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379 - Telephonic communications

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379320010 Monitoring 105
379270010 Testing of subscriber loop or terminal 46
379100030 Of data transmission 25
379022000 Of trunk or long line 22
379009000 Of centralized switching system 12
379021000 Using portable test set (e.g., handset type) 11
379260010 Testing of network terminating interface, subscriber trunk interface, or service function 10
379003000 Of hybrid or echo suppressor or canceller 6
379002000 Including fault responsive disconnection of tested component 3
20110206188Telecommunication system for improving quality of service - Telecommunication system servicing a plurality of telecommunication interface lines that allows improving a service quality by keeping connection on these lines in the case of computer freezing and during to its restart (reboot).08-25-2011
20080240367OPTICAL NETWORK TERMINAL BATTERY BACK-UP CONTROL - A system and method for permitting a customer of a telecommunication company, for whom fiber to the premises (FTTP) has been installed, to continue to use the telephone during utility company power failure, by powering both the optical network terminal (ONT) and the customer's telephone(s). The battery backup unit (BBU) maintains telephone usage for a pre-determined period of time after power failure, e.g., two hours, consistent with duration of most utility company power outages. This permits non-interrupted telephone service for most outages and, after that period of time, if utility company power has not been restored, the BBU provides power in order to provide telephone service only on demand by the customer, for up to approximately two more cumulative hours of usage. At the end of each usage on demand, the BBU powers the telephone for approximately five more minutes to permit return phone calls, if any, after which telephone service is shut off until any next usage on demand.10-02-2008
20110116607Detecting Foreign Voltage Faults in Telephone Customer Premise Equipment - In general, in one aspect, the disclosure describes a digital network to telephone interface device having a controller capable of detecting foreign voltage faults without interrupting telephone service. Upon detection of a foreign voltage fault the controller can deactivate the telephone service and initiate a test sequence to confirm the foreign voltage fault. If the fault is confirmed the telephone service remains deactivated and an operator of the digital network is notified. The device will improve the quality of service and save the cost of sending some one to investigate the fault. The operator can take proactive action once the device provides fault analysis and information remotely.05-19-2011
379100020 Of audio message storage and retrieval 2
20100172479DYNAMICALLY IMPROVING PERFORMANCE OF AN INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) SYSTEM USING A COMPLEX EVENTS PROCESSOR (CEP) - Problematic event data for problematic events that occur during interaction between an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and a caller can be captured. The problematic event data can be analyzed for performance issues. A performance issue can represent an interactive segment of the IVR system operating at an unacceptable performance level. An IVR performance improvement action can then be determined to resolve the performance issue. The IVR performance improvement action can be conveyed to the IVR system. Execution of the IVR performance improvement action by the IVR system can reduce occurrences of the problematic events associated with the performance issue.07-08-2010
20110293075SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AND TESTING INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE APPLICATIONS - A method for testing an interactive voice response application may include storing a number of files associated with interactive voice response applications. The method may also include receiving a selection from a user, where the selection corresponds to a first one of the files. The files may include a number of prompts and may be stored in a first format. The method may further include accessing the first file and generating a second file based on the first file, where the second file includes links to audio files associated with the prompts and is stored in a second format.12-01-2011
20090190725DIAL TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A dial testing system and a dial testing method using the dial testing system are provided. The dial testing system includes a dial testing agent device adapted to perform an automatic dial testing through a network element and control an automatic dial testing result reported by the network element; and a dial testing server adapted to collect the automatic dial testing result reported by the dial testing agent device. The dial testing system and the dial testing method provided by the present invention may assure allsidedness of a dial testing, enhance the speed and quality of the dial testing operation, and save a large amount of manpower and material resources.07-30-2009
379007000 For detection of eavesdropping device 2
20100008477SURVEILLANCE DEVICE DETECTION WITH COUNTERMEASURES - Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for detecting surveillance devices on a telephone line and deployment of countermeasures therefor. The apparatus comprises a line monitoring circuit for evaluating whether the phone is off hook or ringing. A test generation circuit produces a test signal to be injected into a line and issues test commands. A signal response analysis circuit compares a test signal response to a baseline signal response and reports an anomaly when the difference between a test signal response and a baseline signal response exceeds a threshold. Additionally, an anomaly may be reported when an unusual signal is detected, such as a clock. A detection management circuit issues countermeasures to the anomaly based on programmed responses.01-14-2010
