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378 - X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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378207000 Testing or calibration 72
378208000 Object holder or support 47
378205000 Alignment 30
20130064355VARIABLE RADIUS TAPER X-RAY WINDOW SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A support structure for an x-ray window comprising a support frame defining a perimeter and an aperture, a plurality of ribs extending across the aperture of the support frame and carried by the support frame, and openings between the plurality of ribs. A rib taper region can extend from a central portion of the ribs to the support frame. The taper region can include a non-circular, arcuate pair of fillets on opposing sides of the ribs and an increasing of rib width from the central portion to the support frame.03-14-2013
20120237000 COVERLET - A coverlet (09-20-2012
20100124314METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING DAMAGE TO PHOSPHOR IMAGING PLATES - A method and apparatus for reducing damage to a phosphor imaging plate caused by physical interaction between the phosphor imaging plate and a surface by affixing a protective material to the surface to reduce the physical interaction between the phosphor imaging plate and the surface. Exemplary surfaces include without limitation the surfaces of a computed radiography scanner and a plate protector.05-20-2010
20100135468X-RAY DETECTOR SYSTEM - An X-ray detector system includes a detector and a mounting means for mounting the detector, the detector comprising a cable comprising a first end and a second end, the first end connected to the detector and said second end coupled to the mounting means, the cable configured to transmit a signal detected by the detector to the imaging processing means located in the mounting means, the first end of the cable comprises a plug, the mounting means comprises a socket matching with the plug on the cable such that the plug is configured to be removed from the socket, the X-ray detector system further comprising a jumper wire comprising two ends that are respectively provided with plugs that configured to be selectively matched with or detached from the plug on the cable and the socket on the mounting means.06-03-2010
20100002844X-RAY EXAMINATION APPARATUS - An X-ray examination apparatus (01-07-2010
20120195410CLEANING APPARATUS AND/OR CLEANING TECHNIQUES FOR USE WITH A RADIOGRAPHIC EXAMINATION DEVICE - One or more techniques and/or systems are described herein for cleaning a portion of a radiographic examination apparatus whereon debris may accumulate. Typically, the portion being cleaned is within a scanning field of the radiographic examination device (e.g., within a portion of the radiographic examination device through which radiation traverses). Activation of a cleaning mechanism, or a portion thereof, may be timed to miss radiation emitted during a scan, and thus not interfere with a scan. Also, the cleaning mechanism, or a portion thereof, may be located so as to not attenuate radiation. If radiation is attenuated by the cleaning mechanism corrective techniques can be implemented to account for such attenuation.08-02-2012
20120243666LIGHTING APPARATUS FOR A C-ARM X-RAY MACHINE - A lighting apparatus for a C-arm X-ray apparatus is disclosed. The lighting apparatus comprises a housing that surrounds an X-ray receiving element of the X-ray fluoroscope and does not cover a receiving face of the X-ray receiving element. The lighting apparatus further comprises at least one light-emitting element positioned within the housing so as to surround the X-ray receiving element, the at least one light-emitting element being configured for emitting visible light downwards towards an X-ray emitting element of the X-ray fluoroscope. The lighting apparatus further comprises a focusing mechanism that allows for focusing of the light emitted, a fastener for coupling the housing to the X-ray receiving element and a power supply unit for providing an electrical current to the at least one light-emitting element.09-27-2012
