077770METHOD FOR DESIGNING AN AUTOMATED SPEECH RECOGNITION (ASR) INTERFACE FOR A CUSTOMER CALL CENTER - A method of designing a customer interface for a service center, such as an automated speech recognition (ASR) self-service center. Customer activity to an existing service center is monitored, providing customer model, which includes a collection of customer tasks. These tasks are assigned to action-object pairs, which are further assigned to routing destinations. Dialog modules are designed, based on the customer model data, including disambiguation dialogs.03-28-2013
20130077769ENHANCED VOICEMAIL USAGE THROUGH AUTOMATIC VOICEMAIL PREVIEW - Textual preview of a voicemail is generated and provided through email or similar media to users along with the audio version. Transcription of the textual version, as well as additional capabilities such as actionable terms, playback-jump, switching between text and audio versions, direct or metadata based searchability, and enhanced response capabilities are provided based on contextual data obtained from voicemail metadata and user associated data stores such as contact list, email history.03-28-2013
20130077768SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR CONTACT CENTER MANAGEMENT - A system, method, and computer program product for customer contact management via voice, chat, e-mail and social network contacts includes a balanced service process (BSP) for maximizing first contact resolution (FCR) and CSAT. The BSP is incorporated within a contact center (single center, multiple centers and/or work at home), which receives voice calls, SMS messages, email, chat, or social media communications from customers. The BSP in real-time determines dispositions of such contacts, monitors and manages the performance of individual resolvers.03-28-2013
20130077767SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING CALL FLOWS OF A SPOKEN DIALOG SYSTEM - A dialog manager for a spoken dialog system. A decision module selects a path from a plurality of alternative paths for a given call, wherein each path implements one of a plurality of strategies for a call flow. A weighting module weights the path selection decision and is connected to a probability estimator for estimating the probability value that a given one of the plurality of paths is the best-performing path.03-28-2013
20130028399SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING A VOICE IN REAL TIME - The invention relates to a system and a method for real-time monitoring and analyses of a conversation of an agent by capturing and processing a plurality of features of the speech of the agent during the conversation with the caller. The system and method further provides a monitoring device for detecting a variation in the conversation, detecting location of the caller and suggesting location specific vocabulary. The system and method also provides an alert engine for transmitting an alert in real-time at the agent console.01-31-2013
20130208874Multi-Channel End-to-End Hosted Call Recording System for IVR-Call Center Analytics - A telephone call is connected through a caller transfer point in a PSTN to a call recorder in a private hosted telephony network for making an audio recording of the telephone call. The telephone call is also connected from the caller transfer point through an IVR transfer point in the PTSN to a remote IVR server for dialog processing of the telephone call. At some point during the dialog process the connection between the call recorder and the IVR transfer point is placed on hold while maintaining a live connection between the call recorder and the caller transfer point. A human agent is then connected through the IVR transfer point to the telephone call for further handling of the telephone call, and the connection to between the IVR transfer point and the call recorder is restored to allow communication between the caller and the human agent.08-15-2013
20130051537CAMPAIGN MANAGER - A process identifies multiple campaign activation points associated with a voice-based menu hierarchy such that the voice-based menu hierarchy is accessed by multiple callers. The process continues by identifying a campaign associated with the voice-based menu hierarchy and determining a campaign value associated with the campaign. Additionally, the process determines an opt-in rate associated with the campaign and determines a likelihood that callers will reach each campaign activation point. A score associated with the campaign is then calculated for each campaign activation point.02-28-2013
20090304161 SYSTEM AND METHOD UTILIZING VOICE SEARCH TO LOCATE A PRODUCT IN STORES FROM A PHONE - A system and method for providing automatic voice recognition and voice response product location information in a store while using a personal mobile phone or any phone connected to a telecommunications or data communications network such as and including the Internet and an automatic speech recognition system. The system 12-10-2009
20130070910Advanced Adaptive Communications System (ACS) - This invention allows a system to monitor how quickly and accurately the user is responding via the input device. The input device can be a mouse, a keyboard, their voice, a touch-screen, a tablet PC writing instrument, a light pen or any other commercially available device used to input information from the user to the PBCD. Information is displayed on the PBCD screen based on how quickly and accurately the user is navigating with the input device.03-21-2013
20130058465Automatic Call Flow System and Related Methods - Systems and methods are provided for obtaining statistics from the use of a voice application. More particularly, the invention may comprise an interception engine that is configured to receive a document from an IVR application server and inject a marker(s) into the document, and pass the document on to an IVR browser. The interception engine is further configured to receive a response document from the IVR browser, remove the marker results, and pass the document on to the IVR application server. The marker results are used to create statistical information useful in the analysis of the operation of the voice application in the IVR system. In an exemplary embodiment, the markers are used in connection with a map of the call flow of the voice application.03-07-2013
20130064356System And Method For Storing Call Recordings In A Call Center - A system and method for storing call recordings in a call center is provided. Incoming calls to a call center are monitored. Retention criteria are obtained and ordered by importance. The retention criteria are applied to each of the calls. Those calls that match at least one of the retention criteria are identified. The identified calls that include one of a single highly important criteria and two or more less important criteria are selected for retaining in the call center. Recordings of the selected calls are stored in the call center.03-14-2013
20110286583Enhanced Multiparty Conference Outdial - Methods are described for providing conference calls. Methods are performed in a conference call system and includes: receiving local contact information for a plurality of contacts stored in a local phone book of a user equipment associated with a caller; updating a contact database of the conference call system based on the local contact information; registering the caller with an interactive voice response system of the conference call system; receiving a spoken request from the caller; accessing the contact database with contact information and retrieving a phone number responsive to the spoken request; calling the retrieved phone number; and establishing contact between the caller and a person associated with the retrieved phone number. Systems and computer readable mediums are also described.11-24-2011
20120189108VOICE COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A voice communication apparatus includes an analysis unit to analyze an outgoing conversation signal transmitted from a user of the voice communication apparatus to another party in communication or an incoming conversation signal from the another party in communication received by the voice communication apparatus, a storage unit to store a voice message to be played back, a mixing unit to perform mixing of the voice message with the incoming conversation signal, and a control unit to control a start timing of the mixing so that the mixing of the voice message with the incoming conversation signal is started between utterances of the user on the basis of an analysis result of the analysis unit.07-26-2012
20090086934Device for Modifying and Improving the Behaviour of Speech Recognition Systems - A speech recognition system comprises a controller application, a speech recogniser, and a modification apparatus disposed between them. The controller application has an output arranged to produce a speech signal, an input arranged to receive a recognised speech result signal and a control command output arranged to produce a command signal. The speech recogniser has a pattern matcher, a speech input arranged to receive the speech signal from the controller application, an output arranged to produce the recognised speech recognised signal and a control command input arranged to receive the command signal. The modification apparatus is disposed between the output of the controller application and the input of the speech recogniser; between the output of the speech recogniser and the input of the controller application; and between the control command output of the controller application and the control command input of the speech recogniser. The modification apparatus is arranged to modify at least one of the signals between the controller application and the speech recogniser. In this way speech recognition accuracy can be significantly improved.04-02-2009