20120207284Method for Obtaining Information of Key Management Server, and Method, System and Device for Monitoring - The present invention discloses a method for obtaining key management server information, and an intercepting method, system and device, including: in the process of a user equipment registering an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), storing the KMS information corresponding to the user equipment in a preset IMS core network network element; and when a lawful intercepting device monitors a session initiated by the user equipment, intercepting a session request signaling sent by the user equipment, and obtaining an identification information of the user equipment from the session request signaling, and searching the KMS information corresponding to the user equipment from the preset IMS core network network element according to the identification information of the user equipment. The technical solution of the present invention makes the requirement of lawful intercepting be met without depending on security of the signaling plane when a plurality of KMSs are deployed in the IP multimedia subsystem.08-16-2012
20090147926AUTOMATED E911 ROUTE VERIFICATION - A device simulates an emergency services test call based on an automatic number identification (ANI) to be tested, and generates a test notification associated with the emergency services test call. The device also automatically initiates the emergency services test call, receives results of the emergency services test call, and generates an emergency services call information report based on the results of the emergency services test call.06-11-2009
20090141868CALL FLOW FRAMEWORK FOR CONSISTENT TROUBLESHOOTING ACROSS MULTIPLE VENDORS AND LOCATIONS - A call flow guidance system helps a call center agent navigate the maze of complex call flows that apply to an enormous spectrum of caller issues, and further improves adoption rates and training timelines for the call center agents. Through the system, call center agents easily navigate multiple call flows and view information tailored to improve average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR). The system provides dynamic content attached to call flows and improve call flow navigation by implementing links that bridge nodes between display sections of a particular call flow and links that cross from one call flow to another.06-04-2009
20090003533MANAGEMENT AND DIAGNOSIS OF TELEPHONIC DEVICES - Systems and methods of managing and diagnosing enterprise telephonic devices are disclosed. A provisioning request can be received from an enterprise telephonic device. The provisioning request can include a domain name system lookup request. An enterprise network address of a device management server can be provided to the enterprise telephonic device. A voice data link can be established with the enterprise telephonic device so as to permit the enterprise telephonic device to communicate over a data network with endpoint telephonic devices. The device management server can periodically receive heartbeat data from the enterprise telephonic device. The heartbeat can be indicative of a status of at least one functionality of the enterprise telephonic device. The enterprise telephonic device can provide diagnostic logs when requested by the device management server. In addition, the enterprise telephonic device can be configured to periodically request software updates.01-01-2009
20110268256Communication Apparatus, Programmable Device Incorporated in the Apparatus, and Method of Controlling Program Writing of the Device - According to one embodiment, a communication apparatus includes a communication module, a detecting module and a controlling module. The communicating module operates based on a program stored in storage, and executes communication with electronic equipment connected to a connection terminal. The detecting module detects that electronic equipment is connected to the connection terminal, at power-on. The controlling module executes an operation of writing a program possessed by the electronic equipment to the storage.11-03-2011
20100303211METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING A FRAUD RISK SCORE USING TELEPHONY CHANNEL BASED AUDIO AND NON-AUDIO DATA - Disclosed is a method for generating a fraud risk score representing a fraud risk associated with an individual, the method comprising: a) determining a telephony channel risk score from at least one of audio channel data and non-audio channel data of the individual; and b) generating the fraud risk score based on at least one of the telephony channel risk score, the audio channel data, and the non-audio channel data.12-02-2010
20100172478LINE LOSS TESTER - A signal testing apparatus for testing signals includes at least one receiver that receives signals having corresponding frequencies representative of a frequency range of a wired communication link over which the signals are received. The signal testing apparatus also includes a measurer that measures a signal loss for each of the frequencies to determine whether each measured signal loss is acceptable.07-08-2010
