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378 - X-ray or gamma ray systems or devices


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20130044865RADIATION DOSE INFORMATION SHARING DEVICE AND METHOD - Upon a request for sharing radiation dose information, a hospital A transmits first specification data of a first X-ray imaging system to a hospital B. The first specification data is written to a storage device of the hospital B. The storage device stores absorption data and second specification data, besides the first specification data. A storing and retrieving processing unit outputs the first and second specification data to an arithmetic section. Also, the storing and retrieving processing unit retrieves absorptance corresponding to the type of used intermediate member from the absorptance data, and sends a retrieval result to the arithmetic section. The arithmetic section converts a first optimal dose used in the first X-ray imaging system into a second optimal dose suitable for specifications of a second X-ray imaging system, based on data transmitted from the storing and retrieving processing unit.02-21-2013
20100054416RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGING ASSISTANCE DEVICE, RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGING DEVICE AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING A PROGRAM - A radiographic imaging assistance device is provided. An acquisition component acquires position information representing positions of defective pixels of an imaging device, the imaging device being plurally provided with pixels comprising detection elements which detect radiation that has passed through a subject of imaging, and the imaging device carrying out imaging by generating image information which represents a radiographic image in accordance with radiation amounts detected by the detection elements and storing the image information in a pre-specified storage region. A judgment component, based on detection region information, which represents a detection region with a size corresponding to the subject of imaging, and the acquired position information, judges whether or not an influence from the defective pixels in a detection region that is represented by the detection region information is within an acceptable level that accepts imaging a radiographic image.03-04-2010
20100034356X-RAY IMAGING APPARATUS - First, a connection state is detected. Next, a determination is made as to whether a connection is made via a dedicated line. If it is determined that the connection is not made via a dedicated line, image accumulation time is calculated. Then, after drive timing is changed, an imaging operation is started.02-11-2010
20100046709X-RAY IMAGING DEVICE - An X-ray detection technology capable of suppressing a decrease in a signal-to-noise ratio derived from external noise even in a case where it is hard to intercept electromagnetic-wave noise, and offering a wide dynamic range is realized, and an X-ray imaging device utilizing the technology is provided. An electromagnetic-wave noise signal to be mixed in a signal detected by an X-ray detector 02-25-2010
20100098215CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - A control apparatus for controlling an X-ray irradiation area, in which an acquisition circuit acquires information relating to an effective area of a sensor, and a control circuit controls the X-ray irradiation area based on the information relating to the effective area.04-22-2010
20100104071X-Ray Imaging Readout and System - An innovative readout circuit for a pixel detector, for example a solid-state X-ray pixel array, The invention includes a bank of successive approximation ADCs with a DAC in a feedback path. The integral non-linearity of the DACs and of the ADC is reduced to very low levels by providing a common resistive ladder for all the channels. In this way, the conversion law is sensibly the same for all the ADC, thus avoiding stripes or artefacts on the acquired image.04-29-2010
20090154647MEDICAL IMAGE DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE - In a medical image diagnostic device, wherein X-Ray CT devices and PET devices are longitudinally disposed, and which has a tubular imaging part for positioning a subject who is placed on the top surface of a bed and collecting image data, an illumination part is provided for producing a suitable level of brightness to the display part, which is for providing information to the subject without having to adopt every imaging position within the tubular imaging part, and to the imaging part.06-18-2009
20130208868X-RAY DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - Disclosed are an X-ray device to inform a patient of X-ray irradiation through a sound and a method for controlling the same. The X-ray device includes an input portion to output a first-step press signal and a second-step press signal according to an operator input, a high-voltage generating portion to perform pre-heating, and to output a ready completion signal when the high-voltage generating portion completes pre-heating, a control portion to output a sound output signal when it receives both the second-step press signal output from the input portion and the ready completion signal output from the high-voltage generating portion, and a sound output portion to receive the sound output signal output from the control portion and to output a predetermined sound.08-15-2013
