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379 - Telephonic communications

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379880010 Voice activation or recognition 232
379880130 Multimedia system (e.g., voice output combined with fax, video, text, etc.) 157
379880220 Message management 132
379068000 Dynamic audio signal recording or reproduction 72
379880170 Interaction with an external nontelephone network (e.g., Internet) 62
379880120 Indication or notification of message 48
379880180 Interacting voice message systems 46
379880190 Call source identification 41
379880160 Voice message synthesis 21
379880110 Display of message related information 20
379880080 Message signal analysis 19
379880050 Multilingual system or operation 6
379880070 Digital signal processing (DSP) 4
20090310760Audio Message Recorder with Flexible Control - An audio recorder comprises: a microphone for receiving analog audio signals; a removable memory cartridge for digitally storing audio message data entries; and a microcontroller for converting the analog audio signals to digital signals and storing the digital signals in the removable memory cartridge.12-17-2009
20110103560PLAYBACK OF MEDIA RECORDINGS - A media system is provided. The media system may include a media player, an input, and a processor. The media player may have a scrub bar and a playhead. The scrub bar may be operable to represent a time line of a media recording that is being played back and the playhead may indicate a portion of the media recording that is being played back. The input may be operable to receive user behavior. The processor may be operable to dynamically adjust a speed of playback of the media recording based on the user behavior.05-05-2011
20120008752MULTI-PASS ECHO RESIDUE DETECTION WITH SPEECH APPLICATION INTELLIGENCE - A method is provided for multi-pass echo residue detection. The method includes detecting audio data, and determining whether the audio data is recognized as speech. Additionally, the method categorizes the audio data recognized as speech as including an acceptable level of residual echo, and categorizes categorizing unrecognizable audio data as including an unacceptable level of residual echo. Furthermore, the method determines whether the unrecognizable audio data contains a user input, and also determines whether a duration of the user input is at least a predetermined duration, and when the user input is at least the predetermined duration, the method extracts the predetermined duration of the user input from a total duration of the user input.01-12-2012
20110268259METHOD AN APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING A VOICE SIGNAL RECEIVED FROM A REMOTE TELEPHONE TO A TEXT SIGNAL - A telephone call is established between a local telephone (11-03-2011
20130028398Systems and Methods for Call Replay - Call replay systems and methods are disclosed. A call replay system can record a telephonic communication and replay the recorded communication upon request. The entire communication may be recorded, or only a portion, such as the most recent few minutes. The entire recording can be transmitted to a requestor, or only a portion. The recording may be altered before it is transmitted to a requestor. Alterations may include actions taken to reduce playback time, such as removing spaces in the recording where no conversation is taking place, or speeding up the recording. Other alterations may include adjusting the sonic characteristics of the recording, translating the recording, or transcribing the recording to create a text version.01-31-2013
20130028396CUSTOMER SHARED CONTROL IN CUSTOMER SERVICE SCENARIOS - Provided herein is a system and method for sharing control of a customer service provided by a contact center. The method may include: receiving, from a customer, a customer contact to request the customer service; communicating by use of a communication channel between the customer and the contact center in order to provide the customer service; receiving a join request, from the customer, to join an outside party to the customer service; and joining the outside party to the customer service.01-31-2013
20130028397Call Processing in a Voicemail System - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method that involves receiving an indication that communications with a subscriber have been interrupted while engaged in voicemail processing, and recording a pointer to a last state of voicemail processing. Additional embodiments are disclosed.01-31-2013
20090154660VOICE MAIL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF VOICE MAIL APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a voice mail apparatus includes a voice processor which processes voice messages by a arbitrary processing gain, a gain controller which monitors a signal level of an output signal of the voice processor, and controls the processing gain of the voice processor to change the signal level into a specified level, and a processing controller which makes the gain controller to perform gain control of a learning voice by inputting a portion of the voice message into the voice processor as the learning voice when processing of the voice message is requested or based on predetermined conditions.06-18-2009
20090304160ADVERTISEMENT BASED RINGBACK SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE WITH A DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A communication method includes the steps of receiving a call from a caller for connection to a subscriber, attempting a connection to the subscriber and retrieving a media file associated with the subscriber. The media file is played to the caller during a ring-back period of the attempted connection, playing of the media file to the caller is charged to the provider of the media file.12-10-2009
20110013753METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECORDING TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS PLACED ON HOLD - A system and method for recording telephone conversations which have been placed on hold is provided. After a telephone conversation has been placed on hold, assuming that the conversation was being recorded, the call is designated to be in the background. Once a processor senses that a background call exists, a check is performed to determine if there is a downlink connection for this call. If there is, a new communication channel is opened so that the background call can be recorded and then appended to the original recording.01-20-2011
20090268880SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING ONE-WAY SPEECH SIGNAL SAMPLES - A system and method for generating one-way speech signal samples may include, in a telecommunications network, establishing a call connection between a far-end telephone and a near-end telephone. A resistance component may be selectively configured in parallel with the far-end telephone, where the resistance component has a value representative of resistance produced by the far-end telephone being off hook. A speech signal being communicated from the near-end telephone may be recorded.10-29-2009