20090290689MONITORING DEVICE, EVALUATION DATA SELECTING DEVICE, AGENT EVALUATION DEVICE, AGENT EVALUATION SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM - It is possible to efficiently evaluate utterance while ensuring the effectiveness of the result of the evaluation. A selection unit 11-26-2009
20100278316SYNCHRONOUS AND ASYNCHRONOUS BROKERING OF IVR SESSIONS FOR OFFLINE INTERACTION AND RESPONSE - An IVR session brokering service provides as one core mechanism, a pool of intelligent software agents residing on a cluster-able software services platform. These agents could be designed to act as stateful and customized interaction brokers for interacting automatically and semi-automatically with existing IVR systems. Customers and users would use this brokering service as an IVR normalization and aggregation mechanism for centralizing and personalizing their user experience with a full range of IVR systems that are of interest to them. The service could consume, operate on and transform voice and touchtone communication information that is transmitted between IVR systems and the end-user customers that are currently using those IVR systems.11-04-2010
20110200179PROVIDING OF PRESENCE INFORMATION TO A TELEPHONY SERVICES SYSTEM - In support of an interactive telephony services system, a presence gateway provides presence information regarding availability of a called party to communicate using an instant communications client.08-18-2011
20120294430METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PROVIDING HUMAN-ASSISTED NATURAL LANGUAGE CALL ROUTING - Exemplary embodiments relate to methods, systems, user devices and computer program products for providing human-assisted natural language call routing. Systems include a call interface device on an IVR system for receiving a telephone call from a caller. The system also includes a level one agent processing module for facilitating the handling of the telephone call when it is not directed by the IVR system after an initial interaction and a second interaction between the caller and the IVR system. The system further includes a level two agent processing module for facilitating the handling of the telephone call when it is not directed by the IVR system after the initial interaction and when a level two agent is available. In addition the system includes a level three agent processing module for facilitating the handling of the telephone call when a level three agent is available.11-22-2012
20090034693Automatic message management utilizing speech analytics - Embodiments are provided for utilizing speech analytics for automatically managing messages in a communications network. A message from a calling party to an unavailable called party is recorded in a messaging management module. The messaging management module automatically identifies a category for assigning to the content of the message based on information associated with the unavailable called party or a calling party and associates a language model with the message content based on the category. An analysis module utilizes the language model to identify grammar making up the message content. The messaging management module automatically performs a messaging management function on the message content based on a set of rules. The messaging management function may include automatically determining a priority for the message (enabling the message to be retrieved out of order) or automatically triggering an action in response to the message which is directed to the unavailable called party.02-05-2009
20120140904VISUAL INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE - Information is provided by an interactive voice response system. The interactive voice response system receives an initial communication initiated by a remote requesting party and addressed to a numbered communications address. Based upon receipt at the interactive voice response system of the initial communication, visual data to provide to the remote requesting party as part of an integrated interactive script is determined. The visual data is provided to the remote requesting party during the initial communication as part of the integrated interactive script.06-07-2012
20080232556Keyword Alerting in Conference Calls - A conferencing system is disclosed in which a participant to a conference call can program the embodiment to listen for one or more “keywords” in the conference call. The keywords might be a participant's name or words associated with him or her or words associated with his or her area of knowledge. The embodiments uses speech recognition technology to listen for those words. When the embodiments detects that those words have been spoken, the embodiment alerts the participant—using audible, visual, and/or tactile signals—that the participant's attention to the call is warranted. When the keywords are chosen wisely, the benefit can be great.09-25-2008
20080273672Automated attendant grammar tuning - A system provides speech-enabled automated attendant call processing. A database comprises words that are anticipated to be received in a voice input. Stored in relation to the words are actions to be taken upon receipt of a call comprising to particular words. A server receives a call, and after playing a prompt, receives a voice input. The server identifies whether words in the voice input correspond to words in the database. If so, the server takes an action stored in the database in relation to the words in the voice input. If words in the voice input do not correspond to words in the database, the server queues the voice input for analysis. In response to inputs, the server adds words from the voice input to the database.11-06-2008
20120140905PERSONALIZED INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM - An interactive voice response process that permits an intelligent interactive voice system to communicate with a caller includes receiving a call and connecting the caller with the system. The process also includes identifying the caller, determining if the caller is a first time caller or a repeat caller, and interactively communicating with the caller in accordance with an interactive script. For each first time caller, the process establishes a personal profile of the caller from information gathered from the caller. The process then develops a predictive personalized interactive communication dialog for future calls from the caller based on information gathered from the caller during the interactive communication and stored in the caller's personal profile.06-07-2012
20080317219Method and apparatus for context based voice dialing - A telecommunications device including an address book including a plurality of entries of party names and addresses, the entries including user-defined party contexts; a voice recognition unit configured to receive user input, the user input including names, numbers, and contexts of address book entries; a user context control agent configured to receive context inputs from the voice recognition unit and identify corresponding names and numbers therefrom; and an autodialer configured to dial a number identified by the user context control agent.12-25-2008
20090052634PROVIDING SPEAKER IDENTIFYING INFORMATION WITHIN EMBEDDED DIGITAL INFORMATION - A method of providing identifying information over a voice communications link can include receiving, from a call participant, a personal identification code over the voice communications link, determining identifying information for the call participant using the personal identification code, and encoding the identifying information of the call participant within a voice stream carried by the voice communications link. The voice stream and identifying information can be sent to a subscriber.02-26-2009
20090003539Methods and Apparatus for Defending Against Telephone-Based Robotic Attacks Using Random Personal Codes - Methods and apparatus are provided for defending against telephone-based robotic attacks. An interactive voice response method is disclosed, comprising the steps of obtaining a script to present to a caller, the script including at least one menu option having at least one personal code; generating a random number for the personal code; and presenting the at least one menu option with the generated random number to the caller. The step of generating a random number for the personal code is optionally responsive to receipt of the call. The method is optionally performed only if one or more predefined criteria defining an attack are satisfied. The disclosed IVR system can optionally monitor the caller response to determine whether the caller enters the generated random number.01-01-2009