20110013746TRIGGERING OF INTRAORAL X-RAY SENSOR USING PIXEL ARRAY SUB-SAMPLING - Automatic triggering of an intraoral x-ray sensor used in a dental x-ray imaging system. The intraoral sensor has an array of pixels. The array of pixels has a plurality of lines of pixels, and each of the pixels generates an electrical signal correlated to x-ray radiation that impinges that pixel. An electronic control unit is connected to the intraoral sensor to receive electric signals from the array of pixels. The electronic control unit destructively reads pixel clusters in one or more of the plurality of lines of pixels, each of the pixel clusters located at a perimeter of the array of pixels. The electronic control unit is configured to generate a dose-correlated signal based on the signals from each of the pixel clusters in each of the one or more lines of pixels and initiate capture of an image generated with information from each of the pixels in the array of pixels, when the combined signal exceeds a predetermined threshold.01-20-2011
20080310592Digital x-ray imaging system and method for generating an image dataset for reproducibly generating x-ray images - Setting information relating to mechanical settings of a digital x-ray imaging system, settings of a control variable or settings of an image processing system, as had been performed during the recording of the relevant digital x-ray image, are stored for a digital x-ray image. It is thereby made possible for an operator to read out the setting information and restore the x-ray image recording situation. The setting conditions can even be restored automatically. This also applies to at least the major part of the mechanical settings.12-18-2008
20090262896USER INTERFACE OF AN X-RAY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH AN USER INTERFACE - The invention relates to an user interface comprising: a read only memory for an operating parameter of an X-ray system with each one section for contrast medium injection, for data acquisition, for reconstruction of data, for image storage and for displaying of an image; a write-read-memory for the operating parameter which has to be transferred to the corresponding section of the X-ray system; and a control unit for copying the operating parameter from the read only memory into the write-read-memory. The copied operating parameter is graphically supported within the write-read-memory alterable.10-22-2009
20090285360APPARATUS FOR A COMPACT HV INSULATOR FOR X-RAY AND VACUUM TUBE AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING SAME - A modular insulator assembly for an x-ray tube includes an annular insulator having a cylindrical perimeter wall, the insulator constructed of an electrically insulative material. A wall member is fixedly attached to and extending beyond the cylindrical perimeter wall, and a first shield positioned adjacent to the wall member and having an end extending proximate a corner formed by the wall member and the insulator.11-19-2009
20080212740X-RAY DIAGNOSTIC APPARATUS AND X-RAY DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM - An X-ray diagnostic apparatus includes a bed, an X-ray generating unit, an X-ray detection unit, a support which movably supports the X-ray generating unit and the X-ray detection unit, an X-ray application switch which triggers generation of X-rays from the X-ray generating unit, an operation unit for moving the X-ray generating unit and the X-ray detection unit, an image generating unit which generates an image on the basis of an output from the X-ray detection unit, a display unit which is placed near the bed and displays the image, and a simulation image generating unit which generates a simulation image from stored data during a simulation period in accordance with operation of the X-ray application switch and operation of the operation unit.09-04-2008
20080292056X-RAY APPARATUS HAVING PORTABLE VISUAL INDICATOR - In embodiments, x-ray apparatus for imaging a subject, the x-ray apparatus having a base assembly and an x-ray source supported by the base assembly, the x-ray source being operable for generating x-ray energy, the x-ray apparatus having a control system for controlling operation of the x-ray source, the x-ray apparatus including: a detector for detecting a monitored condition, the detector generating detector output; the control system receiving the detector output; and the control system including a portable visual indicator independent of the base assembly and portable in relation thereto, the portable visual indicator displaying a state of the monitored condition.11-27-2008
200802325473D Cone Beam Reconstruction - A backprojection unit is described that is adapted for back-projecting pixel data of n acquired projections onto a voxel subvolume, with n being a natural number. For each of the n projections, the backprojection unit comprises voxel center determination means adapted for projecting m contiguous voxels onto a respective one of the projections, with m 2 being a natural number, memory access means adapted for fetching, for each of the m projected voxel centers, pixel data of pixels adjacent to the projected voxel center from a respective projection buffer, and multiplexing means adapted for distributing the fetched pixel data to m different pipelines. Furthermore, a method for backprojecting pixel data of n acquired projections onto a voxel subvolume is disclosed.09-25-2008
20080240355X-RAY DIAGNOSTIC APPARATUS - An X-ray diagnostic apparatus includes an X-ray generating unit which generates X rays, an X-ray detecting unit which detects X rays transmitted through a subject, an X-ray exposure operating unit which is operated by an operator, and a system control unit which controls the X-ray generating unit in order to start the generation of the X rays from the X-ray generating unit at a time point when a heart rate phase of the subject reaches a specified phase after the X-ray exposure operating unit is operated.10-02-2008