20120128134TEST SYSTEM FOR VOICE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS - Systems, methods, and computer program products are provided for testing a voice communication system. A job instruction is transmitted from an application server to a turret via a communications network. The application server causes the turret to execute at least one diagnostic test based on the job instruction. The application server receives, from the turret via the communications network, a message including a result of the at least one diagnostic test.05-24-2012
20120163573COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A communication apparatus includes: a first determining unit that determines whether specific identification information designated as a transmission destination of object data to be transmitted is identification information assigned to an internal device within a LAN including the communication apparatus; a deciding unit that decides a specific guaranteed band to be used for transmission of the object data, from a plurality of guaranteed bands, based on the determination result; and a first communication unit that transmits the object data by performing IP communication using the specific identification information and the specific guaranteed band. If the specific identification information is the identification information assigned to the internal device, the deciding unit decides the specific guaranteed band using a first deciding method. If the specific identification information is not the identification information assigned to the internal device, the deciding unit decides the specific guaranteed band using a second deciding method.06-28-2012
20130083910COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A communication apparatus, which is connected to a phone line, and to which an external telephone is connectable to. The communication apparatus includes: a line-voltage detecting unit which detects a line voltage; a communication-signal detecting unit which performs detection on a communication signal, which is input to the communication apparatus from the phone line or from the external telephone upon the external telephone is hooked up; and a control device which performs a hook-up determining process of determining that the external telephone is in a hook-up state when the line voltage detected by the line-voltage detecting unit is equal to or less than a first threshold value and the communication signal is detected by the communication-signal detecting unit.04-04-2013
20130051541COMMUNICATION APPARATUS CAPABLE OF PERFORMING FACSIMILE COMMUNICATION, AND CONTROL METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM THEREFOR - A communication apparatus capable of executing facsimile transmission in any of real-time Internet mode and VoIP-based virtual voice mode and capable of switching voice communication to facsimile communication of the real-time Internet mode which is higher in communication speed than the virtual voice mode. In a case where voice communication is switched to facsimile communication, the facsimile transmission is executed in T.38 mode, if it is determined based on destination information stored in a storage unit of the communication apparatus that a communication destination with which the voice communication is being performed is capable of performing facsimile communication in T.38 mode.02-28-2013
20130163734Selective Facsimile Denial - A method includes determining whether an incoming call to a first destination is authorized at a switch of a communication network. The method includes, in response to determining that the incoming call is not authorized, determining whether the incoming call is a facsimile call, routing the incoming call to the first destination when the incoming call is not the facsimile call, and routing the incoming call to the first destination when the incoming call is the facsimile call.06-27-2013
20100067674MESSENGER SYSTEM FOR TRANSMITTING HANDWRITING INSTANT MESSAGES THROUGH WIRE AND/OR WIRELESS NETWORK SYSTEM AND MESSENGER SERVICE METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a wire and/or wireless handwriting instant messenger system and a method for realizing the same. In the wire and/or wireless handwriting instant messenger system, handwritten input information created in a handwritten input information generator is transmitted from a transmission terminal through a wire/wireless network, and received in a reception terminal, thereby allowing users to make communication with each other.03-18-2010
20130022184Methods and Telecommunications System for Transmitting a Facsimile Message - A method and system for transmitting a facsimile message uses a public-switched telecommunications network, the public-switched telecommunication network having a messaging platform capable of storing a plurality of facsimile messages. The initiation of a telephone call to a destination is detected, the content of the call including the facsimile message. If the destination is available at a first time to receive a telephone call, the facsimile message is transmitted. The facsimile message may be stored on the messaging platform only if the destination is unavailable at the first time, or every time a telephone call is initiated by the originating party. The method also provides for situations where a telephone call is redirected, where an inter-NPA seven digit dialing case has occurred, and where “busy” or “no_answer” triggers are implemented. If the facsimile message was stored, the facsimile message is transmitted at a second time if the destination is available.01-24-2013