20090202048System and Method for Communication - The present invention is a system and method for providing a connection to an entity from a request made to a general database, the system having a central contact and a list or database of word sequences purchased by entities; wherein the list or database has an associated telephone number contact information or address information and telephone or mail connection is made based on word sequence purchased by a particular entity.08-13-2009
20090316862INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL AND MUSIC INFORMATION GENERATING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An object of the present invention is to provide an information processing terminal that specifies emotions from a voice and audio outputs music suitable for the specified emotions to enable the emotions of a loudspeaker who uttered the voice to be recognized readily.12-24-2009
20100183125CUSTOMER MESSAGING SERVICE - A messaging and alerting service is described. An implementation includes enrolling a customer in the messaging and alert service, storing a list of businesses selected by the customer, storing a customer contact hierarchy list, and contacting the customer according to the contact hierarchy list. The messaging and alerting service enables real-time, interactive alerts to be delivered to customers in the customer's preferred media. In addition, customers may respond to the alerts to provide important directions to a business.07-22-2010
20130216029SPEECH COMPARISON - Fraudulent callers that masquerade as legitimate callers in order to discover details of bank accounts or other accounts are an increasing problem. In order to detect possible fraudsters and preventing them from obtaining such details a method and system is proposed that transform the recorded speech of a batch of incoming calls to strings of phonemes or text. Thereafter similar speech patterns, such as distinct similar phrases or wording, in the recorded speech are determined and calls having similar speech patterns, and preferably also similar acoustic properties, are grouped together and identified as being from the same fraudulent caller. Transactions initiated by the fraudulent caller can as a result be stopped and preferably a voiceprint of the fraudulent caller's speech is generated and stored in a database for further use.08-22-2013
20100232580PERSONAL VOICE-BASED INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a system for retrieving information from a network such as the Internet. A user creates a user-defined record in a database that identifies an information source, such as a web site, containing information of interest to the user. This record identifies the location of the information source and also contains a recognition grammar based upon a speech command assigned by the user. Upon receiving the speech command from the user that is described within the recognition grammar, a network interface system accesses the information source and retrieves the information requested by the user.09-16-2010
20100239075System and Method for Providing Local Interactive Voice Response Services - A system and method for providing local interactive voice response (IVR) services is provided. A local computer system having associated telephony equipment and installed at a local facility (e.g., a retail store of a chain, etc.) receives telephone calls to the local facility. The local computer system generates IVR prompts locally, and is controlled by a central IVR server. Reduced bandwidth is required between the local computer system and the central IVR server since no voice traffic is communicated between the central IVR server and the local computer system.09-23-2010
20090041210Method of and System for Optimizing Interactive Voice Response Unit Port Utilization - A method of and system for optimizing interactive voice response (IVR) unit port utilization starts each call of a plurality of calls on a separate IVR unit port. The method launches an IVR call flow for each call. Each IVR call flow includes a section that is common to all of the call flows. The method conferences together on a single IVR unit port at least some of the plurality of calls for the common section of the call flow by transferring calls to the single IVR unit port when each transferred call reaches the common section. The method synchronizes the calls conferenced together on the single port by inserting into the call flow on the single IVR unit port an on-hold treatment. The method starts the common section of the call flow when all calls have been transferred to the single IVR unit port.02-12-2009
20120195411METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT, AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING A CALL AND ASSOCIATED DATA AND AN ASSOCIATED SYSTEM THEREOF - A method, computer program product, and an apparatus for transferring a telephone call and associated data from an IVR system to a live agent or other system are provided. An exemplary embodiment may include a voice portal of the IVR system requesting an access number for a live agent and sending data associated with the telephone call to a CTI system. The CTI system may request and receive a routing label from a router and then send the data associated with the telephone call and the request for an access number to a call center using the routing label provided by the router. The CTI system may receive the access number from the call center and send the access number back through the IVR system to an exchange carrier for transferring the caller to the call center.08-02-2012
20110142208INTERACTIVE ANSWERING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An answering system and method comprising a caller ID input; an outgoing message output; a memory for storage of a plurality of messages; a processor for selecting outgoing message; whereby the processor selects a message from memory dependent upon the caller ID input.06-16-2011
20110075818Unified Interface and Routing Module for Handling Audio Input - Methods, systems and articles for receiving, by a telecommunication device, audio input through a unified audio interface are disclosed herein. The telecommunication device is further configured to determine whether to handle the audio input as a command, as a request of a telecommunication device application, or as a network search request, the determining being based on one or more user-configurable rules or priorities.03-31-2011
20120201362POSTING TO SOCIAL NETWORKS BY VOICE - Methods, systems, and computer program products are provided for generating and posting messages to social networks based on voice input. One example method includes receiving an audio signal that corresponds to spoken content, generating one or more representations of the spoken content, and causing the one or more representations of the spoken content to be posted to a social network.08-09-2012
20110249811Method and System for Analyzing Separated Voice Data of a Telephonic Communication Between a Customer and a Contact Center by Applying a Psychological Behavioral Model Thereto - A method for analyzing a telephonic communication between a customer and a contact center is provided. According to the method, a telephonic communication is separated into at least first constituent voice data and second constituent voice data. One of the first and second constituent voice data is analyzed by mining the voice data and applying a predetermined linguistic-based psychological behavioral model to one of the separated first and second constituent voice data. Behavioral assessment data is generated which corresponds to the analyzed voice data.10-13-2011
20100086107Voice-Recognition Based Advertising - An automated system and a method are provided for delivering and displaying targeted advertisements to users of an end-user device. The end-user device constitutes a dynamic/interactive display and allows users, among other applications, to verbally communicate with other users and/or with automated systems (such as an interactive voice response (IVR) or voice mail system). The end-user device may further be a mobile device (e.g., cellular phone), a static device (e.g., a stand inside a shopping mall) and/or a computing device (such as a personal computer and/or a laptop device). The end-user device allows various voice applications. The system processes the voice communications on the fly, performs speech recognition, and accesses an advertising system to retrieve ads from a server, based on a combination of keywords identified in the recognized speech, as well as additional targeting items, such as user past behavior, user's physical location and more. The ads are then displayed to the user on the end-user device's display.04-08-2010
20110150191Method and apparatus for call handling - There is provided a system and method of call handling comprising a first communications device having an acceptor of call purpose from a first party for a call, a communications channel including a conveyor of call purpose and a second communications device coupled to the first communications device via the communications channel and having a presenter of call purpose to a second party.06-23-2011