20130121471RADIATION IMAGE DETECTION APPARATUS AND RADIATION IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING SYSTEM - A radiation image detection apparatus, includes: a control unit configured to drive an imaging unit so that a radiation image data is acquired, an image receiving unit is reset after acquiring the radiation image data, and a dark image data is acquired; in which: the control unit changes at least one of a reset time of the image receiving unit and a reduction ratio of an reduced image data on the basis of the communication speed by such that the transmission of the reduced image data is completed at least prior to reading-out an electrical charge signal from the image receiving unit when acquiring the dark image.05-16-2013
20090220048Radiation image detection apparatus and radiation image photographing system - In a radiation image detection apparatus for reading out a radiation image signal from the radiation detection unit that detects radiation transmitted through a subject and outputting the radiation image signal as a radio communication signal, the carrier frequency of the radio communication signal is made lower during a reading period in which the radiation image signal is being read out by the read out unit than the carrier frequency of the radio communication signal at a time other than the reading period.09-03-2009
20100239070METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY POSITIONING AN X-RAY SOURCE OF AN X-RAY SYSTEM AND X-RAY SYSTEM - In the interest of a particularly quick and simple X-ray examination, provision is made for a method for automatically positioning a positionable X-ray source (09-23-2010
20100150311X-RAY IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE AND A METHOD THEREOF - In an X-ray image capturing device which performs image capturing by receiving image capturing information that includes protocols from an information system, when a protocol which is not associate to a body part is transferred, image capturing of such protocol cannot be performed, or the task of associating to a body part is troublesome and cannot be performed accurately. A configuration is used in which a protocol having unassociated image capturing information and body part is displayed as an undefined protocol, and means to associate the undefined protocol to a body part is called up.06-17-2010
20100119042SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING LATERAL AND FRONTAL X-RAY IMAGES OF A PATIENT - The present invention provides an imaging system (05-13-2010
20090202042X-RAY DETECTOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - An X-ray detector includes; a panel having a plurality of photo-detecting pixels generating electrical signals in response to the detection of X-rays, a gate driver providing a gate signal to the plurality of photo-detecting pixels, wherein the photo-detecting pixels output the electrical signals in response to the gate signal, a readout integrated circuit reading out the electrical signal in response to the gate signal, a main board including a controller receiving the electrical signal and converting the electrical signal to an image signal, a film attached to the panel and the main board, the film including a signal line electrically connecting the readout integrated circuit to the panel and main board, wherein the readout integrated circuit is mounted on the film, and a shielding layer covering the film and comprising a conductive material, wherein the shielding layer prevents externally applied electromagnetic signals from passing through the film.08-13-2009
20100220837IMAGING TOMOGRAPHY APPARATUS WITH BUILT-IN ENERGY STORAGE TO COVER HIGH POWER OPERATION - An imaging tomography apparatus has electronic components provided to operate the tomography apparatus, with at least one of the electronic components exhibiting a power consumption in high power operation that is significantly increased relative to power consumption in normal operation. The imaging tomography apparatus has an energy storage that, in high power operation, supplies the at least one electronic component with additional electrical energy to cover an energy demand due to the difference in power consumption between normal operation and high power operation. The provision of the additional electrical power in high power operation by means of the energy storage allows the modules that participate in the power supply of the at least one electronic component to be realized with lower cost. Such participating modules can be, for example: the mains connection, junction boxes with power switches (safeguards); a transformer, a rectifier, cables, slip ring brushes, slip ring tracks, etc.09-02-2010
20100303207RADIATION IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING RADIATION IMAGING APPARATUS - A radiation imaging apparatus includes a C-arm, a radiation source configured to irradiate a subject with radiation, and a two-dimensional detection device configured to detect the radiation having passed through the subject. The radiation source and the two-dimensional detection device are arranged to face each other across the C-arm, and at least one of the radiation source and the two-dimensional detection device is attached to the C-arm via a sub-arm that is rotatably connected to a frame of the C-arm.12-02-2010