20090213996X-RAY ANALYSIS APPARATUS AND X-RAY ANALYSIS METHOD - Provided are an X-ray analysis apparatus and an X-ray analysis method, in which a measurer can judge an area incapable of being analyzed in a sample with a concave-convex portion. The X-ray analysis apparatus includes: an X-ray tubular bulb for irradiating an arbitrary irradiation point located on the sample with a radiation beam; an X-ray detector for detecting a characteristic X-ray and a scattered X-ray radiated from the sample and outputting a signal containing energy information on the characteristic X-ray and the scattered X-ray; a narrow-range illumination mechanism and a wide-range illumination mechanism for emitting an illumination light to the sample to illuminate the sample; and a narrow-range observation mechanism and a wide-range observation mechanism for obtaining an illumination image of the sample, which is illuminated with the illumination light, as image data, in which the narrow-range observation mechanism and the wide-range observation mechanism include a narrow-range oblique illumination section and a wide-range oblique illumination section, respectively, in which an optical axis of the illumination light at a time of the illuminating is set toward the irradiation point in the same direction as a direction linking the irradiation point with the X-ray detector at a time of the detecting.08-27-2009
20100158198EYEWEAR FOR PATIENT PROMPTING - An apparatus for prompting a patient includes a structure configured to be mounted to a patient support, a screen coupled to the structure, and a projector located at a distance away from the screen. A method of prompting a patient that is being supported on a patient support includes adjusting a position of a screen relative to a projector, the screen having a surface, placing the screen in front of the patient such that the patient can see the surface, and providing an image on the screen using the projector.06-24-2010
20080279341Kelley Caps a see-thru X-ray cassette cap (cover) to use over an x-ray cassette/electronic plate cassette with the top of cap covered with 1/2 inch high impact polystyrene - The purpose of the Kelley Cap is to be used in x-ray procedures to cover x-ray cassette and protect x-ray cassette during exam. Example: Kelley Cap over x-ray cassette during a standing AP foot exam or x-ray to prevent pressure/weight on cassette (also keeping cassette clean and pressure free).11-13-2008
20110123002DENTAL PRODUCT FOR MAGNITUDE-CORRECT EVALUATION OF X-RAY IMAGES OF AREAS TO BE DIAGNOSED WITHIN THE ORAL CAVITY OF A PATIENT, AND USE OF A DENTAL PRODUCT - A dental product for the evaluation, according to scale, of X-ray recordings of areas which are to be diagnosed, in particular areas of the tooth and/or jawbone, within the oral cavity of a patient, has a main body 05-26-2011
20100202593TARGET PEDESTAL ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF PRESERVING THE TARGET - An x-ray target pedestal assembly and a method of protecting the x-ray target from breaking down as a result of the extreme heat that is produced when an electron beam is aimed at the target to produce x-rays. The target is submerged in cooling fluid and is rotated by a constant flow of the cooling fluid over and around the target in order to dissipate heat. The fluid is guided by integrated flow diverters in the target cover. The target may also be protectively coated either in its entirety or along the electron beam path in order to further protect it from the heat of the electron beam impact or from breakdown as a result of attack of free radicals or other chemically reactive components of the cooling fluid which are produced in the extreme target environment.08-12-2010
20130022176MULTI-STEP CONTRAST SENSITIVITY GAUGE - An X-ray contrast sensitivity gauge is described herein. The contrast sensitivity gauge comprises a plurality of steps of varying thicknesses. Each step in the gauge includes a plurality of recesses of differing depths, wherein the depths are a function of the thickness of their respective step. An X-ray image of the gauge is analyzed to determine a contrast-to-noise ratio of a detector employed to generate the image.01-24-2013
20120281817RECHARGEABLE IMAGE DETECTOR SYSTEM AND METHOD - An X-ray imaging system includes a portable cart, a power source disposed on the portable cart, and a detector bin disposed on the portable cart. The detector bin includes a power adaptor configured to adapt power from the power source to power suitable for charging a rechargeable battery, and a first coupling component configured to receive power from the power adaptor. The imaging system also includes a digital X-ray detector configured to be inserted into the detector bin for charging. The detector includes a rechargeable battery, and a second coupling component configured to couple with the first coupling component and transfer power from the first coupling component to the rechargeable battery.11-08-2012
20120300911Dental Sensor Holder and Method of Holding a Dental Sensor - A dental sensor holder including a strip of pliable, longitudinally elastic material having two ends. The holder is constructed by permanently bonding the two ends of the strip to form a somewhat elastic loop. In addition, the sensor holder includes an adjustable bond portion on the inside of the loop which may selectively be engaged to join adjacent portions of the strip into a functional bitewing.11-29-2012

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