20120201361Recording Identity Data to Enable on Demand Services in a Communications System - Recording identity data enables telecomm system to provide on-demand services such as Record-ON (RCD), index, bookmark, transcribe, translate and supplement the recording. Party identity uses sender metadata in telecomm data packets. At log-in the station assigns on-demand command (CMD) control tokens and control transfer tokens to each party based on the party's profile. One party has RCD-CMD enabled and, if both parties have a RCD-CMD Transfer Token, parties can transfer RCD-CMD to all. In the absence of RCD-CMD or Transfer, a party cannot activate On-Demand services nor accept control CMD tokens. A call table-database links sender metadata and CMD permissions.08-09-2012
20080205601Systems and Techniques for Producing Spoken Voice Prompts - Methods and systems are described in which spoken voice prompts can be produced in a manner such that they will most likely have the desired effect, for example to indicate empathy, or produce a desired follow-up action from a call recipient. The prompts can be produced with specific optimized speech parameters, including duration, gender of speaker, and pitch, so as to encourage participation and promote comprehension among a wide range of patients or listeners. Upon hearing such voice prompts, patients/listeners can know immediately when they are being asked questions that they are expected to answer, and when they are being given information, as well as the information that considered sensitive.08-28-2008
20100158205SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING THE HISTORY OF A USER'S INTERACTION WITH A VOICE APPLICATION - As a user interacts with a voice application, a history of the prompts played to the user and the users responses are displayed to the user. The displayed prompts and displayed responses could be summaries of the prompts and responses, or they could be full transcriptions of the prompts and responses. A user may be able to select a prompt or response in the history to return to a certain point in the voice application. It may be possible for a user to save a history of the interactions that occurred when a voice application was performed, and to recall the history to continue on from a selected location in the history.06-24-2010
20110216889Selectable State Machine User Interface System - A system that concurrently provides multiple user interface (UI) mechanisms that facilitate control of an application state machine (e.g., unified message system). More particularly, the invention can create two relatively distinct user experiences, one via dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) navigation and another through speech recognition navigation of a unified message system. In accordance therewith, one single underlying state machine can be used. Navigation and flow control (e.g., state transitions) in the state machine can be leveraged by multiple UI mechanisms that actively co-exist. The invention introduces speech recognition features together with other input mechanisms to drive the UI of an application state machine (e.g., unified messaging system). The speech recognition UI can be designed to provide a natural navigation through the application independent of a DTMF UI.09-08-2011
20110216888AUTOMATED ANSWERING PARTY IDENTIFICATION BY A VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL NETWORK - A server device transmits a call to a user device; receives a signal in response to the call; receives speech when the call is answered; performs an operation to determine a signal factor and another signal factor based on a signal duration; performs another operation to determine a speech factor and another speech factor based on a speech duration; determines whether the speech contains key words; performs an action to determine a confidence factor and another confidence factor based on the speech; computes a factor based on the signal factor, the speech factor, and the confidence factor; computes another factor based on the other signal factor, the other speech factor, and the other confidence factor; determines that the party is the user device when the total factor is less than the other total factor; and outputs a non-interactive message based on the determination that the party is the user device.09-08-2011
20080310601VOICE BARGE-IN IN TELEPHONY SPEECH RECOGNITION - An interactive voice response system is described that supports full duplex data transfer to enable the playing of a voice prompt to a user of telephony system while the system listens for voice barge-in from the user. The system includes a speech detection module that may utilize various criteria such as frame energy magnitude and duration thresholds to detect speech. The system also includes an automatic speech recognition engine. When the automatic speech recognition engine recognizes a segment of speech, a feature extraction module may be used to subtract a prompt echo spectrum, which corresponds to the currently playing voice prompt, from an echo-dirtied speech spectrum recorded by the system. In order to improve spectrum subtraction, an estimation of the time delay between the echo-dirtied speech and the prompt echo may also be performed.12-18-2008
20110305325TEMPLATE-BASED ELECTRONIC MESSAGE GENERATION USING SOUND INPUT - A unified messaging system enables a subscriber to log into the system remotely and compose and send text messages, such as email messages, using predefined templates and sound input. The sound input may be DTMF or speech. After the subscriber selects an appropriate template, the system confirms the template, and asks the subscriber to provide values for prompted variables, such as dates and times. The system then generates an email message as defined by the selected template and the values of the prompted variables provided by the subscriber. The email message may also include automatic variables, such as the subscriber's name, and company name. The generated email message may be a new message, a reply message, or a forwarding message. The reply and forwarding messages may be generated in response to received email, or in response to other received messages, such as voice mail messages and facsimiles.12-15-2011
20130170631SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DETECTING REDUNDANCIES IN INFORMATION PROVIDED BY CUSTOMERS IN A CUSTOMER SERVICE SYSTEM - The present invention provides a system, method, and computer program product for automatically detecting any unnecessary repetition by customers of specific types of information in a multi-channel (e.g., self-service application, IVR system, live agent center) customer service session. For each channel used in the customer service session, the information provided by the customer in the channel is recorded in a log, transcription, or other record. The record(s) for the customer service session are subsequently parsed for specific types of information provided by the customer. From the parsed records, specific types of information provided by the customer in two or more channels during the customer service session are identified. In one embodiment, the results are analyzed to determine if providing such information in two or more channels is redundant, and, if so, this is counted as a redundancy.07-04-2013
20120300913System and Method for Dynamic Call-Progress Analysis and Call Processing - A telephony application such as an interactive voice response (“IVR”) needs to identify quickly the nature of the call (e.g., whether it is a person or machine answering a call) in order to initiate an appropriate voice application. Conventionally, the call stream is sent to a call-progress analyzer (“CPA”) for analysis. Once a result is reached, the call stream is redirected to a call processing unit running the IVR according to the analyzed result. The present scheme feeds the call stream simultaneous to both the CPA and the IVR. The CPA is allowed to continue analyzing and outputting a series of analysis results until a predetermined result appears. In the meantime, the IVR can dynamically adapt itself to the latest analysis results and interact with the call with a minimum of delay.11-29-2012
20120155620Personal-Call and Feature Control System and Method for Controlling Telephones, Providing Extended Features for Such Telephones and Routing of Media-Rich Calls - A Personal-CFC system and method is described for controlling a multiplicity of telephones, for providing extended feature sets globally to all such telephones and for routing of media-rich calls between such telephones and multimedia equipment. The Personal-CFC is a software program that is easily embedded in various devices and it requires no hardware. For example, a mobile Personal-CFC system can be incorporated into a PDA or PC. The end user can use the Personal-CFC system to control other telephones, such as conference telephones, that do not belong to the end user.06-21-2012
20120314847OPTIMIZED METHOD TO SELECT AND RETRIEVE A CONTACT CENTER TRANSACTION FROM A SET OF TRANSACTIONS STORED IN A QUEUING MECHANISM - A system and method to select and retrieve contact center transactions from a set of transactions stored in a queuing mechanism. The system includes an interactive voice response system configured to accept at least one call and dynamically populate a web form with call data associated with the at least one call. The system also includes a queuing engine configured to allow a call agent to access the call data prior to the at least one call being connected to the call agent.12-13-2012