20110013747Method for Operating an X-Ray Image Recording Device Having a Moveable X-Ray Detector on the X-Ray C-Arm - A method for operating an x-ray image recording device having a movable x-ray detector on an-x-ray c-arm is provided. The x-ray C-arm supports an x-ray source and the x-ray detector which can be moved in the direction of the x-ray source. A variable is calculated which specifies the image quality of an x-ray image to be obtained in a position of the x-ray C-arm in a position of the x-ray detector and/or specifies the exposure dose of an operating person. A measure is taken as a function of the variable which results in a movement of the x-ray detector by the operating person and/or by an automatic movement. X-ray images are recorded in positions of the x-ray detector in which the image quality and/or the exposure dose of an operating person are optimal.01-20-2011
20110110494DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is a digital radiography system which provides detachable and portable flat panel detectors (hereinafter, referred to as ‘electronic cassettes’) and transreceives data recorded in the electronic cassettes in on-line through a network. The digital radiography system includes bucky trays on which a plurality of portable electronic cassettes is detachably mounted, and a workstation connected with the bucky trays through communication to identify the plurality of portable electronic cassettes mounted on the bucky trays and to download pre-processing files of the identified electronic cassettes through the network or a portable storage device or to store files, generated by the plurality of electronic cassettes, in the storage device.05-12-2011
20090034684METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING TOMOSYNTHESIS IMAGES - An embodiment of a method for displaying a volume obtained by tomosynthesis includes displaying a two-dimensional image. It further includes receiving user input that defines on the displayed image at least one volume of interest associated with a two-dimensional region of interest located in a plane of the image. The method further includes displaying in the region of interest, according to a practitioner's wishes: (a) images of slices of the volume of interest; (b) three-dimensional images of the volume of interest; and/or (c) slabs obtained from the volume of interest.02-05-2009
20110116601X-RAY DETECTION DEVICE FOR C-ARM TRACKER AND METHOD - A detection device for detecting X rays and signaling the detection to a computer-assisted surgery processor system comprises an X ray detector unit having an X ray detector adapted to be positioned within a radiation field. The X ray detector emits a detection signal upon being excited by an X ray of a given intensity. A transmitter outputs the detection signal in radio frequency. A receiver receives the detection signal in radio frequency and forwards the detection signal to a computer-assisted surgery processor system to signal the detection of the X ray. A method is provided as well.05-19-2011
20120243663X-RAY IMAGING SYSTEM, METHOD OF CONTROLLING X-RAY IMAGING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND X-RAY IMAGING APPARATUS - An X-ray imaging system comprising an X-ray imaging apparatus which captures an X-ray image and an information processing apparatus which receives and composes the X-ray image, the X-ray imaging apparatus comprising a transmission unit configured to segment a X-ray image into images and sequentially transmit the images, and the information processing apparatus comprising a reception/composition unit configured to sequentially receive and compose the X-ray images, a determination unit configured to determine, every time the X-ray images are sequentially composed, whether a resolution of the composed X-ray image is not less than a predetermined value, and a display control unit configured to perform control to display the composed X-ray image on a display unit, when the determination unit determines that the resolution is not less than the predetermined value.09-27-2012
20090028295Cassette and mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus - A cassette allows radiation image information stored therein to be used immediately after an X-ray radiation image is captured in a patient's room, and a mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus incorporates such a cassette. The mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus has a cradle serving as a mount for receiving the cassette which has a radiation detector. The mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus captures a radiation image of the patient (subject) in the patient's room. The cassette serves as a mobile station. While the cassette (mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus) is moving, the radiation image information stored in the cassette is transmitted to a server via a transmitting and receiving terminal, a mobile hospital communication network, and a hospital LAN.01-29-2009
20100027750X-RAY EMITTER - The invention relates to an X-ray emitter 02-04-2010
20080212741Method for automatic evaluation of scan image data records - A method is disclosed for automatic evaluation of tomographic image data records of a patient. In at least one embodiment, a scan of a patient being carried out using a tomography system, a three-dimensional tomographic image data record of at least a part of the patient is reconstructed, the spatial position and orientation of vertebrae is then determined, and medically relevant slice areas are determined automatically with a previously defined diagnostic question relating to the position, orientation and extent of spinal column diagnosis. Finally, with slice images of the relevant slice areas are produced and displayed. In addition, in at least one embodiment, a tomography system includes a computation unit with a memory for program code, with the memory also being used to store a program code which carries out the method steps of the method according to at least one embodiment of the invention during operation.09-04-2008
20120008748MOBILE X-RAY DEVICE - A mobile X-ray device 01-12-2012