20110299667System, method and computer program product for conveying presence information via voice mail - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for conveying availability information of a calling party to a called party. A PBX serving the telephones of the calling and called parties is connected to a presence server. In an embodiment of the invention, the presence server is also connected to a computer and/or other information device (such as a personal data assistant or telephone) of the calling party. After the calling party has left a voice mail message for the called party, the called party will subsequently retrieve the message. In an embodiment of the invention, the PBX then queries the presence server as to the availability of the calling party. The presence server senses whether the calling party has indicated his or her presence; if so, it is inferred that the calling party is probably present and available for a return call. If the presence server detects no such indication by the calling party, it is inferred that the calling party is likely to be absent. The presence server responds to the query of the PBX by indicating the calling party's likely availability (or absence) to the PBX. Based on this information, the PBX modifies the voice mail message to include a statement that the calling party is either available or unavailable.12-08-2011
20080267362SELECTING A REMOTE SESSION AUDIO STREAM SENT TO A RECEIVING STATION FROM ONE OF A PLURALITY OF SENDING STATIONS - Methods and systems for selecting a remote session audio stream sent to a receiving station from one of a plurality of sending stations are described herein. At least some illustrative embodiments comprise a method that comprises receiving a message comprising audio data at a receiving station (the audio data representing at least part of an audio stream associated with a first remote session established between the receiving station and a first sending station of a plurality of sending stations), and selecting the audio stream and presenting the audio data as audio to a user of the receiving station if the audio stream is enabled.10-30-2008
20080240373SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING MP3 PLAYER - Communicating an audio message to a listener of an audio player device. An audio message file is generated at a workstation and sent to the audio player device via a network. In response to receipt of the audio message file, the audio player device halts play of a song or other audio content that was being played by the audio player device at a time of receipt of the audio message file, and plays the audio message file. Alternately, the audio player device plays the audio message file after completion of play of the song or other audio content that was being played by the audio player device at a time of receipt of the audio message file.10-02-2008
20080240374Method and system for linking customer conversation channels - A method for managing communications between a customer and a contact center is provided. The communication may include voice data, interactive response data and web interaction data. Upon the receipt of an interaction identifier, related conversation data is located. Following the location of the related conversation data, the conversation data is organized sequentially. The organized conversation data may then be analyzed and distress data, behavioral assessment data and event data may be determined, either for each individual interaction segment or the entire combined experience. Following the analysis, the organized conversation data may then transfer the organized conversation data to a portal for display to a user. Further, the associated statistics can be viewed in reporting within the portal or systematically extracted from the system for further analysis.10-02-2008
20110164734METHOD, COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA FOR CONVEYING AN AUDIO STREAM TO A USER OF A COMMUNICATION DEVICE DURING AN OUTGOING CALL - The present invention discloses numerous implementations for conveying an audio element to a source device initiating an outgoing call while a user of the source device is waiting for a user of a destination device to answer the call. A call processing system receives a call request message from the source device, determines an audio element from a plurality of audio elements to convey to the source device and initiates conveyance of the audio element to the source device in response to receiving the call request message. The system then causes establishment of a media connection between the source and destination devices and terminates conveyance of the audio element to the source device prior to or substantially simultaneous with the establishment of the media connection between the source and destination devices. In various implementations, the source device may be implemented within the PSTN and/or an IP network. The audio element may comprise an audio file, an audio stream, scheduling information or other audio content. A subscriber associated with the source device may pre-configure the selection of the audio element to be conveyed in replace of the traditional ring tone. A communication device may also implement a method to convey an audio element to a user of the communication device during establishment of an outgoing call.07-07-2011
20120045040TRUE CONVERGENCE WITH END TO END IDENTITY MANAGEMENT - Described is a system of disparate telecommunications networks having managed identities, a service, such as voicemail, abstracted from the underlying access networks, and an operational support system (OSS)/business support system (BSS) coupled to the networks to manage authentication and subscription information. A single authentication/subscription manager which is common to the disparate telecommunications networks is enabled by a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) which can be open-standards based and extensible as needed.02-23-2012
20120063573ACCESSING RECORDED CONFERENCE CONTENT - The present invention provides participants in a conference and any other authorized users access to recorded content from the conference. In one embodiment, the conference output is continuously buffered to provide the recorded content as the conference progresses. At any time while the conference is in progress, a conference participant or other authorized user may access the recorded content to review the audio or other media information that has been recorded so far in the recorded content. In another embodiment, after the conference is over, the recorded content may be archived and made accessible to the conference participants and others via the conference system, which will keep track of the location of the recorded content and conference with which it is associated.03-15-2012
20120213339METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECORDING A CONFERENCE CALL - A method for recording a conference call session established between a client device and a server device, the conference call session being associated with time indicators including a current time indicator. The method includes storing in a memory conference call content from the conference call session along with associated time indicators, receiving an instruction through an interface of the client device during the conference call session, and outputting on the client device, in response to receiving the instruction, the conference call content from the memory from a time indicator prior to the current time indicator. The interface can include a pause option or a rewind option for controlling output of the conference call content during the conference call session.08-23-2012