20120213343WEB INTEGRATED INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE - Interactions with a user are coordinated upon receiving, at a networked interactive system, audible communication from a user and interacting with the user in the audible communication in accordance with an audible format menu. Whether to provide the user with a visual format menu that at least partially matches the audible format menu is determined during the audible communication. The user is provided with the visual format menu concurrent with the audible communication upon determining, based on the interaction with the user in the audible communication, to provide the user with the visual format menu. Interactions with the user are in accordance with the visual format menu.08-23-2012
20120163563METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ROUTING CALLS BASED ON A LANGUAGE PREFERENCE - A method that processes and conditionally routes a call. The method includes receiving a call from a caller, determining a telephone number of the caller, and determining if the telephone number of the caller is a telephone number assigned to a specific individual. The method also includes accessing an electronic database to determine a stored language preference of the specific individual when the telephone number of the caller is determined to be assigned to a specific individual. The method further includes routing the call to a predetermined destination based on the stored language preference of the specific individual in the electronic database, and routing the call to a first default destination when the telephone number of the caller is determined to not be assigned to a specific individual.06-28-2012
20120213341INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) SYSTEM CALL INTERRUPTION HANDLING - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to interactive voice response (IVR) system session management and provide a method, system and computer program product for call interruption handling in an IVR data processing system. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for call interruption handling in an IVR data processing system can include detecting a call interruption of a telephone call between a caller and an IVR system during an established IVR session for the caller. The method also can include saving state information for the established IVR session in connection with the caller in response to detecting the call interruption.08-23-2012
20120213342METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROPER ROUTING OF CUSTOMERS - A call routing system stores includes a processor that retrieves account information from a storage and identifies a previously provided telecommunications service that was provided to the party based on the account information. The processor restricts access to telecommunications services based on the identified previously provided telecommunications service and determines additional telecommunications services, distinct from the previously provided telecommunications service, desired by the party. The processor receives a selection from the party of the additional telecommunications services and processes a service request from the party based upon the selection by the party. A routing element suppresses routing of the call to a service center that provides the previously provided telecommunications service that was provided to the party, and routes the call to a service center that provides the additional telecommunications services selected by the party.08-23-2012
20100303214ONE-WAY VOICE DETECTION VOICEMAIL - A telephone answering system includes a receiver, a detector and a transmitter. The receiver is configured to receive a voice signal. The detector is adapted to detect voice activity on the signal. The transmitter is adapted to transmit an initial prompt. In the event that the detector detects a gap in the voice activity after the initial prompt, transmitter is configured to transmit a notice.12-02-2010
20120314848VOICE RESPONSE UNIT SHORTCUTTING - Call specific information input by a user and user information pre-stored in a database are mapped to a voice response unit (VRU) map associated with a targeted VRU. A call with the targeted VRU is initiated and the targeted VRU is navigated to an option associated with a user goal input by the user. The VRU map is displayed and progress of the navigation of the targeted VRU is displayed to the user during the call on the displayed VRU map as the VRU is navigated.12-13-2012
20120257730DYNAMICALLY PUBLISHING DIRECTORY INFORMATION FOR A PLURALITY OF INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEMS - Some example embodiments include a method of dynamically publishing directory information for a plurality of interactive voice response (‘IVR’) systems. The method includes receiving, by the IVR directory service on behalf of one of the IVR systems, a web services update request. The method includes determining, by the IVR directory service in response to the web services update request, updated directory information for the IVR system. The method includes updating the IVR system directory with the updated directory information for the IVR system. The method includes generating an updated voice mode user interface to reflect the updated IVR system directory with the updated directory information for the IVR system. The generating includes creating one more voice dialogs in accordance with the directory information, the one or more voice dialogs specifying a call flow defining the interaction between a caller and the IVR directory service.10-11-2012
20120230477System and Method for Voice Activated Dialing from a Home Phone - A system and method for remotely enabled voice activated dialing. Generation of a special dial tone indicating that a user may give the voice identifier is initiated. A voice identifier is received over a network from a wired telephone utilized by a user. Dialing information associated with the voice identifier is determined. One or more receiving parties associated with the voice identifier are dialed. The wired telephone is connected to the one or more receiving parties.09-13-2012
20110123004System and Method to Search a Media Content Database Based on Voice Input Data - A computer implemented method includes initiating a call from an interactive voice response (IVR) system to a first device associated with a user in response to a user request. The computer implemented method includes receiving voice input data at the IVR system via the call. The computer implemented method also includes performing a search of a media content database based at least partially on the voice input data. The computer implemented method further includes sending search results identifying media content items based on the search of the media content database to a second device associated with the user.05-26-2011
20120237006APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CALLER INFORMATION - Provided are an apparatus and method for providing caller information, capable of automatically collecting identification information of a caller during a call with a caller not stored in an address book, and providing the identification information of the caller that is collected during the call to a user if the caller transmits a call again, thereby enabling the terminal user to select whether to answer the call. Accordingly, the identification information of the caller not stored in the address book is able to be collected without an additional operation performed by the terminal user, thereby enabling the terminal user to easily select whether to answer the call with the corresponding caller.09-20-2012
20110002449VOICE BROWSER WITH INTEGRATED TCAP AND ISUP INTERFACES - A voice browser configured to process voice markup language documents can include a voice processing application and an integrated communications interface for interacting with a voice processing system. The voice browser can be configured to load the voice processing application independently of a received telephone call. The integrated communications interface can include at least one of an integrated transaction capabilities application part component for receiving a transaction capabilities application part query and an integrated ISUP component for receiving a telephony control signal.01-06-2011
20120263281PERSONAL HOME VOICE PORTAL - A method of accessing voice services through a personal computing system can include receiving, in the personal computing system, a telephone call from a user registered with the personal computing system, wherein the user is remotely located from the personal computing system, receiving a user spoken utterance over the telephone call, and speech recognizing the user spoken utterance to determine a request for a voice service. The method further can include formatting an electronic message according to the request for a voice service and sending the electronic message over a communications network to a remote computing system in accordance with the request for a voice service. Also, the method can include processing and formatting a response received from the remote computing system and playing back audio to the user over the telephone call.10-18-2012