20120027178METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR ARCHIVING X-RAY FLUOROSCOPY IMAGES - Methods and apparatus for archiving x-ray fluoroscopy images are provided. One method includes receiving fluoroscopic images from a fluoroscopic imaging system and storing all of the received fluoroscopic images during an image acquisition scan by the fluoroscopic imaging system. The received fluoroscopic images are displayed during the image acquisition scan.02-02-2012
20120224672RADIOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND IMAGING METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a technology that enables an operator to designate whether or not to continue imaging if divided capture has been interrupted in a radiographic apparatus. During continuation of divided capture, the state of an irradiation switch for designating irradiation of radiation is detected by an irradiation switch state detection unit. When a suspension of the designation of irradiation of radiation has been detected, information indicating continuation of imaging, performing of imaging again, or cancellation of imaging is presented to an operator, thereby preventing an unintended interruption of imaging.09-06-2012
20100246770IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes an image sensor in which a plurality of area sensors arranged adjacent to each other to form an image sensor. A control circuit controls timing for reading out image data from each of the plurality of the area sensors based on area sensor arrangement information concerning the arrangement of each of the plurality of the area sensors.09-30-2010
20120128129X-RAY FLUOROSCOPIC RADIOGRAPHING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An X-ray fluoroscopic radiographing apparatus comprises a display unit that processes a received X-ray moving image and instantaneously displays the moving image; a storing unit that stores the received moving image as a non-processed raw image; an instructing unit that instructs the raw image to be referred to from the stored raw images; a second display unit that processes the instructed raw image and displays the processed raw image; a changing unit that changes the image process in the second display unit; a second storing unit that stores image process information obtained by the changing unit in association with the instructed raw image; a second instructing unit that instructs the raw image to be transferred from the stored raw images; and a transferring unit that executes the image process associated by the second storing unit to the instructed raw image and transfers the processed raw image to a destination.05-24-2012
20120250826RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGING APPARATUS - A radiographic imaging apparatus includes a radiation detection unit configured to detect radiation that has passed through an object, a protection member capable of being detachably attached to the radiation detection unit to protect the radiation detection unit, a first display unit disposed on the radiation detection unit and configured to display a state of the radiation detection unit, and a second display unit disposed on the protection member and configured to display the state of the radiation detection unit in accordance with a display of the first display unit when the protection member is attached to the radiation detection unit.10-04-2012
20120076273IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGE SYSTEM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An image processing apparatus capable of clipping a diagnostic region while retaining the pixel information of the original radiographic image even when the subject is imaged aslant. The image processing apparatus applies trimming processing to a radiographic image acquired by an imaging apparatus for acquiring a radiographic image of a subject and includes an image rotation unit for rotating the radiographic image so that the subject is aligned with a given direction to produce a display image, a diagnostic region designation unit for designating a first diagnostic region clipped with a diagnostic region designation frame represented by a rectangle for the display image, and a trimming processing unit for calculating a second diagnostic region in the radiographic image from a rotation amount of the display image and diagnostic region information representing the first diagnostic region and applying trimming processing to the radiographic image to clip the second diagnostic region.03-29-2012
20120082298RADIOLOGICAL IMAGE DISPLAYING DEVICE AND METHOD - A problem at the time of stereoscopic viewing of auxiliary lines for making a three-dimensional effect easy to figure out when displaying a stereoscopic image using a radiological image is solved. Auxiliary lines are added to two radiological images for displaying a stereoscopic image. The auxiliary lines are formed by a plurality of grids arrayed so as to be viewed in the depth direction. Lines which form the grids are disposed at positions, which are distant from positions vertically facing a focal point at the time of radiographing, on the radiological images. In addition, the lines which form the grids may be disposed at positions distant from a position, which bisects positions vertically facing a plurality of focal points at the time of radiographing when acquiring the radiological images, on each of the radiological images.04-05-2012