20120237005System and Method of Adjusting the Sound of Multiple Audio Objects Directed Toward an Audio Output Device - Embodiments of the present invention include methods and apparatuses for adjusting audio content when more multiple audio objects are directed toward a single audio output device. The amplitude, white noise content, and frequencies can be adjusted to enhance overall sound quality or make content of certain audio objects more intelligible. Audio objects are classified by a class category, by which they are can be assigned class specific processing. Audio objects classes can also have a rank. The rank of an audio objects class is used to give priority to or apply specific processing to audio objects sin the presence of other audio objects of different classes.09-20-2012
20110222671PHONE CALL RECORDING DEVICE TO TELEPHONE APPARATUS WITH USB CONNECTION - Represented by an inventive solution that aggregates value to the telephone apparatus by providing recording, storage, audio and data transmission of phone calls from a single telephone apparatus (A) without the need of being permanently connected to a peripheral device (C), such as a computer, being such device now claimed uses a microprocessor (09-15-2011
20130010933Software Program and Method For Offering Promotions On A Phone - The present invention includes a method and software application for providing a promotion to a user on a phone. The software application resides on a user's phone and “listens” for phone numbers dialed by a user. In response to the user dialing a phone number, the software determines whether a promotion or an offer for a promotion should be provided to the user. In response to determining to play or offer to play a promotion to the user, the software application on the phone effectively “intercepts” the call and plays to the user either a promotion or an offer to hear about a promotion prior to placing an outbound voice call. The software application may retrieve the promotion from local memory or may connect with a remote server to download an applicable promotion.01-10-2013
20130170630INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS - Establishing a telephone call includes enabling display of a visual indicator of a call destination entity and detecting selection by a user of the visual indicator. The availability of the user to receive a first telephone call is determined. Voice communications between the call destination entity and the user are established in response to detection of the selection by the user of the visual indicator and conditioned on the user being determined to be available to receive the first telephone call. Establishing voice communications includes enabling placement of the first telephone call to the user to establish a first PSTN link with the user and enabling a voice communications link to be setup with the call destination entity.07-04-2013
20080226040SAVING INFORMATION FROM INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS - A method and system for allowing a calling party to save information obtained from an information retrieval system. The caller may select options to save the information to a memory location, e.g., the caller's own network-based voice mail system or a temporary voice mailbox provided for the caller by the information provider, from which the caller can subsequently retrieve and review the information. The information may be saved to an Internet-based website from which the caller may subsequently retrieve the information. The information may be forwarded to a separate telephone directory number for receipt by a third person or for storing on a remote voice mail system. Additionally, the information may be electronically mailed to the caller's electronic mail address for subsequent retrieval. Discussions with a live attendant may be recorded and stored, as audio files or as converted to text, for access by or delivery to the caller.09-18-2008
20130094632CROSS-MEDIA VOICE MAIL NOTIFICATION AND DELIVERY - The subject matter herein relates to voice mail systems and, more particularly, cross-media voice mail notification and delivery. Various embodiments described herein provide systems, methods, software, and data structures that operate to, or facilitate, dispatching of voice mail notification messages to voice mailbox owners. In some embodiments, the notifications are sent to the voice mailbox owners in a text format, such as a short message service text message, email, or other text based service. These and other embodiments are described herein.04-18-2013
20130129057PER-CONFERENCE-LEG RECORDING CONTROL FOR MULTIMEDIA CONFERENCING - A centralized network system allows users at different remote sources to initiate a process to disable recording of different communication signals from the different remote sources. The communication signals are received from the different remote sources during conferences. A user request is also received from one of the remote sources to disable recording of one of the different communication signals. Users at multiple of the different remote sources are simultaneously authorized and enabled to begin a process to disable recording of one of the different communication signals.05-23-2013
20080198975SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR RESPONDING TO CALLBACK MESSAGES - A system and apparatus for responding to callback message is disclosed. An apparatus that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a message processing system having a controller element that compares presence information associated with a calling party and a callback identifier supplied by the calling party directed to a called party. Additional embodiments are disclosed.08-21-2008
20130195257Programmable Caller ID - Methods and systems are disclosed for providing Programmable Caller ID Screening services. One method monitors a telephone call for a call screening request for commercial, residential, and other identifiers of incoming calls. An action is taken in response to the call screening request. The action could be playing an announcement, terminating the connection, forwarding to voice mail, storing the ICLID information in a database, adding the ICLID information to a Do Not Call list, updating a subscriber's profile with the ICLID information, and/or storing the ICLID information in a subscriber's blocked communications list. The call screening request may comprise a Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency, a softkey entry, and/or a data message. Subsequent incoming calls from the calling telephone number are characterized as undesirable and are screened from alerting or otherwise establishing a communications connection to the called telephone number.08-01-2013


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