20120321055SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLACING TELEPHONE CALLS USING A DISTRIBUTED VOICE APPLICATION EXECUTION SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE - A system and method for allowing a telemarketer to place a series of telephone calls to called parties utilizes a distributed processing architecture. This allows the telemarketer to utilize data stored at remote locations to help interact with called parties. In addition, the telemarketer can utilize telephone assets to quickly and easily place multiple simultaneous calls to different called parties.12-20-2012
20110222672SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VOICE MESSAGING WITH DYNAMIC CONTENT - A system and method for creating and distributing messages including dynamic content is provided. In one form, an entity provides a plurality of content segments for use in building a dynamic message. The entity also provides a listing of end users to receive a message and information associated with the user, such as demographic or prior purchasing information. In an alternate form, the service connects to the user in a communication session and collects information from the user directly. The service then uses this information, whether provided by the entity or the end user, as the basis for selection of various content segments which will make up a dynamic message for presentation to the user.09-15-2011
20110243310SPEECH USAGE AND PERFORMANCE TOOL - A system may include a database configured to selectively store and retrieve data. The system may further include a call record parser configured to receive a plurality of call records, each call record being associated with a respective call, parse the plurality of call records to identify periods of resource usage and types of resource usage for the associated calls, create parsed data based on the identified periods of resource usage and the types of resource usage, and store the parsed data in the database indexed according to the type of the identified resource and including the start and end times for the identified periods of usage.10-06-2011
20120328085REAL TIME AUTOMATIC CALLER SPEECH PROFILING - A computer-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product recognizes a voice input received by an interactive voice recognition system. An unintelligible voice input is received from a caller. The unintelligible voice input is unintelligible to a computer due to background noise at a caller environment of the caller. Upon determining that the unintelligible voice input does not match any entry from a lexicon of known voice inputs, the caller is prompted to transmit a non-verbal electronic input to clarify the unintelligible voice input. This non-verbal electronic input is used to match the unintelligible voice input with a specific known voice input from the lexicon of known voice inputs, which is updated with the unintelligible voice input. The updated lexicon is subsequently used in future phone calls from the user to match the unintelligible voice input to the user-requested activity for the caller.12-27-2012
20120328086FOR PERSONALIZING COMPUTERIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE - A method and system for improving user satisfaction with a computer system that includes a computer. The computer prompts a user at a user machine to select a language usage pattern preference from at least two language usage pattern preference choices respectively including at least two text passages, each text passage expressing different text. After the prompting, the computer receives from the user machine a language usage pattern preference selected by the user from the at least two language usage pattern preference choices. The computer stores, in a user profile of the user located in a database accessible to the computer, a flag indicative of the selected language usage pattern preference.12-27-2012
20120288068Identifying Caller Preferences Based On Voice Print Analysis - A call directing system receives an incoming call from a caller. The caller is prompted to speak, thus enabling a prosody analyzer to generate an analysis of a prosody of the caller's voice. This analysis provides a basis for generating a caller profile that describes caller preferences of the caller. Based on the analysis of the prosody of the caller's voice and the generated caller profile, the call is directed to a particular call recipient.11-15-2012
20100202597Automated Communication Techniques - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for providing an autoresponder that allows subscribers to opt-in to one or more autoresponder campaigns using their spoken voice. Voice input is received from a subscriber and converted to text. The subscriber is added to at least one campaign. A contact communication identifier is stored in a subscriber contact record from the text that was converted from the voice input. One or more messages are sent to the subscriber using the contact communication identifier, and according to a schedule specified in the campaign. A virtual seminar playback system is described that simulates a live virtual seminar and allows subscribers to access a playback of a media recording over a communication connection at a specified time. An autoresponder system is described that delivers messages to subscribers in multiple available formats, based upon selections received by the subscribers.08-12-2010
20100202596ESTABLISHING ELECTRONICALLY AUTHENTICATED INTERNET VOICE CONNECTIONS - An electronically authenticated internet voice connection can be initiated on an institution's website. Authentication of the customer's identity can be determined based upon already established credentials, such as a username and password. Upon verifying the identity of the customer, the institution's web server can generate and transmit a unique identifier to the customer's browser. The unique identifier can be an encrypted identifier used to authenticate the customer when establishing a subsequent voice connection.08-12-2010
20130010936CALL SCREENING REDUCTION SYSTEM - A system and a method for conducting a telephone survey, which reduce the number of calls that are not answered by survey participants, are provided. The system comprises means of making outbound telephone calls with a selected call display number, storing a call record for each outbound call, and routing inbound telephone calls to a voicemail or interactive phone system if the inbound calling number is identifiable from the stored call records. The method comprises the steps of making outbound calls to survey phone numbers with the call display set to a local phone number, storing a call record with each outbound call, and routing inbound calls to a voicemail or interactive phone system if the inbound call number is identifiable from the stored call records.01-10-2013
20130010935APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ENSURING A REAL-TIME CONNECTION BETWEEN USERS AND SELECTED SERVICE PROVIDER USING VOICE MAIL - A method and apparatus are described for ensuring a real-time connection between users and selected service providers using voice mail. The system enables seekers of a wide array of services to select, contact, converse, and pay for a service provider using a communications device such as the telephone. A seeker locates a service provider by providing the name of a profession, which is recognized by the system's software. Once a service provider is selected, the system connects the seeker with the service provider for a live conversation. However, during service provider unavailability, the system enables the seeker to leave a voice mail message for the service provider and reconnects the user and service provider once the message is reviewed by the service provider. The system automatically bills the seeker for the time spent conversing with the service provider and compensates the service provider.01-10-2013
20130010934METHODS AND APPARATUS TO FACILITATE VOICEMAIL INTERACTION - Example methods and apparatus to facilitate voicemail interaction are disclosed. A disclosed example method involves, during a call session with a voicemail system, receiving an audio segment from the voicemail system. The example method also involves performing feature recognition on the audio segment and outputting a display element to a user interface based on a recognized feature in the audio segment.01-10-2013
20130016817Voice Response Apparatus and Method of Providing Automated Voice Responses with Silent Prompting - A voice response unit (VRU) includes a silent prompt feature in the form of an intentional delay inserted after a message is given to a caller, during which delay the caller may invoke alternative processing or interrupt current processing. If appropriate alternative or interrupt commands are not received during the delay period, then processing continues as provided in accordance with the previously played message. The duration of this silent prompt delay is carefully selected to provide sufficient response time for the caller to request alternative processing, while avoiding a perceptible or objectionable delay to the average caller not requiring alternative processing.01-17-2013
20130016816Computer-Implemented System And Method For Matching Agents With Callers In An Automated Call Center Environment Based On User Traits - A computer-implemented system and method for matching agents with callers within a call center environment is provided. A database of traits for agents within a call center is maintained. A call is received into the call center and a voice recording is obtained from a caller during the call. The voice recording from the caller is analyzed by measuring voice characteristics of the voice recording and by identifying traits of the caller based on the voice characteristics. The caller traits are compared with the traits for the agents. One or more of the agents similar to the user are identified based on the trait comparison. One of the similar agents is selected and the call is transferred to the selected agent.01-17-2013
