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378 - X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices

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378121000 Electron tube 273
378143000 Target 37
378120000 Nuclear excited 2
20080317207Remote Communication Method and Device Unsing Nuclear Isomers - The invention relates to a method and device which are intended for remote control and communication using nuclear isomers. Several samples of nuclides that can have a metastable state are irradiated together and simultaneously with cascade gamma-rays emitted from a radioactive source or a particle accelerator. According to quantum mechanics, the gamma-rays produced are entangled, and said entanglement is transferred to the nuclear isomers. When the samples are separated and one of said samples, namely the master, is stimulated using a standard gamma- or X-ray irradiation method, the other samples, namely the slaves, are also deexcited. There is no known method for interference between the masters and slaves. Only the slave(s) can receive the signal instantly from the master through any medium and over any distance. The method and device are particularly suitable for communication and control applications.12-25-2008
20120163547INTEGRATED X-RAY SOURCE HAVING A MULTILAYER TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION OPTIC DEVICE - An integrated X-ray source is provided. The integrated X-ray source includes a target for emitting X-rays upon being struck by one or more excitation beams, and one or more total internal reflection multilayer optic devices in physical contact with the target to transmit at least a portion of the X rays through total internal reflection to produce X-ray beams, wherein the optic device comprises an input face for receiving the X rays and an output face through which the X-ray beams exit the integrated X-ray source.06-28-2012
20110013749HIGH BRIGHTNESS X-RAY GENERATING DEVICE AND METHOD - A high brightness X-ray generator and a high brightness X-ray generating method are provided which are able to promote an increase in X-ray brightness (i.e., an increase in an X-ray output) while suppressing an excessive increase in the cost of optical elements such as a laser unit, a mirror, and a lens. A high brightness X-ray generator generates an X-ray by inverse Compton scattering by colliding an electron beam with pulse laser light. There are provided a plurality of pulse laser units (01-20-2011
20110026679X-RAY METERING APPARATUS, AND X-RAY METERING METHOD - An X-ray waveform is generated by validating detection data corresponding to when an X-ray (02-03-2011
20120288065Compact Coherent Current and Radiation Source - Coherent electronic current, which can be used to generate coherent radiation, is generated by first generating and transmitting an array of discrete electron beamlets from a nanocathode array along a longitudinal axis. The array of electron beamlets is then focused to reduce the spacing that separates the electron beamlets. The transverse-axis spacing of the electron beamlets is then transferred to the longitudinal axis via an emittance exchange beamline, creating a periodically modulated distribution of coherent electronic current. The coherent electronic current can then be directed into a stream of photons to generate coherent radiation.11-15-2012
20110007874MULTIPLE ENERGY X-RAY SOURCE01-13-2011
20110268253Compact x-ray source - A compact device for generating X-rays by scattering includes a means for producing a beam of electrons, which comprises a grid of wires arranged in a useful scattering cone, so that the beam of electrons encounters at least one of the wires of the wire grid.11-03-2011
20090168967METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING RADIATION IN THE WAVELENGTH RANGE FROM ABOUT 1 NM TO ABOUT 30 NM, AND USE IN A LITHOGRAPHY DEVICE OR IN METROLOGY - A description is given of a method and an apparatus for generating radiation (07-02-2009
20090103683EMITTER DESIGN INCLUDING EMERGENCY OPERATION MODE IN CASE OF EMITTER-DAMAGE FOR MEDICAL X-RAY APPLICATION - The invention relates the field of electron emitter of an X-ray tube. More specifically the invention relates to flat thermionic emitters to be used in X-ray systems with variable focus spot size and shape. The emitter provides two main terminals (04-23-2009
20090003528Target location by tracking of imaging device - A method and apparatus for tracking a target by tracking the location of an imaging device while the imaging device is tracking the target is described.01-01-2009
20090252296MULTI-COLOR X-RAY GENERATOR - A multi-color X-ray generator includes an electron beam generator 10-08-2009
20100260321DISCRETELY ADDRESSABLE LARGE-AREA X-RAY SYSTEM - A discretely addressable large-area X-ray system is provided. The large-area X-ray system can output a uniform flux of X-rays over a large area using discrete addressing operation of transistors connected to cathodes of electron emitters. Thus, when applied to a medical device, the system can minimize damage inflicted upon the human body because it enables effective imaging of only a desired specific portion of the body. Furthermore, the large-area X-ray system can be simply implemented by current switching using transistors. Thus, the system can be very easily applied to other applications.10-14-2010
20110026680X-RAY GENERATING DEVICE - An X-ray generating device includes an electron-beam generator, a target assembly group, and an electron-beam focusing unit. The electron-beam generator generates electron beams. The target assembly group includes a plurality of target assemblies that are arranged along a straight line in a direction in which X-rays are output; each of the target assemblies includes a target and a supporting member; the target generates X-rays from one of the electron beams generated by the electron-beam generator; and the supporting member supports the target by being disposed adjacent thereto. The electron-beam focusing unit focuses the electron beams onto the targets included in the target assembly group so that X-rays are generated in each of the target assemblies and output along the straight line after passing through the target assemblies.02-03-2011
20110116603MICROMINIATURE X-RAY TUBE WITH TRIODE STRUCTURE USING A NANO EMITTER - A microminiature X-ray tube with a triode structure using a nano emitter is provided, which can increase a field emission region as much as possible by means of nano emitters fine-patterned in a cathode to not only increase an emission current per unit area as much as possible but secure high electrical characteristics, reliability, and structural stability by means of a cover and a bonding material. In addition, gate holes having a macro structure can be formed in the gate to promote electron beam focusing by means of the gate without using a separate focusing electrode and to prevent a leakage current from occurring on the gate. Further, an auxiliary electrode can be formed on a top or an inner surface of a cover applied for structural stability to further promote the electron beam focusing and to control the output amounts per individual X-ray tubes output according to current switching to be equal to each other.05-19-2011
20110249801Gamma Ray Generator - An embodiment of a gamma ray generator includes a neutron generator and a moderator. The moderator is coupled to the neutron generator. The moderator includes a neutron capture material. In operation, the neutron generator produces neutrons and the neutron capture material captures at least some of the neutrons to produces gamma rays. An application of the gamma ray generator is as a source of gamma rays for calibration of gamma ray detectors.10-13-2011
20110051897Liquid Target Producing Device Being Able to use Multiple Capillary Tube And X-Ray and EUV Light Source Device with the Same - A liquid target producing device to which multiple capillary tubes are mountable includes a capillary tube for injecting a liquid target in a jet form; a gas storage tank connected to the capillary tube through a gas line to store a gas to be supplied to the capillary tube; a metal jacket positioned at an outer circumference of the capillary tube such that a plurality of capillary tubes are installable thereto, the metal jacket liquefying the gas supplied through the gas line; a cryo-cooler connected to the metal jacket through a thermal conductive wire to cool the metal jacket; and a moving means for moving the metal jacket so as to set an initial position of the capillary tube.03-03-2011
20090252297Superconductor Electromagnetic Transmitter Device - The present invention is a super conductor electromagnetic transmitter device. This superconductor takes x amount of electro-magnetic energy waves and concentrates them by expulsion into an extremely powerful non-dissipating enhanced Faraday rotated directional output. This expulsion field, since it surrounds a central point in space because of the inner surface of a tube, is concentrated energy in a small space. Thus, it is impulsive and also induces ultra-Faraday rotation effect. In example, instead of Faraday rotation speed of energy wave rotation, the rotation field is much, much faster because of the superconductive Meissner field.10-08-2009

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