20100215149X-RAY DIAGNOSIS APPARATUS - An X-ray diagnosis apparatus includes a display-image creating unit that creates a display image from three-dimensional medical image data such that a display image of three-dimensional medical image data substantially matches up with an anatomical structure on an acquired image by the X-ray diagnosis apparatus. Moreover, the X-ray diagnosis apparatus includes a display-image changing unit that changes a display image so as to maintain consistency of an anatomical structure in accordance with change in acquiring conditions by the X-ray diagnosis apparatus. Furthermore, the X-ray diagnosis apparatus includes a display unit that displays a display image that is at least one of created and changed by at least one of the display-image creating unit and the display-image changing unit.08-26-2010
20100202589X-ray image capturing and interpretation system with cassette and mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus - A cassette allows radiation image information stored therein to be used immediately after an X-ray radiation image is captured in a patient's room, and a mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus incorporates such a cassette. The mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus has a cradle serving as a mount for receiving the cassette which has a radiation detector. The mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus captures a radiation image of the patient (subject) in the patient's room. The cassette serves as a mobile station. While the cassette (mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus) is moving, the radiation image information stored in the cassette is transmitted to a server via a transmitting and receiving terminal, a mobile hospital communication network, and a hospital LAN.08-12-2010
20130010928SYSTEM FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH MULTIPLE ANTENNAS IN A MEDICAL IMAGING SYSTEM - A medical imaging system includes a mobile imager. The mobile imager includes a source of X-ray radiation and at least two antennas for wireless communication. The medical imaging system also includes a digital X-ray detector configured to receive X-ray radiation from the source, wherein the digital X-ray detector includes at least one antenna to communicate wirelessly with the mobile imager.01-10-2013
20130094628PORTABLE DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY DETECTOR LOSS PREVENTION - A method for managing a portable x-ray detector for an x-ray imaging apparatus registers at least one portable detector with a processor that is associated with the x-ray imaging apparatus. A generated signal is indicative of the location of the registered portable x-ray detector relative to the x-ray imaging apparatus. An alert indication is provided when the generated signal indicates separation of the registered portable x-ray detector from the x-ray imaging apparatus beyond a predetermined distance.04-18-2013
20090135998NOISE REDUCTION IN DUAL-ENERGY X-RAY IMAGING - It is described a method for reducing noise of X-ray attenuation data related to a first and second spectral X-ray data acquisition. The method comprises the steps of (a) acquiring data representing the X-ray attenuation behavior of a region of interest, (b) determining a first and a second attenuation-base line integral for the first and the second X-ray acquisition, respectively, and (c) calculating expected first and second signal to noise ratios for the first and the second attenuation-base line integral based on given signal to noise ratios for the first and second spectral X-ray data acquisition, respectively. The method further comprises the steps of (d) repeating the above mentioned steps of determining the attenuation-base line integrals and calculating the expected signal to noise ratios for a further first spectral X-ray data acquisition and (e) selecting improved spectral X-ray data acquisitions in order to enhance the overall signal to noise ratio of a final X-ray image.05-28-2009
20080198969X-Ray Imaging Device - When a signal S08-21-2008
20130136235PORTABLE RADIATION DETECTOR AND SYSTEM - A portable detector for use with an imaging system is disclosed. The portable detector automatically sets one or more operational states based on at least a determination as to whether the portable detector is connected to external power. An imaging system is also disclosed that ascertains whether the portable detector is connected via a tether. The imaging system may perform a compatibility check when connected to the portable detector to assess compatibility between the imaging system and the portable detector.05-30-2013
20080317206MEDICAL EXAMINATION SYSTEM CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A medical examination system causes a display unit to display an object for shifting to examination processing together with patient information corresponding to identification information of a patient received by a receiving unit if the patient information of the patient is input via an operation unit when the receiving unit receives the identification information of the patient from an external device. The medical examination system shifts to the examination processing without causing the display unit to display the object if the patient information is not input via the operation unit when the receiving unit receives the patient information.12-25-2008
20110305319POSITION SENSING DEVICE FOR A PORTABLE DETECTION DEVICE - A method of fabricating a portable x-ray detector includes coupling a gravity sensor to the portable x-ray detector and coupling a processor to the gravity sensor. The processor is programmed to receive an input from the gravity sensor, determine a physical orientation of the portable x-ray detector based on the received input, and generate ah indication to reposition the portable x-ray detector. A portable detector and an imaging system including the portable detector are also provided.12-15-2011

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