20130016815Computer-Implemented System And Method For Providing Recommendations Regarding Hiring Agents In An Automated Call Center Environment Based On User Traits - A computer-implemented system and method for providing recommendations for hiring agents within a call center environment is provided. A list of candidates for hire as agents within a call center is maintained. A voice recording from each of the candidates is analyzed by measuring voice characteristics within the voice recording and by calculating a score for the voice recording based on the measured voice characteristics. A threshold is applied to the voice recording score. One or more of the candidates on the list of candidates for hire is retained when the voice recording score for that candidate satisfies the threshold. One or more of the candidates from the list is removed when the voice recording score for that candidate fails to satisfy the threshold.01-17-2013
20110158391SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VOICE ACTIVATED SIGNALING - A system for facilitating communications with an automated response system includes a database for storing an address book entry. The address book entry includes a location name and contact number for a location that employs an automated response platform that does not accept voice commands. The address book entry also includes at least one stored voice command related to a navigation command of the automated response platform and one stored associated assigned keystroke for the command. A voice response signal digital signal processor receives a voice input from a user corresponding to the stored voice command. A telephonic signal generator is included, such that when the user utters the voice input corresponding to the stored voice command, the system recalls the stored associated assigned keystroke and delivers a signal corresponding to the keystroke as a telephonic signal to the automated response platform.06-30-2011
20130022179Method for Assembling a Business Process and for Orchestrating the Process Based on Process Beneficiary Information - A system for assembling a business process or a portion thereof includes a rules base containing executable rules and defined business process elements, a workflow orchestration engine, and at least one interface available to a process beneficiary. Information known about and or provided by a process beneficiary interacting with the at least one interface is used to execute one or more of the rules causing assembly of a new business process or a portion thereof according to workflow orchestration rules the new or modified process directing servicing of the process beneficiary accordingly.01-24-2013
20080226041Phone Number Extraction System for Voice Mail Messages - Methods, apparatuses, and media for extracting phone numbers from voice mail messages are disclosed. Embodiments may include a method for determining a phone number in a voice mail message that includes analyzing a message and determining phone number(s) associated with the message based on the analysis. Embodiments of the method may also include generating a macro based on the determined phone number(s) and performing a macro action for at least one generated macro. In some embodiments, analyzing the message and determining phone number(s) associated with the message may include detecting a trigger word and parsing words in the message after the detected trigger word. In other embodiments, analyzing the message and determining one or more phone numbers associated with the message may include analyzing a voice-to-number dictionary and determining phone number(s) based on the dictionary. The macro action may include dialing, storing, deleting, etc. a phone number.09-18-2008
20130177139Dynamic Menu Framework - Systems, methods, and computer readable media for providing a customer service system are provided. In some examples, the customer service system may include a telephone interface and may recognize both speech responses (e.g., voice commands) and/or touch tone responses. The system may include one or more rules for identifying options based on received user input. In some examples, the options provided based on touch tone input may be different from those based on received speech input. In some examples, the speech responses may be determined to meet a confidence threshold in order to progress to the next menu level or set of options. The confidence threshold may be adjusted and/or may be different or customizable for different menu options, levels, etc.07-11-2013
20130142317VOICE OVER IP METHOD FOR DEVELOPING INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM - A personal interactive voice response service node includes a memory that stores executable instructions, and a processor that executes the executable instructions. The personal interactive voice response service node accepts personalized instructions to define interactive voice response service node prompts on behalf of an individual assigned a communications address serviced by the personal interactive voice response service node. The personal interactive voice response service node accepts personalized instructions to define actions to take in response to selections of corresponding interactive voice response service node prompts. When executed by the processor, the executable instructions cause the personal interactive voice response service node to identify a selection of an interactive voice response service node prompt and execute an action associated with the selection identified.06-06-2013
20120250839TELEPHONE-BASED COMMERCE SYSTEM - A speech application implements a telephone-based commerce system and method which complements a core payment processing business and influences banks and other key partners to conduct such electronic business and commerce. The speech application includes a speech driven telephone interface for consumer shopping and order placement of commodity items; a consumer registration interface and secure process that ties in a credit card, debit card, or bank account; and a build-your-own-voice-store web application which includes a voice user interface with interactive voice response tailoring each voice store within the speech framework of the present invention and an inventory database. Multi-currency services, permitting pricing or payment in any chosen currency, as well as multiple spoken language processing of voice inputs are supported for performing voice commerce over telephones.10-04-2012
20120250838On-Demand Call Blocking Service - In a telecommunication system configured to provide a connection between a caller and a callee via a telephone network, wherein the telephone network is configured to connect the caller and the callee, a method for allowing the callee to prevent the caller from establishing the connection with the callee. The method includes receiving an instruction from the callee to prevent the caller from establishing the connection with the callee and identifying a first telephone number associated with the caller. The method also includes preventing one or more phone calls from the first telephone number from being forwarded to a second telephone number associated with the callee.10-04-2012
20130094634Method, System and Software for Implementing an Automated Call Routing Application in a Speech Enabled Call Center Environment - A system, method and software for implementing an automated call routing application in a speech enabled call center environment are provided. In operation, the invention provides for the identification of a call center transaction selection from a natural language user utterance and the invocation of one or more scripts operable to route the user to a call center service agent configured to service the selected transaction. In the event a transaction selection cannot be readily identified or can only be partially identified, the invention provides for the initiation of a dialog module or script directed to eliciting a discernable transaction selection and/or the presentation of one or more menus from which the user may select an available call center transaction.04-18-2013
20130114800METHOD FOR RECORDING TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS - In a method for recording telephone conversations between a subscriber to a service provider and a telephone conversation partner, the subscriber dials the number of the service provider and interacts with a menu-driven IVR user interface, entering his subscriber number as well as a corresponding PIN-number to authenticate himself. After the verification, the subscriber can chose one or more of the following options: (a) listen to one or more of his previously recorded telephone conversations, (b) delete one or more of his previously recorded telephone conversations, (c) arrange that all incoming and outgoing calls are to be automatically recorded, (d) deactivate the setting that all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded, and/or (e) record the next telephone conversation. At the beginning of each conversation to be recorded, the service provider informs the telephone conversation partner, via a warning voice message, that the telephone conversation will be recorded.05-09-2013