20110170679FACSIMILE APPARATUS, ITS CONTROL METHOD, PROGRAM AND STORAGE MEDIUM - When facsimile data is transmitted by performing facsimile communication, a public line is seized. Then, when the public line is seized, it is a determined which of a dial tone signal or a voice signal for phone call a signal received from the public line is, it is controlled to perform the facsimile communication in a case where the received signal is determined as the dial tone signal, and it is controlled not to perform the facsimile communication in a case where the received signal is determined as the voice signal.07-14-2011
20130216031FACSIMILE APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - After a telephone captures a line, a facsimile apparatus detects a tone signal on the captured line. The facsimile apparatus counts a number of the detected tone signals. When the counted number reaches a predetermined number, the facsimile apparatus controls to start a facsimile reception. The facsimile apparatus detects a change of a hook state of the telephone. When the change of the hook state of the telephone is detected, the facsimile apparatus resets the counted number.08-22-2013
20110026695COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A communication system includes a data processing device that communicates with a communication device via a first transmission link. The communication device includes a first communication controller that controls communication with the data processing device via the first transmission link, and a second communication controller that controls communication via a second transmission link which is different from the first transmission link. The communication device also includes a transmitter that transmits transmission data sent via the first transmission link through the second transmission link, a canceller that cancels transmission of the transmission data through the second transmission link upon receiving a canceling command via the first transmission link, and an observer that observes whether the communication via the first transmission link, which transmits the transmission data to the communication device, is enabled, in response to receiving the transmission data via the first transmission link.02-03-2011
20110216892SG3-TO-G3 FAX SPOOF - In one embodiment, an originating gateway receives a call menu (CM) signal from an originating fax machine. The CM signal may have been generated in response to an ANSam signal from a terminating fax machine. The originating gateway suppresses the CM signal after a preamble of the CM signal and generates a modified JM signal in response to receiving the CM signal. The modified JM signal indicates that V.34 half-duplex modulation is not an option. The originating gateway transmits the modified JM signal to the originating fax machine, which allows the transmission to continue across an unenhanced T.38 fax relay.09-08-2011
20100091962Communication terminal apparatus - A communication terminal apparatus is connected to a single telephone line and is configured to be selectively connected either to a telephone set or to a facsimile machine. A pseudo ring back tone generator generates a repetitive pseudo ring back tone transmitted to a calling party in response to an incoming call. A pseudo ring signal generator generates a pseudo ring signal for driving a ringer of the telephone set to ring in response to the incoming call. A tone detector detects a CNG signal indicative that the incoming call is a facsimile. A controller controls at least the pseudo ring back tone generator and the pseudo ring signal generator. A table correlates a plurality of ring back tones with corresponding countries. If a ring back tone for a country meets a predetermined condition, the controller sets a predetermined pseudo ring back tone to the pseudo ring back tone generator.04-15-2010
20120128142System for Interconnecting Standard Telephony Communications Equipment to Internet - Apparatus includes a communication predelivery receiver, configured to communicate with and relay both IP addressed overhead and IP addressed payload data from an originating communication device. The communication predelivery receiver includes a screener configured to, when the communication predelivery receiver is in communication with the originating communication device, receive certain data including first IP addressed data and second IP addressed data of corresponding first and second initiated communications. The communication predelivery receiver is configured and connected within a network so the first IP addressed data and the second IP addressed data are processed differently. For the first initiated communication, the first payload data is converted, after the point in time at which the screener received the first IP addressed data, from IP addressed first payload data to another network signal. For the second initiated communication, the second payload data is delivered without so converting the second payload data.05-24-2012
20120163572COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device may execute a first type of determination process based on a first type of determination standard, and execute a second type of determination process based on a second type of determination standard. The communication device may perform communication in accordance with a first communication scheme, if determined in the first and second types of determination process that the communication device can perform communication. The communication device may perform communication in accordance with a second communication scheme, if determined in the first type of determination process that the communication device can not perform communication. The communication device may notify specific information, if determined in the second type of determination process that the communication device can not perform communication, and may not notify, if determined in the first type of determination process that the communication device can not perform communication.06-28-2012
20100189234COMMUNICATION TERMINAL DEVICE - A communication terminal devicecapable of being connected with an external telephone and of receiving and transmitting facsimile data from and to a network, includes: an off-hook detector configured to detect an off-hook condition of the external telephone, an semiconductor DAA (Data Access Arrangement) including an impedance switcher configured to switch impedances and a direct-current resistance switcher configured to switch direct-current resistances; an impedance switching controller configured to instruct the impedance switcher to switch the impedances; a direct-current resistance switching controller configured to instruct the direct-current resistance switcher to switch the direct-current resistances, wherein, when the off-hook detector detects the off-hook condition of the external telephone, the impedance switching controller instructs the impedance switcher to switch the impedances and the direct-current resistance switching controller instructs the direct-current resistance switcher to switch the direct-current resistances.07-29-2010
20120087484FACSIMILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM AND METHOD - A fax processing system handles faxes that are originally destined for a recipient's phone number. The fax processing system communicates with the fax recipient via a data communications network (for example, the Internet) and can provide more sophisticated fax handling capabilities than conventional fax machines.04-12-2012
20120288076IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus that covers standards of a dial tone for a plurality of countries with a relatively small number of pattern tables and reduces the number of times that a sound is misdetected as a dial tone, a method for controlling the same and a program are provided. To accomplish this, the image processing apparatus measures a length of a tone signal received from outside; determines whether an intermittent dial tone including the measured tone signal and a previously received tone signal has a specific pattern or not; and determines whether a duty cycle of the intermittent dial tone is a duty cycle within a given range or not, thereby determining whether the dial tone is valid or not.11-15-2012
20090034701Methods and apparatus for billing of facsimile transmissions to electronic storage destinations - A method for a computer includes determining a call-in fax telephone number called by a facsimile transmission device, receiving the facsimile transmission from a facsimile transmission device including a digitized representation of a transmission page including an optical representation of data associated with an e-mail address, determining the data optically, which is independent of the call-in number, determining a graphics template associated with the call-in number, combining a digitized representation of the transmission page with the graphics template to form a digitized representation of a composite page, formatting the digitized representation of the composite page into a second format, determining additional service provider data in response to the facsimile or the scanned image, and transmitting the additional service provider data and the digitized representation of the composite page in the second format to the electronic destination address.02-05-2009
20130114804SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL MAPPING - Provided are systems and methods for communication protocol mapping. A first computing device uses a first communication protocol while a second computing device uses a second communication protocol. In some implementations, the first communication protocol and the second communication protocol are for different service domains. In accordance with an embodiment of the disclosure, a server is configured to map communication between the different service domains. In some implementations, the first communication protocol is a protocol conforming to Representational State Transfer ‘REST’ and the second communication protocol is a Session Initiation Protocol ‘SIP’. In accordance with another embodiment of the disclosure, a server is configured to map communication between the protocol conforming to REST and SIP, regardless of whether different service domains are involved.05-09-2013
20120275587FACSIMILE MACHINE AND FACSIMILE FORWARD METHOD - A facsimile machine includes a receiving unit, a processing unit and a sending unit. The receiving unit receives facsimile data from a facsimile sending machine over a telephone network. The processing unit extracts a source identification number from the facsimile data and determines whether the source identification number matches one of a plurality of predetermined identification numbers. If the source identification number matches one of the predetermined identification numbers, the sending unit sends the facsimile data to a destination facsimile machine associated with a destination facsimile number over the telephone network.11-01-2012
20110293076TESTING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE OF INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) APPLICATIONS - A system receives a condition for an interactive voice response (IVR) application, automatically tests the IVR application based on the received condition, and generates a test result based on the automatic testing of the IVR application.12-01-2011