20130129058SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF USING MACHINE TRANSLATION IN CONTACT HANDLING SYSTEMS - Methods and apparatus for facilitation communication between a customer requesting accommodation of a particular language and an available agent not proficient in the particular language through use of machine translation are disclosed. The method can include receiving a communication request from the customer, including a request that the communication accommodate the particular language. The method can include determining that the contact handling system is unlikely to accommodate the communication request via an agent proficient in the requested language within a threshold time period. The method can include beginning communication between the customer and an available agent not proficient in the particular language using machine translation to facilitate the communication.05-23-2013
20110255671PROVIDING CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION FOR SPOKEN INFORMATION - Techniques are described for providing relevant information to users (e.g., information that is at least potentially of interest to the users). Relevant information for a user may be automatically determined based on a determined context of the user and/or on a request for that information from the user. For example, voice-based information may be obtained from a user in one or more ways, and then analyzed to identify requests or other indications of information of interest and/or to otherwise determine a context of the user that corresponds to potential information of interest. Relevant information for a user may be provided to the user in various ways, such as via a voice-based response during a telephone call and/or via one or more electronic messages sent to the user (e.g., via emails, instant messages, paging messages, SMS or other text messages, etc.).10-20-2011
20130148791METHODS AND DEVICES TO RETRIEVE VOICE MESSAGES - Methods and devices to retrieve voice messages are disclosed. An example device includes a network interface to access a voicemail server via a network, a message parser to remove a non-message portion of a voicemail access session from a voicemail access session, and a storage device to store the message portion of the voicemail access session.06-13-2013
20130148792IVR COMMUNICATION SESSION ROUTING AND RECORDING - A method may include receiving, by a computing device, a communication session invitation from a user device and determining, by the computing device, whether a communication session, corresponding to the communication session invitation, is to be recorded. The method may also include, when the communication session is to be recorded, identifying, by the computing device, a record mode, corresponding to the communication session, from a group of record modes. The method may further include establishing, by the computing device, recording services corresponding to the record mode, and establishing, by the computing device, the communication session with the user device. The method may also include, when the communication session is not to be recorded, establishing, by the computing device, the communication session with the user device.06-13-2013
20130148793IVR RECORDING CONTINUITY CONTROL - A computing device may establish a communication session with a user equipment device (UE). The computing device may interact with the UE via interactive voice response (IVR) services and enable a first portion of the communication session to be recorded using a first recording mode. The computing device may out-dial a second portion of the communication session and enable a second portion of the communication session to be recorded using a second recording mode. A recording mode may include recording a portion of a communication session locally, streaming a portion of the communication session to a recording system, or out-dialing a portion of the communication session to enable a communication session tap to be placed on the out-dialed portion of the communication session.06-13-2013
20120275577ALERTING A PARTICIPANT WHEN A TOPIC OF INTEREST IS BEING DISCUSSED AND/OR A SPEAKER OF INTEREST IS SPEAKING DURING A CONFERENCE CALL - A method, system and computer program product for alerting a participant when a topic of interest is being discussed and/or a speaker of interest is speaking during a conference call. A participant to a conference call identifies the topics and/or speakers of interest which is stored for future use along with the participant's contact information. When a participant's identified topic of interest is being discussed and/or a participant's identified speaker of interest is speaking during a conference call, the participant will be alerted to that fact, such as via the means specified in the participant's contact information.11-01-2012
20130156165SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SERVICING A CALL - A call from a caller to an interactive voice response (IVR) system may be serviced based on behavior by the caller in one or more prior calls to the IVR system. The call may be serviced by predicting information to be used in servicing the call. Predicting such information may include analyzing data reflecting behavior by the caller in one or more prior calls to the IVR system.06-20-2013
20120288070System and Apparatus for Processing a Communications Session - A system and apparatus for processing a communications session is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a communication device can have a controller element to establish a voice communication session with a second communication device, and initiate an action to record the voice communication session for translation into a text memo that is analyzed to identify one or more actionable fields. Additional embodiments are disclosed.11-15-2012
20120288069SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECORDING AND DISTRIBUTING CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS - A system and method for recording and distributing calls are provided. A call may be associated with an information record. Parameters in the information record may be used to determine if the call is to be recorded. Parameters in the information record may be used to determine a method of providing a recording of the call. Other embodiments are described and claimed.11-15-2012
20120020465Highlighting of Voice Message Transcripts - A computer-implemented voice mail method includes obtaining an electronic audio file of a recorded user message directed to a telephone user, automatically generating a transcript of the recorded user message, and identifying locations in the transcript in coordination with timestamps in the recorded user message so that successive portions of the transcript can be highlighted in coordination with playing of the recorded user message. The method also include identifying one or characteristics of the message using meta data relating to the recorded user message, and storing the recorded user message and information about the identified locations of the recorded user message.01-26-2012
20130195258SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COORDINATED VOICE AND DATA COMMUNICATIONS - Systems and methods for processing calls and data are described. A user interface is displayed on a communication terminal associated with a user, wherein the user interface includes: a menu item enabling the user to initiate a voice call with a specified entity and a menu item or form via which the user can provide contextual information relating to the voice call. Contextual information provided by the user is transmitted to the specified entity, optionally prior to the voice call being established between the specified entity and the user. A data session is established. A call request is received from the user. Contextual information provided by the user is provided for display to the specified entity. A voice session is established, including the establishment of the voice call between the specified entity and the user, while the contextual information is displayed to the specified entity.08-01-2013
20130094633METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING AN INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) SYSTEM - Current interactive voice response (IVR) systems only allow customers to interact with a company's database using a telephone keypad or by speech recognition. Such IVR systems require a customer to listen to and remember instructions or options presented by the IVR system. The instructions may be complicated, or there may be many options. An embodiment of the present invention enhances an IVR system by composing visual representations of states of the IVR system to display to the customer and enabling the customer to interact with the IVR via the visual representations. The use of the visual representations enables a user to interact with the IVR in a simplified and more expedient manner in part because a linear set of options is presented in a randomly-accessible list or tree structure format.04-18-2013

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